GH Transcript Thursday 11/12/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/12/09


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Elizabeth: I don't believe this.

Lucky: What are the odds?

Nikolas: Wow. Hi. Um, well, heh. Mind if we join you?

Alexis: Oh! Heh! Uh, sorry. I thought Sonny was in here, and he's not. So, um, I didn't know you were busy--which is the wrong word, so I'll just say that you were unavailable, even though you're kind of available. I think I'm just gonna go now.

[Doorknob clicks]

Alexis: It's locked.

Sam: Uh--uh, I'll help you with that.

Alexis: No, that's all right. I got it. [Straining] Just take a second. And listen, you know, I have no judgment at all on either one of you. It's just-- you might want to consider locking someone so they can't get in, rather than locking them inside the door. Oh! I got it. I think I just heard a So, uh, you guys just go on about your business and pretend that I'm not here. [Sighs]

Lulu: I'd say I caught you holding the bag, but, uh, it wouldn't be very funny.

Dominic: Well, you know, that depends on your definition of "funny." I'm sure some people would find it hilarious.

Ronnie: Well, no wonder you were trying to get rid of me-- obviously too busy to take out your trash. Be careful with this one. He'll break your heart.

Sonny: What are you doing here? How come you're not in the hospital? How's the baby?

Carly: She's perfect. Thanks for asking.

Sonny: How come you're not letting people take care of you? Who let you out of the hospital?

Carly: Nobody let me out.

Sonny: Okay, you checked yourself out.

Carly: Look. I'm fine, but Michael's in trouble, and I want him to come home with me tonight.

Sonny: I don't think that's a good idea. 

Dominic: Uh, what is with you? I mean, showing up here at Sonny's place?

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dominic: People are gonna notice.

Lulu: Your partner seems nervous. I bet he's pushing you to make the bust.

Dominic: Yeah, Lulu, you need to back off--

Lulu: You're sending those ashes from Sonny's house to forensics. And don't deny it, because I saw you with the bag at Sonny's house. And now your partner's gonna take it to someone at NYPD, and they're gonna sift through it to find evidence. So, what evidence are they looking for?

Dominic: We can't talk about this.

Lulu: Well, we're gonna talk about this, because I'm not gonna stand around and just watch while you build a case against Sonny.

Carly: The night Claudia died, everything happened so fast. By the time the baby and I were safe, that cover-up solved all the immediate problems, but we really didn't think it through.

Sonny: I did. I made the decisions I had to to protect Michael.

Carly: And you think you're protecting Michael?

Sonny: He's not in jail. He's not questioned by the cops. I'm gonna help him get past this. I don't want him dragging this around for the rest of his life.

Carly: I know, but we have to think about this another way, you know? When Claudia got killed, she was trying to steal my baby. Michael wasn't trying to kill her. It was an accident. It was a brave kid protecting his family. That's it.

Sonny: He shouldn't have to suffer for that.

Carly: But what about his guilt? Or his anger?

Sonny: Okay, I've been where he is. I'm gonna talk to him about it.

Carly: Okay. But I know the evidence has been destroyed, but just maybe he could get justifiable homicide or self-defense if we talk to someone

Sonny: If Michael cops to this, he's a target. Things are tense right now. Anthony's people will try to take him out. I'm not gonna let that happen!

Carly: All right.

Sonny: Deep down inside, Michael doesn't think he did anything wrong.

Carly: That's--he's just telling us what we want to hear. You know that's lie. That's how he's dealing with his guilt. He's telling himself that Claudia deserved it!

Sonny: She did. I'm not saying killing anyone is right, and I wish somebody else had done it. But Claudia's life was over the instant she got Michael shot.

Carly: Claudia has hurt that kid enough. Don't let the way she died convince him that he only is good for a life in the mob, Sonny.

Sonny: I'm not gonna let him in the business. You know that. He knows that--

Carly: I know you would feel that way, and you're telling me that, and you're just trying to protect him. But you said yourself when you got started, it was so early that by the time you wanted to get out, it was too late. You had no other choices. And I don't want that to happen to Michael.

