GH Transcript Tuesday 9/15/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/15/09


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Dominic: Hey, hey, hey, how'd you know this is just what I wanted.

Olivia: What, is this the first time I ever took care of you? When you were sick, I'd bring you sweet tea. That's what you wanted, and some things are set in stone.

Dominic: Oh, you're something special, Mom.

Olivia: Yeah, back at you.

Dominic: Look, I know we've butted heads a lot about work, Sonny, Johnny. But... even when we're fighting, I love you all the time.

Olivia: Oh, honey, you are the most precious thing in my life. If you only knew the extremes I've gone to to keep you safe...

[Dominic sighs]

Claudia: You miserable old man. You had John shot. You had your own son shot.

Anthony: I told you, it didn't happen that way. We made a straight forward move against Sonny. John wasn't supposed to be anywhere near it.

Claudia: Well, he was! And if Spinelli hadn't been there to call 9-1-1, my brother would be on a slab in the morgue instead of in critical condition at the hospital, and you are going to pay for that.

Anthony: I know exactly why you're so angry. Oh, yeah. Because John didn't die.

Claudia: What?

Anthony: You can't fool me, transparent girl. Nothing is more important to you than the acquisition of power. And who's the only person in your way? John.

Claudia: You're insane.

Anthony: You wanted your brother to die tonight so you could take everything that belongs to him, but you didn't get your way, so you're here trying to deflect the blame onto me, create a smokescreen so your brother can't see you for the avaricious little viper you are.

Jason: Spinelli told me that you tried to warn him about something but you lost consciousness. Do you remember what it was?

Johnny: It doesn't matter.

Jason: Yeah, it does. If it's about Claudia, she's done something that I need to know about.

Johnny: No, it -- [Sighs] If I die, Claudia has nothing to lose. I just wanted you to protect Olivia.

Jason: Okay, I get that. But Spinelli was under the impression that there was more.

Spinelli: Maybe I misinterpreted it.

Jason: No, I don't think you did.

Johnny: It doesn't matter, Jason. I'm alive. Claudia's no longer a threat, okay?

Jason: You sure enough about that to bid Olivia's life on it?

Johnny: [Sighs]

[Music playing]

[Nikolas moaning]

Olivia: What the hell are you doing there? How long have you been standing there?

Sonny: I just got here. How you feeling?

Dominic: Hey, I'm almost as good as new.

Olivia: Yeah, don't listen to a word he says. He's not anywhere near 100%.

Dominic: What are you talking about? I don't need a kidney transplant. I'm pretty much better. I can get back to work maybe even tomorrow.

Sonny: Hell, no. That's pushing it.

Dominic: I'll go easy.

Sonny: A bodyguard who's compromised does me no good. We're going to talk to the doctors, see what they say, and then we'll take it from there. Actually, Olivia?

Olivia: Hmm?

Sonny: I've been meaning to talk to you.

Olivia: What is it?

Sonny: Something happened today to three of my warehouses, and the trucking yard was hit. Probably by, you know, people who were lower to the Zaccharas, and, uh, um... Johnny was shot. He's at Mercy Hospital, and he's in critical -- condition.

Jason: I have no illusions about my sister. All right? She's not a nice person, but at the end of the day, she's my sister, so don't ask me to turn against her, okay?

Spinelli: Okay, if I may offer an admittedly unsolicited opinion, the mob prince has proven himself brave and loyal tonight, so maybe Stone Cold could find it in his heart to allow him some time to rest and recover instead of badgering him with questions that can easily wait until tomorrow?

Jason: Fine, I'm going to drop Claudia as a subject for now, okay? But I need to know what happened today.

Spinelli: I already gave you the full report.

Jason: No, I understand that, but I need to actually hear this from Johnny, okay? Starting with who's responsible. Was it Anthony?

Johnny: Yeah.

Jason: You're positive about that?

Johnny: Yes, I heard -- I heard one of the gunmen say it.

Jason: Now, do you think Anthony intended to kill you?

Johnny: No. I took the job at the last minute. Dominic was supposed to be in the warehouse tonight, not me.

Claudia: How dare you accuse me of wanting my brother dead. I've spent my life devoted to protecting that kid, mostly from you.

Anthony: Protecting him? [Laughs] That's rich. Is that what you call getting Sonny's kid shot, and dragging John, who had nothing to do with your harebrained scheme, into the cover-up? I mean, you talk about me putting John in harm's way? What do you think's going to happen to him when Sonny finds out?! He'll color you both with the same brush. You might as well have put the bullet in John's brain yourself!

