GH Transcript Monday 11/2/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/2/09


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Lulu: What are you doing here?

Dominic: Trying to get a lead on where Claudia took Carly.

Lulu: Where's Jason?

Dominic: He is in lock-up. Assault with a deadly weapon, so they say.

Spinelli: And at Stone Coild's request, before he was so unfairly incarcerated, I've been reviewing seemingly endless loops of security camera footage.

Lulu: What do you have?

Spinelli: Well, car after car after car, but the images are marred by rain and low quality cameras.

Lulu: No kidding.

Spinelli: Yeah, but while we have the make, the model and the license plate number of the getaway car, the images are almost impossible to interpret.

Dominic: You know what we need. Maybe if you keep assessing the footage, and here is the make, the model and the tags. We get three sets of eyes on every frame.

Lulu: You seem like you've done this before.

Dominic: Well, what can I say? I like cop shows.


Carly: [Gasping] Help.

Carly: Help, somebody. Help!

Lucky: For some reason, Mac wanted me to be the one to process you.

Jason: You do know that Claudia took Carly hostage?

Lucky: Every cop in Port Charles knows that.

Jason: Carly is in labor. She can have a stroke and she could die if Claudia doesn't kill her first. I gotta get out of here and go look for her, Lucky.

Lucky: You'll get to.

Jason: No. I'm asking you to let me go.

Jax: I don't give a damn about the storm. My wife is out there and I'm going to find her. Just get the damn chopper ready!

Michael: This is all my fault.

Jax: Michael, this is not your fault.

Michael: I should have told Dad everything.

Jax: Look, if this is anyone's fault, it's my fault. I could have stopped Claudia long before this. Okay? But I thought I was protecting your mom and the baby.

Michael: Mom looked so scared. Where do you think they are? I mean, do you think Claudia took her?

Jax: No. No. Claudia needs a hostage.

Michael: Yeah.

Morgan: Where's Mom?

Alexis: All right, let's just take this moment and be grateful that we're all home safe and sound, okay? All right, that's it. Now I'm going to yell at both of you for going places that you weren't supposed to be today. We've already talked. You, what were you doing on the docks before dark or after dark or whatever it was?

Molly: Mom, you threw out my harbor water for the pollution project.

Alexis: I did? Oh. Sorry. That is still no justification for misleading Viola as to where you were with Morgan. And Molly, we live on a lake. There's perfectly good water everywhere here.

Molly: That's the problem. It isn't polluted enough. I needed some really lousy water to get an "A." And in the process, Morgan and I just happened to pull off a daring rescue. Hey, maybe we can write an essay about what happened for extra credit.

Kristina: You and Morgan could have gotten hurt or even killed tonight. And Morgan's mom is in serious danger right now.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I need you to help me find Carly. 

Sonny: Mac arrested Jason on a bogus drug charge, and what I need is for you to get him released. 'Cause Diane's in Philadelphia. She can't get back in time. What are you doing?

Alexis: It's not for your ears. Girls, ixnay on the amscray.

Molly: But Mom, we can't leave. The entire justice system is about to be circumvented right before my very eyes.

Kristina: You don't understand. You weren't there.

Molly: Why are you being so mean to me?

Alexis: All right, you know what; everyone's had a very stressful night, so let's make an effort for everyone to be nice to each other, okay? Thank you.

Sonny: Kristina. Like I told you, I'm sorry for what you had to hear --

Kristina: You have to find Carly. First things first.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to take the blame for what happened. Okay? With Carly and everything. You know, it was my fault that Claudia grabbed Carly. Now the baby and Carly are paying for it. But you gotta help me get Jason out of lock-up. He will find them. I'm telling you, he will find them.

Alexis: I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Jason: Just leave the keys on the table, take a break. I'll be gone when you get back, and I swear to you, I will never give you up.

Lucky: Look, the cops will --

Jason: Screw the cops!

Lucky: Well, at least you're consistent.

Jason: Lucky, please. I'm begging you. The cops have a whole city to look after with the power outages, the floods, the car accidents. There's no way that they can just focus on looking for Carly. I can. I have to.

