GH Transcript Wednesday 8/12/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/12/09


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Johnny: You okay?

Olivia: [Coughing] Yeah. I'm fine. It's just, wrong pipe. So, um, you really dodged a bullet, huh? I mean that you -- [Chuckles] You know what I mean.

Johnny: Yeah, it was a close call.

Olivia: So you, um, so did you actually see this, uh, this Dominic? You saw him get arrested?

Johnny: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Um... so how, uh, how serious are the charges?

Johnny: I don't know. It's kinda of early to tell.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: You seem a little concerned about a guy you just met.

Dominic: You've talked to my lieutenant, you've verified I'm undercover, now all you have to do is let me go.

Louise: I don't have the grounds to simply let you walk out of here, Detective Falconeri.

Dominic: The grounds? How about the grounds that I'm in the middle of an undercover operation, and every minute I spend talking to you two compromises me.

Mac: Speaking of compromise, you need to think this through. If we let you out and the Corinthos people get suspicious, they just might dig a little deeper and find out the truth. That'll be the end of your undercover work.

Dominic: The end of my work? Hell, it'll be the end of my life. [Chuckles]

Michael: Run, Kristina, go! Go! [Grunting]

Guard: You shouldn't have done that!

Michael: [Breathing heavily]

[Crickets chirping]


Jerry: Oh, bloody hell. Oh. I'm in a new suit. Well... Jason--[Chuckles] You look crushed. [Laughs] Ahh. Come on, Mr. Morgan. You can push. Try a little harder.

Jason: [Grunting]

Jerry: Those bicep curls didn't prove too handy, after all. Outstanding effort, though. I had no idea this building was so unstable. You know, they don't build 'em like they used to, right? Hope you got your tetanus shots. You know, I'm under a certain dilemma. Do I get you from under that beam and get the game going? I mean, that's what Sam would have wanted, right? I mean, she needs some good news, given her current situation. What do you think? No, nothing? Ah, what the hell. It's the least I can do. Ah, here we go. [Grunting] Oh! Oh, good. What have we here? Freak Dorsey gun. Hmm. This would have come in handy. Yeah.


[Music playing]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Roulette wheel spinning]

Ethan: I'm not skimming. You can check my take against the receipts for both the bar and casino.

Tracy: And you'd never lie about my money.

Ethan: Oh, so you're happy, Tracy? Can I call you stepmom?

Tracy: Donít.

Ethan: I'm just about sick of this place. So any more of your attitude, and I might as well just hit the road.

Tracy: Actually, I thought perhaps we could be of some assistance to each other.

Ethan: Okay, is this about finding Luke? I'm over it.

Tracy: You're a fast learner. Took me years to realize there was no percentage in going after him.

Ethan: If it's not about Luke, then what do you want from me?

Tracy: Information.

Rebecca: You've gotta be sick of this place by now.

Nikolas: No, not at all. I know how much you love to gamble. Unless that was a not-so-subtle hint that you'd rather go to Monte Carlo. Because if it is, I can arrange that.

Rebecca: Can you get me back in time for my 8 A.M. shift?

Nikolas: [Chuckles]

Rebecca: Yeah, didn't think so.

Tracy: Tell me everything you know about Rebecca Shaw.

Dominic: Look, I'll handle Corinthos. All I need from you guys is a way out of here.

Louise: I think that we should go through the motions of pressing charges. That way, you can post bail and keep your cover intact.

Dominic: Isn't a bit of a waste of time to play good cop-bad cop with a...cop?

Mac: I think the assistant district attorney is trying to help you out.

Louise: We can arraign you. And then you can jump bail and disappear. You can get yourself reassigned to the next case. Corinthos will never know that you infiltrated his organization.

Dominic: There's no way I'm going back to the task force empty-handed.

Diane: Release Mr. Pirelli now.

Mac: On what grounds?

Dominic: I'm sure my excellent attorney will you tell, won't you?

