GH Transcript Monday 9/14/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/14/09


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Sam: This sounds urgent.

Michael: It is, and I think you're the only one who can help me, but you have to swear, Jason cannot know about this.

Sam: Yeah, sure. I mean, uh, I'll come by.

Michael: Okay. I'm at my mom's.

Sam: All right, I'll be there.

Jason: You have to leave?

Sam: Yeah. Something unexpected came up on a case that I'm working on.

Jason: Okay. If you need help, I can come with you.

[Door opens]

Olivia: Why are you bringing me in here, Patrick? I thought that you said that Dominic was gonna make a full recovery without a transplant. Is that not true?

Patrick: No, that's true. His blood volume has been restored. There's no permanent damage to his kidneys. I expect him to make a full recovery. That must be a huge relief for you. Now you don't have to tell Sonny and Dominic -- sorry -- Dante -- that they're father and son.

Rebecca: Why would going home with Nikolas make me sorry?

Nikolas: Perhaps Ethan feels you should stay here at the hospital with Edward.

Ethan: That happens to be true. But Ethan can speak for himself. What I think is you're better off anywhere than with him.

Nikolas: I'm not surprised you feel that way.

Ethan: Can't you lighten up for one night, okay? Rebecca's dealing with enough. Edward almost died tonight, in case you missed that. She doesn't need you messing with her head.

Nikolas: It's up to you.

Ethan: Don't do it.

Rebecca: Look, I don't know what's going on between you two, and frankly, I'm too wiped to figure it out. Nikolas is right. It's my choice, and it's a very easy one.

Elizabeth: You're asking me to marry you?

Lucky: I know it probably seems sudden.

Elizabeth: It seems crazy.

Lucky: Well, it's not like we haven't been down this road before. Third time's the charm, my mom always used to say. So -- I mean, mostly when schemes blew up in our faces just to keep our spirits up, but in this case I believe her.

Elizabeth: I can't believe you're asking me to marry you.

Lucky: I'm surprised you're in so much shock.

Elizabeth: You said it yourself. We've been down this road. Twice. And both times we have plunged face-first into a dead end.

Lucky: They were just lessons learned.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm not so sure about that, Lucky.

Lucky: This is something I don't see very often. What are you afraid of -- us? 

Sam: Am I supposed to believe that you had such a fabulous time with me lurking in the hallways at the hotel that you are willing to take it up as a full-time profession?

Jason: Uh, maybe not full-time. But whatever that call was, it's urgent enough to get you out in the middle of the night on a day that seems like it's never gonna end.

Sam: I know. It's so weird. But I just get energized at night.

Jason: I remember.

Sam: Oh, come on, don't go there. Okay, I've gotta go, and my client really did specify the importance of confidentiality. So as much as I do want you to come along with me, I have to do this alone, okay?

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: But if you need me...

Sam: Uh-huh. I'll call.

Spinelli: You were transported by ambulance here to Mercy due to overcrowding at GH. You might recall the carnival of doom.

Johnny: Why doom?

Spinelli: Well, apparently, vehicular mayhem ensued and some people were hurt.

Johnny: Olivia was at the carnival. So was Claudia.

Spinelli: No, there have been no reports that anyone near and dear to you was injured. But you should really focus on your own recovery. You were shot. A bunch of times.

Johnny: You don't say.

Spinelli: I've been here by your side the entire time to ensure that you receive the very best of care. And of course the bernificent one has been notified, and I think he is in the process of informing other concerned parties, i.e., Mr. Sir and of course your sister --

Johnny: No, no, no. I don't want Claudia here. She can't be here. She can't know about any of this, please.

[Breathing hard]

Claudia: Bernie, it's kind of late.

Bernie: Yeah, I know that. I need to speak to Mr. Corinthos on a matter of utmost importance.

Claudia: I'm sorry, he's not here. His daughter was injured at the carnival today. He went over to her mother's house to make sure she's all right. Can I help you with anything?

