GH Transcript Wednesday 9/2/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/2/09


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Maxie: [Laughing] Oh! Oh, my. Oh...uh, sorry to interrupt, uh, Spinelli actually has some errands to run, so let's just pretend we weren't here.

Spinelli: No, we cannot leave at such a revelatory moment.

Maxie: But, Spinelli, my dry cleaning's ready to be picked up and I'm pretty sure you don't have any more orange soda--

Spinelli: The Jackal's second dearest dream is unfolding before his very eyes. My treasured friends are reuniting.

Patrick: Well, congratulations on your clean bill of cardiac health.

Edward: Well, don't sound so surprised. I'm as fit as a fiddle. And I really plan to enjoy myself at that carnival.

Patrick: You go ahead. Just don't overdo it.

Edward: Oh, I wonít. That carnival's too important. Michael and the foundation and everything. Boy, I really plan to have a good time.

Patrick: Well, I'm sure you will, but just stay away from the Ferris wheels, take it easy on the corn dogs and cotton candy, all right?

Edward: Now, listen, buddy, I'm an 80-year-old man with a 40-year-old heart, not some doddering invalid ready to...

Matt: Do you really think you're fooling anyone?

Michael: I keep getting these weird flashes of people talking to me while I was in the coma.

Carly: And you remember hearing Jax?

Michael: Yeah. You said you were sorry.

Carly: For what?

Michael: I don't know. Why were you apologizing?

Sonny: Like I said before, I don't want you blaming yourself for the accident.

Kristina: Dad, I'm the one who forced Claudiaís car off the road. Your baby died and it's my fault.

Sonny: Okay, listen. You needed your father to support you. I wasn't there to give you that. If you want to blame anybody, you're gonna blame me.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. I'm a little surprised to see you here.

Nikolas: I was actually just thinking about you... the picnic.

Elizabeth: Oh. Spencer had fun, didn't he?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Cameron and Jake did, too.

Nikolas: We really need to get em together more often.

Elizabeth: What about tomorrow? Lucky and I are taking the boys to the carnival. I know it would be nice if you and Spencer could come with us.

Nikolas: I was planning on going but didn't think that I would take Spencer.

Elizabeth: You're gonna go to a carnival with rides and games and hot dogs and you're not gonna bring your kid?

Nikolas: Okay, you're right. Yeah.

Elizabeth: Well, you told me yourself that Spencer needs more opportunities just to be a little boy and enjoy himself.

Nikolas: True.

Elizabeth: Well, it'll be fun. For all of us. And it would help you get your mind off of recent events.

Rebecca: Nikolas. Hi. I'm so happy I caught up with you.

Nikolas: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey.

Nikolas: So am I.

Matt: There's absolutely no reason for you to be hanging around the hospital. Unless you're looking for Robin.

Andrea: As a matter of fact, I'm doing everything I can to avoid Dr. Scorpio, since she's obviously trying to frame me for murder.

Matt: Robin doesn't frame people.

Andrea: I expect you to defend her. You're clearly in league with your brother and his wife. Why don't you let the police do the investigating? It's their job, not yours.

Edward: And I will not be going on any roller coaster. But if I did, it would be less of a strain on my heart than spending one evening at home with my daughter Tracy.

Matt: I think maybe we should do another EKG on Mr. Quartermaine just to be sure.

Edward: Oh no, thank you, boys, I've had enough of your poking and your prodding and I'll see you both at the carnival tomorrow.

Patrick: Have fun.

Edward: All right.

Patrick: What was that about?

Matt: I think you and Robin are right about Floyd. I just caught her spying on you.

Spinelli: No, please don't part on my account. I'm delighted to witness the renewed connection between fair Samantha and Stone Cold.

Maxie: Uh, Spinelli, the orange soda.

Spinelli: Oh, there's some in the pantry, thank you. Um, I must admit to feeling a little bit vindicated, because from our first meeting I knew that you two were destined for each other.

Jason: Spinelli, you need to stop.

Spinelli: Oh--I have to brush aside these protestations in the face of this happy evidence, Stone Cold. This is great.

Sam: Maxie has errands.

Maxie: Mm-hmm. Dry cleaning.

