GH Transcript Wednesday 8/26/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/26/09


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Maxie: Ohh! Spinelli! Really! You don't have to--

Spinelli: It'll just take a moment. It's--it's a question of balance and physics is all.

Maxie: Okay, but just don't smash my moo goo gai pan.

Spinelli: Ah! See? Don't you think that was much more efficient that time?

Maxie: Yeah, but, you know, you don't have to carry me over the threshold every single time, because we're not married yet.

Spinelli: Yeah, but I just wanna be well practiced for that joyous day when I carry you in here and we live forever in wedded bliss.

Maxie: Wait. You think that we're gonna live here after we get married?

Jason: Well, we have, uh, 2 guns, half a clip of ammo, knife, and about 10 grand in cash.

Sam: Not bad.

Jason: Yeah, I'd say we're in pretty good shape.

Sam: As long as Jerry doesn't find us, we are. You sure you're up for this? You know, the chase. Physically, I mean. I mean, not that... anything's wrong with you, physically, really, of...

[Instrumental of "Just You and Me" playing]

Jason: Get the car loaded, okay?

Sam: Jason. Um... look, we ju--we just had sex. I just don't know. I mean, shouldn't--shouldn't we talk about it?

Jason: Is that what you wanna do? You wanna talk?

Sam: No. No, I just--I thought maybe if you wanted to...

Jason: No.

Sam: Good. Good, 'cause neither do I.

Jason: Great.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Great. So that's--

Sam: So--

Jason: What?

Sam: Settled, yeah.

Jason: So that's fine. Yeah?

Sam: All right.

Jason: All right, so we-- all right.

Sam: Let's go. Yeah.

Michael: You would leave Cancun without a word?

Kristina: I was writing a note.

Michael: You don't bail on me without saying good-bye to my face.

Kristina: I couldn't. I didn't wanna see your face when I told you the truth.

Michael: What truth?!

Tracy: You called me?

Ethan: Yes. Have a seat.

Tracy: You have been all but invisible since Rebecca spilled the beans.

Ethan: I didn't realize you were looking for me.

Tracy: You should have had the good grace to call my family, since you and Rebecca tried to swindle us. Please do not try to deny it.

Ethan: No. No, no. Why would I do that? The truth will set you free. I was the swindler, and Rebecca was my apprentice. I had the skills. She had the DNA.

Tracy: This confession is old news, which can only mean you want something from me. What is it?

Rebecca: Okay, wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I don't understand.

[Jazz playing]

Ethan: I got emotionally attached against my better judgment. I thought considering your situation with Luke, you could understand.

Tracy: You and Rebecca came here to shake down the Quartermaines and Nikolas Cassadine.

Ethan: Yes, but a lot has happened since then. All right? I never expected to find my real family.

Tracy: So you say. I have my doubts.

Ethan: I have nothing left to gain from lying to you, Tracy. When Holly told me to seek out Luke, I never guessed he was my father.

Tracy: Life with Luke is full of surprises.

Ethan: Yeah. Well, seems that this surprise is one that didn't hold his interest for very long. The minute he got his answers, he split town.

Tracy: I told you not to take it personally.

Ethan: Well, I just feel like Luke was more in love with the idea of me being his son than me actually being his son, you know, and I don't know. That's fine. I mean, I-I've lived thus far without his approval.

Tracy: You're going under the assumption that his leaving has something to do with you.

Ethan: Don't tell me you're defending him.

Tracy: I'm used to him. Leaving is what Luke does, just like fraud is what you do.

Ethan: Oh, Tracy, I'm innocent.

Tracy: You're innocent? Oh, I think there are plenty of judges out there that would say what you and Rebecca did was illegal, and they would happily prosecute you.

Ethan: Well, then, I'll just have to disappear into the night.

Lulu: Wait. Why are you disappearing?

Ethan: Well, no, I'm not. I mean, not--not yet. Heh.

Tracy: And here it comes.

Ethan: I-I'm wiping the slate clean, okay? Everything everyone thought about Rebecca was right. She was here to con the Cassadines.

