GH Transcript Tuesday 10/20/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/20/09


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All: Surprise!

Lucky: First, I thank you so much for being here on such short notice. Just seeing you all here in this house means so much to me. And I couldn't think of a better place to announce that Elizabeth and I agree the third time's the charm. We're getting married again.

Audrey: Oh!

Bobbie: Yay!

Nikolas: I don't have the time or the patience for any of your lies.

Helena: But I'm not lying. That's why you're so angry. And now that the sainted Emily is out of the picture, you've decided to help yourself to your brother's one true love, his childhood sweetheart, the very light of his existence.

Nikolas: You're delusional.

Helena: Nikolas, there's no need to be ashamed. For all of your attempts to hide it, in your heart you are a Cassadine. You would never allow loyalty to your brother to stand in the way of getting what you want.

[Music playing]

Sam: Oh! Is she alive?

Jason: Pulse is fast and uneven.

Sam: Quick, call somebody. She could be losing her baby. Hey. Hey, we're here. We're gonna help you, okay?

Patrick: Yes, I do realize that this is the second time I've called, but I can't go home until I see those labs. I haven't seen my daughter all day, so can you please just hurry up. Thank you.

Jax: Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah?

Jax: Have you seen Dr. Lee?

Patrick: She got called into an emergency C-section.

Jax: Any idea how long it'll take? I gotta talk to her about Carly's test results.

Patrick: I don't know, Jax. It could be a while.

Jax: Thanks. I'll wait.

Patrick: [Sighs] I gotta wait, too. For labs.

Jax: Hmm.

Patrick: It's not what I do best, this waiting part. I saw Carly got admitted last night and she was released this morning. Is everything okay?

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, she's fine. She, uh...she went into early labor last night, uh, in Jake's parking lot, of all places.

Patrick: I was at Jake's last night. I didn't see her.

Jax: It was after hours.

Patrick: Uh, what was Carly doing in Jake's parking lot after hours?

Jax: French fries.

Patrick: French fries?

Jax: Yeah, she was getting French fries. Coleman has been sneaking them to her for months every other week.

Patrick: That's --

Jax: When I got to the hospital, uh, there was Coleman and Johnny Zacchara, who was a little drunk, trying to be her birthing coaches.

Patrick: That's -- I'm sorry, Jax, it's actually not that funny. She's all right, I take it.

Jax: She's fine. Yeah, yeah. Whoever said that marriage was boring has never met my wife, that's for sure.

Patrick: Trust me, I could say the same.

Jax: Really?

Patrick: Oh, yeah. You know, I never really imagined myself being married. But now that I am, I, uh, well, I wouldn't change anything, you know, I -- that wild man from med school's pretty well settled down.

Jax: Yeah? You miss those days?

Patrick: Nah, not much. Not at all, really.

Jax: Neither do I. No matter how glamorous my life used to be, I wouldn't change the way my life is now for anything.

[Clapping and cheering]

Lulu: Wow, gosh, you did it. Um, well, next time I offer advice, don't take it. Obviously Elizabeth doesn't have reservations about marrying you again, so...

Lucky: Thanks. I'll try not to tell you I told you so.

Lulu: Okay. [Laughs]

Audrey: Oh, darling, congratulations. Oh, I couldn't be prouder of you.

Elizabeth: Oh, Gram, I just thank you for all your support. Really, I don't say it enough, I know. And, Bobbie, that goes for you, too. I really appreciate you being so involved with my children.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, you've been a part of this family for years. So the wedding is only gonna make it official again.

Lesley: Guys. Guys, everybody. Can you kind of look toward me, get together, be natural. I'm taking pictures to send to Laura.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lesley: Big smiles.

Ethan: Oh, I guess you know what you want and, uh, you know how to get it. So, I admire that. Congratulations.

Lucky: Thanks.

Ethan: Yeah.

Tracy: I swear, if Ethan hugs his brand-new big brother, I think I might...puke.

Luke: It is getting a little warm and fuzzy in here.

Tracy: I am going into insulin shock.

Luke: This remarriage doesn't seem to have "happily ever after" written all over it.

Nikolas: I brought you here to save you from a threat that may not even exist. And you repay me by telling lies that could devastate people I care about?

Helena: Oh, my darling. So strong, so autocratic. Your sincerity is pitch perfect.

Nikolas: Sorry, Grandmother. I won't allow you to cause any trouble for me or for Elizabeth or for Lucky, or for anyone else, for that matter.

