GH Transcript Thursday 10/1/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/1/09


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Sonny: Thank you for reminding me that I haven't been the father I want to be for Kristina and my boys.

Alexis: I know you genuinely want to give your kids the childhood that you didn't have. You are so generous. You're committed, and I don't doubt at all how much you love your children, but that doesn't change the fact that your life is a danger to all of your kids.

Sonny: But ignoring Kristina, letting you keep her away from me is dangerous, too. I thought we settled this before she got back from Mexico. I'm just trying to be a good father. I just hope I'm not too late.

Singer: Yeah don't need another savior player, boy at my back door who won't go home Ahh don't need another routine, oh where I can't be myself I need to find some things out on my

Carly: Michael, Michael, are you remembering something else?

Claudia: I'm sorry, Michael. I never meant for you to get shot. I sent the gunman. It's my fault that you got shot.

Michael: I--I don't know.

Carly: Tell me what you remembered, and I can tell you if it was real or not. [Knock on door] Oh, come in.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jason: You okay?

Carly: Yeah, good. Good.

Jason: Hey, came by to see how you're doing.

Carly: Well, your timing's perfect. Michael's remembered something.

[Telephone rings]

Dominic: Yeah, I'm not really interested in anything you have to say to me, Claudia.

Claudia: I'm try--

Dominic: I'm sorry. Mrs. Corinthos.

Claudia: I'm trying to do you a favor, Dominic.

Dominic: Um, please don't. Heh.

Claudia: I have some very important information to tell you. If you're as smart as you think you are, you're gonna wanna listen.

Dominic: Mm, fine. Just make it fast.

Claudia: Oh, goody. Look who's here. Oh, this is great. You're just the person I wanted to see, because what I wanted to tell him is really all about you. 

Sonny: There's a problem, you need to spill it out right now.

Alexis: Well, technically there's been a problem since the day I found out I was pregnant, which is why I didn't tell you until I had to, but it...

Sonny: Uh, Kristina needs a father, and I'm not gonna let her down.

Alexis: I grew up without a father. I know how she feels.

Sonny: Right. You ended up pregnant in high school.

Alexis: Well, let's hope that doesn't happen to Kristina, right? Look, I know there's probably an inherent risk with every kid who grows up without a parent--mother or father.

Sonny: But Kristina has a father. She thinks I've been rejecting her for years, that I love my boys more than her. I love my daughter. I'm gonna prove it to her.

Alexis: So what are you going to tell her about what you do for a living? Because she already knows. And she knows the difference between right and wrong, which really puts her in an untenable situation to get close to you, because it's a question of ethics.

Sonny: Well, you know, you've had some questionable, you know, things in your life, right?

Alexis: I don't profit from them.

Sonny: Yeah, but my kids and business are separate.

Alexis: They are not.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Alexis: What happened at the country club when Michael and Keifer were fighting? You didn't go in there like a reasonable father would and try to stop it. You sent Max and Milo, your thugs, in. You scared the hell out of the president of the club.

Sonny: I'm not gonna let anybody bully my kids.

Alexis: I understand that you wanted to protect Michael, but if you want to be a father, then you have to act like one, and you can't deal with things like a mobster. Do you know how fast that went through Kristina's circle of friends?

Sonny: Are you saying she--

Alexis: It's not fair to ask her to deal with that sort of--

Sonny: Really? So you're saying she's ashamed of me. Is that what you're saying? All right.

Alexis: Okay, when the two of you get close, what are you gonna teach her? What's she gonna learn from you?

Sonny: That, uh--she's gonna learn that I loved her for all these years, that I've missed being part of her life, and I'm gonna try to make it right.

Alexis: And then what are you gonna tell her about loving someone who's dangerous, who gets what they want by using violence?

Sonny: I would never be violent with her.

Alexis: I know that.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: What you're asking her to do is a lot. I just want you to know that. You're asking her to love you and look up to you knowing that you're a criminal.

Sonny: You know what? We both made mistakes with our children, but for me to pull away from Kristina right now when she needs my attention--especially now, because if she doesn't get it from me, she's gonna get it somewhere else.

