GH Transcript Tuesday 10/27/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/27/09


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Johnny: I appreciate that you came to me with your concern for my sister.

Michael: Family's family.

Johnny: Hmm. Why are you giving me the chance to protect someone who may have hurt you so badly?

Sam: I'm not trying to stop you. I just want you to consider the consequences.

Jason: I will consider the consequences. But now that I have proof that Claudia got Michael shot, she has to pay. This has to end.

Luke: Some dark, stormy, winter night, we'll break open a case of Irish and I'll give you the whole sordid rundown with the Cassadine-Spencers. But until that time, I suggest, when you see Nikolas, consider turning and walking the other way.

Ethan: God, just look at how he's manipulating her. She's selling her soul for fine dining and a night at the casino.

Luke: You might want to take your heart off your sleeve, Romeo, before somebody has it for breakfast.

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: Just a minute, just a minute. I am coming.

Lucky: Remember me?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think I might remember you. My fiancé, right?

Lucky: Yeah, that would be why they call me Lucky.

Elizabeth: Oh. [Giggles] Come in. I'm almost ready. I just can't find my jacket. It was so crazy getting the boys over to Gram's tonight. I don't know why it always has to be such a major production.

Lucky: Oh, there.

Elizabeth: Where?

Lucky: You left it on the banister.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you. I'm just so scatter-brained. I've been holding my necklace for the past hour.

Lucky: Here, let me. Let me see.

Elizabeth: Great, thank you.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. Is there any particular reason why you're so nervous tonight?

Elizabeth: Well, I guess all this time of going out with you gives me butterflies.

Lucky: Oh, it's mutual. There.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: You okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yes, I'm fine. And I'm going to suggest something that I know you're probably not going to like, but bear with me.

Lucky: I'm listening.

Elizabeth: How about we go to the Haunted Star tonight? To say hi to your dad.

Lucky: Why?

Elizabeth: He misses you, Lucky. And I know you miss him, too. And I'm not trying to flatter myself, but I think it's a little easier for the both of you when I'm there to build a bridge.

Lucky: Well, you're not flattering yourself, 'cause sometimes I think the only thing Dad and I do agree on is how great you are.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] That's not true. It's not even close. But, Lucky, you've given me so much. And I'm not saying that I can give you back your relationship with your dad, but at the very least, I can come up with reasons for the two of you to hang out.

Lucky: Or we can just go to dinner.

Elizabeth: Or we can just go to dinner. It's up to you.

Lucky: Oh, all right. Let's just go gambling. I feel like gambling. I feel lucky tonight. Did I just say that?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes, you did.

Lucky: I did.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Well, I'm with you, so it must be true. Come on.

Elizabeth: All right.

Dominic: I'm not getting you any more paperwork. How many more times do I have to say it? I already got you enough for one bust that you made look so perfect, I almost got myself killed.

Ronnie: That was small stuff.

Dominic: Oh, well, thanks a lot.

Ronnie: We need real numbers. Something that can prove tax evasion, RICO violation. You know, something that will hold up in court.

Dominic: The computer guy runs all of the serious money. Spinelli.

Ronnie: Oh, you mean the geek who talks weird.

Dominic: Yeah, he's a genius. He's got everything encrypted on his computer. No one can get to it.

Ronnie: Stop with the excuses.

Dominic: I'm telling you the truth.

Ronnie: Here's the truth, Officer Falconeri. Look, the only reason you didn't get reassigned earlier was 'cause somebody way up on the food chain decided to pull some strings.

Dominic: Yeah, you don't think I know that already?

Ronnie: Look, why don't you do yourself and the rest of New York City’s finest a favor? Get the goods on Corinthos and just get the hell out.

[Boat horn in distance]

Lulu: So that's why you carry a badge. You're a cop.

Johnny: These memories, Michael, you sure about them?

Michael: What, you mean did Claudia really sit at my bed and tell me that it was her fault that I was in that coma? Yeah. Yeah, the memories are real. And it seems like she visited me all the time, because she kept saying it over and over.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, you were in a coma at the time. So I want you to be 100% sure. You sure these memories are accurate?

Michael: I guess that's just going to have to be up to my dad.

Johnny: So you're gonna tell him?

Michael: I mean, how could I not? She put a hit on my dad.

Johnny: We had a good reason to believe that your father was going to kill me or Claudia or both of us at the time.

Michael: Yeah, but I really doubt that that's going to matter to my dad. And... I know it's not going to matter to Jason.

