GH Transcript Friday 8/14/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/14/09


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Rebecca: I never expected to care about Nikolas, Elizabeth. It took me completely by surprise when I did.

Elizabeth: I'll bet.

Rebecca: I'm hoping that you can meet me halfway. I mean, you're one of Nikolas' oldest and best friends, and you know how wonderful he is.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, my feelings for Nikolas aren't in question. Yours are.

Rebecca: I mean it, Elizabeth. I'm falling in love with him.

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Oh...don't be. Everything Ethan said just proves that Alexis and Elizabeth were right. Rebecca's a liar. Damn. She knew coming here, Lucky, that she was Emily's sister. She just came to town to get what she could from me, and I fell for it.

Lucky: Ethan said that Rebecca was going to originally admit to who she was, but Ethan talked her into making it a con.

Nikolas: Oh. So he's got quite the influence on her, does he?

Lucky: Yeah, apparently.

Nikolas: Apparently. Okay. So how long have they known each other? And are they lovers?

Olivia: So you see me talking to Dominic in the Laundromat. Why didn't you just stop in and say hi?

Johnny: I didn't want to interrupt.

Olivia: What do you interrupt? So you just--you just let your imagination run wild so you could get over here and grill me about it?

Johnny: It looked like you were having a pretty intense conversation, considering you barely know the guy.

Dominic: My mother and all her brothers are Yankees fans, except my Uncle Guido. He's a Mets fan for some reason. But he's always been a little strange, so...

Morgan: You see? Dominic's as into the Yankees as I am.

Carly: Yeah, I think that Dominic's a busy guy. I'm sure he has plenty of things to do this afternoon.

Dominic: That's true. I got a lot of work to do for your father. I mean, it's a miracle he hired me, actually, considering how I met you and Michael and your mother.

Morgan: But you explained everything, you know? It's all okay. Please, Mom? Just say Dominic can take me to the game.

Rebecca: I never intended to fall for Nikolas.

Elizabeth: You didn't?

Rebecca: No. No, Elizabeth. My life would have been so much easier if I hadnít. Trust me. Nikolas would have simply been Emily's husband, and I would have connected to my sister through Nikolas and the Quartermaines and all the people who loved her.

Elizabeth: All the wealthy people who loved her.

Rebecca: Yeah, that's not the point.

Elizabeth: Rebecca, you're an x-ray technician from a small town in Washington. Nikolas can offer you more money than you've ever dreamed of. Don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind.

Rebecca: You have every right to be suspicious.

Elizabeth: I don't hear you denying it.

Rebecca: You know my first thought, in all honesty?

Elizabeth: What?

Rebecca: It's that, yeah, it would be creepy if I fell in love with the man that my dead sister loved. Okay? I said it. But then time passed and it began to feel so natural to be with him.

Elizabeth: How convenient.

Rebecca: He's an amazing man, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: The perfect prince.

Rebecca: Yeah, but, see, he's not so perfect. He's dark, and he's troubled, and he's struggling. He was so wounded when I first met him.

Elizabeth: So you can understand why I don't want to see Nikolas hurt again.

Rebecca: I didn't want to get hurt either, Elizabeth. It was a leap of faith for me to trust him.

Elizabeth: For you to trust him?

Rebecca: Because I had to believe that he wanted me, and not just a replacement of Emily. But he's proven that he does.

Lucky: Ethan only told me the truth about Rebecca because she wanted to break it off.

Nikolas: And why is that?

Lucky: Because she wanted to start a life with you.

Nikolas: Well, why couldn't Ethan tell me that himself?

Lucky: He said he was too biased to make a fair decision.

Nikolas: Because--because he's in love with her, that's why. Oh, God, all the times I saw the two of them together, she had a convenient excuse for it.

Lucky: Okay. You know what? He left it up to me to tell you or not. So I talked to Elizabeth, and--

Nikolas: Ohh--who, of course, warned me all along. Why in the hell didn't I have the sense to listen to her?

Lucky: Because Elizabeth loves you and she would not want to see you get hurt. But she said if it were her, she'd want to know the truth.

Nikolas: Is Ethan gonna leave town now?

Lucky: He didn't say what--

Nikolas: How long ago did they meet?