Singer: Ahh chicka boom, chicka boom boom, Ahh, chicka boom, chicka boom

Singer: Ahh, yeah

Kiefer: What the hell's wrong with you?

Kristina: I can't do this.

Kiefer: But what do you mean? You called me. You brought me in your room.

Kristina: My mom could walk in any second.

Kiefer: But she's not home.

Kristina: Then Viola could or Molly.

Kiefer: No one's home! That's the whole point. Heh.

Kristina: I'm so sorry.

Kiefer: Do you wanna have sex with me or not?

Michael: You know, it's no big deal what I'm remembering.

Carly: You were pretty concerned about it a minute ago.

Michael: Well, it's just it was weird not bein' able to tell the difference between what happened and what didn't. That's all.

Carly: Okay, so what did you remember?

Michael: Uh, just being in an exam room, you know, and looking up to see a bunch of people who I didn't even know who they were. You know, must have been doctors or nurses or something.

Carly: That's it?

Michael: Yeah. But I better get going.

Carly: I can call Bill. I'll tell him that you can't make it. You know, it's fine.

Michael: No, no. He's depending on me today, 'cause one of the guys had to take the day off, so, you know, I'm supposed to be learning about responsibilities, right?

Carly: Yep, that's true. You are.

Michael: See you later, then.

Carly: Bye. Whatever he's remembering, clearly he doesn't want me to know.

Jason: He'll tell you when he's ready.

Carly: What the hell is going on? Who's he trying to protect?                       


Olivia: Whatever you want, make it fast, Claudia. Some of us have to work for a living.

Claudia: You know, people couldn't help but notice how concerned you were, you know, after the tragedy with the carnival, about Dominic here.

Olivia: You obviously have nothing important to say to me, so why don't the two of you both take your little mob nonsense and take it elsewhere.

Claudia: No, no, no. I just-- I can't stop thinking about the carnival tragedy and how concerned you were about Dominic.

Olivia: Right.

Claudia: I mean, supposedly, I mean, you told everyone it was because you were the head of the planning committee, but the truth is it's--it's really because if you had set any kind of, you know, extra barriers around the midway or even around the gate, Edward's car would have been stopped before it could have done any damage. The whole incident would have been avoided. No one would have gotten hurt.

Olivia: If you're trying to stir up a lawsuit, why don't you contact our attorneys? I'll have Jax's secretaries e-mail the numbers to you.

Claudia: Aren't you defensive? Look, don't get defensive. I'm trying to do a good deed here.

Dominic: [Scoffs]

Claudia: No, I am. I had this idea, okay? What if--what if we do a little fundraiser? You know? Raise some money for the victims of the tragedy and at the same time give you a chance to redeem yourself, which obviously you need. And here's the catch, all right? Dominic would be the guest of honor. It's the least we can do. I mean, you saved my stepson's life, and it only makes sense that Olivia should organize the event because she was so concerned about you.

Olivia: That's not what's happening here.

Claudia: You know, it's funny. If I didn't know better, I'd think--

Dominic: You know, whatever it is you're really after here, don't use me to get one over on Ms. Falconeri.

Luke: [Coughs]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Lock turns]

Jason: Okay, whatever Michael's remembering, I know that he doesn't wanna hurt you.

Carly: Oh, I'm so sick of hearing that.

Jason: I'm so sick of saying it. But it's true. You've made it this far into your pregnancy. Nobody wants to mess things up, Carly.

Carly: Do you know what he's remembering?

Jason: His memories. I mean, he has to deal with his memories in his own way.

Carly: I wanna help him. He's my son.

Jason: Okay, then you have to give him some space.

Carly: [Sighs] Give him some space.

Jason: Just like you did to me, remember, way back when, when everybody was always pushing me and you never did.

Carly: It's so different when it's your kid, Jason.

Jason: I know that.

Carly: Does this have something to do with the day you and Sam showed up in Jax's office? 'Cause Michael couldn't get out of there fast enough, and you guys were hiding something from me.

Jason: Just leave it alone.

Carly: No. It's stressful for me to wonder.