Claudia: First of all, the only reason I ordered that hit on Sonny in the first place was to revenge John and to safeguard his future. You, on the other hand, you've actively tried to kill him both -- twice! Once, when he was 8 years old. 8 years old. And once today. Don't you try to put your actions off on me. I would rather die than hurt my brother, and you know it.

Anthony: Hmm, sick.

Claudia: Excuse me?!

Anthony: I said, sick. Your fixation on your brother is sick. It's unnatural.

Claudia: That might be the most offensive, disgusting thing you've ever said to me.

Anthony: You know, when John was a boy, you acted like his mother. And that was bad enough. But now, you act like a jealous lover.

Claudia: Shut your filthy mouth!

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Hi, Lucky.

Lucky: Let me guess. You and Maxie are at each other's throats.

Lulu: No. This is preemptive and temporary. I hope you don't mind.

Lucky: Of course not, you're always welcome.

Lulu: For that, I am eternally grateful.

Lucky: So, what sends you screaming into the night?

Lulu: Ugh, well, it's Maxie. She's being obsessive and scattered. And I honestly wouldn't mind the obsessive part if she could just, like, remember everything at once. But, no, she has to call me a hundred times. "Are there candles in the apartment? What about the bath stuff? Is there champagne? Is the champagne in the fridge?" I mean, when she called me to download mood music, I grabbed my bags and came over here. It's clearly going to be a night of Spinelli loving, and frankly, I don't need --

Lucky: You know what, too much information.

Lulu: Oh, yeah, you're telling me. I can't wait until the two of them get married and actually get a place of their own, if the wedding actually takes off. If it doesn't, I... might need to stay here permanently.

Lucky: [Chuckles] I'm not sure that would work out.

Lulu: Are you serious? You would let your own flesh and blood out in the storm with no shelter?

Lucky: No, no, no, I'm just saying it might be a little crowded.

Lulu: Is Elizabeth moving in here?

Lucky: Well, I asked her to marry me again.

Man: It's never too late to just walk away, maybe we should hold our breath and pray, can this be a dream? I want to not think, baby, we should hold on to today, and maybe we could hold on to today, just for tonight, it's never quite as easy in the morning, we can just ignore the sun's warnings, just for tonight

Spinelli: The mob prince endured a night of trauma and pain, but he' a way, inadvertently responsible for the preservation of a young life.

Johnny: What do you mean?

Spinelli: Well, due to your generous impulse to trade places with Dominic, he was then available to protect young Morgan Corinthos from certain death at the carnival of doom.

Jason: Yeah, my grandfather had a heart attack behind the wheel. [Sighs] He lost control, he plowed straight through the carnival, and Morgan was in the car's path. Dominic pushed him out of the way and actually took the hit.

Spinelli: He sustained extensive injuries but he's going to survive.

Johnny: How's your grandfather?

Jason: He's okay, he's alive. I mean, it's going to be tough for him, but... can you, uh, can you just give us a moment?

Spinelli: Yes, of course. My bride-to-be awaits.

Johnny: Hey, Spinelli. Thanks for sticking by me tonight.

Spinelli: It was a privilege to be of help.

Jason: [Sighs] All right, talk to me about taking Dominic's assignment. Whose idea was it?

Johnny: Mine.

Jason: He didn't encourage you at all?

Johnny: No, he was hanging out with Lulu. [Chuckles] I figured I put her through enough crap, so I volunteered to take it.

Jason: Do you think you could have been set up?

Johnny: I'm really at a loss here, Jason. I don't see what Dominic would have to gain... by setting me up.

Olivia: [Sniffs] Johnny?

Johnny: Hey.

Olivia: Sonny told me. I was so scared. Hi. Please... don't ever let anything like this happen to you again, okay? If you died... I don't think I could take it.

Johnny: Shh. It's okay. I'm not going anywhere. So stop that crying, okay?

Claudia: Sometimes I forget what an expert you are at pushing my buttons, at doing or saying whatever it is it takes to keep me off balance and distracted from doing what I should have done... decades ago. [Chuckles] You're going to pay for what you did to John. And here's the best part -- if he survives, he's going to help me kill you.

Anthony: [Chuckles] Haven't you figured it out by now? Claudia, no matter what you do, John will never turn against me. Not completely, not permanently. Oh, he'll be mad as hell. He'll storm in here and give me what for. But at the end of the day, darling, I'm still that boy's father.

