GH Transcript Thursday 8/20/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/20/09


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Jax: I ordered a special lunch that will be ready for you after your appointment with Dr. Lee, and it will be standing by all day long for you.

Carly: Do they get a bonus if I eat healthy?

Jax: Yes, as a matter of fact, they do. How you feeling?

Carly: Good.

Jax: That's good.

Carly: Same way I was feeling about 2 minutes when you asked.

Jax: Right.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I'll drop these off with Olivia, and then, I'll drive you to the hospital.

Carly: You know what? I have major cabin fever. Let's walk.

Jax: No. It's too far.

Carly: It's 2 blocks.

Jax: It's 90 degrees outside.

Carly: Honey... honey, I'll make it worth your while later.

Jax: No. No, no, no. I'm not taking any chances with you or that precious, precious little baby.

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio, any chance of a consultation, or are you playing detective all day?

Matt: Oh, don't even knock the woman who worked so hard to clear my name.

Robin: Thank you. It's in the genes. I can't really help it. And I'm very close to proving who killed Brianna Hughes.

Patrick: But we're not jumping the gun, right?

Robin: I have all the evidence in order. Don't worry about it.

Patrick: Okay.

Lulu: Hey, Robin. Uh, hey. Got a second? [Chuckles]

Robin: Sure. Is something wrong?

Lulu: Um, no. I just--I need your help with something.

Robin: Did you hit your head?

Lulu: No.

Patrick: Let me take a look at it.

Lulu: No, no. It's fine. I just want to talk to Robin.

Robin: Okay. Well, whatever it is, we can deal with it. Just tell me what happened.

Matt: She glued her hand to her head.

Mike: Here's a couple of cousins I don't get to see together very often.

Nikolas: Well, I offered to take Molly anywhere she wanted to go for breakfast, and...

Mike: And you picked Kelly’s? Oh! I am honored. Honored. Please, have a seat.

Molly: Thank you.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Mike: Mmm. Well, are we celebrating, or are we all just relieved that Michael finally emailed and said that he and Kristina were okay?

Molly: Actually, I'll be more relieved when they come home, and so far, that's not happening.

Mike: They'll be back. Jason and Sam are old hands at rescuing wayward family members, okay? Okay. So, in the meantime, what can I get you two for breakfast?

Molly: I'll have the usual, please.

Mike: The usual? You got it.

Nikolas: Make that 2, please.

Mike: Make that 2. I like your good manners. And your coffee will be right out, okay?

Nikolas: All right. Thank you. Thank you.

Molly: Well, we might as well enjoy our breakfast before my mother arrives, because I'm going to be in some serious trouble.

Nikolas: Well, I'll say this-- you were concerned enough about the family to not only sneak out but take a taxi to the docks, take the launch, get past Alfred, all in the middle of the night. I'm actually very impressed.

Molly: Thank you.

Nikolas: I mean, not that I would recommend you doing it again. Don't worry. I'll put in a good word with your mother, and I apologize again for being so distant in the past few months. I know that, uh, you've been going through a difficult time, and I'll try and be more supportive from now on.

Molly: I do have one question about last night.

Nikolas: Okay. Ask me anything.

Molly: Why were you out on the turret wall talking to Emily when she's dead?

[Rebecca grunts]

Dominic: Ohh. Ohh. Damn. Ohh. [Inhales] Oh. Good morning.

Rebecca: Okay. Why are you in my room?

Dominic: Oh, no. I live here now.

Rebecca: Okay. Then where do I-- oh, yeah.

Dominic: Ahh.

[Rebecca groans]

Dominic: How much do you remember about last night?

Rebecca: Ugh. If I wanted to remember last night, I wouldn't have gotten so drunk. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, God. We didn't, uh... you know, did we?

Dominic: Yeah, we did. 

Jax: I haven't seen you this happy in a long time.

Carly: Ohh. Mmm. You know what?

Jax: What?

Carly: That email from Michael and Kristina did wonders, but we should have heard from Jason by now.

