GH Transcript Wednesday 9/23/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/23/09


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Sam: Now, that was amazing.

Jason: Well, I didn't mean to keep you out all night.

Sam: Really? 'Cause I kind of felt like the time flew by. Especially when you took me to the top of the mountain. And you laid me down in the grass--

Jason: Okay, if you keep talking about it, we're gonna go back.

Sam: Now, that was great.


Spinelli: How could you be so derelict in your duties?

Jason: What? What?

Spinelli: The hours of the Jackal's nuptials are in final countdown, and the best man vanishes from sunset to dawn. Of course, no disparagement to his lovely traveling companion.

Jason: Okay, I'm here now. What do you need?

Spinelli: Your full attention.

Maxie: Sorry. Sorry, sorry I'm late.

Lulu: That's okay. I already booked the accessory's photo shoot, so you can relax.

Maxie: Relax? [Laughs] I have the wedding rehearsal today, and then I'm getting married tomorrow. I have like a bazillion things to do.

Lulu: Like maybe finding a place to get married?

Maxie: Oh, we found a place. Well, Spinelli found it, actually. I thought of it. Who knew it actually existed?

Lulu: Translate. English.

Maxie: Okay, well, Spinelli asked me to envision the perfect place for us to get married, so I did, and then he found it using his awesome cyber skills.

Lulu: Congratulations.

Maxie: Thank you. Now I just need to get everything over there. You know, like the tables, chairs, guests.

Lulu: I would be happy to help.

Maxie: I need more than help. I'm thinking I need a divine intervention.

Lulu: How about some urgent messages from Kate?

Maxie: Oh, yes! I knew Kate would ruin my wedding.

[Machine beeping]

Johnny: Heh.

Claudia: HI.

Johnny: Hi.

Claudia: Congratulate me. I'm getting everything I ever wanted.

Johnny: [Chuckles] I heard that before.

Claudia: Sonny wants to have another baby.

Olivia: Sonny!

Sonny: You know, it's funny, you say you want nothing to do with me, but then, you know, you find reasons to show up here.

Olivia: You just keep giving me reasons. Sonny, we need to talk about how Johnny almost died and how it's not gonna happen again. 

Robin: Yes, that's right, the flowers need to be delivered to old Rice Manor. Yeah, we finally decided on a location. [Knock on door] Sometimes it takes a while. Actually, I've been a bride myself, so I understand it perfectly. Thank you.

Mac: This wedding's gonna give me an ulcer.

Robin: Oof. You look more frazzled than the groom.

Mac: The groom should be behind bars.

Robin: Uh-oh. What did Spinelli do this time?

Mac: Sit down, I'll tell you.

Robin: Whoo-hoo.

Mac: I got a call in the middle of the night that a couple of black and whites were sent to Rice Manor for breaking and entering. It was Spinelli and Maxie. Turns out he turned the alarm off so that they could check the place out for a possible wedding site, then set the alarm off when he turned it back on.

Robin: Oops.

Mac: Oops? It's not an oops, Robin. It's a crime.

Robin: Oh, come on. Let's look on the bright side. At least they've decided on a place to get married.

Mac: I told the arresting officer not to arrest Spinelli. But then I got to thinking, maybe if he's in lockup, that'll keep this farce from taking place.

Robin: Uncle Mac, the only person that can stop this wedding from happening is the bride-to-be.

Maxie: Kate is so predictable. Spinelli and I finally find a place to get married and she's gonna hate it.

Lulu: Actually, that's not what Kate was calling about at all.

Maxie: Just wait. She's gonna insist that we get married in some crazy place that we have absolutely no time to book on such short notice.

Lulu: Maxie, just listen to me for a second. She was calling about some figures from a plane.

Maxie: A plane?

Lulu: Yeah. You're gonna owe me big time, okay, 'cause I pulled some strings and I tweaked Kate's schedule, and she is on a plane to Tokyo as we speak. So there will be no Kate interfering with your wedding or your honeymoon.

