GH Transcript Thursday 10/22/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/22/09


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Luke: Nature's nosh and nectar of romance.

Tracy: Bubbling wine and fish eggs won't make me more receptive philanderer.

Luke: That's a category I haven't graced in many a moon.

Tracy: Only because you were held captive.

Luke: My dear, it's been a very long, dry summer. I crave your healing touch.

Tracy: If this is your idea of romance, I'm not impressed.

Luke: Well, I've done everything you asked. I got Helena back to Europe. I'm standing here totally devoted to your comfort. Couldn't you meet me halfway?

Tracy: If you want nooky... you're gonna have to work a lot harder to get it.

Luke: Allow me to consult with my associate. Dodge, first thing in the morning, pick me up three dozen long-stemmed red roses and a sparkler from that jeweler on Main Street, and put it on her credit card.

Ethan: I'm sorry, mate. You're gonna have to fend for yourself tonight.

Ethan: Rebecca. You look ravishing tonight.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, you tell me that a lot.

Ethan: Only because it's true.

Rebecca: Of course. You're such an honest guy.

Ethan: Okay, all right, let's take this from the top. You look sophisticated tonight.

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. Excuse me; I'm on my way out.

Ethan: Okay, okay, okay, then. You look tolerant tonight, like a woman who would be willing to put up with a bloke who doesn't deserve the honor of her company.

Rebecca: You're right. You don't deserve my company.

Ethan: Ah! Something we agree on. See? We're making progress.

Alexis: You're still searching for Ian Devlin's accomplice in Michael's murder. I get it. That's your prerogative. But you've asked Sam to help you with this.

Jason: Sam makes her own choices.

Alexis: Jason, I know that. But is it fair to put her in a situation that makes her an accessory to murder?

Carly: Are you saying you remember Jerry speaking to you while you were in a coma?

Michael: He was sitting by my bedside.

Carly: Did Jerry mention anything to you about visiting Michael?

Jax: No.

Carly: What did he say?


Spinelli: This graffiti is indeed a mystery. You know, even the Jackal's most powerful search engines cannot trace its origins.

Dominic: All right, you know what? You tried your best.

Spinelli: Then I must better my best. Defeat is not an option.

Dominic: Hey, don't worry about it. We gotta focus on Sonny's business.

Spinelli: Look, you've stumbled upon a rarity, and the challenge must be met.

Dominic: Spinelli, you have to prioritize here, okay? Joey Limbo, a sometime ally of the Zaccharas, a major heavy hitter, has been sprung from prison. Do you know what that means? Only one thing--he's coming after Sonny's operation.

Spinelli: That's most sobering news, indeed.

Dominic: Joey Limbo has to be stopped. That's where you come in.

Sonny: My wife didn't like her drink.

Mo: This is my territory, Mr. Corinthos, not yours. Perhaps... you need to be reminded of that.

Spinelli: While I am most certainly a man of action, perhaps it would be wiser to send a more battle hardened soldier into the fray, particularly since Stone Cold has forbidden me to--

Dominic: No, no, don't worry. We have the front lines covered. What we need is tech support. And you're it.

Spinelli: Then the proverbial we would be who?

Dominic: Sonny. Who's out of the country right now. Meanwhile, Joey Limbo is looking for his opportunity to take him down. I need you to give me a rundown of all the transport routes and shipments so I can figure out where's Joey's gonna strike.

Spinelli: That--that is a highly unusual request.

Dominic: Well, we're in a crisis here. We can't waste time.

Spinelli: Okay, but I only share that level of information with Mr. Sir, Stone Cold, and the bernificent one. So do you have clearance from any or all of them?

Dominic: Look, Jason is on a personal assignment. Sonny's orders to me were clear. Stop Joey Limbo by any means necessary. So naturally, I thought about you.

Spinelli: Yeah, but I'm sure others have more valuable skills in terms of strategy and organization.

Dominic: You don't get it, Spinelli. No one can do what you can do. You are the master of the internet. You get information that no one else can get. Or that's at least what I've heard.

