GH Transcript Tuesday 11/3/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/3/09


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Johnny: Lulu, are you hurt?

Lulu: No. I mean, I don't think anything is broken. I think my leg is bent.

Dominic: Okay, we're coming down.

Lulu: Oh! I didn't see the well, I just--

Dominic: Where, where?

Lulu: This leg!

Dominic: Right here?

Lulu: Yeah.

Dominic: Help me out with this, man. Over here.

Lulu: No! I can't feel my leg. I can't. [Gasping]

Johnny: This isn't helping. I need leverage.

Lulu: It's freezing in here. So what's plan B?

Johnny: I don't know, but we better think fast.

Jax: Carly would want the boys to stay here.

Sonny: Don't speak for Carly.

Jax: This is their home, Sonny.

Sonny: And I'm their father. Come on, kids. Let's go.

Carly: Oh, God, no. Oh, God. No!

Claudia: Let me help you with the baby.

Carly: No, you get the hell away from me!


Dominic: How about now? Can you squeeze your leg out?

Lulu: No, no, it hurts. Ow!

Johnny: Lift up.

[Lulu groaning]


Dominic: You need to get a rescue team with proper equipment to help. I'll stay here with Lulu.

Johnny: No, no, I'll stay here. I grew up in this house, I know it well.

Dominic: Okay, you also know the roads. Go. We're running out of the time. The water's rising.

Johnny: All right, fine, I'll be back with the rescue team.

Lulu: Hold on. You know any jokes while I wait in here to drown?

Dominic: How about this one? A priest and a rabbi and a minister all walk into a bar.

Lulu: You already told me this one.

Dominic: I did?

Lulu: Yeah, when we were at Jake's and you were trying to impress me.

Dominic: OH. [Laughs] How do you like that? We're already repeating parts from stories. That's how far our relationship has come. That's good, right?

Lulu: That joke is really bad.

Dominic: Really? It's one of the best ones in my repertoire.

Lulu: Okay, no more jokes. What else can we talk about?

Dominic: Uh, well, the weather's pretty lousy. It's raining. Are you cold?

Lulu: Yeah. The good news is, I'll probably freeze to death before I drown. Okay! I don't think this is really the time.

Dominic: Look, I'm trying to share my body heat with you.

Lulu: [Laughs] Sure you are.

Dominic: Look, you're going to have to deal with my arms being wrapped around you. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you out of here alive, all right?

Spinelli: Fair Samantha is wearing a veritable groove in the hardwood flooring.

Sam: Yeah, I just wish I would have been here when Jason took off on the lead that you gave him.

Spinelli: It is my belief, although I'm sure Stone Cold values your assistance, that he did not want you to participate in this particular venture.

Sam: He did not want me to witness what happens to Claudia.

Spinelli: Exactly. He wishes to give you--and me-- deniability.

Sam: Just, I wish... I wonder if he's found them yet.

Spinelli: Well, I'm continuing to scan surveillance looking for further clues. Although I'm sure it's hopeless, it provides the illusion of giving assistance. Did I make a grievous error?

Sam: What kind of error?

Spinelli: Stone Cold was convinced that Claudia was guilty. I mean, he refused to give up. He was sure that Claudia got Michael shot. And instead of encouraging him, I stood up for Claudia. I tried to convince him that she was innocent, and that he was effectively persecuting her.

Sam: You were honest with the way you felt. Jason respects that.

Spinelli: If I had not doubted him about Claudia, perhaps Stone Cold would have uncovered proof earlier, and this abduction tonight would have never have happened.

[Sam sighs]

[All screaming]

Woman: Please don't shoot us! Please!

Jax: Listen, it's late. Okay? The boys are exhausted.

Sonny: Okay, boys, you don't have to change your clothes. You got clothes at my house. Just put a coat on and get in the car, we'll leave.

Jax: You'll see them tomorrow, Sonny, okay? Right now, the boys need to stay here. They're worried about their mother.

Sonny: That's why they need to be with me until she's rescued.

Jax: Why? They're perfectly happy waiting here.

Sonny: There's a crisis going on, and we're going to wait it out together like families do.

