GH Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09


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Jason: Make sure Michael and Kristina...

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, listen to me. There's something I need from you, okay? You just gotta focus.

Jason: [Groaning] Okay, what?

Sam: Jason, promise me... promise me you're going to live.

Rebecca: You couldn't wait to give Nikolas the news, could you? Huh? All about what a liar I am! Did you remember to tell him it was because you couldn't get in my pants?!

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, that had nothing to do with it!

Rebecca: When I went to see Nikolas tonight, I was ready for a full disclosure, Lucky. I was going to tell him about Ethan and the scam and the whole ugly truth, but see, I never got the chance to explain! He hates me now because of you.

Lucky: [Chuckles]

Nikolas: The only thing worse than a fool is a drunk fool. I don't want you to see me like this.

Elizabeth: Well, that's too bad. 'Cause I'm not leaving you.

Dominic: I can, uh, come back later.

Olivia: No, stay. So I want a witness what I'm about to say to Sonny. It's about time you heard the truth.

Rebecca: You're laughing at this?! You don't get to trash my life and then think it's funny!

Lucky: You know what; I find this funny because you think I'm jealous. For starters, the only reason I didn't get in your pants, Rebecca, is because I backed out. And second, I didn't do this to you. You did. You were the one who lied when you came to this town. You were the one who tried to scam everybody over your dead sister.

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. I see Ethan covered all the bases.

Lucky: Now you broke up with Ethan and he dumped the truth all over me. Told me about how you two met in the airport, how he coached you through a con, taught you how to take advantage of all of us. You know what, if I didn't feel bad for Nikolas, I'd be really pissed off at the way you played me.

Rebecca: You just had to get your revenge.

Lucky: Okay, then you tell me which part isn't true.

Rebecca: He was hurt. He was angry. You must have known that he was going to paint me in the worst possible light.

Lucky: You know what, however you want to paint it, it still stinks.

Rebecca: My feelings changed once I got involved with Nikolas. I could have explained that to you.

Lucky: Yeah, and then what? Pretend that I didn't know? You want me to lie to him?

Rebecca: I would have handled it.

Lucky: Nikolas is my brother. My loyalty's to Nikolas. That's how it works. We're siblings. You know nothing about loyalty. And you dumped all over your sister's memory when you went after Nikolas' bank account.

Nikolas: Well, I'd-- I'd invite you for a drink, but it appears that I have broken all the glasses.

Elizabeth: You need to stop this. It's getting a little pathetic.

Nikolas: Hmm. This... is not self pity, Liz. No, no. This is just a good, healthy dose of cynicism, that's all.

Elizabeth: You can call it whatever you want, but it's not gonna fix anything.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] On the contrary. This stuff... works quite nicely. Granted, it doesn't kill the pain completely, but it does dull it to make it more manageable.

Elizabeth: I know how badly this must hurt. And I am so sorry.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, you know what they say. Those who say things. The truth will set you free. But see, that's not true. That's a lie. It only makes you realize what an idiot you've been. And still are. [Sighs] God, I miss Emily. I really do. And I try--I try to pretend that everything's fine, but it really isnít. When I get drunk, it just boils all up inside and chokes me to death. It's even worse when I'm sober. It's like you said--I constantly look for Emily substitutes. Sweet, silly Nadine. Emily light. Great girl. Just in way over her head. And then Rebecca. Emily dark. Duped again, eh, Liz?

Elizabeth: Nikolas, this isn't your fault.

Nikolas: Mmm, come on, of course it is. You've had Rebecca pegged from day one. Greedy sister out to get what Emily had. How right you were.

Elizabeth: Believe me; I get no satisfaction from it.

Nikolas: And I just wouldn't listen, would I? I ignored all the warnings from you and Alexis and whoever else. Left myself wide open.

Elizabeth: Yes, you did.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Because you're so deeply in love.

Nikolas: With Emily, who's dead now.

Elizabeth: No... with your own suffering.

Jax: Sorry, I've been meaning to call you.

Alexis: Have you heard from Michael or Kristina?

Jax: Not a word.

Carly: Have you heard from the kids?

Jax: No, she was hoping we have.

Alexis: I haven't heard from Sam. I was hoping maybe you've heard from Jason.

Carly: No, I only hear from Jason when there's something to hear.

Alexis: Okay, I think now is the time to call a private investigator.

