GH Transcript Thursday 8/6/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/6/09


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Alexis: Good morning sunshine... I was gonna say sunshine, but thatís clearly not the case, is it?

Molly: Good morning.

Alexis: [Sighs] Honey, come here. Come here, my angel. [Sighs] I'm glad that -- that you came down here so we could talk before Diane gets here, because thereís something that I need to tell you.

Molly: I already know, Mom. Itís all over the internet. You're a suspect for killing Mayor Floydís girlfriend.

Carly: I know this message is redundant. I know that you told me you would call me the second you found Michael. And I know will. I -- I just...I'm worried. I mean, do you have a lead? Do you have anything? Can you call me and at least tell me that much? [Sighs] I... we just got him back, Jason, you know? We just got him back. So of course I want to see him again, and thereís... thereís so many things I want to say to him.

Morgan: Is that Jason? Did he find Michael?

Michael: Kristina! Kristina!

Kristina: Relax. I'm right here. Do you always wake up like such a maniac?

Michael: Sorry. I'm just not used to girls who make their bed the second they get out of them.

Kristina: Part of what makes me perfect. And, seriously, ask yourself, where would I go? I'm a 16-year-old fugitive honor student in Mexico, who had the foresight to take French instead of Spanish. I hate to break it to you, but you're pretty much stuck with me.

Michael: I can live with it. What are you doing?

Kristina: I'm writing a postcard to Molly. I want to let her --

Michael: You can't do that.

Kristina: Why not?

Michael: There'll be a postmark, like a road map leading straight to us.

Kristina: So you're saying that we can never contact our family again?

[Music playing]

Sam: Hi. Do you remember me from last night?

Cafe Owner: Si, claro. You have a face thatís hard to forget, seŮorita.

Sam: Thank you. Thatís, um, thatís very sweet. I was wondering if those kids that you said were here, did they come back?

Cafe Owner: No. I'm sorry.

Sam: Excuse me. I -- I don't know if I've made myself clear, but this is an emergency. I need to find those kids before they get into some serious trouble.

Carly: I couldn't get Jason, so I was just leaving a message.

Morgan: So you haven't heard anything?

Carly: No, I haven't, but Jasonís gonna call. And you know what heís gonna say when he calls? That heís found Michael and Kristina and that heís on his way to bring them home.

Morgan: I hope so.

Carly: Hey. No doubt about it.

Morgan: And not just 'cause I miss Michael, but because I don't want you to be all stressed. Itís not good for you or the baby. Are you feeling sick or anything?

Carly: No. No, sweetheart, I'm not. Look. Look at me. I'm parked on the couch, I am taking it easy, I am following the doctorís orders. But I love you so much for being so concerned about me and so grown up. But you need to know something. I invented multitasking. I can worry about my kids, take care of myself without even breaking a sweat. I'm that good.

Morgan: You know, Michael didn't run away to make you upset on purpose. He really thought he was doing whatís best for you.

Carly: I know that. But he got something wrong. Whatís best for me is having my kids around close enough to grab. And as soon as Michael comes back, I'm gonna tell him that.

Michael: I'm not saying never. We can contact our families eventually.

Kristina: Eventually? I don't like that word. I mean, don't get me wrong, itís -- it doesn't actually sound that bad. But...having Mom to actually think about why I took off. And I love the idea of Dad having to actually acknowledge my existence in my absence. Which is kind of screwed up when you think about it. Whatever. I learned to take what I can get. But Molly actually cries herself to sleep over stuff like this.

Michael: I get that. You know, Morganís a worrier, too. You know, I'm actually concerned about my mom. Sheís in this high-risk pregnancy, not supposed to be stressed. You know, me not being around must be freaking her out. You know? I want to get the word home, too. But we just gotta find a way to do it that doesn't lead the posse straight to our door.

Kristina: I guess even a pay phone would be a risk.