Maxie: This ruins everything.

Lulu: The correct response is "thank you, Lulu!" [Squeals]

Maxie: No, no, no. Kate was my last hope. I thought she would come in making all sorts of crazy demands and I could just blame her for having to cancel the ceremony. Oh, my God, I'm gonna have to actually get married. I'm not ready for this, Lulu. I'm gonna suffocate.

Lulu: Maxie, get yourself together right now.

Maxie: That's easy for you to say, you're on the one tying the noose. I meant knot. I meant knot.

Lulu: Oh, my God. If you cannot go through with this wedding, you need to tell Spinelli now.

Maxie: No, I would never do that to him. I just need to follow through with, you know, what I already set in motion. Which is usually the time I do something reckless and stupid.

Spinelli: Wedding plans are moving apace. The Jackal and Maximista have selected the hauntingly lovely Rice Manor.

Sam: Ooh, that's where Carly and Jax got married.

Spinelli: Indeed. But we shall have our vows in a different room. However, last night I was so taken by Maximista in the moonlight that I incorrectly reset the Rice Manor alarm system and had a little altercation with the minions of law.

Jason: You got arrested?

Spinelli: Providentially, the proud patriarch interceded.

Sam: Well, it's okay because you found a really beautiful place to get married, right?

Spinelli: Yes, the locale has been selected, but there still remains much to do.

Sam: Ooh. Exciting. What do you want us to do?

Spinelli: Oh, well, the good Dr. Scorpio has taken the helm. Her organizational skills are robust. But what remains is the all important wedding attire. Those details need to be ironed out, so to speak, with Stone Cold's patience. [Knock on door] Ah, that would be he.

Jason: He who?

Spinelli: Ahh. Oh, hi. [Speaks Japanese] This is Mr. Kurusawa, the tailor. Mr. Kurusawa, this is Ms. Sam McCall and Mr. Jason Morgan.

Sam: HI.

Spinelli: The groom and the best man eagerly await their final fittings. Did you bring that accessory?

Kurusawa: [Speaks Japanese]

Claudia: Aren't you gonna say you're happy for me?

Johnny: Why would Sonny have another baby with you?

Claudia: I don't know. Maybe he likes the idea. Maybe he feels bad that our child didn't survive.

Johnny: Okay, but you can't just replace one child with another. Claudia, it's not even fair to try.

Claudia: Johnny, why don't you just admit that you're glad my baby died?

Johnny: That's not true. You know that.

Claudia: Sonny feels bad about what Kristina did. And he wants to make amends.

Johnny: Okay, but that's no reason to bring a child into this world.

Claudia: Why can't you just be happy for me, John? Why can't you love me like you used to?

Olivia: You stop going out of your way to put Johnny at risk. Just leave him the hell alone.

Sonny: Johnny's demanding and he's arrogant.

Olivia: He's arrogant? Really? Arrogant and demanding.

Sonny: Yes.

Olivia: Sonny, it must be just like looking in the mirror for you.

Sonny: He just rubs me the wrong way. I can't help it.

Olivia: Johnny is a decent man. He is kind and he is honest and he's even got a little bit of ethics, which is pretty freaking amazing considering the fact that he was raised by Anthony and Claudia.

Sonny: You want to paint your boyfriend as some kind of choir boy, be my guest. But you know what his value is to me? Hes leverage against his father. And that's how I intend to use Johnny.

Olivia: How would you like it if I turned around and used your own son against you?

Jax: I saw crates of organic fruit as I walked through the kitchen this morning. You could have berries with oatmeal.

Carly: What's the point of having breakfast at a 4-star restaurant if I'm gonna have a bowl of oats?

Jax: We don't have to do the dishes. And you have the pleasure of my company.

Carly: You're not playing fair.

Jax: All right, fine. You know what, have the scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. At least that's marginally--

Carly: No, that's all right, I'll have the oatmeal.

Jax: No, really. I don't want to argue with you.