Bernie: I -- I -- I -- I don't know. I suppose you're in the loop. You're involved, and it's not like it's gonna be a secret.

Claudia: So tell me.

Bernie: Your father engineered an attack on Corinthos interests today -- 3 warehouses and a truck yard were destroyed. And, um, there was a casualty.

Claudia: What happened?

Bernie: John was shot.

Claudia: How bad?

Bernie: Multiple wounds, critical condition.

Rebecca: Nikolas, there's no reason to argue with Ethan because it's not up for debate. I'm not leaving Edward. Look, this hasn't exactly been an easy day for him. I mean, Andrea Floyd tried to murder him by putting Digitalis in his drink, and it almost worked. He went careening through the carnival, killing people, causing multiple injuries. If Edward wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, or even if he doesn't, I'm gonna be there.

Nikolas: Okay. Of course.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: Of course. Whatever -- whatever you want to do. All right.

Rebecca: Okay. Thanks for, uh, for understanding and not making a big deal out of it.

Nikolas: No, no. Look, listen, honestly, I'll support whatever it is you want to do.

Rebecca: Okay. Call you later.

Nikolas: Okay.

Ethan: I get that you're setting Rebecca up. You were kind enough to share that with me. Now, perhaps you'd deign to share what the end goal is. Is it a little payback or utter annihilation?

Lucky: Is it me that you're scared of -- my sobriety? Because I swear to you, Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: No, no. No, Lucky, I know you're on track. But you're right. What frightens me is us. Our history. We are much better not being married.

Lucky: That may have been true once, but I don't think it is anymore.

Elizabeth: But what if you're wrong? What if you're wrong and we get married again, I mean, make the same mistakes, and we fall back in the same destructive pattern?

Lucky: You know, you don't seem to have very much faith in us.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, I have so much faith in what we've made together. This incredible partnership is the most important thing in my life. I don't want to risk it.

Lucky: And the way you're acting right now, you're acting out of fear. We're just -- and that is what is keeping us stuck. And we both do it way too much. We just need to find a way to get past it. Elizabeth, you know how I feel about you. Unless you don't feel the same way about me. Elizabeth, if you don't love me, just...I just need to hear you say it.

Elizabeth: Lucky... never question my love for you. You're my first love, my kids' father. You have been my anchor since we were teenagers. My life doesn't make sense without you in it.

Lucky: And I feel exactly the same way. Doesn't that tell you something?

Nikolas: I find it rather touching that you get all fired up in Rebecca's defense, especially considering that you're basically her roadkill.

Ethan: You know, I happen to care about Rebecca.

Nikolas: Really? Well, then you should be jumping for joy, because she's about to get exactly what she wants.

Ethan: You.

Nikolas: She gets to walk in Emily's shoes, and, yes, that does include me. Come on, Ethan, isn't this what your scam was all about, Rebecca laying claim to the life that Emily got to have and she didn't?

Ethan: You're one cold bastard. What happened at the carnival, did that not touch you at all? A man Rebecca has come to regard as a grandfather nearly dies amidst the carnage started, however inadvertently. And have you noticed how Rebecca has composed herself throughout all this? With grace, compassion, and dignity. But those are things that you aren't familiar with, aren't they?

Nikolas: I just found that all very unmoving. See, I've come to learn what a -- what a terrific little actress Rebecca is. And grace and compassion and dignity are 3 of her very best events.

Ethan: Rebecca's transgression consists of one thing. She pretended she didn't know she was Emily's twin.

Nikolas: Exactly. So she could take all the people Emily loved for their money.

Ethan: Well, where is this vast fortune Rebecca meant to acquire? Oh. Oh, wait. She didn't take anyone's money. You're convicting and punishing her for something that never happened.

Nikolas: That was ingenious, Ethan. That statement alone can get you a lifetime membership into the con men club.

Ethan: Look, ever since I tumbled into this twisted little town, I've been warned about the Cassadines. By Luke, Lucky, and Lulu. But they all said you were the exception, the good Cassadine. And they honestly believed that. So you tell me, who's the real con man here?