Spinelli: My reputation does speak for itself.

Dominic: Well, then I can't do this without you, Spinelli. Show me how to protect Sonny's interests.

Spinelli: Okay. Uh, Mr. Sir's transport routes criss-cross the eastern seaboard--

[Knock on door]

Dominic: That is bad timing.

Spinelli: It'll just take but a moment.

Lulu: Hey, Spinelli, I have the sex costume.

Dominic: That's neat. When can we try it out?

Ethan: I should get back to the bar. Care to join me?

Rebecca: Actually, Nikolas is meeting me here.

Ethan: With any luck, he fell into the harbor.

Rebecca: Will you give it up?

Ethan: He's treated you like rubbish, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Yeah, after I spent months lying to him, pretending I had no connection to my twin sister, while you and I had plans take him for as much money as we could get.

Ethan: Yeah, but even after he found out the truth, due to a very misguided crisis of conscience on my part, he just pretended to forgive you. He just wants to mess with your head.

Rebecca: He's been wonderful. We're in a really good place, and I think you just dropped your grudge.

Ethan: I would love to drop my grudge, as soon as you drop Nikolas.

Rebecca: Ethan...

Ethan: Okay. It's clear we're not gonna make any headway on this tonight. So, how about you test drink a new martini I invented?

Rebecca: What's in it?

Ethan: That's for you to find out.

Tracy: Look at them. He is wrapped so tightly around her little finger, he's turning purple.

Luke: He can take care of himself.

Tracy: Every move she makes is calculated.

Luke: Anything that young woman learned about running a con, she learned from Ethan.

Tracy: What if you're wrong? What if she's playing him off against... I rest my case.

Luke: Interesting.

Tracy: Hmm.

Jax: Maybe we should talk about this another time.

Carly: I want to know what Jerry said to Michael.

Jax: Well, Michael obviously doesn't feel comfortable discussing his memory flashes.

Michael: It's okay. Uh, Mom's only gonna worry more if I keep it all to myself.

Carly: Okay, you said he came to visit you at the institute?

Michael: Uh, yeah. He said--he was talking about how much Jax loves you... cares about you.

Jerry: You're turning out to be a real problem, Michael. I'm sorry to say that it might be better for everyone if you were dead.

Michael: Uh, you know, Jerry seemed really upset that, uh, I was in a coma, and he said how hard it must have been for y and Jax.

Jerry: You may be the crime that I finally have to pay for, Michael. But I can assure you I won't pay for it alone.

Michael: Uh, and he said that he hoped I--you know, he hoped I'd recover.

Carly: Jerry said that?

Michael: Yeah. And he seemed sincere. You know, we all know that he's not a nice guy, but, Jax, you're the only person in the world he really cares about, right? And he's always been good to me, I guess because I'm your stepson. Anyhow, um, that's all I remember.

Carly: Thank you for telling me that.

Michael: Yeah. I got--I got some stuff to do. See you guys.

Carly: Something's off.

Jax: What do you mean?

Carly: Jerry visited Michael just to be nice? Does that sound like Jerry to you?

Alexis: You're searching through files that list Ian Devlin as an attending physician, and because he shot Michael, it follows that you're looking for an accomplice. And when you find him, you'll kill him.

Jason: That's speculation.

Alexis: Spoken like a real lawyer, which isn't surprising considering how much time you spend with defense counsel.

Jason: Can you just leave this alone, Alexis?

Alexis: No, I can't, Jason. I really can't. Because if Sam helps you with this, knowing as she must, that you intend to kill this person, that makes her an accessory to murder. She will be aiding in tracking down someone you plan to kill.

Jason: Okay, if you have a problem with Sam, you need to speak with Sam.

Alexis: We both know how much she cares about you. Well, I care about her. More importantly, I know how much you care about her, so please, please, just leave her out of this.

Sonny: This nightclub has second-class liquor and second-class people.

Mo: You insult me, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: That's the idea. Come on.

Claudia: I'm impressed.

