GH Transcript Tuesday 8/25/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/25/09


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Rebecca: You don't know how much I wish that things could be right between us again, Nikolas. I'm so sorry that I deceived you. The way I came into this is not where I ended up. I never expected to care about you. I mean, it never even occurred to me that I was gonna have real feelings for you. But then I did, and there was no contingency plan in place for that.

Nikolas: I understand.

Rebecca: Okay, see, you look like you do, but I have to doubt it.

Nikolas: Why?

Rebecca: Because when you learned the truth, there was such contempt in your eyes. There was such fury. And the depth of your hatred just took my breath away. And now I'm supposed to believe that all that just...just evaporated? You're gonna have to help me with that.

Morgan: I mean it. Everything about the new stadium is awesome. Even the hot dogs are better. Dad, you have to go.

Sonny: I'm gonna go. I'm gonna take you and your brother, and if Kristina wants to go-- that's if her mother lets her, of course.

Morgan: I love Krissy, but I'd rather have Dominic.

Claudia: What's this? We got an all-boys club going on here? It's my favorite thing to infiltrate. What are we talking about, sports?

[Romantic music playing]

Sam: [Sighs] We shouldn't do this.

Woman: It's time to fly 

Nikolas: There's really no way I can express how ashamed I am for the way I treated you. The only real defense I can offer is I opened my heart to you, something I never thought I would ever do again. And when Lucky told me it was all a scam for money, I was devastated. And when I'm hurt, I strike out.

Rebecca: Yeah, no, I'm sure I would have reacted in the same way, but see, I would have meant it.

Nikolas: Heh. And in the moment, I did mean it. But then I took a step back, and I allowed myself to hear what you were trying to say in your defense. I just wish I would've done it before I went off on you. It's kind of ironic once you think about it. Now you're the one who doesn't trust me.

Rebecca: Well, I want to, Nikolas. I'm just having a hard time with it.

Nikolas: I know. I don't know, maybe the key to all this lies in our past. I mean, we're all products of it, right? You were the twin that was sold and discarded. I can see how that could breed resentment, why you would want to get some of what was unfairly denied to you.

Rebecca: All right, so what do you want? Do you want us to be friends?

Nikolas: I want a lot more than that.

Morgan: Did you get my card?

Claudia: I did. Thank you. It was much appreciated.

Morgan: I'm really sorry about your accident and that your baby died.

[Sonny exhales]

Claudia: Yeah, I was really sad. I was just very much looking forward to bringing a new little brother into the world for you, Michael, and Kristina. But it wasn't meant to be. But one good thing came out of it. We realized that Michael wasn't responsible for my accident.

Morgan: I know Michael would have never just driven off and left you there.

Claudia: You must be really worried about him, huh?

Morgan: Yeah. But Jason will find Michael and Kristina. He never lets us down. Right, Dad?

Sonny: Absolutely. Do you see what he--you see this?

Claudia: Where'd you get that?

Sonny: He gave it to me.

Claudia: Oh, that's awesome. You went to the new stadium?

Morgan: You know about baseball?

Claudia: Of course. I have a brother. I've been a Yankees fan since way before you were born. Wow, I'd really like to see it.

Morgan: It's totally awesome. Ask Dominic. He's been, too.

Dominic: Yeah, it's good. I just--I prefer tradition. You know, ghosts of players past, all that old-fashioned stuff.

Claudia: I'd love to see it.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Why don't we just all go?

Claudia: Really?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's not like the new stadium's on the other side of the moon.

Morgan: Ah, you know what'd be really cool?

Sonny: What?

Morgan: Seeing a World Series game there.

Claudia: That would be the ultimate.

Morgan: What do you think, Dad?

Sonny: Well, you know what? Can we just wait to see if the Yankees get there first?

Dominic: Aah! The heartbreaking sound of little faith. You wound me, sir.

Sonny: No, I'm just saying that there's never a guarantee.

Morgan: They'll make it. They'll make it. They have to.

Dominic: That's what I like to hear. Take a lesson from your son, doubter.

Sonny: All right, Yankees all the way. I'll get us the best seats in the house.

Morgan: Ooh, can Dominic come, too?

Dominic: Nah.

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, yeah, if he wants.

Claudia: I'm honored to be let into the boys club.

Morgan: Well, that's 'cause you're not like regular girls.

Claudia: Really?

[Sonny chuckling]

Morgan: That's a compliment.

Claudia: Okay. I'll take it.

Dominic: All right, you know, I should get Morgan home. Don't want to inspire the wrath of Mrs. Jacks.