Jason: Then stop. Stop thinking about it. Will you--will you just please focus on having a healthy baby girl and just let me take care of everything else?

Carly: You're really not gonna tell me? You're not gonna tell me?

Jason: I'm not gonna tell you, no.

Carly: When Michael was little, you told me everything, and now you're not gonna tell me?

Jason: You trusted me to take care of him back then. You have to trust me to take care of him now. It's all gonna work out.

Carly: OK. [Winces] See? Oh, your goddaughter agrees with me. She's gonna be a soccer player, too. Feel. Come here.

Jason: Oh. That might have been a goal on that one.

Carly: Yeah. [Laughs]

Claudia: You saved Morgan's life. I'm trying to make you a hero.

Dominic: I just did what anyone would have done.

Claudia: Well, what about you? I mean, don't you care about everyone who got hurt, or is it just Dominic?

Dominic: Well, let's just leave Ms. Falconeri out of this.

Olivia: Uh, Mr. Pirelli, I appreciate your concern. I can fight my own battles here, though.

Dominic: I don't doubt it, but this is between me and Mrs. Corinthos, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Olivia: Okay, you keep it any way you want. Why don't you keep it out of the hotel?

Claudia: I guess she told us.

Dominic: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We, uh--we're not done yet.

Sonny: I understand that my life is dangerous for my children, and I haven't forgotten that Kristina and her brothers were kidnapped and, you know, what happened with Michael.

Alexis: Which is a perfect example of why you can't promise to keep the kids safe.

Sonny: Yeah, but oddly enough, Michael got shot when I was trying to make my life better, and that will not happen again. Now my enemies are afraid, and my kids are actually safer now than they've ever been.

Alexis: Which is a result of even more violence.

Sonny: Okay, Alexis...

Alexis: Huh?

Sonny: That's the way it is. And we've done it your way all this time. Now we're gonna do it my way. I know that, you know, Kristina's life may not be perfect, but at least she won't feel abandoned... [Door closes] And that means a lot, right?

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Yeah. Molly. What on earth?

Molly: Hey, Mom.

Alexis: Hey.

Molly: Hey, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: Hi.

Alexis: What are you doin' here?

Molly: Viola didn't think you'd mind since you're already here, and I kind of need some help from Uncle Sonny on a project for school.

Alexis: Oh.

Sonny: All right. Whatever you need.

Molly: Since I'm doing a paper on the judicial branch of our government, I would like to interview a real criminal.

Alexis: Go ahead. What do you wanna ask him?

Molly: To start, I'd like to know what it feels like to be arrested. And hypothetically speaking, of course, what's the very worst crime you've ever gotten away with?

Singer: Ahh, chicka boom chicka boom boom

Kiefer: If you don't wanna have sex with me, why'd you bring me in your room?

Kristina: I just wanted to see you.

Kiefer: No. No, no. You kissed me first. What was I supposed to think?

Kristina: [Sighs] I skipped school today to go see my dad. I just wanted to stand up for myself and let him know how I really feel. So now my father's suddenly decided that he wants to pretend, to act like he cares about me, but he obviously doesn't.

Kiefer: I care about you. I worry about you.

Kristina: I know. [Sighs] I'm such an idiot.

Kiefer: No. No, no. Look, hey, there's no way your father can understand what you're dealing with junior year. Did he even finish high school?

Kristina: I don't think so.

Kiefer: I mean, everyone's still talking about the day at the club when Michael attacked me. I mean, he strolls in there with all his goons. Heh. Like a "B" movie.

Kristina: I should have never gone over to his house.

Kiefer: I understand.

Kristina: Let's go someplace else.

Kiefer: Yeah, someplace else as in debate club, which we're missing, by the way.

Kristina: No. I mean someplace else where we can be together.

Kiefer: Are you sure that's what you want?

Kristina: Yeah.

Kiefer: There's no big rush, okay?

Kristina: Maybe not for you. I'm sure all you have to do is call Tara.

Kiefer: I don't wanna push you.

Kristina: You aren't.

Kiefer: Okay, if you're sure that's what you want, I can set something up.

Kristina: I'm sure.