Jax: You think Spinelli is not telling us something? He was acting a little stranger than usual last night.

Carly: Spinelli's so afraid of Sonny, it's hard to tell. And he could be working for Jason on the side.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: You know what I was thinking? That a walk would really, really get all this off my mind and make me feel so much better.

Jax: Well, I can give you a tour of the landscaping when we get home.

Carly: Mmm. When we get home?

Jax: Yes.

Carly: I like the sound of that.

Jax: Oh, okay. Mmm. Come on.

Kate: Sorry. [Chuckles] Jax, I'm so glad that I caught you.

Jax: Can it wait a couple of hours?

Kate: Actually, no. It can't wait any longer. It pertains to the future of Crimson.

Carly: Well, wouldn't want to get in the way of that.

Jax: Uh, just take a cab, okay, please?

Carly: Yes. Love you. I'm so going to take a cab.

Jax: Thank you.

Lulu: And I didn't really have time to fix the picture frame, and I was working really fast, and the glue, like, spilled all over my hands, and then Kate calls, and she's really upset with me because I didn't tell her about a spa appointment. The spa appointment isn't until next week. But anyway, she says that she would be so disappointed if I didn't get to work in 10 minutes, and I was rushing, and I put my hands in my hair, and I forgot about the glue. How did you know?

Patrick: That's a great question.

Matt: I'm a trained professional.

Robin: Can I take a look?

Lulu: Yes. I mean, there's got to be, like, a solvent or something, you know, that would just take it out.

Robin: Wow. I've never seen anything like that. You think the glue is on your scalp?

Lulu: No. It's the hand and the hair.

Patrick: Then just cut your hair.

Lulu: No!

Matt: You don't understand women at all.

[Lulu sighs]

Dominic: You slept on the bed. I slept on the chair. Is that what you mean?

Rebecca: Yeah, you know what I meant. I must have been completely plastered if I slept through the trash trucks, though. Do they drive through the alley at 3:00 in the morning?

Dominic: Yeah. You know what? There must be some kind of a pick-up point or something.

Rebecca: Yeah.

[Window shuts]

Rebecca: Ohh. God. Yeah. That noise used to drive me crazy.

Dominic: Well, I liked it. It kind of puts me to sleep. I'm from Brooklyn, Bensonhurst to be exact. Dominic Pirelli, in case you don't remember.

Rebecca: Uh, no. I remember.


Dominic: You're not going to cry again, are you?

Rebecca: I cried last night?

Dominic: Yeah. You broke my heart. [Laughs]

Rebecca: Oh, God. I'm sorry. We started out at Jake’s, right?

Dominic: Yeah. Yeah.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Dominic: You were a mad drunk. I was just drinking.

Rebecca: Well, I don't remember.

Dominic: We were talking about secrets. I'm for, you're against. But you didn't really ever tell me much.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: Oh, God, what's that smell?

Dominic: That's Kelly’s breakfast. You'd probably feel better if you ate something.

Rebecca: Hey, thank you for not taking advantage of me last night.

Dominic: Hey, I'm a gentleman. You didn't notice?

Rebecca: Heh. You're kind of sweet, in a completely obnoxious kind of way.

Dominic: Heh. Yeah. I get that a lot. That and nothing else.

Mike: Here we go, blueberry pancakes, bacon on the side, times two.

Molly: Mmm. Thank you.

Nikolas: Thank you. That looks great.

Mike: Well, of course, you have excellent taste in breakfast, young lady.

Nikolas: All right.

Molly: You know, it isn't fair to put yourself in danger as you did last night.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right.

Molly: We're all under stress. But what if we all went out to the edge of our roofs and talked to invisible people?

[Nikolas laughs]

Nikolas: Yeah. Right again. No, you're right. I was being selfish when I should have been thinking about the family, especially you. I know that your father just moved to Los Angeles, your sister just ran away, and your mother is... well, let's just say has some major issues. I'm glad, I'm honored, that you asked for my help.

Molly: Mom says everything will be all right if we just don't talk about it. Do you agree?

