GH Transcript Thursday 11/19/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/19/09


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Rebecca: So you've been lying to me all along about everything.

Nikolas: I'm not proud of what I've been doing --

Rebecca: And that should what, make this easier?

Nikolas: I'm sorry. That's all I can do.

Rebecca: I've known the truth all along, Nikolas. I just didn't want to hear it.

Nikolas: So then you understand that I can't be with you because I'm in love with someone else?

[Elizabeth laughs]

Lucky: Look at this. What are the odds this place would be for sale? This is out in the middle of nowhere. Hey, you know what? I saw that sign, like, 2 seconds after you made your wish. What do you think about that?

[Elizabeth laughs]

Lucky: Even now, you're laughing for the first time since I don't know when. This is not a coincidence.

Elizabeth: What are you talking about?

Lucky: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe this means something. Maybe we're meant to start over right here.

Jason: If we can work something out, we're going to be able to neutralize Anthony Zacchara.

Dominic: Great, great. We'll have peace on earth in time for the holidays.

[Door opens]

Sonny: I want to review the final arrangements for the meeting. We all know a lot can go wrong. I don't want any surprises.

Johnny: Where'd you get this? 

Rebecca: We're back where we started, aren't we? You're still in love with Emily. You have been all along. That's why you've been so preoccupied and distant. You're not over her at all.

Nikolas: I should never have allowed things to go this far between us.

Rebecca: Nikolas, it's hard to see you so haunted by a love that you're never going to have. It's not healing. It doesn't give you comfort. It's left you so damaged and heartbroken.

Nikolas: You don't have to worry about that.

Rebecca: I will, though. That's why my scam didn't work. I honestly care about you.

Lucky: Okay. Stay with me, all right? Imagine a house right here, where we are. I mean, there's room for a huge yard. There's a view from all sides. And we're not that far from town.

Elizabeth: I know. It is beautiful, but it's not something --

Lucky: We could build you a studio right over there.

Elizabeth: Oh?

Lucky: You know? There'd be plenty of natural light. We could soundproof the basement so I could play guitar again. I could even teach Cam.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. He would love that.

Lucky: Or we could just throw some amps in the garage or barn.

Elizabeth: A barn? We're going to have a barn now?

Lucky: Yeah. Why not?

[Elizabeth laughs]

Lucky: Why not? I mean, I could blast music as loud as I wanted to. The boys could run around and yell like maniacs. There wouldn't be any neighbors around to complain.

Elizabeth: I thought you wanted us to live in your family house.

[Lucky sighs]

Lucky: I don't know. I'm starting to understand how Dad felt when he lived in there. You know? Sometimes, it closes in on me, too. Just too many things happened there. Parents' marriage fell apart. So did ours. That house is about the past. We need a future. We need a fresh start, someplace where we can make a new life together that is a million miles away from all the mistakes that we've made.

Maxie: Yes, Kate. Lulu is on it. Well, I'm supervising. No, his agent hasn't called back yet. I understand. I'll keep trying.

Spinelli: Okay. All security cameras for the show have been set up and are functioning properly. And I did a walkthrough of the gallery with all onsite personnel.

Maxie: How does it look?

Spinelli: The cameras are undetectable. They won't detract from the show, if that's what you mean.

Maxie: No, no, no. I'm talking about the art show. You know more about art than I do -- a lot more. So if the artist were, let's say, to happen to make an appearance, do you think he would like it?

Spinelli: According to my research, the artist is a recluse, hasn't been seen in public for years. So what makes you think that he's actually going to show up today?

Maxie: Because Kate Howard wants him there?

Sonny: Meeting's at a brownstone, residential area. Luke Spencer suggested it. It's better to keep things neutral, low profile.

Dominic: It'd be a lot easier to contain things if we had the meeting here --

Sonny: No. We agreed everything would be equal. We would each bring 2 men -- Jason and you, because you have a history with the Zaccharas.

Dominic: I understand.

Jason: What about guards?

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Max and Milo are going to take us, but they're not going in.

Dominic: That's a huge risk we're taking.

Sonny: Well, it's a great risk taken if we can have Joey Limbo on our side, Anthony shut out, and we avoid war at all possible costs. Okay? Any questions?

Jason: No.

Sonny: Can you do me a favor and let me have a minute, make sure Dominic's ready?

[Door shuts]

Sonny: I just -- I want you to know I'm depending on you.

Dominic: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: Anything comes up, you do what you got to do.

