GH Transcript Monday 8/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/17/09


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Sam: All right, you don't have a fever yet, so that's good.

Jason: [Gasping] G-get me to the car.

Sam: I--I canít. J-Jerry trashed the SUV. There's still another one, but it died.

Jason: But we--we have to get out of here.

Sam: No, Jason. We need to stop the bleeding first.

Jason: [Gags]

Sam: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Look at me. Come on. Stay with me, Jason.

Sonny: I sent you and Dominic to intercept and destroy a shipment, right? A Zacchara shipment. Why did he end up at the PCPD.?

Johnny: Ah, somebody must have called the cops and tipped them off.

Sonny: And who would that be?

Johnny: I have no idea. Okay, Dominic, he was stand-up. He covered for me. It was a little strange, though. It was almost like he wanted to get arrested.

Sonny: Wh-why would he do that?

Dominic: Why don't you just go back to Brooklyn and let me do my job?

Olivia: Because I like my life here.

Sonny: Oh, you got a boyfriend the same age as me. You can get one of those back in--

Olivia: Hey! Hey! Watch your tone.

Dominic: Okay, what are you thinkin', anyway, you calling my lieutenant? Y-you're gonna get me pulled off the case.

Olivia: That's the idea.

Dominic: Look, if I quit working for Sonny right now, he's gonna get suspicious. He may even figure out that I'm an undercover cop infiltrating his organization. Then, Ma, it won't matter how far or fast I run. Sonny Corinthos will hunt me down and kill me with his own hands.

Rebecca: Nikolas, are you all right?

Nikolas: Why? Shouldn't I be?

Rebecca: I don't know. I mean, did something happen?

Nikolas: [Sighs] What's the matter? Afraid I'm gonna hurt you? I merely wanted to give you this.

Rebecca: What's that?

Nikolas: One million dollars. That's what you came to Port Charles for, isn't it, to get what Emily had? Go ahead. Come on. Take it. You earned it, because that is what whores like

Nikolas: What's the matter? Million not enough? Well, tell me. What? What's the going rate for deceiving a prince these days? I don't know.

Rebecca: I don't want your money.

Nikolas: Oh, of course you do. I mean, what's it gonna take? 2 mill? 5? 10? What's it gonna take?

Rebecca: Wow. Who told you?

Nikolas: Ahh. Lucky. Heh heh. Damn. No wonder you dumped him for me. Two kids to bring up, cop's salary. You're way out of his league. You know what? You know what I should do? Here. Perhaps you should just go ahead and fill in the amount yourself.

Rebecca: Look, it's not about the money anymore.

Nikolas: You--you literally sold yourself to me, to Lucky, to the Quartermaines, to God knows who else. It's never been about anything other than the damn money.

Rebecca: Yeah, at first, maybe, Nikolas, but then things--

Nikolas: Maybe--what do mean a-at first?! You what? You grew a conscience all of a sudden?!

Rebecca: No, I fell in love with you. I was gonna tell you tonight, and then I--

Nikolas: Oh, my God.

Rebecca: Th-that's why I broke up with Ethan.

Nikolas: Well, that--that is such a lie! You knew that you were going out of the country tonight and that you were about to cash in, so you cut him out of the deal, and that made him so angry that he told Lucky about it.

Rebecca: It's not like that at all.

Nikolas: You exploited the memory of your dead sister. You tried to steal from everyone who loved her, w-with the help of some--some limey hustler you whored yourself out to at JFK.

Rebecca: Okay, that's not the way it was.

Nikolas: That is exactly how it happened! And that bastard, Ethan, he turned on you, didn't he? He finally turned on you, and that--that truly is a pity, because, sweetheart, you were this close. You were so close.

Rebecca: I was gonna tell you tonight, Nikolas. I swear I was.

Nikolas: I am so--I am so happy that Emily never met you, because she would be appalled by you. Now get out of my house.

Rebecca: No, not until I tell you my side.

Nikolas: You get out of my house!

