GH Transcript Monday 11/16/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/16/09


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Ethan: Hey, I've been looking for you.

Elizabeth: Congratulations. You found me.

Ethan: I need your help with Rebecca.

Elizabeth: Sorry. I can barely help myself right now.

Ethan: Elizabeth, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate, okay? Can you get through to Nikolas?

Nikolas: I'm sorry. That was -- I don't even know what that was. It was uncalled for. Your sex life with Elizabeth is none of my business.

Lucky: Elizabeth and I are finally reconnecting, but you're gonna have to help me out here, man. I don't understand why that pushes your buttons.

Carly: Why are you so angry with Dominic?

Jax: Because Dominic has been neglecting his responsibilities, and if he doesn't step it up soon, he'll be taken off the job.

Jason: Looking for a truce with Joey Limbo, that's a complete change of tactics.

Sonny: Is that relief I hear?

Jason: 'Cause enough people have died.

Sonny: Okay. Where are you goin' with this?

Jason: I don't wanna kill anymore.

Singer: Children waiting for the day they feel good, happy birthday, happy birthday, made to feel the way that every child should, sit and listen, sit and listen, I went to school, and I was very nervous, no one knew me, no one knew me, hello, teacher, tell me what's my lesson, look right through me, look right through me, mad world, mad world 

Elizabeth: I don't have the kind of influence you think. Nikolas does whatever he wants.

Ethan: No. He listens to you.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Ethan: Okay, he actually respects you, whereas he just pretends to respect everyone else. Now, I heard about the four of you, okay -- you, Nikolas, Lucky, Emily -- how you were attached at the hip.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, Emily's death changed all of us, especially Nikolas.

Ethan: That's why I'm worried about Rebecca.

Elizabeth: Then why don't you go talk to him and leave me out of this?

Ethan: Look, if I thought Lucky would help, I would go to him, but he and Nikolas nearly came to blows over Rebecca, okay? I really think you're the person who's best qualified --

Elizabeth: Okay, look. Nikolas doesn't listen to me or anyone else, and if Rebecca ends up getting hurt, then she only has herself to blame. She's the only one that put this whole thing in motion, the two of you and your stupid scam to trade on Emily's memory. In case you haven't noticed, Nikolas has been in a free fall ever since. I wish to God she had never showed up here. She's the worst thing that could have ever happened to him.

Lucky: Elizabeth and I are finally starting to feel like we used to for the first time since I found out she'd been with Jason and lied about Jake and our marriage imploded. I mean, we were both gun-shy. She seemed afraid to want to get close to me again, but last night, she finally reached out to me.

Nikolas: Right. Yeah, look, again I apologize. I jumped to the wrong conclusion. It's just for a minute there, it felt like you were -- I don't know -- trying to throw something in my face, I guess.

Lucky: What are you, jealous?

Nikolas: Heh. Yeah. Yeah, I kind of am a little. I mean, you and Elizabeth have that bond that I haven't been able to have with anyone since Emily died.

Lucky: Come on, man. You and Rebecca are on the right path. I was just happy that Elizabeth and I are finally getting to a place where we can trust each other again.

Nikolas: What? Did you think that you couldn't?

Lucky: She's been struggling with something. You know that. I don't even think she knows what it is. Maybe her affair with Jason. She knows I've forgiven her. We've forgiven each other. Last night, it just -- I don't know. I felt like we finally moved past it.

Nikolas: Good. Good. That's great. Listen, I'm really -- honestly, I'm happy for you, for the both of you.

Bodyguard: You can't come in.

Lulu: Where's my father?

Bodyguard: You'll have to wait.

Joey: I always knew Frank liked you better than me.

Luke: Aw, maybe, till I left his daughter at the altar and broke down the organization. Frank Smith and I didn't end well.

Joey: Well, by the time he passed, he made a lot of enemies, but I've got some good memories of those old days. You and I, we got a lot of history.

Luke: We do, Joey. You're aware that I have history with Sonny Corinthos as well, right?