Diane: There was no warrant. No probable cause for Lucky and the storm troopers to go rushing into the building where my client was arrested. It was illegal search and seizure.

Lucky: That arrest was by the book.

Diane: Whose book?

Lucky: We found Pirelli with a large quantity of the drugs. That's possession with intent.

Louise: I think I need to check the paperwork before this goes any further.

Olivia: You know, whatever happens to this Dominic guy, that can just as easily happen to you.

Johnny: That's sweet. If I hadn't known any better, I'd think you were worried about me.

Olivia: Of course I'm worried about you. You know, I know what you do... for a living. I know how you live your life. And I just have to, um... I just have to find a way to be okay with that. Okay, but I would really hate... I would really hate it if something happened to you. Now, I mean, I... I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you how to change your wicked ways or anything like that. The last thing I want to be is some clingy, overbearing shrew, but, um...

Johnny: Come on, you could never be a shrew if you tried.

Olivia: Oh, you haven't known me very long. I've got definite tendencies, which I work very hard to suppress. The worst is when I open my mouth and I hear my mother's voice coming out, you know. Not that I don't love my mother, she's an amazing woman, but I think I'd kill myself if I ever turned into her, so... [Inhales, exhales]

Johnny: You know, I don't see that happening. Come here.

Olivia: [Moans] You want to take that shower now?

Johnny: Yeah. I do. You want to join me?

Olivia: Mmm. More than you can imagine. But, um, I promised I was going to feed you. And believe it or not, I'm out of tomato paste, so, um, I'm going to run to the store, and I'll be right back.

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: I promise.


Michael: I wouldn't stick around if I was you. Jerry's gonna go ballistic once he finds out you let Kristina get away.'s the deal. You walk away, and he doesn't have to find out how everything went down.

Guard: [Breathing heavily] Better idea. I tie you up, and then I get the girl.

[Fire alarm sounding]

[All murmuring]

Jerry: Oh, bloody hell. I should have known.

Jason: [Groaning]

Jerry: I'm used to my own gun, you see. You see, it pulls a little bit, so I tend to overcompensate. But your gun, on the contrary, aims correctly. So it's such a pity I missed the heart, and I hit that-- where did I hit-- oh, yeah, the clavicle. Ooh, that looks nasty. But no worries, won't happen again. Okay, here it goes.

Spinelli: You know, I'm all too aware of what my bride-to-be must be feeling.

Maxie: Oh, I love my ring, Spinelli. I'm very impressed by your taste in jewelry.

Spinelli: Perhaps some of your couture wisdom rubbed off on me.

Maxie: Maybe it has. You know, I'm very honored that you asked me to be your bride. Especially the way you went and asked Mac for permission to marry me. That was...really special. Kind of like a fairy tale, sort of. Only faster. Much faster.

Spinelli: You know, the honor belongs entirely to me. It's--I'm in awe, the idea of spending lifelong bliss with the woman of my heart. I mean--

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: In my mind--

Maxie: I'll get it!

Spinelli: Oh. [Chuckles]

Maxie: [Chuckles]

Lulu: I am so, so sorry! I know that you guys probably want to kill me and I don't blame you. I shouldn't have told Kate that you were engaged. Of course she would want to take over the plans and make them all about her. I just--I don't know what I was thinking.

Spinelli: Perhaps you were just overwhelmed by the tremendous import of the news.

Maxie: It's not really your fault, Lulu. Kate would have reacted that way no matter who told her.

Spinelli: Yeah, and while it's gratifying to have the glacial one's support, I guess, um, I think it would be nicer if the nuptials, you know, suited our desires and not hers. But the September date surely put a crimp in her plans, and I think it works to our benefit.

Lulu: Oh, well, she still wants to, um, chronicle the selection and evolution of the wedding dress for the magazine.

Maxie: Are we talking, like, a small feature here or a huge layout? Those things matter.