Lucky: That was in the past. It doesn't matter.

Nikolas: I don't care when it was! I want to know it all, so tell me!

Lucky: They met at a--they met at JFK airport. They were on their way to Port Charles. There was a storm coming in...

Nikolas: Oh, my God.

Lucky: All right? It delayed the flight. They started talking--

Nikolas: All right, I get it, I get it. Please don't tell me that's where he convinced her to lie to Emily's friends and family so she could get her hands on their money.

Lucky: Yes.

Nikolas: Oh, my God. Lucky, either Ethan is incredibly persuasive, or Rebecca's predisposed to lie and manipulate for money, so...

Lucky: They did all the research about Emily and her family.

Nikolas: Of course they did! Because he wanted her to be prepared to deceive all of us. How long?

Lucky: 2 months.

Nikolas: Oh. And?

Lucky: Yeah. Rebecca and Ethan were lovers.

Olivia: Okay, I, uh, I overstepped my bounds. I shouldn't have stuck my nose where it didn't belong.

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Olivia: Well, I mean, I'm always going on and on about how I don't want anything to do with the mob, and then the minute you give me one detail about anything, I'm jumping all over it. So...

Johnny: With Dominic.

Olivia: Well, you told me how he got arrested the other day and you had to hide from the cops, and I just figured, this guy, if he's gonna be doing this job, he either needs to be doing it a whole lot better or he shouldn't be doing it at all. So I told him that. That's funny?

Johnny: It's a little like a mother yelling at her kids for playing in the street.

Olivia: Now I feel stupid.

Johnny: Hey, look. I like that you want to look out for me. Okay? Just don't do it again. Okay?

Olivia: Right. I'm sorry. I know, I should butt out. I just, um... you know, I would hate for you or any of your partners to get...compromised. So enough said. All right?

Johnny: Although... I...kind of do like the idea of you getting all hot and bothered on my behalf.

Olivia: Mmm. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Olivia: Any chance you could ignore that?

Johnny: Uh, no, it's a text from Bernie. It's important. I gotta go. I'll call you later.

Olivia: Okay. You do that. Yes. Yeah. This is Olivia Falconeri, Detective Dante Falconeri's mother. Yeah, we need to talk.

Morgan: So, I haven't been to the new stadium yet. What's it like?

Dominic: Ah, you know, I'll get used to it, in about 30 years.

Morgan: That bad, huh?

Dominic: You know what? It's's, uh, it's got no history. You know? Old Yankee Stadium had roots. Legends played there.

Morgan: So can we go?

[Door opens]

Jax: I'm home!

Morgan: Jax!

Jax: Hey, Morgan.

Carly: Hey!

Jax: I came back early for the ball game, but unfortunately now I have a meeting, so I hope you'll forgive me.

Morgan: It's okay. Dominic's gonna take me.

Jax: I gather that's you.

Dominic: Yeah. Dominic Pirelli. Good to meet you.

Carly: This is my husband, Jasper Jacks.

Jax: And how is it you know Morgan?

Morgan: He's the guy who tried to kidnap me in the woods that night, but he really didnít. And he works for Jason and Dad now.

Jax: [Chuckles] Oh. Well, that's nice.




Kristina: That couple from Denmark just returned their wave runner. Here's the key and the credit card slip.

Michael: Oh, thanks.

Kristina: I can't believe how we lucked out. This has to be one of the best resorts in Cancun.

Michael: Yeah. Who knew being an American would work in our favor?

Kristina: And with your Spanish and my French, we should be able to communicate with most of the guests.

Michael: You're just happy to be by the ocean wearing a bathing suit on the job.

Kristina: It's better than slaving away on some Veracruz fishing boat. And I know the room we rented is small, but it's close to work, and it's a lot more comfortable than that motel we stayed in.

Michael: See? I told you we could do this.

Kristina: Are you sure Jerry won't come after us?

Michael: Don't worry about Jerry.

Kristina: What about home? I mean, the police aren't going to stop looking for us. Neither will our families.

Michael: Right now, I don't want to think about that, okay?

Kristina: No, I just want to have fun.

Michael: Hey.

[Ball bouncing]

Child's voice, echoing: Jason... Jason, Jason, Jason! Jason, Jason.