Sonny: Yeah? I'm just getting started. Como estan, amigos? Buenas noches.

Men: Buenas noches.

Sonny: Uh, if you don't mind, we're gonna speak English 'cause my wife, she doesn't speak Spanish. So--

Claudia: I don't? Hablo un poco de espaŮol.

Sonny: Since when?

Claudia: I studied on the plane.

Man: We are pleased you arranged this meeting. There are important matters to discuss.

Sonny: First on the agenda is our host, Senor Verde... Who has betrayed us all.

Spinelli: Gracious thanks, the original blonde one. That'll be all for now.

Dominic: Let's take a look!

Lulu: No, no, hands off! Stop!

Dominic: Well, if you want an opinion on your new sex costume, don't you think you should model it for the single guy in the room and not your spoken for friend?

Lulu: Oh, well, I'm sure you would be spoken for if you actually had better pick-up lines.

Dominic: Well, maybe I'll be inspired by the costume.

Lulu: Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint, but this is Maxie's. She ordered "Zena, Galaxy Queen," and had it sent to the office and then begged me to drag it over here because she's in the middle of a layout meeting.

Spinelli: And on that note, I'll take it up to the closet.

Dominic: I love "Zena," I watch it every week.

Lulu: Stop, stop, stop, stop! Maxie wants to model it for Spinelli.

[Dominic chuckles]

Spinelli: Actually, yeah, I was just curious if Zena's battle costume changed from season one to season three, that's all.

Dominic: You'd make a gorgeous galaxy queen.

Lulu: He never gives up, does he?

Spinelli: He's most persistent.

Dominic: You know, maybe you and I should go on a date for Halloween. You go as Zena, I'll go as Trojus, her sex slave from the finale.

Lulu: Oh, okay. Yeah, I have an idea--how about you dress up as Trojus and go trick or treating, and then I'll catch up with you later.

Dominic: Ah, all right, you know what, how about you show me those transport routes?

Spinelli: You know, I am on to your subterfuge. And there is no hope for success.

Nikolas: We'll be at a table. Bring us our drinks.

Ethan: I'm not one of your mindless minions. You want drinks, wait at the bar.

Nikolas: Oh, that's a nice attitude for an employee.

Rebecca: Well, let's go sit down--

Tracy: Rebecca.

Rebecca: Yeah?

Tracy: Do you have a minute, please? I want to talk to you about my father.

Rebecca: Yes, just give me a second.

Tracy: No, actually, the correct answer would be, "No, of course, Tracy, I always have time for you and every member of theó

Ethan: You know, just a few weeks ago, you offered me a small fortune to take Rebecca off your hands. And now what? Changed your mind?

Nikolas: Well, after your noble refusal, I've had a chance to reconsider.

Ethan: Ah, yes, and rediscover your deep and abiding love for Rebecca?

Nikolas: Yes, something like that.

Ethan: This is not about Rebecca. You don't give a damn about her. It's about Lucky and Elizabeth.

Nikolas: I won't even grace that with a reply.

Ethan: Lucky is engaged now, and a Cassadine can't stand to be one-upped, can he? So you need a woman of your own and Rebecca is the obvious choice.

Nikolas: That's right, she is. So what do you say we go have a nice dinner and maybe we'll come back when the atmosphere has improved?

Rebecca: Yeah, sure.

Ethan: The prince is one twisted bastard. He's hurting Rebecca and throwing it in my face.

Luke: And this is a surprise to you?

Ethan: Look, I care about Rebecca. All right, I'm not going to stand by and watch her get hurt.

Luke: Well, then be smart and not reactionary. Put your bruised ego and your heart aside, and don't start shooting your guns off until you've got a strategy.

Sam: Okay, black, no sugar. Just the way you like it. As opposed to my delicious latte.

Jason: Thanks.

Sam: You're welcome. All right. Now that I'm fortified, where do we start with the files?

