GH Transcript Wednesday 10/28/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/28/09


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Luke: Good morning, cowboy.

Lucky: It's afternoon, Dad.

Luke: After what? Ooh. Man, that light is bright off the water, isn't it?

Lucky: You wanted to see me?

Luke: Did I?

Lucky: Yeah, you did. Something happen last night?

Luke: Single malt scotch. Thought it was really humid and hot last night. I didn't sleep well. Ah, it's kind of a blur.

Lucky: You were fine when Elizabeth and I left the Haunted Star. That 2 minutes where you were trying to hustle me was one of the best conversations we've had in years. So tell me, Dad, what, uh, what was it this time that made you dive head-first into a bottle?

Lulu: Aah!

Dominic: Whoa-whee! Ha ha. Whew.

Sam: Hey. Did you get ahold of Sonny?

Jason: Not yet.

Sam: Not yet? Jason, I thought you were gonna meet him like when the plane landed.

Jason: Sonny went straight to his house with Claudia. So Sonny still has no idea... that Claudia got Michael shot.

Johnny: Let me out of here, Joey.

Joey: Make yourself comfortable. You're here till I say otherwise.

Johnny: The hell with you! My sister is out there and I gotta save her.

Claudia: Since you're handling the arrangements for my birthday party, I just want to make sure that you know my husband expects everything to be perfect, and my happiness is important to him.

Olivia: If you're concerned that the party won't meet with your discerning standards, you can arrange it yourself.

Claudia: I would love to have done that, but unfortunately, we were delayed by the storm and we had to make an emergency landing.

Olivia: I suppose it's too much to hope that you were hit by lightning?

Claudia: Just prepare a list for tonight and I will make sure that it meets with my husband's approval.

Olivia: The hotel is taking care of what the hotel needs to take care of. Why don't you cut the crap and tell me why you called.

Claudia: Fine. Is that how you want to play it? I'm gonna have a little conversation with you pre-festivities, all about your son.

Sonny: Where you going?

Claudia: Um, I'm gonna go over to the hotel and just get ready there and sort of pamper myself.

Sonny: I'm gonna have one of my men go with you because there might be some blowback from the Puerto Rico trip, and I want you safe.

Claudia: You're so cute. You worry too much. It's gonna be fine. But I hope you know how grateful I am for this party. And if you come early to the suite, I'll show you just how grateful I can be.

Sonny: I'd love to, but I'm gonna be swamped. I thought I would have more time. The storm just killed all that.

Claudia: Well, I hope it doesn't kill my party tonight. It better not. It's a really big night for me. I have a feeling tonight is gonna change both of our lives. 

Lucky: Did Mom call you last night?

Luke: No. Why would she?

Lucky: No reason. Just trying to figure out what would send you off to get drunk.

Luke: Did you talk to her?

Lucky: Yeah.

Luke: Is everything all right?

Lucky: Everything's fine. I called her.

Luke: Oh. Why?

Lucky: No reason. I just, uh, wanted to let her know how Elizabeth and I are doing.

Luke: Oh. What did she say?

Lucky: That's between her and I, Dad.

Luke: Do you have any doubts about...getting remarried?

Jason: Sonny's gonna hear the truth about Claudia from me as soon as I can get him over here to tell him. [Cell phone rings] Yeah, Max, what do you got?

Max: Claudia's getting ready to go to the Metro Court.

Jason: Already?

Max: She wants to get ready for the party there.

Jason: Well, what's Sonny doing?

Max: He has business here at the house. He won't be leaving for a while.

Jason: Okay, look, I want you to follow Claudia to the Metro Court, and please don't let her know that you're watching. Any word on Johnny yet?

Max: He's M.I.A.

Jason: All right, you call me if he makes any contact with his sister, and I want you to keep Sonny away from him. He needs to hear this from me.

Max: I'm discretion personified.

Jason: Right.

Sam: Why would Sonny doubt the evidence that we have against Claudia?

Jason: [Sighs] Guilt. I mean, Claudia has had so much time to work Sonny, especially now, with playing the whole Kristina card and her losing her baby. But it doesn't matter, because no matter how Sonny responds...I'm gonna do what has to be done.

Johnny: You must have a death wish. Let me go.

Joey: Wish I could, John, but-- [Cell phone rings] Just a second. [Ring] It's for you.

Johnny: Yeah?

Anthony: You don't write and you don't call, and I'm starting to take it personally.

Johnny: You're responsible for this.