Lulu: She hasn't decided. Also, uh, she wanted me to help plan the wedding. I told her that you were so much more capable doing that on your own.

Maxie: I am?

Lulu: Absolutely! Robin and Patrickís wedding was beautiful. Both of them.

Maxie: Oh, hey, no! It's one thing to arrange someone else's wedding. It's a whole different thing to arrange your own.

Lulu: Well, I would, you know, help you out if you wanted.

Maxie: Really? You would?

Lulu: I would love to.

Spinelli: Oh. Then it's, ha, it's settled. Maximista and fair Lulu will put together a glorious wedding, and the day will go off without a hitch.

Maxie: [Chuckles]

Dealer: You got 20, that's enough.

Nikolas: Nice.

[Indistinct chatter]

Tracy: So since Rebecca moved in with my family, my father and Monica have been practically begging her to take them to the cleaners.

Ethan: Well, they deserve what they get.

Tracy: I'm thinking maybe she told you her plans when you stopped by the house the other night.

Ethan: No, you must have me confused with someone else.

Tracy: No, I donít. You're unmistakable. It also tells me, since it was late, that you're more acquainted then you're letting on, and that you have something to hide.

Ethan: No, my life is an open book.

Tracy: Come on, Ethan. You're a smart boy. You know an opportunity when you see one. And I'm offering you a golden one. Just tell me what Rebecca is up to.

Rebecca: [Laughs] Yes!

Nikolas: You can't lose.

Rebecca: [Laughing] I'm beginning to think you bribed the dealer.

Nikolas: No, that would be an insult to your skill, now wouldn't it?

Rebecca: So why won't you play a hand? Come on!

Nikolas: No, I prefer baccarat, myself. You should play that some time.

Rebecca: Yeah, maybe. But if I keep winning like this, I might be able to stake myself. Even in Monte Carlo.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Ethan: So about this opportunity you mentioned. What's in it for me?

Tracy: Well, I guess that depends on what you tell me about Rebecca.

Ethan: I wouldn't worry about Rebecca ripping off the Quartermaines. It seems she's sunk her claws into some bigger prey.

Olivia: Excuse me, is this where I pay a parking ticket?

Desk Sergeant: Uh, that would be the clerk's office during business hours.

Olivia: Oh.

Desk Sergeant: Or you can mail it in.

Olivia: Oh, well, it's actually a little embarrassing. You see, I lost the ticket, and I'm just afraid I'm going to get in trouble.

Desk sergeant: You know what, why don't you give me your particulars.

Olivia: Oh. Olivia Falconeri. That's my license plate number.

[Desk clerk typing]

Louise: There was a procedural violation.

Lucky: Do not hit me with technicalities. That arrest was legal.

Louise: There was no warrant. There was no probable cause to search. That means that the drugs that you confiscated are fruit of the poison tree and can't be used as evidence.

Diane: She's right. And I would like my client released now.

Lucky: Mac, help me here, please.

Mac: I'm going with the A.D.A.'s recommendation.

Lucky: This is a load of crap.

[Door slams]

Diane: I will handle all the paperwork. You are free to go.

Dominic: Thank you, Counselor. Very nice department you run here. I really enjoyed my visit. But hey, let's not do it again. Excuse me. [Sighs]

Desk sergeant: There's no record of a parking ticket listed for your vehicle.

Olivia: Oh, ha. My mistake. Thanks, then, you're such a doll.

[Crickets chirping]

Jerry: You know, it is kind of ironic, actually, because I've wounded several people in the exact same spot. [Chuckles] Is it terribly painful?

Jason: Give me my gun and I'll show you.

Jerry: You know, it's really, really distressing to fail to make a kill on the first shot. But you know that, don't you? I mean, you failed with me, and that oversight will certainly come back to haunt you. But, you know, there's a nice, interesting benefit to missing in that the target doesn't die immediately, giving us a wonderful opportunity to discuss unfinished business, don't you think? Ah. But make no mistake. I mean, under the best circumstances, you have a 50/50 percent chance of making it, even if help was coming, and it's not. So... well, apart from that, any final requests?

