GH Transcript Monday 8/3/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/3/09


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Jason: So Michael and Kristina ditched the car near the town of Dixon, so at least we know that they're heading south.

Sam: All right. Well, let's try and figure this out. What do you think they would do? Would they take a train? A...bus? Or-- I hope not--hitchhike?

Jason: Hitchhike? No, I don't think Michael would hitchhike with Kristina.

Sam: Oh, good. Then it's probably bus, huh?

Jason: Okay. So, let's just figure that they're going to cross the border around Laredo or El Paso. Laredo's a little closer, but Michael knows that we're going to be following him, so he might just pick El Paso to throw us off.

Sam: All right. Well, do you think Michael knows anybody in Mexico? Sorry. Didn't mean that. I know that drives you crazy. I won't do that again.

Jason: It's all right.

Michael: Any profound thoughts?

Kristina: You first.

Michael: I'm thinking about a burger from Kelly's and wishing I had one right about now.

Kristina: Wow. Deep.

Michael: Your turn.

Kristina: I'm thinking we're really winging it, heading to Mexico, basically without a clue. Ugh. I should have talked to Molly first. She could have helped us plan this whole thing.

Michael: Your sister's 10.

Kristina: Going on 30. All her friends are busy texting and posting dumb stuff on social networks. Molly searches for actual research. Her brain is a sponge.

[Michael scoffs]

Kristina: She's the daughter my mom always wanted.

Michael: Kristina, you're so perfect that it's annoying.

Kristina: No, I'm not.

Newscaster: A startling new development in the case of Claudia Corinthos, wife of reputed mob boss Sonny Corinthos, who suffered injuries and a miscarriage after being forced off the road by a reckless driver. Evidence has been uncovered tying district attorney Alexis Davis--

[Telephone ringing]

Newscaster: To the crime. D.A. Davis has made a full confession, exonerating Michael Corinthos III, the younger--


Claudia: Hello?

Jerry: Yes. We haven't discussed my sizeable fee for the services I'm about to render.

Claudia: Look, change of plans. I don't need you to find Michael.

[Jerry laughs]

Jerry: Ooh, that's terribly inconvenient, since I'm already on my way to get him.

Claudia: So turn around and go back wherever you came from.

Jerry: I'm afraid that's not possible, Claudia darling. You see, this is my game plan, okay?

Olivia: I don't want to hear this right now.

Sonny: You can't ignore what you feel, Olivia.

Olivia: You don't tell me what I feel. It's reality check, Sonny. You are a married man, okay? And I got stuff--

Sonny: Don't--don't do--don't do that. Don't act like I don't matter.

[Dominic groans]

Lulu: Are you okay?

Dominic: It's all right. I'm just taking a moment to rest.

Lulu: What the hell is the matter with you guys? You guys, he didn't do anything. He could have you arrested for assault.

Ethan: I know I didn't see any assault here, did you, Detective?

Lulu: You're not funny.

Dominic: Ohh. Go easy on your brothers. They're just a little on edge 'cause they're scared of me.

Lulu: I mean, they just beat the crap out of you. Your jaw has to be broken.

Dominic: Think I'll be able to yodel?

Lucky: Listen, I'm walking out the door, and you're coming with me.

Lulu: This is crazy.

Lucky: This guy works for Sonny.

Lulu: All we did was play a game of pool.

Dominic: And I beat you, which, in many cultures, means we're engaged. [Laughs]

Lulu: No, stop! God, you guys, stop it! Oh, my God! You guys, leave him alone! Stop! Leave him alone!

Dominic: It's okay. I have them right where I want them.

Lulu: Hey, break it up! Stop!

Nikolas: Hey, stop! No. What are you doing? What's going on?

Lulu: I don't know! They won't stop punching him!

Dominic: It's all right. I'm going easy on them, for your sake.

[Lucky laughs]

Claudia: I thought that he caused the accident, but it turns out he didnít.

Jerry: Is that a mother's intuition talking? Oops! Oh, sorry, sorry. That was a bit tactless, wasn't it?

