GH Transcript Monday 10/19/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/19/09


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Johnny: Sonny says Joey's a serious threat, and doesn't like the fact that you've been MIA.

Jason: I've been working on something else.

Johnny: Like what? Still trying to prove that Claudia's the one that got Michael shot? Give it up, Jason.

Jason: Why? Because you think your sister didn't do it, or you think I'm not going to be able to prove it?

Olivia: Claudia has pushed me for the last time, and I refuse to let that woman control me anymore, okay? I just gotta come clean. I've gotta tell you--

Sonny: I don't want to hear what you got to say.

Olivia: Sonny, Sonny, trust me. You do want--

Sonny: You hate Claudia!

Olivia: And she hates me, too! It goes both ways!

Sonny: I get it. Every time I see you, you're tearing each other's hair out. Stop getting in her face. It's gotta stop, now.

Dominic: I'm not doing this, Claudia.

Claudia: It's just sex. What's the big deal? I'm sure that you'll find it deeply satisfying.

Dominic: You know what, call me a romantic, but when I sleep with a woman, I like the feeling to be mutual.

Claudia: If you do this, your mother will be safe. Isn't that what you want?

Dominic: My mother and my father are the reason I'll never sleep with you.

Helena: If you only knew how those dearest to your heart are lying to you.

Lucky: Don't waste your breath.

Helena: Wow. So you prefer to be in denial. How touching. How predictable.

Lucky: You kidnapped me. You held me prisoner. Why? Why would I believe anything out of your mouth?

Helena: Well, I'm sure that's exactly what your betrayers are counting on.

Lucky: I'm sorry; I'm not going to buy it, so save your lies for somebody else.

Ethan: You wanted to see me?

Helena: Well, I apologize for this awkward timing, but I do need to speak with Ethan privately. About an issue that concerns you, as a matter of fact.

Elizabeth: Helena knows we slept together.

Nikolas: She's bluffing.

Elizabeth: I don't know how she figured it out or how we gave ourselves away, but she knows, and she's going to tell Lucky.

Nikolas: She has no proof. They're just empty accusations. Don't let her rattle you like that.

Elizabeth: No, she accused me with such absolute certainty.

Nikolas: But you denied it, right?

Elizabeth: Of course I did, but she can see right through me!

Nikolas: Elizabeth, she is a master at playing mind games, okay? If she senses that you're feeling guilty, she's going to try and exploit that.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, okay, that's like telling a guy who's facing a wild animal, "don't let it sense your fear or it'll attack you."

Nikolas: Okay, you're stronger than you think, okay?

Elizabeth: If Helena tells Lucky...

Nikolas: Hey, she has no credibility with him. If she tells him, he'll just laugh in her face.

Elizabeth: And what if he comes to me? Nikolas, I have lied to him so much. I can't do it again.

Nikolas: So what are you going to do? Are you going to tell him that we slept together?

Johnny: You've been looking for proof against Claudia for months now and you've come up with nothing. Let it go.

Jason: Oh, so now all of a sudden you're trying to tell me to stop.

Johnny: She's my sister. I don't like her being targeted for something she didn't do.

Jason: Claudia's been covering her ass from day one. She's reckless.

Johnny: She's always been reckless, Jason. If she would have done something, you would have found out about it.

Jason: She's guilty, Johnny.

Johnny: Great. You just keep feeding this obsession.

Jason: Okay, you know your life would be a lot easier and I'm guessing that you would probably  be even a little relieved.

Dominic: I don't know if you're desperate or crazy, but you won't be getting pregnant with my kid.

Claudia: Because of your father?

Dominic: Well, he knocked her up and never knew, never bothered to know.

Claudia: Well, that's better than having a cold, heartless bastard for a father, like mine.

Dominic: You know what, maybe you should go get counseling instead of getting pregnant and trying to have a baby and pass it off as being Sonny's.

Claudia: Maybe you should drop your pants and quit stalling.