Michael: You know, you can't forget about Spinelli. He is an off-the-chart genius at tracking, and Jason and Sam must have him monitoring everybodyís phones.

Kristina: Maybe we could bribe a tourist to take a postcard back to the states and mail it.

Michael: You know, we'll figure something out, but right now we need to prioritize. We need jobs and a real place to live.

Kristina: Much to be desired. I mean, that motel bed is like sleeping on a pile of rocks.

Michael: You're more than welcome to try the chair.

Kristina: No, thanks. So whatís first?

Michael: Okay, we need to find that guy that I told you about.

Kristina: The old manager from Dadís casino? Whatís his name again?

Michael: Yeah, Enrique. And we need to find him fast, because if we don't get help...we're never gonna survive down here.

[Telephone rings]

Patrick: Hey, I got your page. Is this about the spinal consult, or you just can't stay away from the guy that your daughter drools over at 5 a.m.?

Robin: The 5 a.m. guyís pretty irresistible, but now I asked you here for backup so that homicidal puppet master doesn't know I'm onto her.

Patrick: Right, right. The Brianna Hughes case. So you asked Andrea Floyd to come to the hospital and you expected her to just admit her longstanding animosity towards Alexis?

Robin: Make fun if you must, but I am trying to make sure that justice is served.

Patrick: Robin, you're an overworked physician, you're a mother and a wife. Thatís enough hats to wear. You don't have to try and solve a murder case.

Robin: I am sorry. I feel responsible.

Patrick: For what? The mayorís mess of a life? Why?

Robin: Because I made it messier when I wrongly accused the mayor. Now heís been exonerated and Alexis is falsely accused. And we know sheís not the killer because the killer is right-handed. I just have to prove it.

Patrick: Huh. Did I tell you how sexy that sleuthing hat looks on you?

Robin: Dr. Drake, are you hitting on your wife in the middle of the workplace in the bright light of day?

Patrick: Yes, I am, and I happen to know that thereís a storage closet thatís unoccupied right over there.

[Heels clicking]

Robin: Duty calls.

Andrea: Normally I don't respond when people I hardly know insist on seeing me out of the blue --

Robin: Heads up.

Alexis: All right, the only thing that you need to know right now is that whatever they're saying on the internet is not true. Itís all gonna be cleared up, I promise you. But in the meantime, I don't want you to go online anymore.

Molly: At all?

Alexis: At all. No emails, no websites, no linking to your friends.

Molly: But how is that fair?

Alexis: It is not fair. Believe me, it is not fair at all. I know that. But this is about your peace of mind and you're just gonna have to trust me.

Molly: All right.

Alexis: Okay. Is there anything you want to ask me? Anything at all. Don't hold back. Nowís the time.

Molly: Is it really your fault Claudia crashed her car?

Alexis: It was an accident, and I explained that to the police.

Molly: But why did you wait? Why didn't you say it was you when Michael said it was him?

Alexis: You remember when I just said you could ask me anything? Anything but that.

Molly: But...if you told the truth sooner, maybe Michael and Kristina wouldn't have run away.

Alexis: I miss Kristina, too. Okay? She will come home. She will be fine. Your big sister went to get her and Sam does not take no for an answer.

Molly: Right. Sam will find Kristina.

Alexis: Yes, she will.

Molly: Sam can do anything.

Alexis: Yes, she will.

Sam: Veracruz, yeah. No, I -- I haven't found them yet, but I'm sure Michael and Kristina were here.

Spinelli: Well, how can you be so certain? I mean, have you found witnesses that can attest to seeing the young fugitives?

Sam: No, but I found the next best thing. I am at a computer terminal, and on the web on one of the computers here, guess what was on the screen -- the Port Charles Herald. Come on.

Spinelli: Excellent field work, partner.

Sam: Thank you. Um, uh, so I already told you that Jason and I split up. Heís down in Cancun and I'm obviously here in Veracruz. Heís looking for the kids, and they're clearly here. I'm trying to call him, I'm leaving him messages, heís not returning my calls, so if you get ahold of him, can you fill him in?