Jason: Before we go any further um, I just thought you should know that Alexis was here... [Sighs] And she did bring something up that I hadn't fully considered. You know what I'm going to do about Claudia if I get the proof that she got Michael shot. And that can make you an accessory. Sam, if something goes wrong, you could be facing murder charges with me.

Carly: Maybe I shouldn't question Jerry's motives.

Jax: Of course you should. He's got a laundry list of crimes that he's committed. He should be in prison for the rest of his life.

Carly: Ah, well, that's true. But, hey, don't forget, he's your brother.

Jax: It doesn't excuse what he's done.

Carly: No. But he genuinely loves you, and I think, by extension, he cares a little bit about me and the boys.

Jax: Jerry cares about no one but himself. He's the most selfish person I've ever known.

Carly: Then why would he visit Michael's bedside?

Jax: I don't know.

Carly: You know what I think? I think Jerry was worried about how Michaelís coma would affect you, and then affect our life, you know?

Jax: Yeah. Maybe.

Carly: I know you don't want to hear this, but sometimes Jerry can be unexpectedly thoughtful. That's the only time he reminds me of you.

Jax: Jerry is nothing like me. He doesn't understand the meaning of loyalty.

Carly: Wow. Well, then aren't I fortunate to have married the good brother? The man who loves me better than anybody ever could.

Jax: Listen, you know that I would do anything for you, right? Anything.

Carly: Yeah. Is something wrong?

Tracy: What on earth would my accountant want at this hour? Himm.

Ethan: Is Tracy about to discover some missing funds?

Luke: That's my problem. Seems to me, you've got plenty of your own. Look, Dutch, I stringently refrain from all fatherly advice. However, I am the world's leading authority on all things Cassadine.

Ethan: Oh, I've seen how you deal with Nikolas. How you put up with that pompous ass is beyond me.

Luke: I have learned to put up with him. And believe me, it's been a challenge.

Ethan: I mean, why put up with him at all?

Luke: Because he's Laura's son. That makes him Lulu and Lucky's brother. I've learned, for the sake of the family, to put my feelings aside.

Ethan: What, and now you expect me to do the same? No, forgot it. He's playing Rebecca like a puppet to work out his sick obsession with a dead wife.

Luke: Yeah, well, that wouldn't surprise you. All Cassadines are very loosely wrapped and they all have a strong morbid streak.

Ethan: Look, I get that you don't care about Rebecca. But I do.

Luke: Well, then you better make damn sure she's worth it, because if you go up against Nikolas, you're going to drag your siblings into it, and it will get ugly.

[Ethan sighs]

Dominic: My subterfuge? That's quite a vocabulary you got there.

Spinelli: Although you may deny it, you, too sense the futility in attempting to win fair Lulu's heart.

Dominic: Are you kidding? I happen to think Lulu likes me.

Spinelli: The evidence to support such a hypothesis is decidedly murky.

Dominic: All right. You know what, can we get back to business here? I need you of these--

Spinelli: Fair Lulu is consistently annoyed by your intentions.

Dominic: Lulu likes to be annoyed. As far as I can tell, that's one of her favorite hobbies.

Spinelli: Or so you try to convince yourself.

Dominic: Look, if Lulu wanted to, she could turn around whenever she saw me coming. But she doesn't. She sticks around. She puts up with my lame come-ons and throw them right back at me. It's a game we play.

Spinelli: A game that seems to have no possibility of a remotely satisfying conclusion.

Dominic: Why don't you work with me here, Spinelli? A guy's gotta protect his ego.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Hey. Hey, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yes. Please, would the mob prince be so kind to explain that fair Lulu will never respond to Dominic's clumsy wooing?

[Johnny chuckles]

Olivia: Okay, honey, here are the paint samples that you requested.

Carly: Thanks so much for dropping them by.

Olivia: Tell me why you're all of a sudden so hands-on about painting conference rooms when you're a couple of weeks away from giving birth?

Carly: I need a distraction.

Olivia: From what?

Carly: Oh, you know, it's that mother thing where everything's racing through my head on a continual loop, just going around and around.