Anthony: [Laughs] I can't talk long. The library's closing soon. If I don't turn my book in, they're gonna charge me with a fee. That wouldn't look so good for a model citizen. How's Joey treating you, son?

Johnny: Tell him to let me go.

Anthony: All in good time. Joey has to take out Corinthos and Morgan first, and I want you out of the line of fire. No more accidents.

Johnny: Claudia's life is on the line and I have to warn her.

Anthony: Your sister made her choice, John. You sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Johnny: The truth about what she did to Michael is about to crash down on your daughter's head.

Anthony: Well, it's about time, don't you think?

Sonny: Can I ask you a question? How exactly is your birthday party going to change my life?

Claudia: Ha ha! Tonight just-- I don't know, a feeling, something in the air, maybe. And I don't mean the storm. I'm...maybe I have a little... I don't know, just--it's the way that you want everyone to see how we're together now. You and me. And maybe I have a little secret for you, too. Okay, you just--you just have to wait on that one, please, and be patient. I think that you're gonna be very happy, although one never knows with you.

Sonny: Okay. But if you are pregnant, it would--I'd like to know that like right now.

Claudia: I'm not pregnant. And you're just gonna have to wait for the rest.

Sonny: You're just being very cryptic.

Claudia: Oh, look at you. My goodness. It's not easy when it's someone else's secret, is it? All right, you know how you trusted me in Puerto Rico? So I want you to trust me now. That's all. And... I just--I don't know, I want this party to be memorable for all of us. Okay?

Dominic: Uh, did you, uh, lose something?

Lulu: No, I thought I'd get down here and clean the carpet. I can't find my shoes, okay? I'm pretty sure I had them on when I got here, but who knows, since I don't remember how here or how my shoes came off or why I'm in a room with some guy parading around naked.

Dominic: Uh, for starters, I'm not just some guy. I was not parading around. As far as I could tell, you were out cold. At least that's what I thought. I just came in here to change. It is my room.

Lulu: Well, what happened? Why am I here?

Dominic: You really don't remember?

Lulu: No, I don't know why I'm here or...what happened? Oh, my God, what--what did we do?

Dominic: We slept. You in the bed, me in the chair. I have a stiff neck to prove it.

Lulu: Seriously, why would I go anywhere with you?

Dominic: Oh, nice way to talk to the guy who saved you. The Elm Street pier? None of that rings a bell?

Lulu: The last thing I remember is the "Crimson" photo shoot. I don't remember being on a pier with you or anybody else. Why? Is there something that I should remember?

Lucky: I don't have any doubts about remarrying Elizabeth, Dad. It's best for both of us and the kids.

Luke: So the fact that she had an affair with Jason and had Jake and tried to pass him off as your son doesn't bother you, you don't have any residual disappointments or anger, you don't have any--

Lucky: Is this really a conversation you want to have, given Ethan's unexpected arrival into our lives?

Luke: Don't do that. Don't take this off track. This is not about me 20 years and change ago. This is about you and Elizabeth today, now. Are you being honest with each other? Just to declare that you trust her and ignore any instinct that you have to the contrary is setting both of you up for failure.

Lucky: That's what trust is, Dad. It's trust. There's no way around it. And I trust Elizabeth, okay? She just doesn't trust herself because of what happened with Jake. She's judging herself, just like you're doing.

Luke: No, I'm not judging her. No, that's not it. I just, uh, I just don't want to see you get your heart broken.

Lucky: Dad, you know what? I don't care what you think you're doing. I really don't care. Go home. Get some sleep. Let me find my own way.

Luke: Do the two of you even want the same things?

Lucky: What does that even mean, huh? We want a family, Dad. A family. And just so you know, it's fine by me that cam and Jake don't share my DNA. It's not always something to brag about. Those boys are my sons. And they're perfect just the way they are.

Luke: Well...okay. I guess you told me.

Lucky: Yeah, I guess I did.

Dominic: I was just minding my own business down on the pier with a friend of mine, and then you showed up.

Lulu: What friend? Do I know him?

Dominic: I don't know. I mean, you might have met him. It's a buddy of mine named Ronnie.

Lulu: The guy from the hospital?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: I don't remember seeing him last night or you. I don't even know why I was at the pier. This is so freaky.

Dominic: No, it's not. You were high.

Lulu: That's impossible, because I don't do drugs.

Dominic: You told me you drank some bottled water on the set. It was somebody else's bottle.

Lulu: You think there was something in the water?