Morgan: It's not our night to visit you. Mom thinks we'll be here when she gets back.

Michael: Yeah, you know, Mom would just rather us be here.

Sonny: Yeah, boys, I'm just trying to do what's best for all of us.

Jax: I think the boys have made their decision.

Sonny: I know you're Carly's husband, but I'm not going to back off just because you want me to.

Olivia: Sonny...

Sonny: And I'm going to tell you something else, all right? If you want to look for Carly, you want to join the search, fantastic. The sooner we find her, the better, okay? But don't you for one second think that you can use this tragedy to stake a claim to my kids.

Carly: [Gasping] Get out! You're running for your life, remember?

Claudia: You need help. Your baby--

Carly: I don't need help!

Claudia: Listen to me! Okay? I know that you hate me, and I don't blame you. But you've gotta do what's right for your kid. Carly! You have a blood disease, right? With some initials. And if something happens right now that goes wrong, you're screwed.

Carly: You shot my son! You don't touch my daughter!

Claudia: My baby died inside of me. I'm not going to let that happen to yours.

Dominic: I hope you don't think I'm trying to take advantage of you.

Lulu: Are you?

Dominic: Well, maybe a little. I mean, after all, you wouldn't let me get this close to you unless you're either drugged or drowning.

Lulu: Why do you bother, then?

Dominic: Are you fishing for a compliment?

Lulu: No, I'm just asking a serious question. Why are you trying?

Dominic: You're beautiful.

Lulu: There's a lot of attractive women out there. And you're a cute guy, you can get a date.

Dominic: You think I'm cute?

Lulu: No one would say you're unattractive.

Dominic: Ha ha, wow. You're really going out on a limb.

Lulu: Seriously. Why not find a woman that just wouldn't give you such a hard time?

Dominic: That's just it. I like the way you throw it right back at me. I like your punchy retorts, this back and forth thing you got going on. It's fun.

Lulu: So it's a challenge. Your ego can't take no for an answer.

Dominic: It also has to do with the fact that I'm never, ever bored with you. Not even for a minute.

Lulu: Me, either. It's really obnoxious sometimes.

Dominic: Yeah, a lot of people tell me that. I like to think I'm the kind of guy who simply wouldn't stalk a woman who had no interest in me.

Lulu: Oh, you think I'm enjoying this?

Dominic: Aren't you?

Lulu: Well, what if I said yes?

Dominic: I'd say I think that that doesn't surprise me.

[Lulu gasping]

Jax: Go on up to your room, boys.

Sonny: No, no, no. You stay right there.

Olivia: Listen, kids, this has been a really tough night for everybody. Could you guys just go upstairs and give us a couple minutes to work this out?

Michael: Hey, come on.

Olivia: Thanks.

Jax: Get out.

Sonny: Screw you.

Jax: It's my house, get out.

Sonny: They're my boys!

Olivia: Okay, can we talk about this like adults for one second?

Sonny: That--

Jax: You signed away custody, okay? You have no legal rights to Michael and Morgan whatsoever.

Sonny: Is that where you're going to go? I don't give a damn about legal rights!

Jax: Oh, I know you don't give a damn about legal rights. But I think a judge would have a different opinion. God forbid something happens to Carly tonight. Those boys are my responsibility. Do you understand that?

Sonny: Do you understand that you're an outsider? You don't belong with my kids, and you will never take them away from me.

Jax: They're already with me.

Olivia: This is not the time or place for this! It's been a terrible night, especially for those kids. Everyone's scared.

Sonny: Yes, yes. That's why they need their dad.

Olivia: Okay, Sonny, you've made your point.

Sonny: Really?

Olivia: Yes.

Sonny: Go over there. Side with him.

Olivia: Sonny, I'm not taking sides with anyone except Michael and Morgan. If you're trying to prove that you're the great dad that you're always trying to be, let the boys stay where they are.

Sonny: They need love and reassurance, and that's what I'm trying to do.

Olivia: Okay, you two both need to just give this a rest for now.

Jax: I agree.

Sonny: You agree. Of course you agree. 'Cause you're getting your way.