Helena: Oh, my darling, it's a -- it's a gift to be able to lie so convincingly. No wonder Lucky never suspected anything. But then why would he? Lucky has a streak of honor and decency that even I couldn't burn out of him. It would never occur to him that you're having a tawdry little affair with Elizabeth.

Nikolas: I should have left you to die in Greece.

[Door opens]

Rebecca: Whatever you're saying to Nikolas, I'm sure it's awful and there's a good chance it's about me.

Helena: Hmm. And people think I'm narcissistic.

Rebecca: Nikolas and I are together, we're very happy, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Helena: How on earth did you ever fancy yourself a con artist? You are so incredibly naive that -- [Laughs] -- Well, I shouldn't laugh, but, well -- [Laughs] -- It's just too precious. [Laughs]

Johnny and Olivia: I swear I didn't --

Johnny: [Laughs] I'll go first, okay?

Olivia: Okay. I'm listening.

Johnny: I love you. Olivia, I know that may not be what you want to hear, okay, but I'm not saying that you even have to love me back. I just want you to be in my life, okay?

Olivia:'s complicated right now. John, there's a lot going on that you just don't... understand.

Johnny: I can accept that. Okay? So, why don't we just take it back to the way it was in the beginning, all right? You'll have your secrets, I'll have mine. I won't question you about what Claudia's holding over your head. I won't question you about anything. I just want to be with you. Okay? Except this time we gotta keep it a secret. So...

Olivia: What, now we're not just keeping secrets, now we are the secrets?

Johnny: Unfortunately, I don't see any other way.

Olivia: Do you understand the kind of risk that we're taking on here? I mean, if Sonny and Claudia find out, not to mention your father?

Johnny: Forget about him; forget about all of them, okay? Just answer me one question. Do you want to be with me?

Jason: She's unconscious. Uh, several minutes. Well, she looks to be about 8 months pregnant. No, her pulse is getting weaker.

Sam: It's okay. It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

Jason: Look, I don't know what happened, okay? She was unconscious when I found her. Uh, 1537 12th street.

Sam: Tell them to get out here --

Jason: Forget it. We're gonna bring her to you. Just be ready. Okay...

Sam: Be careful.

Jason: Let's do this the right way here. Okay. [Grunts] Okay.

[Cell phone chimes]

Michael: Hey. You got my text?

Kristina: Real funny.

Michael: Well, you know, Mom told me not to come over unannounced, so I announced myself.

Kristina: She isn't here. Don't worry.

Michael: Well, why were you not at school today? Are you sick?

Kristina: I'm fine.

Michael: Then why are you all bundled up?

Kristina: I'm in my own living room. I get to wear whatever I want.

Michael: Okay, okay. I just thought, you know, you might have a fever or something.

Kristina: I just told you, I'm fine.

Michael: Then why weren't you at school?

Kristina: Did anyone notice? Did Kiefer say anything?

Michael: Like he would speak to me?

Kristina: But he was there?

Michael: Yeah. You okay? What did Kiefer do this time?

Kristina: Nothing. Kiefer and I have something really special. Every girl in school would like to be exactly where I am.

Michael: Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Kristina: I don't have to convince myself or anybody of anything. I care about Kiefer and he cares about me.

Michael: Then why are you upset?

Kristina: Stop asking me that.

Michael: Okay. I'm sorry.

Kristina: [Sighs] I had sex with Kiefer.

Johnny: You still haven't answered my question.

Olivia: I don't know how to answer it. I mean, I missed you so much. You don't want to know how many times I picked up that phone to call you...or wished that you would just show up, no matter what I said. I do want you in my life.

Johnny: So, I'm hearing a yes.

Olivia: But it's got -- it's -- Johnny, it's gotta be like what you said. It's gotta be a secret. There can't be any more drunken serenading me at Jake's or pushing me in your sister's face or trying to make a point with Sonny. If either of them find out, you got no idea how bad this could be.

Johnny: Hey, you want discretion? I'll give you discretion, okay?

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Who is it?

Dominic: Ms. Falconeri, I'm sorry to bother you.

Olivia: Oh, what is it with this guy?

Johnny: I don't know. It must have been important for him to track me down all the way over here, though. It's fine.

Dominic: Ms. Falconeri, are you all right in there?

Olivia: Just give me a second!

Johnny: I'll make it fast, all right?

Olivia: Yeah.