Olivia: Baby, no one's figured out that you're an undercover cop yet, okay? Nobody even suspects you. You could still slip right out of town.

Dominic: Oh, my God. And blow the best chance anyone's ever had to bring down Corinthos? I'm a cop, ma, a damn good one, okay, and I'm not gonna change around my life just to make my mother happy. It's not gonna happen.

Olivia: Okay. Okay, okay, so stay undercover. But why don't you just do it somewhere else?

Dominic: It'd be a hell of a lot easier for you to go back to Brooklyn than for me to walk away from this case. We are gonna catch these guys, Ma, probably soon. Heh. I--I just wish you were proud of what it is that I'm doing.

Olivia: I am. Baby, honey, I am proud of you. The day that you graduated from the police academy, honey, that was the proudest day of my life. I just--I just wish that you weren't workin' undercover.

Dominic: I'm not gonna go back to Bensonhurst and walk the beat for the next 20 years.

Olivia: Okay, so--so--so why don't you be a detective or something? Solve cases. Get promotions, all that.

Dominic: Look, I'm not a company guy.

Olivia: Honey, it's ju--working undercover is just way too dangerous, honey. I don't just mean physically. I mean for your soul, for your spirit. There's just--there's never any clear line where you stop and where your job ends. You know? How do you keep track of who you really are?

Dominic: I know exactly who I am and how far I'm willing to go.

Olivia: Okay, honey. Take it from me. Keeping secrets, telling lies, after a while, it weighs you down. Okay? A-and making friends with people, gaining their trust so that you can betray 'em and send 'em to prison, I'm--

Dominic: What? These are criminals, Ma. That's why they go to jail. Sonny Corinthos is a thief, an extortionist, a killer, and John Zacchara isn't that much better, okay?

Olivia: Okay. Okay. Okay. Honey, but this isn't--this isn't about them. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about you. Where are you gonna be when this investigation--

Dominic: God! I'm gonna move on to the next one. Okay? I'm not gonna stop, Ma, not until I bust Sonny Corinthos, but if you keep messing around with this case, I will end up dead.

Olivia: Don't even say that, honey. Don't even say those words.

Dominic: You need to decide who you wanna protect, your son or a couple of gangsters.

Sonny: It was a simple assignment. Nobody should have ended up at the PCPD.

Johnny: Sonny, if somebody called the cops, you can't blame that on me, all right?

Sonny: But you gotta be ready for anything. You gotta have a plan. Did you even think about what if the cops showed up?

Johnny: No. That wasn't on the top of my priority list, no.

Sonny: Wh-when you destroy a shipment, you gotta be prepared. You can't let the new guy take the fall while you hide.

Johnny: Okay, maybe the new guy thought he had a better shot with the cops than a guy with the last name Zacchara.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Dominic, guys like that, they have angles, and I expect you to know what it is. I--I don't want my people runnin' around without communicating, no plan.

Johnny: Okay, Sonny, I am not Jason, all right? I--I don't meticulously plan things 150 times and then run through it--

Sonny: Well, maybe you should. That's what I'm trying to tell you. You can't let the new guy go off with the cops. What if he slipped up?

Johnny: He didnít.

Sonny: Well, but you don't--you didn't know that goin' into it.

Johnny: Okay. Diane Miller got him released on a technicality, Sonny. There's no problem.

Sonny: Oh, we got lucky. Don't let that happen again.

Johnny: You know what? If you don't like the way I'm handling these situations, you can find somebody else.

Sonny: How was your meeting with your father?

Sam: I found this room when I was looking for something to use as bandages. I think it was used for the priest or something.

Jason: Where's--where's Michael?

Sam: Watch out, Jason. Just do me a favor and--and take it easy. Lay down. Catch your breath. Here you go. There you go.

Jason: [Winces] Did you-- did you see Michael?

Sam: Um, n-no, no, no. Not-- not exactly, but I--I--I do know that he's okay.

Jason: A-a-are you sure?