Joey: I didn't realize you and Corinthos were still tight.

Luke: Well, he decided I should be the one to talk to you because I'm neutral. I see the benefit of peace between the two of you. He'd like to set up a meeting on Thursday at a mutually decided upon location.

Joey: I'll get back to you with my answer. [Clears throat] Sending you with the offer is probably the first thing Corinthos has done right. Who's this?

Luke: That's my daughter.

Joey: She's a lovely girl. You must be very proud.

Luke: I am. You don't wanna know.

Lulu: He looked like trouble.

Luke: He's not trouble. Look, Sonny needed me to talk to him, try and set up a little meeting.

Lulu: This is not the time to get back into the mob unless you wanna get busted, too.

Dominic: You know, I don't work for you. I do my job my way, and if you don't like it, well, that's not my problem.

Carly: He's right. He doesn't answer to us. He answers to Sonny. And after how he saved Morgan at the carnival and rescued Lulu from freezing water, I think he's doing his job, Jax.

Jax: Okay, I'm not arguing that. I'm just -- he's supposed to be guarding Michael and Morgan, and I haven't seen much of that lately. I'm merely pointing that out, okay? I get to do that even though he doesn't answer to me.

Dominic: Oh, I guess you're unaware, but Sonny's reassigned me, which means I no longer get to watch over the boys.

Carly: He wouldn't pull security without telling me.

Dominic: Look, they're okay. They're being watched 24/7. They're in good hands. Excuse me.

Carly: What's really goin' on? Why are you so mad, and why are you takin' it out on Dominic?

Sonny: Are you sayin' you don't wanna work for me anymore?

Jason: No, I would like to continue as your number 2, but, you know, when it comes to gettin' rid of somebody --

Sonny: You should take a trip to the island. Yeah, a vacation, that's what you need...

Jason: It's not gonna change my mind, okay? If you keep doing business the way you're doing with Joey Limbo and you figure out a way to resolve things without the violence, then nothin' has to change.

Sonny: Jason, I try to avoid war as much as I can, but I need muscle. You know that.

Jason: I'm doing this for Michael. Okay? When I saw how quickly he accepted what he did to Claudia, like it was a badge of honor or something, I'm telling you, Sonny, it scared the hell out of me.

Sonny: I understand that, but it's just he's talkin'. I told you that he's reactin' --

Jason: Maybe he's talkin'. Maybe he isn't. What Michael knows is that I kill people and I get away with it. I need to give him something better to look up to.

[Mac humming "Oh! Susanna"]

Lucky: Very smooth, Commissioner. Very smooth.

Mac: What are you talkin' about, Lucky? I'm stretchin' my knee. You know, I strained an anterior cruciate ligament or something.

Lucky: Really?

Mac: Yeah.

Lucky: Wow. Hey, I heard you kicked butt at karaoke at Maxie and Spinelli's nonwedding reception. Now that the monster's been unleashed, you're a dancing machine.

Mac: And you're beggin' for crosswalk duty. Besides, why wouldn't I be dancing? Maxie didn't marry that idiot Spinelli. My daughter's strange infatuation with the jackal will die a natural death, and she'll be done with the mob for good.

Lucky: Well, a man can dream.

Mac: You know, it would be nice if Spinelli were unemployed because Sonny and Jason were in prison for murder. How's it going with the Claudia Zacchara case? Tell me you got somethin' to put Sonny away.

Jax: I'm stressed, I'm angry, and I'm not good at hiding it.

Carly: This about me?

Jax: You know, in the last week alone, I watched you taken hostage by a crazy woman. I couldn't do a damn thing about it. I couldn't rescue you. I was worried that I might lose you and the baby. And if that wasn't bad enough, my stepson killed a woman, and I'm forced to cover it up, I've been kicked out of my bedroom, and I'm told that my marriage might fail. And every one of those events can be laid at Sonny's feet.

Carly: Why -- stop making this about Sonny. We have to focus on us.

Jax: Tell me how. How can I save my family when you constantly give over control to your ex-husband so that he can decide what's best for us?

