GH Transcript Tuesday 11/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/17/09


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Dominic: Hey. I knew I'd find you here. She must have come back for the eggplant. Come on, I'll get us a table.

Lulu: No, I am asking you what you would do if you found out a certain cop was gathering evidence against you.

Dominic: Uh, we don't ask those questions here. The answers are nothing you want to hear.

Lucky: It's a simple question, Maxie. Did you see Sonny come and go from his house the night Claudia disappeared?

Maxie: No. I didn't see anyone.

Lucky: When did you become such a terrible liar?

[Jason exhales]

[Door opens]

Spinelli: [Grunting] The Jackal's latest quest has been an unmitigated success. After shopping at six stores, I finally obtained the rare brand of poppy seed dressing that Maxie used --

Jason: Spinelli.

Spinelli: What?

Jason: I need your help.

Spinelli: Well, having fulfilled my fair one's desire, yes. I stand here to assist --

Jason: Somebody knows the truth -- about Claudia.

Luke: Oh, God, I hope you know how I hate sticking my nose in somebody else's business.

Elizabeth: Did Helena tell you?

Luke: No, no, no. Well, you know, I saw you and Nikolas together on that pier.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Luke: After that night that you were here with Lucky. And then, well, since then, it hasn't been very difficult to figure out what's going on between the two of you.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, and --

Luke: Hey, I'm not judging you.

Elizabeth: Well, why not?

Luke: The way I've lived my life? When the stones start getting thrown, I don't want to be anywhere in the neighborhood.

Elizabeth: You know how much I love Lucky.

Luke: Yeah.

Elizabeth: So what are you going to do?

Luke: [Sighs] I thought long and hard about not doing anything. And that's still my preference. But I can't. I talked to Nikolas --

Elizabeth: Wait, Nikolas knows you know?

Luke: Yes. I told him I thought that he owed his brother the truth. And, you know, he started to talk about it. Then ancient history got in the way, and, well, it didn't turn out well.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry.

Luke: Well, the point is that Nikolas is too busy justifying what he wants to do to be able to do what's right by his brother. That's why I'm talking to you.

Elizabeth: Please don't ask me to tell Lucky.

Luke: You love him. You owe him the truth.

Nikolas: Well, it's very generous of you to want to throw an engagement party for Lucky and Elizabeth.

Rebecca: It really was Edward's idea.

Nikolas: Right, it's just, unfortunately, Luke and I at the same table wouldn't make for a happy occasion. Things between us have deteriorated a bit as of late.

Rebecca: That's my fault, because of Ethan.

Nikolas: Heh, I'm afraid this goes beyond Luke standing up for his son. My fear is that he is on his way back to treating me like his enemy.

Rebecca: Tracy will keep Luke in line.

Nikolas: No, Tracy has her own issues with you.

Rebecca: That's true.

Nikolas: She'll claim that you have some ulterior motive for throwing a party, and I don't want those accusations feeding into any suspicions that Elizabeth may have. And then, of course, you have to work some magic with the seating chart, so we're not all sitting around the dinner table giving each other dirty looks.

Rebecca: Hmm, yeah. So maybe dinner at the Quartermaines isn't the best idea. Yeah.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: But that doesn't mean we can't do something for Lucky and Elizabeth at Wyndemere.

[Nikolas sighs]

Lulu: So Dominic speaks for you now?

Dominic: That's not what --

Sonny: I think he speaks for everyone, the amount of words that come out of his mouth. My word is very important to me.

Lulu: I know that. You have always been straight with me. That is what I appreciate.

Sonny: Good.

Lulu: But it's every officer's sworn duty to uphold the law, and some of them would do whatever they can to bust you.

Sonny: Let me make something very clear -- I would never, under any circumstances, lift a hand against Lucky. He's your brother.

Lulu: The cop.

Sonny: I respect your father a great deal, and his children are pretty much out of bounds.

Lulu: So are you saying that you wouldn't act to protect yourself if the officer coming after you was the son of a good friend.

Sonny: What I'm saying is, it's not going to come to that.

Lulu: [Chuckles] You seem pretty confident about that.

Sonny: Lucky is not going to make a case against me because -- no cop has and no cop ever will.

Maxie: What reason would I have to lie about Sonny?

