GH Transcript Friday 8/21/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/21/09


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Sam: Jason? Hey. Jason. Wake up. Hey.

Jason: Hi.

Sam: You scared me.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Sam: What am I gonna do with you?

Johnny: Oh, what the hell did you just hit me for?

Dominic: I hate it when guys insult women. Try and show a little more respect.

Johnny: I was paying Olivia a compliment, all right?

Dominic: Comments about how she satisfies you are not really compliments.

Johnny: That's not what I meant.

Dominic: You know, a gentleman keeps thoughts about things like that to himself.

Johnny: Yeah, right. Thanks for the tip. Really appreciate it.

Dominic: Anytime.

Johnny: Look, now I got one for you, all right?

Dominic: Oh, yeah?

Johnny: Yeah.

Dominic: [Groaning]

Olivia: I've managed to keep Dante's secret his entire life. Connie and I are the only ones that know that Sonny's the father.

Jax: Right. Until now.

Olivia: Yeah. You had to go and overhear it, didn't you?

Jax: Well, I'm sorry. It is my office.

Olivia: Okay, but I gotta ask, um...can I trust you to keep your mouth shut, or do I have to worry about what you're gonna do?

Sonny: What is--what is that doing here?

Claudia: I forgot to cancel the order. It was for our baby.

Sonny: Where's max and Milo? 'Cause they should have never let that thing come through.

Claudia: It's okay. I'm all right with it.

Sonny: Well, you don't look all right, and you know what? I want to call the store and have them--

Claudia: No, it was just-- it's fine. It's not their fault. I ordered it a couple months ago and I forgot to cancel it. Look what they threw in as a special prize. Isn't it cute?

Sonny: You know what? I'm just gonna ask them to send somebody over to pick it up and bring it back.

Claudia: No, not yet. Please? I was just remembering-- just remembering the day that I bought it. It's okay. You and I had some kind of a fight. I don't know what we were fighting about, you know? Big surprise. But I didn't intend to go shopping. I just wanted to get out of the house for a while, and I went downtown and I was walking around looking around and I saw this baby store. So I went in, and I remember I was totally overwhelmed because they had so much stuff, you know?

Sonny: Claudia, do you really want to do this right now?

Claudia: And then I saw this chair and I went down over to it and I sat in it and I started rocking--it was so comfortable-- and the saleslady walked up to me and she goes, "you look like you belong there." And that was it. I bought it right there on the spot. I never even imagined rocking our baby in it then, I never will.

Sonny: It should never be here, Claudia.

Claudia: You should see how comfortable it is.

Sonny: I don't want to see how comfortable it is.

Claudia: Just see for yourself how comfortable it is. Our son would have loved it. Sonny, it's so comfortable.

Sonny: Claudia, please, stop it.

Jax: Of course you can trust me, Olivia. I mean, you've kept my secret for months, that Jerry and Claudia were behind Michael's shooting.

Olivia: And I will continue to keep that secret until you tell me otherwise, okay?

Jax: But as far as secrets go, this is, uh, this is a big one. I can't believe that you and Sonny have a child together.

Olivia: What can I say, Jax? I was a lovestruck teenager. I was stupid enough to let myself get pregnant.

Jax: Yes, but smart enough to keep Sonny away from him and not let him get involved in his child's life.

Olivia: It was actually a lot easier to just act like I got myself pregnant and I didn't know who did it. You know? What's a little bit of shame compared to keeping your kid safe?

Jax: Still, that was an honorable choice, okay? And you did keep him safe.

Olivia: Yeah. Dante is a great kid.

Jax: Yeah. Thanks to you.

Olivia: Well, thanks to Sonny. Say what you want about the guy, he makes great kids.

Jax: All right, I'll give him that much.

Olivia: It's really just a shame that he's never gonna know what a...what a wonderful man his oldest boy would grow up to be.

Jax: Well, what Sonny doesn't know can't hurt you or Dante.

Olivia: God, I keep telling myself that. I want to... I want to believe that I shouldn't have any regrets, but...

Jax: As long as Dante and Sonny don't end up on some kind of collision course, you got nothing to worry about.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Jax: Well, Dante's a cop. Sonny's a criminal. I mean, they're enemies, Olivia, even if they don't know it yet.