Dominic: Clearly you're not getting it. I'm a good Catholic boy. If I ever have a kid, I'll be married to his mother.

Claudia: That's so sweet and quaint. Aww, who knew you were the nice white picket fence kinda guy?

Dominic: Well, now you know.

Claudia: Yeah, it's all very quaint and lovely, but it's beside the point. You don't have a choice.

Dominic: You're right. Doing what you want me to do is not an option.

Claudia: Okay. Well, then Sonny's going to find out Olivia's been lying to him since the moment you came to town.

Olivia: Claudia is your wife because of a business deal you made with her father when you took over his organization.

Sonny: Claudia agreed because she understands who I am and what I do.

Olivia: Oh, right. So, what, now you guys, you're soulmates now?

Sonny: She doesn't talk me down. She doesn't keep telling me that I'm a criminal.

Olivia: Of course she doesn't, because she's done worse things than you're ever gonna do.

Sonny: You know what, you went on and on about how Claudia and I deserve each other. So I actually listened to you, and I accepted it. So whatever poison you got to tell me, I don't want to hear it.

Olivia: Sonny... It's true.

Sonny: What?

Olivia: It's true that I'm disappointed in you, but that's because I saw how much potential you had. You got the smarts and the confidence and the ambition. I mean, you could have done anything. You could have done great things. But even now, after all the choices you've made, I still... I still choose to believe that you've got a code. Okay, a fundamental decency that I am sorry to tell you, Claudia does not have. She's cruel, and she's--

Michael: What gives you the right to badmouth my dad's wife, huh?

Elizabeth: We are the people that Lucky loves and trusts most in this world. Whether we tell him the truth or not, we've betrayed him on so many levels.

Nikolas: You and Lucky are getting married. You'll eventually put it behind you.

Elizabeth: I don't know if I can.

Nikolas: Since when? Just earlier this afternoon, you were so determined to make it work with him.

Elizabeth: I just don't know that I can go through with this.

Nikolas: Okay, what exactly is it you're saying?

Elizabeth: If I marry Lucky and hide the fact that we slept together, I'll be living a lie and setting Lucky up for a world of hurt.

Nikolas: Okay, so what, you're going to call off the wedding?

Elizabeth: I love him, and I always will. But the not the way he wants me to. And as hard as it's going to be to break off the engagement, it's going to be worse if I marry him and pretend to be happy.

Nikolas: Okay...

Elizabeth: Because Lucky deserves so much more than that.

Nikolas: Okay. So how are you going to explain it to him? Are you going to tell him there's someone else?

Helena: My, such handsome young men. It's rather a shame there has to be such tension between you.

Lucky: Me and Ethan? We're like this.

Helena: Oh, come now, Lucky. You know you've always felt slighted by your father. And now to discover that Luke's philandering has produced this--this smashing young brother, who he clearly fancies over you, well, I would imagine it's quite a thorn in your side.

Lucky: Helena 101. She finds out where you're vulnerable and she works it however she can.

Ethan: Oh, yeah. She's pretty obvious about that one.

Helena: I'd like those few private moments with Ethan now. Please close the door on your way out.

Ethan: I can't possibly imagine what you could have to say to me in private.

Helena: I need to tell you a secret. Yes. It's something so explosive that your brother's happiness could literally be in your own hands.

Ethan: Whatever secret you're selling, sweetheart, I'm not interested.

Helena: That's very disappointing. Well, it seems you'll have to learn the awful truth from someone else.

Lucky: I'm sorry to spoil your fun. Let's get out of here while we still can.

Ethan: Yeah, that's the best idea I've heard all day.

Sam: All right, Spinelli ran a trace at the address that we found, and it's a house in the low-rent part of town.

Jason: Is it vacant?

Sam: Um, it was vacant while Ian was in Port Charles, but now it's occupied.

Jason: Well, does Devlin have any ties to--?

Sam: No, not that we know of. But the house had to be used for something.