Dominic: I tried to take you to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. You didn't want to go, so I brought you home.

Lulu: Oh, I bet you did.

Dominic: What--what was I gonna do, leave you on the pier in your condition?

Lulu: If you tried anything--

Dominic: Me? You were the one. You practically jumped my bones. I mean, I knew you had the hots for me, but I had no idea--

Lulu: What? No, no, no, shut up. No, I didn't do what you're saying I did.

Dominic: Would you relax? Nothing happened. No matter how much you begged for it.

Lulu: You are such a liar.

Dominic: You were an animal. You were chasing me all around this place. All the pent-up passion you have for me just came pouring out of you.

Lulu: Oh, fine. What--so--what exactly did I say and do? Did I kiss you?

Dominic: I--I did allow one kiss.

Lulu: Mm. Okay. What else?

Dominic: Nothing. Would you relax? I swear, I would never take advantage, no matter how adorable you look stoned.

Johnny: My old man's playing you like a deck of cards.

Joey: As long as he feeds the kitty, I got no complaints.

Johnny: My father's crazy. He's behind bars. He's got no power. He's goading you into making a plan against Sonny that has little to no success rate. You realize that? If you succeed, yeah, he's got an ally, but if you fail, his hands are clean.

Joey: Well, that's an interesting analysis. It's not very flattering to me or your father, though.

Johnny: Be smart. Make an alliance with Sonny and get of the way.

Joey: Look, the only mistake your father made was trusting you when you turned against him.

Johnny: Mm.

Joey: Now, I'm not gonna get in the middle of family. I'll get rid of Corinthos and Morgan, and I'll make sure that you can't warn them.

Johnny: You're signing your own death warrant.

Joey: Well, I recognize my opportunities, and I pay my debts. I promised your old man you'd stay alive, end of story. Keep an eye on him. 

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: What's up? You waiting for the launch?

Lucky: No, I'm just kicking myself for even attempting to talk to my father.

Nikolas: Oh. You guys fighting again?

Lucky: When are we not? He asked to see me and then he showed up an hour late, so hung-over he could barely stand.

Nikolas: I know how you feel about that.

Lucky: That's not what made me mad. I mean, sure, it's not fun having a dad who's a drunk, but I'm not gonna be the one to try to fix him. I'm going to those meetings myself trying to work on letting it go. I just hate when he tries to give me advice. He pulls out these insights and philosophies that are just nonsense, just three-quarters self-serving garbage and...

Nikolas: Ignore him.

Lucky: The problem is that one-quarter of it's not about justifying his own crap. That part's usually dead-on. It pisses me off because no matter how far apart we get or how much we disagree, the bastard still knows me better than anyone.

Claudia: Why would John call me, leave me an urgent message, and then not answer his cell phone?

Sonny: What was the message?

Claudia: Oh, he said I needed to call him the minute I landed, and then I just keep getting his voicemail and--

Sonny: Johnny's an irresponsible kid. You know that. You've seen it a million times.

Claudia: Not when it comes to me, Sonny, come on.

Sonny: I got an idea. Call him at Olivia's and see how urgent it really was. I'm sure it wasn't that urgent.

Claudia: Really? It's just--

Dominic: Hey, welcome home. I take it the trip was a success.

Sonny: Thanks to Claudia. So I've decided to throw her a birthday bash at the Metro Court.

Dominic: Ah, so I hear. Happy birthday.

Claudia: Thank you. Have you seen my brother?

Dominic: Can't say that I have. Uh, where do you want me tonight, boss?

Sonny: I want you to make sure she gets to the hotel without incident.

Dominic: Okay, I'll find Max and Milo and see if they're available.

Sonny: Did you--you didn't hear what I said? I said I'm counting on you to make sure she gets to the hotel, inside her room, safely.

Sam: Are you alone?

Michael: Yeah, my mom's dealing with Claudia's birthday party, and Jax is at the hotel. Morgan's at a friend's house. He's just trying to figure out what he's gonna be for Halloween.

Sam: Okay, you called me. So I'm guessing you have a memory from when you were in the coma.

Michael: No, it's about Jason. Why does he hate Claudia so much?

Sam: Um, well, you're gonna have to ask Jason that.

Michael: I did, and all he would tell me is that he doesn't trust her.

Sam: Okay, well, there you go. There's your answer.

Michael: But why doesn't he trust her? What has she done? You know, don't you?

Sam: Know what?

Michael: You're doing what Jason does. You're bending over backwards not to tell me. Jason hates Claudia because he thinks it was her fault that I got shot.