[Music playing]

Dominic: [Groans] Are we done or are we taking a break?

Johnny: We're done. And considering what you thought I said about Olivia, I deserved to get hit.

Dominic: Apology accepted.

Johnny: Yeah. But despite what you thought I said about Olivia. I was paying her a compliment. And I wasn't trying to compare the two. Lulu and Olivia, they're both amazing.

Dominic: Respectfully speaking.

Johnny: Of course.

Dominic: While we're talking mea culpas here, uh, I probably shouldn't have been so territorial about Lulu.

Johnny: Well, Lulu's a contradiction. She is. She pretends like she loves danger, says she loves danger, loves risk, but at the end of the day, she's easy to hurt.

Dominic: You think that I'm gonna hurt her?

Johnny: I did. My life's been a mess, you know? And I became a mess as a result, and a lot of that fell on Lulu.

Dominic: Well, that explains her latent hostility. She's got me confused with you.

Johnny: [Laughs] Well--ow. Whereas what, you're safe and secure?

Dominic: No, but I am charming and that makes up for a lot.

Johnny: Okay, we'll leave that up to Lulu to decide, all right? But proceed with caution. All right? That whole respect talk you gave me--Lulu deserves that, and a hell of a lot more.

Lucky: So, uh, what about the potato salad?

Elizabeth: Just leave it in the fridge for right now. I don't want it to go bad in the heat.

Lucky: Yeah, why not? Then we wouldn't have to eat it.

Elizabeth: Oh, ha ha. I know it's not the best, but it's getting better, isn't it?

Lucky: Ah, the jury's out.


Elizabeth: Oh, you think it's gonna rain? Aah! Not in Mommy's face!

Lucky: It better not, after we finally convinced Nikolas to come over for a picnic.

Elizabeth: And if he decides not to show, we just need to accept that he needs a little space.

Nikolas: That is the last thing I need.

Lucky: Hey, look who's here-- Uncle Nikolas! Hey, I hope you didn't get the chips and salsa. Well, I kind of...

Nikolas: Come on.

Lucky: [Laughs]

Jason: Are you okay?

Sam: Me? Yeah, I'm fine. Come on, you''re the one who got shot.

Jason: Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah. I'm fine.

Jason: I mean, you can admit that you're exhausted, you know. I know it's not easy. You've been taking care of me nonstop.

Sam: No, Jason, it was a piece of cake.

Jason: No, it wasnít.

Sam: Okay, fine. It was killer, and I can't believe I actually survived. I think your fever's down a lot. At least you're getting better.

Jason: Yes, I--I--

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I said better, but not well enough to move. Uh-uh.

Jason: We're wasting time.

Sam: Wasting time? Jason, we're in the middle of nowhere. Where are we gonna go?

Jason: But if I get up, start moving around, I'll get some more energy.

Sam: Or you will pass out. Let's not push our luck.

Jax: It never occurred to you that Dante might get involved in a case one day that will lead him to Sonny?

Olivia: Occur to me? Jax, it haunts me every day of my life. But what am I supposed to do? I'm gonna sit him down one day and say, oh, by the way, I've been lying to you your entire life. I actually do know who your father is. He happens to be the biggest crime figure in the tri-state area. I mean, I can't see that going over very well.

Jax: What if you just come clean? I mean, tell them the truth, you know? Let them figure out where their relationship goes from there.

Olivia: It can't happen, Jax. It puts Dante at way too much risk.

Jax: Doesn't not telling Dante put him at more risk?

Claudia: Sonny, we can't just pretend like the baby never happened. I mean, he was real, and we expected him, and we wanted him, and then he was-- he was gone.

Sonny: We're supposed to move on. That's what we're supposed to do, just...

Claudia: I'm trying. Maybe I'm just not as strong as you are.

Sonny: It's not about strength, Claudia, it's about--

Claudia: What?

Sonny: It's about focus. We have to focus on what we have, not on what we lost.

Claudia: Well, what do I have, Sonny? I mean, come on, really, honestly, tell me, what do I have?

Sonny: Okay, I'm gonna have the guys bring this up to the nursery if that's what you want.