Carly: That is not true, Jax, at all.

Jax: Sonny married the woman that shot his son, okay, not because he loves her, but because it made good business sense.

Carly: I don't understand why you're making this about Sonny?

Jax: Because he infiltrates every aspect of our lives, but not Josslyn. I'm gonna keep Sonny away from our little girl.

Joey: Corinthos made his move today. He reached out to a former acquaintance, Luke Spencer.

Anthony: Heh. I know Spencer. He is one intractable bastard. What's the offer?

Joey: Sonny and I meet on Thursday, discuss a truce.

Anthony: Where?

Joey: Undecided, a place we can both agree on.

Anthony: Sonny's figured out you and I work together. Now he'll make you an offer, try to freeze me out.

Joey: How do you wanna play it?

Anthony: All right. Call Spencer and arrange a meeting. And let him know it was his efforts that convinced you to discuss a truce with Sonny, nice and pleasant, right? Sonny's never gonna make that meeting. You're gonna have him killed on the way.

Sonny: I'm afraid for Michael, too. He's frustrated. He's angry. He's volatile. But as much as I want a change for him, I am what I've become. You know what he did? He sent Max and Milo to lean on Kristina's boyfriend, teach them a lesson.

Jason: That's the example that we set for him.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I thought that if I could talk to him, "do as I say, not as I do."

Jason: Come on, Sonny. You know that never works.

Sonny: But we gotta turn things around right now. This truce had better work...

[Knock on door]

Sonny: 'Cause last thing we want is a mob war. Come in.

Dominic: Hey. Been askin' around. Haven't turned up anything new.

Sonny: It's okay. I may have the solution through an old friend.

Luke: Lulu, there's not a day I draw breath that I couldn't be arrested for one damn thing or another.

Lulu: I know, but helping Sonny is asking for trouble.

Luke: You're hearing your mother's voice in your head, aren't you? All those stories about my misspent youth. Well, let me assure you I'm not moving into a new line of work, and I'm not moving into an old line of work. I'm just helping out a friend.

Lulu: What has Sonny done for you lately?

Luke: Look, there's nothing dangerous involved here at all. He just needed me to smooth the way.

Lulu: Why can't Jason do this?

Luke: Because Joey Limbo and I go way back, okay? And I stood a much better chance of getting him to meet with Sonny than Jason. But not -- there's no danger here, and there's no problem here. I'm not gonna be breakin' any more laws than usual.

Lulu: Ahh. Don't make jokes about this, Dad. Sonny is gonna get busted, and you're -- have you forgotten that your son is a cop? Right? And hanging out, any association with Sonny is enough to get you arrested. What if Lucky has to be the one to come in here and handcuff you and drag you off?

Luke: Nobody's draggin' me anywhere, baby.

Lulu: Please, Dad, just give this up before it's too late.

Luke: Lucky and I have been doin' this dance for years. Now, why are you suddenly determined to end it?

Lulu: I know that Sonny is an old friend of our family. He has always been great to me. But let's be honest. He killed his wife.

Luke: Hey, innocent until proven guilty. This is still America, gumdrop.

Lulu: Well, you and I were both in that room when he laid into Claudia.

Luke: Well, yeah, and I don't think it's a surprise, since he found out that she had something to do with Michael getting shot.

Lulu: But that was the first time that I saw Sonny acting like the mob boss that he is. And I don't think it's that far of a stretch to think he had something to do with Claudia's disappearance.

Luke: Okay, so let me figure this out. You've concluded that Sonny bumped his wife off, and because of that, I shouldn't try to stop a mob war?

Lulu: Look, even the smartest and the most powerful criminals eventually fall, and what if the arresting officer is somebody that I care about?

Luke: You trust me now. Lucky's got a lot more on his plate than me settin' up an appointment with Joey Limbo.

Lulu: Like what?

Luke: Well, like this thing with Elizabeth, gettin' back with her, puttin' his whole heart and soul on the line. Has he said anything -- or either one of 'em said anything to you about doubts or second thoughts?