Carly: No! Hell, no. I do not want these guys coming in here making a mess of everything. Jason can handle it. He'll take care of everything.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sam: And I know you, Jason. And you never break a promise. So you have to promise me right now that you're going to survive this.

Jason: I'll be okay.

Sam: Hey, you know our deal, that is not good enough.

Jason: [Breathing heavily]

Sam: Come on, think about it. I mean, really, think about it. What am I going to tell Sonny? That you were ambushed and I'm the one who set you up? Could you imagine what he would do to me? I mean, really.

[Howling in distance]

Jason: It's not your fault.

Sam: Yeah, sure. That's really comforting. And then we'll all tell him that I tried, but I couldn't save your life. [Chuckles] Come on. No, hey, wait a minute, what about Spinelli, huh? Could you imagine what would happen to Spinelli? He would get lost in cyber world, and then I'm out of a partner and out of a job. You don't want that to happen.

Jason: Spinelli, he needs you.

Sam: No, he needs you. Jason... Michael needs you. Morgan needs you. Carly needs you. Speaking of Carly, could you imagine what Carly would do to me? She would probably murder me with her bare hands, and she's pregnant! She's gonna have a baby. Could you imagine that?

Jason: Carly wouldnít... wouldn't kill you.

Sam: Oh, yes she would. Do not put that past her. I mean, if she didnít... do that, she would definitely torment me for the rest of my life. And what-- what about me? I certainly couldn't have... your death on my conscious. Could you imagine? Promise me you're going to survive this, Jason. Right now. Promise.

Jason: [Breathing heavily] I promise.

Sonny: Be careful, Olivia, you start airing your personal stuff in front of a stranger, you may regret what you say. See, Ms. Falconeri, she likes to run off at the mouth. Personally, I like it, but sometimes it gets her in trouble.

Olivia: I will never regret telling you the truth... Sonny. The question is whether you can stand to hear it.

Dominic: Look, Bernie wants to, uh--

Olivia: We grew up in the same neighborhood. We happened to date for five minutes in high school, that's it. That's all that's connecting us. Nothing else.

Sonny: Uh-huh. Well, never underestimate the power of history.

Olivia: History is just the past staying where it belongs. Okay, because we've got no future, we've got no present.

Sonny: All right, all right.

Olivia: Sonny, and if being nice to you gave you some kind of funny ideas, then I'm sorry that I was ever nice to you.

Dominic: Okay, I really should go.

Olivia: No, no, no. You stay right where you are. Because I want somebody other than your boss to hear what I'm about to say here so he can't go twisting up my words and making it into something that I didn't say. Sonny, I don't want you chasing after me anymore, okay? I don't want your funny excuses to be in the same room with me. I don't even want you thinking that we're something--

Sonny: Be careful what you wish for. Why do you think we keep running into each other?

Olivia: Because you refuse to take "go away" for an answer! So now I have got no secret desires. I've got no hidden agendas where you're concerned, okay? I'm happy. I'm happy! I'm in total freakin' bliss now that Johnny Zacchara and I are--

Sonny: What? Johnny Zacchara and I what? Come on, we're all grown-ups here. What are you and Johnny doing?

Dominic: All right, enough, already!

Dominic: Look, this is not a conversation I want to be a part of.

Olivia: No, this conversation's over. I am the coordinator for the Michael Corinthos Head Trauma Unit. That does not mean that I'm at your personal beck and call.

Sonny: You're coordinating a charity in my son's name. Naturally, we're going to be running into each other, Olivia.

Olivia: Okay, Sonny. [Chuckles] But that doesn't mean that you can be showing up at my house. I don't want you sending people over with private messages. This is not a game. Do you think I made myself clear enough?

Sonny: That's not how it looked. I know her a hell of a lot better than you do. And you know what they say about people who protest too much? She can't resist me.

Dominic: You're delusional.

Sam: Hey. Hey, so I, um, I looked all over this place to look for something to help you with the pain, and I came up empty, not even an aspirin, nothing anywhere.

Jason: I'll be okay.

Sam: Hey... yeah, sure you will. Jason, your fever's getting worse. Damn it! I was careful. Now the infection's going to set in.

Jason: No, you did great. You always do. And--and you-- and you put up with Spinelli. And I know that he is, uh, so proud to be a P.I., but I know you do all the work.