Sam: I'm gonna--I'm gonna fill you in on that in a little bit. Jason, I--I think that this bullet--sorry. It looks like it passed through your clavicle here.

Jason: Jer-Jerry was aimin' f-for my heart.

Sam: Yeah. Um, s-so did he shoot you before or after the place collapsed?

Jason: We--[Winces] We were fighting, and then something... collapsed.

Sam: Oh, no, no. Okay.

Jason: I just--

Sam: All right, lay--what? Sorry, sorry, sorry. I think this part of the building is safe. Shoot, Jason. He shot you in your leg.

Jason: I--I think the--I think the bullet's still in there. Y-you gotta get it out.

Sonny: Don't just walk away. What did he want?

Johnny: He wanted me to know that I was goin' overboard, workin' too hard for you. You see my dilemma? I can't please him. I can't please you.

Sonny: Is that what you told Anthony?

Johnny: I kept it vague. I--I don't want him gettin' too heated up, all right? I am on your side, Sonny, because of my sister if nothin' else. She married you to bring these 2 families together. And I also appreciate the fact that you don't run drugs. And, you know, at the end of the day, my father's insane. You, you're just hard to work for. Look, I'm sorry about your kids. I am, and if I could go out there and bring them back myself, I would do that. And if I screwed up this Dominic situation, I apologize. It's on me. I will make it right, and I will do better next time, okay?

Sonny: Get out of here. [Sighs] Dominic. You should be home pickin' up your messages. When you get this one, come to my house. You know who it is.

Dominic: You didn't even want me to look at guys like John Zacchara when I was growin' up, and now you're sleepin' with him. A-and Corinthos, I don't even care if he is from your neighborhood. He's the opposite of everything you taught me.

Olivia: I know that.

Dominic: Y-you always told me to stand by my convictions, to have faith in what I'm saying, and that's what I'm doing. I've gotten deeper into the Corinthos organization than anyone else ever has, and I'm goin' through with it.

Olivia: Okay, honey, can't you just do this with some other organization? Can't you do the same work someplace else?

Dominic: Heh. After my mother has called up my lieutenant and requested that I be removed from the case? No, Ma. I-I'd be a complete joke.

Olivia: Okay, I'm sorry. Baby, I was just trying to protect you.

Dominic: Look, I get that you and Sonny go way back, and I can genuinely see that he does care about you, but he is not above the law, Mom, and neither is John Zacchara. You need to leave town. You know this.

Olivia: I'm not goin' back to Brooklyn.

Dominic: Then talk to that fancy boss of yours a-and ask him to put you in one of his other hotels, like maybe--has he got somethin' up in Canada? Look, this is gonna get bad, Ma. A-and I can't do my job properly if I'm worried about taking care of you at the same time.

[Cell phone rings]

Dominic: I should really be answering this right now.

Olivia: It's from Sonny, isn't it? Honey.

Dominic: I love you, Mom.

Olivia: I love you, too, honey.

Dominic: But I'm not always able to say this, but I'm right about this one.

Sam: So I, um--I found some stuff in the next room, but there's no first-aid kit.

Jason: [Gasps] Wh-where do you think Michael and Kristina are?

Sam: Well, I tracked them down to Veracruz just like we planned, and, um, I actually wound up, uh, finding them in-- in some internet cafe, but I-- I missed them by a matter of seconds, and I--I don't know how Jerry planned it all out, but he managed to set them up in some sort of hotel apartment, and that's where he found me. I was standing right outside the door.

Jason: [Coughs] You were with him when you called, right?

Sam: Yep. That's right. He-- he set me up. Big surprise.

Jason: [Exhales deeply]

Sam: Okay. Um... Jason, this is probably gonna sting just a little bit, okay?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. So Jerry managed to get me back to the apartment where he had the kids, and the kids weren't there anymore, and he got really, really pissed off because the guar--sorry. The guard had let them go. And I think it was okay, because he was just using them as bait anyway.

Jason: For me.

Sam: Yeah. Jerry thinks you're dead. And I'm gonna prove him wrong.