Singer: Hey, seems like it's all keeping until it's 6:00 in the early evening

[Knock on door]

Sam: Krissy! Are you in here? I was just-- what are you doing in my little sister's room?

Kiefer: Um...

Helena: Vengeance. Betrayal.

Mischa: Shh, Mrs. Cassadine. Don't be upset.

Helena: No, I'm afraid.

Mischa: There's nothing to be afraid of. You're safe. You're in your own home.

Helena: No, deadly. Cassadine. Please.

Sonny: Well, you know, I don't discuss business with children, so I can't really help you there, Molly.

Molly: But you have been arrested on numerous occasions, correct?

Sonny: Um, well, you know, why-- if it helps your paper, just say that I have never been convicted of anything.

Molly: Because you were innocent? Or did you just have a really smart lawyer?

Alexis: I'm a really smart lawyer, honey. Ask me. I'll be happy to help you with your research.

Molly: Yes, but you lost your job. That damages your credibility.

Alexis: Ask me anyway. There's no need to bring Uncle Sonny into this.

Molly: But why not? Uncle Sonny beat the system.

Alexis: Your mother used to be my lawyer. You know that?

Molly: Yes.

Sonny: She can tell you a lot.

Molly: But I need a primary source.

Sonny: Hmm.

Molly: Have you ever used the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination?

Sonny: Have--you know where my kitchen is.

Molly: You're not gonna answer, are you?

Sonny: I have this, like-- cookies. They're just delicious. They're in there. They're from this great bakery that I go to for Michael and Morgan whenever they come in. Want don't you go get yourself some milk. There you go.

Molly: Thanks. You know, maybe I'll talk to Jason. Morgan says he's been arrested, like, a million times, and he always gets out of it. He'd be perfect.

Alexis: If this were court, this would be where I rest my case.

Kristina: Since when do you just stroll into my room?

Sam: Does Mom know that you're home alone in your room with a boy?

Kristina: Do you wanna call her? Go ahead. Tell her you had nothing better to do than spy on me.

Kiefer: All right, take it easy, okay?

Kristina: Nothing happened here, and I really don't appreciate the implication that it did.

Kiefer: Okay, K isn't feeling too well, so I stopped by to drop off her homework.

Sam: Homework?

Kiefer: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Oh, yeah? That's what you were doing?

Kristina: If you're trying to be clever, it isn't working.

Kiefer: Look, I apologize for the misunderstanding. That was just a good-bye kiss, and I was just getting ready to leave.

Sam: Mm-him. Wait. Excuse me. Before you leave, if you were doing homework, where are your books and stuff?

Kiefer: Everything's done online nowadays, especially trig. Okay, I'll get back to you on that problem we're trying to figure out.

Kristina: Okay. Thanks.

Kiefer: Oh, and, uh, if there is any question about what happened today, have Ms. Davis give me a call.

Sam: [Chuckles]

Kiefer: Okay?

Sam: All right, listen. I'll give him that. He is one smooth kid.

Kristina: It was one kiss, not like it's any of your business.

Sam: Are you having sex with him?

Jason: Hey. Let's go in the office.

Johnny: So how'd Sonny end up with this place?

Jason: Well, uh, Sonny actually knew the people who ran the no-name. We've always been looking for a place since the coffeehouse burnt down. People ran this place for 40 years. They wanted to retire, so everything worked out.

Johnny: Nice. It's old school. Come equipped with, uh, guns behind the toilets? Ahh. All right, so something tells me you didn't call me here to discuss real estate.

Jason: We have a leak in our organization. What do you know about it?

Dominic: Whatever game that you're playing now, you leave Ms. Falconeri out of it.

Claudia: It's so strange to me that you're so protective of a woman you barely know.

Dominic: She is a good person. She doesn't deserve any trouble.

Claudia: Why would you be so concerned about Mrs. Falconeri, hmm? You could barely remember her name when you first met her. Makes me wonder.

Dominic: Yeah. We got trouble.

[Door opens]

Luke: Well, and I find you in my favorite position.

Helena: Your favorite little missionary. Well, I'm certainly glad I had you cleaned up.