Tracy: And the Quartermaines.

Ethan: Heh. Yes. But the reason I asked you here is because Rebecca had a partner, me.

Rebecca: Look, 24 hours ago, you couldn't stand the sight of me, Nikolas, and now all of a sudden, you've forgiven me, and you can't keep your hands off of me.

Nikolas: And that's a problem?

Rebecca: You were furious. You had every right to be.

Nikolas: Okay, but you said this is what you wanted, for us to be together, so--

Rebecca: I did. I--I do. I just don't understand how you could forgive me so quickly.

Nikolas: If you had doubts about my intentions, why did you accept my invitation out here?

Rebecca: Because I wanted to believe that I have a second chance with you, even if I don't deserve it. I knew Emily was my sister, and I lied about it. I took advantage of your grief. And after all the awful things that you said yesterday, I'm not sure how I can trust you.

Nikolas: The same way I trust you. You know, sometimes you need to suspend your doubt and fear and just with what your heart tells you. And I felt like a fool for believing that you-- that you cared about me, and I hated you for betraying me, but I believed you when you said your feelings for me were real. Unless now you're telling me my faith was misplaced.

Rebecca: No, Nikolas. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to kick me to the curb, but instead here we are. We're together, and I don't wanna lose you. I'll do whatever it takes to prove that to you.

Nikolas: Okay. Well, we can get back to that as long as we trust each other, okay?

Spinelli: You know, of the myriad places we scouted for upcoming nuptials, I think the city library and garden has the most appropriate flair.

Maxie: The library smells old and musty.

Spinelli: Well, yes, it does, but the garden has these beautiful stone arches, which would be perfect for the, um--for the ivy.

Maxie: What ivy?

Spinelli: Well, I just thought that, you know, since we were united through kind of a modern version of courtly love, that it would be fitting for our--our wedding to have some of the same medieval customs. And just--just think how luminous you would be with your hair all tousled and free in a garland of herbs.

Maxie: Herbs? Like you mean the ones you cook with, because I refuse to smell like Thanksgiving dinner on my wedding day.

Spinelli: Oh, no, but the fragrance will be offset by that of sweet white roses.

Maxie: Okay, Spinelli, you know what? We need to go back, back to when we walked into this apartment and you said you thought we were gonna live here.

Spinelli: Well--well, I'm sorry. It just seemed natural that--

Maxie: No. No, it does not seem natural.

Spinelli: You know--you're right. I'm being insensitive. My apologies. Of course you can--you can decorate the regrettably pink room in whichever way suits our mutual taste, although, you know, I have kind of become accustomed to the pink hue.

Maxie: Okay, Spinelli, I love you, but there is absolutely no way under any circumstances that I will live with Jason after we get married.

[Car jostles]

Jason: [Winces]

Sam: I'm feeling, uh, pretty rested right now if you wanted me to drive the--

Jason: I'm okay.

Sam: I'm just saying, you know, that I--I feel it'd be good--

[Car jostles]

Jason: [Winces] [Sighs]

Sam: Jason, really, I don't-- I don't want you to reopen your wound. It's gonna slow us down. If you wanna find Kristina and Michael in time, I say that you pull over and probably just let me drive.

Michael: The truth is that you're sucking up to Kiefer. You can't accept that he dumped you for Tara, so you're just gonna go back home and beg him to take you back.

Kristina: That's not what I meant. I haven't been honest with you from day one.

Michael: Honest about what?

Kristina: Kiefer and I got into a bad fight, and I was crying, and I was driving. Gonna hate me, aren't you?

Michael: Keep talking.

Kristina: We'd been at the country club, and I was crying so hard that I wasn't paying attention to the road, and I swerved into the wrong lane, and I almost hit another car. I think it was Claudia's. I think the reason our baby brother died--I think it was me.

Ethan: It was just a way to lay my hands on some extra money, and that money would have been Rebecca's anyway if she'd grown up with Emily instead of being sold off at birth.