Nikolas: Well, I think there's something to be said for not escalating things. But I want you to feel like that you can talk to me about anything.


Molly: Do you know those people?

Nikolas: Do me a favor, will you? Go ask Mike for some more syrup. He's right over there.

Molly: Certainly. But just to be clear, we already have plenty of syrup.

Dominic: Well, if you ever want to visit your old room, just let me know. My door is always open.

Rebecca: Okay. I may take you up on that.

Nikolas: Wow. You didn't waste any time, did you?

Elizabeth: Hey, Nikolas, it's me. Look, we need to talk about what happened last night, 'cause that whole kiss was a really big mistake for the both of us. But I am still your friend, and I am still worried about you. Can you call me and let me know how you're doing, please?

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: What's up with you and Nikolas? I mean, I left him 2 messages, and I got zip. What about you?

Elizabeth: Nothing so far.

Lucky: Oh. You know, I'm thinking that this was a whole mistake, telling the truth about Rebecca.

Elizabeth: It was going to be a disaster no matter when he found out.

Lucky: Well, Nikolas is going to need all the support he can get, so I'm thinking he has an easier time taking help from you than he does from me.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I don't really know him that well.

Lucky: No, no, no. I'm counting on you to help my brother out. So spend as much time with him as possible.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Molly: I've seen that guy before.

Nikolas: Really?

Molly: Yeah. He's some kind of messenger.

Nikolas: Where have you seen him?

Molly: Around. Is that why you're so upset, 'cause Rebecca's with a messenger?

[Nikolas sighs]

Dominic: I thought you said you were never going to drink anything ever again.

[Rebecca groans]

Rebecca: Leave me alone. Heh.

Dominic: That's the guy, right? The one you were telling me about last night?

Rebecca: Yeah. Doesn't matter.

Dominic: Weren't you two at Jake’s the night Lulu fell for me?

Rebecca: You mean the night her brothers beat you up?

Dominic: Yeah. Yeah.

Rebecca: Yeah. Although that's one of her brothers, too.

Dominic: Well, if you ever want to make him insanely jealous, I'm your man.

Molly: Nikolas, you're ruining Mike's pancakes.

Nikolas: What? Oh. No. I like them this way.

Molly: Really?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Molly: You seem angry.

Nikolas: Nope. I'm fine.

Molly: Is it 'cause of Rebecca? It must be uncomfortable seeing someone who looks so much like Emily.

Nikolas: So, we excited about going back to school?

Molly: You're changing the subject.

Nikolas: We should be talking about you, not me.

Molly: Actually, I'm dreading school. I enjoy the coursework and all, but the girls in my class are saying terrible things about my mother.

Nikolas: Oh. I'm sorry. I know that must be difficult for you to hear.

Molly: It is. I wish I could stay home all the time and have a tutor.

Nikolas: Oh, well, you know, that's how I was educated. It gets pretty lonely, though.

[Door opens]

Molly: You know that good word you promised to put in with my mother? Now would be the time.

[Nikolas sighs]

Alexis: Hello. Very nice. You buy her her favorite breakfast as a consequence for the very naughty thing she did last night?

Nikolas: Actually, she was quite helpful last night. She has a gift for putting things into perspective.

Dominic: You need to eat something.

Rebecca: Yeah. I will.

Dominic: Look, I got to get going. Can I interest you in a fresh air stroll along the docks, perhaps?

Rebecca: Mmm, not a damn chance.

Dominic: Okay. I'll take that as a no.

Rebecca: I'm sorry. I know I'm being very rude when actually I'm very grateful to you for being such a gentleman last night.

Dominic: Anytime.

Rebecca: Am I interrupting?

Alexis: Molly, will you please go tell Mike how much you like his pancakes?

Molly: You can just tell me to leave, Mom. Don't have to make up an excuse.

Alexis: Right.

Rebecca: I just wanted to say congratulations. You were right. I lied to Nikolas from the day I arrived at Port Charles.

Kate: I'm sorry, Jax. I realize I should have told you this a long time ago.