Carly: I'm not really hungry.

Jax: Michael?

Carly: What were we thinking? He's got enough on his mind without starting some new snobby prep school.

Jax: Well, he wanted to go to Madison.

Carly: No, he wanted to go to school with Kristina. And leave it to Alexis to put her kid in some fancy place instead of going to a normal school.

Jax: Madison has an excellent reputation. You can't assume that every kid is a spoiled little brat that goes there.

Carly: Okay, you're right. You're right. I know. It's just, you know, Michael doesn't know the place. And he went to Holy Cross before the accident, which has a very good reputation. And he loved that school.

Jax: He wanted a change, right?

Carly: [Sighs] I don't know how to handle this, you know, with the coma, the surgery, and now he's remembering things. It's got to be hard for him.

Jax: Michael needs to find his own way. Okay? Just give him a little room, he might just surprise you.

Preston: What's your problem?

Michael: Sorry.

Preston: I got it. I have opposable thumbs.


Tristan: It's just a locker, don't get scared.

Michael: Back the hell off, man.

Tristan: Hey, less caffeine and more meds from your parents' medicine cabinet, okay?

Kristina: So, how do you like Madison so far?

Sam: Hey, you look handsome.

Spinelli: That's high praise from fair Samantha.

Sam: I, um, where did you learn how to speak Japanese?

Spinelli: Oh, it's just a sampling of random phrases. One of the main tidbits I picked up from the internet over my many years of jackaling. Did you know there's 4 major flyways for migrating birds in north America? Or a lot of lipstick has fish scales as an ingredient. Stuff like that.

Sam: Oh, that's really cool. I'm guessing this is all the reason why Maxie loves you. I'm gonna head to the office, okay.

Spinelli: Actually, would you mind just staying for a little bit longer?

Sam: What do you need?

Spinelli: Well, you may be of assistance if Stone Cold remains hesitant towards certain sartorial matters.

Sam: Oh. Okay. Yeah, I'll stick around, but I don't think he's gonna give you any trouble.

Spinelli: Okay. Oh, Stone Cold cuts a dashing figure.

Sam: Wow. I mean, Spinelli's right. You do look...dashing.

Spinelli: Just one finishing touch to complete the ensemble.

Jason: No, Spinelli, I told you--

Sam: No, no, wait. No, no, wait. Come here, please. Just one word, please. [Stammers] Excuse me. Sorry.

Spinelli: [Speaks Japanese]

Kurusawa: [Speaks Japanese]

Sam: What he said. [Door closes] Hey, whatever Spinelli wants you to wear, just wear it.

Ronnie: I brought your medicine, a cup of coffee, 2 jelly doughnuts.

Dominic: What the hell are you thinking? First you bring me my badge and now you're bringing me coffee and doughnuts?

Ronnie: It's just a reminder that you're an undercover cop and not a loyal Corinthos soldier.

Dominic: I know what my job is. Call me temperamental, but I don't want to get killed with you blowing my cover getting cute.

Ronnie: Fine. Now, give me your badge. I'll keep it safe until you need it.

Dominic: Oh, I can't find the badge now. And if someone picks it up and calls it in, they're gonna find out that detective Dante Falconeri is here in Port Charles.

Sonny: Stay out of my business, Olivia.

Olivia: Sonny, you're business is with Anthony, it's not with his son.

Sonny: Johnny knew what he was getting into when he joined up.

Olivia: Would you listen to what you're saying here? You're justifying the idea of killing an innocent man.

Sonny: Oh, you think Johnny's innocent? Is that what you're saying?

Olivia: Oh, my God.

Sonny: [Laughs] Really?

Olivia: I would--

Sonny: You think he's innocent? Wow.

Olivia: I would feel so sorry for you if I wasn't so freakin' pissed.

Sonny: What are you pissed about?

Olivia: Sonny, look at what you've become.