Johnny: What the hell is wrong with you, tracking me down all the way over here? I'm gonna have to trust you to keep your mouth shut.

Luke: Uh, everyone! I'd like to have your attention. I'm gonna make a little announcement here. Since we're all together for the first time in, I don't know, maybe forever, uh, I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome Elizabeth back into the family. Although she was never really gone, it is nice that you will be a Spencer again. And, uh, on that note, I really don't know what everybody knows or what -- the details are really not important -- but the point is, I would like you to welcome my son Ethan into the family. He is a Spencer.

Tracy: God help him.

Luke: Well, make him welcome, folks.

Lulu: Welcome, brother Ethan.

Ethan: Thanks. I -- I don't know what to say.

Luke: Well, there's a first.

[Bobbie laughing]

[Lulu and Luke laughing]

Ethan: I'm sorry, mate. I didn't know he was gonna do that. This is your night, not mine, so I -- sorry.

Lucky: No, no. It's a family night, and I hope many more of them to come. So, I mean, it's your night, too, so welcome.

Bobbie: You certainly do know how to liven up a party.

Luke: Well, you know, I do what I can, sweetheart.

Bobbie: Mmm.

Luke: Oh, the pictures. Nice.

Lesley: Uh-huh.

Luke: Are you sending these to France?

Lesley: Among other things, yeah. Um, Laura is curious to see what Ethan looks like.

Luke: You know she and I discussed this?

Lesley: So she told me, yeah. Ethan's a little, uh, rough around the edges, but, uh, I think he seems like a nice fellow.

Bobbie: It's nice to see you stepping up as a father, Luke. It's strange, but it's nice. I think Lucky's a fine example for you.

Luke: I think Lucky's very brave. And Elizabeth, too, for giving this one more try. I certainly hope it works this time and that they get... what they want.

Helena: I'm seldom wrong about people and their motives, as Nikolas so well knows. But I was wrong about you, Rebecca. Now, I thought you were a tough little grifter, determined to steal anything you could lay your hands on.

Nikolas: That's enough.

Helena: And all the while, the one that I never suspected, the angel, the Madonna, has turned herself into a femme fatale.

Nikolas: Go ahead, say one more thing, you won't have to fear this Valentin, because I'll kill you myself.

Rebecca: Please, Nikolas, it doesn't matter what she's going to say.

Nikolas: But you shouldn't have to deal with this.

Helena: He's asking you to leave, my dear. Or are you so unaccustomed to good manners?

Nikolas: My grandmother and I need to discuss her travel arrangements. Isn't that right?

Rebecca: Just don't let her upset you, okay? She's not worth it. Good night.

Nikolas: Bye.

Rebecca: Have a good trip, or not. Just stay gone.

Helena: Good night. You know, only a few months ago you would have sold your soul to win Rebecca and transform her into an Emily substitute. But now that you have, no, you just don't care about her anymore.

Nikolas: You know what I could do? I could just put you on a plane, but not tell you where it's going. I could do that.

Helena: Excellent. That is excellent thinking. But you'll send me to Switzerland, my dear. Because if you send me back to Greece, Valentin will kill me, and that won't do, because you may need me.

Nikolas: That's if he even exists.

Helena: Nikolas, you should be proud of yourself. I mean, you are beginning to finally fulfill your destiny. Now, betraying your brother and stealing the only woman he will ever love, why, that's only a hint of things to come.

Lulu: Mm-hmm. How you holding up?

Ethan: You know, I'm just trying to picture Luke in this house. I never thought he'd be so domestic.

Lulu: Oh, no, he wasn't. He... he's still happier on the road than any other place in the world. Lucky actually lived with him on the road until he was about 11. I grew up in this house, mostly. But Dad wasn't around. Occasionally he would take me ice fishing.

Ethan: You went ice fishing?

Lulu: Yes, yes. Near death by frostbite is a very good father-daughter bonding experience. But this -- this house is actually really about my mom, you know. I mean, we would have tea parties on the porch, and every summer she would have flowers everywhere, and... if she was here, she would probably be baking cookies all day for an event like this.

Ethan: You know, I was always under the impression that Luke and Laura were these great adventurers.

Lulu: Yeah, I mean, at a certain point, though, she wanted to settle down and raise a family.

Ethan: Ah. I just never thought of the Spencers as normal.

Lulu: Oh, well, I mean, dad could go running screaming out of this house at any second, if it makes you feel better. I'm actually surprised he hasn't already.