Rebecca: I'm not leaving until you hear my side.

Nikolas: Okay. But I'm not paying you for it, just so we're clear.

Rebecca: God, I don't want your damn money, Nikolas!

Nikolas: Okay, fine. Tell me a story. Lie to me. You're so good at it.

Rebecca: Look, you've always been rich. You don't understand what it's like to grow up--

Nikolas: Careful. Careful. You said you didn't want my money.

Rebecca: No, I don't, but if you'd ever felt like you didn't have enough, then maybe you'd be a little more understanding about what it's like to grow up not--

Nikolas: Rebecca, I understand you perfectly.

Rebecca: I was never supposed to know about Emily. I found those adoption papers by accident when I was emptying out a suitcase that my Mom had in the attic. I was packing for a job in Seattle.

Nikolas: I am already bored.

Rebecca: I've had to work for everything that I ever had. Nikolas, it took me 3 years and 3 summers to get a lousy tech degree from the local junior college, because I had to work 2 jobs to pay for the tuition. Are you listening to me?!

Nikolas: Yes. Yes. Yes, I-I'm listening. Okay, and so the point being is you're not a gold digger...

Rebecca: Right.

Nikolas: You just--[Whistles]-- spread your legs out of the goodness of your heart.

Rebecca: Oh, wow. That's nice. No, the point being that I thought I had finally found my way, and then I found those papers, and I confronted my mom about it, and she told me that I had been sold for money.

Nikolas: I-I've heard all this before.

Rebecca: Yeah, I know.

Nikolas: I saw the papers, too, remember? Oh, and you acted very upset. Bravo. That was nice. See, I--I should have known then.

Rebecca: See, the papers didn't give me enough information, Nikolas, and then after--after I found Emily, she was dead, a-and I felt terrible that I was never gonna get to know her and she was never gonna get to know me.

Nikolas: Heh heh. Really? Not-- not so terrible that you didn't try and profit from her death.

Rebecca: God, I was the one that got sold, Nikolas! Don't you understand that?! I had to work for everything that I ever had, and Emily, I mean, she was filthy rich.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: She got free tuition to a medical school. She became a doctor. She married a prince.

Nikolas: So, because of all that, you decided to--to steal from her?

Rebecca: Yes. Yes. Yes, stupidly. I came to get my fair share. I was gonna show up, and then I got stranded at JFK. There was a snowstorm, and--

Nikolas: Oh, right, where you turned your first trick with Ethan. I remember that.

Rebecca: I was supposed to come here, grab as much money as I could, and just leave town, but I couldn't, because I couldn't shut down my heart.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Ohh. [Australian accent] Nicely done, Rebecca. Nicely done. [Normal] It's the accent, isn't it? Yeah, that's it. I thought so. Oh, whose idea was the cancer scare? Was it yours or Ethan's? Because that was absolutely fabulous.

Rebecca: That was real. I knew that I had a genetic predisposition, and you were wonderful through all of that.

Nikolas: Oh, God. Spare-- spare me that. Please. What--

Rebecca: Wait, Nikolas--

Nikolas: Don't touch me.

Rebecca: You helped me through all of that, all right, and then the answer that--that the test came back clear, and I started to have second thoughts.

Nikolas: Se--real--well, you still didn't tell me the truth, even after that.

Rebecca: No, I know. I didn't, because I was scared, and I wanted you to get to know me for--for me, for who I really am, not just a replacement of Emily, and then I was gonna tell you.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sure that you were.

Rebecca: What you said about Emily, what you said about her, that she's a part of me and that I'm a part of her, that's true, Nikolas. She brought the two of us together. She did.

Nikolas: Except Emily made me happy.

Rebecca: No, I make you happy. I make you happy. Nikolas, you've told me that so many times. I'm in love with you, and I know you're in love with me, not as a replacement of Emily, but--but for who I really am.

Nikolas: Damn you. I know who you really are, what you've always been. And that... is a cheap substitute for Emily. Now get out of my house.