Spinelli: You mustn't become agitated. You have to stay calm and centered.

Johnny: Spinelli, I might not make it, and I don't want --

Spinelli: Don't say such things. Words have power, and although it might be selfish, it would certainly -- certainly cast a dark cloud over the Jackal and Maximista's upcoming nuptials if you were to perish. So... please don't.

Johnny: Do you want to help me?

Spinelli: Of course I do.

Johnny: Then listen to me. If I don't make it through this, Claudia's gonna come off the rails. She's gonna be crazier than my father ever could have been. She's just gonna start acting without thinking against anybody and everybody. So just promise me that you'll have Jason protect Olivia.

Spinelli: This is sounding increasingly like a goodbye. Okay? You have to keep fighting.

Johnny: I will, Spinelli, but stuff happens, and if it does, just promise me, please.

Spinelli: I swear.

Johnny: Tell Olivia that I love her. And tell Jason that Claudia... she's...she...

Olivia: I can tell by the look on your face that you disapprove of my decision. And you think I should tell Dante and Sonny that they're father and son, right? I'm not offended. It's okay. I got no regrets and I make no apologies. All the reasons that I had for making that decision, they still apply. And as long as there is no medical reason why I should give up this secret, I got no problem keeping it.

Patrick: Let me go out on a limb and stick my nose in a place where it's clearly not wanted.

Olivia: Proceed at your own risk.

Patrick: As a father and son, I really wish that you would reconsider. Olivia, you dodged a bullet tonight. Next time you might not be so lucky. Secrets of this magnitude have a tendency to blow up, and the longer you keep it, the bigger the fallout.

Olivia: It sounds like you're speaking from experience.

Patrick: My father cheated on my mother, and he had a son, and I only found out about it, well, about a year ago now. I was furious at my father for not saying anything, and I resented my brother for even existing.

Olivia: Wow. Look, I'm obviously in no position to speak for your father, but I can say from experience that I'm sure he wasn't trying to hurt you or your brother. He was probably trying to protect you both the same way I'm trying to protect my son. Okay, see, here's the thing -- my kid's father isn't a plumber or a stockbroker, he happens to be a gangster. And I don't want that world to reach out and touch my son in any way.

Patrick: It's a little late for that. Dante in his Dominic persona is working for Sonny. They're already building a relationship, and it just grew by leaps and bounds because Dante jumped in front of a runaway car to save Morgan. Ironically, his half-brother. Look, I have to trust that you're gonna do what you think is best, but this secret is gonna come out, and when it does, Dante and Sonny are both gonna feel betrayed.

Ronnie: How's the invalid?

Dominic: I don't know. Not bad, considering.

Ronnie: I heard you were in critical condition.

Dominic: Yeah. I got bored with that.

Ronnie: I'm serious, Dante. You okay, man?

Dominic: Yeah, I mean, I'd prefer not to have internal injuries and battered kidneys, but door number 2 is a transplant, so I'll take what I got.

Ronnie: And what about the Corinthos boy that you played hero for?

Dominic: Yeah, the car never touched him.

Ronnie: [Sighs] Oh, man. I'm really sorry you got hurt. But, you know, this could work for us. I mean, what a better way to earn Sonny's trust than you saving his son and getting seriously injured in the process? We couldn't have planned this any better.

Dominic: We couldn't have planned this at all.

Ronnie: No, this is your ticket right up the ranks. Are you kidding?

Dominic: Ah, Mr. Morgan. To, uh, what do I owe the honor?

Elizabeth: Both times we got married, I thought it was forever. But it wasn't.

Lucky: So we've had a few bumps in the road.

Elizabeth: Bumps? Lucky, we careened off a cliff. You turned to Maxie and drugs, and I went to Jason and we had a baby and --

Lucky: I forgave you. I thought that went both ways.

Elizabeth: Yes, of course it did, but forgiving each other doesn't mean we should ignore the painful lessons we've had to learn.