Luke: Yeah. Me, too. So what's this about? You keep me for months, and then suddenly you give me a shower and a shave, and then today I find my cell door's open, and you let me find you. I can hardly wait to find out what happens next.

Helena: Luke, come here. Be--be watchful.

Luke: God, you're cold. You're so cold. What's going on? What's the matter with you?

Helena: [Gasps] Luke, danger.

Luke: Yeah, danger. I know you're happy to see me, but I can't snap that beautiful neck of yours if you aren't gonna fight back. There's no fun in that. You have to participate.

Helena: Oh, I can't stop you.

Luke: What are you talking about? You've always been able to stop me. How long ago was it that you showed up at the Star? The lights went out, and I've been down in that cell with the rats ever since. And then suddenly you clean me up, you let me out. What's going on?

Helena: Luke, Luke, danger. Cassadine.

Luke: Yeah, okay, Cassadines and danger go together like the noose and the gallows. What are you--what are you saying? What is this, some kind of warning?

Kristina: Anything I do or don't do with Keifer is none of your business.

Sam: I understand that. I'm just saying that if you are gonna have sex, you need to be prepared.

Kristina: I've heard that you've hooked up with pretty much every guy in town, so just stay out of this.

Sam: I'm not passing judgment. I have made some really terrible mistakes, and I just wanna try and protect you from doing the same thing.

Kristina: And you think Kiefer's a bad choice.

Sam: No, I think it's a bad idea, Krissy, for you to be alone in your bedroom with your boyfriend.

Kristina: You don't even know Keifer. He's smart. He's going to Harvard. And Mom likes him.

Sam: Is he pressuring you to have sex?

Kristina: No. Of course not. And I'm not having this conversation.

Sam: OK. That's fine. That's actually really good, because you can listen. Because if you are gonna have sex, you need to prepare yourself. You need to know about birth control. You need to know about STDs and protect yourself from that. Have you even thought about that? Well, Krissy, sweetie, please sit down for a second, please. If you have not even thought about that, then you are not ready to have sex. But if you're gonna be bound and determined and defiant, then please make sure Keifer uses a condom. Please.

Kristina: Are you finished? Good.

Alexis: Hi, Carly.

Carly: HI.

Alexis: You mind if I come in? Thanks.

Carly: If you're here to complain about either of my 2 kids, I just really can't handle that right now.

Alexis: No. No, I come in peace. Didn't we just have a nice little dance together? Look, I was thinking since we both have children with Sonny as the father, I was thinking maybe we could work together and create a united front.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Okay, I was in the middle of a meeting with the start-up committee in Milan.

Olivia: Have you ever said anything to Claudia about Dante? Have you ever even mentioned his name to her?

Kate: No. Of course not. In fact, this morning at the hotel was the first time I've seen that woman in months.

Olivia: I think you were right.

Kate: Are you sure?

Olivia: Yeah. This morning after you left, she cornered Dante. She started dropping hints like crazy. I think--I think that she may have figured out that Dominic is really Dante. She might even know that Sonny's his father.

Jason: Let's just say there's a lot goin' on--the carnival mess, the attack at the warehouse. But before all that, one of our shipments was busted.

Johnny: Yeah. I know. Kinda got lost in the shuffle, huh?

Jason: Yeah. Two lieutenants are in custody still, but they're not--

Sonny: The bust was too perfect. Warrants were all in order. Went off like clockwork, which would imply that somebody in my organization tipped the cops off.

Johnny: Okay, well, I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to defend myself, but it wasn't me.

Sonny: Why should we believe you?

Johnny: Because, Sonny, I've got no reason to undercut your organization. I got nothing to gain.

Sonny: But you would if it was to help your father.

Johnny: Okay, you know what? You and I, we're never gonna get along, but Jason and I have proven to be a pretty good team. I've done the best work I know how to for your organization, and beyond that, I'm not a snitch. I wouldn't go to the cops, and I don't know who did.

Sonny: I just don't believe you, Johnny.

Johnny: Well...