Jason: Michael.

Michael: Yeah?

Jason: You shouldnít... you shouldn't--shouldn't be here.

Michael: Where should I be? In jail? Locked up in some safe house?

Jason: You should be home. It wasn't you who drove... Claudia off the road that night.

Michael: Maybe I don't want to go home.

Jason: Listen, it's not safe.

Michael: I make my own choices. Isn't that what you always say?

[Ball bouncing]

Jason: Michael...come back. Michael. Michael!

Ronnie: I need a reason to be talking to you. Start folding.

Olivia: You fold, I'll talk.

Ronnie: This isn't smart, Olivia.

Olivia: Neither was swiping 20 bucks from my mother's purse when you were 12. Who covered for you so your father didn't send you to military school?

Ronnie: And now I'm a cop. Along with your son. What, you want to blow our cover?

Olivia: Listen. Listen. When you got Dante into the undercover unit, I wasn't crazy about it, all right? But I...but I kept my mouth shut because I thought you were gonna take care of him.

Ronnie: Hate to burst your bubble, but, uh, your son is the one who takes the chances.

Olivia: Oh, donít. Don't do that, Ronnie. Don't point your finger at the other guy. You're in charge here, and I don't like what's happening.

Ronnie: Oh, so you call my boss and you demand a meeting with him? And now I got a lieutenant freaking out because he thinks you're gonna blow the operation sky high. I've been on the Zacchara case for 2 years now.

Olivia: And I will make sure that you get nothing unless you get my kid reassigned.

Carly: Morgan, uh, rode his bike all the way into town to pick up the tickets, and Dominic gave him a ride home.

Morgan: And Dominic's a big Yankees fan, too, so I asked him to the game.

Jax: Well, isn't that wonderful. And you're okay with this?

Carly: No, I--I--no, I didn't say--

Morgan: But you were gonna say yes, right?

Jax: Oh, look at that. I'm getting a t--oh, look at that. My meeting was canceled after all. What do you know? I can take you to the ball game.

Morgan: That's great. I mean...sorry.

Dominic: Hey, that's okay. At least you get to go. Hey, keep an eye out for those ghosts in the outfield, huh?

Jax: Morgan, do me a favor. Take this to my office. There is something in here from a video game store in Hong Kong I think you're gonna like.

Morgan: Awesome! Bye, Dominic. See you.

Dominic: See you, kid.

Jax: Let me be absolutely crystal clear when I say this. I do not like who you work for. So I don't want you near my family. You understand?

Dominic: Look, I realize you don't know me--

Jax: And I don't want to. You threatened my pregnant wife and her two sons with a gun.

Dominic: I was desperate. And I would never actually hurt a woman and her kids.

Jax: I don't care.

Dominic: Ask your wife. I let them all go. No harm done.

Carly: It's true.

Dominic: Morgan asked me to take him to a ball game. I didn't know how to say no.

Jax: Look, I don't fully understand why you're in this house, what you're doing here, but let me just explain this to you so you understand where I'm coming from. The world that you work in is very dangerous. It gets people killed. Okay, you take your boss, for example. His first wife, she was blown up in a car bomb. And the latest bride, now, she was shot at the altar, and his son just got out of a coma after being shot in the head. Now, I can't stop Sonny from seeing his kids, but I can sure as hell stop you or anyone else that works for him. So you stay away.

Carly: Thank you for helping with Morgan, but next time you should just call one of us.

Dominic: Fair enough. Oh, uh, just one last thing. You got a pretty great kid there. You might want to spend a little extra time with him.

Jax: Oh, so you're telling me how to be a father?

Dominic: No, I'm just remembering what it was like growing up without one.

Olivia: Oh, for God's sake! Ron, how old are you?

Ronnie: I know how important family is to you, Olivia. But you can't go around threatening a major undercover operation so your baby boy gets home for dinner.

Olivia: Don't you patronize me, Ron. I am keeping my kid safe just the same as your wife would do if this was your kid.

Ronnie: My kids aren't working undercover.

Olivia: This is very simple. Your partner has a conflict of interest here, Ron. His mother has ties to both Sonny Corinthos and John Zacchara.