Claudia: Do you know what I want? You know, when I was a little girl and I was like 7 years old, I really, really wanted a puppy. dad said that the only good dogs were guard dogs. So I befriended one of our guard dogs, this really beautiful German shepherd. Her name was Duchess. When my dad went to sleep at night, I would bring her into my room, and at first she'd just sleep by the door.

Sonny: She was doing her job, protecting you. Right?

Claudia: But after a while, I got her to sleep at the foot of my bed. And then, um, one night, Duchess was growling and I woke up to find my dad and these two men standing over me. He was really upset. And he took Duchess away and I never saw her again.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Your dad probably felt the dog went soft and it couldn't keep you safe anymore.

Claudia: I didn't want it to keep me safe; I wanted it to be my friend.

Sonny: Everything has a purpose.

Claudia: You sound like my dad.

Sonny: I may. Your dad is my enemy, but he's not a stupid man.

Claudia: I was so angry and so upset because I finally had something that I wanted, something that I loved, and then it was taken away. It's just like--

Sonny: Listen, you can't keep dwelling on the baby. You canít.

Claudia: But I don't want to forget, Sonny. I don't want to forget what we almost had and what I already started to love. Maybe you can't understand that--

Sonny: No, no, I do understand. I just don't think it's smart to create a shrine to a child.

Claudia: I'm not, I'm not! I'm not creating a shrine. I just--I don't--I don't want to forget just yet. This and the chair and that little room upstairs that would have been his nursery, that's all we have left of our son.

Lucky: You know, I'm sure Elizabeth is probably finding something of Cam's for Spencer to wear.

Nikolas: Yeah, Norma didn't dress him right. I don't know what she was thinking.

Lucky: You're a little overdressed yourself.

Nikolas: Mm. Yeah, I guess I'm just a little distracted.

Lucky: I understand.

Nikolas: You mean utterly humiliating?

Lucky: Life goes on.

Nikolas: Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Lucky: Something like that.

Nikolas: All right, so I was an idiot. Both Elizabeth and Alexis warned me that Rebecca was trouble, but I didn't listen.

Lucky: You were blinded by the memory of Emily.

Nikolas: Which is even more humiliating, don't you think? I was so lost in my own grief, I fixated on Emilyís twin. Whatever. That's done. I'm ready to put it behind me.

Elizabeth: Go, go, go! Crisis averted. We found the perfect suit.

Nikolas: All right. Spencer, did you thank Elizabeth?

Spencer: Thank you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Oh, you're so welcome, sweetheart. There.

Nikolas: Next time I'll make sure that Norma sends a swim bag with your suit in it, okay?

Spencer: Well, what...oh, okay.

Elizabeth: Isn't that nice? Something else?

Sam: No, no, no, no. Sit back. I already told you Jerry couldn't be bothered with the kids.

Jason: Since when do we believe what Jerry says?

Sam: [Sighs] You know, you're gonna do whatever it is that you want, no matter what I say, 'cause it's how you are.

Jason: I'm stronger than you think.

Sam: Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna go get some bandages just in case.

Jason: [Breathing hard] 

Johnny: How long you work for my old man?

Dominic: Year, year and a half.

Johnny: And Ronnie Dimestico brought you in, right?

Dominic: Why are you asking me questions you already got the answers to?

Johnny: I'm wondering.

Dominic: What, where my loyalties lie?

Johnny: You broke the land-speed record jumping from Zacchara to Corinthos, so...

Dominic: And what did you do?

Johnny: Point taken.

Dominic: Right. Anyone who thinks I'm playing both sides here is wrong. I work for Sonny now. I'm not interested in Anthonyís plan to consolidate and take over again. As far as I'm concerned, your father can rot in jail till the end of time. No offense.

Johnny: None taken.

Dominic: You know, there's probably some people out there who are just as suspicious of you as you are of me.

Johnny: Those people would be wrong.

Dominic: None of that "honor thy father" crap for you, John?

Johnny: Please. I don't know about your father, but mine was a complete bastard. He doesn't deserve any honor.

Dominic: You know, maybe my father was a saint. Maybe he was a sinner. I don't know. I never met him.

Johnny: What, your ma never talked about him?

Dominic: That'd be difficult. She, uh, didn't even know who he was.