Jason: [Sighs] Maybe storage. I mean, since there's no records tying Devlin to the house, he could hide whatever he wanted and not have to worry about it being discovered.

Sam: Yeah, including the recording of Claudia.

Jason: Okay, I'm gonna go check it out.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: You have time to go?

Sam: Yeah. I wouldn't miss it.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were listening.

Michael: Oh, so if you had known, you just would have waited and then trashed Claudia then?

Olivia: Um, it's complicated, Michael.

Michael: No, it seems pretty simple to me. I think, you know, you guys grew up together and now it just upsets you that he's with Claudia.

Sonny: Hey. I don't like the way you're speaking to her, okay? You gotta show Olivia some respect. The fight that she has with Claudia, there are two sides and Claudia has been wrong plenty of times.

Michael: No, Claudia is your wife. Dad, you're the one who always says, "stick up for family no matter what," right?

Sonny: Okay, that is true. That's why you gotta stop getting in Claudia's face.

Olivia: Fine. I can do that. I'm sorry that you're in the middle of this, Michael. You're a good kid. And it speaks well of you that you would stand up for your stepmother like that. Um... your oldest boy is something to be proud of, Sonny.

Sonny: Okay, even though I don't like the way you spoke to her, I do appreciate that you stood up for Claudia.

Michael: I mean, I'm glad that you defended Claudia, too. I just, I don't know, I always had this feeling that there was this distance between you guys.

Sonny: There was, for a long time, but you know, she's trying her best to be a good wife, and... I appreciate that.

Claudia: Okay, picture this.

Dominic: Hmm?

Claudia: Me walking into Sonny and letting him know that Olivia Falconeri has been lying to him since the minute her kid came to town, that kid being you. His trusted soldier. His trusted soldier with a fake name and a hidden agenda. You're screwed.

Dominic: [Chuckles] I can see that you would really take a lot of joy out of that, but you're not going to do it.

Claudia: All of your leverage is gone, Dante.

Dominic: But so will yours be when you spill your news to Sonny.

Claudia: But I'm not about leverage. I'm about payback.

Dominic: No, think again. You're holding the truth over my mother's head so she stays away from Johnny. How long do you think it'll take for her to get back into Johnny's arms when she finds out you told Sonny the truth about me?

Claudia: I will deal with the fallout when it happens.

Dominic: Uh-huh. Keeping Johnny away from my mother is way more important to you than any pregnancy could ever be. Personally, I think it's a little twisted to be so involved in your brother's love life, but hey, I'm not judging. I'm not too crazy about Johnny being with my mother either, so you know what? Thank you. I owe you one.

Tracy: You have come up with some ridiculous stories over the years, but this one takes the cake.

Helena: Well, how on earth Luke could remain married to your unpleasant self, I can't--

Tracy: Bats in the belfry. Cassadines in the dungeon?

Helena: Oh, Valentin unfortunately was never in the dungeon.

Tracy: No, 'cause he was working for you.

Helena: Oh!

Tracy: Husband, make yourself useful. Stop at the hardware store on the way home, please, and pick up a wooden stake. We're gonna need it.

Helena: Your strident, everly-increasingly off-putting spouse has totally misread the situation.

Luke: Oh, I don't know. Spanky is pretty savvy. If she smells a rat, I start setting traps.

Helena: Now, look, we have been allies in the past. I mean, it would be very disappointing to think that you could turn on me.

Tracy: Well, you'll have plenty of time to cry about that when you're out of here. I've arranged for you to be released from the hospital. There are orderlies coming to escort you out.

Helena: What, do they intend to leave me lying in the street?

Tracy: What a nice idea. I'm sorry I didn't think of that.

Luke: Tracy... You would be prepared to evict a gravely ill woman?

Tracy: Absolutely.

Luke: Nice!

Helena: Luke, I suggest that you explain to your antagonistic mate why you need me.

Luke: Who says I do?

Elizabeth: I have to tell Lucky I can't marry him. I should have never agreed to it in the first place. I just didn't know how to say no.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I--I know you wanted to make him happy.