Sonny: I don't want that, either.

Carly: Then he needs to come home with me. Hell, I can give him somewhat of a normal life. I can make sure he knows he has other options.

Sonny: I'm not saying I never want him moving back in with you. But I've been where he is. I can help him. After what Michael's been through, he needs his father more than ever.

Sam: Something's definitely wrong with this latch.

Alexis: Okay, maybe I--I shut the door too hard.

Jason: There's another door right there.

Alexis: I just want you to know that I'm not policing you. I'm not trying to be nosy. And if I ever have been, I don't mean to be. I just can't help it. So, I mean, if you want to have a relationship with Jason, then have at it--

Sam: This thing's gotta be at least 70 years old.

Jason: There's another door right there.

Alexis: Not going to pressure you in any way or insinuate anything. I mean, God knows-- [Chuckling] If I had known what was going on in here, I never would have come in.

Sam: Almost got it.

Alexis: So, anyway, just so you know that whatever happens in here stays in here, because it's not anybody's business, certainly not my business--

Sam: Aha!

Alexis: Yay! Ha ha ha!

Sam: Got it! [Sighs]

Alexis: Thank God.

Sam: Got it.

Alexis: Okay. Well... that was really uncomfortable.

Sam: Mm-hmm. [Sighs] [Closes door] How bad did that look?

Jason: [Chuckles] Uh, you know, we thought that we were...alone.

Sam: Right. Why can't we just admit that we're in a... relationship?

Nikolas: So, we'll have the La Salle, 3 glasses, and a bottle of sparkling water for my brother here.

Lucky: Yeah--I don't need a whole...bottle.

Nikolas: Why not? We're together. Let's-- let's celebrate.

Lucky: Look, I know I'm a pretty big advocate of the family, but this is supposed to be a dinner for two.

Nikolas: Uh...we intruding?

Rebecca: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. I didn't even notice.

Lucky: Do I need to explain this?

Nikolas: No. No, no. In all seriousness, when the two of you decided that Emily and I should get married, you were merciless, remember? Constantly trying to push us together? Always barging into our private moments? You remember that?

Lucky: This is payback?

Nikolas: No, no, no. Think of it as, uh, as a reminder to all of us to...celebrate finding the right person.

Lucky: Don't take this the wrong way, but this is our celebration, not yours.

Rebecca: Okay. So, uh, what if Nikolas and I were witnesses, um...just make sure it's official when you actually put the ring on Elizabeth's finger?

Lucky: You're a peacemaker, aren't you?

Rebecca: Heh.

Lucky: [Sighs] What do you think, Elizabeth? Should we give 'em the boot or let 'em stay? It's up to you.

Elizabeth: It's fine. You can stay. I want everyone to see how happy we're gonna be and how much we love each other.

Elizabeth: I'm glad Rebecca and Nikolas just happened to be here tonight. It's the perfect opportunity to show them how real love works and how it can survive almost anything... as long as we believe in each other.

Lucky: All right. If I have to do this in front of you guys, then...that's the way it is. [Breathes deeply] Elizabeth... I love you. I always have... even when things seemed hopeless. But in my heart, I never gave up on us. And I know that you didn't, too. Being in love with you now is-- is different in some ways than when we were kids. It's... Not about sneaking away to a boxcar, hiding under the docks, or dreaming about a life in New York City. It's 2 people who are better together than apart. It's knowing that we were made for each other... to be together forever. I'm honored that you're willing and brave enough... to wear this ring and to spend the rest of your life with me.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I have loved you for most of my life. And I always will. And I am honored that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. It's taken us a long time to get to where we are. But you are the only man that I want...the only man I will ever share my life with.

Rebecca: Your timing was perfect after all. [Chuckles]

Nikolas: Absolutely. Okay. Well, to Elizabeth. To your fire and your beauty and intelligence. To Lucky, who never gave up on love and who will always follow his heart. And to the both of you, for always wishing happiness on me. So, I now wish that same happiness on you as you, once again, begin your lives together.