Lulu: Why don't you look surprised?

Tracy: Because I've heard it all before. Rebecca had to tell my family once Nikolas found out.

Lulu: Nikolas knows?

Ethan: Yeah. Lucky told him.

Lulu: So everybody knew this but me?

Ethan: Yeah. I mean, that's why I called you here. Come on. Don't be mad.

Lulu: Wh-why are you telling anybody this? At worst, you can get thrown in jail. At best, you could have everybody who ever loved Emily hating you.

Tracy: Because he wanted to punish Rebecca.

Ethan: No, because I wanted it over with.

Tracy: Oh, please. You were pissed because Rebecca fell in love with Nikolas and dumped you.

Lulu: Oh, my God. So everybody was right about Rebecca, and everybody was right about you. You're a--you're a liar. You're a con.

Ethan: No. I'm just trying to set the record straight here, okay? This is all the truth and nothing but. I should get a gold star for that. Come on.

Lulu: Nikolas loved Emily with all of his heart, and you told Rebecca how to take advantage of it.

Ethan: No, it's not that black and white.

Lulu: I don't even wanna hear this. This is disgusting. I-- seriously, I can't even look at you.

Dominic: Whoa. Hey. Someone's in a hurry to see me.

Olivia: Ronnie Dimestico, Olivia Falconeri here. It seems that you've changed Laundromats in an effort to avoid me, but I will find you, Ron, and I will find your dirty clothes, too, and you know I'm not kiddin', so why don't you call me before it's too late, okay? I wanna hear that you got my kid taken off this case. I don't want him or me in the middle of this crap anymore. Have a nice day.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Hey. I know. I should have called first, but, uh, can I come in?

Olivia: Um...

Johnny: All right, look, I-- when I didn't hear back from you, I figured I must have done something wrong, and I've been rackin' my brain to figure out what the hell it is, and I have come up with nothing. Well, except for these. So, whatever it is that I did, I'm sorry.

[Mexican ballad playing]

Kristina: I'm a coward and a loser and a lousy sister.

Michael: You don't know for sure it was you that ran Claudia off the road. You have no proof.

Kristina: You don't have any proof that you did it either! And you feel guilty, and you blame yourself, and I let you. Even with how wonderful you've been to me, I let you do that.

Michael: It's not so bad.

Kristina: I was there on the terrace the night dad ripped into you, when he said that you killed our baby brother. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't.

Michael: Look, now, neither one of us should have been driving that night.

Kristina: Kiefer helped me calm down and told me how to fix it. I should've told you. What am I saying? I should have stopped to check, to see if the person I ran off the road was okay. This is all my fault, and I don't know how to fix it.

Michael: It's okay. You can-- you can go home and, um, get your life back. You know, I'll stay on the run. I don't care about taking the blame.

Sam: Mind if I find some music?

Jason: No. Please go ahead.

Sam: Can't believe this radio's actually working. I mean, I--I did a pretty bad job patching up the electrical to get that starter fired up.

Jason: I can't even believe you got the car started.

[Cielito Lindo instrumental playing]

Jason: No. I don't think we're gonna find any English stations.

DJ: Welcome back to "Love on the Border." We have Sylvia on the line, who's reconnected with her ex. So you and your guy broke up, and you started seeing someone else, Sylvia?

Sylvia: For a little while, yes.

DJ: And you said the 2 guys knew each other. Friends?

Sylvia: Actually, they hated each other.

DJ: Ouch. That's awkward.

Sylvia: Uh, I wasn't seeing them at the same time, but I really thought Jim and I were done. We had a horrible breakup.

DJ: Uh-huh.

Sylvia: And guy number 2 was really sweet to me.

DJ: Oh, sweet is the kiss of death.

Sam: Do you mind?

Jason: No, you can change that right now.

DJ: And you and Jim hooked up again how?

Sylvia: Fate, I guess. The more we're together, the more I see I always loved him.

DJ: Sometimes 2 people are just meant to be.

Maxie: Spinelli, after we get married, we'll be a couple. You know, one plus one equals two.