Lulu: Ha ha ha. Since when do you care about your kids' love lives?

Lucky: It's hard to build a murder case without a body.

Mac: Doesn't mean you give up.

Lucky: Jax and Olivia Falconeri confirmed that the night Claudia kidnapped Carly, Sonny got a call around midnight from Sam McCall, who told him that she was on her way to the hospital with Carly and the baby. Then Sonny took off. The cell records back that up.

Mac: And Claudia was never seen again. Did you talk to Sam?

Lucky: Yeah. She claims that she was on her own when she found Carly.

Mac: Hmm. You think she's lyin'.

Lucky: I can tell when Sam's covering. I don't think she had anything to do with Claudia's disappearance, but she's not tellin' us everything she knows. My guess is that Sam and Jason were together and while she drove Carly to the hospital, Jason waited with Claudia for Sonny to come back, probably at the same cabin where Carly had the baby.

Mac: Then either Sonny watched Jason kill Claudia or he did it himself.

Lucky: Well, that scenario's a little cold-blooded, even for a mob boss like Sonny.

Mac: Claudia was behind Michael's shooting, all right. Then she manipulated Sonny into marrying her. Kidnapping Carly was the final straw. The Sonny we know would want revenge for all that. According to witness statements, Sonny was already on a roll the night of the party. But good luck trying to get him to confess.

Lucky: I'm trying to find a witness, anyone who saw Sonny that night.


Johnny: Thanks for meeting me, Maxie.

Maxie: Are you okay? Oh, of course you're not. You know, when Georgie died, I walked around in a fog for weeks.

Johnny: Yeah.

Maxie: I wish I could tell you that that was gonna go away.

Johnny: Thank you. Claudia and Georgie, they're light-years apart from each other. When you get a kid shot in the head, you don't exactly win friends, you know.

Maxie: Still, she was your sister, and you're allowed to grieve and miss her. Don't apologize for that.

Johnny: Thank you, Maxie, for everything that you've done through this. I won't forget it.

Maxie: At least now you kind of know what happened. You know, you don't have to walk around wondering if Claudia's still out there. I think that's why I told you about the blood on Sonny's shirt, just to give you some sort of closure.

Johnny: Yeah, about that, nobody can know about what you saw.

Carly: Hey. Think Michael got about 3 of these when he was just a baby.

Jason: Yeah. Michael loved his giraffe. That's for sure.

Carly: Things never turn out the way you plan, huh?

Jason: Well, maybe you can use a good surprise for a change.

Carly: I could. I'd love it.

Jason: Okay, well, I can't get into too much detail, but there's been an unexpected shift, and I think that it's really gonna help Michael.

Carly: That's all you're telling me? You can't tell me more? I'm so sick of secrets. Come on.

Jason: Okay, I can tell you 2 things. The first thing, Sonny is in peace talks with the rival, and we're both hopeful that it's gonna work out. And the second thing is, um, I told Sonny that someone else has to take over enforcer duties, I want to stay away from the violence.

Carly: You're doing that for Michael, aren't you?

Sonny: I'm not saying peace talks with Joey Limbo are gonna be easy, but we gotta start somewhere, and having Luke on our side is a good thing. He can convince Joey to see the obvious. If a war goes down, we all lose.

Dominic: But Joey Limbo, he's unreliable. He will turn on a dime.

Sonny: If he does, we'll deal with it.

Dominic: Hope you know by now you can trust me.

Sonny: That's a good thing, because I'm gonna have to, uh, reassign certain aspects of Jason's job.

Dominic: Which aspects?

Sonny: Here's the thing. If the peace talks don't go well, okay, you're gonna have to get your hands dirty. You understand me? And I can't have a repeat of what happened with Tommy Soto. Are we clear?

Dominic: Like a bell. You give the order, I'll make sure it gets done.

[Door opens]

Jax: I think we are way overdue for a talk about boundaries and how to limit the threat you pose to my family. I love your sweater, is that cashmere?

Elizabeth: Nikolas...