Lucky: I don't know, maybe you're scared. Maybe Spinelli's involved.

Maxie: If you had anything on Spinelli, you wouldn't be talking to me, would you? And frankly, I don't think it's a good idea that you question me, period. It will just lead us down a depressing, dreary trip to memory lane when we were together and you were cheating on your wife and you were addicted to pills that I supplied. Let's not forget I also faked a pregnancy. No, no Hallmark memories there. Let's just be grateful that we both found someone who brings out the best in us, and move on.

Lucky: You saw Sonny that night, didn't you?

Maxie: You said that, I didn't.

Lucky: You're spinning pretty hard to avoid giving me an answer. This whole Claudia thing, it's not going anywhere.

Maxie: Are we done?

Lucky: I'm an addict, okay? I got pretty good at denial. But I also learned how to recognize it in other people. You were out there that night. You couldn't have had a better view of Sonny's front gate than if we were on a stakeout.

Maxie: Fine. You want my statement about the night in question?

Lucky: No, I want the facts.

Maxie: Yeah, I was at Kate's house waiting for the pool guy. And it was dark. It was also raining, and my shoes were muddy and I couldn't see out my front windshield, let alone to the house next door. There you go.

Lucky: And?

Maxie: That's all I have to say.

Lucky: That's all you have to say? [Sighs] Okay. Claudia vanished. She's probably dead. I'm not going to push you now. I'm not. But there may come a time when you're subpoenaed, and then you'll have to tell me the truth.

[Maxie sighs]

Jason: I tried to keep you out of this, right?

Spinelli: Yeah, deniability. You wished to protect me from the inquiries of law enforcement who would no doubt look unfavorably on Claudia's disappearance.

Jason: I really need your expertise right now.

Spinelli: Well, yeah, of course. I'm happy to shed my cloak of ignorance and help in any way I can.

Jason: Okay, whatever I say to you, you cannot repeat, you understand that? Not even to Maxie.

Spinelli: You can be completely confident in my silence. This arrived in the morning's post, yes? It appears to be a photograph of a woman. Of -- Claudia. Deceased. On the floor of some rustic cabin.

Jason: [Sighs] That's where she died.

Spinelli: I can only surmise that this is the same cabin where the Valkyrie had her baby?

Jason: Claudia helped Carly deliver her baby, and then Claudia tried to steal the baby.

Spinelli: Well, it is most fortuitous that you arrived in time to stop her.

Jason: It was Michael who stopped her.

Spinelli: Michael?

Jason: It was an accident. Nobody was ever supposed to know. But obviously, somebody does.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Do I have the right address?

Robin: That's what I said to the delivery guy when he dropped this on the doorstep. But then I remembered you said you wanted to watch the game tonight, and I thought you were just regressing to your college days.

Patrick: No, no, I didn't order this.

Robin: Well, yeah, it's obviously a gift. There's a card. You should open it.

Patrick: Ah. [Chuckles] It's from Lisa.

Robin: The college girlfriend.

Patrick: Thanking me for the consultation, yeah.

Robin: Oh. Well, that's very generous of her.

Patrick: [Chuckles] Of course. Naked beer.

Robin: What?

Patrick: It's -- it's an inside joke.

Robin: Well, care to share?

Nikolas: Why are you suddenly so determined to celebrate Lucky and Elizabeth's engagement?

Rebecca: Well, Lucky has been more than fair to me. Even when he found out that I was lying, the way he handled it was just so --

Nikolas: Honorable?

Rebecca: Exactly. And though I probably deserved it, there was no vindictiveness. There was nothing mean-spirited about his actions. He didn't try to embarrass me or take away my dignity. He was just trying to do right by his brother.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: In looking back on it, as painful as it was, I'm grateful to Lucky for bringing out the truth. It must be so difficult for you.

Nikolas: Huh? Oh, yeah.

Rebecca: Everywhere you go, it's filled with memories, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: I know we haven't talked about it yet, but I know what today is.

Nikolas: Yeah. Two years ago today.

Rebecca: You all lost Emily.

Nikolas: And you lost her, too. Or the chance to know her, anyway.

Rebecca: Yeah. I'm sure I would have been a better person, had I known her.

Nikolas: We all would have.

Rebecca: See, that's something else we have in common.