Olivia: I always knew that Dante was gonna wind up in some kind of high-risk profession. I mean, that kid was a born adrenaline junkie. I mean, I lost count of the number of times he almost killed himself when he was a kid. I would just be standing there watching, you know, with my heart in my throat. The kid would just look up at me with those big eyes and just laugh right in my face. I mean, it was pretty clear that he was not gonna follow my father and my brothers into automotive maintenance.

Jax: It never worried you that he might gravitate towards the mob?

Olivia: Uh, only every single day for the first 17 years of his life. I swear, when he told me he was joining the police academy, I practically wept with joy.

Jax: I'll bet he's a good cop, you know?

Olivia: He is. He's the best. Top of his class. Smart. The first month he was there still in a rookie uniform, he brought down a corruption ring inside the department. Took down a high-ranking captain and 17 detectives. Yeah.

Jax: Really?

Olivia: Yes.

Jax: Wow. That took some guts.

Olivia: You've got no idea. Cops hate cops that take down other cops. You know, he made a lot of enemies there.

Jax: Well, good guys often do.

Olivia: Yeah, but he didn't care. That's the thing. With Dante, it was the right thing to do. And that's Dante. He's all about doing the right thing, even if he sometimes goes about it the wrong way.

Jax: What do you mean by that?

Olivia: Well, he doesn't take direction very well. Okay? Just like his father. Actually, him and Sonny are really a lot alike.

Jax: Yeah? How's that?

Olivia: Cocky. And arrogant. They're all about taking chances. You know?

Jax: Some people are just born to take risks.

Olivia: Thank you. That's my kid. I remember this one time, I caught him, you know, pulling himself across a clothesline, from my Aunt Teresaís window to the building across the way, 3 stories up.

Jax: You're kidding.

Olivia: Yeah. And then try having an argument with this kid, he's so stubborn, and he'll just smile at me, and he just-- he melts my heart, just like his father. Unfortunately.

Jax: Well, from what you've told me about him, it seems like Dante's his own man.

Olivia: Yeah. But still, he and Sonny are a lot alike. You know, it's like what they would say in the neighborhood--two sides of the same coin. You know? All the things that make Dante a great cop are what make Sonny a great crook. I'm just afraid that someday it's gonna get them both killed.

Jax: Or they could go their whole lives and never cross paths.

Olivia: But you see why this needs to remain a secret, Jax, right? Nobody can know. Not even Carly. Especially Carly. I just--I have a feeling that if she knew, one way or another she'd wind up telling Sonny, and it would just be disaster for everybody.

Jax: Hmm.

Claudia: Tell me something, Sonny. What kind of a father were you to Michael and Morgan?

Sonny: Why do you want to do this now, huh?

Claudia: Please?

Sonny: I guess, you know, I mean...I would--I'd read to them. [Laughs] You know, like the-- the old mysteries, you know, those brothers, the Hardy Boys.

Claudia: Mm. Johnny liked that, too.

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: What else?

Sonny: Uh... Morgan...he used to love to build things. Right. And Michael would--he loved trains, just like I did when I was a kid.

Claudia: Really? I don't see you as the model train kind of kid.

Sonny: No, not the model trains, the real trains. I loved the real trains. There used to be this place I used to go to when I was growing up, right by the train tracks. A great place to hide when you're trying to stay away from home. It wasn't fancy. I'd just hang there for hours.

Claudia: Doing what?

Sonny: Just watching the trains go by. I used to hear, you know, the sounds of the whistle.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And the train tracks would--the wheels and... it just reminded--it kind of reminded me of freedom.

Claudia: It could have been. You could have jumped on a train at any time you wanted and just...gone away.

Sonny: Yeah, I could have, but I had too much to prove to too many people. So I stayed and I stuck it out and I made my mark. I always said that I wanted build a life where my children would--wouldn't have to run and hide to an empty boxcar.

Claudia: Including our son, if he'd been born, right?

Sonny: Absolutely.

Claudia: I was thinking about that, too, the other day. Just-- you know, my mind got away from me and I started daydreaming, and I, um, I saw our little boy go through school, the whole deal. First grade, high school, he even graduated from college.

Sonny: Top of the class, naturally.

Claudia: Of course. He was gonna have everything that we never had.

Sonny: I would have made sure of that. Um...

