GH Transcript Thursday 10/29/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/29/09


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Carly: Okay. Give me a few minutes to get ready for Claudia's birthday bash.

Lulu: You're sure you should go, though?

Carly: I planned the thing. And as long as Sonny's paying for it, I'm going to go have fun.

Lulu: Well, your baby's a few weeks away from making her grand entrance.

Carly: So I need to take this chance to party while I can. And besides, outside of Sonny, I don't think anyone invited even likes Claudia.

Michael: Hey, is my dad reachable?

Dominic: Yeah. Sonny said he was stopping by the office, then heading over to the Metro Court.

[Michael sighs]

Dominic: Is something wrong?

Michael: Uh, yeah. It's about Claudia. I have to tell my dad.

Claudia: Can you imagine the look on Sonny and Dante's faces when I tell them they're father and son?

Olivia: You won't do it.

Claudia: Oh, honey, I can't wait to expose you for the lying piece of trash that you are. Keeping this secret from your own son? From your son's father? If I were Sonny and Dante, I'd be pissed as hell.

Olivia: Even you aren't this vindictive, Claudia.

Claudia: I'm just supporting my husband. He has a right to know about the child you've been keeping secret from him --

Olivia: Screw you, you psycho bitch!

[Olivia grunts]

[Claudia grunts]

Olivia: Aah!

[Olivia and Claudia grunt]

Johnny: Let me the hell out of here!

Joey: Be nice. It's for your own good. Things are going down, and Anthony wants you safe.

Johnny: I got to find my sister. Sonny's about to get information that's going to get her killed!

Joey: So what? Nobody gives a rat's ass about Claudia except for you.

Sonny: Play it again.


Claudia: Didn't waste any time, did you?

Jerry: And why are we here?

Claudia: On Friday at 7pm, Sonny is expecting a shipment of coffee. He'll be here to sign off on it. It's all there and legit.

Jerry: How do you know this?

Claudia: I know.

Ian: All right. That leaves two bodyguards.

Claudia: No. The custom inspectors will be here so he can sign off on it in person. He can't risk having guards around.

Ian: I can do this.

Claudia: Good. Then we're agreed. Sonny dies on Friday.

Jason: Sonny, that's Devlin. That's Jerry Jacks. Claudia. This recording is dated March 31, 2008. Michael was shot that Friday, April 4. This proves that Claudia ordered the hit. What do you want to do about it? 

Dominic: Listen, the news about Claudia isn't good.

Michael: That's one way to put it.

Dominic: Well, you know, maybe you should wait a little bit before talking to your father. I mean, he's having this party. He's invited a lot of friends and family. Let him enjoy it a little before you lower the boom.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. Maybe.

Dominic: Yeah. You know what? Why don't you get a second opinion? I mean, if you don't want to talk to me, why don't you run it by Jason or something?

Michael: Forget it. Forget it. I'll just find a way to deal with it myself.

[Sonny sighs]

Jason: And when Devlin died, he said, "There’s more." So Sam and I dug around and found it. Devlin recorded a lot of his legal business conversations. He hid them at the hospital.

Sonny: Hospital?

Jason: Yeah. We turned up an old gym bag that was in Ian's locker, and in the gym bag was a lot of cash and these recordings, Sonny.

Sonny: What was on the recordings?

Jason: Uh, drug deals, mostly. I mean, there was one call with a woman -- Claudia agreeing to do the hit. This right here. This was in the gym bag. The voices are clear. Claudia is the one who sent Ian to the warehouse. She's the reason that this happened.

Sonny: Remember the game that Jerry played with the DVDs and Claudia and the whole thing?

Jason: Yeah, I remember the game. Jerry was telling the truth. Claudia was guilty. She lied her way out of it. Look, I know that you don't want to hear this right now.

Sonny: You know what?

Jason: But it's just something that --

Sonny: I got a birthday party to go to. And it starts in an hour. And I expect you to be there.

[Door shuts]

[Plastic shatters]

Lulu: Oh! You look great!

Carly: I look like an entry in the Rose Parade.

Lulu: No. I'm really appreciative of you coming with me to this party.

Carly: You want a second opinion on Dominic? I am more than happy to oblige.