Sonny: Uh, no, you don't want to do that. Um, you know what? Thank you for the beautiful present. And I promise that I'll get us those tickets as soon as they're available.

Morgan: You know what's great about this idea?

Sonny: Hmm?

Morgan: If there's a ticket for Michael, he'll have to be home in time to use it.

Claudia: Bye, Morgan.

Sonny: He's such a cute kid.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: [Sighs] So that was on the level?

Claudia: What?

Sonny: You like baseball?

Claudia: Yeah! I really do like baseball.

Sonny: I never knew that about you.

Claudia: There's a lot you don't know about me.

Sonny: I appreciate you... being nice to my sons.

Claudia: It's not hard, Sonny. They're great kids, Michael and Morgan. You know what? That's the first time I've ever actually felt like Morgan's step-mom. It was nice.

[Romantic music playing]

Woman: Touch me tonight this love feels so fine this love feels so nice

Morgan: Sorry. This happens all the time.

Dominic: Looks healthy to me.

Carly: So how was it at your dad's?

Morgan: Oh, great.

Jax: He like the pennant?

Morgan: Oh, he loved it. So did Claudia.

Carly: Claudia?

Morgan: Yeah, she's a huge Yankees fan.

Carly: Oh. How'd we miss that?

Jax: Beats me.

Morgan: Well, she is. Oh, and Dad's getting us tickets to the World Series, for all of us to go. Michael, too, because he'll be back by then. Isn't that great?

Jax: Well, assuming of course they make it all the way.

Dominic: Oh, what is wrong with you people?

Morgan: Sorry. My family can be a little embarrassing.

Carly: Oh, really?

Morgan: Oh, and, uh...

Carly: What's wrong?

Morgan: I left my pennant at Dad's. I wanted to put it up on my wall so I could look at it till I fall asleep.

Dominic: That's okay, man. I'll go get it for you.

Morgan: Would you?

Dominic: Yeah! We can't have the home team missing out on even one night of these vibes you're throwing their way.

Carly: You don't have to do that. Morgan's world is not going to come crashing down if he doesn't get to stare at the pennant all night long.

Dominic: No. No problem. Be right back.

Carly: [Sighs] Claudia? Really? She really wants to go to the World Series?

Morgan: Yeah, she's totally psyched about it.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Boy, I find that interesting.

Jax: You think she's putting on an act?

Morgan: Well, she's not. She knows more about baseball than any other girl I know. She knows player stats. And remember when Michael said that Claudia was the coolest?

Carly: Mm-him.

Morgan: Well, he was right.

Carly: He was right.

Jax: Yeah. Ahem.

Claudia: I'm glad that you relaxed your policies on letting me be near your kids. Because although on some level I kind of understood it, it really hurt my feelings being shut out like that.

Sonny: What are you talking about? I never kept you from my kids.

Claudia: You didn't?

Sonny: No. You know, for 6 months when Michael was in a coma, I wasn't allowed legally to see Morgan. That's why he never came over here.

Claudia: I thought it was because of me.

Sonny: Well, I might have let you think that, but the thing is, when Michael got shot, Carly lost it. She...she forced me to sign away all my rights to my boys. And not that I blame her because, you know, there was an uncomfortable situation.

Carly: I remember.

Sonny: But as far as Kristina, I mean, I've had, like, minimum visitation because that's what Alexis wants. Whenever I see Kristina, Viola's there or Alexis is there. You can't fight City Hall. You know what I mean?

Carly: Yeah. I think it's a shame. I think it's really sad, mothers that want to keep their kids away from fathers who actually love them and want to be a part of their lives. I wouldn't--I would never do that.

Sonny: You've never had kids with me.

Claudia: I almost did.

Sonny: I think it's best to go on to the next subject.

Claudia: Mm-hmm. Me, too. I just might need a little help with that sometimes.

Sonny: Yeah. I can do that. Um, I wasn't purposely keeping my kids away from you. I mean, when Michael woke up from the coma, you guys had an immediate bond, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And he's been out of this house for a long time.

Carly: Yeah, I guess that's true. I never really thought of it like that.

Sonny: As far as Morgan, the fact that he brought that-- heh! You know what I mean? It's like a great surprise, him coming over here like that. I just, like I said before, thanks for, you know... just that they're comfortable coming here.

Carly: I genuinely like them.

Sonny: I know. I know you do. I could see that.

Carly: This is weird. It's interesting.

Sonny: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Carly: We're sitting here having a conversation with each other and being honest, and you completely debunk a misconception I've been carrying around for months.