Claudia: Actually, it was your friend the D.A. She's confessed.

Jerry: Alexis? [Chuckles] Why on earth would she do such a thing?

Claudia: And Michael's been blaming himself for a crime she committed. Maybe she couldn't live with that.

Jerry: Oh, I highly doubt that's the reason.

Claudia: You know, there's this little emotion called guilt, Jerry. You should look it up in the dictionary.

[Jerry chuckles]

Jerry: You see, Michael is my brother's stepson, in addition to being a Corinthos and a Quartermaine. Alexis must know that the boy would be protected from any criminal trial.

Claudia: I don't know or care what goes on in Alexis' mind. The point is, when Michael finds out that he's been exonerated, he'll come home on his own.

Jerry: Oh, not if I find him first.

Claudia: Well, Jason Morganís already out looking for him.

Jerry: That's exactly what I'm counting on. You see, Jason's become a rather tiresome threat. So in the interest of my self-preservation, this game will continue. And Mr. Morgan will become the new target. Understand?


Claudia: Jerry? Jerry?

Sam: Do you think it was Michael or Kristina's idea to run away?

Jason: I don't know. I think Michael--you know, he felt so bad about the accident, and Claudia got hurt, and her baby died, and then Carly passed out, wound up in the hospital. I don't think he wanted to cause anyone any more pain.

Sam: Or--this is what I'm thinking--that Kristina might have told Michael that she could have been responsible for Claudia's crash. So he's clearly now protecting her.

Jason: You know, it kind of sucks because they've both been under a lot of pressure.

Sam: Yeah, tell me about it. If I were--if I were Kristina, I would have left years ago. The pressure that Alexis puts on her is out of control, and that girl--Kristina is great on the outside. She's fantastic. But on the inside, she's crumbling. She's dying. It's-- I'm surprised she hasn't burst yet.

Jason: It's the same thing with Michael. Ever since he woke up from the coma, I mean, this kid's been dealing with confusion, mood swings, all the anger problems he's had.

Sam: Yeah. And now, they both feel responsible for Claudia's crash. And Kristina, unfortunately, doesn't feel like she can tell Alexis anything.

Jason: Michael thinks he's a danger to his family.

Sam: It's sad, you know. Now they're both on the run because they don't want to disappoint anyone. It's very sad.

Jason: And it could be very dangerous. [Sighs]

Kristina: My mom has all these plans for my bright and shining future, but they're her plans, not mine. She wants a walking, talking version of perfection with no personality flaws.

Michael: Your mom is going to miss you.

Kristina: She won't know what to do with herself when I'm gone. Molly. She's going to put it all on my sister. I should have warned her that she's going to micromanage her entire existence.

Michael: You can change your mind and go home.

Kristina: You keep saying that, but my answer hasn't changed. We're in this together.

Michael: No. I'm the one who has to leave. I hurt Claudia. I put my mom at risk. Now, I'm looking at 6 months in juvenile detention. And even if--if I wasn't, I have brain damage. I mean, my chances of a normal life are basically non-existent.

Kristina: Normal is way overrated--

Michael: Listen to me. Listen to me. You've got lots of choices-- not just your mom's version of your life. I mean, you can do almost anything you want, and you've got a mom.

Kristina: You've got Morgan.

Michael: Morgan's better off without me.

Kristina: That is so not true.

Michael: That's not the point, okay? You have got so much going for you. Why would you just throw it all away and head off with your loser brother? It doesn't make sense.

Kristina: You act like I'm so much better than you, like I could never do anything terrible. But you have no idea.

Michael: Okay. Then tell me. Tell me. What did you do that's so terrible?

Olivia: You want a confession here or something? When you kissed me? I liked it.

Sonny: I figured that. So? I mean...

Olivia: So you got to me.

Sonny: Okay.

Olivia: All right? Past tense. That message that I sent to Jason, I meant every word of that. I do not want to see you like this, okay? No kissing, no touching, no--

Sonny: No touching?

Olivia: Don't--don't--

Sonny: What do you mean?

Olivia: Don't start with me.

Sonny: What do you mean, no touching?