Sam: No, you've got that wrong. I do all the field work. Spinelli, he's the computer genius. I wouldn't be able to do anything without him. I mean, could you see him go undercover? Like, what's the last thing that--the strip club? Could you imagine that? What would he have done?

Jason: That outfit they made you wear...

Sam: That outfit... [Chuckles] that outfit was ridiculous.

Jason: But you looked pretty good.

Carly: Jason could check in. He could, and tell us that he hasn't found Michael and Kristina yet, but we already know that. He's not going to stop looking for them until he finds them, okay?

Alexis: I know how much faith you have in Jason. Maybe it's a little too much at this particular juncture.

Carly: Look, I'm worried about them, too, Alexis. I'm really worried about my kid.

Alexis: The odds that they'll be found safely diminish every hour--

Jax: Okay, let's keep perspective. They weren't kidnapped; they ran off on their own. So don't go crazy imagining the worst, okay?

Alexis: They're in a foreign country by themselves. Kristina has never ever been on a plane without me, unless it was for a school trip. Has anyone even tried to contact Jason?

Carly: Stop! Stop being a control freak! It's handled, okay? It's handled!

Alexis: If it were handled, Carly, the kids would be here, home safe right now. Now Sam hasn't called either, and she doesn't have a communication issue. So that implies to me that there's some kind of trouble.

Carly: No, it doesnít. It implies that Sam is doing this Jason's way. That's what it implies.

Alexis: For God sake, Carly, it's not showing disloyalty to think that maybe Jason needs a little help here.

Carly: You know what? If you would have been honest from the beginning about what really happened, Michael and Kristina wouldn't have run away.

[Mariachi music playing]

Kristina: Would you like to change your shirt another ten times before your big date?

Michael: Well, I was out of commission for a year. I'm a little behind the curve on the whole dating thing. A lot behind the curve.

Kristina: I don't think Marita noticed.

Michael: You don't?

Kristina: Look, come on, you talked to Miss Teen Mexico for like two minutes and she asked you out.

Michael: Exactly, and I have no idea what to do.

Kristina: Well, aren't you lucky you have me to provide experience and advice? Start by thinking of places you want to take her.

Michael: I don't know. We could go to the plaza, listen to some music. Maybe go for a walk on the beach.

Kristina: A walk? Right. So much for being behind the curve.

Michael: What?

Kristina: 17-year-old guys are only after one thing, and the beach is where they go to get it.

Michael: Oh. How much experience do you have, anyway?

Kristina: Enough.

Michael: Did Kiefer... push you to do stuff you didn't want to do?

Kristina: Kiefer's 17 and he's a guy. Of course he wants to hook up.

Michael: Look, I understand that it's a big deal that you're dating a senior, but if Kiefer or any other guy crosses the line and doesn't show you the respect you deserve... you know you can tell me anything that's bothering you.

Kristina: Kiefer's great. Was great. But he's in Port Charles and I'm here. How did this become about me, anyway? You go out on your date. You deserve it.

Michael: Yeah, I could go for normal. Like pretending school's out, we're working at the resort for the summer, and nothing bad has ever happened to us.

[Music playing]

Sonny: Bernie and I talked about how you stood up to the cops when they busted you. Bernie's impressed with you, and I respect his opinion. He says you're smart and discreet, and I, uh... I expect you to be discreet about what happened here.

Dominic: I know how to keep my mouth shut.

Sonny: I don't want you to say anything to, you know, Claudia or brother-in-law.

Dominic: I don't want to get in the middle of family fights.

Sonny: Now, you seemed to have a strong reaction when I was having a conversation with Olivia. What was that about?

Dominic: Nothing. Ms. Falconeri just seems like a nice lady, that's all.

Sonny: Then why'd you say I was delusional? What did you mean by that?

Dominic: Seriously?

Sonny: Yeah.

Dominic: Well, I mean, she said she didn't want to have anything to do with you, then she ran out of here like her feet were on fire.

Sonny: No, she ran out of here because she didn't want to face me and tell me that sheís... doing it with Johnny, you know. Um, sometimes you gotta be able to... read between the lines.

Dominic: Hey, Son-- can I call you Son?

Sonny: You just did.

Dominic: Uh... look, I was reading the actual lines. You're married to someone else. I mean, call me old-fashioned, but...that's not really playing fair, to hit on another lady. Especially when she already told you no.