Sonny: If we're not careful, we're gonna start understanding each other.

Carly: Nah.

Sonny: Nah, I don't think so.

Kristina: I can't believe Kiefer already has another girlfriend.

Michael: You don't know that for sure.

Kristina: Yeah, I do. Tara's been after him for weeks. He blew me off for her right in front of my face.

Michael: When was that?

Kristina: Does it make a difference? The point is Tara's parents are out of town, and Kiefer's sleeping over. Can you say hook-up?

Michael: Wait, I'm a little confused. When we left Port Charles, you predicted that Kiefer would find another girl, and you said you didn't care.

Kristina: Well, I didn't mean it! I thought he would come after me or at least wait for me. I guess I'm just realizing how much I care about him.

Michael: Maybe it was because he blew you off again. You know? I don't know. Maybe girls like that--the guy who's unavailable.

Kristina: That is such crap! You have absolutely no idea what girls think.

Michael: Except what you told me.

Kristina: I should've never left home without telling Kiefer how I felt. He probably thinks I don't even care about him. This is stupid. Where's that PDA?

Michael: You know what? I don't think we should use that again.

Kristina: I'm calling Kiefer. Give it to me.

[Michael sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Kiefer: Hey, uh, I need a favor. Can you pick this up and say "Kiefer's busy," and then just hang up? Don't ask any questions about it.

Cabana Girl: Why not? Hello?

Kristina: Tara? It doesn't sound like...whatever. Um, I need to talk to Kiefer. Tell him it's "K."

Cabana girl: Kiefer's busy.

Nikolas: Now that everything seems to be out in the open... maybe we could start over, figure out what we mean to each other. Unless you've already decided that's nothing.

Rebecca: Oh, God, no, Nikolas. I'm crazy about you. I didn't want to be. I fought it, but there it was. It was this big, crazy love that I didn't seem to be able to wish away. So I stopped fighting it, and I embraced feeling like the blessed one for once in my life. And I found myself wanting to be worthy of this gift that I had been given. So that's why I decided to tell you the truth, to just get rid of all those lies that had been between us, and to go to Greece with honesty. Oh, God, Nikolas. [Sighs] I don't want to get my hopes up, all right, unless this is really possible.

Edward: Hey! How dare you darken my doorstep again after the abominable way that you treated Rebecca? I want you out of this house immediately.

Rebecca: Edward, Nikolas was--

Edward: Don't argue with me, young lady. This is Monica's house, and my son gave it to her, and I get to say who comes and who goes. And he goes.

Nikolas: Come to Wyndemere tonight. I'll be waiting for you.

[Insects buzzing]

Sam: Um...yeah, if we're ever gonna get out of here, I think I need to go back to work.

[Sam groans]

Jason: I want to help.

Sam: No! Um, I think you should just stay right there. Stay in bed. Conserve your energy. You're gonna need it.

[Door opens and closes]

Michael: I'm really sorry you're hurting.

Kristina: But not surprised, right? You always thought Kiefer was a jerk.

Michael: Kiefer is a jerk, but for some reason you like him, so who am I to judge?

Kristina: You don't know him like I do. Kiefer puts on this front like he thinks he's all that, but underneath he's just trying to figure out the same things that we are. I really like him, Michael, and I'm scared I might have blown it.

Michael: You're making my head spin. When we first left home, you didn't care about Kiefer at all. You didn't care about leaving him. And now all of a sudden he's the most important person on the planet. Why? Because you always want what you can't have?

Kristina: Excuse me?

Michael: Kiefer only became the center of your universe when he wouldn't take your calls. You're being possessive, Kristina. You're pissed because he's with someone else, and your competitive button is pushed big time.

Kristina: Okay, you don't know anything about me and Kiefer or what he's done for me.

Michael: Oh, yeah? What'd he do?

Kristina: I did something once, and I was gonna get in a lot of trouble, and he helped me cover it up.

Michael: Interesting. What's that?

Claudia: I guess this is as good a time as any to bring this up since we're being honest with each other.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: I'm sorry. It's, uh... it's just surreal, us talking things out. It's--

Sonny: Well, I mean, it is strange, and it is--you know, but what's on your mind?

Claudia: Olivia.

Sonny: Oh, do we have to--

Claudia: No, I'm not gonna be okay. I know myself, and I'm not gonna be okay, Sonny--we're not gonna be okay--if you're sleeping with her.

Sonny: I'm not!

Claudia: You're telling me it's over?