Olivia: Listen to me. If you can't control yourself--all right, if that line in the sand is something that's going to cost us our friendship, then so be it.

Sonny: We started something between us. It just can't be turned off because it's messy and inconvenient. It doesn't work out that way. It's not that easy.

Olivia: So you're saying--you're saying I can't turn off my feelings for you? Is that what you're saying?

Sonny: Olivia, come on.

Olivia: I can't do that? You watch me. Sonny, there is nothing between us, and there never will be. Never.

Sonny: Really? Hey, listen. Why not? What I don't understand is...

Dominic: Oh.

Lulu: I'm sorry.

Dominic: Ahh.

Lulu: Do you have a death wish or something?

Dominic: Ahh, come on. Your brothers look way worse than I do.

[Lucky and Ethan laugh]

Lulu: No, they donít.

Dominic: They would have, if you hadn't gotten in the way.

Lulu: Um, you would be out cold in the parking lot if I hadn't helped you.

Dominic: Well, if you want, I can take you someplace, thank you in private for it.

Nikolas: You two can't agree on anything except beating up a stranger for playing pool with Lulu.

Dominic: Can you get some ice, put it on my face, like, right...right there?

Coleman: All right, gentlemen. Just made a little tally of the damages here. And either you or Corinthos are going to have to pony up on that.

Nikolas: What's--what's Sonny have to do with it?

Lucky: Dominic. He works for him.

Nikolas: Oh, really? You know, my little sister just went through hell with one of your ilk.

[Dominic scoffs]

Dominic: I wasn't aware I had an ilk.

Nikolas: Ilk--your type, a person like you.

Lucky: Yeah, as in criminal.

Ethan: As in stay the hell away from our sister.

Lucky: Yeah.

Rebecca: Uh, excuse me. Who appointed you three the dating police?

Jason: You know, I bet you Michael's headed to Vera Cruz.

Sam: Why?

Jason: The resort manager on Sonny's island, his name's Enrique. He's originally from Vera Cruz. But he just retired. He went back there. He used to tell Michael all these stories about the place so Michael would visit the island.

Sam: Actually, it's a really good thing. I know Vera Cruz very well. I've ducked there often.

Jason: Good. You know, Michael likes boats. Maybe he thinks, "Hey, I can get a job here." Unless they decide to go further down the coast to Cancun.

Sam: Okay, listen. Let's figure this out. First thing's first. Okay. So they are on a bus to El Paso. They are going to cross the border on foot. Probably take a bus to Vera Cruz. I think that I should do the same exact thing. Where's the next bus station?

Jason: Nah. No, see, if we drive straight through, we can actually beat them there.

Sam: Yeah, but Jason, if I do what they do, hopefully I can cross paths with them, and I can get Michael before he crosses the border and tell him that he's not in any trouble, and don't go through--

Jason: Crossing paths is a long shot.

Sam: Okay, fine. Then I will meet up with you, and I'll take Vera Cruz, because I know it, and you take Cancun.

Jason: I just don't think it's a good idea for you to be traveling out there alone.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Jason, I can take care of myself.

Johnny: Hey. You said... you couldn't choke down that hospital food, so fresh blueberry muffin and a latte. Kelly's.

Claudia: Thanks.

Johnny: Been watching the news?

Claudia: Sonny told me Alexis is the one who ran me off the road and let Michael take the blame.

Johnny: You know, Sonny may have felt some sort of twinge of remorse when he thought that Michael caused the accident, but that's off the table now.

Claudia: What's your point, John?

Johnny: Sonny's got no reason to stay married to you.

Claudia: So you came here to tell me that my husband is going to divorce me.

Johnny: I think that you are under some delusion that you and Sonny have a connection.

Claudia: Sonny and I have been through hell and back, John. We made a child together. We lost a child together. That means something to Sonny and to me.

Johnny: Okay, Claudia... [Sighs] The night of the accident, probably the very moment you were losing your baby, I walked into Oliviaís place. Sonny was shoving his tongue down her throat.

Olivia: Why can't we be together? Sonny, are you serious?