Olivia: Look. You got two choices here, okay? You can stand here and you can argue with Jax all night, or you can go home, say a prayer for Carly and try to get a couple hours of rest, because you are going to need them tomorrow.

Sonny: If somebody told you to walk away from your son, how would you feel?

Woman: Don't hurt us, please.

Jason: I'm sorry. My friend was taken hostage. I was just looking for her.

Woman: No one else is here.

Jason: Hey, have you seen her? There's a woman with dark hair, a woman with blonde hair who's pregnant? I'm pretty sure she was driving a blue sedan. I saw them crashed on the side of the road.

Woman: That is our car. I got my kids here to safety, and then you come crashing in here with your gun drawn. What is the matter with you?

Jason: I'm sorry. Do you need any help?

Woman: No. Just leave us alone.

Jason: I could call somebody. I could drive you somewhere.

Woman: No. I'm not going anywhere with a maniac like you. Now get out. Get out! It's okay, kids.


[Carly gasping]

Claudia: You got yourself pretty well set up here. I'm impressed.

Carly: I told you I don't need you.

Claudia: Well, you're stuck with me, so deal with it, hmm? Is there a stove? Should I try to find a pot? Are we supposed to boil something?

Carly: You have to sterilize the knife to cut the umbilical cord.

Claudia: I'm going to see what I can find, and, uh...

[Carly gasping]

Carly: Oh! [Gasping] Oh, God!

Claudia: All right, okay, hey. Breathe, Blondie, breathe. Shh. Come on, you can do this. Breathe. [Inhaling, exhaling] You can do this, come on. Breathe, breathe.

[Carly gasping]

Claudia: See, I told you you needed me.

Dominic: By the way, can you swim?

Lulu: I'm a fish in water. I got my swimming badge in Sunshine Girls.

Dominic: Seriously, you were in the Sunshine Girls?

Lulu: Yeah. My mom was troop mom for the year. And she organized this camping trip once to the national forest, and all the girls were pitching tents with their moms. And we had a campfire, s'mores, and read ghost stories. And my mom told the best stories. And she would win you over with her actions, and she did all the voices, and we all thought she was really cool.

Dominic: You did, too.

Lulu: I can still see her face in the light of the fire smiling at me. My dad was nowhere to be found, but my mom obviously missed him. There she was, trying her best to make sure that I was having a good time.

Dominic: I bet she was having fun, too.

Lulu: Well, my mom was in Sunshine Girls because my life was chaotic and unconventional and she wanted to give me one normal, nice thing. But I think my mom liked it, too.

Dominic: I guess your father wasn't exactly a homebody.

Lulu: No. Sunshine Girls was my dad's worst nightmare. And backyards and soccer games and pageants, but this, sitting here in rising water, this is right up my dad's alley.

Dominic: Huh. I guess you get your adventure gene from your father, huh?

Lulu: Well, my mom had her sense of adventure. But, yeah, it's a Spencer thing. Where do you get your adventure gene?

Spinelli: Stone Cold. May we assume your speedy return is cause for dismay?

Sam: Did you lose the trail?

Jason: I found a blue sedan wrecked by the side of the road. Then I followed the path through the woods, had my gun out, found a cabin and kicked in the door, and I almost shot a woman and her two kids.

Sam: That must have been awful for you.

Jason: Worse for them.

Spinelli: Stone Cold's reflexes are far too finely tuned to shoot anyone by accident.

Jason: I didn't shoot, Spinelli. I scared them half to death.

Sam: Yeah, but you thought Claudia was in there holding Carly hostage. You were right about Claudia all along, Jason.

Jason: I had no idea Sonny was going to do what he did tonight.

Sam: Yeah, well, you know what, Sonny didn't know, either. He was too angry to think it through. He just wanted Claudia to pay.

Jax: Thanks for getting through to Sonny.

Olivia: My heart is breaking for him. He's just trying to be a good father, you know?

Jax: You're being too kind. Sonny's selfish. He uses these kids like he uses everyone else.

Olivia: That's not fair, Jax.