Lucky: Mac doesn't want you free to execute Claudia, and that's exactly what you plan on doing, isn't it, Jason?

Jason: All I want is for Carly and her baby to live.

Lucky: No. You want Claudia to pay for Michael. I want that, too, okay? The only difference is that I don't believe it's right to just hold a gun up to Claudia's head and pull the trigger just because I hate her.

Jason: Claudia got Michael shot. Okay, think about if it was Cam. Or Jake, lying there for a year in the hospital bed knowing that Claudia helped put a bullet in their brain. You think about if it was Elizabeth, or instead of Carly out there while she was in labor being held hostage. I would do this for you. Lucky, I swear to you. Please. Just let me go.

Mac: Lucky, I need you out of here. Now.

[Jason sighs]

Dominic: Okay, we're through with this batch. Onto the next one?

Lulu: We're wasting time.

Spinelli: Perhaps not. The Jackal's adjusted program has clarified the images somewhat.

Lulu: But we can barely see the license plates, and we can't even tell if the car is blue or black or purple. I want to think about this in a different way.

Dominic: All right, I'm listening.

Lulu: Well, Claudia panicked. Carly was fighting back. So that means the car would be driving erratically. We should be looking for a car that is speeding or cutting in and out instead of looking at every single license plate twice when we can barely even read the numbers.

Spinelli: Yeah, fair Lulu has an excellent point. Perhaps I can adjust the program to jump from camera to camera looking for a rapidly moving vehicle.

Dominic: Yeah, but we need to stay methodical on this.

Lulu: But it's taking too long.

Dominic: Okay, what happens if Claudia ditches the car, and we missed it because we're skipping through tape? What happens if there was a stall or she got in an accident?

Lulu: If Claudia got in an accident, we would have found out because the police would have been notified.

Dominic: Not on a night like tonight. Not in the middle of this storm. We can't assume that. We can't assume anything. I know this is like tedious and boring and frustrating, but it's a good system. I mean, illegal, but it's effective.

Lulu: What do you care?

Dominic: Well, I don't. I mean, I'm just saying we should let it work.

Spinelli: Has the audacious one ever considered a career in private investigation?

Dominic: Ha ha, no. I think I'll stick with the life of crime. Why don't we get back to the footage, maybe bring up camera three.

Lulu: This is ridiculous. The three of us looking at the same pictures on the same computer, it's...

Dominic: All right, look, okay, I'll try and find a way to speed this up. You two stay here, look at the footage. I'll see if I can call in a couple of favors.

Lulu: Thank you, please hurry. Carly is running out of time.

Dominic: Okay.

[Door opens, closes]

Jax: There was a problem at the party tonight.

Morgan: Did Mom faint again?

Jax: No, she didn't. Look, before I tell you what happened, Morgan, I just want you to remember how strong your mother is, okay?

Morgan: That just means it's really bad.

Jax: Something came out about Claudia tonight --

Morgan: Look, I don't care about Claudia. Where's Mom?

Michael: Claudia flipped out at the party tonight. She pulled a gun and dragged Mom out of the Metro Court. They stole a car and she took off with her. The police are looking for her.

Jax: Yeah, but we have the license plate and we know what kind of car it is, so I'm going to try to track them from the chopper.

Morgan: Why did Claudia flip out?

Jax: There's a lot about Claudia that you don't know.

Morgan: Just tell me!

Michael: Claudia put a hit out on Dad, and I got shot instead. I mean, she was the reason I was in a coma for a year. It's her fault.

Morgan: Are you sure it was her?

Jax: Yeah. Jason told Sonny right before the party.

Michael: Dad called Claudia out in front of everybody. He said some pretty bad stuff and she just lost it. She pulled out the gun, and Mom just happened to be standing right there.

Jax: All right, we have to remember that your mother's going to pull through this. Okay? That's what she would want us to believe. Okay? Her and the baby are going to be home soon. They're going to be just fine.

[Michael sighs]


Carly: [Gasping] Claudia? Claudia?