Claudia: The father who tried to kill him.

Anthony: Will you stop saying that?! You're trying to turn an accident into malicious intent! It was a stupid twist of fate. John will understand once he knows --

Claudia: He knows! He knows! That's right, Daddy. You have chatty little soldiers. Johnny and Spinelli overheard them talking about working under your orders. I was toying with you. I was toying with you before, letting you think for a second that there was going to be some little fleeting moment where you could contain this, but there's not. He knows. You'll see me again, when you least expect it.

[Door closes]

Lulu: Wow. You and Elizabeth married again. Wow. That's...

Lucky: That's all you can say? Not like, congratulations, Lucky, I'm so happy for you.

Lulu: Well, okay, well, just finish the story. You asked Elizabeth to marry you, and she said...

Lucky: Okay, it wasn't a real answer.

Lulu: Oh, like she'll get back to you later.

Lucky: Yeah, something like that.

Lulu: Oh, here we go again. Um...hmm, I just had a front row seat to this exact same thing. Maxie did not give Spinelli a direct answer either when he asked her to marry him, and you wanna know why? Because deep down inside, the place that matters most, Maxie knows she's not ready to marry Spinelli. And the hesitation in her answer --

Lucky: You can't be comparing me and Elizabeth to Maxie and motor mouth.

Lulu: Why not? I think it's very similar.

Lucky: Yeah, but Elizabeth and I, we've been down this road before.

Lulu: Okay, okay, you've had a bumpy past. Shouldn't that slow you down in the rush to marriage thing?

Lucky: Um, wasn't so sure at first, but...

Lulu: What, what changed?

Lucky: We almost lost Jake tonight. Just made me realize how fast your world can collapse, you know? Without warning, out of nowhere. And it just, you know, you don't want to risk giving up something that's so good for you and gives you joy.

Lulu: Okay, what you and Elizabeth have is rare and wonderful. Why would you want to risk screwing it up?

Lucky: What makes you so sure we would?

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, what have we done? [Sighs]

Nikolas: I know.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Nikolas: I know. I never should have -- [Sighs] Oh, my God, what did I just do to you?

Elizabeth: To me?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You didn't do anything to me. I could have stopped. We should have stopped.

Nikolas: But we didn't.

Maxie: Hi! Hi.

Sam: Hi. Is Jason around?

Maxie: Uh, I'm not sure, actually. But I haven't really been looking for him. He could be in his room. Feel free to check.

Sam: Uh, he wouldn't. Um, I'm gonna wait here for him.

Maxie: Okay.

Sam: Where's Spinelli?

Maxie: That's the million dollar question. He went to go do some stupid mob errand a couple hours ago, and I've been trying to plan some romantic time.

Sam: I will wait for Jason somewhere else.

Maxie: No, no, no, Sam, you don't have to leave. Wait here. I'm planning on taking Spinelli over to my house. I mean, Jason's been, well, less than happy with Spinelli and I expressing our love for each other under his roof. He thinks we're loud. Can you believe that?

Sam: Jeez, I wonder where he would get that impression.

Maxie: I have no idea. But who knew that big, scary Jason the enforcer was a prude when it comes to sex?

Sam: Oh...

Maxie: There you are! Oh, my God, what happened?

Spinelli: Maximista was almost a widow before she became a bride.

Olivia: I'm sorry about the meltdown.

Johnny: Oh, it's okay. I'm flattered to know that you -- ahh -- care that much.

Olivia: When Sonny told me that you were shot, I swear to God, my heart, it just stopped. Johnny, it just went numb. It was like I could feel everything way too much. It was like a movie went off in my head, you know? It was like our movie. And the first time we ever saw each other. The first time we ever kissed. It's like I could feel... every time you ever held me. Every time you ever made love to me. And I -- I realized, you're this amazing, unexpected gift in my life that I haven't been paying enough attention to. You know, I -- I've been so busy turning myself inside out trying to keep things casual and everything, and I don't -- I don't want that anymore. I want us to be... I want us to be whatever we can be, okay? I want us to be whatever we...

Johnny: I'm glad you said that. I've been thinking a lot along those lines.

Claudia: Bensonhurst, get the hell away from my brother. Johnny, you scared me so bad. Did you not hear me? You didn't get the message? Get out, or I'll throw you out myself.

