GH Transcript Friday 7/31/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/31/09


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Deputy: Police! Don't move! You're both under arrest.

Jerry: Darling, why on earth would I risk my own neck to track down Michael Corinthos and bring him to you? I mean, I can't imagine you'd have his best interest at heart, given that you surely blame him for the loss of your own child.

Claudia: Well, Jerry, if I can find you from my hospital bed, I'm sure other people could, too.

Jerry: Well, then, why not take one of those brave souls and send him looking for Michael?

Claudia: Jason's already out there looking, and he's not really happy with you.

Jerry: Well, that's no news. Nor with you, I would imagine.

Claudia: Oh, he'd be a lot happier with me if I told him where to find you.

Jerry: Ha ha ha. Here we are threatening each other again. Isn't it cozy? Just like old times. I love it.

Claudia: Are you gonna help me or not?

Jerry: Hmm. Let me see. Any suggestions as to where to look, since you're so good at tracking people down?

Claudia: Michael left town in a silver convertible, 2009, 2-door.

Jerry: Wow. Well, at least the coma you put him in didn't alter his taste for automobiles.

Claudia: Michael's sister, Kristina, is with him.

Jerry: Alexis' daughter? Huh. That's unfortunate. I'd hate to--for her to become involved in something unpleasant.

Claudia: No, they're probably headed to a national border somewhere, like Mexico or Canada.

Jerry: Ah. Well, at least you've narrowed things down.

Johnny: Why are you lookin' for Michael?

Sonny: I want everything cleaned up by the time Michael and Kristina get home.

Carly: Well, if you wanna do that, you need to prove that Alexis is the one who caused Claudia's accident.

Sonny: That doesn't-- that doesn't make any sense.

Carly: Alexis was the prime suspect before Michael confessed.

Sonny: Why would Alexis try to frame Michael?

Mac: If you wanna make a formal confession, we should go upstairs.

Alexis: As D.A., I'm authorizing my own statement. There are three witnesses present. I was driving recklessly on Harbor View Road after I'd had a fight with the mayor's wife. I swerved into Claudia's lane. I didn't see her car go off the road, but I was aware that my car had brushed against the oncoming car.

Lucky: You just kept on driving?

Alexis: I came back to see if everyone was all right--

Jax: Stop it, Alexis. I'm not gonna let you do this. 

Michael: All right, this G.P.S. thing is useless.

Kristina: I just reset it. It should be fine.

Michael: Look. Bristol. It says we're in Bristol. Where's Bristol?

Kristina: Uh, think I saw a sign a few miles back.

Michael: Right. Mexico. You got that? How do we get to Mexico?

Kristina: Maybe it would work better if we were on the interstate.

Michael: Not in this car. I mean, the A.P.B. has gotta be out by now.

Kristina: [Sighs] Do you think they figured out that you switched the license plates yet?

Michael: Uh, well, if they haven't, they will, and so, for now, I'm Edward Quartermaine. Who do you wanna be?

Kristina: Anybody but me.

Michael: Okay, now it says we have to take a left, which would put us in the middle of the cornfield.


Kristina: Why don't we just get a map? We--they--I saw tons of them at the gas station.

Michael: Yeah. A map would be good.

Kristina: Let's just keep going until we get somewhere.

Michael: Works for me.

Sam: Um, what are we under arrest for?

Deputy: Breaking and entering.

Sam: Of what?

Deputy: Are you giving me attitude?

Sam: No, sir. Uh-uh.

Deputy: The break-in was reported at the stand a few minutes ago. Door's wide open. Clearly closed for business, and here you guys are.

Sam: Yeah, but, look, we just-- we pulled up right now.

Deputy: Why don't you show me your I.D., and we'll see if we can get you back on your way.

Sam: Absolutely. Not a problem.

Jason: I just--I want to warn you that before I go for my wallet, I have a licensed gun in my waistband, so I can--

Deputy: Hand away from the gun! Both of you, against the wall! Hands on your heads! Now!

Claudia: Don't stop looking until you find Michael. Is that clear?

Jerry: Who just walked in? Sonny or noble brother John?

Claudia: Don't take forever.

Jerry: Oh, you get so aggressive when cornered. It's really rather primal, isn't it?

Johnny: Who the hell was that?

Claudia: Kenny Romano.

Johnny: Why are you talkin' to one of Uncle Rudy’s old lieutenants?