Carly: Oh!


Dominic: All right, I'll make sure the Zacchara people are doing all they can. Maybe you can round up any of the cops, even retired guys. If we all work together, we can get to Carly and Claudia before the baby's born.

Ronnie: Let the PCPD deal with all that. You should be using this distraction to get evidence against Corinthos.

Dominic: Look, every minute we waste talking about --

Ronnie: Organizing a search party is not our job. It could put my cover at risk and it will blow yours. Have you completely forgotten what it is that you're supposed to be doing?

Dominic: Look, I just stood by and watched a woman with a gun drag a pregnant hostage into an elevator, and I did nothing. Okay, is that what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Ronnie: You know, you've really -- really, you're still seeing these people as your friends. It's actually getting worse.

Dominic: Carly has nothing to do with anything. She's just a nice lady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ronnie: It isn't your problem!

Dominic: Fine. Go break into the Corinthos' offices. Dig up the files. You know, see what you can find in Sonny's house while he's out trying to rescue the mother of his children.

Ronnie: You're way too close to this case!

Dominic: You know what? Then take it. It's all yours. Knock yourself out. You go collect evidence while Carly and her baby are being slaughtered by a psychopath. And then, you know what, you can call yourself one of the good guys.

Sam: Diane's out of town. Sonny's working on a new lawyer. I don't know how long that's going to take.

Johnny: Maybe you don't need a lawyer. I might be able to get you out of this.

Jason: How?

Johnny: All right, I'll strike a deal with the commissioner. He promises to let you go, I'll promise to go with you, help you find Claudia, but make sure you don't kill her.

Sam: Not a bad idea.

Johnny: Look, if we work together, at least we can help save Carly and her baby.

Jason: Okay, are you going to promise me not to take Claudia out of the country?

Johnny: Jason, Claudia's my sister. I'm never going to promise not to help her. What I'm saying is Carly and her baby shouldn't have to pay for everybody else's mistakes.

Sam: I agree.

Johnny: Okay, what Claudia did tonight was wrong, I admit that. But it didn't happen in a vacuum. Sonny pushed her too far. He kept pushing. He humiliated her. He was cruel, brutal. When he mentioned that he was glad that the baby died, what, did he think she wasn't going to react? He forgot he was dealing --

Jason: Unless you promise me right here not to help Claudia, I can't make any deals with you, Johnny.

Johnny: All right. Don't say I didn't offer.

Sam: Jason --

Jason: Forget Johnny can you do me a favor? Can you go to my place and you follow any lead that Spinelli comes up with?

Sam: Yeah, of course, you got it.

[Door closes]

[Jason exhales]

Sonny: Listen, Carly's out there somewhere, in labor with a psychopath who has a gun. She doesn't have time for us to be arguing.

Alexis: If Jason finds Claudia, he will kill her.

Sonny: Jason will save Carly and the baby.

Alexis: After everything that happened tonight, you need to let the police handle this.

Sonny: I don't want the police. You saw what happened. You were there. Claudia grabbed Carly, put a gun to her side, right? And Jason pulled out a gun, but he was helping. Mac arrested him for no reason.

Alexis: What were the charges?

Sonny: Assault with a deadly weapon, which was ridiculous because he wasn't threatening anybody. He wasn't doing anything wrong.

Alexis: But he will when he finds Claudia.

Sonny: Mac's protecting one person, and you know it.

Alexis: He's protecting Jason from committing murder. Now, you need to let the police handle this.

Sonny: Okay, who does Carly want looking for her? The police or Jason?

Alexis: Oh, who wouldnít want a mobster on a white horse coming to rescue you but you know what, itís going to be a blue suit in the squad car this time.

Sonny: You know the system more than anybody, okay? You protected Kristina when she drove Claudia off the road. And all you got is a little pro-bono.

Alexis: Your daughter, by the way, thinks she is completely responsible for what happened tonight, because she thinks that if Claudia didn't lose the baby, she wouldn't be all whacko.