Jax: Yeah. Are you sure that this can't wait until after Carly's appointment?

Kate: Uh, trust me. I want this to go as quickly as you do. So, as primary investor, you are aware of the overages we incurred when we first started Crimson.

Jax: Yes, yes, yes. I was concerned about them, but I took care of them.

Kate: Yes, but... they were actually worse than you knew. I was afraid that you would pull out of Crimson, and I was desperate, and...

[Jax sighs]

Kate: Look, Jax, I made a really bad decision. Trevor Lansing offered to help, and I took his money.

Jax: Was it Zacchara money?

Kate: One could assume.

Jax: Oh. And you ran it through Crimson.

Kate: Yeah.

Jax: And you and I both know that's money laundering.

Kate: Look, I don't know how Giselle found out, but somehow, she did, and she has been blackmailing me for months. She has demanded to see advanced copies of the layouts before they went to press, and now, she's furious because one went to press without her seeing it.

Jax: And how did that happen?

Kate: Well, Maxie was forced to pull something together when I was in the Mediterranean. It was actually so good, I gave her a promotion. And now, Giselle is threatening to alert the IRS to expose us to any number of lawsuits, not to mention the public relations nightmare. And I am really afraid, Jax, that Crimson could be over.

Jax: Why? Why didn't you tell me this before?

Kate: Because, Jax, I had sincerely thought that I could handle it.

Jax: Well, maybe we would have been able to handle it if you'd be honest with me.

Kate: Look, um, if I offer to resign, would you please consider not killing the magazine?

Jax: No. Just--no. It’s... [Sighs] I just wish you would have trusted me, that you would have come to me as your business partner. [Sighs] Do you have any idea of what else is going on in my life right now?

Kate: Yes. Yes. Jax--

Jax: You spring this on me at the last--

Kate: I am concerned about Michael, too. [Sighs]

Jax: All right. Listen. Remind Giselle that I go sailing with Warren, okay? Don't argue with her. I'll make a couple of calls. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to make sure that my wife made it to her doctor's appointment.


Ronnie: Yes, Lieutenant Gorski. I understand.

Olivia: Hey.

Ronnie: You can't keep showing up here. People are going to get suspicious. I'm going to end up dead.

Olivia: Listen to me. You need to get my kid out of Port Charles and away from Sonny.

Ronnie: You need to stay out of this. Let your son do his job and just leave him alone.

Carly: Is there a problem?

[Ronnie sighs]

Olivia: Oh, uh, hey. Weren't you supposed to be at a doctor's appointment?

Carly: Yeah. I was on my way, and I walked by. Now, what's going on? Do you know this guy?

Ronnie: Yeah. My family's from Bensonhurst. I was--my brother's looking for a place short-term. I was just trying to convince Ms. Falconeri to sublet her apartment.

Carly: Why should she move out?

Olivia: My sentiments exactly.

Carly: Did you offer a nice room at the Metro Court?

Olivia: I was just about to do that.

Ronnie: Yeah, that's a little too rich for our blood, but I understand. No problem, Ms. Falconeri. I know when to back off.

Carly: You want to tell me what's really going on?

Rebecca: I knew Emily was my sister before you discovered the truth. I came to Port Charles for a share of the money. The plan was to leave town with my accomplice Ethan Lovett. Helena Cassadine did approach me, but nothing came of it. And then, the plan fell apart. Ethan told Lucky the truth.

Alexis: When did you find out?

Nikolas: Last night. Lucky told me.

Rebecca: Look, I'm not proud of what I've done, but it's not like I ran an old lady or a pregnant woman off the road. As if that gives you a right to judge me.

Alexis: You need to stop talking now.

Molly: Mom?

Alexis: Hmm?

Molly: Sorry to bother you, but I have a riding lesson in about an hour.

Alexis: Now, do you really think you've earned that privilege?

Nikolas: She was just trying to help, Alexis.

Alexis: You had no business running out of the house in the middle of the night.

Nikolas: Yes, she knows. It's very dangerous. Molly and I have discussed it, and I'm sure it won't happen again, right?