Jax: The kids were tired and ready for bed, and they said they didn't want to go and he ignored them. You heard it.

Olivia: He wasn't thinking straight, all right?

Jax: No, he wasn't thinking straight tonight when he made that speech at Claudia's birthday. I mean, he's single-handedly responsible for sending her on a rampage that got Carly taken hostage.

Olivia: He can't possibly have known what that was going to do.

Jax: With Claudia, you should always expect the unexpected. Now he should have known that.

Olivia: Okay, you're right. You're right. Sonny should have known better. And not to be a bitch here, Jax, but when Michael and Morgan are in the room, you need to shut up about Sonny. Okay? He is their father. And a boy is never going to learn to respect himself if he can't respect his father.

Jax: Oh, is that why you never told Dante who his father was?

Olivia: That's a big part of it. I didn't want my kid's self-esteem affected by his father's terrible decisions. And that's not to say that I think Sonny's a bad father. I don't. Sonny hates you like God hates sin, Jax. It took everything he had to walk out of this house without those kids. But he did it. He put those kids first. And that's all any good parent can ever do.

Sonny: Any leads?

Bernie: No, nothing yet.

Sonny: Okay, you gotta put more men on the search.

Bernie: Every man in your employ is looking for Mrs. Corinthos and Mrs. Jacks as we speak--

Sonny: How come they haven't found anything?

Bernie: Look, the storm and the flooding have made it impossible--

Sonny: I don't want to hear it! Carly's out there with a psycho. Anything could happen. Carly and the baby are in danger every second they're out there.

Bernie: I understand that, sir--

Sonny: You understand it, but you're telling me that all my men, all the goombahs we have on the payroll who are fearless, can't find a woman who's dragging around a hostage in labor? Carly and the baby need to come home safely. I don't want to hear excuses.

Bernie: Yes, sir.

Carly: [Gasping] God. Something's wrong. I keep pushing, but the baby's not moving.


Claudia: Okay, hold on. Let me see.

Carly: Oh! [Gasping]

Claudia: I think I feel your baby's head, and maybe-- maybe the shoulder--

Carly: Maybe the shoulders are stuck or the head's in the wrong position.


Claudia: Do you have any idea what you're talking about, or are you just making this up as you go?

Carly: I've heard this happen before. You gotta push the shoulders down.

Claudia: What are you, nuts? I can't push! What if I hurt your baby?

Carly: I should be in a hospital having this baby and I'm not. I'm stuck in this cabin with you because of you. You help me save my little girl.

Lulu: Too bad it's not summer, where I could be drowning in hot water.

Dominic: It's actually not so bad once you go numb.

Lulu: You need to climb out so that you're not too cold and weak to save yourself.

Dominic: You're not serious.

Lulu: The water is freezing.

Dominic: I'm not leaving. You need somebody to complain to. You know me; I'm a glutton for punishment.

Lulu: Dominic, you need to leave.

Dominic: Yeah, right. You know, and then I look like a total loser. Johnny comes sailing in here to save the day. No way. I'm keeping all your boundless gratitude all for myself.

Lulu: You can't drown for no reason. I'd rather you live so that you can do me a favor.

Dominic: Well, we're both going to live. So you can ask me whatever favor you want.

Lulu: Please don't take down Sonny.

Dominic: [Chuckles] Why would I do that? I work for the guy.

Lulu: I remember now. You're an undercover cop.

Sam: Hey, are you okay?

Jason: Yeah, I just keep thinking about that woman and her two kids. How scared they were. How random it was for them, some guy coming through the door with a gun, ready to shoot. No warning, no reason.

Sam: Yeah, but you made a mistake.

Jason: Yeah, Claudia has a gun. I just kept telling myself, this is it, this is it. I gotta drop her as soon as I get in that room. If that woman hadn't had her arms around her kids, or she wasn't standing right in front of me so I could see her face... I would have killed her.

Sam: No, I don't believe that.

Jason: Because of my hatred for Claudia, I almost shot an innocent woman and her two kids. How does that make me any different from what I hate?

Sam: Do not do this right now. You have got to trust your instincts. Carly and that baby need you.