Lulu: You're the one who wants to go to the party, but I would appreciate your take on Dominic.

Carly: I have a take on Dominic. He's a nice guy. He is. But he works for Sonny. Oh. So, why do you think he works for Sonny?

Lulu: I don't -- think that he really wants to. I don't know. I just -- I think there's a piece of the puzzle that's just missing about this.

Carly: Like that stuff you don't remember from last night?

Lulu: I know I heard something important. I just can't remember what it is.

Carly: Maybe it will come back to you.

Lulu: Well, yeah. I mean, Maxie might be able to help. She actually just texted me and said she's coming.

Carly: Good, 'cause I don't think I can go.

Lulu: Really? Is this, like, an early labor thing?

Carly: No. No. As much as I want to go and snoop -- and I really, really, really want to go and snoop -- I just -- I have a condition. It is life-threatening for me and the baby. So I guess I have to be responsible and stay home.

Lulu: Well, do you want me to stay with you?

Carly: No. Go. Go. I'm fine. Fine.

Lulu: No. I honestly -- I would be happy to just hang out here and, like, watch TV or whatever you want to do --

Carly: And avoid spending time with Dominic?

Lulu: I just want to make sure that you're okay.

Carly: I'm fine. I am. Mercedes is here. The boys will be home soon. And maybe I can talk them into a quiet game of Tiddlywinks. I don't know.

Lulu: Ooh. Yeah. Okay. I'm definitely bad at Tiddlywinks. So I'm going to go. But I will give you so many updates when it's all over.

Carly: Oh, please do.

Lulu: I'm going to go change.

Carly: Okay.

Lulu: Bye.

Carly: Have fun!

Lulu: Okay.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Well, I know that you wanted to go to the party as much as I did, but I have to do the right thing. So we're going to stay home, and we're going to have a nice quiet evening with your brothers. We can do that, right?

Molly: So how much further?

Morgan: The docks are right around the corner. Wait till you see how brown and gross the water is.

Molly: Man, I still can't believe Mom threw out my harbor water for the pollution project in science class. By the way, thanks for helping me get more. [Shivers] I heard about a storm on the news. It feels like it's coming in.

Morgan: We'll be home soon.

Johnny: Get me out of here.

Molly: Somebody's in trouble. What should we do?

Johnny: Can anyone hear me? I need help! Please! Get me the hell out!


Johnny: Hello? Please? If somebody is out there --

Joey: Let him yell his head off. Nobody can hear him.

Johnny: Somebody! Hello? Is anyone out there? I need to get out!

Morgan: We could call 911.

Molly: No. If our parents find out we're here, we'd be in huge trouble.

Johnny: Is anyone there?

Molly: But maybe we can help.

Morgan: We don't even know who he is.

Johnny: I need help now, please!

Molly: True, but what if he's the innocent prisoner of cruel and merciless sea captains?

Morgan: What if he isn't? I say we make an anonymous call.

Johnny: Can anyone hear me? This is life and death. I need to get out!

Molly: The call would take too long. We have to save his life.

[Claudia and Olivia grunting]

Olivia: If you think for one second I'm going to let you blow my kid's life apart --

Claudia: All this from the woman who went after my husband and my brother?

Olivia: Oh!

[Olivia and Claudia grunting]

Olivia: You will not hurt my boy.

[Olivia and Claudia grunting]

Olivia: I'm fricking finished with you!

Williams: Police! Break it up!

Claudia: Help me! Get this psycho woman off of me!

Williams: Come on. Give it up.

Olivia: No!

Williams: Give it a rest! Give it a rest.

Claudia: Oh, God! Thank God you showed up when you did. She's trying to kill me.

Olivia: It's okay. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. You can let me go. Let me go.

Claudia: Uh-uh. Don't you dare. I want her arrested. [Panting]

[Olivia panting]

Johnny: Joey, I swear to God, if anything happens to my sister while I'm in here, you're dead!

Molly: He's in that room.

Johnny: Whatever they're paying you, I'll triple it for you to let me out of here.

Morgan: I know that voice.

[Knock on wall]

Guard: Give it a rest, Zacchara.

Morgan: It's Johnny. We have to get him out.

Molly: How?