Sonny: Well, I'm not gonna-- to even call it "over," I mean, I had a brief little thing with her in Bensonhurst. We were never really together. I mean, I tried to get with her. She didn't want it.

Claudia: Wait a minute. I need to make sure that I'm understanding you. You're telling me that you're not, and you have not been, sleeping with Olivia.

Sonny: That's what I'm saying. And, you know, I realize now that I'm glad that it didn't happen because it would have been a big mistake.

Claudia: How so?

Sonny: However this marriage started, a lot has happened. We're going in a different direction. What I want to do now with this is just like build, like I said, I told you before, build a friendship, see where it goes. I'm not gonna be thinking about anybody else. Um, so you can check off Olivia, you know? Check her off the list of things that you're gonna worry about because I'm not gonna be seeing Olivia ever again. Can we go get something to eat? [Sighs]

Ethan: So you left me a message saying you wanted to cleanse your soul and confess all to Nikolas, and then you drove off the map, so I'm assuming you couldn't go through with it.

Rebecca: No, I didn't have to. Nikolas already knew from Lucky.

Ethan: Oh. Well, look, I'm sure you're furious, okay, but I assure you I had really good reason for telling him.

Rebecca: [Sighs] Okay, Ethan, I don't care. All right? Whatever your motives, you did me a big favor.

[Foghorn blows]

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I thought you'd be long gone.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, well, I was following your advice. Setting priorities, taking control of my life, you know?

Elizabeth: Oh.

Nikolas: Yeah. You know what? You're right. It's time to let the past be over and make the best of the present. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

Elizabeth: Glad I could help.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're welcome. And thanks again for the picnic. Spencer had a blast.

Elizabeth: Yeah, my boys did, too.

Nikolas: Good. And look, I know I don't say this enough, but you and Lucky...I don't know what I'd do without you. This certainly isn't the first time you've picked me up off the ground.

Elizabeth: Hey, it all flows back.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I think I owe you an apology.

Nikolas: Yeah? Why?

Elizabeth: I came down on you pretty hard. I just didn't want you,--or either of us, for that matter--to misunderstand what happened between us. 

Dominic: And there you go, buddy.

Morgan: Thanks for bringing it over.

Dominic: Hey, no problem. Easiest errand I ever ran.

Morgan: So you really played shortstop?

Dominic: Yeah. Yeah, all through high school.

Morgan: Maybe you could coach me, you know, teach me some of your moves.

Dominic: Uh, moves, yeah. You know what? I was mostly just trying not to trip over my own 2 feet. But sure, any time. All right, I'll see you guys.

Carly: Shortstop, huh?

Morgan: Yeah. Dad played shortstop, too, but he's too busy to show me anything. Dominic's not, though. I hope Dominic does come with us to the World Series. I mean, I'm sure he's been to tons of Yankee games, but World Series games are the best, right?

Jax: Yeah, one would think so.

Morgan: Wait, you've never been?

Jax: Can't say that I have.

Morgan: Maybe you could come with us.

Jax: Uh, no, thank you. I'll leave that night to the Corinthos men.

[Carly laughs]

Morgan: Dominic says the Yanks need more ground ball pitchers.

Carly: Then I'm sure they do. Dominic seems to have that whole shirt off, beer-drinking on a Sunday, glued to the sports channel look down perfectly. There's nothing wrong with that. I just prefer, you know, my men a little more refined.

Jax: That's nice.

Morgan: Wait, are you guys gonna start making out again? 'Cause that's disgusting.

Carly: Then you better leave the room 'cause that's exactly what we're gonna do.

Jax: Yeah, go on.

Morgan: I'm out!

Jax: Yep.

Carly: Ha ha ha ha! Mmm. You aren't really paying any attention to me.

Jax: Huh?

Carly: What's going on?

Jax: Well, I'm just wondering if we actually like the idea of Michael and Morgan going to the Yankees game, or anywhere else, for that matter, with Sonny and Claudia.

Carly: Well, no, of course we don't. But Sonny's their father, and Claudia happens to be his wife. Which surprises me the most because I would've thought that with no baby to connect them, that they would be divorced by now.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Come on, Krissy, tell me. What's the hold up? What'd Kiefer do that was so brilliant, and what kind of trouble were you in?

Kristina: I did something dumb. That's all.

Michael: Okay, am I supposed to guess? What would upset Alexis? Oh, did you get caught cheating on a test?

Kristina: Why are you suddenly so interested in all the gory details of my life?

Michael: Just having a hard time believing that Kiefer has ever lived a single moment that wasn't all about him. You give that guy way too much credit.