Jason: I want proof... Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Lulu: Okay, I can see if St. Timothy's has the date available.

Spinelli: No traditional cathedral can contain the depth of my love for Maximista. I was thinking a ceremony that encompasses all the earth and sky, perhaps a Buddhist ceremony on a hillside or maybe Hindu vows on the ocean shore. I mean, you would look amazing in a sari.

Lulu: Oh, well, I was thinking maybe more traditional. I mean, but Maxie, you're the bride.

Maxie: Uh, do we have to do this right now?

Lulu: September is gonna be here before you know it.

Maxie: I know! There's just a lot to process. Like, this whole idea that Spinelli and I are getting married.

Spinelli: It's no longer a mere idea. Our nuptials are a rapidly approaching reality.

Lulu: Okay, let's just focus on shoes.

Maxie: I can't see them. I'm trying to picture my feet, and I can't see the shoes. That's never happened to me before!

Lulu: That's okay, that's okay-- stop--there's attendants, right? You guys are going to both want attendants.

Spinelli: Yes. Stone Cold will certainly be my best man, and I just--I assume that my bride to be would wish the original blonde one to stand up there beside here, regardless of what shoe she was wearing.

Lulu: No, I can't be Maxie's maid of honor. Maxie can't stand me.

[Telephone rings]


Johnny: Hey, Ms. Miller. Tell me what I want to hear.

Diane: Well, I certainly earned my retainer tonight.

Johnny: Does that mean Dominic's out of jail?

Diane: Do you have any idea the complexity of defending a client that one has never met? Let alone completely uncooperative. Between that and the lateness of the hour, I have absolutely earned for myself a delightful little Llorente snakeskin bag that I saw in the last issue--

Johnny: Yeah, okay, what were the charges?

Diane: Nada. Full release.

Johnny: Really? How'd you pull that off?

Diane: Well, "a," I'm brilliant. And "b," it didn't hurt matters any that the arresting officer had no warrant, no probable cause. Therefore all the evidence is inadmissible. Or as the A.D.A. likes to say, fruit of the poison tree. Ergo, Dominic Pirelli is a free man.

Johnny: Great. Thanks.

Diane: My pleasure.

Johnny: One more thing--you said that Dominic was uncooperative?

Diane: Well, actually, he was fairly bright about the whole thing. He refused to admit, even to me, that he worked for Sonny as anything more than a longshoreman. It was the most thorough job of stonewalling I have seen outside of Jason Morgan himself. I don't think we need to worry about Mr. Dominic Pirelli telling tales out of school.

Ronnie: The point of being undercover is to stay undercover. It's not to get your ass arrested with a load of drugs.

Dominic: You know what? Everything worked out just the way I wanted it to.

Ronnie: So you wanted the assistant D.A. to call lieutenant to verify your status? I guess you also wanted the lieutenant to chew me out for not keeping you on a shorter leash.

Dominic: I took the fall in John Zacchara's place tonight. I got him to trust me completely. We're rolling now.

Olivia: Thanks for the Christmas card, Ron. Ronnie Jr. looks more like you every day.

Dominic: Poor kid.

Olivia: You are done in this town. You call whoever you need to call; you get yourself transferred back to Brooklyn. Your stay in this town is over.

Dominic: [Sighs]

Kristina: The guard didn't follow us.

Michael: Yeah, he's probably running for his life. He's history once Jerry finds out he let us get away.

Kristina: You don't think Jerry would really hurt him?

Michael: If he can't find him, no. Same goes for us.

Kristina: Jerry wouldn't hurt us.

Michael: We don't know what Jerry would or wouldn't do. And by the way, nice move with the fire alarm as a distraction. I'm impressed.

Kristina: Maybe I'm not as helpless as you think.

Michael: Maybe. Now we gotta figure out what's next. I mean. We got our id and extra cash...