Sonny: How do you think Kristina's going to feel if Carly dies and Jax's baby dies? Huh? A lot people need you to step up. Your good friend Jax, and our daughter. And I know that I haven't been a great example to Kristina, but you need to show that compassion wins over. And most of the time, deep down inside, people are decent. So I'm begging you, please, get Carly and the baby out of this alive.

[Alexis sighs]

Lulu: Back up, back up, back up. That's a sedan with two women in the front seat. See if you can get the license plates.

Sam: What have you got?

Lulu: Maybe a lead.

Spinelli: A sedan with two people appearing to be women making a quick turn on Van Ness, which would put them on Main heading west.

Sam: All right, that would put them on the highway to Crimson Point, where the Zacchara estate is. I'll find them.

Lulu: Do you want me to go with you?

Sam: No, I can handle it, thanks.

[Carly gasping]


[Carly gasping]

Jax: I don't care what the weather model says, I can fly through it.

[Door opens]

Jax: I gotta call you back. Have you heard anything?

Olivia: No, I'm just here to help out with the kids.

Jax: How bad is the weather?

Olivia: It's awful, it's terrible. There's flash floods everywhere and road blocks all over the place.

Jax: Well, I'm taking up the chopper as soon as I can.

Olivia: In this weather?!

Jax: Well, we have the description of the car and the license plate number. Of course Iím going to take the chopper up.

Olivia: Who is that going to help, for you to go crashing your chopper out in this? The boys? The rescue teams that should be out looking for Carly?

Jax: I have flown in way worse than this, okay?

Olivia: Risking your life in this storm is not going to make the guilt go away. Okay? Not that you have any reason to be any more guilty than anyone else. Nobody could have seen this coming.


Jax: I wanted to tell Carly everything as soon as the baby arrived.

Olivia: I know, I know.

Jax: [Sighs] I didn't tell her because I wanted to protect her. Didn't work out so well, did it?

Lulu: We're getting nowhere.

Spinelli: That's not entirely accurate.

Lulu: Carly could be having her baby by now. She has been so careful about this pregnancy. She's been trying to do everything right. If that crazy psycho Claudia does anything to her or to her baby --

Spinelli: These dark thoughts are not aiding our search.

Lulu: But I can tell Carly anything, and she doesn't judge me and she doesn't get upset. She is like a big sister and a best friend put into one.

[Door opens]

Lulu: Carly has to be okay.

Dominic: Find anything?

Spinelli: Fair Samantha is tracking down a lead, two women appearing to be driving west toward the Zacchara mansion at Crimson Point.

Dominic: Oh, yeah, that sounds promising.

Lulu: Did you find anything?

Dominic: No. Don't worry about it; it was a waste of time.

Lulu: Okay, well, maybe we should follow up on this. The Zacchara mansion has been shut down for a while, but I know my way around it.

Dominic: Okay, why don't you guys stay here and do this and I'll go take a look.

Lulu: A., You do not tell me what to do, and B., Carly is my cousin; I'm going to go find her. You can stay here if you want.

Spinelli: Okay, might I just point that it is a tenuous lead at best?

Dominic: Yeah, but it's the best we got, right? So let's go.

Jason: Any sign of Carly or Claudia?

Lucky: Nothing on our end. What about Spinelli? I'm sure you've got him hacking into every security camera in the greater Port Charles area.

Jason: No, I don't know what Spinelli found, Lucky. I've been in custody.

Lucky: Johnny or Sam didn't give you any information?

Jason: No. Did you bring the handcuff keys?

Lucky: Well, Mac borrowed them.

Jason: Okay, then how about you leave, you know, like a paper clip. So I can try to --

Lucky: He's got uniforms on both doors, Jason. You're not going anywhere.

Jason: This is wrong, Lucky!

Lucky: Maybe. But it's Mac's call, and he made it.

[Jason exhales]

Lucky: So the more you fight it, the more time and man power get wasted. Okay? Now you may hate every minute of it, but the best thing you can do, Jason, for Carly, is to just sit quiet.

Jason: Fine.

Lucky: Be a model prisoner.