Spinelli: Clearly, this latest adventure south of the border has spiced things up and things are back where they were meant to be.

Sam: I have errands.

Spinelli: Oh.

Maxie: What's wrong with you? Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna go after her?

Jax: Uh...I was out of town when you were shot, and, uh, my family needed me and I wasn't there, so probably--

Carly: You had no way of knowing that that was going to happen.

Jax: Yeah, but you were devastated and I didn't support you the way I should have, so I was probably apologizing to both of you.

Michael: Yeah, after the way I've screwed up?

Jax: I just wish I would have handled things better.

Michael: Well, if you need to hear it, I forgive you.

Jax: Thanks, Michael.

Carly: I think it's a good thing you're remembering stuff. I really do.

Michael: Yeah, as long as you guys didn't blurt out anything that would, uh, come back to haunt you.

Jax: [Laughs] Yeah.

Carly: No, all we did is love you and give you tons of encouragement. I hope you keep remembering more. Don't you?

Sonny: If I had spent more time with you, none of this would have happened.

Kristina: You don't know that.

Sonny: What I do know is that you needed a father and I wasnít there. I let circumstances keep us apart, and...

[Sighs] I should have been in your life.

Kristina: Dad, I did about a million things wrong. I drove without a license, forced Claudiaís car off the road, and didn't even check to see if she was okay. I ran away with Michael and didn't even tell him I was responsible. Real nice of me letting my brother think he did it while I kept my mouth shut.

Sonny: You were scared.

Kristina: And that makes it okay?

Sonny: Well, you told your mother, you told Michael, you told me. Right?

Kristina: Eventually, when I basically had to.

Sonny: Listen. You've been feeling guilty. You've suffered enough.

Kristina: So I get off with barely a slap on the wrist.

Sonny: You want me--I can punish you. I can ground you for 2 weeks. Is that what you want?

Kristina: No.

Sonny: Then what is it that you need?

Kristina: It's just... so weird to think of just to wave a magic wand and forget about it.

Sonny: Okay. Let's--hear me, now. Right? Let's say you come forward. You're gonna live with this mistake your whole life. You think that's fair?

Kristina: I still don't get why you're not mad at me.

Sonny: Because I don't want this derailing you. You got-- you're doing great in school, you got straight as, community service, sports. And you're an amazing girl in every way.

Kristina: You act like I'm perfect. I'm not. If you really knew me--

[Door opens]

Max: I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr. C., but there's a urgent business matter we need to discuss.

Nikolas: Elizabeth and I were just discussing the hospital carnival tomorrow. She and Lucky are taking Jake and Cameron and invited Spencer and me to come along. You want to join us?

Rebecca: Um, yeah, I'd love to.

Nikolas: Great.

Rebecca: Um, if that's okay with you.

Elizabeth: Okay, yeah, that would be great. The more the merrier.

Nikolas: Okay. Great. Great. It's all set, then.

Elizabeth: Hmm. I've got to get to work. Lucky will call you to coordinate.

Nikolas: Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Nikolas: [Clears throat]

Rebecca: Wow. That was a surprise. I was expecting her to, I don't know, to tear into me after learning about my plan to con you.

Nikolas: Well, Elizabeth wants me to be happy. And she knows I'm happy with you.

Rebecca: Well, the feeling's definitely mutual. Nikolas. [Chuckles] It's such a relief that now everything's out in the open.

Maxie: Sam walked right out that door and you just stood there. You didn't do anything about it. Do you know how selfish that is?

Jason: What are you talking about? She wanted to leave.

Maxie: Yeah, because she was mortified. She was probably hoping you were gonna agree with Spinelli on everything he said-- how excited he is that you guys are back together and how good you guys are for each other.

Jason: This is none of your business, Maxie.

Spinelli: Maxie just speaks from the heart. She can't restrain her passion.

Maxie: You might try a little passion.

Jason: Okay, this conversation's over.

Maxie: No, all right, fine, ignore me, like you always do. But you're gonna need to listen to Spinelli. He's gonna ask you to do the honor of--

Spinelli: Actually, that's something I will discuss with Stone Cold man to man, thank you.

Maxie: Okay, fine. But if no one else is going, then I'm gonna go check on Sam, make sure she didn't crawl under a rock out of utter embarrassment or humiliation. Oh, and Jason? Don't you even think about saying no to Spinelli.