Sonny: [Groans]

Olivia: You're a cold-blooded killer. You have lost all respect for human life. I just think--

Sonny: It's the rules. Okay, it's the rules. Someone gets in my way, I got to take care of them.

Olivia: Don't talk to me about rules, Sonny. You make up the rules as you go along and you always have. I just thank God that I broke up with you when I had the chance.

Claudia: You seem to have a hard time remembering it, but I don't see any reason for you to be here.

Olivia: What do you know, Claudia, we both agree on something.

Claudia: So, Dr. Lee said we can go ahead and try to have a baby anytime we want 'cause there's no residual damage from the miscarriage.

Olivia: Sonny... If you get this woman pregnant on purpose, I pity all three of you.

[Door slams]

Lulu: Should I call a nurse? Are you looking for that?

Mac: [Sighs]

Robin: Start filling.

Mac: No. The only thing I'll throw at Spinelli will be bricks and way before he gets to within "I do" range of Maxie.

Robin: Be a good sport. Please? There's no way I'm gonna get through all these birdseed bundles by myself.

Mac: Fine. Fine. But I'm only doing this for you.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: Okay, babe, I'm out of here. The monitor.

Robin: Oh, thank you. You have your to-do list?

Patrick: Yes.

Mac: You know what, I don't understand the two of you. How can you endorse this wedding? You know, not only is Spinelli practically his own species, but he's a hacker who works for organized crime, all right. When he's not the target of mob violence, he's an accident waiting to happen.

Patrick: Mac, Spinelli loves Maxie. He treats her with respect, he appreciates her for who she is, and that's got to count for something, right?

Mac: Well, why wouldn't he appreciate Maxie? She's gorgeous and way too good for him. I mean, what about a year down the road? Huh? What about that? 5, 10 years down the road is she really gonna be happy with a geek like him?

Patrick: Okay, hey, Mac, you know what, look at Robin and I. I mean, you thought I was wrong for her. You wrote me off as a serial womanizer and a heartbreaker. You couldn't stand to be around me. Now look at us. We're in the same room. We're breathing the same air. And I don't feel a threat of violence in this moment.

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: You might feel the same about Spinelli. You just, you know, maybe you have to give it a little bit of time. Okay, good talk. I gotta go. Bye.

Robin: Yeah, uh.

Patrick: It's gonna be okay, buddy. I promise you.

Robin: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Patrick: I mean it.

Robin: Thank you. Oh, that looks--that looks so good. Can I--you can let go now.

Mac: Ahh. You know, that's one more reason to dislike Spinelli--he makes Patrick look good.

Robin: Come on, you love Patrick. Here.

Mac: Yeah, he turned out okay. But Spinelli? Not a chance.

Sam: This wedding means everything to Spinelli. This is a sign of his love for Maxie, a commitment for the rest of his life. He wants every detail to be perfect. You are his best friend, and as best man, you need to support that.

Jason: He wants me to wear a pink tie.

Sam: This is about a tie?

Jason: Yeah, I wear ties to court.

Sam: Uh-uh. You wore a tie to Jax and Carly's wedding.

Jason: That was a black tie.

Sam: Come on, Jason. This obviously means a lot to him.

Jason: I understand, but, you know, Spinelli's like a kid. Sometimes you just have to say no.

Sam: Okay. Yeah, I agree. Sometimes. This is not the time. Maybe when he's in a dangerous situation or something like that. This is about a tie.

Jason: It's not gonna ruin the wedding if I wear a black tie.

Sam: Wait a minute. Hold on. Spinelli lives in a pink room. A room that you could have changed the color at any point of the course of this kid living here, and you didn't. And he never complained about it. And it doesn't make him any less of a man. Just think about it.

Jason: [Sighs]

Spinelli: As much as the Jackal would like his nuptials to be a joyous celebration for all and in difference to my abiding affection for my most and loyal and best of friends, do not fear, we shall choose neckwear of the darker hues.

Jason: Just give me the tie.

