GH Transcript Wednesday 9/16/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/16/09


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Jason: You awake?

Sam: Yes. Okay, I didn't mean to stay this long.

Jason: I'm glad you did.

Sam: You know, as much as I do like having Spinelli around, it's really, really nice having you to myself.

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Perhaps we should allow Stone Cold his privacy.

Maxie: Are you serious? Jason's probably smoothing cement over someone as we speak.

Spinelli: Unless he's upstairs in slumber, in which case, our activity might be a bit intrusive, don't you think?

Maxie: Take it from me. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first. And besides, we're planning our wedding. We need space to spread things out. My apartment's too small.

Spinelli: It appears Maximista has shed her inhibitions regarding our upcoming nuptials.

Maxie: Well, I almost lost you, Spinelli, and if Johnny hadn't been in that warehouse, I'd be trying to figure out how to spend the rest of my life without you. Instead, we get to plan our wedding, which makes me the happiest bride on the face of the planet.

Spinelli: [Laughs]

Maxie: Okay, I like that one.

Nikolas: Hey.

Rebecca: You slept up here?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah. It seems I did.

Rebecca: So this is where you go when you're feeling all dark and self-destructive. What's goin' on?

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. Sorry. I didn't see you.

Lucky: You seem a little distracted.

Elizabeth: Oh, you know, my mind's just wandering.

Lucky: Any chance you were thinking about our wedding day?

Nikolas: Oh. I thought you were at the hospital with Edward.

Rebecca: Yeah. I was there all night.

Nikolas: And how is he?

Rebecca: He woke up a couple of times with nightmares about crashing his car through the carnival, but I calmed him down, and he fell back asleep.

Nikolas: I'm sure he appreciated that.

Rebecca: Yeah. Well, Tracy and Monica are gone, and I didn't want him to feel like he was alone, with no one to turn to. I've definitely felt that way myself before.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. Listen, I'm gonna call down for some coffee. You want some?

Rebecca: No. Um, Alfred's already on it. I brought sticky rolls from Kelly's. Heh.

Nikolas: Oh. Well, you know I have a kitchen staff for that.

Rebecca: Yeah, who make Danish coffeecake and English scones, so this is my treat.

Nikolas: Ah. Heh. Thank you.

Rebecca: Heh. Um, I called earlier, and, uh, Alfred said you weren't taking any calls.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah. I know. I'm -- I'm fine. I was -- I don't know. Heh.

Rebecca: Yet you're drinking all night by yourself here in the turret.

Nikolas: Uh, well, you know me. I like to indulge in a good brood.

Rebecca: Yeah. Well, I think I know why you're here.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry if I seem a little distant. I was just thinking about Jake. Hi. Can you take this? Thanks.

Lucky: Well, here. I got some coffee while we wait for our final test results.

Elizabeth: Oh. Thank you.

Lucky: So how's our little boy today?

Elizabeth: He's so happy. He's such a good little boy.

Lucky: By the way, Cam wants to come by later and see his brother.

Elizabeth: Yeah, sure.

Lucky: I dropped him off at Audrey's today, you know, and he's, like, making a card for Jake.

Elizabeth: Aww.

Lucky: The kitchen table's, like, scattered with, like, construction paper, glue, stickers.

Elizabeth: Ah, he's such a good big brother.

Lucky: You know, I was thinking about the wedding. Probably wanna wait and tell 'em both at the same time.

Elizabeth: I do. I do, when the time is right, and I think I would like to wait a little bit.

Spinelli: Deepest gratitude to all for attending our meeting on such short notice. Uh, the Jackal and his bride are thrilled that you're gonna be part of this proc –

Robin: I'm so sorry to interrupt, but we would all love to help plan the wedding, but shouldn't we pick a place first?

Spinelli: Oh. So far, the search for an appropriate venue has proved fruitless.

Patrick: Yeah. It's a difficult decision. Figuring out where to get married makes it all very real.

Spinelli: Well, uh, Maximista and I fervently desire our nuptials to be real, don't we?

Maxie: Oh, absolutely. And Robin is right. The place is key. We just haven't been able to decide on anything yet. One thing we do know for sure is we want Kristina and Molly each to do a reading.