Molly: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: But riding horses is even more dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, and taking lessons is the best way to stay safe. You and I, we should go riding sometime.

Molly: That would be wonderful.

Alexis: Why is it that I get the feeling that I'm being set up?

Nikolas: We've all made some questionable choices lately, don't you think?

Alexis: Point taken. Are you all right?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. I just wish I would have listened to you sooner. See, your mother usually knows exactly what to say, most of the time.

Alexis: Gee, thanks. You, let's go.

Molly: Okay.

Alexis: You, kiss me.

Nikolas: Bye.

Alexis: Bye.

Molly: Bye.

Nikolas: Bye.

Nikolas: Why are you still here?

Rebecca: I'm sorry that I hurt you, Nikolas, and I'm sorry that you hate me. Most of all, I'm just sorry you can't see past it.

Carly: I don't like the looks of that guy at all.

Olivia: Oh, no, no. He's okay. Our parents have been friends for years back in the neighborhood, so it's good.

Carly: Why'd you meet him here?

Olivia: Well, I was looking at the commercial washing machines. I think we might be due for an upgrade over at the Metro Court.

Carly: Mmm. You know the other interesting thing about women friends is that they can also tell when you're lying?

Olivia: Right. They can also tell when something doesn't need to be pursued.

Carly: Fair enough.

Olivia: why aren't you at the doctor's appointment?

Carly: I was on my way.

Olivia: Well, how about I walk you?

Carly: Sounds good.

Olivia: Let's do it.

[Elevator bell dings]

Man: Code blue, ICU one. Code blue, ICU one.

[Telephone rings]

Dominic: Hey. I called your office. They said there was an emergency. Is everything okay?

Lulu: Oh, no. It's nothing.


Dominic: What did you do? Did you hit your head?

Lulu: Why does everybody keep asking me that?

Dominic: Well, you just got your hand pressed to your head--

Lulu: I'm--I'm having a bad hair day.

Dominic: So you came to the hospital. Wait a second.

Lulu: No. No. It's--

Dominic: You, uh, you glued your hand to your hair.

Lulu: How did you know?

Dominic: Sister Evangelina. She used to nod off whenever we were doing individual art projects.

Lulu: No, you didn't!

Dominic: Yeah. I had my own chair in detention. Do I want to know how that happened?

Lulu: No. Just--some people can't multitask. Wait. You said that you called me. Why did you call me in the first place?

Dominic: Well, 'cause I know you've been waiting by your phone, and you can't live without me.

Lulu: Oh. No. [Laughs]

Dominic: Your brother arrested me last night, and I got out on a technicality. Detective Spencer is not amused.

Lulu: Okay. So...

Dominic: Well, I didn't want it to get, you know.

Lulu: Uh, what do you mean, "us"?

[Dominic chuckles]

Johnny: Hey, Ronnie, how's it going?

Ronnie: Great. Everything cool, Johnny?

Johnny: Yeah. Like to meet with the guys from the old crew from time to time, have a little chat. Take a seat.

Ronnie: Sure. Whatever you need.

Johnny: Got a few questions about Dominic Pirelli.

Ronnie: Yeah. I heard about the bust. He practically volunteered to take the fall.

Johnny: You've worked with Dominic a lot closer than I have. What's he really after? 

Monica: Hi. I saw your request for the files on Brianna Hughes. Did you get everything you needed?

Lucky: Yeah. I'm fine for now. Thanks.

Monica: Good. By any chance, have you seen Rebecca? She came over to the house last night. She--she told us all about the scam. And then, she left. We haven't seen her since.

Lucky: Well, she called me and asked me to meet her at Jake’s last night. She was angry with me and herself. But you know, I'm starting to really think that she was in love with Nikolas.

Monica: You know, if she would just have been honest with the family from the very beginning, none of this would have... well, hello.

Rebecca: Sorry I'm late.

Monica: Well, that is something you're going to have to take up with Epiphany. But it's good to see you. I was getting a little worried about you.