Sonny: And don't tell me it's because of how I'm a married man.

Olivia: You are a married man!

Sonny: I just lost a child, and my wife is recovering from brain surgery. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I don't love her. I'm just trying to see her through this.

Olivia: I know, and I'm sorry--

Sonny: But it doesn't--it doesn't change how I feel about you.

Olivia: What about my feelings? Do my feelings count to you in this at all?

Sonny: I know your--I know--I know your feelings, because you know what? You just--you won't say the words, but it's written all over your face.

Olivia: That is what drives me crazy about you. You drive me crazy.

Sonny: Why?

Olivia: You see whatever you want to see out there, and you just think that everyone's going to fall into line. Well, I wonít.

Sonny: Well, you haven't given me reason why you'll never see me. And don't say it's because of what I do for a living, 'cause you're sleeping with my brother-in-law.

Olivia: I see what this is now. You just think I should only have feelings for you.

Lulu: I love you guys. I appreciate that you care about me. But right now, you're acting like idiots.

Nikolas: We don't want you to get hurt, that's all.

Lulu: I'm a grown woman. I can make my own choices.

Rebecca: Lulu gets to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants, whether that's playing pool or having sex.

Dominic: Ooh, I vote for option "B."

Lucky: Shut up.

Ethan: Back to work. That jaw's still not broken.

Rebecca: Oh, my God. They can't control themselves, can they?

Lulu: If a guy says something juvenile and tasteless, it's up to me to object.

Dominic: Hey, go easy on me. I'm wounded.

Lucky: Yeah. That was the idea.

Lulu: Look, I'm going to get you that ice, okay?

Dominic: And some antiseptic and bandages. You wouldn't happen to have any of that kind of stuff at your place, would you?

[Nikolas sighs]

Lulu: Oh, you poor baby. Of course I have antiseptic at my place.

Ethan: You're not really falling for this, are you?

Dominic: Oh, I think my--I think my jaw is shattered.

Ethan: Well, you're still managing to flap it pretty good.

Lulu: Just ignore them.

Dominic: You're an angel.

Coleman: Interesting tactic. Dude lets himself get beaten to a pulp and still gets the chick. That's bitchin'.

[Jason sighs]

Kristina: My mom has everyone brainwashed into thinking I'm this paragon, but I'm so far from that, it's scary.

Michael: What have you done? Stolen a candy bar?

Kristina: Yeah, I did, once.

Michael: Mmm. Going right down the slippery slope, huh?

[Kristin chuckles]

Kristina: Seriously, it was like I was living a double life or something. I'd tell my mom I was going to the library to study, and then, I'd go clubbing with friends. Sometimes, I drank.

Michael: Still got Aís.

Kristina: Mom bought into every lie I told. I should have acted in school plays. I'd have been great.

Michael: This doesn't sound so terrible, Krissy.

Kristina: And I drove without a license. And you said so yourself, I'm a lousy driver.

Michael: It's not the same. You didn't lose control of the car and kill our baby brother. I mean--

Kristina: Stop talking about it, please. Just let it be an accident that was nobody's fault.

Sonny: You can't deny there's a connection between us.

Olivia: Why are you pushing this?

Sonny: Why are you dodging it?

Olivia: Oh. We grew up together. We share a lot of memories.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: A lot of them are good. Lot of them...really bad.

Sonny: Got more than memories.

Olivia: So you're looking for a confession. Is that what this is?

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: You--you want to hear me say there was a time that I thought I was madly in love with you? I was a 15-year-old girl, Sonny. What does a 15-year-old girl know about love?

Sonny: You never said the words.

Olivia: Maybe I didn't want to make a fool of myself.

Sonny: Maybe I would have said the same thing back.

Olivia: Yeah. Maybe you would have started dating my cousin, like you did anyway.

Sonny: Okay. So--look, I went out with Kate. It was great. But I did it, you know, to make you jealous. But you broke up with me for no reason. Now, you know, you haven't changed a bit. It's the same old song over and over again.

Olivia: It is the same. I knew you were bad for me then, and I know you're bad for me now.