Ronnie: Oh, you think he's gonna treat them any differently out of respect for your ties? Think again. Look, he goes for what he wants and he usually gets it.

Olivia: Usually? Usually--why is that not reassuring to me?

Ronnie: It's his job.

Olivia: Yeah? And his job could get him killed. If Sonny finds out what Dante is up to, he's a dead man.

Ronnie: I got an idea. If you're so worried, how about you cut your ties?

Olivia: How about you get my kid reassigned?

Ronnie: [Sighs] He knew the risk going in.

Olivia: Ronnie... Ronnie, I've known you my whole life. All right? I've never asked you for anything, not even that stupid 20 bucks back. I'm asking this now. Please... please get my kid out of this.

Jason: M-Michael?

Kristina: Michael? Do I look like Michael to you? Some protector you are.

Jason: Wh-where's Michael?

Kristina: He's gone.

Jason: Where?

Kristina: Well, maybe Jerry grabbed him. Maybe he had another coma and fell in the ocean or aliens abducted him. I just turned around and he was gone. Now I'm all alone.

Jason: Kr-Kristina! Wh--Kristina!

Kristina: I've got to remember not to judge people too quickly.

Michael: You?

Kristina: Look at that blond woman on the wave runner.

Michael: Wait. The one staying close to the shore?

Kristina: Her son was so excited to get out on the water, he grabbed the first wave runner he saw, while I spent half an hour with the mom while she fusses over the selection, trying to pick an easy one for herself.

Michael: Well, he's having a great time.

Kristina: While the mom is gripping onto the handles for dear life.

Michael: Well, you gotta give her credit for going out there.

Kristina: My mom's like that. She's totally risk averse. Her idea of outdoor sports is floating in the pool, lifting a glass of iced tea. Molly and I would beg her to go ice skating and skiing and tobogganing. She finally agreed, despite her terror of us all dying. [Chuckles] The look on her face when she snowplowed down that bunny slope was priceless.

Michael: Yeah, well, my mom's the opposite. She's up for anything. Especially if she hasn't done it before. She's always the first one to put her hand up in the air on the roller coaster, the first one to let the weird insect crawl up her arm at the zoo. I hope Mom's okay.

Kristina: I hope mine is, too.

Rebecca: I had a pretty cynical attitude about life... until Nikolas came along. Sometimes I can't believe that I've actually met a sincere guy who's good to me. Believe me, Elizabeth, I've been with guys who are not.

Elizabeth: Well, some women are attracted to bad boys. Maybe you're just one of them.

Rebecca: Yeah, I was. I was, okay? But then I thought, you know, I'm never actually gonna fall in love with someone, so why not just play the game, you know, use the guy before he uses me.

Elizabeth: So you were using Nikolas?

Rebecca: I had my defenses up.

Elizabeth: Well, he didnít. He was vulnerable from the moment he saw your face.

Rebecca: Yeah, I know. I know. You know, he's the most wonderful combination of gentleness and strength. You know, when I watch him ride Rubicon, it's--I don't know--it's almost like he becomes the animal. He's just so full of power and grace and-- and then he introduces me to his son and he's just so sweet and tender. I don't know. He's, um, he's a man of contradictions. In the best possible way.

Elizabeth: Yes, he is.

Rebecca: And the more I've gotten to know him, the more I care about him. We've tried to break it off. We've tried to fight it. But it just doesn't work. You know? I'm in love with him, and he's in love with me.

Nikolas: Understand all of this correctly. Okay? It was--it was Ethan's idea for Rebecca to pretend that she didn't know anything about Emily?

Lucky: Ethan's a pro. He said that the best way for her to get the money was to act spooked that she looked like Emily. That way, you and the Quartermaines would come to her.

Nikolas: Okay. And then Ethan was to get a piece of the action, right?

Lucky: In return for coaching her.

Nikolas: [Sighs] My God, wasn't she just astonishingly good at playing hard to get? I mean, when--when I told her the truth, that she was Emily's sister, you should have seen the shock on her face, Lucky. And I bought into every one of those lies. I made it easy for her.

Lucky: Wherever it started, Elizabeth thinks Rebecca has real feelings for you now.

Nikolas: Doesn't matter. Thanks for telling me. I appreciate it.