Jason: Saying no to what?

Spinelli: Your--your assistance is greatly appreciated, but I can use my own powers of persuasion.

Maxie: Okay. Good luck. But, um, I would save the pink tie part for last.

Spinelli: Ohh.

Jason: Pink tie?

Johnny: So, how do you feel about roller coasters?

Olivia: Seriously, after what we just did you're gonna ask me that?

Johnny: Oh, come on, cut me some slack. It's an important question here.

Olivia: Oh, what is that?

Johnny: Well, the hospital carnival is tomorrow...

Olivia: Oh, don't I know it. I've been working for the Michael Corinthos Foundation, and somehow I got roped into organizing the whole thing. I mean, not that I'm complaining. It's a great cause. I was happy to do it.

Johnny: So you're going?

Olivia: Of course I'm going.

Johnny: Okay, how about being my date, then? Huh? I can win you one of those giant stuffed animals.

Olivia: Ohh. That would be so nice. But I'm gonna be working most of the time. I'm gonna be organizing volunteers, you know, checking the box office, basically bossing everyone around all day. So...

Johnny: Okay, so you're turning me down, huh? Ouch.

Olivia: It's just that maybe you'd have a better time if you didn't have to wait around for the whole day.

Johnny: Of course we may run into Sonny as well. You sure you're not avoiding Sonny seeing the two of us together?

Kristina: Dad and me were kind of in the middle of something.

Sonny: Kristina, he wouldn't interrupt if it wasn't important. Um, I'm gonna have Milo drive you home.

Kristina: Okay.

Sonny: Okay? Oh. Uh, carnival's tomorrow. Right? How about if I take you and the boys? Would you like to do that?

Kristina: Yeah. That sounds fun.

Sonny: Then you can, uh, buy yourself a pretty little dress. Okay?

Kristina: Thanks.

Sonny: Come on. All right.

Max: How's Kristina doing?

Sonny: She's doing okay. She just...needs guidance, you know? I'm gonna spend a lot more time with her, whether Alexis wants it or not.

Max: Well, I'm sure Kristina will like that.

Sonny: What's going on?

Max: Cops busted our latest shipment. They got 2 mid-level lieutenants in custody right now. The entire shipment's a loss.

Sonny: How do the cops intercept the shipment? Is there another leak in the organization?

Dominic: Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Jax.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Dominic: Welcome home. I heard a lot of people were worried about you.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Dominic: I guess your dad didn't tell you.

Michael: Tell me what?

Dominic: You know what? No rush. I'll come back some other time.

Michael: Wait. No, I need to know right now.

Carly: Okay, look, nothing's been decided, and if you're not okay with it, we'll have to figure something out.

Michael: Will somebody please stop talking in circles and tell me what's going on.

Dominic: Your dad has hired me to work for him. He wants me to be a bodyguard to you and Morgan.

Morgan: Oh, cool!

Michael: No way.

Jason: What did Maxie mean by pink tie?

Spinelli: [Clears throat] Details of sartorial splendor pale in comparison to your-- your joyous news. Your heart must be bursting.

Jason: Okay, Spinelli, we're not discussing Sam.

Spinelli: Just by your protestations, it is written in your eyes. You are awash in a tsunami of romance.

Jason: And if you change something in my house, are you gonna ask me next time?

Spinelli: Oh, that?

Jason: Yeah.

Spinelli: My intended has just often remarked how it would be nice to check her appearance before departing. And with all due respect, you've never once evinced the slightest interest in home decor, which leads me to believe that you're simply deflecting the Jackal's comments on your reuniting with fair Samantha.

Jason: Sam helped me find Michael and Kristina. That's all you need to know.

Maxie: Can you believe Jason? I mean, I'm starting to feel like he wouldn't know chivalry if it bit him on the butt.

Sam: Really? Well, do you know how many times he's actually saved my life?

Maxie: Please. I don't know how you put up with him.

Sam: Well, I don't think you know him. That's why.

Maxie: That's true. Welcome home, by the way. Congratulations on finding Michael and Kristina, blah, blah, blah. Now, back to the important stuff. What happened with you and Jason in Mexico?