Jason: Okay, so I've been really thinking about what happened in Mexico. Jerry thinks I'm going to die, so why would he lie? Why wouldn't he just tell me that Claudia was guilty?

Sam: I don't know. Probably to make you suffer even more. Unless he was protecting her.

Jason: Unless they were still working together. I mean, it never really made any sense. How does Jerry just happen to find Michael and Kristina in Mexico unless Claudia sent Jerry after Michael?

Sam: Yeah, she did, Jason. She had to.

Jason: Okay, now why? Why? Because Claudia may be starting to figure out that Michael was remembering some things and didn't want Michael to come home.

Sam: Yeah, Claudia set that psycho loose on a couple of teenagers, including my little sister. I'm done being objective now. She did this. I'm with you, Jason. Let's make her pay.

Ethan: I think I'll go run the table.

Luke: Let's let Rocco run the table, pal. There's a whole plethora of suckers here to fleece tonight.

[Indistinct chatter]

Luke: Well, hello, you two.

Lucky: Hey, Dad.

Elizabeth: Hey, you've got quite a crowd.

Luke: Yeah, not bad for a weeknight.

Lucky: I thought we'd stop by and lose some money.

Luke: The way you play?

Lucky: Well, guaranteed if you're dealing.

Luke: [Scoffs] Come on, cowboy. I never knew you to walk away from a challenge.

Lucky: A challenge? No, never. A set-up? Every day of the week.

Luke: Are you inferring that I would cheat my own flesh and blood? That's my boy.

Elizabeth: Gram has the boys tonight, so we're having a night out.

Luke: Good. Let me stake you to a couple of games.

Lucky: Oh, yes. Lure them in, then bring the hammer down, right?

Luke: I'll get your chips.

Lucky: I'll grab us drinks.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: Elizabeth? You okay?

Dominic: What are you doing here?

Lulu: I like the view. I like the horizon where the sky meets the water. It's pretty dark at the moment.

Dominic: [Laughs] Um, where have you been?

Lulu: Where has anybody been, when you think about it? I'm here now, and I was there before, and then before that, I was some place else. [Laughs]

Dominic: Um, have you been drinking?

Lulu: No.

Dominic: Are you sure?

Lulu: No, no. I never drink on a shoot. Never. Never. Not for any reason.

Dominic: Then you were at a shoot?

Lulu: Yes, I was at a shoot. I was over there, I was at a warehouse. And it was so cool and it was really hot inside because of the lights. And there was this model, and she came with her hair changed, so we had to get another model, and then they came with all these other people.

Dominic: Did you drink anything?

Lulu: I drank water. I was so hot, and I couldn't see straight. And then--oh, and then Maxie's-- Maxie's so good. She's so good. She's going to be famous. 'Cause she's-- she's as cool as... something that's really cool.

Dominic: Did you drink a bottle of water?

Lulu: Mmm. Wait. She's as cool as the other side of a pillow.

Dominic: Okay. Did you set it down?

Lulu: The pillow?

Dominic: No. The bottle of water.

Lulu: Well, I didn't guzzle it, if that's what you're asking.

Dominic: All right, so maybe you might have picked up someone else's by mistake.

Lulu: Mmm, that's possible. There was lots of running around because Kate didn't want to pay us overtime.

Dominic: All right, well, this bottle you picked up might have been enhanced with something.

Lulu: Really?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: Like, with drugs? But who would do something like that?

Dominic: I don't know. But, uh, look, we gotta get you to a hospital. We might need to have your stomach pumped.

Lulu: No, no, no, no. I don't want to do that.

Dominic: Okay, but you should at least see a doctor.

Lulu: That's very conscientious of you, Officer.

Dominic: Oh...

Jason: So Claudia never wanted Michael to come home. She called Jerry.

Sam: Yeah, but Claudia could not have known at that point that Kristina had ran her off the road, so why would she send Jerry? I mean, for what reason?

Jason: No reason, I think. Kristina would have been collateral damage.

Sam: Jerry had Kristina and Michael locked up in that apartment, Jason. What if I hadn't shown up?

Jason: You probably saved their lives.

Sam: All right, fine. We have to stop her.

Luke: So what will it be? Some blackjack, Texas hold 'em, 5 card?

Lucky: Your call, Elizabeth. Anything you want.

Elizabeth: What I really want is to go home and spend the rest of the night with you.

Luke: Well, I certainly can't compete with that.

Lucky: Yeah. We're out of here.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Luke: Good night.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: Good night.