Sam: Okay, uh, how you doin', Jason?

Jason: Just--just talk to me. It--it helps.

Sam: OK. Um, all right, so--so, uh, Jerry, he grabbed me, and, um, h-he took me over to that-- to the church, and--and that's where he sort of set--set us up, you know. A-and then he brought me over to this room, this-- this guy's room, and he was-- hey, hey, hey! Hi. He brought me over to this guy's room, some-- some drug dealer that he apparently sold me to. I mean, how insane is that, huh? Okay. So, anyway, I was in the, uh--this guy's room, and he-- I--I started talking to him and--and stuff, and he said that he was the head of some drug cartel, and I rea--I didn't believe him, you know? I just-- I thought he was probably some sort of a middleman or something, but I used my-- my skill, and I--I played him a little bit, and I acted like I was all scared. Are you okay? And I, um--I distracted him enough to where he took the handcuffs off me, thank God.

Jason: What do you mean, "handcuffs"?

Sam: Yeah. Handcuffs. Jerry had me handcuffed to a chair. Imagine that.

Jason: Did--did this dealer hurt you?

Sam: No, Jason, he didn't hurt me. He didn't hurt me at all. A-as soon as he took the handcuffs off, I was able to kick him in the--you know what. And then I--I got a lamp, and I smashed it over his head. And then, um--and then I left, and I took his car and--thankfully, because th-that's where I saw Jerry with the guard, and-- and I, uh--then I found you.

Jason: I'm--I'm glad you did.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, me, too. That-- that makes two of us.

[Door opens]

Dominic: Hey. You, uh, wanna congratulate me on the Zacchara bust, completely unnecessary. I was glad to be able to help.

Sonny: I don't like my people gettin' arrested.

Dominic: Well, you got one hell of a lawyer.

Sonny: Johnny is senior employee. He should have taken a fall, not you.

Dominic: If I let Johnny get arrested, how was I supposed to impress you?

Edward: I'm calling the police commissioner.

Monica: You called Mac 5 minutes ago.

Tracy: If the police knew anything about Michael, they'd call us.

Monica: Oh, come on, Tracy. Don't pretend to care.

Tracy: Fine, Monica. I told you it would be a disaster if he moved in, and I was right. There. Feel better?

Edward: Well, I can't believe that Alexis Davis would allow my great-grandson to pay for what she did.

Alice: Well, I can't believe that nut job is actually the D.A.

Tracy: You're still annoyed because you fell in love with her when she was pretending to be a butler.

Alice: Well, it was a cruel hoax.

Tracy: Is that gonna be a chapter in the book?

Alice: You'll just have to wait and find out, won't you?

Edward: What book?

Tracy: Oh, you don't know? Alice is writing a tell-all about us.

Alice: I happen to be taking notes, just so you know.

Monica: Oh, my God. I can't wait to read that.

Edward: We are going to be reviewing your contract very soon, lady.

Alice: Well, good. Go ahead. I just think it's a damn shame that poor little Michael has been driven away from his own home by the very person who committed the crime that he confessed to. You just give me the word, Mr. Q, and I'll put Alexis Davis in a double-chicken-wing headlock that she'll never forget.

Tracy: That's right, alike. Suck up to Daddy as usual.

Monica: Okay, I'm gonna call Mac.

Tracy: Look what the cat dragged in.

Edward: Huh? Oh, I knew it. I knew it. Didn't I tell you that Nikolas Cassadine was a bad idea? Look. He's already broken this little girl's heart. A-Alice, fix this girl a martini.

Rebecca: No, it's okay.

Edward: Gin. Straight up--

Monica: Edward, Edward. What happened?

Rebecca: All right... I have a confession to make.

Tracy: Oh, goody.

Rebecca: Iíve been lying about everything from the start.

Tracy: What did I tell you?

Edward: Will you let the girl speak?

Rebecca: I'm Emily's sister.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: Edward, that much is true, obviously, but I've known about her since before I came to Port Charles.