Sam: Um, you know, it's long and, um, complicated.

Maxie: Okay, well, why don't you just bottom-line it for me. Did you guys have sex?

Sam: Maxie!

Maxie: I'll take that as a yes. Was it good? Better than good? How much better than good? Like, were there explosions and out-of-body experiences?

Sam: I donít want to talk about this.

Maxie: Sam, that's so amazing! I'm so happy for you!

Sam: You know, stop it, there is no Jason and me, okay? We are... friends who occasionally... work together.

Nikolas: Is this the package from the boutique?

Alfred: Yes, sir, these arrived moments ago.

Nikolas: Thank you, Alfred. That'll be all.

Alfred: Sir, if I may say so, this gift may be a tad inappropriate.

Nikolas: Well, I will use all the resources at my disposal to achieve my goal.

Alfred: But to mold Miss Shaw into an imitation of Miss Emily?

Nikolas: Perhaps. I intend to encourage her to dress and act like Emily, leading her to believe that she could actually take Emilyís place in my life. And then I'll just expose her for the fraud she is and be done with her.

Alfred: Sir, I realize how badly you've been hurt.

Nikolas: She used and humiliated me, Alfred. She deserves the same in return.

Alfred: Perhaps. But is it possible that in hindsight you may regret your actions?

Nikolas: Alfred, I appreciate your loyalty and discretion. But don't question my motives. If Rebecca wants to replace her sister...I fully intend to make that happen.

Morgan: All the stuff that happened in the woods was a big mistake. Right, Dominic?

Dominic: Yeah. We call that failure to communicate. Sorry if I scared you guys.

Michael: You didnít.

Morgan: So it's okay if he's our bodyguard?

Michael: Dad should have checked with me first.

Morgan: Yeah, well, he trusts Dominic and so do I. I mean, he's a big Yankees fan, just like we are. Oh, Dad said he'd get us tickets to a World Series game. Isn't that awesome?

Michael: Great. Dominic can guard you, but he's not guarding me.

Morgan: Then I don't want him either.

Dominic: Can I have a moment with Michael?

Carly: I don't think that's a good idea.

Dominic: Well, he makes his own decisions, right?

Michael: I don't mind, Mom. It's cool.

Jax: Okay. Come on, Morgan.

Dominic: [Clears throat]

Michael: Look, you want to score points with my dad, find some other way. I don't need a babysitter.

Dominic: You know what? You can go play in traffic for all I care. This isn't about you, this is about your kid brother.

Michael: Well, I can take care of Morgan.

Dominic: Are you trying to tell me you didn't have a guard when you were his age? Come on, man. That kid hero worships you. He's not gonna say yes unless he's got your approval.

Michael: I mean, you probably are a decent guy, but I don't want you trailing after us watching our every move. It's like an invasion of privacy.

Dominic: Oh, well, you know, news flash here. Your father is not exactly a schoolteacher. He's Sonny Corinthos. Anything can happen and anything does, including ricochet bullets in warehouses. Now, you may not want me as a guard, and that's fine, but you guys do need one.

Johnny: I'm sorry. I apologize. That was stupid. I shouldn't have put you on the spot like that.

Olivia: No, it's a very valid question, especially given my recent behavior. But I--I don't care if Sonny sees us at the carnival, or anywhere else. He's not a part of my life, he doesn't get a vote in who I see.

Johnny: Okay. You care what he thinks.

Olivia: John, Sonny cares about one person all the time. That's himself. Okay? What he sees between you and I, that is not my concern. All right?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Olivia?

Olivia: I guess this would be my chance to prove it.

Sonny: Yeah, I just, uh, I wanted to talk to you about the carnival.

Olivia: Well, you should have all the information you need. I had a packet sent over to your house at Carly and Jax's request.

Sonny: Yeah, thanks. I just wanted to take my kids, 'cause I don't know if you know, but Michael and Kristina are back home and I want to spend more time with them and Morgan.

Olivia: Well, what are you telling me, I should anticipate a security risk or what?

Sonny: No, no, I'm gonna have my own security. I just didn't want my kids to, like, wait in line for the, you know, rides and games--

Olivia: Sonny. Really? You think people don't stare at your kids enough just because they're you're kids? Now you're gonna have them go marching right up to the front of the lines? Come on.