Luke: My God, your--your pulse is weak. What's going on? You're not faking this. Come on. You can't let it end like this. This is not right. I have to--I have to snap your neck. You ca--

Helena: Luke, your family-- no, mine...

Luke: Yeah, what about 'em?

Helena: Danger.

Luke: I'm listening, Helena.

Helena: Revenge.

Luke: Yeah, Spencers and Cassadines revenge. That's our way of life, yes.

Helena: All of us, together. Revenge.

Luke: What are you saying? Somebody wants revenge on the Cassadines and the Spencers?

Helena: Yes. Yes.

[Blow strikes]

Carly: If "united front" means we do everything your way, it's not going to happen.

Alexis: Now, don't go there. That's not why I'm here. Molly has asked some very pointed questions about Sonny's criminal professional life, and I'm sure that Morgan has asked you similar questions, and I thought maybe we could get together and discuss how to deal with it since they're both old enough to know what's going on now.

Carly: What did Molly ask?

Alexis: She wanted to know how he beat the system so many times and if he had ever plead the fifth.

Carly: Did you explain to Molly how many times you got Sonny out of jail? And how your best friend is being paid megabucks to do the same thing right now?

Alexis: I get it. I do, but I'm here trying to figure out how we best support them and guide them and protect them.

Carly: Then tell Molly the same thing you told everybody else when you took Sonny on as a client. Everyone deserves a fair trial and a vigorous defense. It's a matter of principle. You said it yourself.

Alexis: I think that's reasonable, and I think it would placate Molly, but Kristina's situation is a bit more complex. I'm really worried that Sonny wants to be fully involved in her life.

Carly: I think it's good for Kristina to be involved in Sonny's life. I do. Sonny's not perfect, but he--you know, he's got a lot of security right now, and things are calm. Everything seems to be fine.

Alexis: But he's impulsive, and you and I both know he spoils the children and he does it because he's trying to resolve his own childhood issues through them.

Carly: You're right. But he's their father.

Alexis: And a criminal.

Carly: Really? The kids need to be with their dad. They don't care that Sonny's a criminal. They don't care about laws and ethics. They love their father, and they need to be with him.

Alexis: And I know he loves them, a lot. I just--I don't understand how he can love them on one hand and not know how he's affecting them by the things that he does and the way that he lives his life.

Carly: Yeah, if there was some was some way that you and I could be a united front and it would work, I'd be right there with you, but it's not. It doesn't work. Sonny's their dad, whether we like it or not, and they love him, and they need to be with him.

Sonny: You know, the thing is I just don't like you, and I don't trust you.

Johnny: Well, that's fine, but you don't have any proof that I've been disloyal, 'cause I haven't been. You don't have any specific information that I fed to the cops, because I would never do that.

Sonny: I'm not a tyrant like your father. I'm not gonna do something unless I have absolute proof, but if you did do this and you wanna live a little while longer, you should just run right now.

Johnny: Right now?

Sonny: Yeah.

Johnny: Anything else?

Sonny: No--

Johnny: Didn't think so.

[Door closes]

Sonny: You got something to say, go ahead. Say it.

Jason: You know Johnny didn't do it, Sonny.

Sonny: Maybe, but we'll just see if he runs.

Jason: If you wanna hate Johnny, hate him. Don't let it get in the way. We need to find out who's working against us right now.

Bartender: Uh, all the tables are in this area, sir.

Dominic: Uh, don't worry about it. I work for Mr. Corinthos. This is a--it's a nice place.

Bartender: Hey, the food's good, too.

Dominic: Excellent, 'cause I plan on spending a lot of time here.

Kate: You have been carrying too many secrets for way too long.

Olivia: Maybe you're right. Maybe I just should have told Sonny the whole truth as soon as Dante got to town, but I just-- I just kept thinking that I could fix it, you know, that I could get him pulled off the case. And now it's just gone on too long, and it's too late.

Kate: Okay, let's all take a deep, cleansing breath.

Olivia: [Exhales]

Kate: Good. Now, what makes you so sure that Claudia knows the truth?

Olivia: Because the way that she was acting with us this morning, it got worse in the afternoon. It's like she was taunting us. She was taunting me and Dante, and she was trying to trip-- trip us up, you know?