Kristina: I get that you don't like Kiefer. You have reason, and that's your choice. But Kiefer shows me a side of himself that he doesn't show anyone else.

[Michael scoffs]

Kristina: I like that person, and I get to miss him. So just leave me alone, okay?

Michael: Fine. I'm gonna go to the hotel and get some more towels.

[Door opens and closes]

Ethan: Now, of all the reactions I anticipated, gratitude didn't make the list.

Rebecca: See, when Lucky told Nikolas that you and I were lovers and working this scam for money, he was beyond furious. He said horrible things and wouldn't listen to a word I had to say, which, of course, is exactly what you had hoped for.

Ethan: No, no. Let me get something straight here. Yes, I wanted you to see Nikolas for who he really was--not some noble prince, you know? And I wanted you to realize that what you had with him was just a fairy tale. But through all of that, I never wanted you hurt.

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. Well, I was.

Ethan: And I am so sorry for that. But now that your little escapade with Nikolas is over, I thought maybe you could take a second look at us.

Rebecca: No!

Ethan: You know, don't trash the good times, okay? I mean, we got off track, yes, but we can get back on.

Rebecca: Ethan, you don't understand, all right? He's forgiven me. He's not angry anymore.

Ethan: What?

Rebecca: Maybe Nikolas is a better person than either one of us. Look, I just want something on the record, okay? I planned to tell Nikolas the truth myself before going to Greece. I wanted to get rid of all the lies that were between us because that's how much I care about him. And thanks to you and lucky, see, I'm never really gonna know how Nikolas would have reacted if he'd heard the truth from me. But as it turns out, it doesn't really matter because he's convinced that we can see past this, and I'm willing to try. I'm going to Wyndemere tonight.

Ethan: But no, you're not thinking clearly. Rebecca--

Rebecca: I know. I'm not thinking at all, Ethan. That's what started this whole debacle. Look, again, thanks for forcing the issue. Thanks for going behind my back. Don't come back.

[Ethan exhales]

Nikolas: So is that the euphemism we're using for our kiss? "What happened"?

Elizabeth: It wasn't "our kiss." That implies intent. And yes, it was something that just happened, and it wasn't okay.

Nikolas: Actually, I thought it was--I thought it was quite fine myself, if you ask me.

Elizabeth: Oh, stop. I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you.

Nikolas: Well, maybe I don't want to have a serious conversation right now. Maybe my head will explode if I even attempt another one.

Elizabeth: Okay, okay. I understand. We'll table what happened.

Nikolas: Okay.

Elizabeth: But what can't be put off for another day is you facing the fact that you need to let go of Emily if you're gonna have any life at all.

Nikolas: I know, and I will.

Elizabeth: You say that a lot, but you need to mean it. Emily's always gonna be with you, but she needs to take her place in the past.

Nikolas: Yeah. So what you're very nicely not saying is I've been a self-indulgent fool? Yeah. Look, I'm telling you I'm done with that. I'm gonna work on what I need to have permanent closure with Emily. I promise. As God as my witness, I will. All right, I'll see you.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Come in. Hey.

Rebecca: Alfred said you were waiting up here for me.

Nikolas: Yeah, I hope you don't mind. Since you lived here, however brief it was, I didn't see any reasons for formalities.

Rebecca: Um, no, it's fine. It's better than fine, actually. Most apartments in Manhattan are smaller than this bedroom.

Nikolas: Like the one you shared with Ethan? Heh.

Rebecca: Heh. Yeah, it was small. It was furnished badly.

Nikolas: Really?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: Is that where you holed yourself up to research Emily?

Rebecca: Yeah. Yeah.

Nikolas: And where you first saw a picture of me?

Rebecca: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Well, what'd you think?

Rebecca: About you?

Nikolas: No, about President Obama.

Rebecca: Heh. Um, well, I thought you were incredibly handsome. And I had a feeling that you were going to be interesting. I just never dreamed how interested I'd be.

Nikolas: Well, I gotta tell you, I gotta give credit where credit is due. You almost pulled it off. You kept your cool, kept me in my place, at a distance until you couldn't, of course. Fortunately for us, we were able to move past the plan, right?

[Knock on door]

[Dominic sighs]

Olivia: I cannot believe that I am gonna say this, but you've got to stop coming over here every 5 minutes or you really are gonna blow your cover.

Dominic: Oh, nice to see you, too, Ma.

Olivia: Well, you're crackling, which means you either have very good news or very bad.