Nikolas: All right, so 17 black. Is that your bet?

Ethan: 17 black.

Rebecca: I think it's my lucky night. I can feel it.

Nikolas: Yeah? Okay, now double your bet.

Rebecca: No, I can't afford that.

Nikolas: No, it's fine, go ahead. Don't worry about it.

Rebecca: Okay. Come on. Come on! What?! Ahh. I don't believe this. I knew it was going to hit.

Nikolas: You will. Keep playing.

Rebecca: No, I'm almost out of money, Nikolas.

Nikolas: That's all right. Bet it again. Bet it again.

Tracy: The answer is no. I will not smile and wave at your side. I will not make an appearance. And if you know what's good for you, you won't, either.

Luke: It will be a lot easier for me to argue with you if you tell me what the hell you're talking about.

Tracy: A Mr. Bernie Abrams called the house. How did he get the number?

Luke: Abrams is Corinthos' consigliore. Why is he calling me?

Tracy: Well, apparently your BFF is throwing a party for his odious wife, and you're invited.

Rebecca: [Sighs] How could I lose again? I don't believe this.

Ethan: So sorry, love.

Rebecca: Oh. Maybe it's time to call it a night.

Nikolas: We just got here.

Rebecca: Yeah, my luck is bad.

Nikolas: Which only means it's about to change.

Rebecca: Oh, no. I've already blown all of my gambling budget.

Nikolas: It's fine. I'll cover it. For the rest of the evening, all bets are on me.

Rebecca: Nikolas, you really don't have to do this.

Nikolas: It's fine. I'm happy to pay for everything tonight.

Ethan: And what exactly do you think you're buying?

Johnny: Hey, Sonny and Claudia are on their way back from Puerto Rico, right? I've tried Claudia on her cell a couple of times. I'm becoming a little concerned.

Jason: They made an emergency landing to avoid a storm.

Johnny: Thanks, Bernie. Are they all right?

Jason: Yeah.

Johnny: So you talked to them?

Jason: No, not yet. Sonny really doesn't want to deal with anything until he gets home.

Johnny: But Claudia is okay?

Jason: You sound worried.

Johnny: Should I be?

Dominic: You're a little out of it, if you don't mind my saying, so I think maybe you remember hearing something that you didn't.

Lulu: Was the other guy that you were with, um, a cop, too?

Dominic: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. This makes perfect sense. Why you carry a badge, and NYPD, and you act like you hate mobsters and you're supposed to be one. You're... undercover!

Dominic: No. No, not at all.

Lulu: Just one second, Officer.

Dominic: You know, you've gotta stop saying that.

Lulu: If you are undercover, that's because you want to bust Sonny. And I know Sonny from a long time ago, and he's best friends with my dad. And you want to put him in prison.

Dominic: No, look, I don't know what you're talking about, but I can't leave you out here babbling like this, so I gotta take you back to my place.

Lulu: No, no, no, no. I'm not going anywhere with you. Officer.

Nikolas: I'm sure that you're not implying that Rebecca's for sale.

Rebecca: All right, Nikolas, that's enough.

Ethan: Look, can't you see what he's doing? All right, are you too wrapped up in your fantasy fairy tale of loving a prince?

Rebecca: Ethan, please don't do this.

Nikolas: Let's just go to another table.

Ethan: Look, why can't you see he's using you?

Luke: Details, Spanky. What did Bernie say?

Tracy: He said that Sonny's giving a party on Thursday at the Metro Court in honor of his lovely bride Claudia's birthday.

Luke: So why are we invited?

Tracy: Why do I care? More importantly, why would I go?

Luke: It must be important to Sonny or he wouldn't use Bernie to do his legwork. Who else is invited?

Tracy: What difference does it make? They're all loading their machine guns as we speak.

Ethan: Yeah, go ahead, keep lying. Keep trying to deny it.

Rebecca: Can we just leave, please?

Ethan: Deny that you offered me a million dollars to take her off your hands, and deny that you're tired of the game and want to put her up for sale!

Rebecca: Please, stop.

Ethan: Look, he can't deny it, because it's true. All right, it's true. He's tired of the game, and he wants you off his hands.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Lucky: We have the whole place to ourselves till the morning.

Elizabeth: It's perfect.

Lucky: Here.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: If I had known, I would have, I don't know, done something a little more romantic.

Elizabeth: I don't need that. All I need is you. You've been so patient, and I've been all over the place.