Dominic: Right.

Sonny: Fine. And the picture, Claudia's dead body. Do you have any idea where it came from?

[Dominic sighs]

Johnny: Well, it's just like I thought. Claudia died in the cabin where Carly had her baby. That's where this picture was taken. It had to be. Then they burned the place down. Sonny covered it up so he wouldn't have to look at her.

Olivia: Don't do this to yourself.

Johnny: This picture couldn't have been taken long after she died. How the hell did you get this?

Olivia: It's a copy. Someone sent the original to Jason --

Johnny: It's a copy?

Olivia: Dominic Pirelli brought it.

Johnny: Why?

Olivia: I'm not going to lie to you, John. Dominic thinks that you might have sent it.

Johnny: Why would I do that?

Olivia: Revenge?

Johnny: Is that what you think?

Elizabeth: I'm picturing a really big, old fashioned home with lots of windows and a wrap-around porch. We can put a couple of rocking chairs on there so we can watch the sunset every night. And the mornings -- can you imagine how quiet the mornings must be? All you would hear are the birds and the wind in the trees and our crazy, screaming children on all this land.

Lucky: What's wrong? That's perfect. Keep going.

Elizabeth: No, I know. But it's not like we would ever be able to afford this. I mean, I'm sure the property itself is expensive, but to build a house on top of it? Even if we started saving right now, we wouldn't have a down payment for years.

Lucky: It's just money, Elizabeth. There's always ways to find some.

Elizabeth: Oh, jeez. Now you're sounding like your dad.

Lucky: What? I'm not talking about scamming anybody, I don't think. But don't worry about it. We both have good jobs.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, it's not going to mean anything if we don't have a down payment. Unless -- unless we consider plan "B."

Lucky: Plan "B"?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: I'm listening.

Elizabeth: We could sell my house and use that money, if you're comfortable with it.

Lucky: Why wouldn't I be?

Elizabeth: Jason bought me that house.

Nikolas: I took advantage of you. I used you. We both need this to be over.

Rebecca: Nikolas, you don't get to tell me how to feel. And even though you're still in love with her, not everything that we've shared has been about Emily. We made love and walked out on the cliffs, watched stupid horror movies. We had fun at the Haunted Star. And those times were about us. And we can have more of them. Come on. Now that everything's out in the open, I'm willing to try again.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. You need to leave right now.

Rebecca: So I'm being dismissed?

Nikolas: Once you've had a chance to think about what I've just told you, you'll realize you're better off without me.

[Rebecca scoffs]

Rebecca: Ahh.

[Door shuts]

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hey. I wanted to bring Josslyn, but I thought you'd worry.

Jason: I'm just getting ready for a meeting.

Carly: Oh, you have a minute, don't you? I wanted to celebrate. I get to eat real food, so I brought beer and cheesy snacks.

Jason: Sorry. I can't. I don't have time right now.

Carly: Mmm. Wow. Thought you were done with that.

Jason: It's just -- it's just for backup. The meeting's actually to set up a truce.

Carly: That's a change, huh?

Jason: Yeah. I can't really talk about it.

Carly: I'm worried about you. I think you're being way too hard on yourself about Michael.

Jason: He killed somebody. To you and me, it was an accident. It was self-defense. But to Michael, it was something that he thinks had to be done. No regret, not even confused. And it scares me. This is not how his life was supposed to be, Carly.

Dominic: Look, I have no proof of who took that photo, but I do have a theory.

Sonny: I assume you haven't mentioned it to Jason.

Dominic: No, and I won't. I think you need an unbiased take from someone who was not at that cabin that night.

Sonny: What have you found out?

Dominic: It's nothing concrete, sir. I don't think we should act on anything yet. I'm just using my instincts here.

Sonny: I'm listening.

Dominic: Look, I don't know who took that photo, but John Zacchara may have sent it to Jason.

Sonny: Why would he do that?

Dominic: Well, he's out of his mind with grief. He's Anthony Zacchara's son. I mean, we know he used to be crazy in the past. He had a whole team of lawyers following him around and cleaning up after him.

Sonny: Sure.

Dominic: He's unstable. Insanity runs in that family. I mean, this could be him losing it for real. He doesn't know what happened to his sister, where she is. I mean, that's a lot to deal with.

Sonny: Well, he knows what happened to his sister. How would he have gotten the picture?

Dominic: No idea. I mean, Jason destroyed all the evidence, unless there's something he missed, or maybe something I don't know about.