Jason: Fine. If I have to sit here, then I'm going to sit here. You don't have to baby-sit me. Go look for Carly.

Alexis: Good evening, Mac, you either have to show probable cause for arresting my client, or you need to release him.

Mac: You're representing Jason Morgan?

Sonny: Yes, she is.

Mac: Since when? I thought you were over these two.

Alexis: Did you see Jason pull a gun on anyone?

Mac: No.

Alexis: Did he threaten anyone in your presence?

Mac: This is your idea of pro-bono work?

Alexis: So you arrested somebody for assault with a deadly weapon and you weren't even in the building, correct?

Mac: What did you slip in her drink?

Alexis: Did he threaten anybody?

Mac: No, not this time.

Alexis: Did anyone complain about him in any way?

Mac: You know, last time I looked, your job was to keep criminals in jail, not let them out.

Alexis: So essentially you arrested someone for assault with a deadly weapon when there was, in fact, no assault with a deadly weapon.

Mac: If I let Jason out, he'll kill Claudia Zacchara.

Alexis: The last time I checked, you can't arrest someone for a crime you think they may commit without evidence from whatever it is you think they're going to do. So I can call the judge. It's late, he's going to be kind of cranky, or you can let him go.


Carly: Oh!


Carly: Okay. All right. Okay.



Carly: [Gasping] Honey, I know you're awake. I know you're ready. You've just gotta hang on for a few more minutes.


Carly: We're going to be okay.

Jax: I am a private citizen. I have the right to fly in any weather conditions. No, no, no. Mac Scorpio does not have the right to ground me or my aircraft. No, I realize there's a police search underway. They're looking for my wife!

Olivia: Take it easy. Jax...

Jax: I mean, I should be out there looking for her. A flyover would be so much faster.

Olivia: That's not gonna happen. So, you need to calm down now so we can figure out a way that we can help.

Jax: I should have told Carly about that stupid DVD as soon as I got it from Jerry.

Olivia: Don't be kicking yourself. Don't be kicking yourself about your wife.

Jax: I just got done telling the boys how strong Carly is. If I really believed that, why didn't I just tell her the truth?

Olivia: The truth works both ways, Jax. Okay, Claudia was gonna use the truth to destroy people's lives tonight. It's the truth that Dominic is my son Dante. Right? It's also the truth that Sonny is his father. I mean...

Jax: Yeah. I can see how relieved you are that she didn't get a chance to say that. As much as I want Dante to build his case against Sonny and lock him up for the rest of his life, it's not my top priority right now.

Olivia: But you're missing my point. Look, I raised my kid as far away from the mob as I possibly could. And that meant that I lied to that kid every single minute of every single day. And you know what? I would do it again in a heartbeat. And I bet you would do the same thing if you thought that you were protecting Carly. Right?

Jax: I would.

Olivia: Yeah. You see? We do the best that we can with the information we have. That's all that anyone can ever do. Okay? And now we just have to pray that they find Carly in time.

Lucky: Mac doesn't trust me to look for Claudia and Carly.

Jason: I don't understand what that means.

Lucky: When that call came in from the Metro Court, Mac wouldn't let me roll on it.

[Jason sighs]

Lucky: He doesn't believe I can be objective. For one thing, Carly's my cousin. And for another, my dad and my little sister were both witnesses. So, he doesn't want me on the search for the same reason he's holding you -- he's afraid I might get carried away.

Jason: You wouldn't.

Lucky: You sure?

Jason: You're not -- you're not a killer, Lucky.

Lucky: [Sighs] I don't think it works like that, Jason. Everyone's got a breaking point. You get scared enough or angry enough... if I was allowed on the search, I'd do my duty. But I understand why Mac's being cautious. Carly's family. People do crazy things in the name of family.

[Door opens]

Mac: Take him and send him out.

Lucky: You're turning him loose?

Mac: By order of Judge Wagner. At least I don't have to bring you up on charges of aiding and abetting.

[Jason sighs]

Lucky: Look. If you find Claudia, think about letting her live. Give the system a chance to work this time. It might surprise you.