Rebecca: Yeah. I should have called.

Monica: Mm-hmm. You should have. As a matter of fact, there's a few things we should get straightened out.

Lucky: I better get going.

Monica: Okay. See you.

Rebecca: I'm sorry, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Oh. Monica. At least, when we're out of the hospital.

Rebecca: I've handled this so badly.

Monica: Yeah. You have. And I expect right now, you feel pretty much like your life is falling apart, right?

Rebecca: Why do you even care?

Monica: Because, my dear, you are Emily's sister, and that makes you family.

[Nikolas sighs]

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Nikolas: I got your message, then deleted it.

Elizabeth: That's probably a good idea.

Nikolas: I am so sorry about last night.

Elizabeth: Guess we can't blame Jake’s this time. [Chuckles]

Nikolas: Yeah. The only one to blame here is me. You came out here just to help me because you love me as a friend, and I took complete advantage of the situation. I apologize.

Elizabeth: Oh, don't put it all on yourself. It's not like I just stood there. But it can't happen again. We both have way too much to lose.

Lulu: It is not my problem if you got arrested, and you probably are guilty of something, anyway.

Dominic: Has your hand fallen asleep?

Lulu: Why would my hand be falling asleep?

Dominic: Well, that can't be good for blood circulation. Maybe you should--

Lulu: It's a little tingly. I don't care.

Dominic: Well, that's just 'cause you're hanging out with me.

Lulu: Okay. I--whatever you think is going on with us, there is no us, so it's not.

Dominic: Oh. I get it. I mean, I understand. It's all good. I mean, you told your brother you were hot for me. He didn't like it, so he arrested me on trump charges, and...

Lulu: That is ridiculous.

Dominic: No, that--that's ridiculous.

Lulu: Oh. Of course, you wouldn't have any compassion for my situation.

Dominic: What do you want me to do, tell you you look perfectly normal? I mean, you do look pretty cute, and now, I can tease you about this later on. It gives us a--

Lulu: Only no--there's no us, and you know what? You don't need to check up on me, and nothing is tingly. Umm. And anyway, I have, uh--uh--plans with Dr. Matt.

Dominic: Wait. You're dumping me for some doctor?

Matt: That's right. She's finally seen the light, actually. Yeah. Honey bunny?

Lulu: Oh! Uh, yeah. So, we should, uh, probably go.

Matt: Yes. True.

Dominic: Nice try.

Lulu: Thank you for helping me.

Matt: Oh, I'm just getting started.

[Lulu stammers]

Lulu: No.

Ronnie: Dom's straight up, you know, like I've been telling you. He's a little nuts, getting himself arrested like that, but you know, in his mind, he was protecting you, even if it gave you a heart attack in the process.

Johnny: Think he's still working for my old man?

Ronnie: Mmm.

Johnny: I know Anthony’s in the big house consolidating power. It's only a matter of time before he starts recruiting, right?

Ronnie: No disrespect, Johnny, but I don't think your father has a prayer against Sonny Corinthos. Oh, and as far as Dominic's concerned, one thing you can always count on, he'll be on the winning side.

Olivia: Hey. Connie, what are you doing here? You okay?

Kate: Uh, yeah. [Chuckles] Yeah. I just--I can't go back to my office till I pull myself together.

Olivia: Honey, what's the matter?

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Um... I may--[Chuckles] I may have just lost years of my work, my reputation, and the magazine that I created.

Olivia: Okay. Okay. Just give me some details. Maybe I can help you.

Kate: Um...I lied, Olivia. I lied to Jax when we started Crimson, and I kept lying, and now, I've exposed myself to blackmail, and I might be about to lose everything.

Olivia: Okay. What did you lie about?

Kate: Doesn't really matter. Lies always have a way of coming back and blowing up in your face. [Sighs] I spent years pouring everything into that magazine--everything that I know, everything that I love, just as you did with Dante.

Olivia: Okay. Honey, I hate seeing you upset like this, and I'll help you any way I can. Please, just let's not make this--

Kate: You know what, Olivia? You can lie to yourself all that you want, but it's not fair to lie to Sonny for so long. He deserves to know that you had his son.