Lucky: Listen, for what it's worth--

Nikolas: No, look, you're gonna have to leave now.

Lucky: Well, listen, why don't we just, uh, take a walk. We can go around the lake--

Nikolas: No, no, please leave, okay? I need to think this thing through and... figure out how I'm gonna handle it.

Lucky: All right, I'll call on you later. If you want to talk, just give me a shout.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Carly: Jason? Where's Michael?

Jason: He's in Veracruz.

Carly: You promised him when he was a baby that you'd always look out for him. But you let him get shot. We lost him for a whole year and now he's run away.

Jason: I'm--I'm gonna--I'm gonna find him.

Carly: How can I believe you? You let him take the blame for something he didn't do, and now we lost him all over again.

Jason: I'm--I'm gonna find him.

Michael: I never met so many obnoxious people.

Kristina: Some of them give a whole new meaning to "ugly Americans."

Michael: And then there's the stupid ones.

Kristina: [Sighs] Maybe it's all the rum. That one guy was too smashed to sign his credit card receipt.

Michael: [Laughs] I'm wiped. You know, if one more person is rude, I'm afraid I'm gonna lose it. You know, I still can't control a rage even if I know it's coming on.

Kristina: You want to take off?

Michael: No, I'll stick around and keep you company. But... the next person who walks through that door is yours.

Kristina: Deal.

Woman: Excuse me. Is this the place to rent the wave runner?

Kristina: It is.

Woman: I hope you can help me.

Michael: So do I.

Carly: All right, look, you know, Morgan did call Dominic on his own, just like he got those tickets on his own--hi.

Jax: Hello.

Carly: I just--I just think, you know, with Michael gone, he's trying to be strong and independent so we don't have to worry about him.

Jax: Yeah, well, it worries me more when Morgan uses poor judgment.

Carly: Yeah. But Dominic did help out. I mean, he did bring Morgan home.

Jax: Yeah, but that could have been a calculated move. I mean, you never thought--

Carly: Why would he bother?

Jax: To score points with Sonny, of course.

Carly: I don't get that and I have really good instincts.

Jax: Why are we even talking about this? I mean, he's safer-- he's safer with--

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Look, don't--he's--

Carly: You're right. You're right.

Jax: [Sighs] What about Michael? Did we hear anything?

Carly: No.

Jax: Jason will find him.

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: Okay?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: In the meantime, we'll do everything we can to protect Morgan.

Carly: Yeah? Like pretending to get a text message saying your meeting was canceled so you could take him to the ball game?

Jax: No, I did cancel the meeting.

Carly: Right, to get rid of Dominic. Oh! Look at that. What a coincidence. I just got a text message right when I was about to tell this guy to shove it. How about that?

Jax: What are you saying, I should keep my day job?

Carly: Yes, you should. I hope you're better with business negotiations.

Jax: Yes, look at me. Ruthless corporate raider reduced to pushover daddy and husband.

Carly: Mmm, you know, I-- I love it.

Jax: Really?

Carly: It works for me.

Jax: Hmm. Okay.

Olivia: Hey, you.

Johnny: Hey.

Olivia: Perfect timing. You coming in?

Johnny: I would love to, but I still got some work I gotta do for Bernie. But I got a question for you. Figured I'd ask you in person.

Olivia: Oh. It sounds serious.

Johnny: It is. How about, uh, how about a dinner date?

Olivia: A date?

Johnny: Yeah. You know--you, me, a restaurant.

Olivia: Hmm....hmm. Aren't you the gentleman?

Johnny: I figured we always meet here or at my garage or Jakeís for a quick drink, I thought we'd actually go out. Hey, if you need to think about it, I get it.

Olivia: What, are you afraid I'm embarrassed to be seen with a younger man, or what?

Johnny: No. Maybe you don't want to broadcast that you're dating what Spinelli would call the vile Rasputin, the mob prince.

Olivia: I'd love to go.

Johnny: You sure?

Olivia: Oh, come on, why don't we just not overthink this, okay? You want to take me out on a date?

Johnny: Yeah.

Olivia: I want to go.

Johnny: Then it's a date.

Olivia: Okay.

Dominic: Hey. Did you need help picking a detergent?