[Door opens]

Carly: Hi.

Jason: What are you doing here, Carly?

Carly: I want to see your new place.

Jason: Um, okay, you've seen it, now you can go back home.

Carly: Stop being so paranoid. Hi. Wow, this place does suit Sonny better than that coffeehouse.

Jason: This is not a good place for you to be.

[Carly sighs]

Jason: And what you--

Carly: I wanted to see you and you're here.

Jason: Carly, you already had one early labor scare. Right? Now supposedly a storm's heading in. You need to go home where it's safe.

Carly: If one more person tells me to relax and go home, I'm gonna to scream. Okay? It's hard for me not to stress out when Sonny's having this stupid party for Claudia and Michael is acting weird about it.

Jason: What kind of weird?

Carly: He said that if--that Sonny wouldn't want to give Claudia this party or anything else.

Jason: I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Carly: Well, you're wrong. I do worry about it, because whatever changes Michael has been through, I can still read my kid like a book, Jason. He's keeping something from me.

Jason: Like what?

Carly: Like whatever he knows about Claudia would change how Sonny feels about her.

Jason: Like what?

Carly: Are you being annoying on purpose? I don't know. That's why I'm here. I'm asking you. I want you to tell me. He also implied that you're in on it. And you know how much I hate being in the dark, and that's gonna stress me out, so why don't you just tell me the dirt you have on Claudia. 

Lucky: Dad started in on Cam and Jake, specifically Jake. How I must be carrying some lingering resentment or distrust because Elizabeth lied and told me I was Jake's biological father.

Nikolas: Well, you know, most-- most men would, to find out that their wife had been with another man.

Lucky: Yeah, but it's more than that. Elizabeth lied, in part, because she thought the truth would compromise my recovery. So, yes, she failed me, but I failed her first. And now what I want more than anything is to just let it be over. You know? I--I forgave Elizabeth. I just wish she could forgive herself. I don't know why I'm telling you this, anyway. It's between me and her.

Nikolas: Listen, if you're having second thoughts about marrying her, maybe--maybe you should look into that.

Lucky: Have you been talking to my dad?

Nikolas: No.

Lucky: Did the two of you get drunk together last night? I'm not having second thoughts, Nikolas. I'm just saying I need to be patient. I just need to give Elizabeth the time she needs to trust herself.

Nikolas: Well, I know that she loves you, Lucky, and it would kill her to hurt you again. Well, do you think there's some things that she may not be telling you?

Sonny: Is Carly all right? That's all I want to know.

Jax: No thanks to you and this ridiculous party you decided to throw tonight.

Sonny: Well, you know what, Jax? Most of the guests are business associates and friends, so if you want to come by and give the birthday girl a kiss on the cheek, you're very welcome to do that.

Jax: I got a better idea.

Sonny: Yeah, what's that?

Jax: Cancel it.

Sonny: Why would I do that?

Jax: Do you ever see beyond your own ego? I mean, come on. Carly's in her last trimester, okay? Wait till after the baby's born, then you can throw all the parties you want and I'll make sure that the hotel gives you a special discount.

Sonny: So somehow, in your warped mind, Jax, this party is bad for Carly?

Jax: You called her to organize this, Sonny. Okay? She took it upon herself to do all the planning when she should be resting.

Sonny: If you can't control your own wife, that's your problem.

Jax: I'm not gonna let you jeopardize her health, you understand?

Sonny: She's not stressed out. She finds this whole thing entertaining. And by the way, I'm not getting the family and friends rate. She's charging me through the roof. And I'm letting her.

Jax: You think I care about the money? I care about Carly's life and our little girl's. And if anything happens to them because of your selfishness or your psychotic wife, I will do what I should have done years ago.

Sonny: Yeah. What are you gonna do?

Jax: I'll kill you myself.

[Door slams]

[Sonny sighs]

Claudia: Put that in the closet. Please be careful.

Dominic: Thanks. Well, I will leave you to get ready for your party.

Claudia: Actually, there's time for that. In the meantime, we can have a little privacy.

Dominic: All right, you don't want to go there again, do you?

Claudia: Don't flatter yourself. I want to talk to you about your mother. My brother left me an urgent message and I haven't been able to reach him all day.

Dominic: Well, maybe you should try family therapy.

Claudia: Don't be obtuse. The only reason my brother wouldn't have called me back is if his hand's up your mother's skirt.

