GH Transcript Friday 8/28/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/28/09


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Alexis: Robin, have you spoken to Mac about this, that he knows you're playing detective and that you're gonna prove Andrea killed her husband's mistress?

Robin: Uh, no, I'm not gonna speak too soon like I did last time.

Alexis: While you're at it, do you think you can prove that she framed me?

Robin: The short answer--no. But once I prove that she's guilty, it won't matter.

Alexis: Why are you so sure about this?

Robin: Patrick and I just identified the murder weapon. It was that decorative object that was missing from the hotel room.

Alexis: But you don't really have the actual object, so you don't have any physical evidence.

Robin: No, not yet, but we know that Andrea devoted her entire life to her husband's political career, and that if he would have married his mistress, she would have lost everything. And she had the opportunity when she found them in the metro court hotel.

Alexis: So you believe that Andrea hit Brianna over the head knowing that she was already injured.

Robin: Yes. And I'm about to prove it.

Andrea: [Gasps] Ohh!

Patrick: So is this a private party or can anyone listen in?

Sonny: What did you say to Claudia?

Johnny: So, what, Sonny, you're the protective husband now, huh? After the way you've treated her since the day you got married?

Sonny: Tell me what you said.

Johnny: I said that she was a selfish, lying, evil bitch.

Sonny: And that seems an appropriate way to speak to your sister that you love? To my wife?

Johnny: I'm sure you've said worse.

Sonny: I know you thought that, you know, since we lost the baby that we would split up. So, what, are you jealous, Johnny?

Morgan: Mom, are you all right?

Carly: Don't I look all right?

Morgan: Well, I was just checking to make sure you weren't stressed out about anything.

Carly: Oh, honey, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Morgan: You need more lemonade?

Carly: Nope. Um... you know what I need? I need a hug from my son. Okay, you don't have to hug me. Go. Go, go, go.


Jax: Glad I caught you.

Carly: Hey!

Jax: Hi.

Carly: Hi there. Why? What's going on? What's wrong?

Jax: I'm going out of town.

Carly: Why? You found Michael and Kristina?

Chad: Give me back my watch!

Kristina: Leave him alone!

Chad: Would you shut her up!

Allison: Come on, come on, teach him a lesson!

Chad: You think you can steal from me?

Allison: Come on, do it!

Michael: Come on, hit me. Hmm? You can do it. Hit me.

Kristina: What are you waiting for?

Chad: You're crazy. Both of you.

Allison: Oh, crap.

Michael: Hey, I'd like you to meet my Uncle Jason and his good friend Sam.

Lulu: How'd it go? Fact-checking. Did they clear your article for publication?

Maxie: Oh, my God! I forgot to submit it.

Lulu: How am I remembering these things and you're not?

Maxie: Hey, I have a lot of things weighing on my mind right now, earth-shattering things.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Breaking news.

Maxie: [Gasps] "Giselle...

Maxie and Lulu: De...neuv..."

Maxie: Whatever. "Editor-in-chief of Couture magazine was arrested on charges that include corporate fraud and extortion." Oh! Kate is gonna flip right into next week.

Lulu: I just had an awful thought.

Maxie: Please do share.

Lulu: Well, what if Giselle spills her guts for a plea deal and gives Kate up?

Maxie: Yeah, but would she really do that? It's Giselle. Of course, she would. And if Kate goes...

Lulu: We go, too.

Maxie: Good-bye, brilliant careers.

Lulu: Good-bye, roof over our heads.

Kate: Good morning, my little worker bees. What? Who's been murdered?

Sam: Is there a problem in here?

Kristina: I can't believe you guys found us.

Jason: Michael, what happened to your mouth?

Chad: I shut it for him. You got a problem with that?

Michael: Yeah, I'd run if I were you.

Chad: I'm not going anywhere.

Jason: They almost aren't worth the trouble.

Sam: I know, but whose turn is it?

Jason: Is it my turn?

Chad: I'll show you whose turn.

[Jason pulls out a gun]

Jason: I guess it is my turn.

Johnny: Jealous? Really? The only person's who jealous in this room, Sonny, is you, because I'm the one sleeping with Olivia.