Spinelli: Yes. Uh, Kristina -- Shakespeare. And Molly -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Respectively of course. And, um, the poets will --

Kristina: I'm sorry to get all practical here, but I'm with Robin. It won't matter what Molly and I practice reading if you guys don't know where you're holding the ceremony.

Molly: Okay, how about we all try to think of one beautiful place that maybe Spinelli and Maxie haven't considered yet?

[Footsteps, clatter]

Sam: Go back upstairs.

Jason: Wh-wha...

Spinelli: Greetings.

Jason: Spinelli.

Sam: And lots of other people.

Molly: Sam, I don't think Spinelli would have asked us to come over if he knew that you and Jason were upstairs making passionate love.

Michael: I need to see her. You do know where she is. You just don't wanna tell me. Look, trust me. I know people who can make you talk. Hello? Hello? Uhh!

Carly: Oh. Hi. I'm glad you're up. Jax and I have great news. Something going on? Did I -- did I walk in on something?

Michael: What's the news?

Carly: Well, Jax got you an interview with the admissions office at Madison Prep.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Okay? Well, Jax called in favors because you said you wanted to go to school with your sister.

Michael: Morgan almost got run over at the carnival. A lot of people got hurt. Some died. Makes school seem pretty trivial, you know.

Carly: Okay. This is a conversation I would like to have with you, but I have to make a phone call first, okay?

Michael: Okay. I got it. I got it.

Jax: Look, Michael, I know yesterday was rough, but I get the feeling that your attitude is aimed at me. Is it something that I've done?

Jax: I'm sorry I let it get to this point, Michael. I should never have trusted Jerry.

Edward: I was waiting for you to come see me.

Ethan: Were you?

Edward: Rebecca told me you pulled me out of my car after the crash. You helped save my life.

Ethan: And now you think I've come here to collect for my troubles.

Edward: Heh. Prove me wrong. Show me you're better than your worthless, opportunistic rake of a father.

Ethan: All right, let's split the difference. I want something, and you're in a unique position to make it happen.

Edward: Well, I'm feeling generous. What is it?

Ethan: You know, Rebecca really cares about you. She stayed here all night.

Edward: Hmm. I was having nightmares. I'm not prone to guilt, but then, I've never before been responsible for so much -- so much mayhem and destruction.

Ethan: Well, that wasn't your fault.

Edward: No. I still caused a great deal of suffering.

Ethan: You know, Rebecca only left here to go to Nikolas. Now, I want you to warn her, make her see that he's no good.

Edward: Why don't you tell her yourself?

Ethan: Oh, I have. I have, but she won't listen to me. No. I want you to stop her before Nikolas breaks her heart.

Rebecca: Look, it's Ethan, isn't it? He was by my side through the whole ordeal at the carnival, and, Nikolas, I'm glad that he was. He helped to save Edward.

Nikolas: Right. How noble of him.

Rebecca: I know. But I've told you before, it all started with me. I'm the one who came to town to cash in on my sister's good fortune.

Nikolas: And yet here he is issuing dire warnings about me.

Rebecca: Wow. So are you saying that I should listen to him?

Nikolas: Heh. I don't know. Shouldn't you? I mean, you find me here mulling over my dark thoughts in my big tower.

Rebecca: Nikolas, you're the one I want. You've forgiven me, and there's nothing standing between us. Right? Is there?

Nikolas: N-no. No. I'll never take you for granted again. I promise I'll give you everything you deserve.

Elizabeth: I keep getting these wake-up calls that life is fragile.

Lucky: Well, you know what they say. Live every day as if it's your last.

Elizabeth: Yesterday could have been Jake's last. I'm so grateful it wasn't. And I'm so grateful to you for how wonderful you've been to me and my boys.

Lucky: Oh, come on. You're family. I just want it to be forever.

Elizabeth: You know, we've tried this twice, and we have failed twice, and in order to make this work, I don't think we should rush into it.

Lucky: I think our only problem is we've been waiting as long as we have.

Elizabeth: [Laughs] I don't think we should tell the boys until we've set a date. You know how much Cameron's been wanting this to happen, and I really hate to disappoint him if something were to go wrong.

Lucky: Wrong? What could go wrong?