Elizabeth: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Hi.

Elizabeth: Thanks for being here.

Luke: It's my pleasure. I got the feeling that maybe you were surprised by Lucky's announcement.

Elizabeth: No. No, not really. The boys are gonna love living here full-time. Just like I know Lucky's gonna love having them here.

Luke: He will. I'm very happy for him. I'd like to be happy for you, too, but I...I get the feeling maybe you're not as sure about all this as he is.

Johnny: You owe me for that night of the carnival for taking your place and getting shot up. I'm calling in that favor now.

Dominic: Yeah. You know, whatever you need, you got.

Johnny: You never saw me here, all right?

Dominic: Sure. You know, it's none of my business, anyway.

Johnny: No, no, no, I mean it. Nobody can know about this. Not Sonny, not Claudia, nobody. Give me your word.

Dominic: Take it easy, will you? You want my word, you got it.

Olivia: Whatever you have to say to Johnny, I do not want to hear it, so I am going out.

Johnny: No, no, it's all right. We'll go.

Olivia: No, I have to go to the market.

Dominic: You're going to the market at this hour? Isn't it kind of late?

Olivia: I don't like waiting in the lines during the day, and I want to do some cooking. So, uh, please be gone when I return, and don't show up here without announcing yourself first.

Dominic: Look, I apologize. Sometimes I just get a little carried away.

Johnny: What the hell's wrong with you, showing up here, tracking me down, following me, huh?

Dominic: I'm not following you. I had a hunch. It turns out I was right.

Johnny: What was so urgent you had to come barging right in?

Dominic: Sonny and Claudia left the country tonight. No one knows where they are.

Johnny: Huh.

Michael: Did Kiefer force you to have sex with him?

Kristina: No, of course not. We've been planning it, and I went to a clinic and got birth control pills and everything.

Michael: You're on the pill. Since when?

Kristina: A couple of days.

Michael: I didn't know it worked that fast.

Kristina: We used a condom, okay? Kiefer and I have been wanting to show how much we care about each other for a long time. Now we have, was great.

Michael: Then why are you sitting there trying not to cry? That's why you didn't go to school. And why you were upset last night. Did he even take you home?

Kristina: Why are you making it sound so ugly?

Michael: 'Cause I want to kill him!

Kristina: I really can't deal with you freaking out right now.

Michael: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. What do you need me to do?

Kristina: Nothing. I'm fine. I just...I didn't think it would be like this.

Michael: I hate this. I'm your brother. I'm supposed to be looking out for you instead of obsessing over those stupid memories. I keep letting you down. [Sighs]

Patrick: Yeah, today's labs. I need the labs.

Sam: We need help! She could be losing the baby.

Patrick: Get me that gurney over here. Give me an I.V., normal saline. Where'd you find her?

Jason: Found her in a rental, east side of town. We didn't see her collapse, but she's been unconscious for about 15 minutes.

Patrick: Nice and easy. Easy. Okay. Get her over there. Call Dr. Kelly Lee on 4. If she doesn't answer, call the attending.

Sam: Do you think they're gonna be able to save both her and the baby?

Jason: I don't know.

Sam: I just -- I hope we got them here in time. I hope she doesn't lose the kid.

Elizabeth: This time, Lucky and I are gonna make it. I know we will. I want to be married to him. I really do love him.

Luke: I think you do. And he loves you, too. But sometimes, you know, love isn't enough. His mother and I are a good example of that.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, it's not just about love. I mean, Lucky and I want the same things. We want the same kind of life.

Luke: You're sure about that? You know, I used to, uh, fear that Lucky would wake up in this house the way I used to. With the walls closing in on him, not being able to breathe, suffocating. Elizabeth, I used to get up before dawn and sit out on that porch and actually think, how far down the road could I get before dark? But now I'm thinking maybe it isn't Lucky who's gonna get trapped in this house. Maybe it's you.

Lucky: I hope you can be happy for us.

Luke: I am happy. I hope the two of you can create the kind of life that you want together and that your love lasts forever. I think that's what everybody wants. Nobody deserves it more than you two.

Lucky: Thank you.

Luke: Mmm.

Johnny: Sonny doesn't clear his travel plans with me, all right?

Dominic: Your sister mention anything?

Johnny: Nobody said anything. You talk to Jason?

Dominic: No, he's unreachable.

