GH Transcript Friday 9/4/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/4/09


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Andrea: Edward, there you are. Come. I need to buy you a drink.

Edward: No, no. I'll buy my own drink.

Andrea: Oh, I insist. I insist since I spilled that one on you earlier.

Edward: I was the clumsy one. I spilled--

Andrea: No. I will not take no for an answer. What's your poison? What are you drinking?

Edward: Oh, all right. A martini with some olives, please.

Elizabeth: I'm not sure what you're trying to prove with Rebecca. Maybe you are head over heels, or maybe you're faking it to make a fool of her. Either way, you're only hurting yourself.

Nikolas: I appreciate your concern, but I know exactly what I'm doing.

Claudia: So, are we, um--are we picking your kids up, or are they gonna meet us at the carnival?

Sonny: You sure you wanna go?

Claudia: Yeah. I said I did, didn't I?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, I thought with Michael and Morgan, you'd be okay, but with Kristina, I didn't know if you feel...

Claudia: Sonny...

Sonny: Comfortable.

Claudia: I don't blame Kristina for the accident. I don't blame her for our baby's death.

Vendor: Peanuts here! Peanuts!

Michael: Aw, it's kinda weird, like a dream or something.

Molly: And it's all because of you, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, only because my brain got wacked out.

Dominic: I think this looks like fun. What do you guys think?

Molly: Yeah.

Vendor: Souvenirs! Souvenirs here!

Dominic: 60 here for 4 of us. Here.

Morgan: Michael, it's so cool. Why don't you like it?

Michael: I do, I guess.

Vendor: Peanuts here.

Dominic: Oh, you're gonna be the life of the party, aren't you? I mean, check it out, man. If that doesn't look like fun, what does?

Vendor: Souvenirs! Souvenirs here!

Michael: Hey.

Dominic: Shall we?

Molly: Sure.

[Carnival music playing]

Spinelli: I am most grateful to my partner for taking over the latest P.I. case. You can conquer our client's mystery as I conquer my fear.

Jason: By dressing like that?

Spinelli: Some say you must become what you fear most, so as for me becoming a clown, I will hopefully put myself in a position to understand that a human heart beats even beneath the most horrific mask of greasepaint. Clowns can bring joy and laughter, and I will do my best to spread delight at the carnival. Excuse me. Ahh. Ahh.


Sam: He means well.

Jason: Whatever. Just hope he doesn't hurt himself.

Sam: Well, let's look on the bright side of things. We don't have to go to the carnival, 'cause I really do have to work.

Jason: Okay. Want some help?

Nikolas: I don't pretend to be in love with Rebecca.

Elizabeth: Then, what you're doing with her is pure manipulation.

Nikolas: Maybe I'm more forgiving than you realize.

Elizabeth: She hurt you. You wanna hurt her back. But you're better than this.

Nikolas: Well, thank you for believing that.

Elizabeth: I'm not wrong.

Nikolas: See what you wanna see.

Elizabeth: You want revenge, and I don't blame you, but you are playing a dangerous game. You and your son are bonding with a woman you plan to kick to the curb. Maybe you don't care if it backfires on you. What about Spencer?

[Carnival music playing]

Rebecca: So are you any good at this?

Lucky: Ah, I used to be a pitcher back in high school.

Rebecca: I hope that translates to a carnival midway, since you promised to win all the kids prizes while they're taking their naps.

Lucky: Yeah, I--

Ethan: Better get busy, brother.

Lucky: Looks like you found your true calling.

Ethan: Yeah. It says "carny" right on my resume.

Lucky: Yeah? Is that before or after "thief"?

Ethan: Ow. But this is for charity, so give me some credit. My heart's in the right place. Is that a new dress?

Rebecca: Uh, yeah.

Ethan: Uh, not your best look. No, it looks like you're trying to, uh, wear someone else's clothes.

Diane: I so enjoy celebrating with you.

Max: Yeah. What are we celebratin' again?

Diane: My complete annihilation of a very arrogant New York City attorney--ahem--who thoroughly underestimated me. I gave his clients the opportunity weeks ago to settle, but no. He insisted on going in front of a jury, and now the judgment alone is staggering. It's groundbreaking. Pain and suffering--you wanna talk about pain and suffering, you should have seen that lawyer's face. I'm getting all hot and bothered again just thinking about it.