Nikolas: Yeah, what's that?

Rebecca: Well, you came to Port Charles and you found a sibling. You got to know your brother. And I'll never have a chance to know my sister, but I can honor her memory by getting to know the people that she loved. Let's go back to Wyndemere, Nikolas. We can have dinner in the turret room. 'Cause that's your new favorite place these days.

Nikolas: I would absolutely love for you to come home with me tonight. It's just that I have this marathon conference call with some business concerns in Rome, and I don't want you to have to hear how shamefully bad my Italian is.

Rebecca: Hmm.

Nikolas: Is it okay if I just call you tomorrow?

Rebecca: Yeah, yeah.

Nikolas: All right. Bye.

Rebecca: Bye.

Elizabeth: I have come so close to telling him the truth many times. I just -- I just can't hurt him again. He doesn't deserve what I've done to him.

Luke: He does deserve the truth.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] I know. I cheated on him with Jason. I lied about Jake being his kid, and now this? I'm sure there's a word for what you must think of me.

Luke: Yeah, human. Look, I don't get any gold stars for fidelity. Ethan is living proof of that.

Elizabeth: Luke, I promise I am never going to be with Nikolas again.

Luke: But don't tell me, Elizabeth. Tell Lucky.

Elizabeth: I love him. And I know that we can be happy together. But I can't -- I can't alleviate my own guilt at his expense. I cannot tell him I was with Nikolas. And I'm begging you not to, either.

[Luke sighs]

Sonny: Lulu, it was great talking to you, but I got business to take care of, so --

Dominic: Okay, let's go, I'll walk you --

Sonny: No, you're gonna stay.

Sonny: You remember the talk we had about Lulu a while back?

Dominic: Every word.

Sonny: Yeah. I'm good friends with her father and I respect him very much, and I hold Lulu's mother in high regard. I don't want to see Lulu unhappy.

Dominic: No. We're on the same page.

Sonny: Right. Well, that's why you shouldn't be dragging her into our business -- taking her to the Zacchara mansion, having her fall through the floor, almost drown, right?

Dominic: Ahem. Point taken.

Sonny: You, uh -- you take good care of Lulu.

Dominic: I understand.

Sonny: Okay. Um --

Dominic: You think -- do you think she likes me?

Sonny: She's waiting for you outside.

Dominic: What, you think so?

Sonny: She's waiting for you outside.

Dominic: Thanks, boss.

Jason: Claudia died instantly. Sam took Carly and the baby to the hospital, and then Michael and I waited by the roadside for Sonny to arrive with Max and Milo.

Spinelli: So this picture must have been taken when the body was left unaccompanied in the cabin.

Jason: I didn't see anybody watching. I'm not even sure what they saw.

Spinelli: So we have very little to go on.

Jason: [Sighs] Okay, um, why don't you start with the camera that may have taken this photo. And then the paper that it was printed on. And then trace the envelopes. Spinelli, just do what you do.

Spinelli: All right, I trace these items back to the source, and with our due diligence and a little bit of luck, maybe it leads us back to the person who took this photograph.

Patrick: Okay, five minutes till kick-off.

Mac: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Patrick: Don't move on my account. Hey, come on in.

Coleman: Hey, what's up, dawgs?

Matt: What up, man?

Coleman: Matthew!

Matt: Good to see you.

Mac: Hey, Coleman.

Coleman: Macho man.

Mac: What happens at Jake's stays at Jake's.

Matt: Except for karaoke, man. That was a hot choice.

Coleman: Man, check out the tub of brewskis. What's the story, man?

Matt: One we're still waiting to hear.

Patrick: I didn't want to bore Robin with it for the second time. It's from an old college friend. Actually, drinking buddy. Lisa Niles.

Coleman: Oh, well, tell the tale, man.

Patrick: All right. We were at this party that went dry. We ran out of booze --

Matt: You didn't say this was going to be a sad story.

Patrick: It's kind of a sad story. Anyways, Lisa and I decided to go get some more booze. She says she knows these guys that brew their own beer in their basement. We only had a couple bucks, college party. She goes in, comes out with two cases of beer, no label, plain bottle, says it's the best beer she's ever had in her life.

Mac: I can't argue with that.