Maxie: Are you sure they are Malaysian gardenias? Because I can't get married with any other kind. Really? Okay. Great. Thank you. See you tomorrow. Hi, it's Maxie. I'm checking on my Neela Llorente shoes, because they haven't arrived and I just can't walk down the aisle in any--they came? Both of them? What? Oh. You're right, they're here. Lulu signed for them. Thank you. What could you possibly want? Matt: Wow, aren't we a little tense? Aren't brides supposed to be all happy and blushing?

Maxie: I'm busy. Take the hint.

Matt: You're scared, aren't you? Wow, getting married is the last possible thing on earth you want to be doing right now.

Maxie: How about I say this in monosyllables for you? Get out.

Matt: But today's your lucky day. You see, I'm here to save you.

Kurusawa: Arigato.

Spinelli: [Speaks Japanese] The Jackal owes Stone Cold debts that he can never repay. Time and again you save my life, you've guided me and taught me about manly courage, and all the while, allowing me to feel useful in my chosen field of cyberspace. You've made me feel valued and trusted. And you've made sacrifices. And the sacrifice that you made today is--

Jason: Stop. It's just a tie.

Sam: Yeah. You looked great.

Spinelli: Fair Samantha's sentiment and Stone Cold's sacrifice, they're much appreciated. Now I know in my heart that nothing can spoil this wedding. Heh. [Sighs]

Maxie: The Bahamas?

Matt: The Bahamas. Look, my buddy has a house on the beach. We're gonna fly there, we'll buy everything we need once we land. And we'll come back in 2 weeks. This whole thing will have just blown over.

Maxie: [Laughs]

Matt: Yeah.

Maxie: Matt. Sorry. I'm not going anywhere with you or anyone else because tomorrow I'm marrying Spinelli.

Matt: Yeah? You sure about that?

Maxie: Mm-hmm. And the wedding is gonna be amazing. Malaysian flowers, gorgeous dress, Neela Llorente shoes.

Matt: And as soon as this perfect wedding is over, you're gonna be staring at a long, dark hallway of the rest of your life.

Maxie: Would you stop being so depressing just because you're not the marrying kind?

Matt: Oh, and neither are you. Okay, Robin and Patrick's wedding, right, you made it very clear that you were very happy for them, but you were not into the whole settling down thing.

Maxie: Well, that was then and this is now.

Matt: This is now what? You had all these dreams and aspirations. You wanted to go traveling. You wanted to start your own fashion magazine and have fun. And Spinelli's not gonna understand that.

Maxie: And you would?

Matt: You know...look, we're young. We deserve to be having fun. And if you're gonna have to tell Spinelli this, you know, he's gonna give you his puppy dog eyes. And then you're gonna give in because you don't want to hurt his feelings.

Maxie: So it would just be so much more considerate to leave him at the altar?

Matt: Better to rip the bandage off all at once.

Maxie: That is the most selfish, awful, inconsiderate thing I have ever heard.

Matt: And yet you're considering it.

Maxie: You know, I used to be that type of person that would do something that horrible, but I've changed, and it's because of Spinelli. He loves me. And I love him. And tomorrow I'm gonna prove that.

[School bell rings]

Kristina: So, things are starting to look up. You're already doing great in math.

Michael: I answered a question.

Kristina: That nobody else knew the answer to. Mr. Donahoe is the toughest teacher at Madison.

Tristan: Boo.

Kiefer: K., What's up? I've been texting you, like, for an hour.

Kristina: We're not supposed to have our phones on during school hours, remember?

Kiefer: Yeah, okay, so you put it on silent or on vibrate. Look, the whole reason I got you the phone is so we can keep in touch whenever I needed you.

Michael: He got you your own personal phone? You realize how messed up that is?

Kiefer: You want to talk about messed up? How many brain cells got fried when you got that hole in your head, huh?

Kristina: Michael, don't. Just pull it together, okay?

Sam: Pull it together, Michael. Come on, you can do this. I know you can. So many people need you, especially Kristina. What is she gonna do without her big brother?