Kristina: And the stuff we took from the apartment to sell.

Michael: Yeah. I think it's enough to get to Cancun.

Kristina: Laura went to Cancun once with her dad. I still have the postcard. And now I get to see it in person.

Michael: No, you donít. You gotta go home.

Jerry: We could--oh, that looks painful. I'm curious, which is worse? The gunshot or being crushed down by the beam?

Jason: [Groans] Do you have proof that Claudia got Michael shot?

Jerry: [Laughs] You know, that's extremely optimistic about you to ask about Claudiaís guilt. You know, that would presuppose that you were able to get out of this alive and act on whatever I tell you, which, uh, it wonít.

Jason: [Groaning] Then you have nothing to lose by telling me.

Jerry: Guilty, innocent, really, what does it matter? I mean, Michael's shooting was an accident. It was no one's fault. It was just the unfortunate ricocheting of a bullet that frankly, Sonny deserved.

Jason: That's not an answer.

Jerry: You're missing the point, as usual. If you were so hell-bent on revenge for something so entirely random, you wouldn't be lying here now waiting to die.

Nikolas: See, and you didnít want to come here tonight.

Rebecca: I don't mind being wrong with this many chips.

Nikolas: Come on, say it, go ahead.

Rebecca: Thank you for bringing me here.

Nikolas: And I know a way that you can repay me.

Rebecca: Yeah?

Nikolas: Come home with me.

Rebecca: Thought you'd never ask.

Nikolas: I'll go call launch.

Rebecca: Okay. [Exhales]

Ethan: You must be loving this. The prince calling his little boat to come ferry you away. And if you keep winning like this, you won't need any of us.

Rebecca: When did I start to matter to you?

Ethan: Don't you dare ask me that right now.

Rebecca: We had a chance meeting in an airport. We had a common interest--my sister's money. I was your meal ticket, Ethan. Come on, we both know it.

Ethan: Things changed.

Rebecca: Yes, they did. You got a family, and I got... let's just make a plan. You live your life, I'll live mine.

Ethan: With Nikolas?

Rebecca: God, I hope so.

Nikolas: So launch is on the way. Are you ready?

Rebecca: I'm very ready.

Ethan: [Exhales] It's Ethan. I'm at the Haunted Star. And I have a lot to tell you.

Lulu: No, Maxie would want Robin as her maid of honor. It makes sense, because Maxie was Robin's maid of honor the first time--

Maxie: No, I want Lulu.

Lulu: What?

Maxie: Yeah! You should, like, totally be my maid of honor.

Lulu: Are you insane? We can't stand each other.

Spinelli: Actually, there's an element of synchronicity about the original blonde one's--

Lulu: No, no, Maxie is confused and she has a lot on her plate right now. Don't ask for something that we'll both regret.

Maxie: I might not know what shoes I'm wearing, but I know that when I'm standing up there, I want you by my side when I get m--

Lulu: Married.

Maxie: Married. And you have to help me pull the ceremony and reception together.

Lulu: You hate my taste. You always say that I am so 10 minutes ago.

Maxie: Well, you're getting better and I must have rubbed off on you. I mean, look how cute you look. I would have gone a little different with the accessories, but still adorable.

Lulu: Point made.

Maxie: I can trust you. And I can't say that about a lot of people. Like, look how you just jumped up and offered to help organize this w--w--

Lulu: Wedding.

Maxie: Wedding!

Lulu: Yeah, you guys are gonna be fine. Hmm. Wow. You guys are getting married.

Spinelli: Where I can announce to the world, or at least our immediate circle of friends, my undying love and devotion to my bride. Perhaps it would be better expressed in song.

Maxie: Oh...

Dominic: Look, I'll separate the lights from the darks next time. I'll even use fabric softener, if it makes you happy.

Olivia: Knock it off, Dante. This undercover job that you're doing, lying to every person that I know, putting me in a position where I gotta be constantly lying to keep you safe. This is unacceptable in every possible way, and it's gotta stop.