Sonny: I trust that you'll do the right thing.

Olivia: Ohh...oh, that man. I swear to God, when he does something stupid like that, I just thank God I had the good sense...

Johnny: Good sense to do what?

Michael: I'm not worried about me, but, uh, Morgan should have a guard. I want him to be safe.

Dominic: Well, you can either put up with me or get your dad to send someone else. Maybe he'll send the no-neck Giambetti brothers.

Michael: Well, Morgan obviously likes you.

[Sneeze from other room]

Michael: Hey, you guys can come back in now.

Carly: I thought you were upstairs in your room.

Morgan: Yeah, and I thought you were out back with Jax.

Michael: You guys are so predictable it's scary.

Jax: Oh, teaching bad habits to your young son?

Carly: I'm not apologizing. Curiosity is an inherited trait.

Morgan: And a sign of intelligence.

Jax: Oh, really?

Jax: So what have you and Dominic decided?

Michael: He's right. You know, we should have a guard. And if Morgan wants Dominic, it'll be cool with me.

Morgan: Great. So you can come with us to the carnival tomorrow.

Spinelli: The Jackal would be a willing confidant should you wish to express your feelings.

Jason: Stop. We're done. Case is closed. Finished.

Spinelli: Fine. Then I will segue to the subject closest to my own heart. Uh, it is with great pride that I announce that Maximista has agreed to become my bride.

Jason: Thatís...that's great. I'm happy for you, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yeah, um, the nuptials initially scheduled for September 21st will now occur on September 25th.

Jason: Okay. Whatever the date, I'll be there.

Spinelli: I was actually hoping for a--a greater level of participation.

Jason: What do you mean?

Spinelli: Well, as I take my vows and pledge my soul to Maximista for all eternity... will you stand by my side as my best man?

Jason: Where does the pink tie fit in?

Maxie: Trust me, I totally get wanting to keep things casual. That's how I felt about me and Spinelli until things started spiraling out of control. I mean, I do love him. But can't a girl just love a guy and commit herself to him without making some huge always and forever statement? I guess that's hard to do when you're getting married.

Sam: You and Spinelli are getting married?

Maxie: Oh! Yeah, that's the plan.

Sam: Wow. I'm sorry, but that's just...not the most enthusiastic response I've ever heard.

Maxie: [Sighs] I just feel too young to get married, and I really want to focus on my career. I just got promoted and I feel like now is the time I should make my mark in the fashion world.

Sam: Okay, wait a minute, though. Spinelli has always been supportive of your career. So...

Maxie: So, I just don't feel like marriage is for me, and I keep getting this sinking feeling that I'm walking into a trap and when I finally get in it, I will be banging on the bars begging to get out.

Sam: Uh-oh. Have you told Spinelli any of this?

Maxie: Oh, I tried. But he's just so happy, I couldn't bear to break his heart. And then we made a wedding date and this whole thing just kind of took on a life of its own after that.

Patrick: Well, I have to give it to my wife--she's an excellent sleuth.

Matt: Well, I guess it's in the genes.

Patrick: No, please do not encourage her. Before I know it she'll be donning a cat suit and rappelling into the Floyds' bedroom to prove that Andreaís a murderer.

Matt: Andrea Floyd deserves it. So, what did she find?

Patrick: She got a list of every person that was in the hotel that used a credit card within the 3 hours that Brianna was murdered.

Matt: Okay, well, so, now what?

Patrick: Now she's got to find, hopefully, someone on that list that can prove that Andrea was at the hotel.

Monica: Why am I not surprised?

Edward: Monica, if you are trying to bring on heart palpitations by sneaking up on me, you just failed.

Monica: So, I take it you are celebrating.

Edward: So I take it that you found out from your cronies in cardiology that I passed my test with flying colors. So, it's a time to celebrate.

Monica: Well, absolutely, but I was thinking maybe you could do it tomorrow, right here at the Metro, for the carnival kick-off party. I need you to schmooze all of the big spenders so they will write all the big checks.

Edward: Oh, God, that sounds boring in the extreme, Monica. But I guess I can endure anything for a worthy cause. And of course, Michael's foundation is a worthy cause.