Sonny: See, I knew this from the beginning. You are so arrogant and spoiled, you don't understand what respect is about. I should have had my people finish the job when I had you locked up.

Claudia: Okay, wait. You guys, let's just, please, we need to take a step back here. You need to show some respect to the man you work for, and, Sonny, you walked in on an argument that sounded a lot worse than--

Sonny: I know what it sounded like 'cause I heard it.

Claudia: But he has a temper, and so do I. We say things that we don't mean--

Sonny: Just wait a minute! The only reason you work for my organization is because you're Claudia's brother, and I don't want to cause her any more pain.

Claudia: I appreciate that, but, you know, Johnny brings a lot to the table, and he brought the Zaccharas in, and it's been a peaceful transition for the most part.

Sonny: And for all I know, he's leading the Zacchara rebellion, and he tipped the cops.

Claudia: He would never work against you, Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, he wouldn't? What are you--what are you doing just standing there, letting your sister defend you without saying anything? You got that smug look on your face. I knew from the start that you were trouble. The only reason that you're even walking is because of Claudia. Now, I'm gonna say something else. Hey, you know what? Claudia is loyal to her family, and she loves you. That's why. Wait a minute. You are gonna thank her for keeping you alive, and then you're gonna apologize.

Patrick: You spend a lot of time eavesdropping in City Hall?

Andrea: I just happened to be walking by. I heard my name mentioned. I think I have the right to know what people are saying about me.

Patrick: Wouldn't it be easier to go straight to the source? Please.

Andrea: Yes.

Patrick: You have an audience.

Andrea: Ah, Ms. Davis. Shouldn't you be vacating your office, not plotting to frame me for Brianna's murder?

Alexis: No one is framing you, Andrea.

Andrea: Dr. Scorpio, I hope you're a better doctor than you are a detective, because your groundless accusations nearly cost my husband his career.

Alexis: A career you promote at all costs.

Robin: I'm just going where the evidence leads me.

Andrea: First you falsely accuse my husband of murder. Now I'm the killer, and I'm attempting to frame the district attorney? I'm going to try to be fair about this, but it's all starting to feel very, very personal.

Robin: I have every right to ask questions and collect information.

Andrea: Collecting things? Hmm. Maybe you should try a new hobby. 'Cause this one could cost you dearly. And you have a lot to lose.

[Door slams]

Patrick: What the hell is wrong with you?

Jason: Why'd you hit Michael?

Chad: Get security.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. You are not going anywhere.

Chad: How stupid are you? Scream!

Sam: You shouldn't let your boyfriend talk to you like that.

Chad: If you think you're gonna get away with this, you're sadly--

Jason: Shut up. Michael, tell me what happened right now.

Michael: Uh, Kristina wanted to home, and we didn't have enough money for--

Chad: He stole my watch.

Jason: I told you to shut up.

Michael: Okay, I pawned his watch to pay for a plane ticket. I know it was wrong, but I was gonna pay it back, so...

Jason: Nothing happened here. You understand that?

Allison: We won't say anything. I promise.

Sam: Right, because there's nothing to tell. Go.

Jason: Do you think she understands that, or do I have to make sure she doesn't talk?

Chad: It's no problem. Nothing happened.

Sam: Hey. You need to be a little bit nicer to your girlfriend.

Chad: Yes, ma'am, I will. And I won't say nothin' to anybody. I swear.

Sam: All right. You get a good look at his face?

Jason: Please don't make me come after you.

Chad: No, sir.

Kristina: You guys came here just in time. Thank you.

Michael: So, how much trouble am I in?

Jax: Nobody is going to Mexico. Okay? It shouldn't be too hard to find Michael and Kristina down in Cancun, and I'm--

Carly: It's a lot less stressful for me to be with you and not sleep on the couch waiting to hear from you, Jax.

Jax: Nice try.

Morgan: Well, if Michael's in trouble, he'll need me. He might not want to come home with you.

Carly: He has a point.

Tara: Are you spying on those people?

Kiefer: What do you want?

Tara: We were supposed to meet here.

Kiefer: Okay, not today.