Dominic: Not when I'm further along in the Corinthos organization--

Ronnie: You two need to watch yourselves. Everybody knows Olivia has a son named Dante. What are you gonna think, they walk by and see you two like this?

Dominic: Good point, Ron. Thank you. It's a real easy fix. You end this investigation.

Dominic: Look, if you want to tell me I have to wear my tie to Grandma's Christmas dinner, fine, but you don't mess with my job.

Olivia: How would you like me to handle this with John, huh?

Dominic: You dump him!

Olivia: That's not going to happen. Okay? And he doesn't deserve the lies that I'm telling him.

Dominic: John Zacchara is actively involved in organized crime. Undercover cops are a hazard of his profession.

Olivia: There are way worse criminals out there that you can be going after.

Dominic: Yeah, like Sonny, for one. He's who I'm after, Ma.

Olivia: And when he finds out what you're up to, he will kill you on the spot, okay? I'm not going to let that happen. Talk to him!

Ronnie: We're so screwed.

Michael: Hey, no sign of trouble so far.

Kristina: Then I don't have to go back to Port Charles.

Michael: You didn't do anything wrong, Kristina. Why would you want to trash your whole future?

Kristina: You'd still be stuck in that apartment if it weren't for me. You need me. You can't stand to admit it, but you do.

Michael: Why would you want to stay here when you got so much going on for you back home? I mean, honor roll at Madison, Kiefer. I mean, come on, it's summer.

Kristina: So what's better than Cancun in the summer?

Michael: [Sighs]

Kristina: If positions were reversed, if it were me who caused the accident and you were free to go home, would you?

Michael: And leave you here alone? Of course not.

Kristina: There's your answer. Whatever we do, we do together.

Michael: [Sighs]

Jerry: Michael waking up should have been a thing of joy, but instead of you devoting yourself to the young man's recovery, you were just hell-bent on retribution.

Jason: Did-- did Claudia tell you?

Jerry: Ah, my God. Stubborn as a mule. But I'm curious--what good is there in exacting revenge for something that was essentially an accident?

Jason: Michael lost a year of his...[Groaning] of his life. [Breathing heavily] He suffered brain damage, and he has to live with that forever. Somebody's responsible.

Jerry: Hello! You killed the man that was responsible, remember? Very efficiently. Ian Devlin pulled the trigger that hit young Michael.

Jason: He didn't-- he didn't work alone.

Jerry: All right, all right, I give up. I admit it. I was a reluctant accomplice. But I was nowhere near the warehouse when Michael was hit, okay? When I heard that Kate Howard was going there with Michael, I tried to stop them. Oh, by the way, do I get brownie points for that?

Jason: Were you... and Devlin working for Claudia?

Jerry: You don't care about guilt or innocence! You're just trying to find an excuse for you to kill Claudia.

Johnny: Hey.

Olivia: You're eating.

Johnny: Well, yeah. What, did you have to go to Sicily for tomato paste?

Olivia: No, just three different markets. I'm very particular.

Johnny: Yeah?

Olivia: You deserve better than a stupid sandwich.

Johnny: Well... I will be hungry by the time dinner is ready. I promise. And you're worth the wait anyway.

Olivia: Mmm. Did my phone ring?

Johnny: No, but mine did. And I heard from Sonny's lawyer, Dominic is out of jail.

Olivia: Oh! Diane Miller?

Johnny: Yeah.

Olivia: Right? Yeah, I keep hearing she's the best.

Johnny: Anyway, I just thought you'd want to know that everything's okay. You don't have to worry about me, and I don't have to feel guilty about Dominic being locked up in my place all night.

Olivia: Right. You know, I don't want to think about anyone else.

Dominic: Okay.

Olivia: I've been thinking a lot lately.

Dominic: Yeah?