Lulu: Matt swears that he can do this.

Robin: Matt swears he can do anything.

Lulu: Well, everything you've tried is not working.

Robin: I know. I'm sorry. I'm just using tiny drops right now. But this glue is like concrete.

Patrick: You might have to cut your hair after all.

Lulu: It is so close to the roots that I'd have to get a crew cut, and then it won't grow in in time for Maxie's wedding.

Matt: Everything's fine. Relax. Dr. Hunter's in the building.

Robin: Matt, this isn't a joke. This is Lulu's hair we're talking about.

Matt: Yes, I know. That's exactly why I booked O.R. 2 for the procedure. Come on.

Lulu: Oh! Oh! Ow!

Matt: Oh, you're fine. You're fine.

Lulu: Wait—

Elizabeth: Lucky can never know what happened. He would be devastated.

Nikolas: I know. So what? We make it a point to stay away from each other for a while?

Elizabeth: That's not going to work.

Nikolas: Why not?

Elizabeth: Because Lucky wants me to spend as much time with you as possible.

Nikolas: No, you look. You don't have to. I'll find a way to get myself out of this. I don't want to cause problems for you.

Elizabeth: It will be fine if we just act like nothing happened.

Nikolas: You think that's possible?

Rebecca: I appreciate that you and Edward have been so kind to me, Monica, but you really don't owe me anything, okay? Especially now that you've seen what kind of a person I am.

Monica: And what kind of person is that?

Rebecca: A con. A grifter. A thief.

Monica: No. No. Ethan is a grifter, and Luke Spencer is a con, definitely. But you are an angry young woman with a really lousy hangover that just feels cheated out of what she thinks she deserves.

Rebecca: How'd you know I had a hangover?

Monica: Because the Quartermaines have a rather long history of drug and alcohol abuse. I know first-hand. Anyway, we would like to welcome you into the family.

Rebecca: Wow. I don't think I have much of a choice. [Chuckles] Edward loaned me that money on the condition that I live in the house.

Monica: That's because he knows you want to stay, and he's trying to make it easy on you to save face. So take him up on it, okay?

Rebecca: Okay. Thank you.

Monica: You're welcome. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word. You are welcome in the family, God help you.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: Wow. I wish Nikolas could understand things the way you do. He thinks everything I've told him from the start is a lie. He's so wrong.

Olivia: I kept Dante secret from Sonny for a lot of reasons. It was very obvious the direction that Sonny's life was taking at that point, and I had to keep my kid away from that.

Kate: And you succeeded, Olivia. Dante is a police detective. I highly doubt he's going to stray into the mob at this point.

Olivia: Yeah. Same here.

Kate: So...what if Dante and Sonny cross paths? Dante needs to know the truth so he'll know how to deal with his father.

Olivia: No good can come from telling Dante the truth, at this point.

Kate: But why are you being so stubborn? I don't get it. Just bring Dante up. Introduce them. Let him have a chance to know his father.

Olivia: Honey, it is not going to happen.

Kate: But Olivia, what if Dante is asked to arrest Sonny, the man he doesn't even know is his father? Seriously, Olivia. Tell the truth before something tragic happens.

Jax: Ahem. Hey.

Olivia: Hey.

Jax: Hi.

Olivia: Hey. How was Carly's appointment?

Jax: I missed all but the last 5 minutes.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: I'm sorry.

Jax: No, no. That's okay. It's okay. It was a short appointment, anyway. Carly's very happy, so she's celebrating with Morgan.

Kate: I see. Carly has always been very straightforward with her children. You've got to admire that. She's never been afraid to tell them the truth.

Dominic: What's up? What's going on?

Johnny: I owe you a drink.

Dominic: Yeah, you most certainly do. Since he's buying, I'll take a Bismarck.

Johnny: You took a hell of a risk, letting yourself get arrested like that.

Dominic: Well, hey, better me than you, right?