Sonny: You were with him that night. Could he have taken the picture?

Dominic: When the basement started flooding, he left to go get help, and then, everything was fuzzy after that. I -- it would help if we could establish, like, a clear timeline.

Sonny: The less said about that night, the better.

Dominic: I understand. But if Johnny got his hands on a crime scene photo, this could be enough to push him over the edge.

Sonny: Get me proof, concrete proof -- and, you know, I can't have Johnny Zacchara going around making trouble for anybody.

Dominic: Look. I could be totally off base on this --

Sonny: No, no. If you're right, and Johnny sent that picture, then he's out of control. And he needs to be dealt with.

Olivia: I'm not accusing you of anything, John. I'm just telling you where I got the picture.

Johnny: Were you ever going to show it to me?

Olivia: I honestly don't know.

Johnny: Do you think I sent it to Jason? You can't honestly think I'm capable of doing that.

Olivia: You're grieving, you know. You're trying to process a lot of emotions, and you don't have any family to help you through it. I mean, revenge is part of the world that you live in. It's got to be on your mind.

Johnny: You're damn right revenge is on my mind. How could it not be? Look at this photo! Look at my sister -- on the floor, dead, like she's nothing. Yeah, she did a lot of bad things in her life, but she did not deserve this.

Olivia: Don't look at that disgusting thing anymore. You can't change what already happened, okay? The best thing that you can do is get out. Save yourself. Get out of the organization. Don't even think about revenge anymore.

Johnny: Everybody used my sister when she was alive -- everybody -- from the time we were kids. But she loved me. She trusted me. And if you think that I sent this picture to anybody, that I'm capable of treating her with that kind of disrespect after what Sonny did to her -- You don't know me at all.

[Door slams]

Maxie: Kate finally explained to me why this art show is so important, and it could be brilliant if it actually works.

Spinelli: Well, perhaps, I could be of assistance if I also understood the situation.

Maxie: No. Spinelli, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I'm so hyper, too. I'm just really excited. I mean, this artist is so cutting edge. He's considered to be visionary -- you know, according to people who know about that kind of stuff. But he also -- he's a photographer, so Kate wants him to take pictures and do kind of, like, a layout behind the layout. It'll just be amazing. Like, he's going to consult with other "Crimson" employees, maybe even me. How awesome would that be if I could see myself in the pages of "Crimson" magazine?

Spinelli: That would indeed be splendid, but sadly, I fear that there is little or no chance of that coming to pass. The artist doesn't appear in public, so there's little chance of him coming tonight. And even if he does, he would undoubtedly refuse a commission to work for "Crimson."

Maxie: Well, he has to show up. It's kind of my job to make sure that happens.

Elizabeth: We need to consider what the money from my house represents -- all those times I ran to Jason and I shut you out and I lied to you.

Lucky: I don't want to talk about this right now, Elizabeth. You don't need to keep bringing it up.

Elizabeth: I know. But I married you when I knew I had feelings for another man, and I promised you that I wouldn't hurt you again, and there's --

Lucky: No, you won't.

Elizabeth: I'm just really afraid that something's going to happen and that I'm going to lose you this time.

Lucky: Look, I don't care if we use the money from the house that Jason bought you to build our home. It doesn't matter to me. This is our life, Elizabeth. It's our journey.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: Well, I put the beer in the fridge, and I'm going to take these cheesy snacks with me, unless Spinelli wants them. Do you think he wants them?

Jason: Not his brand.

Carly: Mmm. So, is Dominic involved in whatever it is you're doing tonight?

Jason: Okay. You know I can't tell you that.

Carly: Well, Lulu's getting serious about him.

Jason: Well, you know what? I don't really care who Lulu goes out with.

Carly: Well, I do. I mean, do you approve of him? He seems like a nice enough guy. He saved Morgan that night at the carnival, and he probably saved Lulu when she went looking for me at the Zacchara mansion. So come on. You know him better than I do.

Jason: Uh, he seems like a decent guy.

Carly: Can you tell me what you think?

Jason: Okay. Uh, Dominic is ambitious. He's getting closer to Sonny every day, and he's in pretty deep, and I don't see him getting out anytime soon.

Carly: So tell Lulu to run, not walk, away.

Jason: Well, that never worked with you, Carly.

Carly: Well, hopefully, she's a lot smarter than I was.