Dominic: This is weird, you know, Sonny suddenly taking off like this, especially when Joey Limbo's out and about. He told you about that, right?

Johnny: Yeah.

Dominic: So why the vanishing act? It's like an open invitation for Joey to move in.

Johnny: Sonny does what Sonny wants to do. He didn't make it this far being stupid. And, frankly, it's not up to us to second-guess him.

Dominic: Or you wouldn't mind if Joey took Sonny out. It would sure simplify things for you and Ms. Falconeri.

Johnny: You know what, Dom? Now would be a good time for you to shut the hell up.

Dominic: I'm just saying, Ms. Falconeri, she's in a lot of danger hanging around with you, especially since Sonny's gone.

Johnny: So what the hell are you doing following me here, huh? Anybody could have seen you.

Dominic: Well, you know, it won't happen again.

Johnny: Yeah.

Dominic: Ms. Falconeri, she's a nice lady. She went out of her way to look after me when I got run down at the carnival. I'd hate to see her get caught in the crossfire.

[Door opens]

Alexis: The deliveryman was in the driveway, so I went ahead and signed for these.

Kristina: Oh, they're nice.

Alexis: And they're for you.

Kristina: Really? Are you sure?

Alexis: Yeah. There's a card.

Kristina: I can't believe this.

Alexis: Well?

Kristina: "Sorry you weren't in school today. Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you. Kiefer."

Alexis: That was a nice gesture.

Kristina: Oh, my first flowers. Aren't they gorgeous?

Alexis: They are. They smell -- [Sniffs] -- Mmm, yummy.

Kristina: He is so amazing.

Alexis: Well, obviously he thinks a lot of you. And... so do I.

Patrick: Kelly Lee's started on a crash C-section. She would have died if you didn't bring her in.

Sam: Well, how's the baby?

Patrick: The baby's suffered some fetal distress, but Kelly believes that she can save her. Right now, I need as much information as you have -- who she is, where you found her. You mentioned something about a house east of town.

Sam: Um...okay, yeah, we were in the basement and we heard a cry and a fall, and she was unconscious when we went upstairs.

Patrick: Just out of curiosity, what were you guys doing in the basement?

Jason: It was actually a house than Ian Devlin used while he was in Port Charles.

Patrick: Ian lived in some dive out of town near the highway, the something Palms.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, we checked there, too.

Patrick: Yeah. I don't know what happened to that guy. He was an outstanding doctor.

Jason: Do you know if he was involved in anything illegal?

Patrick: Not at all.

Jason: What about -- you ever see him making a recording or hear of any recordings?

Patrick: Well, he might have recorded his case notes. Most doctors do. But other than that, I have no idea.

Jason: Look, we know that he recorded most of his business transactions and conversations, and we think he might have recorded the one about the hit on Sonny.

Patrick: I'm obviously oblivious to what that guy was capable of. Hope you find what you're looking for to bring everyone responsible for Michael's shooting to justice.

Nikolas: I didn't think you'd come back here.

Elizabeth: I called the hospital and they said Helena left.

Nikolas: Yeah. She's on her way to Switzerland. I put her on the plane myself.

Elizabeth: That's good. I just -- I wanted you to know that...I couldn't end my engagement to Lucky.

Nikolas: Oh. Why not?

Elizabeth: You haven't checked your messages, have you? 'Cause I'm sure you have one from him inviting you over for a last-minute family party. Which I didn't know about when I went over there to break up with him. And before I could say anything, he brought me inside and pretty much everyone was there. Bobbie, Gram, Lulu, Ethan, even Luke and Tracy. And they all yelled "surprise!"

Nikolas: Appropriate.

Elizabeth: He brought everyone together to announce that we're getting married again. How could I say no?

[Door opens]

Olivia: Ah.

Johnny: I opened some wine.

Olivia: I want to know what Dominic wanted?

Johnny: Sonny and Claudia left the country tonight unannounced.

Olivia: Why?

Johnny: No clue. But you're not gonna have to worry about them, at least for a while.

Olivia: Yeah, unless you're wrong. What if -- what if Claudia talked Sonny into leaving the country because she wanted to have him all to herself?

Johnny: What? What, are you worried that Claudia is gonna tell Sonny whatever she's got on you?

Jax: Not being very subtle, are you?

Dominic: Well, Sonny's out of town. I was just picking up some things for Bernie.

Jax: Anything I can do to help?

Dominic: You got me reinstated, didn't you?