Spinelli: Heh heh.

Maxie: Not two plus a hit man.

Spinelli: Well, but Stone Cold needs us, see? Without us, there's nothing in this environment to enhance his quality of life. You know, he needs to be encouraged to relax.

Maxie: Oh, yeah. And nothing says relaxation like two newlyweds in the next room.

Spinelli: But maybe we could be a romantic example, you know, something for him to strive for.

Maxie: I--[Sighs] I really can't believe that you would make a decision this important without consulting me first.

Spinelli: Were you anticipating that we would live with Lulu in that much more cramped apartment? I mean, no disrespect, but I think Stone Cold needs me a little bit more than Lulu needs you.

Maxie: Oh, wait a second. Let me put it this way, okay? If Mac finds out that I'm planning on moving in to Jason's penthouse after we get married, well, he'll kidnap me and enter me in some witness protection program. So if us living here is a condition of our getting married, well, then, I guess the wedding's off.

DJ: So you and this Jim dude made a couple of huge mistakes, and it snowballed.

Sylvia: Until we were so far apart, even I was convinced I hated him. But I still loved him at the same time. Is that crazy?

DJ: One coin, 2 sides. Was he ever abusive to you?

Sam: God, no.

Sylvia: Oh, it was nothing like that. I wasn't perfect...

Sam: "I just wish I could change the station," is what I meant to say.

Jason: Yeah.

Sylvia: He got involved with someone else.

DJ: Whoa. Is this where I get the "all men are dogs" lecture?

Sylvia: Well, it was nobody's fault.

DJ: Looks like fate built a bridge so you two could find your way back to each other.

Sylvia: We were kind of forced together, and it's like we were never apart.

Olivia: They're beautiful.

Johnny: They remind me of you.

Olivia: I like 'em better over here, I think.

Johnny: You know, there's this soap that you use that reminds me of those flowers.

Olivia: Star lilies.

Johnny: Yeah. So can we at least talk about what I did? Because if I don't know, I could do it again.

Olivia: You didn't do anything wrong, John. I love being with you.

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: It's not okay. Um, I can't see you anymore.

Dominic: Well, if I had known you like to gamble, I'd have looked for you here long ago.

Lulu: Don't look for me here. Don't look for me anywhere.

Ethan: You see that bloke over there with Lulu? He's one of Sonny's men.

Tracy: She has a penchant for lowlifes. Get her away from him.

Ethan: Oh, so we're on the same side again.

Tracy: You look after her the same way I do, so on this subject, we can consider ourselves a team.

Lulu: Why are you such a pain?

Dominic: Go out with me?

Lulu: I'm--I'm busy.

Dominic: Doin' what?

Lulu: Not going out with you.

Dominic: You know, you're going about this all the whole wrong way. You wanna discourage me-- you know, on second thought, I don't think I can be discouraged.

Lulu: Well, there's always tomorrow.

Dominic: Thanks.

Ethan: I didn't recognize you with your face intact.

Dominic: Ha ha. I was just talkin' to the lady about what interests her.

Lulu: And it's not you right now.

Dominic: Ah, your sister is feisty. Has she always been like this?

Ethan: You know, such information does not come freely, but perhaps you can win it from me.

Lulu: Please don't do this.

Ethan: Oh, come on. It's just a friendly game of cards.

Dominic: Wait, wait, wait. Let me--let me get this straight. You're sayin' if I clean you out, you'll tell me all about Lulu? I think that sounds pretty good to me.

Rebecca: I never thought you would forgive me, but you did. I can tell by the way you touch me.

Nikolas: You forgave me for all the things I said to you.

Rebecca: Yeah. And half of what you said was true.

Nikolas: No. No, I was way out of line. My only defense is I was hurt and couldn't help myself.

Rebecca: Nikolas, I don't wanna relive that. I just wanna enjoy this. I was so afraid that we were over.

Nikolas: No. No, no, we're far from over. Just think of this as a new beginning, okay?

