GH Transcript Monday 9/21/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/21/09


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Robin: Whoa--hey.

Jason: Uh, I was just hoping to get a minute with you. Do you have the time?

Robin: Always. What's up?

Jason: Uh, you know what? I don't--I mean, I don't know where to start, really.

Robin: The beginning is always a good place.

Jason: Okay. Michael is remembering things that were said to him while he was in the coma. So I kind of need to know if these are just dreams, or is there a chance that these memories are real?

Olivia: Tell me my eyes are deceiving me and you are not really standing here right now.

Dominic: I, uh, wanted to thank Johnny in person.

Olivia: I don't know which of you two is more insane. You standing here fresh from almost losing your kidney or this one hosting a freaking cocktail party in his ICU room with a couple of fresh bullet holes in his chest.

Dominic: I'm sorry, Ms. Falconeri. I'm a little slow. I get it confused sometimes, like right now. Who are you actually more angry with here?

 Johnny: That would be me.

Sonny: I told you how it's gonna be, Anthony. I'm gonna leave your son's fate in your hands.

Anthony: I never understood why women considered you mysterious. You're transparent as glass. I know exactly why you want my son dead. John took something from you, didn't he? That Bensonhurst woman. The other one, the cousin. Olivia Falconeri. My boy's been making the beast with two backs for months with that broad. Hey, I know. Why don't we make this into a race? John will be on your finish line, Olivia will be on mine. Let's see who gets there first. 

Sonny: I'm gonna assume that your crazy brain just took you where your ass can't follow. 'Cause if I had to believe that you would threaten Olivia's life, then I would have to take action. And let me tell you something. Unless you're so upset with Johnny that you don't care what happens to him, if that's the case, I'll go ahead and activate the kill order I already have out, and I'll take him out right now. And if you think you're gonna keep Johnny safe by targeting Jason, I didn't give him the assignment. Are you getting this, old man?

Anthony: So far, I'm happy to say I got no problem with my hearing.

Sonny: Good, I'm glad to hear that. Then you know the only way to keep Johnny safe is by being a man of your word and abiding by the agreement we had when I married your daughter. Leave me the organization... without interference. And nothing happens, and I mean not even a hangnail, to Olivia or anybody else that I value.

Anthony: Exactly how much value have you place on Ms. Falconeri?

Sonny: How about more than you want to mess with?

Anthony: Ohh, isn't that touching. Is my daughter aware of these tender feelings you have for another woman? [Chuckles] I'd step up the no-neck brigade if I was you, because I'm here to tell you that hell hath no fury like Claudia scorned. Why am I warning you? By all means, dump my daughter. Bring that harpy's wrath down on your head. Maybe she'll kill you in your sleep and solve all my problems.

Sonny: I wouldn't count on that. See, you made a huge mistake. You should have been more subtle instead of being in Claudia's face about favoritism. Johnny hung the moon, she's just some dirt on the bottom of your shoe. But the good thing about that is, your daughter now is very easy to turn. And you just put a vulnerable spot out there for the world to see, and I'm gonna tell you right now... I won't hesitate to exploit that weakness, Anthony.

Anthony: You got weakness, too, Mr. Dimples.

Olivia: Do you have any consideration for the hell that I've been through for the last couple of days?

Johnny: I told you it was me.

Olivia: Hey! Don't, don't, don't be flip about this. You were shot and you almost died. And for what reason? No warning, no reason, 'cause you happen to be in the wrong warehouse at the wrong time, okay, and I'm supposed to laugh at that, let that roll of my back like, well, just another day in mob land? No, Johnny. You scared the crap out of me, okay? I'm nowhere near ready to lose you. And so for you to be completely reckless with your life, that is unacceptable to me.

Johnny: I'm so sorry.

Olivia: [Chuckles] You're in here full of bullet holes and I got you apologizing for it. Nice.

Johnny: Well, you are one complicated woman.

Olivia: It's the least you deserve.