Johnny: Stop it, Claudia! I want Olivia here, and if you don't like it, throw yourself out.

Sonny: [Sighs] How much did we lose?

Jason: We lost a lot. We lost three warehouses, a truck yard, and all the Canada shipments.

Sonny: But there was no casualties? Right? Johnny's the worst of the injuries.

Jason: Yeah, just Johnny. But let me tell you something, this was not a lucky hit. It was precisely timed and well planned out.

Sonny: There's got to be a plant in the Zacchara camp.

[Telephone rings]

Sonny: Now, maybe it's Johnny. I mean, look, he might have got caught in his own trap.

Jason: You know what, it doesn't make any sense. If this was Johnny's operation, his men wouldn't have opened fire. He took two bullets to save Spinelli. He could have died. If that doesn't prove his loyalty, nothing ever will.

Nikolas: Oh, God. You've been my friend for how many years? And this is how I repay you, by compromising your love and loyalty? God, I'm such an idiot.

Elizabeth: Hey, we did this together. We gave into our big, scary, forbidden attraction.

Nikolas: I know, but it's... I mean, your son was run down right in front of your eyes today, almost died. Lucky asked you to marry him. You were just completely vulnerable when you came over here, and I feel like I took advantage of that.

Elizabeth: Jake was conceived on a night like this. I mean, yes, I was drunk and I was angry. But I knew exactly what I was doing. Just like tonight. The only difference is that then I felt justified because Lucky had hurt me, and Jason was this fantasy. He was like the answer to all my problems. Guess you're kind of like a different fantasy. You're the man I can't have, so, of course, you're the one I want. I didn't have to come over here tonight. I knew I was playing with fire. I set us both up for this to happen. God, I did this to my boys. What's wrong with me? Why did I do this?

Nikolas: There's nothing wrong with you. You said yourself you were struggling because... you don't love Lucky the way he loves you.

Elizabeth: I don't deserve his love after what I've done. He asked me to marry him tonight and this is the answer I give him? By coming over here and sleeping with you?

Nikolas: You didn't come over here to sleep with me. You came over here because you're my friend. And I betrayed that, not you. Hey. Hey. Don't hate yourself. Hate me, okay?

Nikolas: You were the one who told me that you didn't want to destroy our friendship over a few drunken kisses. You also told me that you didn't want to hurt Lucky, right? So don't even for a second sit there and blame yourself for something I did. You were never mine to have, but I took you anyway.

Elizabeth: You took me? That is so incredibly arrogant and sexist. If you weren't already crucifying yourself, I'd smack you for that one.

Nikolas: [Sighs] I deserve more than that.

Elizabeth: Okay, look, we know we were wrong. What do we do about it? Should we tell Lucky the truth?

Nikolas: Oh, God, no! Please! Please, I'm begging you not to tell him. No one knows that you were here, except for the servants. And I promise they won't say anything.

Elizabeth: But Nikolas, we're going to know. And every second we spend with Lucky is going to be a lie.

Nikolas: He might be able to forgive you someday; he'll never forgive me. Please -- Liz, please, I'm asking you. Please don't hurt him with the truth, no matter how much you think he deserves it.

Elizabeth: We can make all the promises and take every precaution, but the funny thing about secrets is that they want to come out. And they usually find a way.

Maxie: Oh, my God, I could have lost you!

Spinelli: Well, thanks to the quick response from the agile mob prince, I am safe, home, and intact.

Maxie: Well, I guess I owe Johnny for keeping you safe.

Sam: Do you think the ambush was some sort of retaliation against Sonny?

Spinelli: It was the result of an ongoing feud. The demented one ordered the attack from behind prison bars.

Sam: Oh, great, so he had his own son shot? That's going to send anyone over the edge.

Maxie: I can't believe after all the trouble you got in with the feds that Sonny and Jason would involve you in any sort of dangerous situation.

Spinelli: It was a menial task of delivering papers. No one anticipated any danger.

Maxie: Okay, anything they touch is potentially fatal. You should have been nowhere near that warehouse.

Spinelli: Well, Stone Cold shares your opinions. He has now forbid my involvement in any future errands, so you see? All is well. The mob prince lives on. I survive without a scratch. Mr. Sir knows where the danger is coming from, and Stone Cold is ready and alert to protect us all.

Sonny: Johnny replaced Dominic at the last minute.

Jason: Yeah, I know that.

Sonny: Maybe Dominic was supposed to be in that warehouse. I mean, you know, maybe Anthony considered him a threat, huh? Which would make Dominic loyal to us.