Olivia: Yeah, I've been there.

Carly: I think I'm freaking out. You know, every little ache and pain, I'm so afraid I'm going to go back into labor.

Olivia: Well, can I get you something? A cup of tea or something?

Carly: No. I do have to say Iím less tense with Sonny out of town.

Olivia: Well, Sonny was stressing you out?

Carly: No, but Sonny stresses Jax out, and then Jax stresses me out. So with him gone, everyone's happy.

Olivia: Well, I wouldn't worry about Jax. It's Sonny I feel sorry for, being dragged off God knows where by that psychopath wife of his.

Carly: [Chuckles] What's the latest story on Claudia? You still blaming her for your breakup with Johnny?

Sam: I want to help you find out the truth about Claudia.

Jason: Okay, as long as you understand the risk that you're taking.

Sam: Yeah, I am clear on what you do. Don't have a problem with that. I trust you in your instincts, Jason.

Jason: Okay, what if my instincts e wrong this time? What if Claudia really is innocent, and I hate her so much that I can't even see it? I mean, Michael woke up from a coma. I can let that be enough. I don't have to track down Devlin's accomplice.

Sam: No, you don't have to, but you want to uncover the truth about Michael for his sake, so justice will be served. And I am choosing to help you do that.

Sonny: Senor Verde made the first mistake of backing Anthony Zacchara.

Mo: Where did you hear that rumor?

Sonny: I know everything that happens in my territory! I know Anthony ordered the strike that took out your shipments. Senor Verde was the informant. He was planning to run product through Anthony, which you all know about and accepted. Now Anthony was trying to move things through me, but he's too old and weak. So it left him out in the cold. Now I'm starting to rethink my association with all of you.

Man: With all due respect, you've been misinformed. Our loyalties are with you, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: But the thing is, I haven't seen proof of that.

Man: The proof is in our wallets. It's been a profitable partnership. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I hope to continue doing business with you for many years to come.

Sonny: Then I trust that you will treat my enemies as your own.

Man: Not to worry. We'll handle it.

Sonny: I'm glad we have this understanding. My people will be in touch. Shall we, darling?

Claudia: Yes.

[Man yelling]

Claudia: Honey, what's Spanish for "Drop it, or I'll blow your frickin' head off"?

Johnny: Look, Spinelli, whatever's going on between Dom and Lulu, it's none of my business, all right?

Dominic: See, no one's worried about Lulu except for you.

Spinelli: I must ask the mob prince to reflect on his--

Johnny: No, no, I'm here to collect a flash drive for Bernie. You got it handy?

Spinelli: Yes. Please inform the bernificent one that all the facts and figures are complete.

Johnny: Thank you.

Spinelli: Okay, and I would be a poor friend to Lulu if I did not make one last appeal for the mob prince to discourage the audacious one from his dogged pursuit of her loveliness.

Dominic: What is the big deal if I ask Lulu out? Itís not like she's going to say yes.

Spinelli: Fair Lulu's hear has been bruised on multiple occasions. She does not need roughnecks requesting to see her in kinky costumes.

Johnny: Kinky costumes?

Dominic: Long story. And she didn't take offense to that.

Spinelli: She deserves the consideration and kindness of a true gentleman.

Dominic: Which I happen to be.

Spinelli: Then speak to her as such.

Johnny: Okay, Spinelli, Lulu's a big girl. We both know that. If she wants to send little Dom packing, she will.

[Spinelli exhales]

Dominic: Whoa, whoa, hold on. What about Sonny's transporters?

Spinelli: I apologize, but I'm overdue to save the world.

Dominic: Could you be more specific?

Spinelli: Yes, I volunteered for the "I Participate" campaign. It's a worthy cause and it's fun and sociable. So this evening, I shall have the charitable endeavor of providing cyber support to a community effort to re-green our fair city. So I must ask you to take your leave. Stone Cold does not allow unattended guests.

[Dominic sighs]

Sam: We're more than halfway through. Aren't you glad I stayed?

Jason: Yes, I am.