Sam: So, um, anyway, I told her that, yes, of course, a lot of guys go to strip clubs, especially during lunchtime. It doesn't mean they're cheating on you. They just maybe like to look at naked women, you know. It could be a little bit unsettling, but so is, you know, porn and stuff like that. But it does not mean that you are cheating on anybody, right? Right. Um, so, then, uh... then she says, "No, no, I really want you to look into this for me, because I think my husband is cheating on me."

Jason: The strip-- strip club was her only clue?

Sam: Um, no. I think she had all of the signs. Following him, you know, he was distant and keeping secrets. And, oh, no. The biggest one was obviously--this is huge-- there was a receipt from the strip club, and then that's when I said, okay, clearly I gotta take a job here, and that's when I decided to be hired on as a waitress, and you saw that ridiculous, hideous outfit that I had to be in. I, um... I was serving a bunch of businessmen some cocktails one day, and lo and behold, the husband walks in. And then I think, okay, this is perfect. Immediately, just like, boom, a stripper goes up to him and says, "Hey, can I get a lap dance?" And he said, "No." And then I was like... done! Perfect. This guy is clean. I can go back to his wife and say... your husband isn't cheating on you. Which is funny, because that, like, rarely ever happens.

Jason: You think?

Sam: Oh, I know. And we all want to believe that... the love they share is... real. Lasting. And certainly worth fighting for.

Nikolas: And how's this for a metaphor? Elizabeth straightens up my trashed life. [Chuckles] I actually liked your first perspective better, that I'm in love with my own misery.

Elizabeth: Let me tell you something about my best friend Emily. She wasn't this angel that you painted her in your grief. She was human. Flawed, just like the rest of us. And she'd be the first one to tell you.

Nikolas: Hmm. Depends on your point of view, I suppose.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right. Let's see. Um, I can recall her becoming involved with Sonny Corinthos, do you remember that? Yeah, and she also broke Zander's heart when she realized she was in love with you. See, she screwed up, too, but the difference is, she lived her life the best she could.

Sonny: Yep. And then she died.

Elizabeth: And if you had died instead, I promise you, she would have kept on living. She would have followed her dreams and become a doctor and fallen in love again, and she would have kept the love that the two of you shared in her heart and learned from it. But you--you, Nikolas, you've turned your love and your memories into this shrine. You've created a fantasy out of Emily that no woman could ever live up to. Especially Emily herself. And it's not fair to her, to you, or anyone else who loves you.

Carly: I still have faith in Jason, I do. You know, I-- he always finds Michael and he always brings him home. [Sighs] Maybe this time, he needs a little help. Look, I have faith in you. You're my husband, you're the man I love, you're my partner, and I just really need you... I just need your help right now.

Jax: All you have to do is ask.

Carly: I need you to take a step back and help me decide what to do next to help Michael and his sister.

Alexis: I don't suppose you've heard from Jason?

Sonny: No.

Alexis: Well, neither have Jax or Carly.

Sonny: He'll bring them home.

Alexis: Okay, when? When exactly is that going to happen? Because he's in Mexico. He could be dead in a ditch somewhere. I'm sick of waiting. I want to know what's happened to my daughter.

Sonny: She's my daughter, too. And she's with my son, and you're not the only one that has something at stake here.

Alexis: I get it. So why aren't you doing something?

Sonny: You think I haven't called in every favor? But if I make any more noise, everybody's going to be looking for Sonny Corinthos' kids, including my enemies.

Alexis: That is not helpful.

Sonny: Michael and Kristina... are on a joyride, probably harmless, right? We're going to find them, bring them home. But if we make the wrong move, they could be in real danger.

Alexis: This whole thing is a mess, anyway, 'cause no matter what else I do, her whole life's going to be in shambles.

Sonny: What else... what else you do? W-what-- what have you already done to save Kristina? Alexis?

Alexis: [Sighs]

[Music playing]

Kristina: Dear Mom, I hope that someday I can send this to let you know I'm okay. You're probably really disappointed in me for leaving. But I had to. I took Viola's car that night. I was on Harbor View Road, and I swerved into the other lane. I heard a car skid off the road, and I didn't stop. I only have my permit, and I didn't want to get in trouble. I couldn't stand the look on your face. Now Claudia's and Dad's baby is dead, and it may be because of me. That's why I can't come home.

[Michael and Marita laughing]

Marita: I don't see why we had to come back so soon.

Michael: Well, I wouldn't have cut the night short if it wasn't urgent. Maybe youíll let me make it up to you?