Nurse: You'll have to wait outside. I need to check the patient.

Olivia: I'll be back.

Johnny: I'll hold you to it.

Olivia: [Sighs] Don't think you're off the hook.

Dominic: Go ahead, Ma, have at me.

Olivia: What in the name of heaven possessed you to drag your ass out of the hospital bed and trek all the way across town?

Dominic: Well, I already told you, I was, uh, acknowledging john for taking an ambush that should have been mine. I was paying respect.

Olivia: Or die trying, huh? That's stupid.

Dominic: Let me ask you something. How long are you gonna risk your life for john Zacchara? Because, believe me, the stakes are that high.

Olivia: Honey, nothing that's going on here has anything to do with Johnny and me. Nothing.

Dominic: Wow. I--I'm hoping you're delusional, because there's no way my mother could be this naive. Open your eyes, and realize the world you've stepped into since you've left Bensonhurst, Ma. It's chockfull of criminals. You got Sonny on the left, you got Johnny on the right, and you got your undercover son, me, smack dab in the middle. You can't win. When I take Sonny down, even if I were inclined to let Johnny slide, your boyfriend's gonna realize you were lying to him about the guy who infiltrated. Now, I, for the first time see how much you really like this guy, but he is still a Zacchara, okay? And that kind of betrayal... that kind of betrayal, in his world, spells death.

Olivia: Johnny would never hurt me.

Dominic: Oh, Ma... You are so clueless right now. It really looks terrible on you, you know that? He has an arrest record as long as I am tall. He's in line to inherit a major crime enterprise. You cross him, I don't care how many times you guys rolled around in the hay together, he will kill you, Ma, in a heartbeat.

Robin: Some coma patients, they lose that time forever. Some experience intense dream states or hallucinations, and, uh, sometimes you get both, hallucinations mixed with real memories.

Jason: Okay, how can someone tell the difference?

Robin: Well, it's hard to tell sometimes. I mean, maybe you can give me something more specific. What exactly is Michael remembering?

Elizabeth: God, I'm such a klutz.

Lucky: Just relax. I had the upholstery and the carpet stain-proofed, because of your insistence, remember?

Elizabeth: Yeah, to protect them from grimy little-boy hands, not from me.

Lucky: Okay. Where are you going?

Elizabeth: To throw this away.

Lucky: What's wrong with the basket over here by the desk?

Elizabeth: Right.

Lucky: You seem distracted.

Elizabeth: You know, um, just tired body, active mind.

Lucky: Listen, do you want me to pour you another glass of wine?

Elizabeth: I really shouldn't. I'm kind of bumbling.

Lucky: Listen, I like it when you're bumbling. It's kind of reassuring.

Elizabeth: Reassuring?

Lucky: Yeah. To know that perfect Elizabeth Webber can drop things like the rest of us.

Elizabeth: God, I'm so not perfect, it's laughable.

Lucky: You're perfect to me. Flaws and all.

Elizabeth: You're biased. Oh, I don't know what's wrong.

Lucky: Okay...

Elizabeth: I can't do it.

Lucky: I think it's kind of obvious.

Elizabeth: You do?

Lucky: We just got engaged. And we cleared the night so we could be alone. I think we're just wondering if we can finally be together.

Rebecca: Hey.

Nikolas: HI.

Rebecca: What are you doing out here?

Nikolas: It's where I ended up.

Rebecca: Oh...I dozed off after we made love, and when I woke up alone, I was...I was afraid you'd changed your mind about forgiving me.

Nikolas: Well, it doesn't surprise me that you have doubts about me. I've...been all over the place lately, yes?

Rebecca: Yeah?

Nikolas: One minute I'm loving and attentive, the next time suspicious and accusatory. Well, if it's any consolation, I don't treat my family any better.

Rebecca: Hey, have you heard me complaining?

Nikolas: I mean, look how unfair I've been to Elizabeth and Lucky and all they've ever done is support me, even when they don't agree with the choices I make.