Morgan: I have an idea, but it's dangerous. If you don't want to do it, it's okay.

Molly: Are you kidding me? This whole rescue thing was my idea, remember? I'm in.

Claudia: This crazy woman broke into my room and attacked me without provocation. If you hadn't shown up when you did, she might have killed me.

Olivia: Officer, that is a total exaggeration --

Williams: Not by much. I was in the lobby when the room next door called and said it sounded like somebody was being murdered.

Claudia: Yeah. She tried.

Olivia: That's a total lie. Officer, I swear, I'm not going to be any more trouble. You can let me go.

Claudia: No. I want her taken downtown, arrested, charged with assault. Are you going to deny me equal protection because my husband is Sonny Corinthos?

Williams: Look, I'm sorry, but I'm going to take you downtown.

Olivia: You can't --

Claudia: Yes. Thank you. Please, get her out of here.

Olivia: You can't do this. You can't do this! I have to find someone!

Williams: We'll be fast. You behave yourself, you'll be looking for your friend in no time.

Jax: All right. Listen up. I want you to really slow down with the refills 'cause most of these people have a reputation for violence. So we don't want to get them drunk on top of that. They might start shooting each other before we get to the main course, and we don't want that. Okay? That will be all.

[Jax sighs]

Dominic: Well, on behalf of Mr. Corinthos, I'd like to thank you for throwing this elegant birthday part in honor of his wife.

Jax: All right. Cut the crap. You don't have to thank me. I just want Sonny behind bars, okay? That's what you're doing here tonight -- working undercover, right, Detective Falconeri?

Dominic: This isn't exactly the best time to mention it.

Jax: Just work your case against Sonny, okay?

Dominic: I'm working on it.

Jax: Are you? 'Cause it seems to me that you're getting a little bit too comfortable in your role as family friend.

Dominic: You know what? Well, Sonny's a tough target. But you already knew that, right? Otherwise, you would have found a way to lock him up years ago.

Alexis: That looked tense.

Jax: Yeah, well, I've been snapping at everyone all night, so --

Alexis: Okay. Please don't snap at me if I ask you why.

Jax: Despite Carly going into false labor a week ago, she wanted to come tonight. So I'm hoping that I talked her out of it.

Alexis: Oh, knowing Carly, I bet that won't work. I'm sorry. Don't snap. Thank you.

Jax: Well, I'm here to supervise this farce because I own the hotel. So what's your excuse?

Dominic: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Hey, hey. Yeah.

Dominic: Good to see you, man. I'm the stand-in host until your son gets here.

Mike: Yeah. Well, I'm happy and a little surprised to be invited.

Dominic: I think father and son should spend time together.

Mike: You put in a good word for me, didn't you?

Dominic: Yeah.

Mike: It's all those late nights talking about the Yankees at Kelly's, yeah?

Dominic: That and the chili.

[Elevator bell dings]

Mike: Well, thanks. It's good to be here.

Dominic: All right.

Mike: Thank you.

Tracy: I don't know why I let you drag me to this mobster's ball.

Luke: Well, admit it. What I feel would love to go anywhere with me. I could use a drink. Actually, I could use several.

Tracy: Why tonight particularly?

Luke: Some things you don't want to know. Some things I wish I didn't know.

Tracy: Well, on that cheery note, how about we just pay our respects to the birthday girl, and then, we slip out of here before the bodies start to drop?

Luke: You would leave the party before it got interesting?

Dominic: I had no idea you and Sonny had such a history.

Robin: Oh, yeah. Years and years of it. Come to think of it, you kind of remind me of him when he was younger.

Dominic: Hmm. How so?

Robin: Well, he used to be a lot more jokey and would smile a lot more. These days, he's a little bit more guarded.

Dominic: Um, yeah. I guess I could probably use a little restraint myself. Excuse me. The hosting duties are calling.

Robin: Fine.

Maxie: I'm going to make this quick, because I have to get back to the office. But what exactly are your intentions with Lulu?

Lulu: Uh, you don't --

[Dominic chuckles]

Lulu: Have to answer that.

Dominic: Well, I could try, but you're awfully hard to ignore.

Mike: Michael. What are you doing here?