Patrick: She ducks out on the way back to the party, leaving me to deliver 48 beers to a bunch of drunk idiots. Barely made it out of there with my life.

Coleman: Ooh, that's rough, man.

Patrick: Well, I guess she felt bad about it, because this is her kind of thanking me for that. Anyways, these guys went on to do pretty well. Naked beer gets all kind of awards every year.

Coleman: We don't stand behind their label, man. I've heard of these dudes. In fact, they have very selective distributions. In fact, maybe your friend could give me the hook-up, huh?

[Music playing on TV]

Patrick: Hmm.

Mac: Hey, come on, game's starting. Kick-off coming up.

Patrick: Let's go, boys.

Lulu: You let go of me now. I'm not going to run back to Sonny and tell him you're a cop.

Dominic: You were going to do it, weren't you? If I hadn't walked in when I did, you were going to blow my cover.

Lulu: Maybe.

Dominic: Maybe? This is my life we're talking about.

Lulu: Sonny thought I was talking about Lucky. I kept it in hypotheticals.

Dominic: Okay, well, since you're so fond of hypotheticals, here's a good one for you -- what do you think happens if you stay out of Sonny's business?

Lulu: Sonny is a family friend. His ex-wife Carly is my cousin. I don't want to see him go to prison. But when he asked you to stay, my heart froze in my chest because I was terrified that I had given you away.

Dominic: What makes you so sure he didn't?

Spinelli: Considering the variables of digital mega-pixilation coupled with an elevated level of resolution which necessitates the use of equipment not available to the general public, which infers a specialized supplier.


[Knock on door]

[Knock knock]

Sam: Hello? Spinelli? Oh! Oh, my gosh. Oh, the most amazing news ever. McCall and Jackal have finally been hired on a case that does not involve cheating spouses. We are going to provide security for an exhibit arranged by Kate Howard at the Proett Gallery on Third. Ahh. Hello? [Chuckles] I mean, do you have any idea what this means? This is like A-list work for a P.I. If this works out, it puts us in a whole different league. No more cheesy motel stakeouts. No more strip clubs. No more really bad outfits. Spinelli!

Spinelli: I'm sorry. What?

Sam: What? The case. Security work.

Spinelli: Yes. Well, I'm unavailable at present, and for the foreseeable future. I'm working on something for Stone Cold.

Sam: Why? What happened?

Spinelli: This arrived in the morning mail, addressed to Jason Morgan.

Sonny: Lulu came by earlier. She asked me what I would do if a cop had evidence against me.

Jason: What, Lucky? Is she worried about Lucky?

Sonny: The cops, they can't --

Jason: We left nothing at the cabin.

Sonny: And Dominic double-checked.

Jason: Somebody knows something. Original came in my mail this morning.

Sonny: [Exhales] Claudia, even dead, she's nothing but trouble.

Mac: Coleman, you know, ever since Maxie and Spinelli's non-wedding reception, I've been meaning to tell you, you mix a mean scotch and soda.

Coleman: Well, I appreciate that.

Mac: You guys are all right.

[All shouting]

[All talking at once]

[Doorbell rings]

Robin: Okay, I'll get it. I'll get it.

[All talking at once]

Robin: Hi.

Louise: Hi. Did someone deliver -- ah, I think I have my answer.

Matt: It's a rookie mistake.

Patrick: Hey, Louise, come on in. Have a beer on Lisa.

Louise: Yeah, she's been texting me all day wanting to make sure that that arrived.

Patrick: Yeah, well, it did. So text her back telling her she's got a roomful of happy men.

Louise: Yeah. Some things never change, huh?

Patrick: Actually, you know what, let's send a little video to her. Everybody, stand up. Come on, gentlemen. Get up.

Mac: Okay.

Patrick: Grab yourself a beer. Louise, get in there.

Louise: Oh, sure, what are we doing?

Patrick: We're just going to send a little video. Okay, everybody, thank you, Lisa. I'll consult at any time. To naked beer.

Louise: Way to go, Lisa.

All: Naked beer!

Maxie: Yeah, well, the agent sent you over a 15-page document about the installation, and it says on page seven that that piece needs to have its own room. No, not its own space, its own room. Do you know how prestigious this show is? Do you know how many art galleries would kill to have it? Fine. Then you go do that.