Jason: [Sighs] All right. Maybe Claudia was smart enough to get to Canada. I want you to pull up whatever you got that shows access roads to northbound highways.

Spinelli: I've been focused on the area around the Metro Court.

Sam: All right, well, then check a little further out.

Spinelli: Right. Okay, well, this bank is on Lowell, near the access road.

Jason: All right. Stop. Right there, back it up. Slow. In the backseat, that's... that's Carly.

Jax: Sorry about the disagreement between me and your father. We let our emotions get the better of us.

Michael: Yeah. I guess we're all just really worried about Mom.

Jax: We are. But it doesn't help anyone for me to be arguing with your father. So sorry about that.

Morgan: I just hope Dad isn't too mad that we didn't go with him.

Jax: No, he's not mad. He just wants what's best for you, and so do I.

[Cell phone rings]

Jax: It's the police department. Excuse me. This is Jax.

Michael: This is my fault. I should have just told Dad that Claudia got me shot.

Morgan: Why didn't you?

Michael: Because I let Claudia work me. The woman who just kidnapped our mom. How could I have been such an idiot?

Morgan: Mom's going to be okay. I mean, Jason and Dad are both looking for her. So are the police.

Michael: Yeah, well, she'd be a lot better if it wasn't for me.

Morgan: Michael, it doesn't even make any sense.

Michael: Yeah? I woke up from a coma totally ungrateful, going off on her at every chance I got. I was telling her that I didn't want to live at home. I was losing my temper. Mom's had a really dangerous pregnancy, and I just kept stressing her out. I'm amazed that something didn't happen before this.

Morgan: But it didn't. Mom's really happy you woke up. I am, too.

Michael: Look, Morgan, you've been awesome. Mom would have such a great life if it was just you and Jax and our baby sister. It's me. I'm the one who's the problem.

Morgan: Mom loves you.

Michael: Yeah. But just because you love someone, doesn't mean they're good for you, you know?

[Door opens]

Olivia: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: You here to give me another lecture?

Olivia: You want another lecture? Always happy to give them out.

Sonny: No, thank you. I'll pass.

Olivia: I just thought you might like some company. If you want to be alone, I can--

Sonny: No, no, stay. I want you to tell me the truth.

Olivia: I'll do my best.

Sonny: Jax thinks it's my fault that Carly got taken hostage. What do you think?

Olivia: Well, I think we all would have done things differently if we could, but ultimately, this thing is on no one but Claudia.

Sonny: I could have talked to Claudia in private, but I guarantee you, there wouldn't have been a lot of talking going on. So instead I did it in front of a room full of people because I knew she'd be trapped. Then she'd have to tell the truth.

Olivia: No. Nobody could have known how this was going to play out, Sonny. Nobody. Carly stepping off the elevator when she did. Claudia pulling a gun, taking her hostage.

Sonny: I knew Claudia had a gun. And I was halfway hoping that she'd pull a gun out on me and somebody would shoot her in self defense, and she'd be dead. But it's not always that simple. It's not like there's not a room full of people who could wind up as collateral damage.

Olivia: Hindsight is 20/20.

Sonny: Well...

Olivia: You'll just drive yourself crazy with all the would haves and the should haves. At the end of the day, Claudia is ruthless. She's devious. She's crazy. She gets Michael shot, and then when she's finally confronted with her crime, she goes and she commits another crime, takes Carly hostage. That makes her a coward on top of everything else.

Sonny: Well, that's actually a good thing, 'cause Carly may have the advantage. Hands down, Carly's the bravest person I've known.

Claudia: How do I get these shoulders unstuck?

Carly: I think you have--

Claudia: You think, Carly, you think?

Carly: You gotta try something!

Claudia: All right, okay. Um, all right, I'm going to do this. Ready? Ready? Ready?

Carly: Oh! Oh, my God!

Claudia: Crap! What did I do, what did I do?

Carly: The baby just shifted. It's okay, do it again. You gotta do it again.

Claudia: You're sure?

Carly: Yes.

Claudia: Here it comes, here it comes.

Carly: No matter how bad I scream, you keep pushing.