Olivia: We had an agreement that we would stay together for as long as this works, and it doesn't work anymore.

Johnny: It does for me. And I thought it did for you, too.

Olivia: I can tell you're not gonna make this easy for me.

Johnny: Is this about Michael? Is it about what I told you about the role that I played in his shooting?

Olivia: Stop it. John, that was your sister. You didn't do anything wrong.

Johnny: Okay, but I knew Claudia was planning on knocking Sonny off, and I did nothin' to stop her.

Olivia: We've all done things against our nature to protect the people that we care about. You are a wonderful man. You've been my favorite surprise since I've been in Port Charles.

Johnny: Okay, so then why blow us off, huh? It doesn't make any sense.

Olivia: My life is just complicated, okay?

Johnny: Oh, whose isn't? Look, whatever it is, I want you to know you can tell me. I'm not gonna judge you. You mean a lot to me, Liv, and if I mean anything at all to you, you're gonna trust me and be able to tell me what's goin' on.

Olivia: It's...

Johnny: What?

Olivia: It's my son.

Dominic: Well, I'll see you and raise you 50.

Tracy: What you doing?

Lulu: It's complicated.

Tracy: Ha ha! Looks pretty straightforward to me. That poker player has your undivided attention.

Lulu: Poker player's name is Dominic.

Tracy: And he works for Sonny Corinthos.

Lulu: I don't need the warnings. I don't like him, but he is determined to flirt with me.

Tracy: That's flattering.

Lulu: No, it's not flattering, and I'm not interested.

Tracy: But you're still here.

Lulu: Just because I don't wanna date Dominic doesn't mean I wanna see him get fleeced.

Tracy: Ethan is just trying to protect you.

Man: I'm done.

Second man: Me, too.

Ethan: So, you think it's time you head back to Brooklyn now?

Dominic, Australian accent: Not until I've won all me money back.

Ethan: Oh, this will be fun.

Lulu: You can never beat Ethan.

Dominic: Oh, ye of little faith. I'd like to prove the lady wrong.

Lulu: Oh, would you?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: Aces. Read 'em and weep.

Maxie: Yes, Kate. No, Kate. Well, by the time everybody wakes up in Paris tomorrow, the sketches will already be there. Sure. I'll let you know.

Spinelli: Uh, you remain troubled, dare I say even a little impatient with me?

Maxie: No, Spinelli. I know how much Jason means to you, and if you're concerned about him right now, I think that should be your priority, so maybe we should just postpone the ceremony.

Spinelli: No. No, if--if I have to choose between Stone Cold and my love, there is no choice. I will leave here with you, albeit with a heavy heart, but we can live wherever you want to.

Maxie: Are you sure? Think about that. You know how Jason is. I mean, who knows what he could ingest or inhale if you're not here to watch over him? And I don't think my conscience could, you know, let me tear you away from him.

Spinelli: All right. Okay. Well, then it's settled. I mean, I knew you'd see reason. We will marry and live here happily and lead Stone Cold to a healthier and happier life.

Maxie: Okay, what if Jason doesn't want us to live with him? You know, there are privacy issues, and he already complained about us being too vocal when we, you know--

Spinelli: Yeah, I actually, uh-- I had plans drawn up to soundproof the regrettably pink room and the adjacent water closet. But that actually, um-- there's something I've been thinking about.

Maxie: Which is?

Spinelli: Well, it's just something that I wanted to discuss with you. It's related to our--our shared passion and whether or not we should actually be sharing it.

DJ: So what you're telling us, Natalie, is that the sex was just as great after all that time apart?

Natalie: Oh, no. It was better.

DJ: Heh heh. Did you hear our last caller?

Natalie: Sylvia. That's why I called in. It was like hearing my own story.

DJ: Huh.

Natalie: Me and Robbie were broken up for, like, 2 years. We'd both been seeing other people, and I totally convinced myself my new boyfriend was the one. I couldn't be more wrong. Me and my ex can't get enough of each other.

DJ: Well, that sounds like a little piece of heaven.