Michael: Looking for my dad. I know it's bad timing, but I really got to talk to him.

Sam: How'd it go with Sonny?

Jason: I don't know.

Sam: What do you mean? He didn't believe you?

Jason: No. I played him the recording, and I told him how we found it. He knows it's real.

Sam: Okay. What did he say?

Jason: Sonny listened to the recording, and then said he had to go to Claudia's birthday party.

Sam: Ugh. Okay. Jason, maybe he's in shock. Or -- what? Then maybe he doesn't care anymore --

Jason: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if he cares. I care.

Jason: Okay. I just need you to hear me out.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Okay. You know that I can't let Claudia get away with what she's done, even if it means going against what Sonny says.

Sam: Jason, you don't know how Sonny feels about this yet. You don't know what he's going to do.

Jason: Sammy, he's going to a party, okay? I understand the guy's in a tough spot right now, and I'm trusting that he's going to do the right thing. But if he doesn't, I'm telling you right now --

Sam: No, no, no. Wait. Please. Please.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Personally, I want Claudia to rot in hell, just like you. You have already lost so much, Jason. Michael could turn on you. Sonny could turn on you. He may not be in love with her, but he certainly likes being married to her. Killing her would be the ultimate act of defiance. You could wind up losing everything that matters to you.

Second Guard: Look at this one.

First Guard: How did you find that?

Molly: Excuse me? Would it be possible to collect some water off your pier? It's for a science project at school.

Second Guard: You shouldn't be here, kid. This is private property.

Molly: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trespass.

First Guard: You need to leave.

Molly: I'm not sure how to get out. Is there an exit that leads to the pier?

Second Guard: I'll show you.

Molly: I still need to get my water sample.

Second Guard: Get it for her. Let's go.

Molly: Thank you, sir.

Johnny: What the hell are you doing here?

Morgan: I'm here to help you escape.

Johnny: I'm a little chained up to the wall at the moment.

Morgan: We have to find a way to get them off.

Johnny: Look, no. You listen to me. These guards cannot catch you in here. You got to get out of here now. Get out. Go!

[Door shuts]

[Johnny sighs]

Dominic: Didn't Lulu tell you she spent the night in my room, drugged?

Maxie: Oh. Is that why you didn't come home last night?

Lulu: I drank a spiked bottle of water on the photo shoot by accident.

Dominic: She was stoned as a rock star. Fortunately, I was there to rescue her.

Maxie: Oh. You could have brought her back to our apartment.

Dominic: I also could have left her crawling around on the pier in the middle of the night, but instead, I was her protector.

Maxie: Oh. And you didn't take advantage of her.

Dominic: Didn't lay one hand on her, even though you did ask me to, like, repeatedly.

[Lulu and Maxie laugh]

Dominic: Excuse me, ladies. I'll be right back.

Maxie: So you were drugged.

Lulu: Yes.

Maxie: But not by him.

Lulu: No.

Maxie: And then, he rescued you.

Lulu: Pretty much.

Maxie: Ooh, girl. You are in deep.

Carly: Hello?

Dominic: Hey, it's Dominic. I'm here at the hotel. Not to alarm you, but I just saw Michael.

Carly: At the party? Why?

Dominic: I talked to him earlier. He said he has something he needs to tell his dad.

Carly: About what?

Dominic: Claudia. I don't know. You want me to tell Jax?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: No, no. Michael's not going to take advice about his father from Jax. [Sighs] All right. Well, I'm going to come over now and get him.

Dominic: Okay. I'll try to keep an eye on him.

Alexis: So, this is the price of co-parenting -- showing up at a party of a woman that you loathe. But you do it for the sake of your child.

Jax: Well, you could have called and sent your regrets.

Alexis: No, because Kristina really, really wanted to be here, and I really, really didn't want her to. So I'm making an appearance instead.

Jax: Just taking one for the team, right?

Alexis: That's what we do. And I'm so glad I have my empathetic friend here who hates being here as much as I do. Certainly not fun and games for you, is it?

Jax: Can't wait for this to be over.

Alexis: I have this sense -- I don't know. Maybe it's just my normal paranoia of being in a public place with Sonny -- but I get this feeling that something really, really bad is going to happen.