Elizabeth: Well, one of us has to be cautious. If it were up to you, we'd be at the Justice of the Peace.

Lucky: Well, if you wanna leave right now, we can maybe do it before lunch.

Elizabeth: I just want everything to go smoothly.

Lucky: Okay. You know what? We're gonna do it your way, only because I know there's nothing to worry about. And one more thing. No more secrets. It's what it takes to make a marriage last.

Nurse: Good. You both are here. Um, Dr. Trydal's ready to go over Jake's test results with you.

Sam: Molly, what Jason and I were doing upstairs is private.

Molly: Well, I know, but Jason didn't have his shirt on, and you're in the same clothes that you wore yesterday.

Kristina: Molly, Sam just said it was private.

Molly: Well, I'm sorry. I happen to think it's really romantic. I mean, Jason and Sam were once torn apart by cruel circumstances. Now they're back together.

Jason: Okay. Uh, sorry. I'm gonna have to ask everyone to -- to leave, please.

Maxie: Well, that's just rude.

Spinelli: Okay, if I could entreat my bride --

Maxie: I mean, Spinelli lives here, too. He has every right to invite as many people over as he wants to pla -- help plan the most important day of our lives.

Robin: Uh, that's okay, Jason. We were just leaving.

Patrick: Were we?

Robin: Get up. Yes. We have patients at the hospital.

Patrick: No, we don't. We were –

Robin: Yes, we do. Just -- sorry. Ignore him. I do.

Patrick: Okay. Okay.

Spinelli: Well, we shall alert you as soon as we find a place to hold the ceremony.

Kristina: Okay, we should go, too. We've got to practice our poetry readings just in case they actually find a place to hold the wedding.

Molly: Okay, but first I need to speak to Jason. Privately.

Michael: I just gotta figure some stuff out.

Jax: Well, don't beat yourself up, Michael. I mean, you're still recovering from brain surgery. Dr. Drake said it's gonna take some time.

Michael: Sure. Let's just blame it on the surgery. Poor Michael. Poor brain-damaged Michael can't think straight.

Jax: If you have a problem, we can discuss it, okay? Otherwise, I --

Michael: Otherwise what? Toe the line? Don't question authority?

Jax: No, that's not what I was going to say. Look, I realize that you grew up in a different environment, Michael.

Michael: Is that some kind of crack about my father?

Jax: It's no secret that I don't like his lifestyle.

Michael: And what, you would rather him not be around?

Jax: Where's this coming from?

Carly: Hey. Um, what'd I miss?

Michael: Nothing. I'm just in a really weird mood. I'm, uh, gonna go walk it off.

Carly: Wait. Wait. Hey. What's going on?

Michael: I can just -- I just see, you know, how things can change. [Snaps fingers] Like that, you know. Somebody does the wrong thing, people get hurt, and there's no turning back. Sorry. Just makes me mad.

Carly: This is about what happened yesterday, isn't it? That accident at the carnival brought up some memories from when you were shot.

Michael: Kind of.

Carly: Yeah. Okay. But you know what? We're okay. We're all okay -- you, me, Jax, Morgan. And what happened was a tragedy, but I think it should remind us that we need to be grateful for what we have and look for happiness wherever we can find it.

Michael: I'm just glad you and the baby weren't hurt, you know.

Carly: Me, too. And you're gonna have a baby sister soon.

Jax: Yeah. Think we should all just focus on the positive.

Jax: I failed you, and Carly can't ever know what happened.

Michael: I gotta go.

Carly: Michael. 

Spinelli: Discernible progress on our impending nuptials was not achieved.

Maxie: Thanks to Jason.

Spinelli: It is Stone Cold's house, and we failed to notify him of our assemblage.

Maxie: You know what Jason's problem is? Amongst other things, he is completely incapable of putting himself in anyone else's shoes. I should have told him that, right after I told him that we weren't gonna leave.

Spinelli: I've been specifically instructed to request permission before inviting guests over in the future.

Maxie: But Jason's your best man. He's supposed to be thrilled for you, giving ideas, helping us plan the wedding.

Spinelli: I don't think wedding preparation is Stone Cold's forte.

Maxie: Whatever. I hope Molly really embarrasses him while they're having their talk.