Tara: Do you know them?

Kiefer: Yeah, that's K's little sister, and I think she knows where K is.

Tara: Yeah. Probably off playing adventure girl with her brain-dead brother.

Kiefer: Okay, I told you not today.

Tara: Let go of my arm!

Kiefer: I'm busy.

Carly: How did you find them?

Jax: Uh, let's just say that I followed up on a couple of leads.

Carly: Any word from Jason?

Jax: No. But Jason can look after himself. I mean, our main goal is to bring Michael and Kristina home. Right?

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: Why don't we all go to the airport together and we can say our good-byes.

Morgan: Ooh, can I see inside your jet?

Jax: Yes, of course you can, as long as you don't try to stow away.

Carly: And we can stop at Kelly's, you know, uh, we'll get some ice cream and celebrate.

Jax: All right, let's go. Grab your stuff.

Molly: Oh, I have to get my things from the locker room.

Carly: Go ahead, sweetie. We'll wait for you.

Molly: Okay, I'll hurry.

Kiefer: Hey. Hey, what's going on over there? Did you guys hear from K?

[Cell phone rings]


Carly: Jason? Is that you? Please tell me you found them.

Jason: Yeah, I got 'em. They're fine.

Carly: Michael and Kristina are okay. Thank God.

Morgan: What's going on?

Jax: I think Jason found your brother and sister.

Kiefer: Did Mr. Jacks say exactly where in Mexico?

Morgan: We have to go. Jason found them.

Kiefer: Are they all right?

Morgan: We don't have to tell him anything.

Johnny: You owe Claudia the apology, Sonny, I don't. She's just a part of a business transaction to you. A convenience. And when you're done with her, you're gonna toss her out.

Claudia: That's not gonna happen, John.

Sonny: If you want to keep working for me, if you want to keep living, you're gonna thank her for looking out for you. And then, you're gonna apologize. And you can do that right now.

Johnny: Thank you, Claudia, for giving Sonny a reason to keep me alive. I am sorry for anything that I've--no, no, no, no, no. I am sorry. I am. For any bad words that I might have said about you and Sonny as a couple. I was wrong to question your marriage. And I apologize for all the times that I urged you to leave Sonny, because now I realize that you two are made for each other.

[Cell phone rings]

Johnny: You guys deserve each other.

Sonny: Yeah, that's the deal. That's a nice apology.

Johnny: You're perfect together.

Sonny: Yeah, that's nice. Jason found Michael.

Claudia: Is he okay?

Sonny: I gotta go. Um... you coming home?

Claudia: Yeah. I'm gonna be there soon.

Sonny: Okay, 'cause I don't like the way he's treating you. It's not--

Claudia: It's okay. Things'll be fine. Listen, I can't wait to see Michael. Congrats. It's great news.

Patrick: We're pretty sure that that Andrea Floyd is a murderer. Why are you so determined to antagonize her?

Robin: You're the one that brought her in here.

Patrick: She was listening to your conversation, Robin. Now you just made her angry. What if she comes after you or something?

Alexis: The good news is Robin accused her in front of witnesses, so it wouldn't behoove her to kill her. Okay?

Robin: See? So it's better that I confronted Andrea in person. That way, I'll be safe.

Patrick: What if you're wrong? Okay? What if you're both wrong? What if she comes after Robin? What are we supposed to do?

Alexis: Nobody's gonna kill anybody anymore, okay? I've had it.

[Cell phone rings]

Alexis: It's Sam. Hi. Are you okay? Where are you? They found Kristina and Michael. When are you guys coming home?

Robin: Well, it's about time Alexis got some good news, right?

Patrick: Okay, and what about some good news for me? When are you gonna back off of this and let Mac and the police department--

Robin: Look, I really love it when you're protective of me, but I will be careful, I promise. Alexis didn't kill Brianna Hughes. She shouldn't have to pay for Andrea's crime.

Maxie: Thank you. Your iced mocha is on its way.

Kate: Oh, thank you, Maxie. Lulu, this looks fine. Why don't you go ahead and submit it. Maxie, send my coffee in when it's here. All right, ladies. Let's have a wonderful and productive day.