Ronnie: Thanks, I got all the laundry help I need. Oh, and the added bonus help with the Corinthos-Zacchara investigation.

Dominic: You want to stop talking in riddles or what?

Ronnie: Your mother called Gorski, demanded a meeting with me. She's one maternal instinct away from blowing the whole operation.

Dominic: All right, I'll talk to her.

Ronnie: Oh, yeah? That ought to help.

Dominic: What did she say?

Ronnie: The same thing she's been saying all along. She wants you off this case.

Dominic: And you told her it was out of the question.

Ronnie: You're investigating two guys she's personally involved with. She's sleeping with one of them, for God sakes. That has got to mess with your head.

Dominic: Wait a minute. We've already been through this. We can go through it again if you want. There is no chance that I will protect John Zacchara or Sonny Corinthos to spare my mother's feelings.

Ronnie: It's a messy situation. You can't be objective.

Dominic: Sure I can. It's called the job.

Ronnie: I got a lot riding on the success of this investigation. There's no way I'm jeopardizing it. I'm gonna ask Gorski to reassign you.

Rebecca: Hey, Ethan, it's me. Listen, you don't have to call me back. I just, uh, needed to tell you that Nikolas asked me to go to Greece tonight with him and his son to visit the place where he grew up. He wants me to know everything about his life. And, uh, I've thought long and hard about it and I've decided to do the same. Before we leave, I'm gonna tell him everything. Okay? That, uh, I knew about Emily from the start and that I came to--to Port Charles to take advantage of him. Just can't live the lie anymore. Okay? Can't do it. I'm hoping he's gonna understand. And I--I think that he will. If I get to explain it to him.

Alfred: The vodka is chilled, sir.

Nikolas: One glass.

Alfred: Yes, sir. Are you still expecting Miss Rebecca?

Nikolas: I'm sure wild horses wouldn't keep her away. Unpack my bags, would you?

Alfred: Your flight leaves in a matter of hours.

Nikolas: My plans have changed.

Alfred: I see. And, uh, the things you bought for Miss Rebecca from--

Nikolas: Tell Norma to take Spencer to the mainland. They can stay at the Metro Court. I don't want them here tonight.

Alfred: Yes, sir.

Nikolas: Hold all calls, and send away all visitors, except...Miss Rebecca.

Alfred: Yes, sir. Sir, I--if I may say so--

Nikolas: That'll be all, Alfred. Thank you.

Alfred: Yes, sir.

Elizabeth: How did it go with Nikolas?

Lucky: Bad.

Elizabeth: He got angry?

Lucky: The opposite. Completely calm.

Elizabeth: Just start at the beginning.

Lucky: When I got to Wyndemere and found Nikolas, he was the happiest I'd ever seen him since Emily was alive. He said that he introduced Rebecca to Spencer and he planned on taking them to Greece tonight so he could show her where he grew up.

Elizabeth: Yeah, so I heard.

Lucky: But I told him Rebecca had been lying to him. I told him the whole story. And he started asking questions--how long had she been sleeping with Ethan? And how long had they been planning the con?

Elizabeth: Oh, God, he must be so hurt.

Lucky: You could just see the rage and the humiliation in his eyes. And then he completely shut down.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe you should have stayed with him.

Lucky: I offered. He told me to get out. By the time I left that room, it had dropped below freezing. The brother I loved, he turned-- he... he turned in--

Elizabeth: Turned into what?

Lucky: A Cassadine.

Dominic: Look, you tell Lieutenant Gorski everything's under control. Things are moving along like clockwork.

Ronnie: The more you get involved, the closer you are to winding up dead.

Dominic: You know, what is with you, Ron? Why do you let my mother spook you?

Ronnie: She's right. Sonny's not a guy to mess with.

Dominic: She doesn't want Johnny and Sonny getting busted.

Ronnie: She's worried about you.

Dominic: No. She told me that herself. She feels sympathy for those guys. She doesn't think they deserve to be in prison. Look, when have I ever blown an operation? We've been on dozens of cases together. I've proven myself.

Ronnie: But this one's different.

Dominic: If I say I can pull this off, I can.

Ronnie: And you could do just as on another operation, and you might live to tell about it.