Lucky: Okay, you know what? So we shouldn't let the past rob us of our future.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, you're so relentlessly optimistic.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I doubt my boss or anyone else from the PCPD would agree with you.

Elizabeth: Okay, Lucky. I am so honored that you want to marry me, and I want to give your proposal the thoughtful consideration it deserves. Just not tonight. So much is happening, I'm -- I'm on overload right now, okay? But I can tell you this much, with a foggy head and clear heart. That I love you... and I always will.

Sam: It's a nice place.

Michael: Yeah. Thanks for coming, by the way.

Sam: Yeah. Look, I'm not really sure why I'm here, but I would certainly would like to help you if I can.

Michael: All right, I have to say this again. No one can know what I'm about to tell you. Especially not Jason and Spinelli, either.

Sam: Okay. Well, you do need to know that I do work with Spinelli, so if you want to hire me, it's --

Michael: It's personal.

Sam: Okay. Uh -- of course, you have my word, but I'm just gonna say, if you're doubting Jason on any level --

Michael: No, just the opposite. I know that Jason would protect me at all costs against anyone who would hurt me. But this is all so, uh... entwined, you know? Family and extended family. It's like that.

Sam: All right, cool. So... you might as well tell me what's going on.

Michael: Okay. Um... I've been having these, uh, memory flashes from when I was in the coma.

Sam: Okay. What kind of memories?

Michael: You know, people sitting next to me and talking to me.

Sam: Can you give me an example?

Michael: Well, there was, um, Claudia apologizing, you know -- "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," over and over. But what's really bothering me is Jax. He, uh, he said something about him being involved in what happened and that Mom could never know.

Dominic: Uh, Jason Morgan, this is Ronnie Dimestico, one of my associates from my time with the Zaccharas.

Ronnie: Pleased to meet you.

Jason: Ronnie.

Ronnie: I thought I'd check up on my boy. I heard he'd been injured. I'm gonna leave you two alone. You probably got some business to discuss. Hey, give me a buzz when they spring you from this joint. I'll buy you a beer.

Dominic: Yeah. I'll hold you to that. I got a witness.

Ronnie: Take care.

Jason: So how you doing?

Dominic: Ah, I've been better. I've been worse.

Jason: I owe you for what you did. Morgan could be dead if you hadn't jumped in front of that car.

Dominic: Anyone would have done that.

Jason: No, I don't think so. You know, my grandfather was actually behind the wheel.

Dominic: Wow. Oh, talk about a conflict of interest. Well, what happened? Did he fall asleep?

Jason: Heart attack.

Dominic: Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. But I guess you can't really fault the guy if his ticker gave out.

Jason: Yeah, something's a little off. I don't know, maybe I'm just, uh, paranoid.

Dominic: Hah. That's a -- that's a common thing in this line of work.

Jason: Yeah. Listen, if you ever need anything in the future... don't hesitate to ask.

Dominic: That's a good marker. I appreciate it. But you have to realize I wasn't trying to ingratiate myself. I mean, not that I wouldn't have. But I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

Jason: No, I get it.

[Knock on door]

Bernie: Am I interrupting?

Dominic: No, come on in. It's an open house.

Bernie: How you doing?

Dominic: I'm keeping my kidneys, which is better than if you'd asked me an hour ago.

Bernie: Good. I, uh, I need a word.

Jason: Excuse us.

Bernie: The Zacchara loyalists attacked again this afternoon. Yeah. Spinelli, he walked into an ambush. He'd have been shot if it hadn't been for the intervention of Johnny Zacchara. He was shot for his trouble.

Anthony: Aah! No! Don't you tell me that!

Claudia: Where is he? Where's John?

Spinelli: The doctors have taken him to surgery.

Claudia: You were with him?

Spinelli: Yeah, I've been with him the whole time.

Claudia: Why didn't you call me, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Everything happened so quickly --

Claudia: You know I'm his only family.

Spinelli: Johnny didn't want anyone to know his plight.

Claudia: He was protecting me! That's what we do. When are you people gonna figure that out? You shouldn't have listened to him. How badly was he hurt?