Maxie: Have you ever seen Kate in such a good mood?

Lulu: Not even close.

Maxie: Well, who's gonna ruin it?

Lulu: Uh, you, of course.

Maxie: What? Why me?

Lulu: As you're always so fond of reminding me, you're the first assistant, not to mention junior editor.

Maxie: So?

Maxie: So, you're closer to her. She'll take the news better from you.

Maxie: Okay. Well, should I tell Kate she's gonna lose her company before or after I tell her I missed my deadline.

Lulu: Yes, you're right. Two pieces of bad news and she'll shoot the messenger.

Maxie: Okay, good, so you'll do it.

Maxie: No, we're gonna do it together. We're joined at the hip anyway, right?

Maxie: Okay.

Kate: Editorial just called on my cell. You missed your first deadline, Maxie?

Maxie: I did, by a half an hour, and I can explain.

Kate: That's okay. I realize that you understand the importance of getting work in on time, and I can only assume that you had a personal crisis. And frankly, today, I just don't need to hear it. So, let's just make sure this isn't a trend. Good enough?

Maxie: Message received.

Kate: Well, obviously you two have something to tell me. So let's have it.

Lulu: [Laughs]

Kate: Time is money, ladies, and it's wasting.

Lulu: Um, uh, I--I--I'll just ask you to remember what you always tell us.

Kate: Oh, dear. Am I going to get quoted back to myself? Oh, this must be bad. All right. Well, what words am I about to eat?

Lulu: Um, "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

Maxie: "A good defense attorney can clean up anything."

Kate: Ladies, this is borderline ridiculous. Why don't you go back outside, reassess, come up with a strategy that doesn't require us all just staring at each other in silence. Okay? Oh, and while you're at it, could you print out everything you can find on the downfall of that viper Giselle.

Maxie: You already know about that?

Kate: Know? Jax helped me engineer it. I am proud to say that you are looking at the reason that blackmailing bitch is getting everything she deserves.

[Door opens]

Carly: [Laughing]

Morgan: How do you think Jason found Michael?

Carly: I don't know. He's just good at things like that.

Molly: I'll bet Sam helped him figure it out.

Carly: Oh, yeah?

Jax: However it happened, they're on their way home, which is great.

Carly: Yes, and my fabulous husband doesn't have to go anywhere. Although I do love that you were ready to fly in for the rescue. It's very sexy.

Jax: You know what? We can all go to Cancun on our family vacation one of these days, huh? The boys and our little girl.

Carly: Oh! You hear that?

Jax: And lots of alone time for mommy and daddy.

Carly: I love the sound of that.

Morgan: Eew.

Carly: Hmm...

Jax: You have that look on your face. It's unmistakable.

Carly: It's amazing that you know. You know.

Jax: You have a craving for... for what? For chips and frozen pizza.

Carly: Yes. Yes. And I promise I'll keep it healthy.

Carly: Kids? Snack?

Morgan: Uh, can I have some chips?

Carly: You sure can. Molly, what do you want?

Molly: I love chips. Thank you.

Carly: Great. Okay.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: All right. We're going to keep her healthy. Okay? So the price went up. $2.00 for carrot sticks, $2.50 for broccoli, and the same goes for you, Molly.

Morgan: Jax pays me to help Mom eat healthy.

Jax: That's right. I gotta go up to my office and make a couple of calls, okay? Behave yourselves, don't break anything.

Molly: Okay.

Morgan: I saw you talking to Kristina's loser boyfriend.

Molly: Yeah, but Kiefer's really worried about her.

Morgan: Don't be telling him stuff.

Morgan: Why don't you like him?

Morgan: 'Cause he's a bully. My mom doesn't like him, neither does my dad. And I wish you and Kristina didn't either.

Sonny: Max!

Max: Ow!

[Door closes]

Sonny: What the hell are you... guys doing?

Diane: Well...well, you know what they say. All work and no play...

Max: Uh, Milo and I traded shifts.

Sonny: Okay. Could you let me know next time? And whatever I walked in on, could you get a room?