Elizabeth: Heh. [Sniffling] Cheers.

Nikolas: Cheers.

Carly: You know, I don't want to have to remind you, but legally, I could go upstairs, and I could take Michael home if I wanted to.

Sonny: You brought me back in their lives 'cause they needed me.

Carly: They do. And I know you need them, and I would never do that to you again.

Sonny: You know what? You need to discuss this with your husband, because he went off about the custody the night that Claudia grabbed you and I wanted to take the boys home with me.

Carly: You wanted to take the boys home with you?

Sonny: Because I felt they... needed their father and not Jax. So, Jax and I had an argument. And he brought up the custody card right in front of the boys. So, I left against my better judgment. That's why Michael got in the car, he went into the storm, 'cause he was upset about the argument. So, none of this would have happened if Jax had just let me take the boys with me. But, you know... look. Michael killed Claudia. That's my responsibility, not Jax's. He's just, you know, he's just trying to take my place.

Carly: He's--he's not trying to take your place.

Sonny: Well, you see, he can't love the much as I do. Okay? And that's just the way that goes.

Carly: We're getting off track.

Sonny: No. I'm just--look. Michael--we have a connection. And it's not gonna be broken, no matter what happens. And he can't take that away from me.

Carly: Okay. I know. But right now, I'm trying to break the cycle of violence that Michael has seen since he was a little boy. Hell, no wonder why he thinks the only life for him is a life in the mob.

Sonny: I told you, that's not gonna happen.

Carly: I don't understand how you're going to prevent it if he stays here.

Sonny: I don't even know why we're even having this conversation right now. Let's just stop.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: You got a baby girl at home. You know what? Come on. You just went through a terrible experience that would have probably killed anybody else. And just--look. Go home. Be with your little girl. Love her. I will get Michael through this.

Carly: I know your intentions are there. I am just really worried about--

Sonny: Okay. Listen. You love-- you love Michael.

Carly: Yeah. [Sniffling]

Sonny: He loves you more than anything. Sometimes, you gotta do what you think is best. And that's what I gotta do as a father.

Dominic: So, why did you show up at Sonny's house today? I mean, I've been working there for months, and I've never seen you around. I mean, were you thinking about telling him the truth about me or--

Lulu: Uhh...was I gonna tell one of my dad's closest friends that Dominic Pirelli is really Dante Falconeri, NYPD? He's been undercover for months? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm trying to figure this out.

Dominic: This isn't a game, Lulu. If you give me up to Sonny, I'm a dead man.

Lulu: No, I'm--I'm not so sure about that.

Dominic: Okay, think about it this way. I'm not the only one who's at risk here. My mother has been covering for me since the day I got to Port Charles.

Lulu: Now you've gone from a warning to overkill, because even if I did believe that Sonny would kill you, there is no way under any circumstances that he would ever hurt Olivia.

[Dominic sighs]

Sam: The way we're acting makes absolutely no sense. I had to make up a totally transparent excuse to come over and see you. Wh-why do I need an excuse? Who are we hiding from? It's not like we're married or committed to anyone else, and it's not like you're gonna lose your job if you're here with me, and I'm not gonna lose my job if I happen to be with you.

Jason: Sam...

Sam: I just don't understand why we have--

Jason: I want to be with you.

[Sam sighs]

Jason: Okay? I just don't wanna... assume anything or expect, you know, more than you can give me.

Sam: Okay. Well, I just keep thinking about having to talk about the past, and I don't want to go there.

Jason: [Sighs] Then we're not gonna go there.

Sam: Good. 'Cause I want to just stay the present.

Jason: Sounds good. [Cell phone rings] [Ring] It's Carly.


Sam: No, no, no. Go. Answer it. [Whispering] Answer it.


Jason: Carly, are you all right?

Carly: Sonny doesn't want Michael coming home. You've got to talk to him. Please.

Jason: I'm not sure that's gonna do any good.

Carly: Oh, it has to, Jason. It has to. You have to get through to Sonny.