Rebecca: Hey, Nikolas, I'm not really sure where you're going with this, but I don't think Elizabeth or Lucky blame you for anything that you might have said or done in the heat of battle. And they love you very much.

Nikolas: Maybe they shouldn't. Maybe I don't deserve it.

Rebecca: Hey. Nikolas...what's wrong?

Nikolas: Tell me the truth. Do I scare you? Because sometimes I scare myself.

Jason: There are still some unanswered questions about exactly who was involved in Michael's shooting.

Robin: I thought it was Dr. Devlin.

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, Dr. Devlin, it was, but... the people he was working with may have discussed the shooting in front of Michael when Michael was in the coma.

Robin: Oh. So you think whoever this person is might still be around.

Jason: Yes. And that's why I need to know who to deal with.

Robin: Who to deal with. So if Michael does remember who this person is, then what? Wow, Michael really does have a way of bringing out the two sides of you.

Jason: What does that mean?

Robin: I don't know. I just remember when... he was a baby, you were so gentle with him and kind. You were. I'd never seen you that way. I didn't even know that was possible. And over the years, you've just become closer to him. But at the same time, you still use Michael as an excuse to perpetuate the violence that surrounds your life. So, no, you don't have to say what you will do if he remembers who this person is, because I know. You will find them, you will hunt them down, and you will... get rid of them. But how about this? How about just this once, ask yourself, is it really fair to Michael to make him the reason that you...take another person's life? Or the fact that this kid will have to live knowing that because he remembered, another human being is dead. I mean, do you want to lay something like that on a kid that you love so much?

Olivia: You can throw out scare tactics till you're blue in the face. I got no fear of Johnny. He would never hurt me.

Dominic: Hmm. Your faith is very touching, Mom. Do you think it extends to Jason Morgan? Do you think someone's gonna stop him from putting a bullet in your head when he finds out I'm undercover and you've been lying to him about me?

Olivia: Why are you doing this?

Dominic: So you can maybe, for once, understand that you have to cut your ties, get out of this town, go back to Brooklyn where you're gonna be safe.

Olivia: Okay, all right. All right, I'll go back to Brooklyn on one condition. You're coming with me. All right? This town, Port Charles, it's no fun park for you, either. Okay? Between the two of us, I'm betting on you to get killed first. You already almost died.

Dominic: I was saving a little boy.

Olivia: I know, honey, I know. You were just following an instinct that came naturally. But what about down the road, when Sonny and Jason find out what you're really up to? They're gonna look back on this whole thing at the carnival, it's gonna look like you took advantage of an opportunity to ingratiate yourself. Who's got a bullet in the head now, huh? So, fine, I will do what you ask, but you gotta come with me.

Dominic: That is impossible.

Olivia: It's not impossible. We just pack up and we go.

Dominic: Well, that's not gonna happen, Ma.

Olivia: What, now taking down Sonny is more important than your life?

Dominic: You know what? I could die trying to cross the street. Sonny and guys of his kind have gone far too many years breaking the law with impunity, profiting from people's weakness or their misery, deciding who lives or dies as if they have the right.  You know what I want? When I was a kid, in the neighborhood I used to hear people say Sonny's name, and they always spoke about it with respect and awe. And they used to talk about being a well-dressed thug like it was something to aspire to or be proud of. You know, what about all those cops who died trying to stop those guys? Who reveres them, huh? You want to know who, ma? Me. And if I die trying to stop Sonny Corinthos, well, you know what? I can think of a hell of a lot less meaningful ways to go out.

Olivia: I can't argue with anything you're saying. And I am so proud of you. I'm just not gonna let you be one of those dead cops you're talking about.

Dominic: Hey, there she is. This one's been tracking me down everywhere.

Lulu: I'm here to see Johnny.

Olivia: Oh, you came to the right place. Uh, the nurse was just checking him out. She said we could go on in there as soon she finished. Everything good in here?

Nurse: Yeah, good.