Max: Wait--I don't feel like we talk anymore.

Diane: We talk all the time. We're talkin' right now.

Max: I mean you don't ask me things like, um--

Diane: Like what?

Max: Like--

Diane: Like maybe...

Max: Heh. No, no, no. No, I mean, really, like, you know, like--like what books I'm reading.

Diane: Okay. Uh, what--actually which books are you reading?

Max: Nothing specifically at the moment, but if I was, I'd wanna discuss it.

Diane: And we will, when you read something. But as of right now, why don't I order a little more cham--oh, shoot. I've got to be at a party.

Max: What party?

Diane: It's the carnival kickoff. It's just upstairs in the restaurant. I'm not dressed right. Well, I won't be when I get dressed. But I've gotta make an appearance.

Max: What about me? Huh?

Diane: You stay right here and keep the bed warm, and we will continue celebrating when I come back.

Max: Oh, I see. I see. I'm just not good enough to go the party with you, am I?

Diane: What?

Sonny: Kristina's my daughter. I can forgive her for anything, but I--you know, I take responsibility for the way she acted out.

Claudia: Well, I think that you are trying to keep the peace with Alexis, right?

Sonny: You know what? I've been missing in Kristina's life for a long time, and bottom line, it was my fault. I mean, taking the kids to a carnival, it shouldn't be like a once-in-a-lifetime event. I mean, they need me. I need them. It's just that you being with Kristina, I thought that it would bring up, you know, some pain that you're not ready for.

Claudia: Well, I'm not gonna lie to you. I-I'm always gonna mourn the death of our baby, but I know that Kristina didn't mean to hurt him, and maybe if she spends some time with me, it'll help her move on with her life, and that would be good, right, if one good thing came out of all of this?

Andrea: You know, Garrett is, uh, really trying to, uh, jump-start his campaign. Your endorsement would certainly help.

Edward: Oh, I think we could set something up, uh, make an appointment for next week.

Andrea: Oh, we could have dinner. That would be even better.

Edward: Oh, I--

Andrea: You know, I can definitely call you. We can have dinner.

Edward: Excuse me.

Carly: Why are we in here when there is a Ferris wheel outside calling our name?

Jax: Because we're the hosts. All these people we invited are helping keep the Michael Corinthos Foundation up and running.

Carly: Deep pockets are boring.

Edward: I hate sharing you with all these people.

Deidre: Well, then, you'll like this. Room 705.

Edward: [Chuckles] I think 705 has become my lucky number.

Deidre: Try to be patient, darling. There's still some people I have to talk to.

Andrea: Edward, you forgot your drink.

Monica: Edward, if you're going to insist--excuse me. Sorry. On driving yourself to the carnival, well, you're not gonna need this.

Sam: You wanna help me work a case?

Jason: What? You don't believe me?

Sam: No. I--of course I believe you. I--perfect. I actually like the idea of giving you orders. Okay. The client, Drake Black, he engaged McCall and Jackal to do surveillance on his business partner, Deidre Evans. He thinks that maybe she could be in a little bit of trouble. At least this isn't a cheating spouse case or anything like that, because that's so overboard.

Jason: Uh, what kind of-- what kind of trouble?

Sam: Um, well, there are unexplained phone calls, absences that are unexplained. Could be that she's being blackmailed or giving away top-secret information, you know, stuff like--stuff like that. But he's given me all of her credit card information and--and stuff, so if anything comes up, we are definitely gonna-- [Cell phone vibrates] Oops. Timing's everything. Oh. Okay. All right. This is good. There's been a new charge. She just booked a room at the Metro Court.

Diane: I don't know why you're so upset.

Max: You don't even wanna be seen in public with me.

Diane: That's absurd.

Max: Absurd? Now I'm absurd? That's what I mean to you?

Diane: I just showed you what you mean to me, Max. I showed you in the bed. I showed you in the shower. I showed you on the desk, for God sakes.

Max: You know, I knew it. I'm just a boy toy to you.