Jason: I know that you were gonna let me go. I appreciate that.

[Indistinct chattering]

Sonny: You did great. Diane's got nothing on you.

Alexis: I did you a favor. Now I want you to do me one.

Sonny: Whatever you need.

Alexis: I know that you're concerned about Kristina. I know you want to talk to her. I need you to wait, because I think that she needs some time to process who just happened.

Sonny: But I have to explain what happened --

Alexis: She might not be ready to hear it just yet. So, I need you to be respectful of her and let her make the first move. And when she's ready to talk to you, when she's ready to be a part of your life again, she'll let you know.

Molly: I made some hot chocolate so you won't be so mad at me.

Kristina: I'm not mad at you. I'm just scared. [Thunder] Thank you.

Molly: So, I texted Morgan, but he didn't answer.

Kristina: He's probably sleeping like you should be.

Molly: I don't think so. I mean, I know I couldn't sleep if Mom were out in this storm with a crazy woman.

Kristina: Mom told me not to go to that party. I should have listened to her. Instead, Michael and I saw the whole thing.

Molly: What happened exactly?

Kristina: Claudia thought the party was for her birthday and she'd be the guest of honor. And Dad let her think that and then said the most awful things to her.

Molly: Like what?

Kristina: He said it's a blessing that their baby died and a lot of other terrible things. I didn't know he could be like that. This whole time, I always thought she was keeping me away from him because she's a control freak. But now I see why people are so afraid of him. He just kept hitting Claudia with words. She tried to fight back, but he wouldn't stop. [Sighs] He was so mean and so brutal. It's scary to think he's my father.


[Thunder continues]


[Dominic grunts]


Lulu: No!

Carly: [Panting] Hello? Hello? [Thunder] Oh, God. [Panting] Oh. Okay. Okay. Well... we're away from that psycho, and we're out of the rain, so we're doing good -- [Hard panting] Okay. All right, now. I gotta get this place ready for you. Soon you'll be going up to half a mile in under 30 minutes.

[Door opens]

Alexis: Whew. [Sighs] I had a feeling you'd be up.

Kristina: Molly tried, but she finally crashed.

Alexis: Is Molly okay?

Kristina: She's got a lot of questions. So do I.

Alexis: Yeah.

Kristina: I'm guessing no one's heard anything.

Alexis: Not yet. I did get Jason released from police custody.

Kristina: Is that good or bad?

Alexis: Uh... let's just say that he has a talent for finding people, which you well know, and Carly desperately needs to be found. And there's a principle involved. The police just can't run around arresting people because they think they may commit a crime.

Kristina: Do you think Jason will kill Claudia?

Alexis: I think that we shouldn't talk any more about violence and the consequences. We should talk about anything else -- the weather, this plant, how much I love you.

Kristina: If I hadn't run Claudia off the road, do you think tonight would have happened?

Alexis: You are in no part responsible for anything that happened tonight.

Kristina: Do you think Dad really believes it's a blessing that their baby died?

Alexis: No.

Kristina: Dad was awful tonight. I'm not defending Claudia. I'm not. I'm -- just the things he said to her and the way he treated her, no wonder she went crazy.

Alexis: I really wish that you hadn't seen any of that.

Kristina: Maybe I needed to. I mean, before this, I just thought you were being mean when you didn't want me to see Dad.

Alexis: Honey, I did the things that I did because I thought they were the right things to do. And I think we've well established that I don't always do the right things. But you and I know I'm not a mean person.

Kristina: Dad is. I didn't know that until tonight.

Alexis: Your dad is... he doesn't have emotional brakes, for lack of a better term. He gets something in his head -- he feels betrayed, he feels angry -- and he can't think it through. He just reacts and attacks.

Kristina: Do you think I'm like him?

Alexis: When I look at you, I see all the good things about Sonny in you. You're kind. You're generous. You're determined. You're smart. You have to remember that your dad didn't have the opportunities that we're trying to give you. And maybe if he had, his life would have taken a different direction.

Kristina: Sounds like you're making excuses for him.