Spinelli: Wow. Maximista sounds fierce.

Maxie: Yeah, well, Kate's got a lot riding on this art show, and because she does, so do I, so it has to go off without a single hitch.

Spinelli: Okay, which brings me to the reason for my visit.

Maxie: Oh, I know! I can't believe it. I actually found a way for us to work together again. Even though it was definitely hard selling Kate on the idea of McCall and Jackal doing the security for this event. But she knows that you know that my butt's on the line, so you both will do a really, really, really good job.

Spinelli: Under any other circumstances, I would be honored to accept the work that you have so generously arranged, but an urgent situation has arisen, which demands the full attention --

Maxie: No. No, no, no, Spinelli. You're not backing out on me. Not after all this time you've been giving me those puppy dog eyes, making me feel guilty for how much I've been working. And you've been saying we need to focus more on our relationship; make it a priority. But we can't do that now. Why? Because it has to do with my career, and not some stupid, dangerous mob thing like the last time? Or probably like the next time. No, Spinelli. You will not turn me down.

Lulu: If you think Sonny suspects you, you need to get out now and go back to Brooklyn.

Dominic: That's not going to happen.

Lulu: Building a case against Sonny is not worth losing your life over.

Dominic: So you agree with me. You do think Sonny would kill me to cover his tracks.

Lulu: I don't -- I don't know. I don't want to know.

Dominic: Well, how did he put it? Sonny extends certain courtesies to the children of old friends. That includes you. So Sonny made it clear to me that if I hurt you, he's going to hurt me.

Lulu: So Sonny's looking out for me. Maybe I should be looking out for him!

Dominic: Sonny made his choices. The last one was to kill Claudia, his wife.

Lulu: But if that's true, you don't need to be the one to prove that.

Dominic: Look.

[Lulu exhales]

Dominic: Look, Sonny and I are pretty much on opposite sides of everything there is. But we do agree on one thing.

Lulu: What?

Dominic: That you are something special.

[Sonny sighs]

Jason: Spinelli's working on tracing the envelope in the picture.

Sonny: Could this person know that Michael killed Claudia?

Jason: [Sighs] The picture had to be taken after Sam and I got everyone out of the cabin, and before I came back with Max and Milo and I get rid of the body.

Sonny: You sure?

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure. The picture was sent to me. So this person most likely believes that I'm the one who killed Claudia.

Sonny: Find this guy before he goes to the cops, before anybody gets an idea that Michael was involved. Make sure whoever took this picture does not get a chance to tell anyone what he knows.

[All groaning]

Patrick: Why are they running the ball?

Mac: Throw the ball, for the Pete's sake.

Matt: It's the quarterback. They can't rely on him.

Louise: No, they're running a cover, too. Quarters are bump and run with help over the top. What they need to do is look off the safety, and then they can run for something deep.

Patrick: Wow.

Matt: That -- that was hot.

Louise: Well, I'm sorry. I like my football.

Matt: Do you have a fantasy league or something?

Louise: No, no, I just like my team. I'm not interested in the stats. Lisa's trying to get me to join her league.

Matt: Yeah, well, I've been trying to get this guy to join, too.

Patrick: I'm thinking about it.

Matt: Wait, oh, change of heart all of a sudden, Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Anything that Lisa does is worth a second look. She's got an unerring sense of fun.

Coleman: All right, come on, come on. Fourth down, man, they're going for it.

Matt: All right, come on, come on, come on, come on! Yes, yes, yes, touchdown! Touchdown.

Louise: You see?

Matt: That is what I'm talking about.

Mac: Whoo!

[All talking at once]

Mac: Oh, pigs in a blanket, my favorite.

Robin: Want one?

Mac: Thank you. Perfect.

Robin: Hey, Uncle Mac, I was thinking my husband and I need a date night. Would you be into baby-sitting on Friday?

Mac: Friday, this Friday?

Robin: Yeah.

Mac: Um. I have something.

Robin: What, stakeout, midnight raid?

Mac: Uh, no, nothing like that. It's not work, it's --

Robin: Social?

Mac: Yeah.

Robin: Ahh! You have a date.

Mac: No, it's not a date. It's, uh --

Robin: Come on, you can tell me. You know, if you don't, I will put on my detective hat and I will find out.