Diane: Oh ho ho ho! Here we go.

Max: You know what? I feel like a sexual, uh--a sexual abject or a--

Diane: Object.

Max: You know what I--

Diane: Max, the word is "object."

Max: Thank you. That's what I meant, a sexual object. See? You said it.

Diane: Look, do we have to discuss this right now?

Max: Yeah, we do. Here and now. I'm gonna make a stand, okay? I'm more than just your love puppet. I wanna be treated as an equal.

Diane: You are my equal! Well, you're--well, you're sort of my equal. I mean, you don't have a law degree. You don't have any degree, for that matter.

Max: Hey, hey, hey. You know what? You didn't even wanna be seen at a party with me for Michael Corinthos' Foundation. I practically guarded Michael his whole life.

Diane: The only reason that I cannot ask you to be my date for the party tonight is because I knew you would be bored to tears.

Max: You know what the problem is. You don't respect me for my mind. All you care about is my flexibility.

Diane: I-I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response.

Max: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm not gonna stick around here and be your plaything, so I'm gonna take this to the carnival solo.

Diane: You go right ahead, Max. Do whatever you want. I do not need Max Giambetti. The world is full of boy toys!

[Carnival music playing]

Patrick: All right, babe. Come on. This is your big chance. Let's see what you got. Come on. You gotta stretch it out.

Robin: You know, I would, but I don't wanna hurt you.

Patrick: You're not gonna hurt me. Think of this as your one chance to get back at me, all that pent-up jealousy you have for me.

Robin: My pent-up what?!

Patrick: Aw, my genius with the scalpel. My never-ending charm with the ladies.

Robin: Oh, really?

Patrick: Aw. So close.

Robin: So close.

Patrick: Come on. Little more behind it. Put a little more behind it. I know you got it.

Robin: What do you mean "more behind it"?

Patrick: You know what I'm saying.

Robin: I know what I'm doing.

Patrick: Come on.

Robin: [Sighs]

Patrick: Come on. You throw like a girl. What was that?

Robin: I am a girl. You happen to like me that way.

Patrick: Well, I don't like the way you're throwin', so let's see what you got.

Robin: You don't like it?

Patrick: No.

Robin: You like this one? Uhh!

Patrick: I would have if you would have hit it. Jeez. Okay, finally.

Matt: Oh, good. We made it in time.

Patrick: Finally.

Robin: Oh, please.

Patrick: Little brother, let's see what you have.

Robin: Yes. Take him down.

Patrick: I see you brought a friend. Let's see what you got.

Matt: You're going down, big bro.

Patrick: Pay the man.

Matt: Oh, yeah. I am sending you for a much-needed bath.

Patrick: All right. We'll see.

Robin: If you wanna take him dow--

Patrick: Ohh!

Robin: You're gonna have to wait in line.

Patrick: Still dry. Still dry.

Lulu: Wow. So should I feel bad about showing Matt up?

Matt: No, no, no, no. Don't count me out yet. I'm just getting warmed up.

Patrick: You're already counted out.

Matt: How cold is that water?

Patrick: Ohh!

Lulu: Yeah. Okay, my turn.

Robin: That was close, though.

Lulu: Prepare to take a swim.

Patrick: I'm so prepared.

Lulu: All right.

Robin: She looks for the sign from the catcher. She needs to do her stretch. Checks the runners.

Patrick: Hey, wait. Timeout. How do you know all that?

Robin: 'Cause I know things even though I'm a girl. Nice.

Patrick: Lulu Spencer, this is getting a little personal. Why don't you just go for the part you're supposed to aim for?

Robin: Yeah, get him. Get him!


Matt: Ohh! What--

Robin: What the heck?

Matt: She hit it. Why didn't it go?

Lulu: Oh, because there's always a way to beat a rigged game.

Robin: Oh, you are so dead, buddy.

[Carnival music playing]

Spinelli: [Nervous chuckle] Thus far, my efforts at clown-glory have spread far too little joy. I--I fear that adorable toddler, that little redheaded moppet might be scarred for life.