Jason: Okay, I'll try.

Sam: Go. Come on. She needs you.

Jason: Yeah, but I--

Sam: But what? Nothing.

Jason: Are you gonna be here? Are you gonna be around?

Sam: Come on. You know where my apartment is. Just come there.

Jason: I'd like that.

Sam: Me, too.

Lulu: Sonny trusts Dominic Pirelli. He depends on you. You guard his children. In Sonny's book, that is a huge compliment. But Officer Dante Falconeri is betraying him. You are lying to his face. You are gathering evidence from his house that could put him in prison. If I know all of this and I don't warn him, then I'm betraying him as much as you are.

Dominic: Okay. What about all the people Sonny's betrayed over the years? He's responsible for all kinds of violence. He's made Port Charles a really dangerous place to live. Every time he orders a hit or has anything to do with any kind of violent act, he's betraying all of us by flaunting the system that's supposed to keep us safe.

Lulu: But the system can work both ways. And I was brought up not to trust it. And Sonny has done a lot of good for Port Charles. He bought a whole wing of the hospital for AIDS patients to be treated with or without insurance. He's donated millions of dollars to the head trauma unit that Carly started. He's done a lot of good for a lot of people over the years.

Dominic: Okay, and where does the money come from for all these good deeds? From smuggling, extortion, and murder.

Lulu: All I know is what I see. And...Sonny is a good man. He doesn't deserve what you're doing to him.

Dominic: Okay. I mean, if that's the way you're gonna play it, my life expectancy just got a hell of a lot shorter. Um, so, there's one thing I'd like to do with you before I die.

Jax: Hi.

Carly: Ohh. I don't have it in me to fight with you. I told you I didn't want you here.

Jax: Well, I don't want to be separated from our daughter. So...

Carly: It's totally different when it's your kid, isn't it?

Jax: Oh, come on, Carly. You know that it was never my intention to put Michael at risk.

Carly: I am so sick of intentions. I don't--I don't really care about intentions anymore, because Michael didn't intend to kill Claudia, but he did. And Claudia, well, she didn't intend to shoot Michael and put him in a coma for a year, but she did. Oh, and Sonny--Sonny has really good intentions. See, he intends to take care of Michael, but instead, he's messing everything up, and he won't listen to me any more than you will. So, so much for intentions.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Carly call?

Jason: Yeah. I would have come out here, anyway.

Sonny: I'm not giving up my son.

Jason: Sonny, I'm afraid for Michael, more than I've ever been.

Sonny: Okay. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do to protect my son... like I should have the night he got shot, like I should have when I threw that party and called Claudia out in front of all those people. I should have forced him to come home with me, but that's the past. We can't do anything about that. I can only help him right now. And I can help him come to terms with what's going on so he can get on with his life.

Jason: I can get that. And Michael is very lucky to have a father like you who understands what he's going through. But anything you do is just gonna prove to him how powerful you are and how well you understand this kind of situation.

Sonny: Then what's the problem?

Jason: Well, because he's gonna want to be like you. He'll admire you even more than he does right now, and that's gonna make him more determined to follow in your footsteps.

Sonny: How many times do I gotta say this? I'm not gonna allow Michael into the business. He'll finish high school and go to college. I'll pay for whatever school, whatever training he wants. He can be whatever he wants to be--a lawyer, pilot, CEO of a big company. It doesn't matter to me, as long as it's legit and it's safe. But first, he has to put what happened with Claudia behind him. I can show him how to do that.

Jason: Okay, but Michael says he doesn't feel guilty about killing her at all.

Sonny: You know what that's about--on some level, he does. It just hasn't hit him yet.

Jason: Sonny, we've isolated this kid. We're the only ones he can talk to about what happened.

Sonny: That's the way it should be!

Jason: No. It shouldn't be that way, because we're setting ourselves up to be examples for him. I don't want Michael to be like me. I don't want Michael to be like you.

Sonny: Well, what are we supposed to do? Michael's a kid. You know what? He's gonna get a perspective. This is--

Jason: He keeps saying that Claudia got what she deserved, with no remorse.