Jason: Oh, I hope so, because if Lulu gets involved with Dominic, she's going to put herself right in the middle of the violence.

Lulu: Johnny. Johnny!

[Johnny panting]

Johnny: Sorry. I didn't see you there.

Lulu: I guess I don't need to ask how things are going.

Johnny: You've known Sonny for quite a while, right?

Lulu: Yeah. My whole life.

Johnny: Has any of this changed how you feel about him? The whole thing with Claudia, how he called out, then killed, her?

Lulu: Well, we don't really know what happened to Claudia --

Johnny: Somebody does.

Lulu: I wish that I could help you with this.

Johnny: You can't.

Lulu: You're just upset right now, and you might not really know what you're saying.

Johnny: Sorry I scared you.

Lulu: No, Johnny. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Um -- what I'm saying is that you're vulnerable, and you're so upset, you, um, might say things to the wrong people.

Johnny: What do you mean, the wrong people?

Lulu: Just be careful around Dominic.

Johnny: Why?

Lulu: I'm not -- he's a great guy. I would have drowned. I would have died if it wasn't for him being there with me in the basement --

Johnny: Just say it.

Lulu: Dominic may not have your best interests at heart, so just, you know, be careful what you say and what you do around him.

Dominic: Oh. Looks like you two are having a serious conversation. Must be about me.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Hi. You okay?

[Olivia sighs]

Olivia: Don't take this the wrong way, Sonny, but what do you want?

Sonny: Has Johnny been here?

Olivia: It's none of your business.

Sonny: How's he doing?

Olivia: Well, uh, he's grieving. His sister disappeared. To tell you the truth, he's not taking it very well.

Sonny: Well, we all know Claudia's psychotic, and Anthony spent half the time in the back of his mansion 'cause he was so nuts. Let's just hope Johnny doesn't end up that way, at the rate things are going.

Olivia: If you're concerned for my safety, you don't have to be. Okay? I'm perfectly safe with Johnny.

Sonny: Yeah. Okay, okay. I just -- it's not that long ago, you know, Johnny was out of control, jumping off buildings, wrecking cars. I'm just saying he may be going over the edge because of what happened to his sister.

Olivia: Would you listen to yourself? "What happened to his sister," like she caught some fatal illness or got struck by lightning or hit by a bus crossing the street.

Sonny: I'm worried. I -- you know, I've been informed that Johnny's not thinking clearly, and he could be dangerous. Now, the Zaccharas have hurt too many people that I love, and I don't want Johnny to hurt you.

Carly: You're upset about a lot more than this meeting or Michael. I'm guessing there's zero chance you're going to tell me what's really going on, huh?

Jason: Zero chance.

Carly: Okay. All right. Well, you know, if you change your mind, I'm here. You can always talk to me.

Jason: I know. I'm grateful for that.

Carly: Okay. You know, why don't you come by and see Josslyn? I mean, everything seems much more simpler when there's a baby in your arms.

Jason: Why would you even want me near Josslyn after what happened to Michael?

Carly: That's why I hate Elizabeth.

Jason: What does that have to do with anything?

Carly: She talked you into giving up Jake. She gave you some song and dance about how dangerous you are --

Jason: It's better for Jake this way, Carly --

Carly: No, it's not, and I will never believe that.

Jason: Yes, it is. I cannot bring Jake back into my life, so I have to believe that Lucky loves Jake as his own. I'm going to believe that Lucky's going to be a better father than I ever could be.

Lucky: Tell you what. I'll check around and get a price on the property.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: And if it's anywhere near our ballpark, we can start putting together a budget, filling out loan applications, and I'll check into the zoning regulations just to make sure we can build whatever we want. And you, you can put your house up on the market.

Elizabeth: It sounds so real.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lucky: If you're having second thoughts, now's the time to tell me.

Elizabeth: I'm not. I'm not. I absolutely love the idea of building a house with you far away from everything.

Lucky: We'll be paying it off till we're grandparents.

Elizabeth: That's okay. We'll have our little rocking chairs on our big porch.

Lucky: We might have to settle for that porch on Royal Street for a time.

Elizabeth: And that's fine.

Lucky: I'll talk to my folks about selling the house, but I don't know --

Elizabeth: Yeah, I wouldn't. I think I can get a better price for mine. And maybe, we can rent it out and use the money for our mortgage.

Lucky: That's a good idea.

Elizabeth: Besides, we need someplace to stay while we build our dream house.