Maxie: Well, it's nothing a little therapy won't fix. Besides, it's natural for young kids to be scared of clowns. They don't call it a fright wig for nothing.

Spinelli: Yeah, but then, my purpose has been defeated.

Maxie: No, just focus on the older kids and the adults. You could still spread cheer their way.

Spinelli: That or get punched in the face.

Maxie: There you go.

Claudia: Ooh, it was good. They're so cheap.

Sonny: There's like 70-- oh, look who it is.

Claudia: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, what are you doing, guys?

Vendor: Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

Sonny: Huh?

Claudia: What's up? Where's Kristina?

Molly: Oh, she had to go talk to someone, but she'll be here soon.

Morgan: That boy, Kiefer.

Molly: Hey, Kiefer's actually really nice. You just don't know him.

Morgan: Yeah, I know enough.

Claudia: I thought the whole idea was for you to spend time with your kids.

Dominic: I think the whole idea is for, uh, me to keep the kids safe.

Claudia: Oh, no, I just think-- when I was a little girl, I hated it when my dad's goombahs got in the middle of our daughter-father time.

Sonny: Dominic, go ahead and take off, but just be close by, just in case I need you.

Dominic: All right, I'll be at the, uh, dunk-a-hunk if you need me.

Claudia: You think you're worth dunking?

Dominic: It's for a worthy cause, Claudia. You might wanna try it sometime.

Vendor: Hey, cotton candy!

Sonny: Molly!

Molly: Yeah?

Sonny: Hi. You know what? I'm so happy that you could join us.

Molly: Thanks, Uncle Sonny. We never get to have carnivals around here.

Morgan: Can we go on the Sizzler?

Sonny: Okay, you know what? She's the youngest. She gets to choose the first attraction.

Molly: Okay.

Sonny: Can you get this out of my face?

Spinelli: Uh, gracious greetings to Mr. Sir and assorted family members. Hoo hoo!

Sonny: Why am I not surprised?

Spinelli: [Giggles]

Sam: Okay, this is the perfect sightline to Deidre’s room.

Jason: Okay. Now we just wait.

Sam: Yep. We just wait. You better like your own company when you're doing P.I. work, because you do spend a lot of time with yourself, and it's really not good to sort of slack off or nod off, because you might miss something really, really important. But you would know that, because you've done a lot of surveillance.

Jason: Well, you're the P.I. Maybe you can teach me something now.

Sam: Heh. Okay.


Jason: Is that her?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Sam: Yeah. Uh-oh.

Jason: Hmm?

Sam: It says that Deidre just picked up a negligee downstairs in the boutique. Ohh. Jason, this is gonna turn out to be another cheating spouse case after all.

Edward: That was a perfectly good martini, Monica, untouched by human lips. Why in the world would you dump it out?

Monica: I may have very well have saved your life, Edward, by dumping it out.

Edward: Oh, please. Please.

Mac: I had to check security for the carnival.

Alexis: Have you seen the girls, by the way? They should both be there by now.

Mac: Carnival was pretty crowded. I'm sure they're having a great time.

Alexis: Good. How's everything at the office?

Mac: I'm sorry you had to resign. You were an excellent D.A., Alexis. You know I have great respect for everything you've done for this community.

Andrea: Uhh. Doesn't speak very well for you, Commissioner, your department's inability to file a case against the former D.A.

Mac: If you're referring to the Brianna Hughes investigation, the case will be built on the facts.

Andrea: Well, if you don't file charges soon, we have ample reason to have you replaced.

Alexis: Well, when the people of this town elect you mayor, then you'll be entitled to an opinion.

Andrea: It's very sweet how the two of you defend each other. Are you sleeping with him now?

Alexis: [Sighs] If Commissioner Scorpio isn't railroading me fast enough for your taste, it means he's probably doing a good job and not abusing his power, as you and your husband so often do.

Robin: Ohh!

Patrick: Now, seriously, Robin, this is getting embarrassing. Just step aside.

Robin: Just hold on.

Patrick: Let somebody else throw.

Robin: Hold on a minute, okay? I got it. I got--[Sighs] This-- this thing is ri--it's totally rigged. I'll be complaining to the manager.

Patrick: Well, well, that sounds like surrender. You're giving up?