Marita: Tomorrow night?

Michael: Perfect.


[Music playing]

Marita: Buenos noches.

Michael: Hey, look at what I found at the beach.

Kristina: A PDA. I don't get it.

Michael: It's unlocked. That means that we can use it, and any messages we send out go untraceable.

Kristina: Hmm.

Nikolas: I am a coward. I'm secure with my misery. Yeah, Emily will always be close even if the only thing I feel is her loss.

Elizabeth: Have you even tried to move on?

Nikolas: Yes, of course I have. I wanted it to work with Nadine. And she's a good person-- sweet, uncomplicated.

Elizabeth: And that was the attraction. She made things simple for you. You never had to invest your real emotion.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Can we just call it a transitional relationship and move on, please?

Elizabeth: Okay, sure, let's move on. Let's talk about Rebecca.

Nikolas: Okay, well, no one can accuse me of not being invested in that...emotionally. And I can't remember the last time I was this angry.

Elizabeth: What she did was horrible, and the way she used you, but if we're being honest here, you used her, too.

Nikolas: [Laughs] What? How can you say that? You can't be suggesting moral equivalency here.

Elizabeth: Okay, some doctors prescribe placebos to make their patients think that they're taking real medicine, but if you know it's a fake, even though it looks the same, you see a sugar pill with no real merit. That's what Rebecca is to you, in your mind. A fake Emily. So when you're with her, you never have to invest your heart in her at all.

[Music playing]

Dominic: Mmm. I'll have what she's having, minus the cherry and the red stuff. Would you like another one? I hate drinking alone.

Rebecca: No, it's all right, I'm doing fine. Got some catching up to do.

Dominic: Oh, is that a challenge? I'm a pretty competitive guy, and I guarantee my day was way worse than yours.

Rebecca: No, not possible. I kept a secret and it came back to bite me.

Dominic: This secret, was it, uh, about a relative? Because I find that, uh, it's the ones closest to you that can be the biggest pain in the ass.

Rebecca: Oh, see, secrets and lies? Those are the most trouble. Want some advice?

Dominic: Not really.

Rebecca: Just live your life out in the open. That way, you know where you stand and so does everybody else. Mmm.

Dominic: Then you'd be okay if a guy you didn't know said he thought you were hot?

Rebecca: What took you so long?

Sam: Jason...

Jason: Hmm?

Sam: Hi.

Jason: And what happened next?

Sam: Um... the husband, he really was having secret meetings with another woman. Guess with who? His sister-in-law.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Yeah. They were using the strip club as a cover.

Jason: That's not good.

Sam: No, it isn't good. I mean, really, could you imagine having to tell your client that her husband is sleeping with her sister? I really didn't believe it, so I kept digging a little bit more, 'cause I thought there's no way this could be happening. I mean, you would do that, too, wouldn't you?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah. So, it turns out that the sister-in-law was not a stripper at all, she actually happened to be the bookkeeper for the place. And the husband and her were meeting there, because he was planning a 40th wedding anniversary surprise for the wife, which was fantastic, a huge celebration, they're going on a huge vacation. And she was going to come back and he had a convertible for her, the whole nine yards. Anyway, the moral of the story is, that's a husband who really did love the wife. He was not cheating on her, and that is really, really hard to come by these days. And the sister-in-law was so impressed with my work that she offered me another job, and it had nothing to do with cheating husbands, which was fantastic. I mean, we all love a happy ending, don't we?

Jason: [Breathing heavily] It's pretty hard to come by.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Thank you.

Sonny: It never added up for me that you would drive Claudia off the road and keep driving, and blame Michael for it. It's not like you to let an innocent kid carry that kind of guilt.

Alexis: Well, people do strange things in a crisis.

Sonny: Mm-hmm, and then when we found evidence in your car, you confessed, right? I don't buy it.

Alexis: I was just following my conscience.

Sonny: You were following your mother's instincts. Here's what I think--I think you're covering for our daughter.

Alexis: Don't think.

Sonny: It's what you do, Alexis. You've been protecting Kristina from me her whole life.

Alexis: Well, I tried.

Sonny: Okay, look. I know you're afraid for Kristina; so am I. However this pans out, it involves three of my kids, including one son I'll never know.

[Cell phone chirps]

[Sonny exhales]

Alexis: It's an email. I don't recognize the address.

Sonny: Well, what's it say?