Lucky: See, now you're dreaming with me. I like that.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Olivia: I appreciate your concern for me, Sonny. I really do. But you got nothing to worry about. Okay? John is hurting right now. He's all over the place. He's trying to make sense of something that just doesn't make any sense.

Sonny: But do we really know what Johnny's capable of doing? Are you safe with him?

Olivia: Johnny would never hurt me.

Sonny: That's exactly what my mother used to say.

Olivia: No, no. Don't even -- don't even go there, Sonny.

Sonny: No, I know. It's the same thing. I mean, it'd start out with Deke yelling, then he started throwing things, and he would say he would never hurt her. Then, one night, he hit her. And I was right there. I saw the whole thing. It scared the hell out of me. And then, you know, my mother would always say, "Deke would never hurt me. Deke would never hurt me," until he started beating on her, and she started getting marks. She had nothing else to say, so she started making things up. "Oh, it's just the holidays." Oh, this, oh, that. It didn't matter. She'd always forgive him.

Olivia: Johnny's not like that.

Sonny: Okay. And then, you know, she was tired of making excuses, and she started blaming herself for getting him mad.

Olivia: You know what? I happen to know that your mother wasn't the only one getting smacked around in your house.

Sonny: She did everything she could to protect me.

Olivia: Look, Sonny?

Sonny: Yeah?

Olivia: You know that I've got nothing but respect for your mother, right?

Sonny: Right.

Olivia: I am nothing like Adela. You seriously think I'm going to take crap off Johnny Zacchara or anyone else?

Sonny: I just never thought that you'd go out with someone like that.

Olivia: Johnny is nothing like Deke. I mean, he doesn't try to control my life. I think he's proven he's not jealous. He sure as hell ain't a cop.

Sonny: His sister just got killed. We don't know where his mind is and what he could do.

Olivia: Okay. Johnny has never raised a hand to me, all right? If he ever did, that would be it. And that's after I broke his head open with a frying pan and kicked him down the stairs. All right? Nobody's going to hurt me and get away with it.

Sonny: Can you promise you'll call me if something seems odd?

Olivia: Sonny -- [Indistinct] Keep pushing, do you, do you? Ah.

Sonny: No, no, no. Don't walk away from me. Don't walk away from me. Listen to me. Promise me that if you get scared, if something doesn't seem right, you will call me.

Olivia: I'm trying to tell you that Johnny doesn't scare me, okay?

Sonny: I'm not leaving here until you promise me.

Olivia: Okay. I don't want you to worry about me, so in the name of Adela, may God rest her soul, I promise.

Johnny: Lulu was just letting me know she's sorry about what happened to my sister. At least someone is.

Dominic: I shouldn't be running my mouth. I know it's a bad time.

Johnny: I'll think about what you said.

Dominic: Does something seem off about Johnny?

Lulu: Wouldn't you be? What if somebody in your family just vanished? How would you react?

Dominic: So that's a "yes"?

Lulu: Johnny is a good guy, and he's in a lot of pain. And I don't think it's fair that you're going to destroy him.

Dominic: Okay. I don't like how this is sounding.

Lulu: I warned Johnny about you.

Dominic: What?

Lulu: I told him that you might not have his best interests at heart and that he should be careful what he says and what he does around you.

Dominic: What the hell did you do that for?

Lulu: Because Johnny is someone that I care about, and I don't want to see him get hurt.

Dominic: You don't think Johnny would kill me in a heartbeat if he knew the truth about me? Sonny wouldn't make me disappear, just like Claudia? You need to stay out of this and let me do my job.

Lulu: But Johnny is not some statistic for your report. He's a real person. He's in a lot of pain. I don't think it's fair that you're going to take advantage of his grief.

Dominic: What about all the people Johnny's whacked? What about their families? They're dealing with a lot more pain than Johnny will ever be feeling.

Lulu: How do you live with yourself? How can you do this? Johnny trusts you. He needs you as a friend. He doesn't know that you're really his girlfriend's son, Detective Dante Falconeri, out to destroy Sonny and all the people that he works with.

[Johnny sighs]

Elizabeth: You can't be here.

Nikolas: I brought us brandy.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. You're drunk.

Nikolas: Unfortunately, I'm not.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, I'm about to marry your brother.

Nikolas: I'm going to ask you a question. Depending on how you answer will determine if I stay or go. Do you feel -- about Lucky the way you feel about me?

Elizabeth: What I feel when I'm with you scares me.