Sam: Well, let's have that a lesson to be learned, never listen to my mother.

Jason: Ah, I try not to.

Sam: Yeah, sometimes I do, too, but I know she means well. I mean, we pretty much are on different planets in the way we think, what we do, how we act. I mean, to be honest with you, she thinks my work as a P.I. is too risky, and she also thinks being with you is even riskier.

Jason: Well, there are things that I do that are my responsibility and no one else's. And there are things that I can't involve anyone else in. Even you.

Sam: Okay. I mean, in other words, if Claudia dies, you want it to be on you and nobody else. [Sighs] Jason... I haven't really thought about what happens to Claudia. I've just been focused on finding Ian's accomplice.

Sam: You're kidding me. What, wait a minute.

Jason: What?

Sam: Here's a date-- March 28th, 2008.

Jason: March 28th, 2008. April 4th is when Michael got shot. So that's the right timeframe.

Sam: Jason, this could be the proof that Claudia got Michael shot.

Olivia: Claudia hated that I was with Johnny and was making our lives a living hell.

Carly: So you've said.

Olivia: So I broke up with him because, you know, I couldn't take it anymore.

Carly: Yeah, I didn't buy that the first time you told me, and I'm not buying it now.

Olivia: There's nothing to buy, Carly. She was making me certifiable and now she's out of my hair, so...

Carly: Give me a break. We're just alike. If someone pisses you off, you're going to come out swinging. Which, by the way, I think is a great quality.

Olivia: Right back at ya.

Carly: Right. It doesn't make sense you're gonna walk away from Johnny just because Claudia doesn't approve.

Olivia: You know I'm not a quitter, Carly. But at a certain point, it's just not worth the pain, right? To me or to John.

Carly: Hmm. You know what you need to do? When Sonny gets back in town, go over there and tell him everything that going on.

Olivia: Oh, we've already been there. I went to his house. I was going to tell him everything about Claudia. He told me she was his wife and I needed to stop bad-mouthing her. Yeah.

Carly: You're joking.

Olivia: No. I'm not. So the subject of Claudia is off with Sonny. End of story.

Carly: Hmm. It's time I opened Sonny's eyes to that lunatic he married.

Sonny: Try this. Suelta tu arma.

Claudia: Suelta tu arma. I think my accent's getting better, don't you? Teach me something else, like "drop it, or you're a dead man."

Sonny: Suelta tu arma, o estas muerto!

Man: Our deepest apologies. We regret any inconvenience our former colleague caused.

Sonny: I trust this ends all friction?

Man: Rest assured. Your business interests will be handled smoothly from now on.

Sonny: Good. You ready?

Claudia: Yes.

Sonny: Adios.

Lulu: Hey.

Tracy: You took your sweet time.

Lulu: I came as soon as you called! What's up? Did Ethan dip his sticky little fingers into the cash box again?

Tracy: No, actually his larceny seems to be under control. I am not that sure about his love life. Tell me everything you know about the Ethan-Rebecca- Nikolas triangle.

Lulu: Why do you care?

Tracy: I don't care about Nikolas and Rebecca.

Lulu: You care about Ethan.

Tracy: I care about him provoking a Cassadine with inbred, psychotic tendencies.

Lulu: Whoa, no, no, no, no. No. Don't even start in on Nikolas. He's my brother, I love him. I'm not going to stand here and listen to you run him down.

Tracy: That would be my concern.

Lulu: What are you talking about?

Tracy: I have a feeling that things are going to get ugly, and I'd hate to see you get caught in the middle.

Dominic: [Sighs] Well, here I am looking for a game of chance, and who's the first person I see?

Lulu: Not tonight.

Dominic: How about tomorrow night?

Lulu: No.

Dominic: This is worse than your normal put-downs. Have I done something to piss you off, or is it something serious?

Dominic: Hey, are you okay?

Lulu: No, not really.

Dominic: Well, is there anything I can do to help?

Lulu: It's not about me. It's my brother Ethan.

Dominic: Who's he with?