Monica: Absolutely. So I can count on you to work the room?

Edward: Well--heh heh--with the fortification of a couple of these, it'll be my pleasure.

Andrea: Hypothetically speaking, if one person were to kill another person and that person, if you wanted to line up their defense, would their attorney be obligated to report them if the police weren't actively investigating?

Attorney: A bit of an ethical quagmire, but no, the information would be confidential and the attorney would not be obligated to report the client.

Andrea: What if this hypothetical person knew of a witness?

Attorney: Then the hypothetical person should go about preparing his defense, because the police will undoubtedly uncover the witness sooner or later.

Andrea: Hmm. Yeah, well--uh... yeah, unless--unless... the witness happened to be a very elderly man with a possible heart condition and he tragically met his demise before questioning.

Spinelli: The duties of best man are simple, but... profoundly meaningful. Yes, of course you'd stand by my side as I...pledge my troth. And you'd of course be the bearer of the wedding rings as well.

Jason: How--how big is this wedding?

Spinelli: Uh, the guest list has not been tabulated, but it'll focus on the bride and the groom, and this groom is in dire need of your support.

Jason: I don't know, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, you... you've been my mentor and friend. You've endured listening to all of my romantic woes and offered sage advice. It's inconceivable to me that anyone else would be standing by my side on such a glorious occasion. me this honor?

Jason: I will be your best man.

Spinelli: Gracious thanks.

Jason: No pink tie.

Spinelli: The color scheme's already been selected. No way around it.

Jason: No pink tie.

Spinelli: Butó

Maxie: Oh! You are in luck. The hospital carnival is tomorrow, and I was thinking that maybe you could take Sam as your date and make up for how you treated her before. I mean, it's the least you could do.

Jason: I don't know how you get these things in your head.

Maxie: I know. I don't like carnivals either. A couple years back my boyfriend was killed at one--I don't know if you remember--but am I gonna sit home tomorrow and wallow in bad memories? No. I will be there, supporting a good cause.

Jason: I already support Michael's foundation with--

Maxie: You need to support Michael's foundation in person. And I think it would make Sam happy if you took her out on a date.

Lucky: [Snapping fingers] Hey. I was thinking about, you know, busting the boys out of day-care, maybe grabbing a burger at Kellyís.

Elizabeth: Sounds perfect, 'cause my shift is over.

Lucky: Perfect. You know what? How about we call Nikolas to join us?

Elizabeth: Do you know what's going on with him?

Lucky: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: Well, I ran into him at the pier and Rebecca showed up, and it was like the whole betrayal never even happened. They kissed and he invited her to the carnival, and it was-- I don't know.

Lucky: What, you don't think he could have forgiven her that quickly?

Elizabeth: No, no, I donít. But they seemed so happy, and I just can't see him having a complete turnaround. I don't know, especially after all the things he said.

Lucky: What did he tell you?

Elizabeth: That he would never forgive her. He was angrier than I've ever seen him.

Lucky: So why would he be kissing Rebecca, acting like everything is normal?

Elizabeth: I don't know. But the more I think about it, the more worried I am.

Rebecca: Good afternoon, Alfred.

Alfred: Miss.

Nikolas: Hi.

Rebecca: Hi.

Nikolas: I'm glad you could come.

Rebecca: Thanks. Yeah, I, uh... I never pass up an invitation to tea. Not that I ever really had one before meeting you.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sure you've had your share of invitations to carnivals.

Rebecca: Oh, you know, I, um, went with my folks to the county fair every Fourth of July. My favorite ride was the Ferris wheel, going up high, looking over the entire town.

Nikolas: Oh. Well, then, we'll ride it tomorrow, look out over the harbor. How's that?

Rebecca: No offense, but I never really pictured you as the carnival kind of guy.

Nikolas: Really? You don't think I would enjoy rigged games and tawdry attractions?

Rebecca: Well, let's just put it this way--um, I doubt they had carnivals on the Greek island where you grew up.


Nikolas: True. True. But my uncle did take me to fencing tournaments. Does that count, by any chance?

Rebecca: Well, yeah, fencing, bean bag toss, I don't know, close enough.

Nikolas: Oh, I got you a surprise. Would you like to open it before or after tea? Uh, before, of course. What is it?