Robin: No. I--no, I'm not giving up. I'm just saying it's impossible to do it.

Patrick: Really?

Robin: We keep hitting it.

Patrick: Well...

Robin: Will someone just dunk him like he deserves, please?

Louise: I'll give it a try.

Patrick: Okay, now, you realize this is for a good cause, right?

Louise: Absolutely.

Patrick: All right. Well, pay the man. I'm not goin' down.

Matt: Oh, will you--you let my brother have it? He's just-- seriously, give it to him.

Robin: Please.

Louise: With pleasure. [Ding] What?!

Patrick: She was so close.

Louise: You saw that. That was perfect.

Lulu: Some rigging is too good to beat.

Max: Well, maybe if you, uh, threw it a little harder.

Louise: That was my best. That used to take them down in ninth-grade softball.

Max: Mind if I try?

Louise: Be my guest.

Patrick: Pay the man. Come on, Maxie. Come on, Maxie.

Robin: Um, we met.

Louise: You are?

Robin: Uh, Robin Scorpio, Mac’s niece, who you work with.

Louise: Oh, yeah, sure. Right. Mac's great. So you think this guy's gonna hit the target, or...

Robin: He has a reputation for being a good shot.

Patrick: Okay, are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna throw the thing?

Lulu: Oh, come on, Max. You gotta do it now.

Matt: Seriously, can you drop my brother right now?

Robin: Please.

Max: Take this, Diane.


Louise: What?!

Matt: Come on!

Robin: You're the luckiest person in the world.

Patrick: That's really too bad.

Robin: It was. Sonny, all we're trying to do is our part for charity, you know, and this game, this is--it's rigged.

Patrick: You just don't wanna admit you don't have what it takes there, Robin.

Sonny: What do you want me to do about it?

Michael: Wait, wait, wait. Max just tried. There's no way anybody can throw harder than that and be accurate.

Max: He's got a point.

Morgan: Except for Mariano Rivera.

Molly: Well, actually there's a simple mathematical formula. You see, "r" times distance times the circumference of the ball equals the force necessary--

Morgan: That's math, not baseball.

Molly: It'll work. I know it.

Morgan: No way.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? I wouldn't bet against her.

Molly: Well, maybe if I throw it. Can I have a turn?

Claudia: Yeah.

Robin: Yes.

Michael: All right. Let's see it.

Robin: Of course. Do it.

Patrick: Let her try. She can barely see over the little bench there, but let her throw.

Molly: Okay.

Patrick: I won't even look. Go ahead.

Claudia: Go, Molly.

Patrick: Watch. Go.



Lulu: That's great.

[Carnival music playing]

Anthony: How do you think Sonny will go about winning? Ring toss? Whack-a-mole? Heh. Whack-a-mole. He won't shoot ducks in a barrel. That's why he has Jason Morgan. Uhh. Sonny better grab that brass ring at that carnival, because when they get back to work on Monday, there won't be anything left.

Sam: A woman does not rent a room and buy a negligee to pass on her company's secrets. She is definitely meeting a lover.

Jason: Yeah, but why--okay, why keep it a secret from her business partner? According to Spinelli's file, Deidre is-- is not married, so she's got nothing to hide.

Sam: I don't know. But what if she's meeting a married man? Or woman. I'm not--I'm just saying. I leave all moral judgments to the client. I mean, I'm just gathering my facts.

Jason: Oh, get--

Sam: [Laughs]

Jason: Get that out of here.

Sam: I left my camera, and it takes really good pictures. Look at the zoom on this. I can see the elevator button.

Woman: Get out, or I'll call hotel security.

Sam: Excuse me?

Woman: You're sizing up which room to break into. That's how they do it, you know. I saw a documentary on cable.

Sam: Heh. Oh, my gosh. This so embarrassing. I guess that's how it looks. Heh heh. Oh, frank--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is--this is my fiancé, Frank, and we are getting married, and we just--we're looking for a place to have our wedding. Do you think the Metro overcharges? Because I think it's pretty great here. I was kind of thinking this could be perfect. Or maybe we could go to the Cosmopolitan, but I don't know. It's not as elegant over there, and I was just thinking-- you know what? We can't afford it.