Kristina: Are you okay?

Michael: I gotta get out of here.

Kristina: Michael!

Kiefer: Yeah, your brother is a total whack job.


Dominic: [Grunts] Can I-- can I have my badge back, please?

Lulu: I'm debating.

Dominic: Well, if you're holding out ransom for a kiss, I'll happily oblige.

Lulu: Oh, yeah, in your dreams. I found this badge in my bag after cleaning up from the card game.

Dominic: Mmm. I like a girl that carries a deck of cards in her bag.

Lulu: You just like girls.

Dominic: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Lulu: Hmm.

Dominic: My badge?

Lulu: I don't know, maybe I shouldn't give it back. After all, it's stolen and there's a cop who busted his butt to get this, and he's probably in pretty big trouble for losing it. So maybe I should put it in the mail, right back to NYPD.

Dominic: Um, but then I'd have to steal another badge. And then another cop would get slammed for having his badge stolen. Have a little respect for the men in blue.

Lulu: All right, fine. Fine. The next time you pull this on someone, I hope they catch you for the liar that you are.

Dominic: I prefer creative thinker.

Lulu: Mmm, okay. I'll see ya. Or not.

Dominic: Hey, I can't reach that.

Lulu: I guess you'll have to get creative.

Lulu: No, no, no, don't go, 'cause then I'll get busted and put in jail, and then you'll miss me. [Groans]

Olivia: There you are. You've got some messages. There you go.

Jax: Thank you.

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Jax: How's the dental convention coming along?

Olivia: I'm in with a rep this afternoon.

Jax: Okay. What's on your mind? Don't worry, Carly's in the ladies' room. Sit down.

Olivia: The usual.

Jax: Sonny or Dante?

Olivia: Well, considering the fact that they're both on a collision course for one another, it's pretty much the same thing. The longer-- the longer that Dante is in town undercover, the longer that Sonny has to figure out exactly what he's up to.

Jax: Dante better make his case sooner rather than later.

Olivia: I'm just--I'm racking my brains, Jax, trying to figure out some way to fix this, but I just can't. Listen, I'll let you know how the meeting goes later.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Well, this looks good. Wow, those are a lot of messages. Any problems?

Jax: No, nothing Olivia can't handle.

Carly: What's going on with the dental convention? Did they book those 200 rooms yet?

Jax: Uh, not yet. Olivia's meeting with the rep today.

Carly: What's the hold up?

Jax: The guy's skittish. He read about the hostage crisis at the hotel, so.

Carly: Are you kidding me? That's old news.

Jax: Not for me.

Carly: Hey, I know the hostage crisis is a sore spot for you, but you and your brother, you're night and day. You're not responsible for his crimes. Okay? You know what, I want to take a walk.

Jax: Maybe I should go with you.

Carly: I thought you were busy.

Jax: Well, that depends, is your walking going to take you past Madison Prep, by any chance?

Carly: I'm tempted, but no. Aren't you proud of me? I'm controlling myself.

Jax: I know you're worried about Michael.

Carly: Mm-him. Feel like it's the first day of school all over again.

Jax: Yeah. Be thankful. A few short months ago we didn't think that he'd ever go to school again.

Carly: I know. I'm thankful. I thank God every day that he woke up. But I know he's shaky. And I know it's affecting Morgan.

Jax: Yeah. Well, you know, maybe we should ask Dominic to stay with us while he's recuperating, like Morgan asked.

Carly: You really think that's a good idea?

Jax: Well, I think it might work out very well for all of us.

[Door opens]

Robin: HI.

Patrick: Hey. How's it going?

Robin: It's great. I'm covered up to my ears in birdseed bundles. I'm out of ribbon.

Patrick: [Laughs] More ribbon.

Robin: OH. Aren't you helpful? Thank you.

Patrick: How are you? Where's Mac? Give me a kiss.

Robin: He went back to the station.