Claudia: Okay. Ready? One, two. Push.

Carly: Oh! Oh!

Claudia: I think something just came--I think the shoulders are unstuck. I think they're unstuck.

Carly: I think the baby just moved, thank God!

Claudia: Thank goodness. She's not coming yet.

Lulu: I'm right, aren't I? You're... a cop?

Dominic: You know what; I hear that hypothermia can actually bring on delusions.

Lulu: [Gasping] It's not nice to laugh at a drowning girl, Officer.

Sam: Ready?

Jason: Yeah, I think we're ready to go.

Spinelli: How can the Jackal assist in the rescue? Should I alert Mr. Sir's minions?

Jason: No, I want you to email the image you found to Sonny's people, okay? 'Cause all it shows is the car driving on Lowell. Claudia could have gone anywhere from there.

Spinelli: Okay, well, if that's so, why is Stone Cold electing to follow Route 86?

Jason: Because it's accessible from Lowell. It's back route to Canada.

Spinelli: That's an excellent deduction.

Jason: Right. But you know what? I could be wrong. Because Claudia may panic. They might have to stop because Carly's giving birth. We need everybody looking. I don't care who finds her. Make sure she's safe, and that baby.

[Jax sighs]

Carly: You are the most wonderful man. And I don't think I'll ever be able to express how grateful I am for you. For your limitless patience. For your generous heart in allowing me and my boys into your life. For your capacity to forgive. And most importantly, the biggest lesson that you've taught me is that love doesn't have to hurt to be valid.

Morgan: Is Michael down here? He's not in his room.

Jax: No.

Morgan: I think he's gone.

GPS: Turn left in half a mile for route 86, 57 miles to the Canadian border.

Sonny: I get upset that Jax feels that Carly and my boys belong to him. We have a family history together that he can't touch. I've been married to Carly four times.

Olivia: Well, that's one for the record books.

Sonny: And what amazes me is, I'm not even attracted to that type, you know? I mean... she complicates everything. She lies when she shouldn't. And she blows her life apart any chance she can get.

Olivia: Who are you? You're the sane, functional guy?

Sonny: No, but that's where the attraction was. Because we're so... we were so messed up.

Olivia: Well, you both kept coming back for more, though, so...

Sonny: Well, the thing that I thought that I hated most about Carly, her... her strength, her fearlessness and the way she fights and swings for the bleachers is what I ended up loving the most.

Olivia: Yeah, I bet that surprised you. I know strong, fearless women aren't exactly your type, right?

Sonny: Well, I was always attracted to the fragile woman. And I guess that had to do with... how my mom was treated.

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: And how bad I felt, and, well, maybe I just wanted to save someone.

Olivia: Or maybe someone to save you. Carly certainly foot that bill.

Sonny: Yeah, she did. And then, you know, there was my first wife Lily and a woman named Brenda. But I gotta tell you, I loved Carly the most. She had my sons, right? And even when she would drive me crazy, I always admired how she put up with me. I trust Carly completely. The same way I trust you.

[Carly gasping]

Claudia: Come on. One more push. Come on, one more push. Do this.

Carly: No, she's still stuck!

Claudia: Come on! All right, you know what? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to push down on the shoulders one more time, okay? It worked last time, right? Okay, so let's do this again. Ready, on the count of three, we're going to push together. One, breathe. Two. Come on, Carly.

Carly: I can't!

Claudia: No, yes, you can! Listen to me! You need to fight! Fight, fight for her. Get mad. Push. One more time. Come on, do this with me. Ready? And two, three, push!

[Carly groaning]

Claudia: Come on! Push! I think she's coming! Come on, push, push, push! She's coming! Oh, yes, I see her! I see! Okay, here she comes. Here she comes. Oh, I think she's--she's out, she's out. She's out. She's out.

Carly: [Gasping] Is she okay? Why isn't she crying? Is she okay?

Olivia: You know, you've come up in conversation a couple of times between Carly and me.

Sonny: Yeah?

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: What, what? What was said?

Olivia: Nothing you don't already know.

Sonny: No, tell me.