Claudia: We would have been okay, right? I mean, we would have been--

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Claudia: We would have been okay parents, right? What?

Sonny: [Laughs] I gotta go. I'll be right back.

Sam: [Laughs]

Jason: That means you're back.

Sam: And you're still in bed.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: You didn't even make it to the door, did you?

Jason: I didn't make it anywhere.

Sam: Well, that's a good thing. Your fever's down still. We gotta be careful because it just may spike again. And I certainly don't need you going all...delirious on me again.

Jason: I'm sorry I scared you.

Sam: You didn't scare me. You were just...talking.

Jason: About what?

Sam: You know...stuff. About stuff. The past. But, uh, I don't know, most of it really didn't make too much sense.

Jason: Was I talking about Hawaii?

Sam: Uh, why would you think that you brought up Hawaii?

Jason: I just remember dreaming about it.

Sam: Well, you know, I mean, you were kind of rambling on about it. You were talking about stuff like the color of the sky and the ocean. It was sort of like you were... picturing it.

Jason: And what about the little house with the porch?

Sam: Mm. The lanai.

Jason: Yeah. And then the big plant.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Jason: And what was the other stuff?

Sam: Ginger.

Jason: Right.

Sam: It was amazing, wasn't it? You would open the door and the smell would come right in.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Oh, it's crazy what a fever will do to you. And it kind of brings up all sorts of things. I bet you haven't thought about Hawaii in, jeez, I don't know, like forever.

Jason: I've thought about it.

Johnny: Hey. Okay.

Claudia: John. What are you doing here?

Johnny: Looking for Sonny.

Claudia: You just missed him.

Johnny: Okay. May I ask what you're doing?

Claudia: Thinking about my dead baby. Next question.

Johnny: Okay, I'll take "why is the chair in the living room?" for 800.

Claudia: I forgot to cancel the order. They delivered it this morning.

Johnny: So send it back.

Claudia: I was just having a conversation with Sonny. He said the exact same thing. What is it with you guys? Why is it so easy for you to turn off your emotions? I was having a conversation with Sonny about our baby, and we had a real, honest moment, Johnny. We were completely connected for a moment. And then bam--he just... shut down, just like that. Walked right out. We both know where he went, so if you had any plans scheduled for this afternoon with the Madonna of Easy Street, you might want to cancel them. I'm pretty sure Sonny's a-bangin' on her door as we speak.

Johnny: Claudia, I'm not even gonna go there. I'm not gonna fight with you about Olivia or Sonny or anything, all right?

Claudia: Fine. So leave. Bail on me like everybody else. It's fine.

Johnny: Okay, look. Listen to me. I'm sorry about what happened to you and to your baby, okay? I am. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

Claudia: Then respect my grief, okay?

Johnny: And what? Believe that you can actually be happy with Sonny? You canít. Damn it, Claudia. You are holding on to something that never even existed in the first place, so just let go, move on.

Claudia: I'll tell Sonny you came by. That is, if I can... tear him away from that whore Olivia. What is it the two of you see in her? I will never understand.

Johnny: You know, Claudia, I don't expect you to understand, because Olivia is too real and too honest for you to ever comprehend.

Claudia: John, come on! We all have secrets, Johnny. Even your cougar. You just don't know her whole story yet.

Johnny: Yeah.

Olivia: Thank you, Jax. I know I'm asking a lot of you.

Jax: Well, I'm keeping my own secrets from Carly. I don't like the idea of having to keep yours, too, but don't worry, I will.

Olivia: Yeah, but it's a non-issue. No one is ever gonna find out.

Jax: Sonny has a lot of connections, you know. Brooklyn, Manhattan, too.

Olivia: Yeah, but the two of them don't know that they have any connection to each other.

Jax: What about the resemblance, father to son?

Olivia: It's not the kind of thing that you'd notice unless you were looking for it. I mean, they got the same eyes and the same smile. Dante didn't get the dimples, though. But it's only little things that I would pick up on, nobody else. We're talking about this like it's gonna happen. And what are the odds?

Jax: You know, I don't envy you having to live with this.

Olivia: Well, thank you for not judging me.

Jax: Well, we both know Sonny. If he found out about Dante, he'd want to make him a Corinthos, you know, like he's done with Michael and Morgan.