Spinelli: I do not wish Stone Cold any discomfort, but, you know, in observing wise Molly, I did find myself hoping that you and I have such a discernible daughter of our own in the not-so-distant future.

Maxie: [Coughs]

Molly: Sit down. Look, I know that Sam spent the night, and that means --

Jason: Okay, that -- that's between me and your sister.

Molly: You're right, but sisters are supposed to look out for each other, and there are 3 of us -- Sam, Kristina, and me, just like Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte, well, except we're not writers. Now, I know that Sam is brave and tough, and she went all over the world in her boat, but you broke her heart.

Jason: Uh, that's also between me and your sister.

Molly: Actually, it's not. Sam is a wonderful person.

Jason: Yeah, I know she is.

Molly: Then you know it's important to treat her with chivalry and honor.

Jason: What?

Molly: Jason, you have to promise you'll respect Sam. I mean, you can't just bail the first time there's a problem. That's not how the hero treats his true love. And you do love Sam, right?

[Knock on door]

Ramona: Oh, it's you.

Michael: Ramona?

Ramona: Heh. You thought I dressed that way even on my day off. Hmm? Might as well come in.

Michael: Thanks. I don't get it.

Ramona: Heh. This is why I don't like anyone seeing me once I've told their fortune. You get caught up in the theatrics, the drama, the costume, the crystal ball. This is a little harder to believe in.

Michael: Well, except you were right about things.

Ramona: Ah, well, it's not all hocus-pocus, you know. You can read a lot off a person just by the way they act, what they say or don't say.

Michael: But I mean, some of it could be real, right? I mean, like with me, I had that feeling, that bad feeling all day, and then the car ran right through the midway.

Ramona: Hmm. Seems like you had a genuine premonition.

Michael: And I've been hearing and seeing other things. That's why I'm here. I want you to tell me what they mean.

Edward: Some people think that Rebecca deserves to have her heart broken after what she did to Nikolas.

Ethan: But you're not one of them.

Edward: How do you know?

Ethan: Well, Rebecca told me you seemed proud of her when she confessed to the scam.

Edward: I was proud of her. She's a strong young woman. She thinks on her feet. Nobody's gonna pull the wool over Rebecca's eyes.

Ethan: So you'll help?

Edward: You love her, don't you?

Ethan: No, I -- I just don't wanna see her get hurt, that's --

Edward: Neither do I. She's a good person. And if she has love and affection, surrounded by a family that cares for her, she could -- she could blossom into an extraordinary young woman, so I'll do what I can to help. However...

Ethan: There's a catch.

Edward: Hmm. There's always a catch.

Ethan: Well, shouldn't we be even?

Edward: Ho ho ho! Please. I'm Edward Quartermaine, and you are Luke Spencer's son. We're hardly even, young man. We're just getting started.

Tracy: Daddy, thank God you're all right.

Edward: Oh. Now, what do you want?

Tracy: Oh, I am so glad to see you're bouncing back so quickly. Have you insulted any of your doctors yet, tossed any tapioca at the nurses, or thrown a bedpan at an orderly?

Edward: No, not yet, but I do appreciate all your suggestions.

Tracy: I'm just sorry that the, uh, mayor's wife is already dead, 'cause I'd like to kill her myself.

Monica: Hi, Edward. How are you feeling?

Edward: Well, considering the circumstances, all right, I guess.

Monica: Well, I've been looking at your chart, and you are feeling all right.

Edward: If I'd listened to you and not tried to drive myself, none of this would have happened.

Ethan: Yeah. You would have died alone in some corner of the hotel.

Tracy: Daddy, don't you dare feel guilty. I'm sorry I wasn't here, but I'm here now, and I'm not leaving your side.

Ethan: Well, you'll have to make room.

Edward: Rebecca was most attentive during your absence.

Rebecca: Yeah, I did a lot of thinking as I sat by Edward's bedside last night about what's important and what's not. And I decided that it's time to stop obsessing about what I've done wrong. You know, I'm here. My secrets are all out in the open. You've forgiven me, which means more to me than I could ever express.

Nikolas: Well, life is short. I don't wanna waste any time.

Rebecca: I know. I feel the same. You know, I kept thinking what if Edward's car had gone right instead of left? Then I wouldn't be here. And I think it's just those moments when life snaps into perspective and all that petty, stupid garbage just falls away. I love you, Nikolas, and I wanna be with you.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Nikolas! Hey!