Alexis: Hey, hey, did you hear? Actually, I'm sure you heard. Really, seriously--a new couch.

Diane: I don't like what either of you are implying about what went on here.

Alexis: They found Kristina and Michael. Sam did, and Jason.

Diane: Oh, honey, that's wonderful. Where were they?

Alexis: Cancun.

Max: Nice.

Diane: So when are they coming home?

Sonny: Uh, we don't know, but before we get into that, we gotta straighten some stuff out.

Michael: I had to leave town. I already caused so much trouble.

Jason: If you'd waited like I asked, none of this would have happened.

Michael: Yeah, but it did happen. Okay? It's great that you found us and that you helped us out with that guy, but outside of that, nothing has changed.

Sam: Get over here. I was afraid of that.

Michael: What's wrong?

Sam: Sit down.

Michael: What happened?

Sam: It opened up again, didn't it?

Jason: Yeah.

Kristina: Oh, a wound. Are you okay?

Sam: Shoot. Just so you know, I told the concierge to send up a doctor. How's your leg?

Jason: It's fine.

Sam: Get him some water, please.

Kristina: Oh, what happened?

Michael: You got shot, right?

Jason: Yeah. Thank you.

Sam: Yeah, that's what took us so long to get here.

Kristina: I thought we just hid really well.

Jason: I got stranded outside Veracruz.

Sam: Yeah, he got shot twice and was left to die.

Jason: If Sam didn't find me, I'd be dead.

Kristina: Who would do something like that?

Michael: It was Jerry, wasn't it?

Kristina: Why would Jerry shoot you?

[Door closes]

Claudia: You might as well say something, 'cause I'm not leaving. I'm sure everything's fine. There's not a problem any longer.

Johnny: There is a problem, Claudia, and it's you. It's the way you think. No, it's the way you act before you think about the damage you're gonna cause to others around you.

Claudia: Johnny, when I sent that first hit out, it was to protect you. When I called Fredo to blow up Jerry's car, that was to protect both of us. When I called Jerry, it was to pro--it was to get justice for my son. I mean--

Johnny: What, by sending a psychopath killer after two kids?

Claudia: You know what's funny about this? If you or Sonny or Jason had done the same thing, everybody would cheer, hey, look what a great hero they are! Look how they protect their families!

Johnny: Come on! So you're a feminist now, is that it, Claudia? Please. You're not. What you are is a danger to yourself and others.

Claudia: Well, you know, that's funny, because everybody's safe except for my child.

Johnny: Oh, please, think! Think about what you're saying and think about what's actually going on here. It took too damn long for Jason and Sam to find those kids. For all we know, because they were out of communication for so long, Jerry tracked them down and probably harmed at least one of them.

Claudia: No. You know what? Maybe Jason got hurt. You know? And that'd be good.

Johnny: Okay, obviously Jerry didn't hurt Jason. Which means that he probably told him the truth and Jason's on his way back here right now to kill you. You cannot keep what you did to Michael forever, Claudia. You can't. The truth is bound to blow open soon, and...I just got a bad feeling about it.

Claudia: Well, you've been saying that since the night it happened.

Johnny: And yet you fail to listen!

Claudia: Why are you so mad at me?

Johnny: What, really? Do I have to spell it out for you? The moment that you called Jerry and sicced him on Michael, after everything we put that poor kid through, you lost any shred of loyalty, anything, that I ever had for you. And not that I should give a damn what happens to you anymore, Claudia, but I'm telling you that you better get away from Sonny now, tonight. Because it may be the last chance that you got.

Claudia: So you want me to leave while you stay here in Port Charles, right?

Johnny: You're on your own, Claudia. I mean it this time.

Claudia: Okay. I get it. You just don't want to leave your Bensonhurst cow, huh?

Johnny: You know what, Claudia? You want to stick around here in Port Charles while Sonny gets ready to blow your brains out, go ahead. I can't stop you. But I am not gonna stop the way I live my life, and I am not gonna stop seeing Olivia, and I certainly will not stand here and listen to you disrespect her.

Claudia: She's only going out with you to make Sonny jealous. Why can't you see that?

Johnny: Because that's not what's happening.