Lucky: I haven't always been patient, Elizabeth. I mean, the engagement party, for one. I wanted to tell you that wasn't fair for me to just spring it on you like that.

Elizabeth: It was amazing. And I know you were just thinking of me and the kids, like you always do.

Lucky: It's okay to tell me I was pushing too hard.

Elizabeth: It worked out. And now all the people we love know we're starting over. So everything's official. Well... almost everything.

Jason: I've never had a problem with you. And I know you understand how this business works. So... when Sonny and Claudia get back, whatever happens, it's got nothing to do with you.

Johnny: You had a sister, Jason. And regardless of what she may have done, you would have gone to help her, to protect her. I'm just saying, if I go to help and protect Claudia, it's not that I'm being disloyal to this organization. It's that she's my sister.

Jason: I would have given my life for my sister. But there was no way to save her.

Johnny: Well, I appreciate you stopping by.

[Dog barking in distance]

[Jason sighs]

Nikolas: I didn't mean to overstep when I offered to cover you tonight. I just wanted you to enjoy your evening, that's all.

Ethan: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're buying this holier than thou crap.

Rebecca: You're the one making the problem, Ethan!

Ethan: I'm trying to warn you! Okay, he's setting you up!

Nikolas: You honestly believe he would turn down a million dollars, no matter what he had to do for it?

Ethan: You handed me the check, like your property to be bought and sold.

Nikolas: Oh, come on now, Ethan. That's just a cruel thing to say to me.

Ethan: Look into his eyes, all right? You are not there.

Nikolas: Okay. I want to be with you. I'd rather not make a proclamation right here in the middle of the Haunted Star, but, yes, I want to be with Rebecca.

Ethan: Okay, now he's just saying whatever you want to hear. He can't even be bothered with revenge anymore. Now he just wants you out of the way.

Nikolas: Come on, you don't have to listen to this. Let's go.

Ethan: Leave her alone!

Rebecca: Ethan!

[All murmuring]

Luke: Hey, hey! Hold it! All right, that's it! Hold it, gentlemen! Take this anywhere but here.

Ethan: All right, let's go outside then, come on!

Nikolas: You really are an idiot, aren't you?

Rebecca: Okay, Nikolas, please. Let's just go.

Nikolas: All right, all right.

Tracy: Okay, everybody. Free drinks. Sorry for the confusion. Please go back to your games.

Luke: Come on, you aren't going anywhere.

Ethan: You let go of me!

Luke: Don't start with me. You are working here.

Ethan: Are you going to defend this psycho?

Luke: Look, every punter that walks out of here, every time you throw a punch, we are losing money, coming right out of our pockets.

Tracy: Actually, it's coming out of my pocket.

Luke: From now on, you leave your love life out of the Haunted Star.

Tracy: While you're at it, why don't you fall in love with someone else? Anybody else?

Ethan: Nikolas is going to destroy Rebecca!

Luke: Maybe. And maybe she's just decided to cut you out of the con. She's doing it herself.

Ethan: You know that's not what's happening.

Luke: Well, I don't know what's happening, but I think you should let the lady do whatever it is she's going to do.

Ethan: So what, you're just going to stand by and watch Nikolas stomp all over her just to prove he can?

Luke: Do you have any proof of these allegations?

Ethan: No.

Luke: Okay. Then here's where we stand. You didn't get the girl. The other guy did. That doesn't mean every time you see the other guy, you should pick a fight. Calm down. Chill out. Let me get you a drink.

Rebecca: We should have never even gone back to the Haunted Star after dinner.

Nikolas: I wanted to give you a chance to gamble. I know how much you like it.

Rebecca: Ethan was completely out of line, Nikolas. I'm so sorry.

Nikolas: Ouch. You don't have to keep apologizing; it's not your fault.

Rebecca: Well, let's just not go back to the Haunted Star, okay?

Nikolas: The Haunted Star's not the problem. Luke used to hate me simply because I was a Cassadine. There wasn't anything I could do about it. And I see a lot of Luke in Ethan. He seems to have inherited all of his worst qualities and none of his good ones.

Rebecca: He's going through a difficult time, you know? Port Charles didn't really turn out to be what he had wanted. He thought we were going to be on a beach in the Riviera by now.

Nikolas: Maybe you should be.

Rebecca: Okay. I know you didn't mean that, and I'm absolutely sure that you would never offer Ethan a million dollars to steal me away from you. It's just a ridiculous story that Ethan made up, right? Because I chose you and not him. Okay, let's just go back to Wyndemere and forget any of this ever happened, okay?