Johnny: Hey, I appreciate the protection you gave me and, ultimately, the organization, but you let yourself get busted with a load of drugs. You know, it's almost as if you knew the cops were going to let you go.

[Dominic chuckles]

Lulu: Are you sure about this?

Matt: Yes. Yes. I am positive about this. Just have a seat, relax. This is not going to be that difficult.

Lulu: Wait! No, no! You can't cut my hair with a scalpel!

Matt: No, no. I'm not going to cut your hair, okay? Look, I tracked down the solvent. This solvent will work.

Lulu: Yeah, but everything that Robin tried didn't work--

Matt: Robin doesn't have first-hand experience.

Lulu: Like you've glued your hand to your head.

Matt: Well, sort of. Not really.

Lulu: What?

Matt: Kind of.

Lulu: When?

Matt: Okay. I'll keep the story simple. Fraternity. Fake moustache. My lips were sealed, literally.

Lulu: You glued your lips--

Matt: Yes. And if you ever tell Patrick that story, I will deny that through and through, okay? So look, the reason I can speak today is because of this solvent.

Lulu: Okay, great. As long as you think that it's going to--ooh! Work.

Matt: Yeah, it will.

[Lulu coughs]

Lulu: Well, I'm going to--I mean, I'll owe you forever!


Matt: Oh, you got that right.

Lulu: Okay. Oh. Whoo.

Matt: Come here.

Lulu: Okay.

Matt: Hold your breath.

Lulu: Ow. Ow.

Matt: No, it's fine. It's fine.

Elizabeth: I wish I could fix things for you. I really do. But I can’t. I'm still going to be your friend, and I'm still going to tell you when you're wallowing in self-pity. But it has got to stop there.

Nikolas: Okay. So I guess now we need to come up with some graceful excuse for not spending time together.

Elizabeth: Well, you're the one with the flawless manners. What do you suggest?

Lucky: Hey. You tell Nikolas about this afternoon?

Elizabeth: Not yet.

Lucky: Well, you don't have much of a choice. So I want you to pack up Spencer, grab some chips and salsa, 'cause we're going to have a little barbecue at the Spencers'--you know, all the kids, Elizabeth, me, and you.

Dominic: You know, something seemed off, the cops showing up like that, but we hadn't touched anything, and Corinthos is known as anti-drug, so I figured I had a good chance to walk.

Johnny: Why'd you shut down on the lawyer?

Dominic: I know I come across as reckless, on occasion, but the truth is, I'm actually careful. I don't know how Sonny wanted to play something like that, so I kept my mouth shut.

Johnny: Okay. Good. That's all I need to know.

Dominic: All the same, we do agree that you owe me.

Johnny: Where you going with that?

Dominic: What's up with you and Lulu Spencer? I heard she was your ex.

Johnny: I was no good for her.

Dominic: Care to elaborate on that?

Johnny: No. But we're finished.

Dominic: Oh, that's good. I just wanted to be sure. You and, uh, Ms. Falconeri seem to be getting pretty involved.

Johnny: Yeah. I never expected to be where we are, but man, I'll tell you. Olivia knows things that Lulu will never know. Aah! Ohh.

[Dominic sighs]

Jax: I made a few calls about the situation at Crimson.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Thank you, Jax.

Jax: It slowed things down a bit. Give us time to regroup, okay?

Kate: You know, I'm always going to regret not telling you the truth from the beginning.

Jax: It would have made things a lot easier.

Kate: You're right. You're absolutely right.

Jax: Okay.

Olivia: Okay. So we need to review the bills on the eco-friendly insulation before it gets--

Jax: Yeah. You know what? I'll take a look at that later.

Olivia: Okay. I'm sure Carly told you I walked her to the doctor's appointment.

Jax: She did. Thank you.

Olivia: Okay. And I made an appointment for the boiler inspection and--

Jax: I heard, um--I heard what you said to Kate. You know, it being my office and everything. So, you have a son? And Sonny is the father. His name's Dante, and he's a cop in Brooklyn. How much longer do you think you're going to keep that a secret?

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