Lulu: Our father.

Dominic: That's the infamous Luke Spencer? Come on, you gotta introduce me. Let's go.

Lulu: Dominic, stop. Okay, stop! Dad, this is--uh, hi. Dominic Pirelli, a friend. He's not a friend. Heís--

Dominic: Pleased to meet you, sir.

Luke: Oh, Mr. Pirelli, are you new to town?

Ethan: He works for Sonny.

Dominic: You have a terrific daughter, sir. And if she'd just actually have a conversation with me, you'd probably be seeing me around.

Ethan: Let's hope not. You're bad news.

Luke: That would be Lulu's call, and isn't your fight card pretty full right now, pal?

[Dominic laughs]

Lulu: Okay, that's good. We're done. Conversation over.

Dominic: I was just getting started.

Lulu: Yeah, well, my dad's busy with Ethan.

Dominic: Why are you so worried about Ethan?

Lulu: Because he has a lot to get used to. He needs to learn some tolerance.

Dominic: Oh, yeah, you're tellin' me.

Lulu: Well, he's new to the family. It's only been a few months since he and my dad found out that they're related to each other.

Dominic: Well, maybe they're making up for some lost time. Looks like they're pretty tight right now.

Lulu: What about you? Do you ever think about finding your father?

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Come here! Did anybody see you come in?

Johnny: Well, yeah, the pizza delivery guy did. But--hey, do you think he's working as a spy for my sister?

Olivia: I wouldn't put it past her.

Johnny: Come on.

[Olivia moans]

Johnny: Maybe I should have climbed up the fire escape, huh?

Olivia: Or repelled from the top of the building.

Johnny: It's okay, relax. We're safe, all right? Sonny and Claudia are out of town, at least for a while.

Olivia: Better safe than sorry. You know, if Claudia figures out about this little reconciliation, all hell's gonna break loose.

Johnny: Well, as long as Claudia thinks she's getting what she wants, there's not going to be any trouble at all, all right?

Sonny: This calls for a celebration. With drinks that aren't watered down, if you know what I mean.

Claudia: Okay, whatever you're pouring, make mine a double. My pulse is still racing.

Sonny: What are you talking about? You were as steady as a rock back there.

Claudia: No, you were steady as a rock back there. I want to make a toast to my amazing husband. No matter what the situation, you always have these nerves of steel.

Sonny: If you had waited to pull that gun, I'd be a dead man.

Claudia: I don't know about that. Come on. You always come prepared for every contingency. You left your gun in the car or something?

Sonny: In a tight situation?

Claudia: How many shooters did you have planted around that club? Like four or five.

Sonny: What are you talkin' about? Only two.

Claudia: See? You don't even need my help.

Sonny: No, hey, you know, who knows how fast those guys would have reacted, and you didn't hesitate. You put yourself on the line. I'm not going to forget that.

Sam: Okay. Let's see what Devlin thought was so important about March 28th, 2008.

Jason: [Exhales] Looks like it's encrypted.

Sam: No, it's demanding a security code.

Jason: Okay, does Spinelli have a program on this computer--

Sam: Yeah, I'm sure he does. But if I go in it and it's not the actual code, it's going to erase everything.

Jason: Okay. Just don't worry about it, then. Spinelli, look, we need your help, so get back to the penthouse as soon as you can, okay?

Sam: Jason, Devlin was involved in a lot of illegal stuff. What if this has nothing to do with Michael's shooting?

Jason: Well, it could be the proof that I need to finally take Claudia down.

Dominic: Here you go. Hot cider. Hits the spot, right?

Lulu: Definitely. Thank you.

Dominic: My pleasure. See, aren't you glad I convinced you to hang around with me a little longer?

Lulu: Glad? That's a little ambitious. Let's just say I'm not sorry--yet.

Dominic: I'll take it.

Lulu: Okay, but you still have your end to hold up. You said that if I would have cider with you, you would give me an honest answer to my question!

Dominic: You are really fascinated with me, huh?