[Tires skid]

Jason: [Winces] Damn it.

Sam: I'm sorry. Sorry.

Natalie: Somehow being apart just made it that much sweeter.

DJ: I'm guessing Robbie feels the same.

Natalie: Heh heh. Oh, we don't talk about it. If we put it to words, it'll just mess it up again.

[Tires skid]

Natalie: But even if we don't talk...

Jason: What are you doing? Sam, the engine. What--what...

Natalie: Can't wait to be together.

[Radio stops]

Jason: Okay.

[Engine revs]

Kristina: It's not fair to expect you to take the blame for something I could have done.

Michael: Yeah, but you've got a future all mapped out. All I've got back home is a life of messing things up for the people I love, including you.

Kristina: You should get some help.

Michael: Maybe you should stop worrying about me, okay? Go home. Focus on getting into Yale. Make the family proud of you. You know, I promise Dad's gonna love it.

Kristina: I'm bailing on you. It just doesn't seem right.

Michael: I knew you'd leave eventually.

Kristina: Will you at least go with me to the bus station?

Michael: Are you kidding? I'm not gonna let you take the bus all the way back to Port Charles by yourself.

Kristina: Does that mean you're coming with me?

Alfred: For you, sir, cold poached salmon in a mustard dill sauce. The wine-- pouilly-fume. And for the lady, Mac and cheese. Will there be anything else?

Nikolas: No. It's perfect. I'll let you know when we're finished.

Rebecca: Uh, Mac and cheese.

Nikolas: Yes. The same way you studied me, I did my research on you. Mike said that that was your favorite dish when you lived at Kelly's.

Rebecca: Yeah, I have simple tastes, mostly because I've had to. I spent months eating Mac and cheese when Ethan--sorry.

Nikolas: No. No, it's okay. We all know where and with whom this whole journey started, don't we? But it's nice to know that you feel comfortable enough to say what's on your mind.

Rebecca: Nikolas, I don't wanna open up the wound again. We were having such a nice night.

Nikolas: You don't have anything to worry about, because tonight... [Knocks on table] I've made a decision, and that is we can't go anywhere without trust. So a toast. To love. Now, more than ever, I need you to believe that I love you. And I won't give up until you completely believe that.

Dominic: Wait, Lulu. Wait.

Lulu: Please, just--just stop following me.

Dominic: Look, I just wanted to say thank you.

Lulu: What for?

Dominic: For proving me right. I had this, uh, gut feeling that you liked me.

Lulu: Really? Since when?

Dominic: Since your brother-- interesting accent, by the way-- tried to con me and you blew his scam. Why would you do that if you, uh, found me so repugnant?

Lulu: Because Ethan had it coming.

Dominic: So you're still mad at him for, uh, beating me up with Lucky?

Lulu: No, believe it or not, this actually has nothing to do with you.

Dominic: Ah. Well, either way, yeah, I might have, uh, lost my milk money for next week if you hadn't stepped in, and I owe you. And all flirting aside, I wanna show you my gratitude. That's how my mother raised me.

Johnny: So you're breakin' up with me because of your son?

Olivia: I--I keep trying to pretend that age doesn't matter, but the truth is that I'm just not comfortable dating someone Dante's age.

Johnny: Come on. It's just numbers, okay? You were a kid when you got pregnant, and now he's grown, and it's making you feel older.

Olivia: Where could this possibly all go? I mean, I don't wanna wake up one day and find out that you were just with me out of pity.

Johnny: Heh. Pity? Seriously? Listen to yourself. Look at yourself. You are smart, and you are beautiful, and--you are. Stop that. You know your way around. You certainly know your way around me. Age is about the furthest thing from my brain right now, okay? I'll prove it to you. Tell me to go if you want me to, and I will, but I will be back.

Olivia: Like a bad penny.

Johnny: Heh. See? What we have is--is too good, too special to let something as meaningless as age screw it up. Hey, I'm not sayin' that we're gonna be together forever. I--I don't-- I don't even believe in forever. I taught myself when I was a kid not to make any future plans, but I live in the moment, and I want every single moment that I can have with you, okay?