Patrick: Ugh. Thank goodness. He makes me freaked out when he's stressed like that.

Robin: I know, but he's worried about Maxie. I mean, come on, Felicia left him to raise 2 kids all by himself.

Patrick: I know, and he's done a great job.

Robin: He has. We know that. We all know that. But he still worries about Maxie. I mean, now that Georgie's gone, she's really the only one that he has to worry about. And he wants her life to be perfect. And he holds himself personally responsible for that.

Patrick: Yeah, but Maxie's a grown-up. Her life is her own.

Robin: He knows that in his head, but not in his heart.

Patrick: Maybe I should talk to him.

Robin: Really? And say what?

Patrick: Well, that, like I said, Maxie's a grown-up. She can make her own choices. Like, you know, like he did with you.

Robin: Are you kidding me? I don't know, I seem to remember him handcuffing you until I agreed to marry you.

Patrick: So you only married me because you were forced into it?

Robin: Yes, absolutely.

Patrick: Absolutely?

Robin: I have argued with my Uncle Mac about everything in life, but you know what, he's usually right. He was right about you.

Patrick: Heh. You're a suck up.

Sam: I know you hate the suit and tie, but you did look great. I promise.

Jason: Well, you were right. Wearing the tie's really not a big deal, and it does mean so much to Spinelli.

Sam: You would have come to your own conclusion on that.

Jason: Uh, no.

Sam: Uh, yeah. You are really a good friend to him. You are. I can remember when we were opening up the agency and you gave me that long lecture. You were like, you have to be good to Spinelli and make sure you keep him safe and happy. Heh. He's lucky to have you as a best man. That's all.

Jason: About the wedding.

Sam: Yeah?

Jason: I mean, when, uh, are you planning to get there?

Sam: I don't know. I really haven't thought about it. You probably have to be there really early.

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of stuff that I have to... will you go with me?

Sam: Yeah. I thought you'd never ask.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Jason. Jason! [Knocking continues] I had to get out of there.

Sam: Out of where?

Michael: School. I bailed. First day. Off to a great start, huh?

Jason: What happened?

Michael: [Sighs] I... I remember something else.

Sonny: I just need you to find out who knew Dominic was in that warehouse the day Johnny Zacchara got shot in his place. Yeah, thank you, Bernie.

Claudia: Are you busy?

Sonny: Uh, no. No. What's on your mind?

Claudia: I thought maybe we could grab some private time, go upstairs, work on our little project.

Sonny: Project? Is that what you're calling it? You're calling it a project now?

Claudia: Well, I thought "let's make a baby" sounded a little too demanding.

Sonny: Well, you couldn't wait to tell Olivia, right.

Claudia: So? Why shouldn't she know? It's not like I'm going to be able to hide a pregnancy.

Sonny: You're not pregnant.

Claudia: Not yet. So do you want to go upstairs and fix that or stay down here?

Sonny: I gotta go to Dominic. I gotta see Dominic about something. I'll be back.

[Dominic grunts]

Jax: How you holding up?

Dominic: Pretty--pretty good.

Jax: Feeling okay?

Dominic: Yep, I'm not quite ready to run a marathon yet, but I'm getting there.

Jax: Okay, that's good. That's good. Look, I know Morgan asked you to live with us while you're recovering.

Dominic: Yeah, sorry he put you on the spot like that. He means well. I get that you guys are uncomfortable with it.

Jax: No, no, it's okay. We've actually talked it over, and Carly and I quite like the idea. See, she's going through a difficult pregnancy, and I don't want her worrying about the boys. And Morgan seems to really like you, and you seem to like him. You have this--you have a real connection, the two of you. So I think the stability would be good for him.

Dominic: And you think I'll provide that for him?

Jax: Yeah. Carly and I think it's worth a try. So, you're welcome to stay with us if you'd like.

Dominic: That's a really gracious offer. What's the catch?

Spinelli: Might I have a moment of the rakish Dr. Drake's time?

Patrick: Of course you can. Is it about the wedding?