[Knocks on door]

Claudia: Ha. Right on time.

Sonny: You look fantastic.

Claudia: Thank you. So do you. I had champagne sent up for a surprise.

Sonny: Actually, I got a surprise for you, too.

Sonny: I was going to save this for later, but I might as well do it now.

Claudia: Ooh. Have I mentioned I love birthday surprises?

Sonny: Open it. Open it.

Claudia: Okay. [Gasps] Oh, wow, Sonny. It's gorgeous. You have amazing taste.

Sonny: You should wear it tonight. What do you think?

Claudia: Oh, I think that would be great. I want to. I want to show it off and show everybody what a great husband I have. You do the clasp, okay?

Sonny: Okay. Let's see here. You ready?

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Watch it. Look at that. Look at that. Oh. Wow.

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: Oh! It's perfect! Oh, my goodness. Who would have ever thought a night like this could happen?

Sonny: You know what I want to do? Have a toast to your birthday. You are finally getting what you deserve.

Williams: I was at the Metro Court checking the guest list for Sonny's party when a hotel guest called the desk and said someone was being attacked in the next room. When Officer Blake and I got there, Ms. Falconeri was pounding on Claudia Corinthos, who was screaming for help.

Olivia: Commissioner, you've got to let me post bail. I got to find my son.

Mac: Thanks, Roy. I'll take it from here.

[Door closes]

Mac: You know, Claudia's no one to mess with.

Olivia: Yes. Believe me. Believe me. I know that. I got to get to my son before Claudia does.

Mac: Now, when you say your son, do you mean Dominic Pirelli or Detective Dante Falconeri?

Olivia: How the hell do you know that?

Mac: He's been working undercover to make a case against Sonny. I saw the paperwork the night we busted him in a drug raid.

Olivia: Okay. Claudia's found out. She's going to tell Sonny at this party tonight.

Mac: Does Claudia know your son's an undercover cop?

Olivia: No. She only knows that I'm his mother. But if she tells Sonny that, he's smart enough to figure out the rest.

Mac: You know, I spent a lot of years trying to clean up the mess Sonny leaves behind, but there's too much that can't be fixed -- senseless deaths, ruined live away forever. And if he can accomplish that, I'm all for it.

[Johnny grunts]

Johnny: Morgan, go home. Those guys could be back any second.

Morgan: Molly's acting lost.

Johnny: Molly? What the hell are you talking about? You got to go find her and get her safe and get her out of here.

Morgan: Yes.

Second Guard: Hey!

[Men grunting]

Johnny: Drop it! Now!

Johnny: Thanks, you two. I got to go save somebody else. Let's go!

Jason: If I go against what Sonny says, and I kill Claudia, I'm probably going to have to leave the organization. Probably going to have to leave town, Sam.

Sam: It may not come to that, Jason. It may not. You don't know what's in Sonny's head. Maybe he's processing, thinking about how he's supposed to respond. He's believed Claudia's story for months. He's got to feel betrayed. Or maybe he's questioning his own instincts, wondering why he didn't see this coming himself. Jason, you've got to give him some time.

Jason: Okay. Okay. But if he doesn't take care of Claudia, I am.

[Elevator bell dings]

Michael: You are so busted.

Kristina: I wanted to see the party.

Michael: And you're hiding 'cause your mom said you couldn't come, right?

Kristina: Wow. That fortune teller at the carnival knew what she was talking about. You do have ESP.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's a curse. But what can you do?

Kristina: Have you told Dad?

Michael: That I remember Claudia confessing to getting me shot? That's why I'm here. Dad needs to know the truth.

Mayor Floyd: There you are. [Chuckles] Sorry.

Alexis: Oh, my God. You trying to kill me?

Mayor Floyd: No. [Chuckles] So, what surprises you more, that I am here at the party, or that I'm actually talking to you?

Alexis: Both.

Mayor Floyd: Oh, yeah.

[Alexis sighs]

Mayor Floyd: You know, I never gave you a proper apology for the trouble that my late wife caused you. I'm sorry.

Alexis: Thank you, Garrett. I'm sorry, too, because I think we both came up with a bunch of false accusations about each other. So how about we just call a truce and let bygones be bygones?