Spinelli: Yes. I will relay all pertinent information.

Sam: Yeah. And I also need a list of more hotels, cheap ones, anything out there. I don't care where it is. And any cruise ships or freighters coming to port big enough to take on crew.

Spinelli: It -- it goes without saying that I am anxious to facilitate the return of your young sister and young Mr. Sir, but...

Sam: What, Spinelli?

Spinelli: I -- I... I just -- I fear that my unresolved romantic dilemma is -- is causing my brain to become paralyzed, incapable of normal function. So I know maybe this isn't the best time to talk about these sort of things, but have you given any thought to my situation?

Sam: [Sighs]

Rebecca: [Sighs] There you are. I've been looking for you. Look, we need to come to an understanding. I don't want last night to ever happen again.

Edward: Oh, what, my dear?

Rebecca: Sorry, are you all right?

Edward: Oh, yes, I -- I'm just afraid you've caught me taking a stroll down memory lane. Normally, I try to stay in the present, but, uh, there are certain days that demand acknowledgement. Come here. Come here, dear. I want to show you something. [Chuckles] There she is. Thatís my Lila. Isn't she extraordinary?

Rebecca: Wow. You know, I've seen pictures of her before, but none when she was so young. Sheís flawless, Edward.

Edward: [Chuckles] You know, I -- I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw her. I thought surely that a portal of heaven had opened and an angel had slipped out. You know, that -- that Lila chose to -- to grace me with her -- her goodness, her light, it -- it humbles me still. And today... today would have been our anniversary.

Rebecca: Oh, Edward, I -- I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry sheís not here.

Edward: No, not here, but -- but with me. heh. For the rest of my days. And, uh... and beyond.

Morgan: Come on. Just a few.

Carly: No, thanks.

Morgan: They're good for you.

Carly: They're orange. And the only thing that passes these lips that is orange are Cheezy Snax.

Morgan: Come on, Mom. For me?

Carly: Wow, you're pulling out the sad eyes, aren't you? Jax put you up to this, didn't he? Heís about as subtle as a freight train. Okay, what did he offer you? New snowboard or a trip to Disney World?

Morgan: Um, depends on how many you eat. Five and I get a DVD of my choice. Ten, I get 3 games for my handheld.

Carly: Okay, not that itís ever going to happen, but what do you get if I eat the whole bag?

Morgan: I get a helicopter ride over the city at night.

Carly: What is wrong with you? Don't sell yourself so short, kid.

Morgan: What do you mean?

Carly: Okay, listen to your mother. Jax is a gazillionaire. So the next time he bribes you to pull off the impossible, you gotta hold out for more.

Morgan: Like what?

Carly: I don't know. Just consult me next time.

Morgan: Well, I'm already stuck in this bet.

Carly: Yes, you are stuck in this bet. Okay, fine. All right. Because I love you so much, I will eat these carrots and at least try and help you get one of those games.

Morgan: You're the best.

Carly: Thatís right. Don't you forget it. Ugh.

[Doorbell rings]

Morgan: I'll get it.

Carly: Look who it is! Don't just, you know, open the door for anybody, all right?

Morgan: Yeah.

[Door opens]

Max: Hey, Morgan. I need to talk to Mrs. C. -- [Snaps fingers] Mrs. J.

Carly: Max, come on in here!

Morgan: Um, can I make myself a sandwich?

Carly: Yeah, go ahead. Make sure you clean up after yourself, because we don't --

Morgan: Yeah, I know. 'Cause no oneís there to wait on me.

Carly: So what are you doing here? Did you hear from Jason?

Max: Nothing like that. [Chuckles]

Carly: Cards. I don't get it.

Max: Well, I've always been kind of a gin rummy prodigy. You know, what they say is true. Practice does make perfect. And Miloís been in a little bit of a snit. I was playing to beat him, so now he doesn't want to play.