Olivia: I've been thinking so much that it hurts, and I-- [Sighs] I like being with you. I really do. And anyone who can't be okay with that, that's just too damn bad.

Johnny: I like being with you, too.

[Both moaning]

Ronnie: Guess you forgot to mention your mother's dating John Zacchara. That must have just slipped your mind.

Dominic: Yeah, well, she knew Sonny in high school, too. Doesn't mean I'll go easy on him.

Ronnie: What, are you kidding? There's no way you can pursue this investigation.

Dominic: Watch me.

Ronnie: You can't arrest Corinthos or Zacchara without causing a load of trouble between you and your mother.

Dominic: I'm always in trouble with my ma. Do you wonder what it's all about?

Ronnie: The entire investigation's compromised. Olivia can warn Sonny or Johnny that you're a cop.

Dominic: Never.

Ronnie: Oh, I'm not saying she would do it on purpose. But you're putting your mother in the middle of something that could get her hurt and you killed.

Dominic: You know, Olivia Falconeri may like to hear herself talk. She may follow her heart instead of her head. But she will never, under any circumstances, give me up. My mother will protect me to the death.

Nikolas: You think you hit the jackpot; I'm the one that gets to wake up next to you. Did you lose something there?

Rebecca: Yeah, I can't find my phone.

Nikolas: I don't know how you'll manage not to take any calls for, say, 12 hours.

Rebecca: You took my phone?

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Let's just say I accidentally on purpose arranged for you to leave it on the launch. That way, when Edward calls to check up on you, you won't answer.

Rebecca: Anything else I should know about here?

Nikolas: Let's see. Oh, yes, I told the staff not to put any of Edwardís calls through.

Rebecca: Oh, so I'm prisoner in your castle.

Nikolas: Okay, here you go. I just thought it would be nice to have you all to myself for one night. Between the Quartermaines and Ethan Lovett, I barely get five minutes of your undivided attention.

Rebecca: Well, consider me undivided. [Chuckles]

Lucky: All right, you wanted to see me. Here I am.

Ethan: I thought you'd want the good news in person. You, my reluctant brother, were right about me all along.

Lucky: All right, come on. It's late. I'm not into games.

Ethan: Okay, it was no accident that I landed in Port Charles. I arrived with an agenda.

Lucky: Our dad.

Ethan: No. No, that was as much a surprise to me as it was everyone else. I had a different plan altogether. I had a business partner for the past months, and today was supposed to be my big payday.

Lucky: Is this a confession? Do I need to be writing this down?

Ethan: No, I didn't ask you here as a cop. I asked you here because you are Nikolas Cassadineís brother.

Jerry: Well, Claudia and I had a mild flirtation, and why not? I mean, she's a highly sexual woman. I mean, whatever potential we had went south when she refused to broker a deal between me and her uncle Rudy. And it wouldn't have worked between us, anyway. You know, she was too high-maintenance for me. Really.

Jason: Did she--did she get Michael shot? Yes or no?

Jerry: Well, there was no evidence, apart from me, of course. You know how much my word is worth. And it's way more interesting when there's Sonny's baby to consider. There's no conflict now. No great moral dilemma. I mean, how difficult can it be to kill someone like Claudia? Why don't you just go ahead with it and stop worrying about what I have to say?

Jason: Because I want the truth.

Jerry: The truth? I mean, why bother with facts and logic when all you want is for her to be guilty? As you lie there, your life seeping out of you, you can tell yourself anything you want to believe. I mean, anything. It won't make a difference. You'll die happy thinking that you're right. I mean, isn't that amazing? That the great Jason Morgan might actually die in peace. Hmm.

Lucky: No, thanks. You wanted me to know that you're scamming my brother?

Ethan: Was scamming.

Lucky: All right, just get specific.

Ethan: On my way to Port Charles, I was stranded in JFK. Weather conditions. And I went to the bar to get a pint. That's where I met Rebecca.

Lucky: Rebecca.