Alexis: It's Kristina and Michael. "We're safe, we can't come home right now, but please don't worry."

Sonny: It could be a trick.

Alexis: No, no! "So you know it's us, Saybrook Hall, third floor landing."

Sonny: What the hell does that mean?

Alexis: Yale! It's my dorm at Yale. I wrote something on the third floor landing. Kristina's the only one that knows about it. She said that when she--she wanted to go to Yale, she wanted to finish writing on it. It's them. Here, look.

Sonny: What about Michael? Hold on, I got it, I got it.

Alexis: Okay, okay.

Sonny: "You covered for me, Dad, after I dropped..."

Carly: "Mom's MP3 in the fish tank while playing with Grover." That's Michael's pet frog, Jax! They're okay!

Jax: They're okay!

Carly: They're okay. Oh, my God.

Jax: Whose email did this come from?

Carly: No, we'll have to have Spinelli trace it. And we can let Jason know. We're going to bring him home. We're going to bring him home.


Rebecca: This is where you tell me that I remind you of someone.

Dominic: Scarlett Johansson.

Rebecca: You must be new in town.

Dominic: Why, do I look lost?

Rebecca: [Laughs] Oh. That's the first time I've laughed all day.

Dominic: Well, then you should really stick with me. People tell me I'm a great listener. Actually, they donít. I just thought that would impress you.

Rebecca: Here's what impresses me--you're the hottest guy in here.

Dominic: Hmm.

Rebecca: And for the record, I really don't feel like talking. It's not going to change anything, and... I'm kind of sick of hearing my own voice. I did what I did, lesson learned, moving on.

Dominic: I like your attitude. Among other things.

Rebecca: Oh? What other things?

Dominic: [Sighs] Let's see what words would best describe...

Rebecca: Better yet... show me.

Dominic: [Exhales]

Nikolas: I can only say this to someone who loves me like you do. Rebecca made a fool out of me. And I am absolutely humiliated... that I fell for it.

Elizabeth: But you got what you thought you wanted at the time.

Nikolas: You're right. You're right. No matter how many different ways I try and rationalize it, a huge part of what attracted me to Rebecca in the first place was that she looked just like Emily.

Elizabeth: Well, people are attracted to the same type.

Nikolas: No, no, no. See, this one goes much deeper than that. I figured up here that if I couldn't be with Emily, well, I could just be with her twin sister. I don't know, I guess it was a way for me to be with another woman without feeling like I'm betraying Emily.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, you can't betray a dead woman! Unless you're using her as an excuse to bring your life to a grinding halt.

Nikolas: Which I seem to have done.

Elizabeth: You have suffered a terrible loss, and yes, it was unfair and it was devastating, but it happened. Stop looking back. Stop wasting your time. Nikolas, you are a wonderful man with so much to offer. You've got to find something or someone you can believe in or you want or you care about.

[Music playing]

Nikolas: I know. Oh, God. You know... there's only been one time since Emily died that I stopped thinking about her; that I wasn't living in the past. And the only thing that mattered was... right in front of me. Just once.

Dominic: Don't criticize--whoa-- the decor. There was a girl tenant here before me.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah. You're welcome. I paid for the paint myself.

Dominic: That was you?

Rebecca: Yeah, coincidence, huh?

Dominic: Yeah.

Rebecca: It was pretty depressing before I fixed it up.

Dominic: Whoa! Hey.

Rebecca: We had so much fun that night. Nikolas told me this ridiculous story about how he learned to paint during a bout of amnesia. Oh, God. He just made me laugh.

Dominic: Oh, yeah?

Rebecca: So hard! [Sobbing]

Dominic: Okay, shh. Ha. I guess that part about not wanting to talk, not true. Ahh. Hey, you know what, I didn't even want to have sex with you. I just thought it would be fine to invite a beautiful, sexy drunk up to my room to shake it to me about her ex-boyfriend... [Chuckles]

Lucky: Nikolas is refusing to take my call. Nikolas!

Butler: Mr. Cassadine gave strict instructions that he did not want to be disturbed. I must admit that his mood was troubling.

Lucky: Nikolas is not in a very good place right now. And I didn't help matters much... where's Nikolas now?

Butler: Ms. Elizabeth stopped by to check on him. I think they are still up in the turret.

[Crickets chirping]

Sam: Jason... Jason, you made me a promise. You are not... you are not allowed to die.

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