Nikolas: I'm not here to see you, okay?

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Nikolas: I'm supposed to have a board meeting, but look, anyway, I just came from Lucky. You're not the only one with a conscience, by the way.

Monica: Nikolas, Elizabeth, wow. It is very good to see both of you, especially on a day like today.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Monica: Did either one of you manage to get to Emily's grave?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I brought her flowers, and I saw the ones that you left.

Elizabeth: Me, too.

Monica: She loved you both so much. I try to remember the joy that she brought to all of us instead of just how very much I miss her.

Nikolas: Well, we miss her, too.

Monica: Well, I suppose you would like to go over the notes for the next board meeting.

Nikolas: No, actually. Actually that can wait. Today's not really a day for business for me.

Monica: Well, that'd certainly work for me. Oh, congratulations. I know that Em would be thrilled that you and Lucky found your way back to each other. She did always believe in you two. Well, excuse me.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Woman on P.A.: Environmental services, 2-7-1-4. Environmental services, call 2-7-1-4.

Lucky: City workers were clearing the roads that night after the storm. One crew saw a black town car leaving Harbor View and turning onto Adams at 12:15 in the morning, which times out with the call that Sonny got from Sam.

Mac: Did they get a plate number?

Lucky: No, but at least it's something. I'm still waitin' for a call from the maintenance guy from Kate Howard's pool. Supposedly he was handling an emergency that night. Since Kate's house is next to Sonny's, Iím thinkin' maybe he saw something.

Mac: Look, you know, it's a long shot, but if we can establish enough circumstantial evidence, put it together with all the threats Sonny's made against Claudia, we just might find the right judge to issue a warrant, all right? Just stay on it. Put enough pieces together, we'll get a completed puzzle.

[Cell phone rings]

Lucky: Detective Spencer. Oh, yeah. Thanks for callin' me back. I was told that you took care of Kate Howard's pool the night of the storm. Right. Is there any chance you remember what time you got onto the property that night? 3 a.m.? Was there anyone there to let you in? Really? That's very helpful.

Johnny: Who else knows, Maxie, that you saw Sonny with blood on his clothes the night that Claudia disappeared?

Maxie: I didn't tell anyone, okay? Well, I mean, I thought about telling Mac, but, you know, he's so desperate to break up me and Spinelli, and Spinelli works for Jason, and I figure whatever happened to Claudia, Sonny was probably involved, so it'd just be best for everyone who was concerned to just -- I just keep my mouth shut. How often do you hear me say that?

Johnny: That was a good instinct, all right? Sonny can never know you were a witness.

Maxie: Wait. Why would you say something like that? I mean, Sonny would never -- Sonny would never do anything to me. At least, I don't think he would. And Jason definitely wouldn't, because Spinelli is his best friend and most loyal employee.

Johnny: Maxie, I work with these guys. First priority for Sonny and Jason is to protect their own asses. You can tie them to Claudia's murder. That makes you a threat.

Maxie: I think that you're overreacting.

Johnny: Sonny and Jason will do anything and everything they can to stay out of prison. Don't put yourself in a position where they have to get rid of you.

Jason: I don't want Michael following my example.

Carly: Okay, Michael didn't mean to kill Claudia. I was there, Jason. That kid was scared to death.

Jason: I understand, but I am respected for what I do, so Michael thinks that killing is worthy of respect.

Carly: But you do what you do out of loyalty to Sonny.

Jason: Listen to you. You always justify the violence because you care about me.

Carly: Well, I'm selfish that way. I can't help it. You've saved me and mine so many times that I'm grateful, and I don't really care how it happened.

Jason: But when you make excuses for me, you give Michael the idea that what I do is okay, and it's not okay, Carly.

Carly: Stop. Why are you putting all the blame on your shoulders?

Jason: I feel like I'm the only one who's troubled about Michael not seeming to care that he killed Claudia at all.

Carly: I'm troubled. I am scared to death for Michael. And you know what? If you could turn things around by leaving the business or taking some vow to be a pacifist, I would be cheering you on, but that's not gonna happen. Michael's making his own decisions, and he's emulating Sonny, and we both know Sonny's not gonna change.