Spinelli: Ahh, advice on how to get the approval of the proud patriarch.

Patrick: [Laughs] Madman Mac. I'm just kidding, Spinelli. Sort of. Have a seat.

Spinelli: Maximista has repeatedly ignored the proud patriarch's dire warnings against me, but I still feel the chill of his misgivings. How do I convince him that he can safely trust me to protect, respect, and love Maximista till death do us part?

Patrick: Look, Mac just thinks that you're unconventional. He wants to see Maxie with somebody that's more stable.

Spinelli: But I am stable. My work for Stone Cold has given me financial security. And now I am the proud part owner of a detective agency, which soon will be reaping profits, albeit modest ones, but still.

Patrick: Yeah, well, that's great for you, but it doesn't change the fact that Mac wants to see Maxie with somebody that has a stable job, like a banker or a lawyer or--

Spinelli: An esteemed doctor like yourself?

Patrick: I'm sorry, buddy, but this is a losing battle.

Spinelli: Well, I refuse to accept defeat. As of tomorrow, the proud patriarch, Maximista, and myself are going to be family. And it is her dearest wish to have her father's approval, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Robin: Hey.

Maxie: Thank you. I'm flipping out.

Robin: Okay, okay. Just--everything's coming together very nicely. Look, birdseed bundles.

Maxie: Oh, good. Perfect. Everything's perfect. Perfect venue, gorgeous dress, great shoes.

Robin: Great bride and groom.

Maxie: Mm-hmm. Spinelli worships the ground I walk on.

Robin: So it's all good.

Maxie: Yep, everything's good. Everything is great. Which is why I'm kind of worried I'm gonna do something to ruin it.

Robin: Okay. What's going on?

Maxie: Well, I'm petrified of marriage, as you know.

Robin: Yes. But everyone's scared of marriage. I mean it's a scary thing. It's like stepping into the unknown. It requires a huge leap of faith.

Maxie: But what if I take that leap and then I fall and plunge into the abyss? I was looking at pictures from my parents' wedding. They just seem so certain that they were gonna be together forever.

Robin: Well, there's no guarantees in life, you know.

Maxie: Then why even bother? You know, after my dad ditched my mom, my mom married Mac. And their wedding was gorgeous. For awhile it seemed like the beginning of something wonderful, but it was really just the beginning of the end. What if marrying Spinelli means that I'm eventually gonna lose him?

Robin: You and Spinelli get to decide what your future will look like.

Maxie: Your parents are divorced. You have no more reason to believe in marriage than I do, so how'd you make it work with Patrick?

Michael: Okay, so I was in the hallway with Kristina and her jerk boyfriend, and all the sudden I had this memory.

Jason: Of what?

Michael: Sam standing over my bed at the institute. She was saying that I had to pull it together because Kristina needed me. But that's the first time I've even remembered you. I mean, I guess that means there is more memories that are still gonna come to surface?

Sam: Are you sure it was me?

Michael: I'm positive.

Jason: Why, what's wrong?

Sam: I was never at the institute. I was never at your bedside. I never saw you while you were in a coma. Nothing.

Michael: So it never happened?

Jason: Well, maybe you're confusing Sam with some other--

Michael: No, I'm positive it was Sam. And she's telling me that she wasn't even there. What if all my memories are like that? What if everything I've remembered isn't even real?

Carly: Did I leave my phone on the table?

Bartender: Right here.

Carly: Okay. I don't know where my brain is right now. Thank you. [Sighs]

Claudia: Hi. I'll just take a little orange juice and maybe a splash of tonic water. I need something that's gonna settle my stomach when I'm pregnant.

Carly: You can't be serious.

Claudia: Yeah. Sonny and I are gonna have another baby.

Jax: There's no catch. Carly and I are simply offering you a place to stay while you mend. It's the least we can do after you saved Morgan's life.


Sonny: Hey, Jax. I need a moment alone with Dominic. We need to discuss business.

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