Jason: Well, I mean, I could see Anthony wanting to take Dominic out because he switched sides. It's believable.

Sonny: Have you ever caught Dominic in a lie or seen anything suspicious?

Jason: No. So far he's been okay.

Sonny: Here's what we're going to do. We're going to use Dominic. It is time to neutralize that old freak Anthony.

Claudia: John, you don't mean that. I know you're not actually choosing Olivia here over me.

Johnny: I am, Claudia, if you're forcing me to make a choice.

Claudia: You're confused from the anesthetic, I'm sure. And you are a predator.

Olivia: Claudia, could you just show a little restraint for one night? Your brother's just been shot.

Claudia: Why don't you burn in hell, bitch?

Johnny: Knock it off. I'm in no mood for your crap right now, and these medications have really lowered my inhibitions. So if you keep pissing me off, I just might say something we both -- oh, just go away, please.

Claudia: No. I'm not leaving.

Olivia: For God sakes, Claudia! You heard what the man said! Just come back and be needy another --

Johnny: Oh, whoa, hey!

Claudia: Bitch, I will kill you.

Olivia: Bring it!

Johnny: Claudia, knock it off!

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Olivia: Nurse!

Claudia: John! Okay, okay! It's all right.

Man on P.A.: Dr. Nick brown, please report to admissions.

Dominic: If this a drug-induced hallucination... I'd like more, please.

Lulu: Well, that's a good plan. You should treat this like a dream so you don't feel compelled to throw out your cheesy pick-up lines.

Dominic: [Groans] In my dreams, you like my pick-up lines. Come. Sit. I'm glad to see you.

Lulu: Well, I'm not really visiting you.

Dominic: [Chuckles] And what are you doing here?

Lulu: Um, my brother Lucky is so head over heels in love, it's painful to watch. And I didn't want to ruin his fantasy with my cynical perception of reality, so... I mean, I don't know, I could be wrong. It has happened in the past. So I made up an excuse and I left. And for some reason, I ended up here.

Dominic: I'm glad for whatever brought you here.

Lulu: How are you feeling?

Dominic: [Groans] Well, the pain is... [Groans] unspeakable.

Lulu: You let me go on and on! Why didn't you stop me? Do you want me to call a nurse or something?

Dominic: No. Maybe just your cool hand to my fevered brow would probably help.

Lulu: You are such a creep.

Dominic: Yeah, you like me. So why are you so concerned with your brother's being in love?

Lulu: I don't trust it.

Dominic: Something about him or you?

Lulu: Um... hmm, both, I think. I mean, I've never felt anything for anyone like what Lucky feels for Elizabeth, certainly not with such consistency. They've been together since high school, on and off. And, I don't know, to me that means one of two things -- either they're destined to be together or doomed to fail.

Dominic: And you tend to lean toward the latter.

Lulu: What can I say, cynicism runs in my blood.

Dominic: [Chuckles] Not to be, uh, the bearer of bad news... um, I don't know that you, uh, ever loved John Zacchara, but, uh, I could tell that he meant something to you once. You should know... John was shot tonight.

Doctor: I don't know what happened in there just now. But if you disrupt my patient again, I'll have you both barred from this hospital.

Sonny: Is somebody going to talk? What happened?

Claudia: Yeah, that bitch right there punched me in the mouth.

Olivia: Uh, after that psycho bitch slapped me across the face. You need to take your wife home and leash her back up, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't have time for this right now. I've got to speak to Johnny.

Claudia: About what?

Sonny: About what happened today.

Claudia: Why? You don't think he had something to do with it, do you?

Sonny: Claudia.

Claudia: What?

Sonny: I just need to ask him a few --

Olivia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Over my dead body, you're going in there to talk to him. No.

Sonny: This is none of your business right now.

Olivia: Don't you dare tell me that this is none of my business, Sonny, because Johnny almost left this world today doing work for you that you couldn't be bothered to do for yourself. Now you think you're going to go in there and you're going to accuse him? You both get out of the hospital, or I will go to the cops and I will tell them everything that I know about both of you.

Sonny: Let's go.

Claudia: What, you don't expect me --

Sonny: Now!

Jason: [Sighs]

Sam: I hope you don't mind. I came by to see you, and I decided to wait.

Jason: No, I don't mind. Long day.

Sam: I heard. I mean, the stuff at the carnival, clearly, and then the Zaccharas decided to attack?