Elizabeth: And Cameron and Jake. I mean, they adore him. He's been the greatest father in the world. God, how did this happen? Why did this happen? Why can't I just give Lucky what he wants, what he deserves? [Sighs]

Nikolas: Yeah. Where do you think the two of you will go from here?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I don't know. Things were so perfect before, when we were just friends and raising the boys together. And now...God, I hope he forgives me. I just, I hope things can go back to normal.

Nikolas: Once you tell him, you'll be on your own, you know.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Free to be with whoever I want. But it can't be you.

Dominic: Whoa. Either you really like the ravioli, or you came to check up on me.

Lulu: It's ravioli, but since you're here...

Dominic: You want to know if I slept with Claudia. Oh, it's making you crazy, thinking about the two of us up in that hotel room--

Lulu: Oh, my gosh, if you want to sleep with dangerously whacko sluts, be my guest.

Dominic: Oh, now that I have your permission...

Lulu: So?

Dominic: So what?

Lulu: So did you sleep with Claudia?

Dominic: No. I turned Claudia down, and thank you for helping me with that decision.

Lulu: Well, what did I do?

Dominic: You told me to not compromise myself. And I like to think that I'm a guy with integrity, so your words kinda hit home.

Lulu: Well, I'm glad you managed to dredge up a shred of common sense. And sleeping with Claudia would have been a bad idea anyway, even if Sonny wasn't your boss.

Dominic: True. Even though we both know the only reason why you were trying to talk me down is so you wouldn't lose me to another woman. So I'm all yours.

[Knock on door]

[Claudia sighs]

Johnny: What are you doing here?

Claudia: Oh...

Johnny: What the hell's going on?

Claudia: I had a less than satisfying encounter with Dominic Pirelli.

Johnny: Oh, okay, I don't want to hear about that.

Claudia: No, actually, John, you do. Dominic--

Johnny: No, I do not want to hear about it. I meant that. Dominic's obviously pissed you off somehow, and whatever evil revenge plot you've got going on, you're on your own.

Claudia: Okay, cool, fine. I will finish up the champagne and let myself out. Hmm? Mmm. Want some?

Johnny: Okay, let me guess. All right, that's good. Dominic, what, you were going to sleep with him and you didn't? Or let me guess, you did?

Claudia: Ah, no. Right the first time. Dominic wouldn't sleep with me. [Scoffs] Now he's gonna pay.

Johnny: Okay. I'm obviously missing something here. Why would you risk the consequences of cheating on Sonny?

Claudia: Sonny wouldn't give me a baby. I thought Dominic would.

[Johnny scoffs]

Anthony: Hello.

Olivia: Hello.

Anthony: It's not often I get such a lovely visitor.

Olivia: Well, when a no-neck stops me on the street and says, "Visit Mr. Zacchara right now or you'll regret it," I guess I visit.

Anthony: Oh, my apologies. Some of the people who act on my behalf are less than polished.

Olivia: So what is the purpose of this little meet and greet?

Anthony: A conversation, that's all. Imagine we're in some trendy coffee shop, we're chatting over a latte. We're getting to know each other.

Olivia: Then why would you have any interest in me?

Anthony: Oh, such modesty from a woman who's the object of both Sonny and my son Johnny's affections.

Olivia: Sonny's a married man.

Anthony: Yes, he is. And his wife happens to be my daughter Claudia, who must be spitting nails over his infatuation with you. And by the way, that's a point in your favor.

Olivia: I'm not looking for points.

Anthony: Well, maybe you should be. They could make all the difference.

Olivia: Difference in what?

Anthony: Tell me a little about yourself. Convince me John would not be better off if I simply killed you. 

Johnny: Okay, I know you're still grieving over your baby, Claudia, but this is not the way to go about solving it. I think you know that.

Claudia: Actually, at the time, it seemed like a workable plan.

Johnny: Okay, but Sonny didn't want another child. And I probably would say that it's not such a bad idea.