Sonny: You're a lousy liar.

Olivia: And you're too much trouble. You--you just always want to think that I'm going to be out here somewhere waiting around, dangling around for you, and I won't be, Sonny. That's not fair. I deserve better than that.

Sonny: Yeah, you do.

Olivia: Okay. [Sniffs] I want you to leave now. [Sniffs] Good-bye. Did you hear me? Good-bye. [Sighs]

Ethan: Bloke's a bottom-feeder.

Lucky: Lulu shouldn't have given him the time of day.

Nikolas: She probably would have walked away if you two hadn't started a fight. It made her do the opposite.

Rebecca: You're talking about your sister like she's a 5-year-old who needs supervision.

[Lucky scoffs]

Lucky: Not far off when it comes to men.

Nikolas: Lulu has made some poor choices in the past and been hurt badly by them.

Rebecca: All right. She seems to have rebounded.

Nikolas: That's debatable.

Rebecca: She told you to back off. How about respecting her enough to actually do it? All right? Let's go play pool. I'll go rack up some balls.

Ethan: I think she's done enough of that for one day.

Lucky: Hey, thanks, Coleman.

Coleman: Know when to give up the fight, dude.

Ethan: So whose idea was it to come here?

Rebecca: Uh, Nikolas', as a matter of fact.

Ethan: Oh, the prince is slumming.


Rebecca: No, he happens to enjoy a beer.

Ethan: Well, watching you two try to act natural together is almost painful.

Rebecca: God. Go back to the bar, Ethan.

Ethan: How long do you think you can keep up this charade? You two have nothing in common.

Rebecca: We're getting along a lot better than you think.

Ethan: Don't kid yourself, love. [Scoffs] You're nothing but a stand-in for your dead twin sister to him.

Nikolas: All right. Want to break?

Rebecca: No, no, no. You go ahead.

Nikolas: Sure?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: All right.

[Pool balls clack]

[Elevator dings]

Dominic: You know what? I feel a lot better. It's an amazing recovery, really.

Lulu: No, no. You could have a concussion.

Dominic: Why don't we just go back to your place? A little relaxation, TLC on the couch, I'll be fine--

Lulu: Oh, I would never forgive myself if you passed out or died on my couch without proper medical attention.

Dominic: I'll take that chance. I'm an adventurous guy.

Lulu: Oh, um, Nurse Johnson? This is Dominic. Dominic--he's injured.

Epiphany: I can see that.

Dominic: This is traumatic. Why don't we go back to your place, have a couple of beers, soothe the nerves?

Lulu: You don't ever stop.

Epiphany: Where is it written that I have to patch up every idiot that gets into a bar fight?

Dominic: How about that beer?

Epiphany: You know, he's got a smart mouth.

Lulu: Yes, he does. I'm getting used to it. Um, do you think you could clean him up just a little?

Dominic: Look, I don't want to take up the hospital's valuable resources. I'm sorry we barged in on you. We'll be leaving now.

Epiphany: Ah-ah! Hey. You're not released until I say you're released.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Olivia, are you there? It's John.

Olivia: Yeah. [Sniffs] I just made a pot of coffee. Do you want some?

Johnny: Yeah.

Johnny: Been crying. You okay?

Olivia: I'm fine. I was just kicking myself for being so stupid.

Johnny: Sonny?

Olivia: Oh. Right on the first guess.

Johnny: Hmm.

Olivia: Getting pretty predictable, huh?

Johnny: No. He is.

Olivia: Yeah. Tell me about it.


Johnny: You want to talk about it?

Olivia: No. There's nothing to talk about. He came over. I told him I never wanted to see him again. And I think this time, he really got the message.

Johnny: So his ego is too big to let you be the one to end things.

Olivia: You know what? There's nothing to end. I was stupid. I let him kiss me a couple of times. It's done. I'm done flirting with disaster, okay? Sonny and I will never be together. And if that hurts, then I'm just going to have to hurt.

Johnny: No. You wonít.