Ethan: Yeah, Rebecca was already on her way here. She already knew that she was Emilyís twin sister, and she told me that Emily lived like a princess and that now she was dead, and Rebecca felt entitled to a piece of the pie.

Lucky: All during a flight delay. You work fast.

Ethan: In all fairness, Rebecca is no con artist. She planned to straight up introduce herself to Nikolas and the Quartermaines and ask for money. I told her that was a mistake.

Lucky: Yeah, and you convinced her to lie. Why does that not surprise me?

Ethan: I offered to tutor her. Okay, we spent a few months in Manhattan getting to know each other, laying out the plan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lucky: Rebecca pretended she had no idea who Emily was. So she played us all. You sleeping with her?

Ethan: I was. But now Rebecca says she's changed. It's not about the money anymore. She's fallen for Nikolas, and...the deal's off.

Lucky: So is your relationship.

Ethan: Exactly. That's why I can't be objective. So now you get to decide whether to tell Nikolas that Rebecca was just going to use her resemblance to Emily to steal his money.

Nikolas: I don't know what it is, but I have a hard time trusting that guy.

Rebecca: Oh, well, Ethanís okay, if you keep him at arm's length. You know, my father used to have an expression that you give him an inch and he'll take a mile. Ethan's kind of like that. He doesn't know how to take no for answer.

Nikolas: Should I be worried now?

Rebecca: You'll notice that I'm home with you.

Nikolas: And why is that?

Rebecca: You're fishing. [Chuckles] 'Cause this is where I want to be. With you.

Nikolas: And I, you.

Rebecca: I know it's been a bumpy ride to get here. A lot of false starts, and... and wrong turns, but, um, I swear, what I'm feeling, it's very real.

Nikolas: I've been waiting a long time to hear you say that.

Olivia: I like your chest.

Johnny: [Laughs] Not as much as I like yours.

Olivia: [Laughs] Why don't you try to not get any bullet holes in it, okay?

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: What happened tonight was too close for comfort.

Johnny: Yeah. I gotta give Dominic credit. He took the fall--well, he would have taken the fall if Diane hadn't gotten the charges dropped.

Olivia: Well... he should do the same thing for you if the situation ever arises. Which I pray to God it doesnít.

Johnny: Hmm. Well, one good thing came out of tonight.

Olivia: Hmm?

Johnny: I know I can trust Dominic now. Makes him a hell of a lot easier to work with.

Dominic: We may never get this far inside the Corinthos' organization ever again.

Ronnie: Mm-mmm. No. There's too many ways it'd go wrong. I don't want you to end up dead because your cover's blown. Oh, and no offense, I'd like to be present at little Ronnieís next birthday party.

Dominic: But I'm already there. I made real progress with Corinthos, and taking the fall for John tonight, I got him to trust me, too. The stars are aligned.

Ronnie: Your mother's dating the guy. I'm not sure that's in the stars. How are you going to bust this guy when the time comes?

Dominic: Well... Sonny and John Zacchara chose their side of the street. They knew the risks. Our side of the street upholds the law, and that's what I'm going to do.

[Jerry whistling]

Jerry: [Chuckles] You're probably wondering where I was. I was actually disabling the electrical system on the SUV so you can't go anywhere. Not that you could if you would, anyway. Ahh. I suppose it would be kind to put you out of your misery, right?

Jason: [Groaning] Right. What are you waiting for?

Jerry: Hmm. No, I think I want to be bad. I'm rather enjoying the thought of you lying there, dying, knowing that you've lost. It's worse than the bullet wound, isn't it, Jason? You know, that blow to your pride. After all the threats, you know. The times that you tried to kill me. [Chuckles] And now I get to kill you. And if you're lucky, actually, you'll already be dead when the rats and coyotes turn up for your dinner. [Sighs] On second thought, you know what? Just in case...


Jason: [Groans]

Jerry: Did it hurt? You see, that lowers your chances even further. I'm going to sleep so well tonight.

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