Spinelli: Uh, multiple gunshot wounds. He has a collapsed lung. The doctors were not optimistic.

Claudia: Who did this?

Spinelli: I regret to inform you that the gunmen acted on behalf of your father.

Claudia: Why are you just standing there telling me this? If Johnny dies, I have nothing, do you hear me? I have nothing. And this entire town will feel my pain.

Olivia: What are you doing, sitting up, talking? You're supposed to be resting.

Dominic: Ma, I'm resting. I'm lying in a bed, all right? What's going on in the world out there?

Olivia: You mean other than my only child almost got killed today? Isn't that enough?

Dominic: Jason was just here. It sounded like something heavy was going down.

Olivia: What the hell do I know about Sonny's merry band of mobsters and what they do? Just you stop being a cop for one night, okay? Just take care of yourself, okay, and rest.

Dominic: You look tired, Ma.

Olivia: Tired. I can't even imagine how many wrinkles you just gave me today.

Dominic: Oh, don't even talk like that. Your face is as smooth as a baby's butt.

Olivia: You have such a way with words.

Dominic: I'm trying to be serious here.

Olivia: Well, you're not doing a very good job.

Dominic: That's 'cause you keep deflecting. Why?

Olivia: 'Cause I don't want you to get upset. Anything you got to say to me, it can wait, all right?

Dominic: No. Not this. Look, I realize you went through hell tonight keeping quiet about being my mom. Not blowing my cover when you know that the only reason I'm here is to not only bust your ex-flame Sonny, but to take down Johnny in the process. My presence here is costing you a lot. And I want you to know that I'm at least aware of that.

Spinelli: Stone Cold. Oh, gosh, am I relieved to see you.

Jason: Are you okay?

Spinelli: Yeah. Yeah.

Jason: Okay, I just want to tell you, you did a good job, you stuck with Johnny and you made sure he got help.

Spinelli: Well, I think it pales in comparison to the mob prince taking bullets that were meant for me, but thank you.

Jason: Okay, start at the beginning and try to be as clear as possible.

Spinelli: Okay, uh...I must admit to being a little hazy on the details. Sheer terror has that effect on me.

Jason: It's okay. Just start at beginning.

Spinelli: Um...well, uh, Maximista and I were at casa de Stone Cold, and the bernificent one called. Precious papers needed to be delivered to the mob prince at warehouse 19, which, as you know, is adjacent to pier 52. So, of course, I mean, I volunteered my services. Transporting papers is but a menial task at best, and I didn't want to bother you with it --

Jason: So you got to pier 52, and?

Spinelli: And...I -- I called out. But no one answered, and so I sensed that something was awry and turned to go, and when I did, 4 gunmen blocked my exit. At which point they opened fire. [Gasps] A lot of fire. And, um, the mob prince appeared out of nowhere, pulled me out of the danger zone into safety, and eventually guided me out of the warehouse, during which he was...shot.

Jason: Bernie just told me this is Anthony's doing.

Spinelli: Yeah, Johnny and I distinctly heard the would-be assassins saying that they were acting on orders from the demented one.

Elizabeth: I need to talk to you. Sober enough to listen?

Nikolas: Sadly, yes, I am. May I make an observation first? For someone who just got proposed to, you don't seem very happy.

Elizabeth: Lucky told you he was gonna ask me to marry him again?

Nikolas: No, not exactly, but that's the impression he left. So what did you say?

Elizabeth: That I had to think about it. But I don't. I just couldn't figure out a way to tell him that I love him, but not the way he wants.

Dominic: Now, don't get all full of yourself here. I'm gonna admit something. But please pay close attention, because it won't happen very often.

Olivia: Oh, this ought to be good.

Dominic: You were right about certain things.

Olivia: Okay. You care to elaborate on that?

Dominic: I knew you were gonna say that. Okay. Maybe...maybe I would really like to bail on this assignment. It's a little more difficult than I anticipated. Not the logistics of it, but the human factor. The more time I spend with Sonny, the more I'm beginning to like the guy. I didn't expect that, and please don't say I told you so.