Jason: But I -- I wanna be someone that Michael looks up to. I don't want him to think I'm special just because my hand doesn't shake when I shoot somebody.

Carly: Oh, I love you so much, and I think what you're doing for Michael is beautiful. I do. My God, I don't want you to risk your own life.

Sonny: You know, you used to be discreet, Jax. I don't know what happened, but...

Jax: Kindly remove your goons from my property, or I will remove them myself.

Sonny: My boys need to be protected. How many times do I gotta tell you that?

Jax: Okay, no-necks in dark suits attract attention to my house, okay...

Sonny: Enough. Enough.

Jax: Puts my family in danger.

Sonny: Nothing you say will make me compromise Michael and Morgan's safety.

Jax: Oh, is that what you told yourself when you drove Michael to kill your wife?

Sonny: Ouch. You know that's not what happened.

Jax: You know, you seem to think that I have less at stake because I'm only Michael's stepfather, but I'll be damned if I will let you harm any children that live under my roof.

Sonny: You've been threatenin' me for years, and I'm still standing and so are you. You know why? 'Cause of your wife. You should thank her. That's the only reason I've tolerated you.

Jax: Well, my tolerance for you has come to an end. Keep your distance from my family.

[Slams door]

Edward: Oh. Oh, hello, Rebecca. Come in. Here. Sit down. I've just been looking at some pictures of Emily. You know what today is.

Rebecca: The anniversary of Emily's death. I thought you might wanna be alone.

Edward: No. No, I'm tired of grieving. So how are you doing?

Rebecca: I'm sad that I never got a chance to know her, and I'm sad for the loss that you all feel.

Edward: You missed the chance to know Emily the way the rest of us did, but if it helps, having you is a real comfort.

Rebecca: Well, you never make me feel like I have to apologize for being the twin that lived.

Edward: There's no reason for you to apologize about anything, and if that scoundrel Nikolas --

Rebecca: No, Nikolas is wonderful. It's Elizabeth Webber. She hates me. And I know I shouldn't care, but Nikolas is so close to her.

Edward: Well, they were all really inseparable when they were teenagers.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah. So I've heard about a million times. The Four Musketeers. And now Emily's gone, and somehow in Elizabeth's mind, it's my fault.

Edward: Hmm. Well, as much as it pains me to do anything nice for a Cassadine, I may have a solution for you. Hmm?

Jason: I've spoken to Sonny about my decision.

Carly: You realize if you try to do this for Michael, you could be putting you and Sonny in a lot of danger.

Jason: Okay, let's just go with if this truce goes through, there's that much less to worry about right now.

Carly: And if it doesn't go through?

Jason: I'm gonna need to figure something out.

Carly: Please don't ignore the good that you've done. If it weren't for you, I might have lost my chance to be Michael's mother. I mean, you were everything to him, and even after Sonny took Michael as his own, it was your love and your patience that gave Michael a lot of his best qualities. And you've been so special to Morgan. I mean, don't underestimate what you've done for my kids and how you've helped them. Please.

[Josslyn fusses]

Carly: I think Josslyn wants her Uncle Jason. Hey.

Jason: Carly.

Carly: You know what? Come here. I have messed up plenty, and I have made tons of mistakes, but you are not one of them.

[Josslyn cooing]

[Carly laughs]

Anthony: Two visits in the same month. To what do I owe this honor?

Johnny: I don't want you to avenge Claudia's death.

Anthony: I would think you'd be pleased that I was finally stepping up as Claudia's father.

Johnny: I'm warning you. You launch an attack on Sonny's business or his people, I will take Sonny's side.

Anthony: Give me a minute to remove the knife from my heart.

Johnny: This isn't an idle threat. Ignore what I'm saying, and you'll never see me again.

Anthony: You know, even I was a little surprised at how angry and full of grief I was when I heard about your sister. And then after the first wave of grief passed, I realized that there's nothing to be gained from revenge. Claudia brought her own death down on herself. And now it's over.