Claudia: Everybody sees it, Johnny, except you.

Johnny: You know what, Claudia? Go home. Go to your fake husband and grovel. All right? Enjoy this fake life that you got with him for as long as it lasts, because you know what? Sonny's gonna shoot you as soon as Jason can prove that you got Michael shot.

Claudia: You know what you don't understand? Jerry Jacks would never give, never give Jason anything he wants, even if it was about me.

Johnny: Okay, that is insane, Claudia, and you know that. You have no value to Jerry. He's got no incentive to protect you.

Claudia: His incentive is not giving Jason what he wants.

Johnny: Okay, great. You know what? If you're right, you live, and if you're wrong, you die. Either way, I'm staying out of it. I can't stop what's gonna happen anymore. I can't. And I'm certainly not gonna let you drag me down with you.

Claudia: Johnny--

Johnny: No, no, no. I got nothing else to say to you.

[Doorbell rings]

Kiefer: Hey, Morgan, how you doing, buddy? Nice to see you. Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here?

Jax: I don't believe we've met.

Kiefer: Uh, Kiefer Bauer. Nice to meet you, sir.

Molly: Uh, Kiefer's Kristina's boyfriend.

Morgan: You know, the guy who made me drop my Yankee tickets?

Carly: Uh, yeah, I told you to stay away from the kids. What are you doing here?

Kiefer: Uh, that's actually why I'm here. I just wanted to apologize for what happened at the country club.

Morgan: No, you don't. You found out Kristina's coming home and you don't want us telling her about what a big jerk you really are.

Kristina: Jerry was so nice to us. He saved us from almost getting mugged in the alley. He just showed up out of nowhere.

Michael: Yeah, and then he basically took us to an apartment and held us prisoner.

Kristina: I don't know if we were actually prisoners.

Sam: Well, Jerry found me outside of that apartment and dragged me away at gunpoint.

Michael: Where were you in all this?

Jason: We split up to cover more ground.

Kristina: Where did Jerry take you?

Sam: Well, I, uh...I got away eventually and I found Jason, and we just--we'll leave it at that.

Michael: We should have never went with Jerry.

Jason: You guys played it right.

Michael: Yeah, but I nearly killed those guys in the alley. I let them take me and Kristina straight into a trap.

Kristina: Wait, what guys?

Michael: Those guys who were trying to rob us. When Jerry went to go get his wallet, he shot them.

Kristina: Are you sure?

Sam: I found them. Yeah.

Kristina: And then Jerry tried to kill Jason. Why?

Sam: Look, we're all safe, and that's really all that matters. Okay?

[Knock on door]

Doctor: I was told there was a guest requiring medical attention?

Sam: Yeah, um, can we go into the other room, though? Come on. I'm sure he's going to need some antibiotics and pain pills.

Kristina: I--I can't believe Jerry shot Jason.

Michael: I told you. The guy's nuts. I mean, he's really dangerous. He should be in jail.

Kristina: Well, why isn't he?

Michael: Somebody must have set up a deal.

Kristina: You don't think my mom had anything to do with it?

Michael: I don't know.

Kristina: She was sleeping with him. I know she was. I wasn't supposed to say anything, but... he'd come over to the house at really weird hours and--when I wasn't supposed to know. God, Michael, what is wrong with my mother?

Alexis: So, I don't know all the details, but I know they're okay and that they'll be home as soon as possible.

Max: Uh, that's great, Mr. C. I mean, it's the best news we've heard in a long time. Congratulations.

Sonny: Thank you.

Max: Um, you know, please tell Michael I said welcome home as soon as you see him.

Sonny: Yeah, I will.

Diane: You realize, of course, that this complicates your legal situation.

Alexis: All I care about right now is seeing my daughter.

Diane: Okay, so, which version of the truth are you planning on telling her?

Sonny: Max, make sure Milo's in place. You take the rest of the day off. Diane, have fun today, and don't bill me for the time, 'cause, you know, you guys were--whatever you were doing there.

Diane: You know, we'll have to get the details straight.

Alexis: Get a room.

Sonny: Better get a room. I mean... anyway, um, okay, how do you want to play this?