Olivia: Ahh... Carly loves you. She always will. That's not to say that you're not infuriating and frustrating, that she hasn't been deeply, deeply disappointed in you, sometimes so mad that she just wants to strangle you, but at the end of the day, she sees past all the self-destructive garbage and do you know what she sees? She sees the man you are in your heart. In your soul.

Sonny: She said all that?

Olivia: More or less.

Sonny: What did you say back?

Olivia: I agreed with her. Underneath all the crap, you're a good man, Sonny.

Sonny: It doesn't surprise me you and Carly get along so well, 'cause you're so alike.

Olivia: We both drive you crazy?

Sonny: No, you've stood up to me. Gave as good as you got.

Olivia: Ah, past tense now?

Sonny: Well, things are different. I mean, you know, you don't like or approve of what my life has become. But when we were kids...

Olivia: We had some good times, didn't we?

Sonny: We had some great times. I mean, you know, we could take risks. We could do dangerous things.

Olivia: We didn't have any responsibilities. We didn't have to think about anybody else.

Sonny: But the thing is, we can't go back, right? You grow, you change. Can't have what you had. But that girl I once knew...

Olivia: [Chuckles] We still got our memories, right?

Sonny: I just wish that there was, you know, we still got something we could hold on to. Something real, something... lasting.

Dominic: Hey, if you wanted to cuddle, you should have just done us both a favor and asked, instead of get trapped in freezing cold water.

Lulu: Don't hold your breath, which is what I may be doing soon. Maybe that will be a better idea, since I can barely talk through my chattering teeth.

Dominic: No, chattering's good. It's your body's way of fighting it off and trying to stay warm.

Lulu: They teach you that at the police academy?

Dominic: Uh, no. In the Boy Scouts, I actually got my merit badge in hypothermia.

Lulu: Okay, I heard you on the docks, okay? You were with Ronnie. He was mad because you were getting too close to Sonny and his family.

Dominic: Well, you know, guys in my line of work, they get territorial.

Lulu: I'm dying here and you're still trying to scam me? You--he didn't call you Dominic, he called you Officer Falconeri. I don't know how many Falconeris there are in Bensonhurst.

Dominic: Well, there's like a whole buttload of them in the phone book.

Lulu: Then you must be related to Olivia?


Dominic: [Sighs] She's my mom.

Lulu: Oh...

Dominic: Dante Falconeri. Nice to meet you.

Lulu: Johnny's dating your mom?

Dominic: Yeah. That, I didn't see that one coming.

Lulu: You never think parents listen. Mine don't.

Dominic: Oh, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey, hey. No, no, no. Can't do that. That's bad for my reputation. Falling asleep on the first date. All right? Okay?

Lulu: Yes.

Dominic: All right, okay. Okay.

Lulu: You didn't grant my last request.

Dominic: What are we, are we in front of a firing squad?

Lulu: Why go after Sonny? You're in the middle of his family, and they all trust you, especially Morgan.

Dominic: Okay, Morgan is a really great kid, but I made myself a promise when I was his age that I was going to take down Sonny Corinthos.

[Lulu groaning]

Sam: Obviously there's no way to anticipate where we're going. We might be able to make it in some sort of--

Jason: Okay, but whether Carly's in labor or she had the baby, I don't see Claudia giving up her hostage.

Sam: Okay. But if Carly is in labor, they're going to have to have the baby somewhere. So maybe they pulled over on the side of the road and we'll be lucky enough to see a car or something.

Jason: [Sighs] I'll take out Claudia. You protect Carly.

Sam: Jason, if Carly has already given birth, Claudia won't need two hostages. What if she killed Carly and took off with the baby?

Michael: Hello? Mom. Mom! Mom, where are you?!

Carly: Is she okay?

[Baby crying]

Claudia: Hello. Look at you, big girl. You're so perfect and beautiful.

Carly: Give her to me.

Claudia: I'm so glad you're here. Oh.

Carly: Come here!

Claudia: I brought you into this world and I'm going to take good care of you, make sure you're okay.

Carly: Give me my daughter. Claudia, give me my daughter.

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