Sonny: That's just talk. He's trying to make himself feel better--you know, like a tough guy saying, "Hey, you know, I'm not scared. Whatever." You don't know what that's about. I do. I know what my son is going through, and I'm gonna help him through this.

Jax: Last thing I want is to be like Sonny. I don't want to make your life more difficult. I should have told you about the DVD the moment it arrived.

Carly: But you didn't.

Jax: [Sighs] Look. I want what's best for Michael and Morgan and for Josslyn, all three of them--

Carly: Wanting what's best for them and providing it are 2 totally different things. Sonny genuinely wants what's best for Michael, but he's too messed up to see what Michael really needs.

Jax: Michael needs a stable home with 2 parents who love each other, and we can give him that, Carly.

Carly: You sure about that? Jax, you just proved to me that you're willing to lie and keep secrets, as long as it's justified in your mind.

Jax: I was wrong, okay? I'm sorry. We've already...missed a day that we should have been spending with our daughter. I hope that Michael comes home, and I hope that we can all get back to how it was before. You know? But if we can't, I just want you to know that I'm on your side, okay? No matter what happens. I love you. I love you very much. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Lulu: If you look up "mob front" in the dictionary, you'll see this place.

Dominic: The food is outstanding, though.

Lulu: Why did you bring me here? Are you trying to impress me with how brave you are? Because Sonny's office is right there. I could walk right in and tell him the truth, and then you wouldn't make it out of here.

Dominic: Well, you could. But, uh, you know what? They have this appetizer with fresh anchovies. It's life-transforming. And then we'd miss it.

Lulu: Maybe you're just trying to guilt me into keeping my mouth shut.

Dominic: And maybe I wanted to have some of the best Italian food this side of New York City. And if it's gonna be my last meal, I might as well enjoy it, right?

Lulu: Oh, my God. You are so dramatic.

Dominic: No, I mean it. I know the menu. I will handle all the ordering.

Lulu: I don't let guys order for me.

Dominic: Well, then suit yourself. I'm gonna have one of the household specialties. It's gonna be wonderful. And, uh, I'm not gonna share it with you.

Nikolas: Hi. I thought I'd check my messages and--

Elizabeth: How could you?

Nikolas: What?

Elizabeth: How could you deliberately ruin a special evening between me and Lucky? You know we were gonna be at that restaurant, because I told you. And don't act like you didn't see the ring on the table. It was sitting right there.

Nikolas: I--

Elizabeth: Obviously, we were in the middle of a very private, intimate conversation, and you just barged right in.

Nikolas: I was just trying to help--

Elizabeth: No, I think you were annoyed because Lucky wanted to take me to have a nice, romantic dinner, and you just wanted to spoil it.

Nikolas: I was just trying to relieve the pressure between us,

Elizabeth: By showing up when I've asked you to stay away.

Nikolas: Yes. I care about you. Elizabeth

Nikolas: I'm sure that I did. I'm sure it was difficult for you to sit there [some words missing]

Elizabeth: Don't you dare tell me how I feel

Elizabeth: Did you even listen to anything I said to Lucky tonight at dinner? Or did you just assume that I was lying? You know that I have loved him since I was a teenager. And yes, we have changed a lot over the years, but we never stopped loving each other, and we never will.

Nikolas: Okay, fine. Where does that leave me?

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. I can't believe you're even asking me that. I keep telling myself that this is about Emily and that you're still grieving and that--

Nikolas: No.

Elizabeth: You're doing things that you would have never even considered if she were still alive.

Nikolas: You're not answering my question.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, you're supposed to be my best friend, my brother-in-law. Having sex with you was the most self-destructive, stupid thing I could have ever done. It has undercut every good part of my life. It has taken all the joy away from me and Lucky getting back together. I couldn't even be with him tonight. I asked him to drop me off here so I could think, knowing that I was gonna call you. And he's wondering right now why I'm pushing him away, probably blaming himself for what's happening. What we're doing is wrong. And I should probably hate you right now for this.