Olivia: From what I've seen, he's a pretty good father to those kids. Yeah?

Jax: Well, then you haven't seen enough. The boys would be a hell of a lot better without Sonny in their lives.

Olivia: You just see the bad in Sonny, Jax.

Jax: Well, that's because there's not a lot of good to see. Don't worry, I'll keep your secret. Although I can't guarantee that Carly won't still find out.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Jax: Well, you know Carly. She has a way of...stumbling upon the truth.

Olivia: All right.


Mike: Morgan!

Morgan: cream. Hi, Grandpa.

Mike: Heya, kid.

Dominic: Did somebody say ice cream? How's it going, buddy?

Morgan: Hey.

Dominic: Hey there, Mrs. Jacks.

Claudia: Look who's back. What's the matter, Olivia toss you out?

Sonny: I didn't go to Oliviaís.

Claudia: Really? Johnny's gonna be so happy to hear that, if it's even true. With you I can never tell.

Sonny: I'm not lying. Listen. I'm not lying. Okay? Now, look, I'm done messing with Olivia.

Claudia: What happened? Did she throw you out?

Sonny: This is not good for us. None of it is.

Claudia: What's not good?

Sonny: This arguing and tension. And you...look, I know you're suffering. It's normal. But you need to let go, and I think I have a way to help that out.


Sonny: Ready? Here.

Claudia: Oh, that's--I should have known. You want a divorce?

Mike: So, check it out.

Morgan: Oh, cool!

Mike: Yeah! Thought you'd like them. Hey, it's good to see you out and about.

Carly: Oh, it's so good to be out of the house.

Morgan: Oh, we're here for ice cream.

Dominic: Well, you came to the right place, buddy. I'll leave you guys to it.

Mike: All right. So the big question is, one spoon or two?

Carly: Two spoons. I'll have chicken and broccoli later.

Mike: Listen, uh, have there been any more emails from Michael or Kristina?

Carly: One, saying that they were okay, but not where they are.

Mike: Oh. So Jason is still out looking for them, then?

Carly: Yeah. With Sam. I'll feel a lot better when he calls. Or better yet, when he brings them home.

Morgan: Yeah, I miss my brother.

Mike: Okay. Here you go.

Morgan: Oh, thanks.

Carly: Wow!

Morgan: And thanks for the cards. They're awesome.

Mike: You're welcome.

Carly: Be careful. Thank you.

Morgan: Hey, Dominic, check these out.

Dominic: Hey, you know what? One day, I will show you my Mickey Mantle 500th home run motion card.

Morgan: You've got one?

Carly: Uh, hey. I thought you were gonna share that.

Morgan: Uh, pull up a chair.

Dominic: Oh, okay.

Carly: I got it. I just want a bite, you know, while you guys talk about baseball. Hey, Morgan, why don't you tell Dominic about your trip to Yankee stadium?

Dominic: You know, I would love to hear all about that.

Olivia: Uh...sorry.

Jason: You remember the time when you decided to tackle the garden?

Sam: Oh, you had to bring that up.

Jason: Yeah, it was that big-- that big plant thing.

Sam: It's called bird of paradise.

Jason: Whatever. You were trying to make it smaller, and you were hacking and--

Sam: No, I was trying to make that neater.

Jason: Neater? You should have just pulled it out of the ground.

Sam: I really like that plant. It was just too big.

Jason: Not when you were finished with it. And then you were messier and you were dirtier and you were angry at that plant, and you were--

Sam: No, stop it. No, you are wrong. I wanted the garden to be nice and neat so we had someplace to sit and relax and have quiet time.

Jason: Yeah, but you wouldn't leave that plant alone.

Sam: Okay, fine. I know. I was kind of digging and pulling and cursing a lot. And then I'd look up and you'd be standing in the doorway. And sometimes you actually had a smile on your face. And other times, your face was so white from the pain in your head, Jason, I felt so useless.

Jason: You did everything you could for me.

[Cameron and Spencer chattering]

Lucky: What do you think, 90% humidity?

Nikolas: Oh, I almost wish it would rain, just to clear the air.

Lucky: Yeah, that would be good.

Nikolas: Now, that was subtle.

Lucky: I don't apologize for worrying. I mean, finding out about Rebecca has got to be devastating.