Nikolas: No, I'm in a bad mood and you shouldn't have to deal with it. Come here.

Rebecca: Hey, maybe I want to.

Nikolas: No, I--

Rebecca: I'm not some fragile flower.

Nikolas: I know. I think it's best for the both of us if I take you back to the Quartermaines, okay?

Rebecca: Okay.

Nikolas: Come on.

Lucky: Elizabeth, are you sure you're ready?

Elizabeth: I love you and I miss you and, yes, this is what I want.

Elizabeth: Wait, wait.

Lucky: Elizabeth, are you okay?

[Door opens]

Sam: So I've just been going over all the terrible things that could have happened in Mexico--

Jason: Sonny is throwing Claudia a birthday party.

Sam: What?!

Jason: Yeah. Just spoke with Bernie. Sonny is throwing a birthday party for Claudia Thursday night at the Metro Court. Now Sonny and Claudia got delayed because of some weather issues, but he already has Bernie calling people and inviting people to the party.

Sam: Okay. Well, then now you call Sonny. You call him and tell him that we have proof that Claudia's the one who put Michael into a coma. Or take a plane to wherever they are and kill her yourself. She didn't care what happened to Michael or Kristina. I don't care what happens to her. You know what, this is probably better for Michael anyway, because you can tell Michael that she fell off of a cliff or anything, it doesn't matter.

Jason: Sonny isn't taking any calls right now.

Sam: He'll take this one.

Jason: I know, but I'd rather him not, because he's going to give her a chance to wiggle her way out of it.

Sam: Or he'll kill her.

Jason: [Exhales] I just hope she doesn't take Johnny down with her.

Sam: How could that happen?

Jason: Well, I just saw him, and, look, he's not stupid. He knows that I'm after his sister, and I think he knows that I found the proof to prove that Claudia is guilty.

Sam: Well, do you think that he was in on it?

Jason: No. No, Claudia might have said something to him and I'm sure he kept it quiet to protect his sister, which, you know, I understand.

Sam: Jason, if I could go to Puerto Rico, I would kill her--

Jason: Okay, Sam, just need to settle down, because you're not going to have to do that.

Sam: Okay, fine. Then Thursday night it is. It's going to be one hell of a party.

Dominic: Ah...

Lulu: We're at Kelly's, aren't we?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: My dad and my aunt own this place, so you better watch your step, Officer.

Dominic: Ha. Drink this.

Lulu: Mm-mm. No. That's how I got into this mess in the first place.

Dominic: Look, it is sealed. See? If you drink this whole thing, you could probably sleep it off.

Lulu: You think that I haven't heard that line before? You brought me up here so you can sleep with me. That's what this is about. That's what this is always been about.

Dominic: Look, I may have many, many faults, but one of them is not to have sex with girls who are too drunk to say no.

Lulu: Well, what if I don't want to say no? What if I haven't wanted to say no for a long time? Maybe I've thought about what it would be like to be with you. In a room like this on a beach somewhere in a fancy New York hotel.

Dominic: Uh, you've thought about it?

Lulu: Maybe all these little fantasies come crashing out of my brain. And I don't want them, but I can't sweep them out. And maybe, just maybe, it'll live up to all my wildest dreams. Or not. Officer.

Tracy: Here you go, Sluggo.

Luke: Look, the Spencers and the Cassadines have had a tenuous cease fire. It's a very fragile peace, and it cost us all a lot. I'm not about to let you blow it all to hell over a woman.

Ethan: Look, the fight between me and Nikolas has nothing to do with your Spencer-Cassadine feud.

Luke: I'm afraid it does. 'Cause any time you will go against Nikolas, a whole lot of other people get affected. Now I don't like that. You're not in this game alone anymore, man. This is the way families work.

Tracy: Wow. That sounded grown-up.

Ethan: Well, I'm not going to let Nikolas ruin Rebecca's life.

Luke: Well, then we're back to where we started. Wife. Can you keep the kid busy for a while? I'm gonna go make sure Nikolas knows that you and I are neutral in this.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. This is not fair.

Lucky: Hey, it's okay.

Elizabeth: God, I've been so terrible to you.

Lucky: No, you haven't.

Elizabeth: I don't know what is wrong with me. I mean, everything I want is right in front of me, and I just can't seem to reach out and take it, and I'm sorry.

Lucky: Hey, hey, stop saying that.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I love you. I love you, I really do. I have for most of my life. And all I want to do is raise our boys here together in this house, and it's what I've dreamed about. And I know it's what you want, too, but I just can't accept it.