Alexis: I'm just saying what I believe is true. Despite all he wants to be a good father. He wants to be a part of your life. And depending on how you decide to deal with that, you can never, ever doubt how much your father loves you.

Jax: You know what? If I can't fly, I will drive. I'm gonna take the SUV and head for the border. That's the most logical place where Claudia would have gone, right?

Olivia: We both know that Claudia's not thinking logically.

Jax: Oh, I hate it when you make sense. Okay, you know what? Fine. Screw the FAA and screw the cops. I'm gonna take the chopper. And if they don't like it, they can arrest me. Ohh. Where are my keys? What? What, did you find Carly?

Sonny: Not yet. I'm just here to pick up the boys.


Lulu: Are you guys crazy? Put the guns down. You guys could kill each other.

Dominic: Any sign of Carly or Claudia?

Johnny: No. I still have to check on it. There's something up here, though.

Lulu: Well, that's where we should start.

Dominic: Uh, Claudia is armed, dangerous, and did I mention psychotic?

Lulu: Yeah, and she has Carly hostage. You guys can keep waving guns at each other for all I care. I'm gonna go find Carly.

Jason: Any word from Sam or Dominic?

Spinelli: No, nothing so far, but I've located a blue sedan moving erratically through traffic. It is the second vehicle I've found that could contain Claudia --

Jason: Okay. Which direction is the car headed?

Spinelli: Due east, which means that Dominic, Lulu, and Sam are heading in the exactly wrong direction.

Jason: That's just as well. I'm gonna deal with Claudia in my own way.

Carly: [Labored breathing] Oh. Okay.


Carly: I guess it's just you and me. [Shivers] I can do this. I hear that women do this all the time. But let's look at the bright side. We're out of the rain. And after I get this fire started, we're gonna be nice and warm.


[Labored breathing]

Jax: The boys are upstairs getting ready for bed.

Sonny: They'll sleep better at my house.

Jax: They've had a very difficult evening, Sonny.

Sonny: Which is why they need their father, Jax.

Jax: That is the last thing they need.

Sonny: Don't fight me here, especially after what you did.

Jax: What I did?

Sonny: Yes, what you did.

Jax: What about what you did tonight? Huh?

Sonny: You know what --

Jax: You didn't really think --

Olivia: Guys, guys! Guys! The boys don't need to hear a big argument tonight.

Sonny: She's right. Don't make this difficult. Okay? I got guards at my house --

Michael: Dad!

Morgan: Did you find Mom?

Sonny: No, buddy. Not yet, okay? Do me a favor. Get dressed, 'cause you're gonna come home with me.

Jax: The boys live here, Sonny. We're family. Okay? They're not leaving this home to be with you.

Dominic: Lulu, wait. Claudia hasn't -- you don't want to end up as another hostage.

Lulu: I'm not afraid of Claudia.

Dominic: Of course you're not. She's only a desperate wacko with nothing to lose.

Lulu: I just want to check this last hallway.

Dominic: Okay, we'll go with you if you...

[Lulu screams]

Dominic: Lulu!

Johnny: Lulu!

Dominic: Lulu!

Johnny: Lulu!

[Lulu gasping]

Johnny: Lulu!

Spinelli: Oh. Did you encounter the audacious one and fair Lulu? They went to provide backup, although the lead was false.

Sam: The car you sent me after was driven by a couple of women who ended up in a diner, and I didn't see Dominic or Lulu.

Spinelli: They went to the Zacchara mansion at Crimson Point. That's where we thought you were going.

Sam: Damn it.

Spinelli: No, d-don't dismay. Stone Cold has been set free and is tracking down the most promising lead of all.

Sam: Well, how long ago did he leave?

Spinelli: Within the hour. Um, I've never seen him so determined. I-I'm sure that he's saving the Valkyrie and her precious child as we speak.

[Sam exhales]-

[Car decelerates]


[Carly panting]


Carly: Okay. Oh. Okay. All right, little girl. We're gonna be okay. You know, we can do this. We can do this.

[Labored breathing]


[Door opens]


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