Mayor Floyd: Actually, I'd like you back -- as district attorney, that is.

Alexis: Oh. Oh! Well, that's very flattering, Garrett, but I'm going to have to say no, because I love private practice. It gives me more time with my girls, a flexible schedule. But thanks anyway.

Tracy: Heh. Would you look at that? His Honor the mayor of our city putting in an appearance at a mob party. Might as well have the word "corrupt" tattooed on his forehead.

Luke: You know, there's nothing wrong with a little moral latitude in public office. I mean, where would you be without all the bought and paid-for judges and city officials in your pocket?

Tracy: You are unusually ornery tonight. What's that about?

Luke: Oh. I just keep thinking about Lucky, putting himself out there again, betting his whole heart on the third try with Elizabeth.

Tracy: Well, there's no arguing with someone who thinks they're in love.

Luke: They may be in love. But it's also illusion, and in his case, deliberate delusion.

Maxie: You know, you could at least try to play hard to get.

Lulu: I'm not playing anything with Dominic.

Maxie: Lulu, come on. You're trying to act so hard like you don't care that you're doing the exact opposite.

Lulu: You are so off base.

Maxie: Oh, really? Because when Dominic was saying how he rescued you and took you home, you were wearing this really goofy smile that kind of looked like this.

Lulu: That face is so ridiculous.

Maxie: It's what yours looked like, which means you're so totally into this guy.

Lulu: No, no. I have done everything to discourage Dominic short of slapping him in the face, and that actually might be next.

Maxie: Oh, really? Okay. Well, when you're ready to face your feelings and you want to talk about them, I'll be around.

Lulu: Oh.

Patrick: Well, I have to admit, parties have come a long way since the keg stands at the frat party house, whatever it's called. And so am I, of course.

Robin: What? What are you talking about?

Patrick: Are you okay? Are you still thinking about the evidence against Claudia?

Robin: Yeah. I'm totally stuck on what to do about it.

Patrick: Well, a very wise woman that I ended up marrying once told me that sometimes, it's not our problem to solve.

Robin: I may not be that wise after all. I mean, Sonny is my friend, so does that mean I would be betraying him if I warned Claudia that there may be evidence that she tried to kill him?

[Claudia laughs]

All: Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear Claudia happy bir --

[Singing fades]

Sonny: Jax. She did -- Carly -- a great job decorating this place.

Jax: Great job.

Sonny: Can you thank her for me?

Jax: Oh, absolutely. Will do. You know, money buys almost anything these days, doesn't it, Sonny?

Mayor Floyd: Mr. Corinthos. Thank you for the invitation.

Sonny: You're welcome. And I'm sorry about the loss of your wife.

Mayor Floyd: Thank you.

Sonny: And I understand that the bad press put your political future in question. If there's anything that I can do --

Mayor Floyd: Do I have a choice?

Sonny: Do you want to win the election or not?

[Sonny and Mayor Floyd laugh]

Mayor Floyd: It's nice to see you, Mr. Corinthos. Mrs. Corinthos, happy birthday.

Claudia: Thank you. I love it when you put people in their place.

Sonny: Do you? Mmm?

Claudia: Yeah.

Mike: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Mike: Right here. You -- you look beautiful.

Claudia: Thank you. Mike, it's so nice that you could make it.

Mike: You know what? I tell you, I don't have to cook, it's a great night for me. Okay?

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: You guys, excuse me for just a minute, okay?

Mike: Sure, sure. Heh. You know -- You know, I got to say this. I'm a little surprised that you're giving a birthday party for Claudia.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, Claudia's worked very hard, all right, to be the wife that I deserve.

[Elevator bell dings]

Sam: All right. It's a pretty big turnout, and Claudia does look happy.

Jason: Which means Sonny's told her nothing.

Johnny: Hey, where's Carly?

Mercedes: Uh, she went to go get Michael. Sonny's having a birthday party for your sister at the Metro Court, and then --

Johnny: I got to go to the Metro Court. You guys should be okay. I'm going to call Bernie, though. He's going to send over some men to watch over you. All right?

Molly: Can't you stay?

Johnny: Look, thank you guys so much for the bravery that you showed tonight. I will never forget it. My sister, though, is in a lot of trouble. I got to save her the way you saved me. Okay?