Woman: Don't skimp on your wedding. Do it once, do it right, and make it last a lifetime. Sorry about the mix-up, and good luck to you both.

Sam: Thank you.

Jason: Frank?

Sam: Sorry.

Alexis: If you were a public servant, what you were doing would be an abuse of power, but since you hold no official office, what you're doing is just harassing an innocent person.

Andrea: Innocent? [Scoffs] You're an adulteress and a murderer, and if the system worked, you'd be behind bars by now.

Mac: Mrs. Floyd, I'm sure you don't wanna make a scene in front of all these good people.

Carly: You know, why don't you go help out Alexis? I can meet you at the car.

Jax: So you can devour a couple of corn dogs before I get there?

Carly: You don't trust me?

Jax: No, of course I trust you, absolutely trust you, just not when it comes to food. So let's go, and I'll find you something marginally healthy.

Carly: I don't wanna anything healthy.

Jax: Marginally.

Mac: Our hosts just left. That's your cue.

Alexis: You're right. I'm gonna go the carnival and enjoy myself.

Andrea: I hope you sleep well at night knowing that she's walking around free.

Monica: Oh, Edward, hi. Uh, listen. I have to--I have to leave to the airport. I don't wanna miss my flight.

Edward: Well, have a good trip, dear.

Monica: No, I want you to ride along with me. I will drop you off at the carnival.

Edward: I have my own car.

Monica: And you have been drinking.

Edward: I am sober as a judge.

Monica: Oh, you are impossible. All right. All right. Just be safe. I will call you from Toronto.

Andrea: Oh, Edward. Wait, wait, wait. I was hoping that you and I can have a few moments alone. Could--could you join me at the bar?


Sonny: Give me a ball. I'm about to teach you a valuable lesson. Here you go. Molly, make your uncle proud, will you?

Molly: Okay.

Matt: Come on, Molly.

Sonny: Go, Molly!



Singer: I can never get enough of this his brown eyes won't deny me when it is raining down and the stars land all around me I'm so lost in you there's nothing I can do 'cause you hoo ooh, ooh ooh ooh you got me in the palm of your hand hoo ooh, ooh ooh ooh caught in the quicksand

Jason: Maybe the client forgot her pajamas. Is that-- is that possible?

Sam: [Sputters] No. No, it's not possible. When you forget your pajamas, you wear a t-shirt. You don't go to a boutique and spend $1,200 on a peignoir set.

Jason: A--a what?

Sam: Peignoir. It--[Sighs] Forget it. Just trust me, okay?

Jason: I don't even know what--

Sam: Stay back.

Jason: You know, you're pretty good at this.

Sam: Thank you. Uh, it's just that I kinda like my job. Thank you. I just wish it didn't always have to come back to who's sleeping with who. I don't understand why everything always has to be about sex. Well, um...


Sam: [Whispering] Champagne.

Deidre: Hi. Come on in.

Sam: Humph. Told you. You do not order a bottle of champagne to your room, two glasses, unless you are meeting a lover.

Patrick: You know, now that we've fulfilled our obligations for the day--you amateur detective, me human target-- it's time to enjoy ourselves.

Robin: At the carnival?

Patrick: Well, that's--that's one possibility, yes. Mmm.

Robin: Okay, hold that thought. Hold that thought. I gotta get back to the Metro.

Patrick: No. You're not--

Robin: I don't like Andrea anywhere near Edward.

Patrick: The chances of Andrea trying to bludgeon Edward to death with a swizzle stick in the middle of the Metro Court lobby are slim to none.

Robin: Edward could be a possible witness to Brianna’s murder. If Andrea has figured that out, which I think she has, Edward could be in a lot of danger.

Patrick: What an amazing ability to come to conclusions based on almost nothing.

Robin: Well, I could have something if I could just go question Edward.

Patrick: Fine. But first things first. Come here.

Andrea: I need--I need someone wise to give me advice, which is--it's very humbling for me, because I've always been strong, and I don't like to be the victim.

Edward: You're in a very difficult situation right now, my dear, and my advice to you is to keep a very low profile until this whole thing blows over.