Jax: No need to thank me. You just make sure that Sonny Corinthos goes to prison.

Kristina: I can't believe Kiefer did this. We should take a picture.

Alexis: [Chuckles] Okay, we could take a picture. It's a big deal when a girl gets flowers from a guy for the first time, huh?

Kristina: I know.

Alexis: I'm a little jealous, I'm not gonna lie to you.

Kristina: Do you have a crush on Kiefer?

Alexis: No.

Kristina: Forget about it. He's all mine.

Alexis: All right. It's just that I, when I was your age, wished that some nice, handsome, intelligent guy would have sent me flowers.

Kristina: It's the perfect description of Kiefer. He's so good for me. He wants everything to be perfect for me. He believes in me. Sometimes we don't even have to talk. Kiefer understands me like... no one ever has.

Alexis: Honey... I think it's time we had that talk.

Kristina: You mean, sex?

Alexis: I'm sure that you and Kiefer have thought about it.

Kristina: Mom, please.

Alexis: Once you have sex, it changes things. It can. And things may not ever be quite the same.

Kristina: You don't have to worry about it. If and when Kiefer and I, um, Kiefer wants to have sex, I'll tell him I want to wait.

Jason: I kind of knew I'd find you here.

Sam: They haven't brought any new babies in. Do you think that's a bad sign?

Jason: The baby lived. So did the mom.

Sam: Thank God. I can't believe I'm so emotional about this. It's sort of ridiculous. I didn't even know the woman's name. We broke into her basement. And what if she presses charges?

Jason: She won't.

Sam: I mean, even if she did, I'm just relieved that she won't have to wake up in the morning and wonder where her baby went. Or nobody's gonna have to go to her and... [Sighs]

Jason: This has to be terrible for you. I'm sorry that it hurts you so much.

Sam: It's just...standing there and watching all these babies and all this new life. It just got me thinking, like what if we hadn't chosen that house? What if we weren't there?'s kind of a miracle. My baby didn't get to live. But because of you and me, this one did.

Nikolas: Wow. So what will you do now?

Elizabeth: I'm gonna marry him.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, earlier this afternoon you said you need to be honest with him. That you needed to tell him that you couldn't marry him because your feelings have changed. So...

Elizabeth: Do you know how blessed I am to have Lucky love me? Tonight I was looking at his family and I realized that I am not the only player in my life. There are an awful lot of people invested, especially my children. They cannot wait to live in the same house as Lucky. They have a chance to be part of a wonderful family, and I am not gonna take that away from them.

Nikolas: Is that what you want? For Cameron and Jake to grow up with you pretending to love your husband?

Elizabeth: I do love him. I have loved him for most of my life. I love his family, his family loves me. And I am not -- I'm not gonna walk away from all that for a man I can never really have.

Olivia: Well, so much for not asking each other about our secrets.

Johnny: Come on, I don't want you to get all worried about this.

Olivia: Well, it's too late. I am worried about it. I don't like Claudia dragging Sonny off like that. God knows what she's saying to him. And how are we supposed to live with all these secrets floating around?

Johnny: Everything's gonna be fine as long as we trust each other.

Olivia: Trust each other to what? To keep secrets? I mean, John, this is crazy. [Sighs]

Johnny: Okay, Olivia. I swear to you, I will never intentionally hurt or upset you in any way,

Olivia: I know. And I know I already hurt you. I'm sorry. I...I should never have broken up with you. It was stupid. And I am so damn glad that you wouldn't take no for an answer.

Dominic: You know, we really shouldn't be talking here.

Jax: The guards told me that Sonny and Claudia were out of the country, so...

Dominic: All that means is that somebody else has to be watching.

Jax: You sure there's nothing I can do to help you?

Dominic: The only thing you could do to help me is to get the hell out of here. Don't drag me into your Corinthos vendetta. I need to build a case that will stand up in court. That's my job. I don't want your involvement on any level.

Jax: I don't care what you want. I want Corinthos behind bars. You understand?

Sam: Do you think that's her?

Jason: It could be. She's cute.

Sam: She's beautiful. Oh, hi.

Jason: You would have been a great mom.

Sam: I wanted to be.

[Baby cooing]

Sam: You know, after everything I have been through, I have never felt pain like that before. [Sighs] But I realize I have choices. And I can either choose... to be miserable thinking about the things that I don't have... or I can appreciate the things that I do have. My life is good right now. That's enough.

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