Dominic: You know, you better keep your mouth shut.

Claudia: Or what? What are you gonna do to me, Dante? I'm gonna tell you how this is gonna go. If John and Olivia want to play house, that's fine. But there's gonna be a price to pay. So you tell your mother that her little secret is about to blow up.

Dominic: You know what? I don't want Johnny with my mother either. So, why don't you just assume there could be a dozen reasons why he's not calling you back?

Claudia: Like what?

Dominic: I don't know. I'll ask around. Maybe he's on a job. Maybe he just needed a break.

Claudia: You better find my brother, Dante, 'cause if you don't, if he's not at that party tonight, you and your mom are gonna pay.

Jason: Okay. Carly, I have the situation handled. Come on.

Carly: That's what you've been saying for months, and you haven't done anything about it. I know my son. He knows something. He's keeping it from me because he doesn't want to upset me, and you're doing the same thing.

Jason: Carly, with all due respect, don't you have enough on your mind already?

Carly: Telling me to relax doesn't help me, okay? I'm watching Claudia get the death grip into Sonny and I don't buy that you're doing nothing about it.

Jason: Okay. What I'm doing is my business, not yours.

Carly: So you're doing something. Tell me. We've been through so many things over the years. Why can you not tell me this?

Jason: You're my best friend. I know how much you want that little girl--

Carly: This has nothing to do with anything.

Jason: Yes, it does, because when you told me this condition could kill you, it scared the hell out of me. You promised that you would do everything you could to save your life and this baby's life, and I'm asking you to keep that promise.

Carly: I am being calm. I am. I'm doing everything. I'm doing the stupid meditation.

Jason: Whatever's happening, I can promise you that it's not gonna touch you or this baby. Now, please go home.

Carly: The second this baby's born, you better tell me everything.

Jason: Good.

Elizabeth: Her BP is steady and there's been no change in the last hour. Uh-huh. Yeah, I'm writing that down. Okay. Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.

Lucky: You were focused on your work. Do you have a break coming up soon? Is there a chance we could grab a cup of coffee?

Elizabeth: I can't leave for half an hour.

Lucky: Oh, see, I have to get in to work, so we'll just, um, just do it another time.

Elizabeth: Lucky, wait. I'm really sorry about last night.

Lucky: You don't need to keep apologizing.

Elizabeth: I'm being ridiculous. I'm making a big deal out of this, and I don't know why. We've been together on and off for the past, I don't know, since we were 15. There's nobody I trust more than you. I don't...I just don't know what's wrong with me right now.

Lucky: I do. Nikolas told me.

Dominic: Claudia is safely in her hotel room.

Sonny: Why don't you go ahead and get dressed.

Dominic: Me?

Sonny: Yeah. I expect you at the party.

Dominic: Well, you want me to do security with Max and Milo?

Sonny: Well, you're a little more articulate than the Giambetti brothers, and I want you at the part to make sure, you know, everything goes smoothly, and you welcome the guests.

Dominic: Whoa, you want me to play host?

Sonny: No, I'm asking you to-- to be useful. You think you can do that? Listen, got a lot of old friends coming, business associates. I'm not sure if they mingle comfortably, so what I want you to do is be there, make sure they have a good time, act as my representative.

Dominic: I'm honored. But I do have to point out that things are volatile right now, and--

Sonny: Dominic... if it's too hot for you, there's the door. Leave.

Dominic: Wait a minute. You just wanted me to host your party, now you're--

Sonny: No, I'm giving--listen. I'm just tell--I'm giving you a choice. Look, I owe you. Right?

Dominic: No.

Sonny: For saving Morgan's life. But you told me yourself, you know, it was volatile, so if you don't want to risk your life... go.

Dominic: Sonny, I'm not bailing. In fact, just the opposite. I want to show you how good I can be.

Sonny: Glad to hear it.

Dominic: I'll make sure everything's running smoothly.

Sonny: Okay. I'll see you at the party. Oh, you know what? We're gonna be a little late, Claudia and I. Okay? I'm on my way to Jason's.

Claudia: Have you seen your son today?

Olivia: That would be none of your business.

Claudia: That would be no, I suppose. Which means Dominic thinks he has me handled. He doesn't.

Olivia: You better think long and hard before you threaten my kid.

Claudia: You know what? What is with your attitude? I kept my end of the bargain here. Sonny has no idea that the son that you have been keeping from him all these years is working underneath him, under an assumed name.

Olivia: Why am I here?