Nikolas: It's something to wear to the carnival.

[Knock on door]

Dominic: You got any lasagna or anything?

Olivia: You know what? You're gonna have to get yourself a microwave so you don't starve to death in that room of yours.

Dominic: Oh, well, who needs one of those with your good cooking?

Olivia: Is this how it's gonna be now? Really? You gonna just stop over at my apartment anytime you damn well please?

Dominic: Ma, your mouth.

Olivia: 10 minutes. 10 minutes earlier you would have walked in on both Johnny and Sonny here.

Dominic: Hmm. Well, sorry I missed that.

Olivia: Yeah, so am I. You know why? Because then you would have exposed yourself as a cop. Okay? It would have been a little bit awkward for Sonny and Johnny to both kill you at the same time, so you would have had to get your ass out of town, alive. Operative word being alive.

Dominic: Well, I guess the angels want me to stick around and bring Sonny to justice.

Olivia: What am I gonna do with you? What?

Dominic: Uh, make more lasagna?

Olivia: Dante...this is a lose-lose situation. Okay? You know how many cops and feds have tried to take Sonny down? It doesn't work. They all wind up dead.

Dominic: No one has gotten as close as I have. Sonny just asked me to be a bodyguard to his two kids. I will be at the carnival tomorrow with Morgan and Michael.

[Door opens]

Michael: Hey, Dad!

Sonny: I'm glad you're home safe.

Michael: I'm sorry I made you all worry.

Sonny: Don't be sorry. I should be sorry because I came down on you too hard. I said some things I shouldn't have said.

Michael: Well, I was wrong to run away. But it turned out to be all right in the end.

Sonny: Let me see how you look. You all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Jason said you handled yourself real well.

Michael: Yeah, I learned a lot about myself in Mexico. You know, maybe along the way I grew up a little bit.

Sonny: I want to tell you something, okay? I know Kristina caused the accident, but if it had been you...I would have forgiven you no matter what, because you're my son and I love you.

Michael: Thanks, Dad.

[Footsteps on stairs]

Sonny: Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Morgan: Hey, Dad.

Sonny: Hey!

Carly: Isn't it great?

Sonny: You know what? It's terrific, and I'm gonna tell you why. You ready? There's a carnival tomorrow, and I want to take you, Michael, and Kristina.

Morgan: Awesome!

Carly: [Laughs]

Kristina: Yeah, I'm back. My brother and I had such a cool time in Cancun. That's the best part. I was totally not punished. My mom was all about putting it behind me, and my dad did his classic, "love you, but I'm way too busy to deal with this." [Laughs] Hey, I'm not complaining. And dad gave me a couple hundred bucks to go shopping. I'll call you later and tell you what I bought. Bye. Claudia. I was hoping I'd see you earlier at the house.

Claudia: Welcome back. I'm glad you're safe.

Kristina: I just want to say I am so sorry for what I did. Driving without a license and forcing you off the road and not even checking to see if you were okay, it was totally wrong in every way.

Claudia: It was wrong. But it was an accident.

Kristina: You lost your baby because of me. I wouldn't blame you for hating me.

Claudia: I don't hate you. I just want to put it behind us. Okay?

Kristina: That's incredibly generous.

Claudia: Well...maybe this is a chance for us both to learn something. What's that old saying? Live for today. Right?

Monica: After the, uh, kick-off party, I will have the car take you to the carnival.

Edward: There's no reason to send a car for me. I can drive myself.

Andrea: "Improperly administered Digitalis can cause cardiac arrest."

Edward: I know my limit and I will stick to it. There's no reason in the world I can't drive.

Monica: You are such a fool.

Edward: All right, okay, why don't you stay home from your medical conference and drive me yourself if you're so worried?

Monica: Well, cause quite honestly, I am delighted to be getting out of town. I have learned from very sad experience that when Port Charles has very big events, they often end in disaster.

Edward: Oh, Monica, you are being so superstitious.

Monica: I hope so. Really, I hope so.

[Carnival music playing]

Jason: Would you go to the carnival with me?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Great. I'll pick you up.

[Screaming on carnival rides]

Andrea: I never did like you, Edward.

[Carnival music continues]

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