Mac: Oh. All right. Um, it's this place. It's called Mel's.

Robin: Yeah, in Greenfield.

Mac: Yeah. They have karaoke.

Robin: [Gasps] You traitor! What about Jake's?

Mac: Hey, look, I want to work my way up to that, okay?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

All: Ahh!

Robin: Pig in a blanket?

Matt: No!

[Cell phone rings]

Coleman: Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

Patrick: Hey, Lisa. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got the beer. Did you get the video? Yeah. No, of course I'm not cheering against your team. Yeah, I wish you were here, too.

Matt: I'm telling you, they're still going to let us know.

Spinelli: Not to worry. McCall and Jackal are entirely capable of multi-tasking.

Maxie: I don't think I like the sound of that.

Spinelli: No, the Proett Gallery should be completely secure for the entire run of the show. I will install state of the art surveillance equipment, and we have several reliable freelance personnel that can do onsite crowd control.

Maxie: Okay, I don't want you sending some off-duty security cop to watch this show while you and Sam and taking care of Jason's latest crisis of the moment.

Spinelli: No, no, I assure you McCall and Jackal will be at the show working diligently behind the scenes.

Maxie: Well, can't you just tell Jason that I'm some sort of priority? I don't know, like he can get somebody else to do all those illegal things he needs done.

Spinelli: Actually, no. I can't.

Maxie: Spinelli, this is important to me.

Spinelli: I assure you, so is Stone Cold's present difficulty.

Maxie: But what about my career? I mean, you said that you believed in me. You said you would support me.

Spinelli: I do. I will.

Maxie: Kate's really going out on a limb here. And I don't know why, but this art show seems to be make or break it for "Crimson." Which means it's make or break it for me. I mean, fashion magazines are dying in droves, Spinelli. For "Crimson" to stay afloat, Kate's gotta keep it high profile, and I think that's exactly what this art show's gonna do. I just would really like to know that I can count on you.

Spinelli: You -- you can count on me. I support you and your career with all of my heart.


Nikolas: I saw the launch coming over. Hoped it was you.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, please stop this.

Nikolas: You've made me well aware of how guilty you feel about us sleeping together. I feel guilty, too. But what's happening between us is neither light or thoughtless. We're not betraying Lucky on impulse. We're doing this because we can't stop it, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: How could you not warn me that Luke knows? How could you allow me to be so blindsided?

Nikolas: Because I didn't want to use it as an excuse to call you or see you. You're right. You're right, I should have told you.

Elizabeth: You want Lucky to find out, don't you?

Lucky: No music tonight? Usually I can hear your blues blasting from a mile away.

Luke: Yeah. Well, tonight you get to hear the blues up close and personal.

Lucky: Why did you want me to stop by this time, Dad, huh? So I could watch you drink yourself into oblivion?

Luke: Yeah. There's an idea. No. No, no, no. No. Oh, God, I wish I didn't have to have this conversation with you.

Lucky: Then don't. I already know what you're going to say.

Luke: I don't think you do.

Lucky: No, it's about Sonny, right? About the case I'm building against him for Claudia's murder. Stay out of it.

Luke: Sonny knows I have no sway with you.

Lucky: You guys go way back, and to be honest, Sonny's been good to me, too. But that does not mean I'm going to look the other way on this. I'm gonna find out the truth. Look, I know that maybe a cop isn't something you're real proud of. It's kind of obvious.

Luke: It doesn't matter if I'm proud, Lucky. You're proud.

Lucky: Enjoy the rest of your bottle, Dad.

Luke: This is not about Sonny. This is about you and Elizabeth.

Sam: Spinelli filled me in. He has a lead on the camera used to take the photograph. Apparently, it was professional equipment.

Jason: Okay. I want to go over that night again, okay? Everything, everything that either one of us saw while we were at the cabin. Because whoever took that picture had to get in and out very fast.

Sam: Okay, so you're thinking maybe that there was a car involved or a cabin nearby.

Jason: I don't know, we need to check that because obviously I missed something that night.

Sam: Well, clearly, Jason. Michael had just killed Claudia and Carly gave birth. I don't think any of us were really thinking straight that night.

Jason: I know, Sam, but it was my job to make sure it was clean, that it ended there that night. I need to know who took this picture and why.