Tracy: So you came here to cash in. Let me guess. Nikolas found out, dumped you, and now you want our sympathy?

Rebecca: I wanted to find Emily, to get to know her, but so many of the records were sealed, and by the time I found her, she was dead, and I felt cheated out of everything, so I came back to get what I thought was mine.

Tracy: According to whom?

Rebecca: See, I felt that I deserved her money because she grew up rich and I grew up poor. So that's why I came to Port Charles, to get as much money as I could from this family and from Nikolas. And you were wonderful. Yeah, all of you except for Tracy, obviously. But it turns out she was right, 'cause I'm a liar, and I'm a thief, and everything I've ever done has just been about money and greed.

Monica: I don't know what to say.

Edward: Okay, now, I have--I have liked you from the very start. And now I know why. Heh heh heh.

Sonny: I expected you to torch a shipment, not attract the police, 'cause, see, that doesn't impress me, Dominic.

Dominic: Well, nobody should have even gotten arrested. The cops were tipped off. When I saw it was goin' bad...

Sonny: Yeah?

Dominic: I knew I had a better shot with the police than a guy named Zacchara. And it was a Zacchara drug shipment.

Sonny: Okay. Probably right.

Dominic: The cops had nothin' on me. I didn't get anywhere near a jail cell. It was a good chance to prove myself without any undue pain and suffering.

Sonny: I expect you to, uh, work with Johnny and get along.

Dominic: Yeah. No problem. Is this when I'm supposed to figure out that I'm supposed to leave?

Sonny: Call Bernie. Set up a meeting with the South American partners--Tuesday, Mexico City.

Dominic: You, uh, checkin' up on the search for those kids?

Sonny: Yep. That's right.

Dominic: Maybe Jason'll be home with them by then.

Sonny: Yeah. That would be good.

Dominic: I'll take care of that meeting.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: I'll bet Ethan's involved. You've been sleeping with him all along, haven't you?

Rebecca: [Sighs] Yeah. That's true.

Edward: You mean that, uh-- that nice young bartender from the Haunted Star? Huh?

Rebecca: Yeah. Uh, we met at the airport. Uh, he was on his way to Port Charles, and I was, too. He didn't know he was Lukeís son.

Tracy: And you picked him up.

Rebecca: I told him my plan, Tracy, and he helped me refine it. We both stayed in New York for a couple of months just doing research. And, yeah, I was gonna come here to Port Charles to take as much money as I could, and then I was gonna leave.

Monica: But you fell in love with Nikolas instead.

Rebecca: Yeah, I did. And I was gonna tell him the truth tonight, but someone else beat me to it, and he's furious. He-- he hates me.

Edward: Because he is unstable, just like I warned you. I tell you, it'll just be a matter of time before he cracks. All of those Cassadines are inbred lunatics.

Alice: The D.A. is a Cassadine.

Edward: Precisely.

Rebecca: Anyway, um, that's how it happened, and, uh, I'm really sorry.

Tracy: Pack your things.

Monica: N-not so fast, Tracy.

Tracy: She was going to rob us blind, Monica.

Rebecca: Yeah, you're right, Tracy! I'm a con. I'm just not a very good one. I--I broke the cardinal rule. I got too close to the mark. I'm too fond of Edward and Monica, and, yeah, I fell in love with Nikolas.

Tracy: That must have broken Ethan's heart, hmm?

Rebecca: I'm gonna take a train tonight. Edward, uh, just wanted to tell you all that--that I'm really sorry, I never meant to hurt you, and you-- you deserve better.

Edward: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere, young lady, because you still owe me $10,000, huh?

Nikolas: Oh, my--okay. Emily, why'd you leave me? Why'd you leave me like that?

Jason: [Gasping] S-Sam.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, I'm right here. Hey. W-wait. Let me, uh--let me get you some water. No water. Okay. You want brandy. Brandy's good. This is--this is gonna help with the pain. Perfect. Here you go. Here you go.