Alexis: Can we just get her home first before we start to make this complicated?

Sonny: Okay, but she did, you know, she drove Claudia off the road.

Alexis: It was an accident. How about we just ground her until she goes to college? But at least that way, she'll still be able to go.

Maxie: This is so nuts.

Maxie: And scary smart.

Kate: Thank you.

Maxie: I mean, you looked totally guilty.

Kate: Guilty? Of what, Maxie?

Maxie: Guilty of being duped or being innocent. I mean, I'm sure Giselle had no idea that you were onto her.

Lulu: I think what Maxie's trying to say is you pulled a very good old switcheroo. My dad would love this story.

Maxie: So, yes, this means, and I hope that you say yes, our jobs are secure?

Kate: Oh, safer than ever. I was very impressed with your discretion through the whole matter. Especially after Spinelli's tracking device seemed to incriminate me.

Maxie: So, then you knew we suspected you.

Kate: Yes, of sabotaging my own company. Honestly, ladies, it boggles the mind to think that I would do that, really. But you did think it. And it was fascinating to see what you would do with the information. I was very pleased that you kept quiet and proved your loyalty. I won't forget it.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Excuse me.

Maxie: Well, I told you the smartest thing to do would be nothing.

Lulu: Um...[Laughs] Excuse me, Miss rewrite history, um, you were the one who was trying so hard to get Spinelli to bust Kate. If I remember correctly, I was the one who was saying no.

Kate: Ahem! Ladies, ladies. Weren't you going to remind me that I had a car waiting? Make sure that everything is in my bag, and, Lulu, get the mockups. Now.

Patrick: Mm-hmm. So you send your loving husband off to get a hot dog so you can sneak out of Mac's office and come back down here. Why?

Robin: I don't know. I just... I can't help but feel responsible. If I hadn't stuck my nose in in the first place, Alexis would still have her job and her office.

Patrick: Robin, you're too hard on yourself.

Robin: Said the biggest perfectionist that I've ever met.

Patrick: Okay, maybe I'm worrying too much, but we need to let the professionals do their job, at least for your own mental health and physical safety.

Robin: Andrea is probably too busy covering her own tracks. She's not gonna come after me, the commissioner's niece.

Patrick: The sooner you let Mac do this, handle this whole thing, the happier I'll be. In the meantime, let's take these...delicious hot dogs outside and get some fresh air.

Robin: You're just trying to get my mind off the case.

Patrick: You know, I'm really happy you're following in your parents' footsteps, but I have to're not thinking of leaving medicine and joining the PCPD, are you? Because I would really, really miss showing off with you in the O.R.

Robin: Come on. I'm hungry.

Jax: Next time, you might want to call instead of just showing up here.

Kiefer: Oh, well, sometimes I just come on too strong. But I-- I really care about Kristina and I'm worried about her.

Molly: You don't have to be anymore. She's on her way home.

Kiefer: That's great. Is Michael okay, too?

Carly: Michael's fine.

Kiefer: Okay. Well, Michael and I have had a couple fights, so it's wholly understandable that Morgan here would take his side. But I'm just hoping that when Michael and Kristina come home, we can just start over.

Jax: Yeah, well, that'll be up to him, I guess.

Kiefer: Molly.

Molly: Yeah?

Kiefer: Hey, I know how much you missed your big sister. It's gonna be awesome when she's back, huh?

Molly: Yeah.

Alexis: Sonny, any connection that Kristina has to this accident is immaterial at this point, because I've confessed, a statement has been made, all right? I lost my job, but at least all I got was 6 months of pro bono work. So what's done is done.

Sonny: Well, that's not fair. So, I don't... you shouldn't have to do that.

Alexis: Nobody is undermining the tragedy that this was for you and Claudia. I regret all of it. I regret what Michael did. I regret more than anything what our daughter did. But I did what I did to act in her best interest. The matter is closed.

Sonny: For you it's closed. But what about everybody else? I mean, what about Kristina? She could still confess.

Alexis: Do you want me to give you all the reasons why that would be counterproductive?