Olivia: I didn't say a thing. Go on.

Dominic: Also, I like his kids. And Carly. And I do feel like a chump smiling to their faces while behind the scenes I'm working to put Sonny in prison.

Olivia: Right. Well -- well, I can't say I'm surprised. Honey, I can imagine that moving against targets that are names on a mob chart, it's a lot different than being up close and personal with those people. I mean, the question is... what are you gonna do now?

Dominic: My job, Ma. And I have no choice now. No other cop has gotten this close. Hell, no other cop has gotten anywhere near the position that I'm in to stop the mob scourge in this town. That means Sonny, and that means the Zaccharas.

Olivia: Well, I'm not gonna lie. If Sonny ever went to prison, it would break my heart. But on some level I would know that, uh, that he was going there based on -- based on choices that he consciously made. I mean, Johnny's different. Johnny, it's like he never had a chance at any other kind of life. You know? His father made sure of that.

Dominic: It's not on me... to set Johnny aside. He's gonna fall with the rest of them.

Jason: You are never to go out on another assignment for this organization, do you understand me? And I'm gonna make sure Bernie's real clear on that, too.

Spinelli: If I might object --

Jason: No, you can't object. You almost died tonight, from what, delivering paperwork? Are you serious? How could I even live with myself? I depend on having you around. Okay? Not because of all the stuff you do or the tech stuff. You're my friend. You're like a brother to me. Okay? I try to protect my family, not put them in the line of fire. This has to end tonight. Are we clear?

Spinelli: Yes. I will comply. To the best of my ability.

Jason: What?

Spinelli: Well, no, I -- yes, I will comply. What are your plans for the demented one?

Jason: I don't know. I mean, I have to stop the guy. It's not gonna be easy. He's in prison. He's probably working with somebody on the inside, maybe even the warden.

Spinelli: Or perhaps a powerful ally on the outside.

Jason: Maybe. If so, obviously it's not Johnny. He got shot. Claudia, now, that's all another story.

Spinelli: Well, but she claims antipathy towards her father.

Jason: Yeah, whatever.

Spinelli: No -- and there's another factor in her favor. That single-minded love that she has for the mob prince is decidedly not an act. I mean, she would sooner cut off her limbs than expose him to lethal danger. So it's impossible that she would be behind the attacks tonight, and it appears that Johnny's worst fear has become realized -- that Vixenella has become completely unhinged.

Jason: How would you know about that?

Spinelli: She was here, deranged with fear and anger. I was quite happy to see her leave.

Jason: So she already knew about the ambush?

Spinelli: Well, yes, but not by nefarious means. The bernificent one called her. So she appears to be clean on this one.

Jason: Yeah, well, maybe, maybe not.

Spinelli: And, uh, the wounded mob prince did ask me to pass along a request. In the case of his untimely demise, he asked that you would protect Olivia from the wrath of Vixenella.

Jason: I mean, did he say anything else?

Spinelli: Well, he asked me to pass along his love to Olivia. And...he did start to say something that sounded like a warning to you about Claudia --

Jason: Wait, hold it a minute. From what you're telling me right now, whether Claudia orchestrated what happened today or not, Johnny considers her a threat to be dealt with?

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Are you kidding me?

Ethan: Sorry. I know it's late.

Lucky: What? Come in.

Ethan: Thank you. Uh, you'll be happy to know that I'm not here for myself. And it's about Rebecca. It seems to me you've always been pretty fair with her. You know, tried to see her for herself instead of as an extension of Emily.

Lucky: Well, it doesn't mean I'm okay with you two trying to scam my brother.

Ethan: Yeah, it's a shame that plan didn't go to fruition. But, you know, losing money is the least Nikolas deserves. But in a fit of jealous rage I was inspired to spill my guts, and now Nikolas is bent on revenge. Not against me. Against Rebecca. And I don't know why. The only thing she did was fall in love with the guy.