Andrea: That's very not easy to do when Alexis, my husband's ex-lover, is prone to public outbursts and Mac Scorpio just protects her.

Edward: Hmm. [Cell phone rings] Oh, excuse me again. Sorry. [Ring] Hello.

Deidre: Should I open the champagne?

Edward: Hmm. Keep it on ice. You know how I hate to keep you waiting.

Deidre: I have a surprise for you.

Edward: I'll be right up, I promise. Bye-bye.

Andrea: I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have your sympathetic ear. It's been hell for me. I know you're very busy, and I don't wanna keep you, so cheers.

Dominic: Aw, good. You found me.

Lulu: I wasn't looking for you.

Dominic: Well, hey. It's fate. Since I've sacrificed my dignity in the name of charity, what say you and me hit the midway?

Lulu: Aw, I'm sorry, but fate deals you another blow. I already have a date, and it's not you.

Dominic: [Sighs] I saw you at the Dunk-a-Hunk. You couldn't take your eyes off me. I'm hoping it's not 'cause you were wishing me to drown, 'cause that would break my heart.

Lulu: Yeah, actually, I was hoping Molly would miss so that I could take you myself.

Dominic: It's never too late. There's tons of opportunities down there.


Lulu: Hey.

Matt: Hey. Um, the E.R. needs an attending, and they are way understaffed. I-I'm sorry I have to bail on you.

Lulu: They can't find anybody else?

Matt: It's a matter of seniority, and, um, well, I have none. Yeah. So, uh, rain check. Can I get a rain check?

Lulu: Yeah. Sure.

Matt: Yeah. Okay. All right.

Lulu: Okay.

Dominic: Where should we go first?

Lulu: Heh. [Sighs]

Sonny: So, like I was saying, me and the Cerullo brothers, we used to hang out--

Michael: At Coney Island, right?

Sonny: Did I tell you the story already?

Michael: Well, no, no, no, but it always starts out with you and the Cerullo brothers at Coney Island.

Claudia: Go ahead. I'm listening, at least.

Sonny: Thank you. Thank you. So there was this fortuneteller gypsy--old, wrinkled, scared us all to death. I would not talk to her for a million years, but the Cerullo brothers are like, "Come on. You gotta go talk to her. Come on. You gotta have some guts."

Michael: And you never bet my dad, right, 'cause you always lose.

Sonny: Exactly. So it took me, what, couple months to get the courage to go face to face with this gypsy, and she had, uh, those cards. What are they called?

Kristina: Tarot cards.

Sonny: Right, and she said that they would tell me my whole future.

Claudia: And was she close?

Sonny: She said I was gonna be the chief of police.

Claudia: What?

Sonny: Ha ha ha ha ha! Now, that would be scary, now, wouldn't it? You guys ready to go in? Look. Now, right there--

Michael: Not me. No. No.

Sonny: Ah, scared?

Michael: No, I'm gonna go meet up with Morgan and Molly.

Claudia: You're gonna have to do this without me.

Sonny: You sure?

Claudia: Yep.

Sonny: All right, so just you and your--me, your old man, right?

Kristina: I like it.

Sonny: All we need now is spooky music.

Kristina: Whoo. Heh.

Fortuneteller: I prefer Mozart. How may I help you?

Sonny: Well, uh, young lady here, she wants her fortune told.

Fortuneteller: Does she?

Sonny: Yeah.

Fortuneteller: Or is that her father's wish? Heh. You are her father.

Sonny: Good guess.

Fortuneteller: You will pay later once you decide what the telling was worth.

Sonny: All right. Uh...

Fortuneteller: Please sit.

Kristina: You don't really see anything in there, do you?

Fortuneteller: It's all for show. It helps people like your father feel comfortable. That way, they can tell themselves it was all a gimmick. Now, give me your hands. You are a child of privilege, but little satisfies you. You feel alone, abandoned, and misunderstood. I hear a desperate cry for help, a cry that will be heard, but not one that will help you in any way. You have lived on the edge of violence for most of your life. That will not change.

Sonny: I guess--I guess you know who I am.