Sonny: Well, what if she told Michael, Jason, Sam that, you know, she drove Claudia off the road? What if she told that boyfriend that she has--which I don't like, by the way.

Alexis: As if you're gonna like any one of her boyfriends.

Sonny: Probably not. But what if someone saw her? Right?

Alexis: The police investigation is closed.

Alexis: Don't look at me like that. Like you've never covered or buried any of your crimes?

Sonny: Well, I'm a professional criminal. If I don't bury my crimes, I'm out of a job. But, Kristina, she's a good girl who made a bad mistake.

Alexis: A mistake that could ruin the rest of her life.

Sonny: If Kristina doesn't own up to what she did, she's gonna--she could feel guilty... forever. Okay? Or, you know, what if people really know what happened? She could be a target for blackmail.

Alexis: There's no blackmailer. They won't, because everyone who know about this loves her, so we will protect her.

Sonny: The truth has a way to always leak out, is all I'm saying.

Sam: [Sighs]

Kristina: How's Jason?

Sam: He's--I think he's gonna be all right.

Kristina: I'm so sorry, for everything.

Sam: Krissy, listen. Whatever else you've done, you are not responsible for Jason getting shot.

Kristina: It's just that... you and Jason have gone through hell, and Michael was willing to fight off that loser just so I could get a plane ticket. Everyone's been so brave and heroic, and all I can think about is how much I miss my boyfriend.

Sam: Well, have you hear from Kiefer?

Kristina: He's already with someone else.

Sam: Hey, I'm sorry. But listen. I... I really need to understand something right now. Why on earth would you leave with Michael in the first place?

Jason: Whew.

Sam: Hey, is he gonna be all right?

Doctor: I started a course of antibiotics. Follow up with your doctor in the states.

Sam: Yes, of course, we will. Thank you so much.

Jason: Where's Michael?

Kristina: He went for a walk. He does that sometimes to think.

Jason: Are you saying that Michael's gone?

Carly: Hey. I got Michael's room ready. Do you think, um, a banner or a marching band, do you think that's too much?

Jax: Yes, that's definitely too much. Let's just take it slow, okay? We're not even sure if he wants to live with us.

Carly: Oh, he will. He will.

Jax: I hope so. I really like seeing you this happy.

Carly: I am happy. I have everything I need. I do. I have my boys. I have this little girl. And I have you.

Jax: Ohh...

Michael: [Sighs] Hey, how'd it go with the doctor?

Jason: I'm okay.

Michael: Good.

Jason: What are you doing?

Michael: My job. I can't afford to lose it.

Jason: Michael, we're getting ready to leave.

Michael: You know, I'm staying.

Kristina, voicemail: It's Kristina. Leave a message.


Kiefer: K, Molly says you're coming home, and I think that's great. I can't wait to see you and pick up where we left off.

Kristina: [Sighs] Now Jason hates me even more. Like it's a crime for Michael to take a walk.

Sam: You are not responsible for what Michael does.

Kristina: Well, Jason obviously thinks so. And I can't even hate him because he's been all brave and heroic and saved us from those losers even when he was shot.

Sam: Why would you run away in the first place, Kristina? Why would you leave? Why?

Kristina: Michael needed me. He still does. He's in so much trouble.

Sam: Okay, so you haven't checked the website for the Port Charles Herald yet, have you?

Kristina: Not for a while. What's going on?

Sam: Well, the charges against Michael have been dropped. Someone confessed to causing Claudia's accident.

Kristina: Who would do that?

Sam: Our mother.

[Door closes]

Sonny: We need to give our daughter some credit. Let her admit what she's done, not to the cops, but to the family, and then she can move past it.

Alexis: I know. It was an accident.

Sonny: I understand that. I'm not blaming her, but when Kristina comes home, I'm gonna be spending a little more time with her, so I need you and I to be on the same page.

Alexis: I don't know what you want me to say. She was wrong. She was wrong to drive without a license, she was wrong to get into a car at all when she was that upset, she was wrong to let Michael take the blame for it. She was wrong about everything, but she did not mean to run Claudia off the road, and she certainly didn't mean for Claudia to lose her baby.

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