Claudia: Because you haven't lived up to your end of the bargain. I asked you to stay away from my brother, but you couldn't keep your filthy hands off of him, and now's he's nowhere to be found.

Olivia: Maybe he's trying to avoid you.

Claudia: Johnny tells you everything, doesn't he, Olivia? Tell me where my brother is-- now.

[Door opens]

Jason: Whew. Still waiting for Sonny.

Sam: I'm glad I got here first. I just left Michael. He asked me--[Chuckles] -- if you think that Claudia got him shot.

Jason: Michael knows?

Sam: No. He wants to know. And he also wants me to explain why you hate her so much.

Jason: What'd you tell him?

Sam: I told him that he was gonna have to talk to you first, and he said that if he would do that that you would just treat him like a child and protect him from anything ugly.

Jason: Maybe I do.

Sam: But, Jason, I don't-- I really don't think there is any protecting Michael from this. If you kill Claudia, he's gonna know why. He's gonna blame you for it and it could change the way that he feels about you.

Jason: Well, maybe it should. Maybe someone who does what I do isn't the best influence on Michael!

Sam: Then maybe you need to find another way. I hate Claudia. I do. And I want her to pay for what she's done, but not if it's gonna ruin the relationship that you have with Michael. You've given that kid your entire life, Jason. You cannot let her take that away from you. 

Lucky: It's not fair for me to do this to you here.

Elizabeth: No, it's fine. I want to know whatever Nikolas said to you.

Lucky: He said you love me. And that it would kill you to hurt me again. And...I keep hearing your voice in my head, and you've said the same thing over and over. I know you're scared, Elizabeth. But you're... you're carrying something that isn't yours to carry. It's like you feel responsible for us breaking up because you lied about Jake. So, somehow, you're responsible for this working this time. I mean, you have to repair my relationship with my dad and praise me as a father. And last night, we were gonna make love. I don't want perfection. I want you, Elizabeth. I want your confusion and your fears and your anger. I want it all. That's perfection to me.

Elizabeth: Why are you so wonderful to me?

Lucky: Why can't you believe how wonderful you are? [Sighs] Look, I understand that this is messy, and it's complicated. You know, I mean, we're trudging through a lot of history here for us to get back together. But you're gonna have to find a way, somehow, to forgive yourself. Just...just take your time. Okay? All right.

Johnny: Get back.

Johnny: Let me go.

Joey: What the hell? Get him back in there. If he wants to play rough, fine. Cuff him to a chain on the wall. Go on.

Johnny: They're gonna kill Claudia! Come on, I gotta get to my sister.

Olivia: I have no idea where Johnny is.

Claudia: You are a liar. And I'm done. I am finished arguing with you. I'll get my husband's men to find my brother. Sonny can't do enough for me these days, right? Like this birthday party he's throwing for me. And I've been thinking to myself, well, how do I pay him back? How do I show Sonny that I'm as loyal to him as he is to me?

Olivia: I don't know where Johnny is. I haven't heard from him. He has not called me. I swear to you on my son's life.

Claudia: Don't you mean on Sonny's son's life?

Olivia: Claudia, you can't do this.

Claudia: Yeah, I can. Actually--

Olivia: It'll ruin everything for you.

Claudia: I can and I will. I'm going to give Sonny a present tonight, and that's gonna be to tell him that Dominic is really Dante, and Dante's his son.

Michael: Dad! What are you doing?

Dominic: Bernie wanted me to find him some papers. You want to help me out here?

Michael: No, I can't. I can't. There's something--I just gotta see my dad.

Dominic: Your dad was going to do some business, then he was going to the party. Something I can help you with?

Michael: There's something important that I gotta tell my dad and I'm not sure it can wait.

Sonny: Sorry. The storm screwed up my whole schedule.

Jason: This won't take long.

Sonny: You know what? Can we just talk at the party? 'Cause I know--what are--I know you hate Claudia. What are you doing?

Jason: You need to listen to this.

Sonny: No, I don't--what are--

Claudia: You didn't waste any time, did you?

Jerry: And why are we here?

Claudia: On Friday at 7 p.m. Sonny is expecting a shipment of coffee. He'll be here to sign off on it. It's all very legit.

Jerry: How do you know that?

Claudia: I know.

Ian: He'll have at least 2 bodyguards.

Claudia: No, the custom inspectors will be here so he can sign off on it in person. He can't risk having guards around.

Ian: I can do this.

Claudia: Good. Then we're agreed. Sonny dies on Friday.

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