Carly: You want to play gin rummy.

Max: Yeah.

Carly: With me.

Max: Thatís the idea.

Carly: Thatís why you came all the way over here.

Max: Itís not that far.

Carly: Why me?

Max: Because you're the best.

Carly: And how did you hear that?

Max: Oh, I heard it around.

Carly: Oh. From who?

Max: Well, nobody actually had to tell me.

Carly: So you're psychic now.

Max: You know, itís just something that I've always known about you. Or, you know, maybe -- maybe Mr. C. did mention it. You know what? Thatís what it was. Mr. C. mentioned it.

Carly: Oh. Recently?

Max: Just the other day.

Carly: So you and Sonny sit around and you talk about me a lot, Max?

Max: I wouldn't say a lot, you know. Uh, not that we avoid you as a subject. I mean, we --

Carly: You know what? I'm really happy to, uh, help keep your rummy skills nice and sharp, as soon as you admit that Jax sent you over here.

Andrea: Why did you throw this at me?

Robin: I'm so sorry. I -- I didn't mean to.

Andrea: Seemed pretty deliberate from here.

Patrick: Yeah, uh, she -- she thought you were another doctor.

Andrea: Oh, right. Must be the scrubs.

Robin: Well...I just saw you out of the corner of my eye, and we have this whole think fast thing going on with the staff. Forgive me.

Andrea: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Thatís fine. Brings us back to the beginning. Why do you want to see me?

Robin: Well, uh, honestly, I just wanted to mend some fences. Well, now that your husband has been cleared of murder charges and reinstated as mayor, I am concerned of the fallout of his arrest, particularly around my Uncle Mac. I would hate for him to have to pay for the mistakes that I made.

Andrea: If Mac Scorpio didn't know not to rush to judgment and professional suicide, thereís really nothing I can do to affect that. But if you want to help your uncle, thereís one thing I can suggest.

Robin: Please do.

Andrea: Maybe Mac should move as quickly gathering evidence against Alexis Davis as he did against my husband.

Maxie: Kate Howard is going to see that exactly for what it is, an excuse. And she has absolutely no tolerance for excuses. I'm just trying to save you the grief. I think you guys should take it back to the drawing board and see what you come up with. Did those I.T. guys find out how long itís gonna take to fix that problem?

Lulu: No, it could be 2 hours, it could be 10.

Maxie: What?! Thatís horrible. Don't they know that time is money, and more importantly, time is time, something we don't have a lot of?

Lulu: Kate is out of the office. Sheís in Manhattan until tomorrow night, so...

Maxie: So?

Lulu: So...I mean, we don't have to break our necks trying to make sure the office keeps running when we've been kicked out of our desks by a wayward computer virus and two overly dedicated I.T. guys.

Maxie: We just ran into a huge problem that put a hole in our entire day, and Kateís probably gonna call any minute, pissed that the maid didn't clean her room right or something. And we're already behind, chasing our behinds.

Lulu: Thatís a nice counterpoint, but I'm not buying it. This is a massive deflection, and we both know it.

Maxie: I don't know it.

Maxie: Yeah? You're scared. You're hiding from Spinelli because you don't want to tell him that you don't want to get married.

Spinelli: Maximista and the Jackal are -- are looking forward to the magical day when they shall pledge their troth, but I -- I -- I feel my shortsighted disregard for matrimonial custom has forced us into a most unfortunate holding pattern.

Sam: [Sighs] You'll figure it out, Spinelli. All right? You always do. But you know what? If you would stop for like 2 seconds and not think about Maxie and focus on finding Michael and Kristina, I bet you would clear your head up just enough so you can find a solution to this whole marriage thing.

Spinelli: I -- I appreciate your -- your plucky confidence, but this whole marriage thing cannot be tackled until I receive an acceptance to my proposal, and -- and since it is very clear that Maximista has every intention of agreeing to my hand, since she accepted my ring, I mean, her reluctance to put a period on the sentence, or more accurately, the question, must stem from my inability to obtain a blessing from the proud patriarch.