[Elevator dings]

Mike: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Listen, I...I hadn't heard from you in a while, so I thought I'd stop by and see how you're doing.

Sonny: So you figured I'd be at the hospital waiting for my wife?

Mike: Well, you're here now.

Sonny: You know what? I haven't--I just... I haven't been treating Claudia that good since the pregnancy and during the pregnancy, the whole thing. And when she got in an accident, I was with Olivia, making plans for a divorce. So basically--

[Mike sighs]

Sonny: I've been pretty terrible to her. I'm not going to sugar-coat it.

Mike: Look, I, uh...fatherly advice is not my strong suit. You know that.

Sonny: Right.

Mike: So all I'm saying to you aloud right now is what you already know. Marriage is a commitment. You can't sit on the fence between being with your wife or not being with your wife. You owe it to Claudia and yourself--

Sonny: You're right.

Mike: To make a choice.

Sonny: I got to--look, I got to do what I got to do. I either have to step up, make it work, or walk away.

[Door shuts]

Sam: Mmm. How long was I sleeping?

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Long enough for me to fill up the tank.

[Sam yawns]

Sam: You want me to drive? I can drive.

Jason: No. No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I picked up some stuff at the convenience store, something if you're hungry or thirsty.

Sam: Oh. Yes. I'm starving. Thank you. Hey, do you know what I think about when I take long road trips at night?

Jason: What's that?

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: My brother Danny. I do. I just--because he loved cars so much. It just--it reminds me of him. [Chuckles] I used to schedule our dinners at least an hour away so we could take a long car ride. And he would sit in the car, and he was so excited, and he'd look out at every car, and he'd know the make, the model, the engine--I mean, everything. Everything. He knew it all.

Jason: You really miss him.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Every day.

Sam: Hey, thanks.

Jason: For what?

Sam: Well, you know, always being so nice to Danny and remembering him after he-- after he passed away. Thank you.

Jason: I liked Danny. He was a good kid. We can talk about him anytime.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Wow. That means a lot. Thank you.

Johnny: Sonny doesn't deserve your tears.

Olivia: Oh. Nice try. Blame it on Sonny, right?

Johnny: I'm serious. You're too good for the guy.

Olivia: No. What I'm too good for is mooning over some married man I was never going to be with anyway. It's ridiculous. And the pity party stops right here. And I'm really sorry for dumping all of this on you. There's nothing worse than crying on one guy's shoulder over another guy.

Johnny: I've dumped enough crap on you, so how about we call it even, huh?

Olivia: Deal.

Johnny: Thank you.

Olivia: What is it with us, anyway? I mean, we could not have less in common. Why do we get along so good?

Johnny: I don't know. Beats me.

Olivia: I mean, you guys had more money than you knew what to do with, while--[Scoffs] we were clipping coupons just to keep food on the table.

Johnny: It's true, and embarrassing. I--I think I was 10 by the time I finally figured out how to get from my bedroom to the breakfast table. [Laughs]

[Olivia laughs]

Johnny: I'm serious. It was bad.

Olivia: Oh. Well, the Falconeris were tripping over each other in our apartment. Believe me, that's--that's not even counting all the aunts and uncles and the cousins that were always stopping by.

Johnny: But you get me, Oliv, in a way that most people donít.

Olivia: You're easy to be around.

Johnny: I felt comfortable with you from the moment we started talking at Jakeís.

Olivia: You know, we didn't do a lot of talking that night.

[Johnny chuckles]

Mike: Hey. You got--[Sighs] you got to take some time with this, Sonny, okay?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Mike: Look, you're--you're dealing with grief and remorse.

Sonny: Right.

Mike: And it's--it's 10 times greater because you're also dealing with the death of a child here.

Sonny: Claudia's a human being. I don't want to make her suffer any more than she already has.

Mike: Great. Then just be honest with her.

Sonny: I have been honest with her. I--you know, I tell her I'm sorry. I don't want to--I don't want to, you know, treat her bad or whatever. I don't know what else to say to her.

Mike: Right, but you're not-- you're not doing her any favors by staying with her out of guilt. You're only postponing the inevitable.