Dominic: You know, Sonny's youngest kid wants me to take him to a Yankees game? You know any other undercover cop that's gotten that far into Sonny's inner circle?

Ronnie: No.

Dominic: No. Then let's not throw this all away on a case of motherly overprotectiveness.

Ronnie: Okay. But you tell your mother, she sticks her nose in this one more time...I'm gonna have Gorski yank you out of here so fast your head will spin. [Sighs]

Jason: [Gasping] If you're real... you need to find Michael... and Kristina. Get them away from Jerry.

Sam: Hey, I am real, and I'm not going anywhere.

Sam: Jason...hey. Stay with me. I'm here. Concentrate on my voice. I'm gonna get you out of here, but I can't do that if you're unconscious. Oh, no.

Jason: Michael and Kristina...

Sam: No, no. Michael and Kristina are okay.

Jason: What about Jerry?

Sam: Jerry? They got away from him. They're gonna be fine. You're the one who's in trouble.

Michael: This is the part you gotta remember not leaning too far back, you know?

Woman: I will try to do better tomorrow.

Michael: No, you were great.

Woman: I kept tipping over. We spent most of our time in the ocean.

Michael: Well, that's what it's there for.

Woman: What is the charge for the lesson?

Michael: Uh, the first one's free with your first rental.

Woman: There must be some way to repay you.

Michael: No, it's okay, I mean, it's part of my job. Uh, I mean, I had a really good time.

Woman: Perhaps dinner.

Michael: With me?

Woman: Because you're such a wonderful teacher.

Michael: [Laughs] I don't know, I mean...

Woman: Tonight at 7:00. I will meet you here.

Michael: I have a date. What am I supposed to do?

Dominic: Open up! I cannot believe you pulled this.

Olivia: I gather you spoke to Ronnie.

Dominic: You called my lieutenant and asked him to yank me off the case? Are you nuts?

Olivia: I've been keeping you away from sharp objects and plastic bags since before you could walk.

Dominic: Yeah, and now I'm an adult and my work is none of your damn business.

Olivia: Hey, watch your mouth.

Dominic: Look, you had no right. This is my career.

Olivia: Yeah, and your career is way too dangerous.

Dominic: Look, I've been on dozens of cases before. You've always stayed cool. But now, now that you're personally involved, you call the lieutenant to try and get me taken off the investigation?

Olivia: Here is the reality of the situation. You are an undercover cop gathering information to bring down one of my oldest and dearest friends and the man that I happen to be going out to dinner with tonight. This thing has got disaster written all over it.

Dominic: For you!

Olivia: For you, too. You want to know what happens to people who betray Sonny Corinthos? He kills them first, he asks questions later.

Dominic: I know, Ma! It's on the list of the top 20 reasons why Sonny Corinthos should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Olivia: Fine. Then you let some other cop put him there.

Dominic: No, this is my case that I've been building. And I happen to have principles, unlike my own mother.

Olivia: Wow. Thank you very much.

Dominic: You know, maybe you got a soft spot for thugs. I don't know. But my job is to uphold the law, and there's nothing you can say that's gonna stop me from doing it.

Lucky: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: Come with me. Come here. Nikolas and Alexis have always been the good Cassadines. And they've never been like the rest of the family.

Lucky: Emily's the one that kept Nikolas grounded.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, he has changed since she died. He's never stopped grieving for her.

Lucky: Because he became obsessed with her. You know, Rebecca was totally taking advantage of him. I mean, you're the one who called her a con from the start. I should have listened to you.

Elizabeth: So she wanted to meet with me this morning.

Lucky: And you got into a huge fight?

Elizabeth: Actually, no. She wanted to know if there was some way we could be friends, or at least friendly, because she had fallen in love with Nikolas.

Lucky: Oh, my God, she's covering all her bases.

Elizabeth: But the thing is, I kind of believed her. For the first time, she actually seemed sincere.

Lucky: Well, I'm not sure it's really gonna matter. I mean, not from what I saw. I mean, even if Rebecca really truly loves Nikolas, he's never gonna forgive her.

Rebecca: I don't think Alfred liked the idea of me going to Greece with you. He didn't even look at me when he took my bags. Hi. Nikolas, what's wrong?

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