Nikolas: Yeah?

Lucky: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I --

Nikolas: No, no, no. Not at all. Care for some coffee and sticky buns?

Lucky: No, I'm fine. Thanks. You know what? You know what? I just came by to tell you there's some good news, and so I guess I can just tell you both now.

Rebecca: Yeah. Good news is always welcome.

Lucky: Well, first of all, Jake, we got his test results back, and he's great.

Nikolas: Oh, that's great.

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: Great.

Rebecca: What a relief.

Lucky: And secondly, Elizabeth and I, we're getting remarried.

Elizabeth: Thanks again for double-checking Jake's test results. It's not that I don't trust the pediatric surgeon, but --

Patrick: No, but you wanted the best.

Elizabeth: Right.

Patrick: Yes. Well, even if you wouldn't have asked, I would have bullied my way in to take a look anyway.

Elizabeth: So you're sure there's no brain bleed or --

Patrick: No bleed, no edema, no permanent damage. Looks like he's suffered a little bump on the head. Actually, I think the stuffed animals cushioned the blow.

Elizabeth: Great. Right, that's the news I wanted to hear.

Patrick: Why don't you seem more excited, then?

Elizabeth: I'm just distracted. Lucky and I are getting married again.

Nikolas: Congratulations, Lucky. I'm happy for the both of you. Congratulations.

Rebecca: Well, I think it's wonderful.

Lucky: Thanks.

Rebecca: I knew since the night we went out that you loved Elizabeth and that you two were gonna get back together.

Lucky: I know, and I haven't exactly cheered you and Nikolas on.

Rebecca: Oh, that's okay.

Lucky: No...

Rebecca: You're not alone.

Lucky: Well, I'm not gonna judge, all right? 'Cause I'm sure a lot of people won't be excited that Elizabeth and I are getting remarried. But all that matters is how we feel.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, well, you -- you sound very sure.

Lucky: No, I am, and so is Elizabeth.

Rebecca: So when's the big day?

Lucky: Well, we haven't decided, but I don't wanna wait too long.

Nikolas: Oh, she agrees with that?

Lucky: Well, she wants us to go to counseling first, so I agreed, you know. We'll do whatever it takes.

Rebecca: Well, I'm sure Cam and Jake are thrilled.

Lucky: Oh, I can't wait to tell them. You know what? Let me give you a little brotherly advice.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: Listen, whenever you love someone, I want you to tell them. Don't let anything stand in your way.

Nikolas: Okay.

Jason: I care about Sam, and I do respect her.

Molly: So you promise you won't hurt her?

Jason: I mean, Sam and I, we made mistakes, but we forgave each other.

Molly: And?

Jason: And... it's between me and her.

Molly: I'm not finished with you yet. Would you say that your love with Sam is doomed, tragic, or fated?

Jason: What?

Molly: Love stories have all kinds of heroes, and I think you're probably the tragic kind, like Tristan or Lancelot, skilled at arms and defense, but not really destined for happiness.

Jason: You know what? I haven't really given that a --

Molly: Usually what happens to the tragic hero is that the maiden he loves winds up dead or he does, but either way, I don't want that for Sam.

Jason: Neither do I. I'll be careful.

Molly: Really careful. Adventure's cool, but dying isn't. Sam deserves a happy ending. And I guess you do, too. So now that --

Jason: Can I go back upstairs?

Molly: I guess. Thank you for your time.

Sam: [Clears throat]

Molly: What?

Sam: "What?" You're coming with me, young lady. Let's go.

Carly: I wish there was something I could do to make things easier for Michael, but he gets upset and says I hover.

Jax: Well, I was a little surprised by his outburst. He's been doing so well.

Carly: Maybe he's remembering something, you know. Maybe that carnival jogged his memory or something. I don't know.

Jax: Yeah, maybe.

Carly: He's lost a year of his life. I mean, it has to be frustrating. It's gotta make him feel helpless. So any memories will bring him peace. Michael's strong, you know. I'm sure whatever happens, he'll deal with it.

Jax: Yep.

Morgan: Remember how you said I'd get incentive to get good grades?