Lulu: Again, ambitious. Let's say that I'm not bored.  But I do have a low threshold, so if you don't have anything fascinating to say, I can take off.

Dominic: Okay, look. I am a man of my word. A real answer you shall have. What was the question?

Lulu: Don't dodge this. [Sighs] Do you ever think about trying to find your father?

Dominic: Well, I don't just think about it, I, uh... I found him.

Olivia: Hey, do you want something? I got leftovers in the fridge.

Johnny: No, no, no, it's all right. Thank you. I already ate.

Olivia: You already ate?

Johnny: I--yeah.

Olivia: Tomorrow night, I'll make chicken cacciatore. You'll think you died and went to heaven. How about that?

Johnny: God, I wish I could take you out and be with you in public in front of people. I know none of that's possible. We're keeping this under wraps.

Olivia: There's nothing wrong with some intimate evenings at home.

Johnny: No, but... I'm very sorry for all the trouble Claudia's caused.

Olivia: Hey, it's not on you what your sister does.

Johnny: Yeah, I know. But I'm worried that she's only getting worse. You know, the closer she gets to Sonny, the more powerful she becomes. And we both know that doesn't sit well with her.

Olivia: Yeah, yet power seems like the only thing she wants.

Johnny: Yeah, but she can't handle it. She's unstable. She... [Sighs] I don't know. I'm just worried there may come a time when I have to stop her.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Johnny: I may need to tell the truth. She's the one who's responsible for getting Michael shot.

Michael: Hey, where's Mom?

Jax: She's out with Morgan. She's gonna be a while. I was hoping that you and I could have a conversation in private.

Michael: What's up?

Jax: Thanks for describing Jerry's visit as harmless when your mother asked.

Michael: Well, you know, I didn't want to stress her out.

Jax: That's very considerate of you.

Michael: There's only a few more weeks until the baby's born. She's gotta stay calm.

Jax: Exactly. But it would help me if you told me the truth. Can you tell me what Jerry said to you when he came to visit you at the institute?

Claudia: You know, I almost feel sorry for Mr. Verde.

Sonny: Ohh.

Claudia: Not really, but my father convinced him that he could fight against you and he could be successful, you know? And I'm sure that he thought that all of his partners would stand with him. But then you showed up and they were all bowing and wiping the floor with themselves, and Mo was stuck out there on a ledge by himself.

Sonny: That's the way the business works. Big risk, big reward, like you.

Claudia: Like me what?

Sonny: Well, you took a big risk in marrying me.

Claudia: Well, you took a big risk in keeping our marriage going.

Sonny: Well, hey, you know what? We're the winners, so we deserve a reward.

Claudia: How about we stay down here and celebrate? At least through the 29th or so.

Sonny: What's the 29th? What's going on on the 29th?

Claudia: It's my birthday.

Sonny: Oh!

Claudia: That's okay. I forgive you for not having it memorized. We can celebrate together. It'll be fun. I mean, nobody's ever made a big deal out of my birthday before, not even my mom. So... we deserve a celebration, right?

Sonny: Right, right. But we can't stay here right now because things are too unstable in Port Charles. But when we get back, I will throw you the birthday party you always wanted, 'cause I think it's time for you to get the recognition you deserve.

Spinelli: Let it be on your conscience that the Jackal was pulled from service humanity at the "I Participate" campaign!

Jason: Iím sure itís a greatÖ.itís a great program. You can get back to it as soon as you tell me what's on this disk.

Spinelli: Well, then I shall toil with speed and efficiency. Ooh, this encryption code is indeed state of the art. I mean, it's child's play for me, of course, but someone took great care to shield this data.

Sam: How long is it going to take to break through?


Spinelli: Done.

Ian: Why should I take the risk? He's a major player. If it goes wrong, I'm a dead man. What kind of compensation? Fine, but I want guarantees.

Jason: That's it. That's the deal to shoot Sonny.

Sam: How can you be sure?

Jason: Pull up the other voice, the person he's talking to. It's gotta be Claudia.

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