Sam: Duh. Why don't you ask Mac for his permission?

Spinelli: Well...thatís easier said than done. And the apoplectic paternal protector has made no secret of his displeasure for me.

Sam: Spinelli, listen, you just -- you need to stop right now because you -- you don't need to marry Maxie this second. We have to find these kids before something terrible happens to them.

Spinelli: Uh, I just emailed the requested information.

Sam: Yup. Uh-huh. I got it. Got it. Thank you.

Spinelli: I shall continue to scour Mexican police networks for any -- any mention of the young Mr. Sir and your fair sister. I also will create a database of hospitals in Veracruz and the surrounding areas in case you and Stone Cold wish to check them in the event of... unfortunate circumstances.

Sam: Thank you, Spinelli. Thank you so much. This really helps. And listen, I'm -- I'm sorry for biting your head off before.

Spinelli: Itís okay. I -- I understand that situation -- this situation takes precedence over my heartís dilemma.

Sam: Okay. Well, would you -- would you like some advice?

Spinelli: Very -- very much.

Sam: Okay. Here I go. If you are actually really serious about marrying Maxie, you've got to do one thing and one thing only. Just master the art of listening, please, to whatís unsaid as well as said. Because ring or no ring, if -- if Maxie is still sort of hedging on the idea of your proposal, it might mean that sheís, like, possibly not really ready to get...married.

Spinelli: Thank you, partner, for your wise, if sobering, counsel. I will take it to heart. must be on your way. Go off and find the young Mr. Sir and...[Sighs] and your young sister, for they are needed here more than ever.

Sam: Hold on. Why?

Spinelli: Well, I was -- I was referring to the crusading D.A.ís surprising confession.

Sam: Um, excuse me? What confession?

Spinelli: Well, I -- I thought you knew. Um, Alexis has confessed to being the driver who forced Vixenella off the road. In an unrelated or related -- as the case may be -- I'm not really sure, um, sheís also been named as a suspect in Mayor Floydís mistress' murder.

Sam: Ohh.

Robin: Even if I wanted to say something to my Uncle Mac, I'm not sure I could influence his decisions.

[Cell phone rings]

Andrea: Excuse me. Uhh. Charity guild is about to start. I gave you my best advice. Be smart. Take it.

Robin: Wow.

Patrick: Sheís a piece of work.

Robin: I can't believe it. She -- she kills Brianna, and then she uses her position as the mayorís wife to falsely accuse somebody else and then tries to use me and pull me into this whole conspiracy to let Alexis take the fall. Ohh. I am gonna so love bringing her down.

Patrick: No argument here. Sheís definitely not a nice person. But as far as proving the rest, Robin, the evidence is thin.

Robin: What are you talking about? It all fits. Okay? Andrea knew that her husband was about to dump her for Brianna, leaving her with nothing for all those years of service to his career. So, she got rid of the problem. She has no alibi. Sheís about the right height in relation to the blow that killed Brianna. And sheís right-handed. We just proved that.

Patrick: Heh. Yeah. Heads-up.

Diane: I just left PCPD. The news is not good.

Alexis: Oh -- hold on. All right, the door is closed. Sheís in her room waiting. A bomb could drop in there, and she wouldn't hear.

Diane: A bomb did drop. Mollyís mother is a suspect in the murder of Brianna Hughes.

Alexis: A suspect isn't charged, and I'm not gonna be charged, because I didn't do it!

Diane: You also didn't run Claudia off the road. But that didn't stop you from confessing!

Alexis: [Sighs]

Diane: Alexis, you have got to listen to me. I can get you dropped as a murder suspect, but you have got to admit what really happened. You have to tell the police that it was Kristina who ran Claudia off the road.

Kristina: Have you seen the owner?