Nikolas: But you don't hate me.

Elizabeth: Because I know that this is about Emily, and she would be so appalled if she knew what we were doing.

Nikolas: Well, what the hell are we doing, Elizabeth? Why are we trashing our lives to be together? I'll tell you. Because we can't deny what we're feeling anymore.

Elizabeth: You don't know what I'm feeling.

Nikolas: Just...stop. Stop it, please. We just started admitting what's happening between us, no matter how painful and inconvenient it is for you.

Elizabeth: Just stay away--

Nikolas: I don't understand--

Elizabeth: Get out! Just get out.

Nikolas: OK. Okay. I'm... I'm sorry for showing up at the restaurant tonight. And I won't chase you anymore, I promise. And I'll try not to show up... where I'm not expected. Look at me. But if you want me, you know where I am.

Sonny: Anthony's gonna make a move probably very soon. He's gonna use Claudia's death as an excuse.

Jason: That's another reason that Michael's better off at Carly's.

Sonny: Michael's gonna feel that...killing Claudia triggered the war, when it's been brewing for a long time.

Jason: Okay. Sonny, you do understand if you talk to Michael about things like this, he's gonna feel more a part of this business, right?

Sonny: Seriously, I can't walk away from my son.

Jason: No one's asking you to walk away from your son.

Sonny: Well, I can't tell him where to live, 'cause he keeps coming back here.

Jason: If Michael stays here, he's never gonna have the life that you worked so hard to give him. He's got better options at Carly's.

Sonny: I don't want him to feel like I'm turning my back on him.

Jason: Sonny...he knows how much you love him. He listens to you. He respects you. That's why you need to be the one to tell him to leave.

Sonny: No father should ever have to tell his son to leave.

Jason: A good father... puts his kids first. He does what's right for them, what's better for them. And I know you're a good father.

Jax: You know, we're wasting precious time. The first few days of our daughter's life is her chance to really bond with us. I don't want to miss that time. I mean, we'll never get it back.

Carly: She needs you as much as she needs me. And Morgan doesn't want you to go. So, if you want to stay, I won't fight you. But you have to sleep in the guest room.

Jax: If that's the compromise, I'll take it. Okay? For now.

Carly: Don't assume this is all gonna work out, Jax, because I'm not sure.

Jax: I nearly lost you. But now here we are. You and our daughter are safe, and I'm grateful for that. We can build on that.

 [Cell phone rings]


[Carly sighs]


Carly: What's up, Sonny?

Sonny: You can come pick up Michael.


[Piano playing]

Lulu: Wow. Maybe... it was actually a good thing to let you order.

Dominic: Thank you.

Lulu: This, whatever it is, is really, really good.

Dominic: Mmm. It's amazing what a good, Italian cook can do with offal.

Lulu: Mmm. What is offal?

Dominic: Mmm, cow brains, mostly. Heh. I'm just kidding.

Lulu: [Muffled] No, you're not.

Dominic: It's eggplant marinated in lemons and capers for a couple of days, then grilled and tossed in some fresh pasta.

Lulu: Are you sure?

Dominic: Yeah.

[Both chuckle]

Dominic: Everyone in my family knows how to cook. It was how we lived. I didn't really appreciate it, though, when I was a kid. I remember I was supposed to be peeling garlic, and I'd sneak down the fire escape and play a quick game of stickball.

Lulu: Heh. I could see you doing that. Then again, it could be a sweet story designed to keep my mouth shut.

Dominic: I would never lie to you about something so sacred as stickball.

Lulu: Really? 'Cause if you could lie to Sonny and Morgan and all the other people in the organization, people who put their lives on the line for you, who depend on you to keep them safe, why should I believe a word out of your mouth?

Lucky: You've got my heart. That's a permanent lock. Everything I am is in love with you... my soul, my mind, my body, my spirit. That will never change. I pledge myself to you, Elizabeth, today... forever.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: OH.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: You okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Come in.

Lucky: Just so you know, uh, tonight didn't turn out like I had planned.