Olivia: Okay. In you go.

Johnny: What are you doing here?

Lulu: I heard you were shot and just wanted to make sure that you were still breathing.

Johnny: Yeah. See for yourself.

Lulu: So, uh, what's the prognosis?

Johnny: Full recovery.

Lulu: Good. Um, you should know, you have a fan for life. Maxie's going on and on about how you're a hero for saving Spinelli.

Johnny: Yeah, Spinelli. He shouldn't be taking any of our bullets, ever, no matter what.

Lulu: I, um, I'm also painfully aware of the fact that you wouldn't have been in the line of fire if you hadn't taken Dominic's place so that we could stay at the carnival. I don't mean, like, we, like-- we're not a couple--and so-- um, so, I'm just--I'm glad that you're okay.

Johnny: Good. Thanks for stopping by.

Dominic: Yeah, but since fate decided to bring us back together, would you mind, uh, giving me a ride back to GH?

Rebecca: I'm not gonna deny it, Nikolas. You have been a little erratic with me. But that's a perfectly appropriate response considering everything's that happened. I deceived you. I have to own that and the consequences that come as a result. So to answer your question, no, I'm not afraid of you. I just think that you don't trust me completely and that you're dealing with residual anger. Yeah, I'm hoping that in time you'll change... and you'll come to feel about us the way I do.

Nikolas: Which is what?

Rebecca: That we're right for each other. That we're good together. That we have a future. Which, unfortunately, doesn't include tonight. I have to leave. Um, Edward's still, you know, having nightmares and still fragile from the heart attack. So I'm gonna sit with him. It seems to help.

Nikolas: Okay. That's--that's very thoughtful of you.

Rebecca: Okay. See you tomorrow?

Nikolas: Yean. See you tomorrow.

Rebecca: Okay.

Nikolas: Bye.

Lucky: If it makes you feel any better, I'm as nervous as you are.

Elizabeth: This is really stupid. We've been married twice. Sex should be the easiest thing in the world for us.

Lucky: I know, and...we've been apart. We've been with other people. I mean, what if it's not the way we remember? What if everything between what used to be familiar is awkward and strange and...

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. The elephant in the room.

Lucky: You know, I heard if you acknowledge the elephant in the room, it kind of makes it go away. Maybe it hides in the corner. You want to test my theory?

Dominic: I don't take up much room, and I'm really quiet.

Lulu: Right.

Dominic: And since I'm in excruciating pain, you could drive me back to General Hospital, you know, for altruistic reasons. You know, you do something nice for me, and at the same time you're doing something nice for you. It makes yourself feel good. I'm just looking out for you.

Lulu: Anyway, I just, I wanted you to know that I'm pulling for your recovery and...I mean, I know that you'll be fine with Olivia taking care of you. Not that I'm, you know, thinking about that I care about that. Just someone shoot me. I'm sorry.  Be careful what you wish for, Lulu.

Olivia: In this town, a lot of people take that as a literal request.

Lulu: Okay. Take care.

Dominic: Mm, what about me?

Lulu: Oh, uh, yeah, sure.

Dominic: Yes.

Johnny: Man, I thought they'd never leave.

Olivia: What am I gonna do with you?

Johnny: Whatever you want.

Sonny: You can take Anthony Zacchara off your list of things to do. He's been handled.

Jason: How?

Sonny: I just went to visit him and I explained to him in a way that he could understand. He cannot and will not make a move against us again.

Jason: It sounds like you have some kind of leverage.

Sonny: The best there is. I got Johnny's life in my hands. I can drop him at any time.

Lulu: You got it? We're almost there. Just right to the edge. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Dominic: Now you want to help me get undressed?

Lulu: But I can find a trained professional for you.

Dominic: No, no, no. I mean, I can do it, I just--I don't suppose you'd care to watch. Okay, fine. You know, there's one thing maybe you wouldn't mind doing for me if you felt so inclined.

Lulu: It depends on what it is.