Sonny: Right.

Mike: Yeah.

Sonny: So I got to do what's best for me, for everybody, and just make a clean break.

Kristina: I wish I'd been a better sister.

Michael: Hey, what are you talking about? You've been great.

Kristina: I didn't stand up for you at the country club with Kiefer.

Michael: I don't get what you see in that guy, besides the fact that he's a senior.

Kristina: It's hard to explain.

Michael: You're going to miss him, aren't you?

Kristina: I don't know. He'll be going to college a year before I do, so it probably wouldn't have lasted anyway. But I have you to keep me company, so I won't be lonely.

Michael: Seriously, it will all work out.

Bus driver: Next stop, El Paso bus terminal.

[Kristin sighs]

Sam: Do you want anything?

Jason: No. [Indistinct]


Sam: Oh, my goodness. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Remember when we were in Hawaii, and I found that locally made macadamia nut brittle? [Gasps] Oh, it was so good. I tried to get you to try it, and you were so resistant!

Jason: I can't even believe you're still gloating over that. Obviously, you're never going to let that one go.

Sam: Obviously? Please. Your weaknesses are so few and far between, I'm going to savor that for a really, really long time. I wore you down. I got you to take a bite of that brittle, and you were hooked.

Jason: That is such--that is such an exaggeration.

Sam: Done! An exaggeration? Come on, Jason. Really? You would devour the whole entire bag before I even got a bite.

Jason: Okay. It was good. I--I...

Sam: Why were you so resistant?

Jason: Well, you know, I don't really think I have that much of a sweet tooth. Did I just say "sweet tooth"?

Sam: Yes, you did. And yes, you do. You just don't want it to mess with your tough guy image. People knew you had one...

Jason: Did you see that sign?

Sam: Yeah, I sure did. One mile to the bus stop.

[Jason sighs]

[Sam sighs]

Michael: All right. So, we'll cross on foot using this pedestrian grid right here.

Kristina: Where they check IDs.

Michael: Well, we'll wait for another group to pass and try to blend in with them.

Kristina: And try not to look guilty.

Michael: Just use those brilliant acting skills you were talking about.

Kristina: Piece of cake.

Michael: Anyway, it--I don't think it will be that hard getting into Mexico.

Kristina: Getting out would be tougher. But then again, we're not planning to, so...

Michael: Are you ready?

Kristina: They have an APB out on you. What if the cops alerted the border police?

Michael: No way will they be looking here. They'll be checking the Canadian border. And if Dad sent Jason to look for us, he'll think we crossed at Laredo.

Kristina: I guess.

Michael: Don't worry. No one's going to find us.

[Brakes hiss]

[Engine shuts off]

Sam: All right. I think we're all set. So I'm going to cross the border on foot, take a bus to Vera Cruz. You're going to drive straight through to Cancun. And we're going to find Kristina and Michael. I will definitely stay in contact.

Jason: [Indistinct] Just be careful.

Sam: I will.

Jason: Hold on. Just in case.

Sam: We're going to find Kristina and Michael.

[Jason sighs]

[Engine starts]

Olivia: The stupid way I acted with probably feel like you're some kind of substitute for something else.

Johnny: Hey, I never feel second-best when I'm around you.

Olivia: Well, maybe it's just like I'm using you for some kind of, I don't know...

Johnny: Hey, come on.

Olivia: What?

Johnny: Have you ever stopped and wondered why I keep coming around here?

Olivia: Spaghetti night?

[Johnny laughs]

Johnny: Maybe. No, no. You.

Jason: You've always just been up-front with me, honest, no games. So no. I don't feel used. Just needed. And I need you, too.

Claudia: You're my beautiful baby boy. You're going to love your new home. I got you a train set you can play with when you're older. It goes all the way around your room. And a swing set, of course, outside. There's a lake. We're going to teach you how to swim. [Chuckles] It's the best thing in the world just holding you in my arms right now.

[Door opens]

Sonny: Ready to go?

Claudia: Come say hello to your son.

[Claudia crying]

[Door opens]

[Claudia sniffling]

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