Kate: Well, just keep in mind, all right, that Claudia only thinks about Claudia, so whatever she may choose to do must benefit Claudia.

Olivia: Yes, so blowing Dante out of the water gets her big points with Sonny, and he would hate me for not telling the truth, so why wouldn't she do it?

Kate: Well, it all depends on what she actually knows, right? I mean, if she only knows that Dominic is really Dante, that he's your son, that he's an undercover cop--

Olivia: Yeah, then he's a dead man.

Kate: Okay, well, on the other hand, if she knows that Dante is Sonny's child, she may not want Sonny to know.

Olivia: I just should have-- I should have told the truth a long time ago, just like you said. I don't know how I thought that I was gonna protect him from anything. I just wish I could pack up my baby and take him back home, you know.

Michael: It's a little early for a fire, isn't it?

Claudia: Heh heh. Oh, yeah. I was just burning up a bad check. You know, with identity theft, you can't be too careful.

Michael: Yeah.

Claudia: What's up? Your dad's not here, but I'm always happy to see you.

Michael: Actually, I came to talk to you.

Claudia: Okay, sure.

Michael: It's about, uh, when you visited me at the institute. I'm starting to remember more about what you said.

Kiefer: Ah. I was starting to worry.

Kristina: Sorry it took so long.

Kiefer: So I wanted you to be comfortable.

Kristina: It's perfect.

Kiefer: Yeah. Now we have all the privacy we want, no interruptions, no family barging in. It's okay. It's fine.

Kristina: I know. I'm just a little nervous.

Kiefer: Okay. All you have to do is just relax. I'll take care of you, K. I promise, okay?

Kristina: You're being so wonderful about all this.

Kiefer: Yeah, we'll be good the first time and then great after that. Okay?

Kristina: I'm sorry.

Kiefer: K, don't do this.

Kristina: I just--it's all happening too fast.

Kiefer: You are not backing out on me again, okay?

Kate: Now, it's important not to jump to conclusions. Is there any chance that Claudia is bluffing?

Olivia: No. No. The digs that she was making were way too accurate. Somehow, she's figured it out.

Kate: Not necessarily. Claudia sees you as a threat. She'd be trying to trick you into confirming her suspicions.

Olivia: So what am I supposed to do?

Kate: Are you asking for my advice?

Olivia: Does that give you any idea how desperate I am?

Kate: Okay, well, there's one thing you could do. Tell Sonny the truth.

Olivia: It's only as a last resort. Can't I just--can't I just throw Claudia off a bridge?

Kate: Ohh. Can I help? People might notice.

Olivia: Yeah, and I'd get a freakin' medal. And what am I supposed to do when Johnny finds out?

Kate: Celeste Mancini.

Olivia: What?

Kate: Third grade. She used to take my lunch money. She pushed me off a curb and got my clothes dirty.

Olivia: I remember I chased her down the avenue and gave her a bloody nose.

Kate: Yeah.

Olivia: I got your money back.

Kate: Yes, you did. You see? You're a fighter, all right? When the time is right, you will handle Claudia. I have every confidence in you.

Olivia: Thank you.

Johnny: [Whistling a tune] Hey. What's goin' on? Something happen to your son?

Sonny: I had Bernie cross-reference the shipments from the last month with personnel records so we could zero in on the leak and take care of the situation.

[Prolonged knocking on door]

Sonny: What is that?

Jason: Yeah, I know. It's ridiculous.

Dominic: Mr. Morgan. Bernie said you, uh, wanted to see me.

Claudia: Michael, you know that I would do anything I could to help you, so what do you remember?

Michael: Did you visit me a lot?

Claudia: Yeah, I did, quite often.

Michael: Yeah, 'cause you're in a lot of the memories. Um, a lot of times, you were sitting by my bedside, telling me you're sorry.

Claudia: I was sorry. I am sorry for what happened to you. It should never happen to anyone. It was terrible.

Michael: And in this one memory that keeps coming back, um, it's like you're trying to explain what happened to me, and, um... you said that it was your fault that I got shot.

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