Dominic: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Although I'd be grateful for anything that was not rum raisin.

Epiphany: Well, well, well. Look who deigned to grace us with his presence.

Dominic: Nurse Johnson, my favorite.

Epiphany: How dare you leave this hospital without saying boo or signing the proper release forms?

Dominic: I think--I didn't know there were release forms.

Epiphany: Not that I particularly care if your fool butt drops dead, but I don't want this hospital held liable.

Dominic: Yes, ma'am.

Epiphany: Now, we don't run a prison around here, but I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm on duty all night long. So I'm gonna monitor you within an inch of your life. I'm gonna make sure that you don't get out of this bed until your doctor clears it. And I'm not above using sedatives or restraints.

Lulu: Whoo. I'll leave you in Epiphany's capable hands.

Dominic: Please don't.

Lulu: And before you came in, he said he needed help getting undressed.

Epiphany: Oh, well, let's get you undressed, then.

Dominic: No, no! I mean, I appreciate your--

Epiphany: You prefer to take off your shirt first or your pants?

Dominic: No, I can do it myself.

Epiphany: Just relax!

Sonny: Anthony knows that I can make a move against Johnny whenever I feel like it. He is effectively paralyzed.

Jason: Not necessarily. All right, you don't want my opinion, I'll keep it to myself.

Sonny: I want your opinion all the time; it's just that the final decision rests with me.

Jason: I know that, and I'll do whatever you ask me to do, but I'm asking you to reconsider, because threatening Johnny is as likely to provoke Anthony as it is to neutralize him.

Sonny: I will take that risk. Obviously, you know, Anthony's word I can't trust. 'Cause he'll pull that old pitiful act in front of my face, then I turn my back and he orders his men to go after my territory or Olivia. Can you believe that bag of bones threatened her, in front of me? No, listen. Anthony makes a move against me, Johnny gets eliminated!

Jason: Is this about Anthony or is it about getting Johnny out of the way so you have a clear path to Olivia?

Sonny: This is straight-up business. It has nothing to do with Olivia.

Jason: It is if Anthony's actively threatening Olivia. I mean, do you want guards on her?

Sonny: You--no, you're missing the point. The fact that I have Johnny keeps her safe.

Jason: Okay, holding Johnny over Anthony's head, that's a good bluff. But what I'm hearing you say is... I mean, would you kill him? Because I think that's a mistake.

Sonny: Why?

Jason: Because he's been loyal to us. He's been useful to our organization. That's why.

Sonny: He's been useful to you. See, that's the problem, because you've taken him under your wing, you've befriended him. But don't worry, because I'm-- you don't have to make the hit. I'm sparing us that--that, uh, conflict of interest.

Jason: See, I think you're the one with the conflict right now. You're just telling yourself this is another move on the chess board, but let's be real. This is as personal as it gets. You didn't like Johnny in the first place. Okay, now he's with Olivia, so now you're using this excuse with Anthony to get rid of Johnny.

Sonny: No, I'm actually looking out for you, so I'm giving somebody else the assignment.

Jason: This could come back to you in a bad way, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't think so. I'm actually... starting to trust this person.

[Elevator bell rings]

Ronnie: You expecting someone else?

Dominic: Yeah, I was hoping it would be Lulu with my ice cream. I had kind of a rough day. I'd rather a vodka straight up, but I'll settle for some sugar.

Ronnie: Yeah, I'm not Lulu and I don't have any ice cream. But I did bring you something. Look familiar, Detective Falconeri?

Dominic: Yeah. Yeah, I remember this. It's my hard-earned badge. I also remember where I left it. Back home safely in my Brooklyn apartment. You know, so as not to blow my cover and get killed.

Ronnie: Yeah, I know how dicey it could be to reunite an undercover cop with his badge, but you seem to need a reminder about what you're supposed to be doing. And the bonding with Sonny, even the saving his kid, all that is all a means to one end--getting us a conviction.