Claudia: You know what, this is perfect because you and Sonny loathe each other, but you both agree that I would suck at being a mother.

Johnny: Claudia, it's not you. It's the life, all right? You and Sonny, you're in this business, okay? And it's not the place to raise a kid. Look at us; we know that better than anyone else.

Claudia: Johnny, come on. We both had absent mothers. Our father is a certified whack job. This is completely different. Sonny and I would be loving parents. It's--

Johnny: Okay. But you can have all the bodyguards you want. You can pack your house full of security cameras, whatever. But things happen when you least expect it. Look at Michael.

Claudia: Oh, you know, why do you always bring that up? Why do you always bring that up? You know what you act like? You act like I wanted Michael to get shot. No, and I didn't. Ian Devlin is the one who shot him. My part in that was so small, and you know it!

Johnny: I know. Okay. My point is, Claudia, you and Sonny will always have enemies. That's the way it's going to be. It's the nature of this business. Be glad that you don't have a kid that you have to look after all the time and protect.

Olivia: No, I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that I'm never going to have a child.

Johnny: [Sighs] I'm sorry, getting pregnant with somebody else's baby and trying to pass it of as Sonny's is silly. It's stupid. And you're asking, begging for misery.

Claudia: Fine, I know. I'm... So I'll just, uh, build a life with Sonny. I don't know, maybe eventually convince him to have a child.

Johnny: You're setting yourself up for disappointment again.

Claudia: No. I don't think so, John. Sonny used to hate me, remember? He doesn't anymore. Need a little patience and time. I'll have everything that I want. You know, I'll have a partnership with Sonny, power and prestige, a child of my own, as long as you love me. That's all I'll ever need.

Olivia: You want me to convince you that I deserve to live.

Anthony: You have to look at it from my perspective. My only son is infatuated with you. He is in constant conflict with Sonny over you, and also with his snake of a sister. Now, if I got rid of you, I would be eliminating the source of the problem. You know, now that I hear it out loud, I'm liking it even more.

Olivia: You don't scare me, Anthony. I got no problem going to the cops with your threats. And as far as protecting John, I can assure you that he is doing just fine.

Anthony: Oh, you are hardly a reliable source.

Olivia: Seeing you here and knowing Claudia, Johnny really is a freakin' miracle, that someone so decent and loyal with such a good heart would come out of your gene pool, it really just blows my mind. And the obstacles that he has had to overcome to be his own man and not some twisted tool? Johnny is going to get all the love and support that I can possibly give him.

Anthony: [Chuckles] You got guts, kid. I like that in a woman. You're a little long in the tooth for my son, but you're hot. I think you're good for him. So you get to live-- for now.

Dominic: So now that I've refused Claudia, you and I can go out on that date you promised me.

Lulu: What is it like to live in a delusional world?

Dominic: Was I hallucinating that part where you agreed to go out with me?

Lulu: Oh, I'm sorry I have to break it to you; you're not as irresistible as you think you are.

Dominic: Yeah, probably not. But, hey, at least you're having fun shooting me down.

Lulu: Yes, almost as fun as getting hit by a car. [Chuckles] What, is something wrong?

Dominic: No, my ego's a little bruised, is all. Tends to happen when I hang out with you.

Lulu: Right.

Dominic: Maybe we could hang out a little more often; you can come to appreciate me somehow.

Lulu: Yeah, I think I mentioned that I'm here for the ravioli.

Dominic: Right. I'll talk to the chef; I'll get you extra sauce.

Helena: Valentin is the most lethal Cassadine you have ever encountered.

Luke: Well, maybe he was-- when he was alive.

Helena: Oh, I assure you, he is--

Luke: Helena, the whole story was too suspicious. I did some research. Yes, Mikkos had a bastard son named Valentin. You had him sent away. He came back and wreaked all kinds of nasty vengeance on the family, and you being the forgiving stepmother that you are, had him murdered. Valentin Cassadine has been rotting in his grave for decades. He can do no one harm.