Lucky: Okay, well, what do you want from me?

Ethan: I want you to stop him. Nikolas told me flat out that he's setting Rebecca up for the fall of her life. No, he doesn't love her. He hasn't forgiven her. He wants to annihilate her. She doesn't deserve that.

Lucky: You know, I suppose it's admirable of you wanting to protect Rebecca. But as far as what Nikolas is doing -- I'm not sure what it is, and I doubt he knows himself -- but I'll tell you what I am sure of. Nikolas would never intentionally hurt Rebecca, if for no other reason than she's Emily's sister.

Ethan: If you honestly believe that, then you're more naive than I thought. Sorry to have bothered you, man. It won't happen again.

[Door slams]

Nikolas: Here you go.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Nikolas: You're welcome. It should calm your nerves a little.

Elizabeth: Not looking forward to the prospect of peeling me off the ceiling?

Nikolas: I wouldn't say that.

Elizabeth: I don't know what to do.

Nikolas: What does your heart tell you?

Elizabeth: Hmm. That Lucky's the man I can depend on. That he's the one who saves me from myself, who supports me, accepts me for who I am, I am blessed to have him and I should just be grateful.

Nikolas: Your heart talks an awful lot.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. It's a problem. But the love, the insanely romantic, swept away by passion kind of love just isn't... it's not there anymore. But it is for him. And I just want him to be happy, so maybe I should marry him.

Nikolas: Really? Without loving him? How is that a good idea?

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Nikolas: Hey. You already know the answer to this one, Liz. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you?

Elizabeth: Well, maybe this was a mistake, coming here.

Nikolas: Another question only you can answer. You have to tell him the truth.

Elizabeth: The whole truth? Including the reason I can't marry him is because I have feelings for someone else?

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Hey.

Jason: The doctor said the surgery went well.

Spinelli: No complications?

Jason: He's expected to make a full recovery.

Spinelli: Oh, thank God. Whew.

Jason: You were really scared for John.

Spinelli: Yeah, I didn't want to face the prospect of the mob prince's demise. He's -- he's proven to be a true friend. Johnny?

Johnny: Spinelli.

Spinelli: Uh, yeah, right here.

Johnny: Did you -- Jason --

Jason: Yeah, no, I'm here, too.

Johnny: Ohh...if I die, you should protect Olivia.

Jason: Don't worry, Olivia is safe.

Johnny: Keep it that way.

Jason: I will. I mean, until you can do it yourself. But I need to know who I'm protecting Olivia from.

Johnny: Claudia.

Jason: Why? What has Claudia done?

[Door opens]

Anthony: Is he alive?

Claudia: I don't know. He was already in surgery when I got to the hospital. The doctors aren't holding out a lot of hope.

Anthony: For God's sake, what are you doing here? You should be with your brother.

Claudia: I wanted to see your face. I wanted to look into your face as you slowly realize that you ordered the murder of your own son.

Anthony: Don't say that. I would never... John was not supposed to be a target.

Claudia: But he was! He was! Because you don't know when to quit. You don't know when to stop. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna take it out of your hands, and when I'm done with you, you will be praying for the mercy of death.

Nikolas: So tell me... who is this other man you have feelings for?

Elizabeth: Nikolas, please.

Nikolas: Is it Jason?

Elizabeth: That has been over for a long time.

Nikolas: What about Ethan? You like Ethan?

Elizabeth: My God, stop it.

Nikolas: Come on, tell me who it is.

Elizabeth: You really need to hear me say it?

Nikolas: I absolutely need to hear you say it. We need to be honest with each other, if with no one else.

Elizabeth: All right, fine. It's you. I don't know how this happened, I don't know how our friendship turned into something more, but ever since that first night you kissed me in Jake's, I have thought about being with you.

Nikolas: Thought about it? Or wanted it?

Elizabeth: This is wrong.

Nikolas: Don't you think I know that? Don't you think I've fought it every bit as hard as you have? I can't do it anymore. I want you.

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