Jax: Yes. We haven't forgotten. And when your grades come in, we'll see if you've earned it.

Morgan: Well, I know exactly the incentive I need.

Carly: Really? What's that?

Jax: Okay. Here it comes.

Morgan: Um, well, Dominic got hurt saving me, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Morgan: Well, he won't be able to go back to work right away, so while he's getting better, I thought maybe he could live here with us.

Carly: Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Morgan: Come on, Mom. Dominic's cool. And I know he gets paid by Dad to guard me, but he doesn't act like it's a job. I mean, he's fun to hang out with.

Jax: It sounds like you need to spend a little more time with your brother.

Carly: Yeah.

Morgan: That's not gonna happen.

Carly: Why not?

Morgan: Well, he doesn't have time for me. And he's been acting really weird.

Jax: How's that?

Morgan: Well, he's always in his head, like he doesn't want anyone to know what he's thinking.

Michael: Well, I got shot in the head last year, and it messed me up. You were right about that part. Uh, I spent a year in a coma and then had an operation and woke up. But ever since then, I've been seeing things.

Ramona: Maybe you need an eye doctor, not me.

Michael: No, I'm serious.

Ramona: Okay, what are you seeing, eh?

Michael: Stuff in my head.

Ramona: Memories? Dreams?

Michael: I don't know. Sometimes I feel like it's -- it's stuff that hasn't happened yet, like messages or something.

Ramona: [Sighs] Don't take these messages literally. Things aren't always what they seem.

Michael: Heh. That's real deep.

Ramona: Listen to me. Whatever you think you've been seeing, don't act on it. True understanding comes very slowly over months or even years.

Michael: So that's it? You just want me to wait and do nothing? You want money for that?

Ramona: I didn't ask for payment. You came to me.

Michael: Well, my mistake. You're a phony. What are you doin'?

Ramona: Shh. Oh. Some villains are vague, some villains are clear, some are standing by the bed, and some are in the mirror.

Sam: Molly, I know you mean well, but it is not cool to butt into our private lives.

Molly: But it's cool to eavesdrop?

Sam: Come on. You know what I mean. I'm just saying that, you know, what's going on between me and Jason is between he and I. I don't need you to tell him how to treat me.

Molly: Why not?

[Boat horn blows]

Sam: It's embarrassing.

Molly: Sam, I only talked to Jason because I want you to be happy.

Sam: Well, I appreciate that, Molly.

Molly: I guess maybe I was trying too hard to help. You know, kind of like Jane Austen's Emma. But your heart was broken when you and Jason split up, and now you're back together, and I don't want Jason to wreck it.

Sam: He won't.

Molly: Oh, but he did before.

Sam: No, not real -- well, we both made mistakes.

Molly: It's just like Romeo and Juliet. Their love was ruined by misunderstandings.

Sam: Okay, listen, Molly. You -- you can't compare what Jason and I have to some story in one of your books, because it's just a little bit more complicated than that.

Molly: But so was Romeo and Juliet. I mean, that play was one of Shakespeare's tragedies, Sam.

Sam: I appreciate your trying to make things better, but you can't. Jason and I, we are gonna have to figure this one out for ourselves.

Jason: No, I want a full report on the Zacchara attack. Yesterday, okay? [Winces]

Spinelli: With all due respect, would Stone Cold please suspend his business tête-à-tête and focus on the looming marital event?

Jason: Bernie, just put a rush on that right now. Thanks. Okay, now, first of all, what happened this morning does not happen again. You can have people over, but ask me first. There was a hundred people in here.

Spinelli: Okay, the Jackal is duly chastened. Thank you.

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure Maxie put you up to this --

Spinelli: No, I take full responsibility.

Jason: Okay. I gotta go.

Spinelli: No, no! With the wedding day so precipitously close, I cannot budge until my mentor and best man offers some much-needed moral support.

Tracy: It was Mayor Floyd's philandering...

Edward: Thank you.

Tracy: That caused this mess. He is not fit to run the city.

Edward: Skirt chasers are always susceptible to blackmail, and I like a man in office that I can manipulate.

Tracy: You make a point. Why don't you call him and have a little conversation with him about his deceased wife's attempt to murder you?