Michael: No. Why do we care?

Kristina: I was hoping for a salmon salad and a sparkling water. What? Just because we're officially on the run doesn't mean I can't eat healthy.

Michael: We have more pressing matters to think about. Remember Enrique, the guy who can pave the way for us to actually have lives here?

Kristina: Great. Let me make sure I'm clear on all the rules. Um, I can't communicate with my little sister. I can't have lunch. Anything else?

Michael: Yeah. You know what? I've been thinking about the whole communication thing. Maybe we can risk one email.

Kristina: Aren't you worried it'll tip off Spinelli?

Michael: Yeah, but thereís a chance that Morganís way down on his list of people to bug. And Morganís attached to his cell phone. So, if I send him an email, he'd open it right away. And if I ask him not to tell anybody, except for Molly, you know, he will. What about her? Can Molly keep a secret?

Kristina: Yeah. Letís do it.

Michael: All right, last chance for second thoughts.

Kristina: I'm good. You?

Michael: Good.

[Cell phone chimes] "Hey, bro, itís me. All right, don't worry. We're fine. Let Molly know, but tell no one else, or Spinelli will be able to track this email. Don't reply. I'll be in touch when I can."

Carly: Hi.

Jax: What are you doing?

Carly: Relax. My cliff-diving lesson isn't until 3:00.

Jax: Thatís not funny. Really. You're supposed to be on bed rest. And I know that translates to couch rest for you, and I'm okay with that.

Carly: Mmm.

Jax: But am I gonna have to use restraints, huh, to keep you on there?

Carly: Oh, really? Restraints? That would be wonderful.

Jax: You're impossible. Please, sit down. Rest. This is serious. Come here.

Carly: Ohh. You know what I have? I have these. And you know what that means? That means you're busted.

Jax: What? No.

Carly: You're busted.

Jax: I don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? You bribed my poor, defenseless son into trying to cram these down my throat.

Jax: No, I would never do that.

Carly: Not to mention, you had Max come over here with his lame deck of cards to play gin rummy. Are you kidding me?

Jax: Um, I may have done that.

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jax: I was trying to help you. You know? I thought you could use some diversions.

Carly: I love you.

Jax: And I love you, too.

Carly: But you need to understand thereís no diversion in the world thatís gonna stop me from worrying about Michael -- or wanting to bust out of this house and go to Mexico and find him myself. But I wonít. I won't do that. Because I know Jason will. You know? And I have this stress thing under control. And you know what? I'm gonna keep it that way, so you -- you need to trust me.

Jax: I do. I mean, I will. I'm going to...

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: At some point, trust you.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Morgan: Hey, can Mercedes take me over to Mollyís? I already called Viola. She said it was okay.

Carly: Sure. You know, itís really nice that you're thinking about your cousin.

Morgan: I just think I can make things a little better.

Diane: Your ill-advised confession as to being approximate cause of Claudiaís accident has had the very unfortunate side effect of validating Andrea Floydís assertion that you were a hysterical wreck when you left the Mayorís house. Which, of course, lends credence to those hysterical -- thereís that word again -- emails that you sent from you --

Alexis: Yes, we know the domino effect. Everyone has read those emails. I'm obsessed with Mayor Floyd. I stalked his mistress, and then I murdered her...of course, on the one night where I don't have an alibi.

Diane: Any prosecutor worthy of that name is going to bring up in court the fact that one of your very best friends owns the metro court. Which, of course, gives you access to a key card, also known as opportunity. This is an unmitigated disaster, Alexis. You could very well be charged with murder unless you take that first very damning domino off the table and recant your false confession about Claudiaís accident.

Alexis: Why is this so hard for you to understand, Diane? I don't know. Maybe itís because you don't have children, but I do. And if the authorities find out that one of mine has caused that accident, her whole life will be derailed. And as her mother, I am not gonna let that happen.

Robin: Hey.

Mac: Hi.

Robin: What are you doing here?