Sam: So I'm thinkin' maybe when we get to Cancun, we could look for a hotel or something. To see if Kristina and Michael obviously got jobs or any... thing.

Rie Sinclair: Do I need to be invisible to just survive or am I foolishly wasting my time? Try so hard to quiet my expensive dreams before they take me out and leave me wondering baby, it's just you and me we got a thing they can't shake maybe it's a little hard sometimes to take

Maxie: Passion? What about it?

Spinelli: Our--our ventures into carnal knowledge or, well, making love.

Maxie: Oh, good.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Maxie: Right?

Spinelli: Y-yes! Yes! Yes. No, beyond good. It's beyond even my wildest dreams.

Maxie: Oh. Good. For me, too. You are definitely the best lover I have ever had, and it's absolutely because we love each other. And I hope this conversation is going somewhere.

Spinelli: Well, you know that I intend to be the most ardent and faithful lover.

Maxie: Oh, I know you will.

Spinelli: Actually, correction. I intend to be the most ardent and faithful husband. When we exchange our wedding vows, we'll be joining in--in heart and mind, in soul.

Maxie: And body.

Spinelli: Well, yes.

Maxie: Don't forget the body part.

Spinelli: Yes. O-of course. And that passion that we share, I mean, can only be enhanced and heightened by forbearance now.

Maxie: You lost me.

Spinelli: Uh, abstinence.

Maxie: No sex?!

Spinelli: No--

Maxie: Are you kidding?!

Spinelli: No, just--just from now until our wedding day, which is not far off. Just think about it. Think about it. How even more special will our wedding night be if we wait? It's just another way to truly express our commitment.

Maxie: [Scoffs] 

Michael: I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression. I'm not going back home with you. There's nothing there for me.

Kristina: I'm there.

Michael: You're better off without me.

Kristina: How will I know you're okay?

Michael: I'll keep in touch. I promise. It's a good thing you were smart enough to get your passport when we left home. Okay, you can take a flight out of Cancun tomorrow afternoon.

Kristina: We don't have enough money to pay for a plane ticket.

Michael: I'll find the money.

Kristina: How?

[Instrumental of "Just You and Me" playing]

Johnny: Well, if this is good-bye, at least I have some really good memories.


Olivia: You play dirty.

Johnny: If you really want me to go, I will.

Olivia: There's your answer. Okay?

Dominic: Do you like ice cream?

Lulu: Forget it. You are not taking me out for ice cream for stopping my brother.

Dominic: All right, I guess I could just kiss you instead.

Lulu: Oh, yeah, sure. Sure. When hell freezes over.

Dominic: [Winces]

Lulu: I'm sorry. This is not-- it's not gonna happen, not now, not in this lifetime, not in the next lifetime.

Dominic: Wow. You've really thought about this, haven't you?

Lulu: No. I assure you the thought has never gotten into my head.

Dominic: It's probably for the best. I mean, I'm probably just too much for you right now.

Lulu: Oh, that's very cute, but reverse psychology doesn't work on me.

Dominic: Wow. There's a deeper issue than I thought. This is like bordering on obsession. You know, but together, we can get you through this. Although they do say that sometimes the best way to get over your fear is to face it.

Lulu: Oh, my God. So if I kiss you, then will you go away?

Dominic: You know what? We do all have our vices. I mean, mine, for instance, vanilla ice cream in chocolate sauce.

Lulu: Seriously, can you just shut up?

Dominic: But I have faced that demon. I got a handle on it now, but sometimes, you know, you wake up in the middle of the night, and these things just--


Nikolas: We'll have breakfast at 7:00. We're not to be disturbed. No phone calls, especially the Quartermaines.

Alfred: Of course, sir. And if I may say, I'm delighted that you and Miss Shaw have found a way past your differences.

Nikolas: Rebecca is a credulous fool, Alfred. She spit on Emily's grave, and she'll soon realize that she will pay for that.

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