Lucky: Okay, you're scared.

Elizabeth: I don't even know who I am anymore. [Sighs]

Lucky: I-- I know how that feels, too. But, Elizabeth, we're going to get through this. I mean, look at what we've survived so far. Hey. I'll do whatever you need. Even sleep on the floor, for old time's sake. I'll wait as long as it takes for you to trust this again. I believe in you. I always have.

Elizabeth: I... I don't deserve you.

[Door closes and opens]

Carly: Hey.

Michael: Mom.

Carly: I was worried about you.

Michael: Well, check your messages. I left two. Have you been on the phone?

Carly: Yeah, I was. I guess I didn't hear the beeps. I've been really busy.

Michael: What are you doing?

Carly: Your dad is throwing a birthday party for Claudia Thursday night at the Metro Court.

Michael: Since when? Is he home?

Carly: He's on his way. He called from the plane.

Michael: Um... does Jax know you're working this thing?

Carly: Kind of. Yeah, you know, I have to talk to you about something. Even if your dad invites you to this party, I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to go.

Michael: Look, you might as well get some rest, because I don't think that Dad's going to want to throw a party for Claudia or anything else.

Carly: Why is that?

Sam: What if I hadn't tracked Michael and Kristina down to that apartment? What would have happened to those kids?

Jason: Are you ready to talk about what he did to you?

Sam: Please, Jason. He sold me to a drug dealer. I mean, the guy was plastered and pretty stupid. It wasn't that difficult to knock him out and take his car. But Krissy, gosh, it just would have been impossible for her.

Jason: Yeah, maybe it was Jerry's original plan just to kill Michael and sell Kristina.

Sam: Gosh, Claudia is brilliant at playing the victim. I just can't wait until she's actually one herself.

Jason: Okay, didn't--hold on.

Sam: What?

Jason: Let's just stop. Didn't we agree that you were going to stay out of it? Didn't you say, "Oh, I'm going to act like this--"

Sam: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Jason: For some sort of deniability?

Sam: Wait a minute. I think it's a little tiny bit too late for that.

Johnny: Claudia, I need you to call me as soon as you get this. It's important. I need to see you now.

Joey: Johnny Zacchara. It's an honor. Your father told me so much about you.

Dominic: Mmm. You know, you are really not making this very easy, but--

[Lulu chuckles]

Dominic: You will thank me tomorrow.

Lulu: Mmm, you will thank me tonight.

Dominic: What is this? A test of my willpower because I just hung out with you when you wanted to leave all the time?

Lulu: What about all those cheesy pick-up lines? Can't you back it up?

Dominic: I can't. I can't sleep with you tonight. We'll both regret it in the morning and especially me, because you will hate me.

Lulu: You are no fun.

Dominic: I'm going to do what I should have done earlier and take you to the hospital, okay? Come on.

Lulu: No, no, no, no. I don't want to go to the hospital. The food is really bad there, and Epiphany will yell at me, and then Elizabeth will ask a lot of questions and Lucky will probably arrest you, and... your bed's really comfortable.

Dominic: Well, you know, I guess you could just sleep it off here. I'll be close by in case, you know, you stop breathing. I'll pray in the morning you forget any of this happened.

Lulu: But why would you pray for that...Officer?

[Dominic groans]

Lucky: Mom? Hey, what are you doing up so early? Oh, so it's official, you really are becoming a gourmet chef. No, I just wanted to hear your voice. Hey, did you get the pictures that I emailed to you from the engagement party? Good. I wish you had, too, but I understand why you haven't been able to visit. I mean, it's nobody's fault, it's just... it's just complicated. Uh, no, Elizabeth's, um-- she's good, she's just, I don't know, she's afraid of something. I-- I mean, not of me, I don't think. Just of us together, of getting married. But I know she loves me. She's just, I don't know, she's just so guilty about what happened before with Jason and Jake. It's like she's terrified she's going to do something wrong or disappoint me. She couldn't do that. I mean, she won't do that. I know that about her. Sometimes I feel like I know her better than she knows herself. What do you think I should do, mom? I mean, do you think I should just keep telling her everything's going to be okay? Think I should call off the engagement, just slow things down and see where everything is? Yeah? No, Mom, I-- you don't have to, I know what you're going to say. Believe me; I'm hating the words as they're coming out of my mouth. [Sighs] I just, I can't give up on her. I know if we could just get to the other side of this, we'll be happy.

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