Mac: Uh, one of my men was injured in a raid last night. I need to question him.

Robin: Nothing serious, I hope.

Mac: Well, thankfully, no. Glad to see you.

Robin: Well, itís good to see you, too. Oh, if you're here to remind us about the dinner tonight, family dinner, we have not forgotten. We're looking forward to it.

Mac: Me, too.

Robin: But since you're here, uh, I should probably tell you something.

Mac: Robin, if Patrick has done something to you, I swear --

Robin: No, no, no, no, no. Patrick is the best father and husband... I think you're investigating the wrong person for murder.

Mac: Unh. Havenít you had enough of poking around in this case?

Robin: No. And I am not gonna stop until the right person pays. I have something new.

Mac: [Sighs] Go on.

Robin: Patrick and I have done an exhaustive study of Briannaís injuries. The blow on her head suggests that whoever did it was right-handed. Now, Alexis is left-handed -- no question about that. Okay? And we also discovered that the killer can be no taller than --

Mac: Robin, Robin, I love you. I love you so much, sweetheart. And I understand your urge to want to solve a good mystery. Itís in your genes. But you already investigated your way into falsely accusing Mayor Floyd and getting me to arrest him, okay? Now, I don't blame you...exactly. But my relationship with him has gone from bad to nonexistent. So, do me a favor. Don't do me any favors.

Diane: I know that Jason is still incommunicado, but I need you to change that immediately if not sooner.

Spinelli: Even I cannot accomplish such a feat --

Max: I need to speak to Jason right away. Hello.

Diane: Hello, yourself.

Max: What are you doing here?

Diane: Same as you -- need to talk to Jason. Only I was here first.

Spinelli: Okay. Um, Stone Cold is currently canvassing the outskirts of a charming yet distant Mexican resort town, and I have been unable to contact him.

Diane: Well, keep trying. Jason has specific information regarding Michaelís confession, and I need that in order to clear Alexis.

Max: Uh, with all due respect, D.A. Davis' legal problems can wait.

Diane: According to whom?

Max: To me. I need Jason to help me save Mrs. C -- God, Mrs. Jís life.

Diane: Carlyís life is in danger?

Max: It will be if she keeps stressing out. Jasonís the only one who knows how to calm Carly down.

Spinelli: I would love to accommodate both the brusque lady and her protector of the night. But until Stone Cold checks in, my hands are tied. However... you're both welcome to wait. And since we are stuck together, as it were, perhaps the Jackal can...ask your advice on an... unrelated matter?

Jax: There you go.

Carly: You know, I was thinking that there are better ways to distract me than having Max come over and play rummy.

Jax: Oh, really? Would you rather play rummy with me?

Carly: No, I was thinking about those restraints you were talking about earlier.

Jax: No, no, no. This is a case of your eyes being bigger than your stomach. You really need to rest, Carly. Okay?

Carly: Mmm.

Jax: But I'm willing to compromise.

Carly: Okay. I'm listening.

Jax: I will play rummy with you. And if I win, you go down for a nap. And if you win, I will massage you to sleep.

Carly: Oh. Okay, you're on.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Didn't think you would go for that, but...

Carly: You know, I've made a decision. When Michael comes home, I'm gonna have him move back in with us.

Molly: Hey.

Morgan: Is your mom home?

Molly: N-no.

Morgan: Okay. Um, I have to tell you something. And I couldn't risk an email or text, 'cause I don't know if your mom checks your stuff.

Molly: Well, I'm not even allowed near the computer anymore, 'cause my mom doesn't want me stumbling on anything else bad about her. Why? Whatís going on?

Morgan: I got an email from Michael.

Molly: Are they --

Morgan: Yeah, okay --

Molly: [Sighs]

Morgan: Both of 'em.

Molly: Did he say they were coming home?

Morgan: No, and I didn't get a chance to ask him, 'cause he told me not to write back. Which sucks, 'cause I wanted to tell him that your mom admitted to causing Claudiaís accident so he could come home.