Dominic: You want to see me? Look, if this about the whole Lulu thing --

Sonny: I said what I had to say about Lulu. I don't need to repeat myself.

Dominic: Right.

Sonny: Close the door. Okay. What I'm about to tell you does not leave this room. [Exhales] I need to know if you're able to do what's necessary, no questions asked, I don't want you to run at the mouth.

Dominic: You can trust me. Whatever you need.

Sonny: Claudia's dead, and somebody knows that shouldn't.

Dominic: Who killed her?

["Mad World" playing]

Woman: Can I get up now? 

Nikolas: Part of me does want Lucky to know because I feel like he's entitled to it. But don't tell me that you haven't had moments where you've wanted to go tell him yourself.

Elizabeth: Of course I have.

Nikolas: So all that anger and disappointment he'll feel towards me -- I deserve it, don't I? And looking me in the eye, wishing I had never been born, I deserve it.

Elizabeth: He'll hate me, too. Is that what you want? You want my life to fall apart so you can be there to pick up the pieces? So we can live up here and have sex for days while Lucky and the kids' lives are in ruins? 'Cause that's not what I want.

Nikolas: Yeah. What do you want?

Elizabeth: I want to feel for Lucky what I can't stop feeling for you.

[Nikolas sighs]

Luke: You need to have a serious conversation with Elizabeth. She's not telling you everything.

Lucky: We already have a therapist, Dad. Since when are you in the business of giving relationship advice?

Luke: Oh, God. I've been asking myself the same thing all night.

Lucky: Why can't you just be happy for me? Why do you always have to look for something that's not there?

Luke: It's there, Lucky, it's there. You refuse to see it.

Lucky: What's there?! Dad? What is it?! I'm looking!

Luke: You are so like your mother. [Chuckles] You have this illusion that love is perfect. And you're going to bet your whole heart and your soul on that illusion. And when it fails because it's human and all human things fail, you will be broken!

Lucky: I'm not going down this road again with you, Dad. I'm not going to sit here and hear about how you cheated on Mom and it's somehow her fault for loving you. We have Ethan here now as a permanent reminder of your infidelity.

Luke: You leave Ethan out of this.

Lucky: It's not Ethan's fault. I'm not blaming him for what you did. It's not the adultery that I can't forgive. I'm guilty of that, too. It's the fact that you gave up, Dad. You gave up on Mom. You quit. Just quit. You quit on love. But you know what? I'm not ready to quit. Elizabeth and I love each other. We're getting married, and that's that.

Luke: I think you're making a big mistake!

Lucky: Then it's my mistake to make. Are you hearing me? It's my life, Dad. It's my mistake to make! So you can either wish me well, or you can go off on another one of your little road trips. I don't even know if I care anymore. Just keep your doubts about me and Elizabeth to yourself. Please.

Sonny: Did I just say no questions asked?

Dominic: All right, sorry. My bad.

Sonny: It doesn't matter who killed Claudia. What matters is that the cops don't get any evidence.

Dominic: Right. I mean, if she's just a missing person, no body, no crime.

Sonny: Dominic. You went to the cabin. There was no evidence, right?

Dominic: No, nothing. Ashes, scorched earth. Has Jason seen this photo?

Sonny: Yeah, listen, Jason might be too close to this. I need someone with a different perspective.

Dominic: Fresh eye.

Sonny: I want you to find out who took that picture. Bring the information to me and no one else.

Sam: What if it was just random? What if somebody came up to the cabin by accident, snapped a photo of you, Max and Milo leaving, returning to take the body. Even if they didn't recognize you at first, they're going to figure out who you are.

Jason: Somebody could have been following Sonny's limo. They could have been following Michael's car. It doesn't even matter. We have so many enemies that anybody could have been watching and waiting for something like this to fall in their lap.

Sam: Yeah, but, Jason, my experience with blackmail tells me that this is just the start. Whoever took this photo wants you to know that they know.

[Telephone rings]


Woman on answering machine: Your agent calling. I can't tell you how pleased I'd be if you actually picked up the phone. I can't for the life of me see why you want an exhibit in upstate New York, even with Kate Howard as a sponsor. But it's all set. You open at the Proett Gallery Friday night, and I'm counting on you to be a good boy. No trouble like there was last time.


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