[Carly sighs]

Marty: Carly.

Carly: Hey, Marty.

Marty: Where you going?

Carly: Upstairs. Michael crashed the party. I'll go grab him, take him home. Excuse me.

Marty: I have strict orders from Mr. Jacks not to let you upstairs.

Jax: Jason looks a little more intense than usual tonight.

Sam: Yeah. Well, he's not exactly Claudia's biggest fan.

Jax: Look, I don't want trouble, okay? I went along with this party because Carly insisted. But if you know something's going on, you let me know.

Sam: No. Nothing's going to go on tonight, not that I'm aware of.

Jax: Well, you let me know if you hear otherwise.

Sonny: Thanks for coming. Means a lot to me.

Luke: Hey, we wouldn't have missed it.

Tracy: Speak for yourself. And don't think that you can worm your way into society with your wandering money, missy.

Luke: Okay. All right. Sorry about that.

[Tracy laughs]

Luke: Take it easy, will you? Take it easy.

[Claudia scoffs]

Sonny: Annoying when she hits the nail right on the head, isn't it?

Dominic: Hey. It's safe. I drank the -- well, almost the whole bottle, so --

Lulu: Oh. Hey, sorry about Maxie. She reads drama into everything.

Dominic: Oh, really? 'Cause I thought when she asked me what my intentions were with you that maybe you mentioned me, you know, in a positive way.

Lulu: Oh, right. Well, unfortunately, when I tell Maxie that a guy is getting on my last nerve, she thinks that I mean the exact opposite when really, I just mean exactly what I'm saying.

Dominic: Okay! Well, thanks for clearing that up.

Lulu: You're welcome.

Dominic: All right. I really keep you off-balance, huh?

Lulu: I just feel like I don't know who you really are.

[Elevator bell dings]

Dominic: Good.

Sonny: Can I get everybody's attention, please, uh, just for a little bit here? Um, I want to thank everybody for coming to celebrate Claudia's birthday party. There's just a few things that I'd like to say about my lovely wife.

Carly: Marty, look. I'm worried about Michael. He's had a hard time lately. The last place he needs to be is at a party for Claudia. I'm going to go grab him and take him home.

Marty: Mr. Jacks was very emphatic.

Carly: That's because Jax loves me and he's looking out for me, and he's right. Look, I've had a few scares with this pregnancy, but I'm not going to let anything happen. I'm not going to risk it, okay?

Marty: I suppose if you're just going to pick up Michael --

Carly: I am. I'm not going to stay. Isn't it time for you to go home? Go, go. I'll be fine. Come on.

Marty: Okay. Uh, Carly? Take care.

Carly: Thanks.

Sonny: I just want to take a moment to thank some of my closest friends. They always stood by me through the good times and the bad times, and I appreciate your love and support. I didn't always listen to their wisdom. God knows I'd be in a better place today if I had.

Sonny: Luke Spencer helped me build what I have in Port Charles. We've always had each other's back. That is worth its weight in gold. Like I said, I appreciate you coming. It means a lot to me. And I know that Tracy probably fought you on it, 'cause she -- you know. But she's just watching out for you. She's a loyal wife. It's a beautiful thing to have. Hi. How are you? Robin, well, I just want to say, you know, you've always been like a little sister to me, and I'm so glad to see you so happy. You finally got everything you want. You got a career, you got a great family, and you brought this man into my life. I came very close to losing my son because of my own carelessness. You saved him. You brought him back. And I'll never forget that.

Carly: Nope. Impatient pregnant woman. I'm in a hurry. Sorry.

Sonny: I would also like to acknowledge my father. Anybody who knows me knows that forgiveness doesn't come easy, or at all. He's never given up on me. He's always stood by me. And I thank God for that.

[Johnny panting]

Sonny: Alexis, the mother of my beautiful daughter. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye. But we'll always have a mutual respect, and I appreciate that. Jason, my -- my right-hand man, my best friend. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. You've stood by me, you know. Sometimes, the price has been high -- very high. Last but not least, the birthday girl, Claudia. [Sighs] What can I say about you? What best describes my wife? How can I ever repay you?

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