Molly: She didnít.

Morgan: What?

Molly: My mom. I heard her and Diane. Kristina ran Claudia off the road. My mom is just lying to protect her.

Michael: All right, how does a 16-year-old fugitive honor student have such a clear understanding of Mexican bus routes?

Kristina: We all have our talents. This is a map to a bus station about a half a mile south. We can walk there. Itís an easy ride to the address you found for Enrique.

Michael: Not bad. Heh. I bet you we give McCall and Jackal a run for their money.

Kristina: Heh. Are you kidding? They'd eat our dust.

Michael: All right, letís go. Hey, whatís up, man? Uh...all right. Okay. What do you guys want?

Andrea: Mr. Scorpio. I'm sure you heard. Your niece made an appeal on your behalf.

Mac: Appeal?

Andrea: Robin wants to smooth things over between you and my husband. So, I'll tell you what I told her. You would be wise to do everything in your power to make sure that Alexis Davis is convicted.

Mac: Or what?

Andrea: Well, itís easy. The mayor might have to take another look at whoís running his police department.

Mac: [Sighs]

Robin: That woman killed Brianna Hughes. I know it, and I am gonna prove it.

Mac: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Robin: I'm going to take the elevator.

Mac: Whatever you think you're doing can wait.

Robin: I know what I'm doing.

Maxie: Could you have a pie ready for pickup tonight? Uh, the Danish apple with a soft crust? I'll be there after 6:00. Okay, thanks.

Lulu: If you want baked goods, why aren't you getting it from here?

Maxie: No insult to your familyís business or anything, but Marlaís has the best pies, especially the Danish apple, and thatís Macís favorite. Heís called a family dinner for tonight. He likes to do that at least once a month. Pretty sure he'd rather have family dinners every other night, but with everybody being so busy, you know... do you want to go?

Lulu: Me?

Maxie: Yeah, you.

Lulu: I just thought that you said it was family.

Maxie: Well, you're kind of my family. I didn't ask for you, either.

Lulu: Oh, thank you. I'm touched.

Maxie: [Chuckles] I think you might like it. Our family dinners are actually fun. And...I could probably use the support.

Lulu: So, you decided to tell him.

Maxie: Tell who what?

Lulu: Tell Mac that Spinelli proposed?

Maxie: Why would I do that? That would make Mac upset. And if I don't plan on actually marrying Spinelli, why would I upset Mac for no reason? Come to think of it, this family dinner is gonna be mellow with no drama and no conflict.

Spinelli: And thus by choosing that moment to precipitously propose to Maximista, I -- I neglected proper protocol. And -- and I know that the custom of seeking the brideís male parental unit permission to marry might be a bit archaic in these modern times. Still... time-honored tradition should be observed and upheld. Should they not?

Max: Yeah, I think so. If you're gonna be a stand-up guy and show respect, then definitely. You ask her dad for her hand.

Diane: Max, I had no idea you felt that way.

Max: Heh. You probably think itís old-fashioned.

Diane: Not at all. I think itís very sweet.

Max: Really?

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Spinelli: So, the brusque lady concurs?

Diane: Absolutely. I think you both are just precious.

Spinelli: Heh. So, it is official. Tonight, I will approach the apoplectic parental unit, and with all the attendant fanfare and drama, I... will ask for his luminous daughterís hand in marriage.

Sam: Jason, hi. Um, call me as soon as you get this. I found the motel where Kristina and Michael are staying. I'm just gonna wait here, okay? Please hurry up and call.

[Distant thud]

Boy: Wallets, now.

Michael: All right, you might want to rethink this while you still can. Okay? You have no idea who we are. You might get yourself in a bad situation.

Boy: Oh, itís already bad for you. You'll go quick. We'll keep the pretty girl around.

Jerry: My nephew speaks the truth. And you two punks made a grievous error.

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