Dominic: Do you honestly think that I need to hear this from you right now? I'm working as fast as I can to get you whatever you want. You're looking at me like--you want to accuse me of something?

Ronnie: I don't know. I don't want to.

Dominic: Oh...jeez. That's very touching the amount of confidence and faith you have in me.

Ronnie: It wouldn't be the first time that an undercover was co-opted.

Dominic: Oh, come on, I'm not co-opted.

Ronnie: You know, I hope that's true. But you're giving me cause for concern. You're making me wonder. You're making me wonder if you'll be able to go the distance when the time comes to throw your new buddies in prison.

Johnny: Have you spoken with Spinelli?

Olivia: No. Did you want me to?

Johnny: If you wouldn't mind checking in with him, making sure he's okay, he's not suffering from any post-traumatic stress or anything. It was pretty crazy.

Olivia: You want to tell me about it?

Johnny: You want to hear about it?

Olivia: Did I just ask?

Johnny: [Laughs] Ow. Okay.

Olivia: Sorry.

Johnny: you know, I volunteered to take warehouse duty for Dominic, and I was already running a little late, so I called Bernie and he had Spinelli meet me at the warehouse with the paperwork. And when I arrived, Spinelli was already under fire.

Olivia: Oh, God, the kid must have been--he must have been terrified.

Johnny: Yeah, I can only imagine. And then I got hit. And he...Spinelli was awesome. He...we both knew that it was bad. It was clear. And I practically begged him to get the hell out of there for his own safety, but he wouldn't leave me. He stayed by me the whole time. And we stumbled a couple of blocks to, I don't know, some stairwell or something, and that's where Spinelli called 911. And... I don't know, it gets hazy after that. I don't remember much. But I remember being in my room in ICU and waiting to go into surgery and just how, you know, things looked bad. My chances weren't good. I could see it on everybody's face. And I thought a lot about... what it would be like to die, to--to leave this world. I thought about what I'd miss. And the only thing I could think about was you.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I'm sorry that...

Lucky: I'm going too fast?

Elizabeth: No, no. Okay, maybe a little, like...

Lucky: Okay, we can wait.

Elizabeth: I'm not being fair to you.

Lucky: You know what? Listen. I want it to be right for both of us. It it's not right for you, yeah, so we'll wait.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Lucky: No, no, please do not apologize. I would rather have honesty. And you tell me what you think I need to hear.

Elizabeth: I do love you, Lucky, so much.

Lucky: Then it's a good thing that we're getting married. Because I love you, too.

Ethan: [Laughs] This screams out for a vampire reference, but I will refrain from stating the obvious. So, you want to tell me why I've been summoned? Are you planning to shove me over the edge, maybe, down in there. Is that a grotto?

Nikolas: Oh. Oh, yes, it is. The image of your broken body in a heap down there over the rocks certainly has its appeal, but I don't think Lucky would be very happy if I did away with you.

Ethan: Have you met our dear half-brother? It would make his day.

Nikolas: No, no, no. See, Lucky's--Lucky's not like us. He tends to see the good in everyone and just accepts them for that. He did it with me, he did it with Rebecca, and he'll do it with you, especially you.

Ethan: And what makes me so special?

Nikolas: 'Cause you're family. And that means something to him. See, Lucky and I inherited this fierce loyalty gene from our mother.

Ethan: Right, I'm sure that's all very fascinating, and I would be more than willing to indulge your ramblings if perhaps you could offer me a drink. Okay. Take that as a no. Uh, so, why don't we cut to the chase, then.

Nikolas: Okay. I've decided to do you a little favor.

Ethan: Whoa. Okay. What's the catch?

Nikolas: Nothing you can't handle.

Ethan: [Laughs] For a million quid? Come on, how many people do I have to kill? Or if that's not it, let me guess. Uh... if I'm to cash this check, I must leave town and never contact Rebecca again.

Nikolas: Flip it. Cash the check... and keep Rebecca away from me.

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