Elizabeth: Heh. Wow. Where did you find flowers at this hour?

Lucky: Oh, the...that little store on the corner. It's still open late, so...

Elizabeth: Ohh. They're beautiful. Thank you.

Lucky: Well, not half as beautiful as you. Elizabeth, I'm worried about you. You were--you were gonna tell me why you've been so upset lately when Nikolas and Rebecca showed up at the restaurant. What is it? What were you gonna tell me?

Jax: Daddy's waited a long time for this, Josslyn-- finally bring you home. I'm glad that your mommy didn't fight me on this, you know, that she didn't keep me away from you. Heh heh heh. But I'm afraid that the real fighting is yet to come. You see, mommy's ex-husband is a very dangerous man. And people that get too close to him get hurt. Yeah. That's right. [Sighs] But Dominic... that's a child that Sonny doesn't even know he has-- is gonna put him behind bars. Then it'll be better for everyone. Yeah.

Sonny: Okay, here's the deal. You're my son. Right? Um, that bond will never be broken. You'll always carry my name. But what I want you to know is that you will never follow me into my business. And I'm not gonna allow you to live the kind of life that I do. So, that's why you're gonna be staying with your mom.

Michael: [Sighs] Look, I get that you're all worried about me and that you all think that you know what's best for me. But, um... All right. I'll live wherever you tell me to, for now.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Michael: That's just out of respect for you and for mom.

Sonny: That's a good way of thinking.

Michael: Fine. But you all need to understand that you can't decide how I live my life for much longer. You know? The time is coming soon where I'll be making all of my own choices. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

[Door opens and closes]

Sonny: God, help him. [Door closes] Michael sounds just like me.

Lulu: So, when we got back from the Markham Islands, my dad was grateful for me rescuing him, I think. I mean, it was fun, anyway.

Dominic: Slashing through the jungle, fighting off bounty hunters?

Lulu: I don't know. I feel closest with my dad when we're on some crazy adventure. We even had snake for breakfast.

[Dominic chokes and coughs]

Lulu: Yep. There you go. Now we're even.

Dominic: Well, they don't have snake here, but they have osso bucco, and it's wonderful. So is the Alfredo and anything-- it's really old school. We should, uh, come back again and try it sometime.

Lulu: Mmm. If you're alive, right? This is where, um, you're supposed to convince me that I shouldn't give you up to Sonny.

Dominic: Actually, this is where I'm gonna tell you to... [Pours wine] Try the cannoli. It's the best dessert in town.

[Door opens]

Nikolas: HI. Uh, I'm really... [Door closes] Sorry I'm late. The meeting took longer than I expected.

Rebecca: Mmm. Oh, that's all right. You're here now.

Nikolas: You know, I hope you didn't get too bored waiting up here all this time.

Rebecca: No, actually, it was nice just to have a chance to settle down and...think.

Nikolas: Oh. May I ask what you were thinking about?

Rebecca: Um... did Elizabeth seem a little off tonight? I mean, I don't know her very well, but she didn't seem nearly as happy as I'd expect her to be. I mean, she was just reunited with the love of her life, and he gave her a gorgeous ring and wants to spend the rest of his life with--

Nikolas: Mmm. I don't want to talk about Lucky and Elizabeth anymore. I just want to be with you.

[Both sighing]

Elizabeth: These roses are perfect. Maybe I'll do a painting of them to honor the occasion.

Lucky: You're avoiding the question.

Elizabeth: I know.

Lucky: I gave you an engagement ring tonight, and... you didn't quite react the way I'd hoped. I don't want to start out this way, Elizabeth. Please... tell me what's wrong.

Elizabeth: I'm wrong, Lucky. I have failed you so many times, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry... it's taken me this long to get to where you trust what you've known all along... that we do belong together.

Woman: Believe in love some of these thoughts don't add up to ashen moon black and white wishing right now to erase them and start again see, I need you I need us and to believe in love I need truth and not just the hard answer I need to I need to tell you things I'm afraid to

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