Nikolas: It scares me, too. I know I shouldn't want you. I know that it isn't fair to anyone. My brother is the best man I know. I just --

Elizabeth: And I love him. And we're going to have a happy life together. But I hate myself because I can't stop thinking about you.

Nikolas: Tell me you don't want this. Tell me to stop.

Lulu: Of course no one's heard from the artist, Kate. Why would anyone hear from the artist? He's a recluse.

[Lulu sighs]

Lucky: Hey. What are you doing here?

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: I'm just procrastinating. I'm supposed to be working on this stupid art exhibit.

Lucky: Oh. You want to tell your big brother about it?

Lulu: If a train was going to run over your friend, isn't it your responsibility, as a friend, to tell them to get out of the way? If your other friend driving the train would get upset, it doesn't matter, especially if the train is about to run out of tracks?

Lucky: Do I need to try to decipher that?

Lulu: What if Dominic isn't what he appears to be?

Lucky: If you're trying to get me to support you going out with Dominic, that is not going to happen.

Lulu: I'm not going out with Dominic.

Lucky: Good, 'cause Dominic Pirelli is exactly what he appears to be. He's an up-and-coming wiseguy with a real future in the mob, and the further you can stay away from him, Lulu, the better. You hear me?

Lulu: Why can't I be like you and Elizabeth? You love her. She loves you. That's it. I mean, you guys went through rough times, but you worked through it, and you're still brave enough to put your heart out on the line. Heh.

Lucky: Nothing worth having comes without a fight. I learned that a long time ago. Elizabeth, she's in my heart. She always will be. But I don't want you to worry about it. You're going to find the right person when the time comes, okay?

Lulu: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Hi.

Olivia: Mmm. I'm so glad you came back.

Johnny: Me, too. I'm sorry about before. Getting all upset and storming out -- it's the last thing I wanted.

Olivia: Apology accepted. I owe you an apology. Ever even implied that you had anything to do with that disgusting picture --

Johnny: It's okay, Olivia. I trust you, and I need you.

Olivia: I love you so much.

Johnny: Mmm.

Olivia: Mmm. You can stay tonight, can't you?

Johnny: Yeah. I'll just be here with you, forget about everything else.

Olivia: That's all I want.

[Johnny sighs]

Johnny: Me, too. How about we start with a bath in that big claw foot tub of yours and then take it from there?

Olivia: Okay. I'll go get the water started, okay?

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: You sit here and relax.

[Johnny sighs]

[Water running]



Joey: We only get one chance at this, so don't blow it. When Sonny gets out of the car, we're going to welcome him with open arms.

[Nikolas and Elizabeth panting]

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Elizabeth?

[Nikolas panting]

Olivia: Okay. The tub's ready. Thought I'd pour us a brandy, get you out of those clothes.

Johnny: How's your son doing?

Olivia: Um, he's great. He's, uh, real busy.

Johnny: Hmm. Firefighter, right?

Olivia: Uh-huh. He's, um, one of New York's bravest.

[Johnny chuckles]

Olivia: We're real proud of him.

Johnny: You know, it's funny. I called the New York City fire department, and they have a couple of Falconeris in their computer, but nobody named Dante.

Olivia: Hmm. Must be some kind of clerical error or something.

Johnny: Hmm. Or maybe he's not a firefighter. Maybe Dante Falconeri's an undercover cop.

[Door shuts]

Sonny: Everything's ready? Max is going to drive us. You guys make sure the streets are clear before we get out of the car. You're not going to go in with us, though.

Max: Well, not to speak out of turn, boss, but you need a guard in the meeting.

Sonny: Dominic and Jason are going to be going into the brownstone with me.

Max: Got it.

Sonny: Everybody's going to be armed just in case, but we don't want a firefight, okay? Everything is cool. You stay cool. You shoot -- you know, if you have to, you do. Otherwise, you don't.

Dominic: Got it.

Sonny: Let's do it.

[Door opens]

[Sonny sighs]

Joey: Bodyguards will exit the vehicle first. You wait until Corinthos and Morgan clear the car before you open fire. Neither one of them gets out of here alive.

[Spray can rattling]

Joey: Hey.

Man: Good evening.

Joey: Do you mind? We're busy here.

Man: Spare some change?

[Joey laughs]

[Coin rattles]

Man: Thanks.

Joey: Get the hell on out of here.

Second Man: Want me to get rid of him?

Joey: Nah. He's harmless.

Third Man: Mad world

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