Helena: It's true, Valentin was believed to have died, but the body in the ground is not his.

Luke: Do you have proof?

Helena: No. But I'm certain that Valentin was poisoning me. Oh, look, clearly he's been in hiding. He's been waiting till the time was right, and now he's seeking vengeance on us all.

Tracy: He was a handy scapegoat for you when you wanted to manipulate my husband.

Helena: Oh!

Luke: You're losing your touch, my lethal flower. Happy trails.

Helena: Ignore my warnings at your own peril, Luke. This is far from over.

Nikolas: And my feelings for you... is the only thing that's made me feel alive since I lost Emily.

Elizabeth: A relationship based on betraying Lucky will never bring us happiness.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] No, I suppose it won't. So our one night together is all it can ever be?

Elizabeth: In retrospect, probably wasn't such a good idea, thinking kissing each other would be a harmless experiment.

[Both chuckle]

Nikolas: Didn't know what we were starting, did we?

Elizabeth: Or what we might be losing. I mean, we've been friends forever.

Nikolas: I know, I think maybe that's why I didn't realize it before. It's because you were always just my... friend, someone I turned to for advice.

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, same here. I mean, you're the only one I can talk to about my mixed feelings for Lucky...

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And how much I miss Emily. And maybe that's-- maybe that's all this is, do you think? It's just helping each other through loss.

Nikolas: No. I think loss is why we didn't recognize it before.

Elizabeth: This is crazy. I mean, after all this time. But I can't stop thinking about you.

Nikolas: God, you're beautiful. I really wish it could be different.

Elizabeth: But it can't.

Nikolas: Okay.

Elizabeth: We need to keep our distance. And then, maybe it... maybe at some point, we can just go back to being friends.

Nikolas: Okay. I'm gonna go.

Elizabeth: Yeah, we should.

Nikolas: Bye.

[Door closes]

Bernie: We've got a real problem with the South American partners. Anthony Zacchara's men destroyed a valuable shipment when they hit those warehouses, and now Joey Limbo's out of prison? They're worried that more shipments are going to be interfered with.

Sonny: I'll make a few calls; reassure them that everything's taken care of.

Bernie: Yeah, it's gonna take more than a few calls.

Sonny: We have nothing to worry about, Bernie!

Bernie: They have got a substantial portion of their business invested with you, and your relationship with the Zaccharas was never that strong. They're afraid the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down.

Sonny: We've been in business for a long time. They know they can count on me.

Bernie: Yeah, but things change. You need to convince them that they mustn't pull out, or I'm afraid you're going to be isolated. You're going to be extremely vulnerable.

Sonny: Then I guess it's time to make a personal appearance.

Bernie: Yes, sir. Do you need me to come with you?

Sonny: No, no, no, I think I got somebody else in mind.

Sam: All right, we gotta move fast before somebody--

Jason: You think if Devlin hid something, it'd be in the structure of the house. [Exhales]

Sam: What?

Jason: Nothing. I just keep following these leads, and I'm coming up empty every time.

Sam: Well...

Jason: I just appreciate that you haven't given up.

Sam: You trust your instincts. So do I. And I'm not going to stop until you're satisfied. So... what? [Laughs] Oy.

Sam: Hey, Jason?

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Come help me with this vent. Please.

Jason: See if you can find any kind of tools in here. Did you find something?

Sam: Yeah.

[Jason murmuring]

Johnny: What did you say to Olivia?

Anthony: There's no greeting for your father? There's no pleasantries, there's no--

Johnny: I got the message you wanted to see me and I came. Signed the visitor's book, and Olivia's name was ahead of mine. What the hell did you say to her?

Anthony: We had a lovely conversation. Olivia is quite a woman. She's gorgeous; intoxicating. She's full of fire. I can only imagine how good she must be in bed.

Johnny: Shut up!

Anthony: Don't get excited, would you, please? You're still recovering from gunshot wounds.