Nikolas: Thank you for trying to cheer me up.

Lucky: Listen, I really do want to believe that you're putting this all behind you.

Nikolas: Then believe it.

Lucky: I know you, Nikolas. And I know something is still bothering you. And I don't want to see you go all Cassadine on somebody.

Nikolas: You're being a little dramatic, aren't you, Lucky?

Lucky: With your family history, no, not really.

Nikolas: Well, what is it you think I'm gonna do, kidnap Rebecca, lock her in my basement, tie her to some train tracks? I mean, give me some credit here.

Lucky: I'm more worried about what you might do to yourself. Something you'll regret.

Nikolas: I wonít.

Elizabeth: Okay. Now we have a crisis.

Lucky: What?

Elizabeth: I forgot the cake.

Nikolas: Uh-oh. Did you hear that, boys? No cake. Wható

Cameron: Ohh! We're out of here!

Elizabeth: Don't worry, you guys, pipe down. I'm gonna go get it.

Lucky: No, no, you know what? Listen. I'll go. I'll go get the cake? You know what? I'll actually take the boys. All right, guys, let's go get some cake, and maybe we can get some ice cream, huh?

Elizabeth: Oh, that'll be fun. Whoop!

Lucky: Oh, whoa! Slow down, slow down. Yeah, what kind of ice cream do you like, huh? Maybe a little chocolate-chip? What about you? Spencer, what kind? Strawberry?

Spencer: Um, chocolate mint.

Lucky: Chocolate mint? Oh, my God, we're gonna have so much ice cream. Okay, all right. Be careful.

Nikolas: He's a good dad.

Elizabeth: Yeah. It looks like things are going well with you and Spencer. You guys are becoming closer?

Nikolas: Yeah, I guess. It's certainly not easy, though. Emily had a connection with him that I...I just didn't have. And when she died, I...guess I just kind of felt a little lost. I was so afraid to do something wrong, I pulled back even more.

Elizabeth: All parents are afraid of doing something wrong. We just learn as we go.

Nikolas: It's that I don't even know where to start. I could use some help.

Elizabeth: Lucky and I are always happy to help you. You know that.


Nikolas: Perfect timing.

Elizabeth: Help me get this stuff in! It's gonna get all wet! [Laughing] Forget that. Leave it. Aah! Ha ha! 

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Nikolas: It's just water, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah. How much harm could it do... anyway?

Jason: I was really... ready to die in Hawaii. And I was okay with it. It was the living that scared me, feeling like I was broken.

Sam: Fear is not something I associate with you.

Jason: Not about that. But you convinced me... you know, to take the chance and have that surgery. I'll never forget that.

Claudia: You're not gonna answer me? You're just gonna stand there while I read it?

Sonny: Will you open the damn envelope.

Claudia: What is the point? It's news I don't want to hear.

Sonny: Okay, let me do that for you then, okay? Here you go.

Claudia: Port Charles University. What is this?

Sonny: Would you just keep reading?

Claudia: "This is to acknowledge the request by Mr. Michael Corinthos, Jr... to set up a scholarship in the name of Michael and Claudia Corinthos. Scholarship to be set up in honor of the memory of..." what is this?

Sonny: We're setting up a fund for a kid whose parents don't have enough money to get an education like you would have wanted for our son.

Claudia: With both of our names on it? I don't understand.

Sonny: Well, I'm not looking for a way out anymore.

Claudia: You don't want a divorce?

Sonny: No.

Dominic: Are you all right there, Ms. Falconeri?

Olivia: Are you gonna use them to dig up dirt on Sonny?

Dominic: Of course not. Why don't you lighten up?

Olivia: I am so sorry, everybody. It's just been one been one of those days. Sorry.

Carly: Have another fight with your son?

Olivia: Sometimes I think that Dante does not have the sense that God gave lettuce.

Morgan: That's funny. It sounds like your son's in a lot of trouble.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Dominic: Take this as a lesson, Morgan. You do not want to tick off your mother. You'll never hear the end of it.

Morgan: Boy, don't I know it.

Dominic: But you know what? She will always forgive you. She can't help it. Isn't that right, Ms. Falconeri? I mean, no matter what your boy does, you will always forgive him in the end, won't you?

Olivia: Not always.

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