Fortuneteller: I have never seen you before, and this not your future. What I see involves this young woman. The danger is real, and it is here today. It will come from where you least expect it.

Andrea: No one in this town knows better than you, Edward, what goes on in the corridors of power. Heh. Oh, you're not enjoying your drink.

Edward: I appreciate your problem, my dear, but I really do have an appointment.

Andrea: Oh, I understand. But apparently I've become quite a pariah in this town, and Garrett’s not here right now, so I'm feeling a little vulnerable.

Edward: Well, now, come on. Don't take it personally.

Andrea: Well, you're not sharing a drink and--with me. How am I supposed to take it?

Edward: My dear, I wish nothing but the best for you.

Andrea: To your health, Edward.

Edward: And to yours.

Nikolas: Hey, as long as-- as long as Spencer's still napping, why don't we try the baseball toss over here?

Rebecca: Oh, I--I did it with Lucky. It's, uh--it's really not that much fun, and, uh, I'm sure it's rigged, you know.

Ethan: Well, no pain, no gain.

Vendor: Souvenirs! Souvenirs here!

Nikolas: Aw, man. I'm not that skilled at this. Never played baseball myself. But it's for a good cause, right, Ethan?

Ethan: That's right. Let me stack up the bottles for you.

Vendor: Souvenirs! Souvenirs here!

Rebecca: All right, my turn.

[Riders screaming]

Michael: There she is up there. Look. Look.

Alexis: Hey. Do I know you?

Molly: You should have seen it. I dunked 4 people, including Dr. Drake and Dominic.

Morgan: Yeah. Molly was awesome.

Sonny: She has a big-league arm.

Alexis: I'm not surprised. I'm sorry I missed that.

Molly: Ah, it was okay.

Alexis: Bad time to lose my cell phone, huh?

Molly: Yeah.

Alexis: Where's Kristina?

Sonny: Uh, she had to talk to a friend.

Michael: Dad took her to the fortuneteller.

Alexis: Oh, really?

Michael: Yeah.

Alexis: What'd you learn?

Sonny: I learned that don't waste your money with, uh, fortunetellers.

Vendor: Hey! Cotton candy!

Sonny: Hey, can--yeah.

Alexis: Did you learn anything interesting?

Sonny: No. Well, you know what? You know how it is. If you believe everything they say, you will never leave the house. There you go.

Vendor: Thank you.

Sonny: And don't worry. I know you're worried about Kristina. I know you are. She's fine.

Alexis: I'm good.

Sonny: No, I'm just, you know, putting it out there.

Alexis: Have some sugar. This is good. More sugar! Everybody eat sugar!

Kristina: This woman totally nailed it. It was like she knew what I was feeling.

Kiefer: Yeah, but did she get my name right? No one ever gets it right.

Kristina: I'm serious. The fortuneteller said very clearly that I'm in danger today.

Kiefer: She's right. You are in danger. Of falling for me. Heh heh heh.

Kristina: Ugh.

Claudia: Kristina! Hey, what are you doin'? I mean, I don't think your dad would be real happy if he saw you guys kissing.

Kristina: Please don't tell Dad.

Claudia: Why don't you give us a minute?

Kiefer: Sure. See you later.

Kristina: It's probably not fair to ask you to keep a secret. I mean, you already hate me because of what happened to your baby.

Claudia: Kristina, we agreed to put the accident behind us. I want what's best for you. You know your dad does not like your boyfriend, so...

Kristina: But Dad doesn't--

Claudia: You might wanna take it easy, huh?

Kristina: Dad doesn't get it. Kiefer's everything that I've ever wanted, and he's a senior.

Claudia: I know. I know what that's like. I bet you don't have anybody you can talk to about it, right? Can I help you?

Kristina: I don't know. I mean, you could work on Dad for me.

Claudia: Maybe. This is kind of a public place. I don't really wanna talk about it right here, but, you know, listen. I've been wanting to ride the Ferris wheel for the longest time. It's pretty private up there. You know, nothing more private than dangling 50 feet in the air. What do you say?

Kristina: All right.

Claudia: All right. You know, the thing about-- oh. Well, the line is not bad right now.

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