Johnny: And what about Sonny?

Anthony: I despise that man, but this is the nature of the business we're in. If ignoring Sonny means I can keep my son, then live and let live.

Sonny: How'd it go with Joey Limbo?

Luke: Well, it was like old times, except with less hair. I just got a call from him, and he tells me that he is interested in a meeting. He thinks that mutual coexistence is a good idea. So now all we need to do is agree on a location.

Sonny: Fanta -- I'll get back to you. I can't thank you enough, Luke.

Luke: Hey, all you gotta do is show up here and drop 5 figures at one of my tables. That'll be thanks enough.

Sonny: All right.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Come in.

Lulu: Hi.

Sonny: I was just talkin' to your father.

Lulu: Oh. Really? That's why I'm here to talk to you, about my dad.

Sonny: What's on your mind?

Lulu: I was at the Haunted Star, and I saw him with this guy.

Sonny: Oh, don't worry. Don't worry about that. You don't have to get involved in that.

Lulu: He told me that he was doing some business for you. You know, I can't remember a time that you and my father weren't friends, and I've been thinking about all the things that you've done for me over the years, and I owe you, Sonny.

Rebecca: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. I'm sure Edward has Alice on standby to throw me out.

Rebecca: No. Edward just wants to throw an engagement dinner for Lucky and Elizabeth. Nothing big, just the Quartermaines, Luke, Lulu, Ethan, Lucky, Elizabeth, and us, of course.

Nikolas: No. That's impossible.

Elizabeth: I can't imagine what's so important you couldn't tell me over the phone.

Luke: Take a seat, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Ah, that serious, huh?

Luke: Look, you know how much I hate to butt in to other people's business. I don't judge, and I did my best not to try to impose my sense of what's right and wrong on others, and I'm infamous for taking a bail whenever my parental muscles needed to be flexed. I have been hit and miss with my kids, none more than Lucky.

Elizabeth: Well, he doesn't always show it, and you know he loves you as much as he ever has.

Luke: He gets his heart from his mother. His love is solid and unswerving, even in the face of disappointment. That's how he loves you, Elizabeth. I'm very grateful for the way that you've helped him hold on to his sanity through the years, but right now, I know you're lying to him. Your involvement with Nikolas is gonna be painful to him, and I think he should hear about it from you.

Maxie: Were you waiting long? I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to get away at all. Kate is sponsoring the first American show of this major, major artist, and she wants me to be in charge of all the arrangements, but when you asked me to meet you, I figured it was probably important, so I thought I would get down here. Is it about Lulu? Good instincts, because Dominic -- whoo -- all wrong for her. I mean, yeah, he's cute and sexy, but Lulu seems to think he's irresistible.

Lucky: Yeah, I wasn't worried, but thanks for that. I called about a case I'm on, wanted to meet here 'cause I didn't want Mac to get all worked up, especially if there's nothin' to worry about.

Maxie: Oh. Fun. Yeah, I've always wanted to be a person of interest.

Lucky: The guy that services Kate Howard's pool told me that you met with him outside her gate at 3:30 in the morning on November 5, so I'm wondering who else you saw that night.

Maxie: Like who?

Lucky: Like Sonny. Any chance you saw him coming or going the night his wife vanished?

Lulu: It's hard to know what to do. I'd like to believe it's possible that loyalty to one person doesn't necessarily mean betrayal to another, but the truth is I'm, you know, close to a police officer.

Milo: Sorry, Pirelli. The boss has company.

Lulu: This person has his heart in the right place, and it's not personal against you. It's not a vendetta. He just wants to do his job the best that he can.

Sonny: Are you tellin' me I'm about to get busted?

Dominic: Who's Sonny with?

Milo: Just Lulu Spencer.

Dominic: Ah, then he won't mind if I interrupt.

Lulu: I need to know what you would do if you found out a cop was gathering evidence against you.

Jason: Hello.

["Mad World" instrumental playing]

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