Johnny: Yeah.

Anthony: I want to apologize for that, by the way. I never would have given the order had I known you would be right in the middle of the action. Look at you. You're up and around, you're living your life, you're banging your girlfriend.

Johnny: Okay, you know what, you are showing the woman I love a hell of a lot of disrespect, and it stops now.

Anthony: My apologies if I offended. I was merely observing that so many men are drawn to innocence. They think they're making a fresh start seeing themselves through the eyes of some insipid young girl. That is a fantasy guaranteed to come crashing down. It's much better to be with a woman of experience.

Johnny: Listen to me carefully. If anything happens to Olivia, and that means she so much as stubs her toe, I'll kill you myself.

Anthony: I have no doubt you would. You've learned to fight for what you want by any means necessary. I'm proud of you, Johnny. You're truly becoming your father's son.

Nikolas: So the boys inform me that Tracy ordered your eviction.

Helena: Well, I hope you put a stop to such nonsense. After all, you are the single largest benefactor of this hospital.

Nikolas: Well, we've got two choices. You can take a flight back to the Cassadine island. Or a Swiss clinic of your choice, perhaps.

Helena: And the third choice is Wyndemere, which I accept gladly.

Nikolas: Staying here in Port Charles isn't one of the options.

Helena: Forcing me out of the country is a grievous mistake. Now, the threat of Valentin is very real and you are his principle target. Nikolas, you need my help to deal with him.

Nikolas: I don't give a damn anymore. I want you gone, and the sooner, the better.

Helena: Of course you do. You're afraid that I will tell Lucky about your affair with his precious Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: Hi.

Elizabeth: I'm really glad you called me, because I have something that we need to discuss.

Lucky: Let's go inside.

Elizabeth: [Indistinct]

All: Surprise!

Lucky: I just wanted to share our happiness with everyone we love. I just want to thank you all for coming. Elizabeth and I, we have a very important announcement to make.

Sonny: Just get the jet fueled. I need to be at the airport in an hour. Yes.

Claudia: Good news for you. Bad news for me.

Sonny: You took the pregnancy test?

Claudia: It was negative, so that's that. Subject closed.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Claudia: Oh, it's okay. You can be honest. You didn't want another baby.

Sonny: Okay, look--

Claudia: Now you're not going to have one.

Sonny: I have three children. It's easy for me to say I'm done. You don't have any, and I know how much this meant to you.

Claudia: It's funny, you know, I didn't-- I didn't realize that I ever would want a child until I got pregnant and I started picturing our baby. And it just seemed like it would make my life complete, you know?

Sonny: Yeah. I know.

Claudia: Now it's not going to happen, so it's going to take me a minute to adjust, that's all.

Sonny: I get that.

Claudia: So I heard you say that you were going to the airport. What's up?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm going to Puerto Rico on some business to meet with the South American partners. I know the timing's bad, but do you want to come with me?

Claudia: What, like a consolation prize?

Sonny: No, you could be helpful. I need to show these guys that the alliance with me and Zaccharas is on the up and up, and you're living proof.

Claudia: Sure. Whatever you need.

Sonny: Pack your bags. We're leaving in an hour.

Jason: Okay. Wow.

Sam: Hey!

Jason: Bear bonds, oh, and some cash.

Sam: All right, this is obviously Devlin's stuff, but no recording.

Jason: Let's just check these pockets real quick.

[Door opens]


Sam: The only way out is through the house.

Jason: [Sighs] Okay. So we're gonna have to wait till whoever it is leaves or they fall asleep.

Sam: Oh...

[Woman screams]


Johnny: Hi.

Olivia: Hey.

Johnny: Hey.

[Olivia moans]

Olivia: Wait. Wait, no, I didn't make any promises. I only said--

Johnny: Nothing matters but the two of us.

[Olivia moaning]

Man: All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces, bright and early for our daily races, no tomorrow, no tomorrow, mad world, mad world, mad world

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