Rebecca: Nice to have you home, Monica.

Monica: Oh, thank you.

Rebecca: And you're not calling anyone. You're supposed to be resting, remember?

Tracy: Enough with the Florence nightingale.

Rebecca: Nice to see you, too, Tracy.

Tracy: You're not fooling anyone.

Monica: Knock it off, Tracy.

Rebecca: Edward needed help, and you weren't here.

Tracy: Well, I'm here now. My father's gonna have a very long recovery. He's going to need people he can trust to take care of him. That means family.

Edward: But you see, I might have died if it weren't for Rebecca. She took care of all my medical decisions.

Monica: Well, I thank you, Rebecca. That was very thoughtful of you.

Rebecca: Oh, you know, it was the least I could do. Edward's been so kind.

Edward: Ah-ah. It's grandfather, remember? How many times do I have to remind you, huh?

Tracy: Oh, is anybody else feeling nauseous?

Edward: Well, Tracy, if you're unhappy with Rebecca, why don't you leave?

Tracy: Daddy, she is a con artist. Anybody can tell by the company she keeps.

Ethan: But I thought you liked me now, Tracy.

Tracy: I do like you, and I'm gonna like you even more when you take Rebecca and leave.

Edward: Rebecca is family. You took care of me, my dear, and I appreciate it, and I intend to take care of you in return.

Jax: We realize Dominic saved your life, and for that, your mother and I are grateful.

Morgan: So he can move in?

Jax: No, that's --

Carly: We'll think about it.

Morgan: Yes.

Carly: That's not a yes.

Morgan: Yeah, but you didn't say no, and that's good enough for me.

Jax: Wow. Well, I think he's got a future on the school debating team.

Carly: Yeah, I agree. What do you think? Dominic or no Dominic.

Jax: I think that Morgan's attitude is a reaction to Michael. I mean, he's noticed a change in his brother.

Carly: And the Michael that fell into the coma is not the one that came back. You know, maybe Dominic can be a stand-in for a little while. I mean, I just told Michael --

Jax: I don't think that's the best solution. I mean, Dominic works for Sonny's organization. Do you really want a recovering gangster living in the house?

Michael: Your conversations don't change much, do they?

Carly: Uh, do you feel better after your walk?

Michael: Can we just drop it?

Carly: You have mail in the other room. 

Spinelli: At first, I took exception to the seeming eternity between the day when Maximista agreed to marry me and our actual wedding day, but now the nuptials seem to have taken on a veritable life of their own and threaten to overwhelm the meaning of our intentions.

Jason: Hold on. I'm not exactly sure what you want from me.

Spinelli: Words of reassurance? A caution to stay afloat on the tidal wave of marital trappings? I don't know. Tell me to -- tell me to focus on my vows, which will be a reflection of my commitment and undying love to Maximista.

Jason: See? You just answered your own question.

Spinelli: All right, maybe I just -- just felt the need to converse with my dearest friend, you know? Fellowship, understanding, all that.

Jason: You know I hope this works out the way you want it to.

Spinelli: Is that a circuitous way of saying that you doubt Maximista and my love?

Jason: No. I know that you love Maxie. And Maxie seems to love you.

Spinelli: That's a less than ringing endorsement. Do you think I'm making a grievous mistake?

[Door closes]

Sam: All right, I got your message. Did you remember something else?

Michael: Yeah. I had this flash of Jax saying something like my mom could never know, know about something.

Sam: Well, that's pretty ambiguous.

Michael: Well, he also said that if she found out, he'd lose her forever. And he was talking about Jerry. He said something that he should have known better than to have trusted him.

Sam: Okay. Well, maybe Jerry was involved somehow and he just sort of said something to Jax about it.

Michael: Or maybe Jax was in on the shooting.

Sam: Michael, come on. I don't know about that. That seems, like, impossible.

Michael: I wasn't the target. My dad was.

Sam: Yeah, I know, and I know Jax and your dad don't get along, but that's really, really hard to believe.

Michael: That I got shot because Jax was trying to get rid of my dad?

Sam: You do realize that this is a huge accusation.

Michael: That's why I need you to help me find out the truth. If I'm right, I need to tell my mom about Jax.

Nikolas: So, uh, I hear congratulations are in order.

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