Jason: [Gags] Ohh. Just stay close and talk. Please.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Jason: Wh-where do you think Michael and Kristina are?

Sam: And Kristina?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Okay. Um, I think they-- they probably already took a bus out of Veracruz. Yeah. That has to be what they did, Jason. And I am positive they're definitely looking out for each other. I mean the way you did for Emily. And I did for Danny. They're tough kids, Jason. They are tough kids, and they are gonna make it through this, and we're gonna find them. And we're gonna find them very soon.

Sonny: Yeah, no. See, he, uh-- Dominic's gonna be contacting you. I just want you to tell me how he's do--how he's doing. Thanks, Bernie.

Olivia: I know exactly what you're up to. I do not appreciate it. It's a disgrace, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sonny: Hi. How you doing?

Olivia: I just got a call from the Michael Corinthos Traumatic Head Injury Center.

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: And the second installment of your pledge has not yet been paid.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm suppo-- I'm supposed to sign something.

Olivia: Something?

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: You mean like these papers...

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: That have been sent to your lawyer 2 times. You refused to sign 'em. You won't release the check until I come pick it up myself.

Sonny: What are you talkin' about? I'm just--I just wanna make sure that the tax stuff is right and that, uh, you know, I don't wanna hand my--

Olivia: Sonny.

Sonny: My money over to a stranger.

Olivia: Sonny, you're lookin' for excuses to drag me back into your life. It's not gonna work.

Sonny: Can't stop thinkin' about me, can you?

Elizabeth: Nikolas!

Nikolas: You shouldn't have come here, Liz.

Jason: I-it's too cold.

Sam: It's too cold. That means your fever's going up. Jason, you gotta drink some water, okay? You have to stay hydrated. There you go.

Jason: [Shivers] I-I'm freezing.

Sam: Yeah, of course you're freezing. You've lost a lot of blood. Come here. Try and stay warm.

Jason: I--I don't know-- I don't know what's goin' on.

Sam: Okay. Go on. It's okay. I'm gonna try and keep you warm. Come on. Try and sleep, okay.

Nikolas: How the hell did I end up in Port Charles?

Elizabeth: You might be more comfortable inside.

Nikolas: You know, Katherine fell off the, uh--well, she was actually pushed--fell off the turret there, to the east. You remember that?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I remember.

Nikolas: Ohh. You think she had time to be afraid as she fell?

Elizabeth: I need for you to come inside.

Nikolas: How did you get past Alfred?

Elizabeth: He's worried about you.

Nikolas: [Sighs] I'm finally getting to understand my Uncle Stefan.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, I want you to come inside. You know, you're being very rude to me.

Nikolas: You always know exactly what to say, don't you? God, I'm all right.

Elizabeth: What happened in there?

Nikolas: It was inevitable, I guess, finally turning into a Cassadine.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: What? Hmm? What?

Elizabeth: We can't let that happen.

Rebecca: You son of a bitch.

Lucky: Heh.

Olivia: Sonny, I can appreciate that you're worried about your kids, okay? I understand that. I--I can't even imagine what it would feel like for Dante to be unaccounted for, but that-- it does not justify this kind of behavior.

Sonny: Why--why do you wanna make me feel like I-I'm in the principal's office?

Olivia: You can't keep coming up with excuses to get me out here.

Sonny: Well, hey, as long as you're in Port Charles, our paths are gonna cross. I'm not tryin' to, you know--what do you want me to say? We have projects that bring us together. We have people in common. I mean...

Olivia: Okay.

Sonny: I'm not--what?

Olivia: I've been loyal to you.

Sonny: Okay.

Olivia: Ever since we were little kids, nobody has stood up for you, given the benefit of the doubt more than me, nobody.

Sonny: All right. All right.

Olivia: Okay, I've been as good a friend to you as I know how to be, okay, so now you need to do what I'm asking you, okay? You need to hear what I'm gonna say to you.

Dominic: Oh. Hope I'm not interrupting anything here.

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