Jason: Yeah, Johnny got shot. He's hurt pretty bad, but if it hadn't been for him, Spinelli could be dead.

Sam: Whoa, okay. So I guess we both owe Johnny a debt of gratitude. Spinelli said that Anthony set this whole thing up?

Jason: Yeah, Anthony's, he's doing everything from prison right now, which is practically, it's going to be impossible -- you know what, how did your case go?

Sam: It's complicated. Um -- [Clears throat] You know, I -- it's challenging and that's good, because that's why I wanted to be a P.I. to begin with, right?

Jason: Can you do me a favor, and if things do get, you know, too dangerous, just call me. Okay? I don't want you to be in another close call.

Sam: You know, I can take care of myself.

Jason: I know.

Sam: You would be the first person I would call.

Jason: That's good.

Elizabeth: I'll be right back, okay?

Jake: Mommy.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Lucky: This feels like a world turned upside down tonight.

Elizabeth: You're telling me.

Lucky: But we came out okay. Maybe even better than that.

Elizabeth: I've been thinking about your proposal. How you opened up your heart and you were completely honest about how you feel. I think you deserve the same in return.

Jason: Spinelli and Maxie around?

Sam: What do your ears tell you?

Jason: Thank God. They must have gone to her place. I've never heard two people so loud in my entire life.

Sam: Yeah. Um... well, I'm glad they're not here tonight. Yep. You're recovering from two gunshot wounds and you need to rest and I need to go to the office and work, yeah.

Jason: I mean, is this something that has to be done tonight?

Sam: Um... no.

Jason: Well... then I'd like you stay.

Woman: It's like to fly

Jason: I mean, if that's... what you want.

Woman: Delight

Sam: I might like that. Very much.

Woman: Arise

Olivia: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let Claudia goad me into a fight.

Johnny: She slapped you across the face. What were you supposed to do?

Olivia: Yeah. It's pretty much a reflex for me.

Johnny: [Chuckles] Pow. Right in the kisser. Hey, remind me never to piss you off, okay?

Olivia: Yeah, remember that.

Johnny: [Chuckles]

Olivia: I guess you scratch the surface and Bensonhurst is pretty much right there.

Johnny: Guess so.

Olivia: But still, I should have been able to control myself. I mean, this is a hospital for God's sake. Is there anything I can get you? Anything I can do to make you more comfortable?

Johnny: No. You could kiss me a couple of times, but then that doctor will march in here and probably throw you out. And I want you right here, with me.

Olivia: Okay. Because right here is exactly where I want to be.

Dominic: Hey, you get a hold of Spinelli?

Lulu: Yeah, he said that Johnny went through surgery and his condition's been upgraded from critical to stable, so...

Dominic: That's good. Are you heading over to Mercy, then?

Lulu: No.

Dominic: What, you don't want to check on your guy?

Lulu: [Sighs] Johnny's not my guy. I mean, I will always care about him and I'm grateful and relieved that he's okay and that he saved Spinelli, but, you know, it should all just be expressed at another time. Should I call Olivia Falconeri?

Dominic: No, no, no, she knows. Ms. Falconeri was nice enough to pay a visit earlier. Sonny came in and told her, she ran right out.

Lulu: Well, there you go, then. Johnny is with exactly who he needs.

Dominic: I don't think John Zacchara and Ms. Falconeri are exactly a love song for the ages.

Lulu: I don't know, I think Olivia obviously gets Johnny in a way that I never did.

Dominic: You know, it's sad. You know, I mean, John Zacchara seems like a decent guy who just never had a shot at anything but the mob. And not like Sonny and Anthony, those guys. They made conscious choices. You know, look what they do. Guns a' blazing, shooting everything that moves. Never mind innocent people, never mind the law.

Lulu: You sound like someone trying to stop the mob as opposed to someone who's in it.

Elizabeth: When I told you I was scared, I was telling you the truth. And the thought of hurting you again or screwing up what we have between us for good, it terrifies me. 'Cause we have this thing together that I'm not even going to pretend to understand what it is or how it works, but it's gotten us through good times and bad times, and I don't want to lose it.

Lucky: Okay. Then you trust it. And you trust me. I love you, Elizabeth. I always have. And I always will. I want you to marry me. Because I know this -- we can make it last.

Elizabeth: And I think we should get into counseling, to work on us and figure out what comes next.

Lucky: Does that mean you...

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes, I'll marry you.

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