Dominic: Oh, that all depends on your perspective. I mean, it warms my heart. Maybe you, not so much. But it's something you should hear.

Olivia: All right. I guess you better tell me.

Dominic: I overheard Sonny and Claudia patching things up.

Olivia: Patching things up?

Dominic: Yes. As in, "let's make our marriage work. Let's start over again."

Olivia: And I care about this why?

Dominic: Well, your name came up. And Sonny said he's not gonna see you anymore. And the best part? He meant it. It wasn't just something he was saying to get something over on his wife. He's never going to see you again. And you know what that means, right?

Olivia: Well, clearly you do.

Dominic: That means you can finally get out of here and stop interfering with my job, go back to Bensonhurst and not have to be here while I bring Sonny down.

[Man singing in Spanish]

Michael: What's going on?

Kristina: [Sighs] I can't do this any more, Michael. I'm sorry to bail out on you like this, but I really miss Kiefer. I have to go home.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey.

Jason: You get it running?

Sam: Yep. Got it running.

Jason: Well, we have 2 guns, half a clip of ammo, knife, and about 10 grand in cash.

Sam: Not bad.

Jason: Yeah, I'd say we're in pretty good shape.

Sam: As long as Jerry doesn't find us, we are. Are you sure you're up for this? You know, the chase. Physically, I mean. I mean, not that... anything's wrong with you physically, really, of...

Jason: I'll get the car loaded, okay?

Sam: Jason. Um, look, we just had sex. I just don't know. I mean, should...shouldn't we talk about it? Maybe acknowledge it. Or neither. 

Jason: Is that what you want to do? You want to talk?

Sam: No. No, I just thought maybe if you wanted to.

Jason: No.

Sam: Good. Good, 'cause neither do I.

Jason: Great.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Great. So that's what?

Sam: Settled, yeah.

Jason: Fine?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: All right.

Jason: All right. Should we--

Sam: Let's go, yeah.

Claudia: You know, I noticed that you haven't mentioned the search for Michael very much. Is that because you think that I still blame him in some way for causing my accident? Because I don't. You know, Alexis confessed, and she's the one who's responsible. I know that.

Sonny: It was an accident.

Claudia: Well, please tell me you're gonna hold her accountable for what she caused.

Sonny: We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Claudia: Right. Okay. One thing at a time. The most important thing, bring Michael and Kristina home safely. It's been a long, eventful day. I'm gonna call it a night, okay?

Sonny: You can go ahead and sleep in my room if you want.

Claudia: Yeah. Okay.

Sonny: I'll be up in a second.

Claudia: I'll see you there.

Olivia: I am sorry to tell you this, honey, but you took a huge risk running over here to tell me something that I already know. Okay, I've been like a broken record for the past 2 weeks telling you that there is nothing between Sonny, and there's not ever gonna be anything between us.

Dominic: Oh, come on. Don't even try to pull that on me.

Olivia: What?

Dominic: I know what you sound like when you're pretending about something. You loved having someone chase you around. You loved that your mojo still worked on him. But unfortunately for you, he chose his wife. I mean, it sucks, but I'm sorry.

Olivia: Yeah, I can tell that you're very sorry. Look, I want to get one thing straight, I ain't going back to Bensonhurst, okay.

Dominic: Where's your pride, Ma?

Olivia: My pride? It's right here. It's you.

Dominic: Ahh.

Olivia: You are my pride and my joy. And I'm staying right here and I'm keeping both eyes on you to make sure that you don't get yourself killed.

Dominic: Wow.

Olivia: Okay?

Dominic: I'm an undercover cop and I've got--

Olivia: Dut dut dut! I don't want to--I don't want to hear anything else about it. Okay? Give me a hug. Come here. I love you. Now get out of here before you really do blow your cover.

Dominic: You're hopeless. You know that, right?

Olivia: Yeah, whatever you say.

Dominic: Okay.

[Olivia sighs]

[Elizabeth sighs]

Woman: There's no turning back this is our chance

Nikolas: This is a rare vintage. I thought it was appropriate.

Woman: We don't ever say

Rebecca: It's wonderful. And, um, so is this. Nikolas, I didn't think I was going to have another chance with you, and I so wanted it.

Nikolas: Well, to a new beginning.

Rebecca: Hear hear. You know what, I'm glad the truth came out.

Nikolas: Really?

Rebecca: Yeah. Yeah, I wish you had heard it from me, but what's done is done and now you know the worst about me.

Nikolas: Yes, I do. I know exactly who Rebecca Shaw is.

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