Claudia: I would think that by now, you've heard that Michael took off.

Johnny: Yeah. There's an A.P.B. on him.

Claudia: Well, can you imagine two of Sonny's kids out there wandering around alone? I-I'm tryin' to help find him. That's all.

Johnny: Claudia, does Sonny know you're talkin' to Kenny Romano?

Claudia: No, and you're not gonna tell him either, John.

Johnny: Okay. Look, I'm glad you're feelin' better, but don't you think it'd be best if you let Sonny's people find Michael?

Claudia: I'm concerned about him.

Johnny: Well, Jason's out there lookin' for him, and I think it's best for you if you-- Claudia, you need to focus on getting well.

Claudia: I would feel a lot better if I knew that Michael was accounted for.

Johnny: Accounted for. And what, exactly, does that mean? Because if you're still hung up on this whole revenge thing, you need to get that out of your mind.

Claudia: Michael's just a kid. He's been through enough.

Johnny: Yeah. Well, if you actually believe that, leave him the hell alone.

Sonny: Alexis would never deliberately hurt Michael.

Carly: Alexis is the D.A. She could have asked more questions about Michael's confession. Sonny, he's a kid. He was in a coma for a year. He has serious issues. Instead, she treated his confession like gospel.

Sonny: Yeah, but, Alexis, you know, she didn't force Michael to walk into the P.C.P.D. and confess.

Carly: But she sure as hell capitalized on it.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Whatever's goin' on with Alexis, I don't care. We need to set the confession aside, and I want all these legal issues under control by the time Michael and Kristina get home.

Carly: That's fine. Good luck, because Ale--

[Telephone rings]

Sonny: What?


Carly: Hey, Jax. I'm resting. I'm sittin' down. I'm--I'm calm.

Jax: I'm at the police station. You're not gonna believe this, but, uh, Alexis just confessed to running Claudia off the road. I'll call you when I have some more info. Lucky. You don't think Alexis' confession will hold up in court, do you?

Lucky: I don't see why it wouldn’t. She was our first suspect. Now the preliminary forensics are backin' us up.

Jax: Yes, but she would never do this to Michael.

Lucky: She didn't hesitate to put out an A.P.B. on him.

Jax: Don't you think this, uh, confession is, uh--is a little convenient? I mean, the timing of it is--

Mac: It seems pretty straightforward to me, Jax. You know, once Alexis realized we had strong evidence against her, she told us the truth.

Jax: Yeah, I wouldn't necessarily assume that.

Lucky: Well, would you rather Michael get blamed for something he didn't do?

Jax: No, of course not. The thing is Alexis would never run a car off the road and th-- and then run and then blame it on a 17-year-old who's recovering from brain damage.

Mac: Wouldn't be the first time Alexis twisted the law to serve herself.

Jax: All right. What the hell are you doing? Huh?

Alexis: I know what I'm doing.

Jax: We--the idea was to clear you, okay, so that Carly would stop obsessing about it and-- and we shou--we didn't wanna come up with evidence against you. Who are you covering for?

Alexis: You need to just leave this alone.

Jax: Come on, Alexis. I know you didn't do this. Who are you covering for?

Alexis: Sometimes we do things that we don't expect.

Jax: What's that supposed to mean? Go on. You need to tell me what's really going on here.

Coleman: What'll it be, bud?

Dominic: Ah, beer.

Coleman: Beer. Ah. I don't think I've seen you here before.

Dominic: You know Bernie Abrams?

Coleman: Uh, not personally, no.

Dominic: A guy like that, most people wouldn't think worked for Sonny Corinthos, but a guy like me...

Coleman: Mmm. Tell you what. You can, um--you tell your boss, with all due respect, I pay for protection, I want protection.

Dominic: Well, that's why Bernie sent me over.

Coleman: Yeah, well, my back room has been ransacked twice, okay, twice in the last three weeks.

Dominic: Any idea who?

Coleman: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say it's the same guys that are hijacking those, uh, truckers on the interstate. These guys are stealin' all my booze, and they're stealin' anything else they can get their hands on. Now, you feel me?

Dominic: I'll take care of it.

Coleman: The sooner, the better, man.

Lulu: Coleman.

Coleman: Oh. Look at--

Lulu: I am so glad you're here. I'm desperate.

Coleman: I'm all yours. What?

Lulu: Yeah? Um, I need you to have another karaoke night as soon as possible.

Coleman: Well, sure, but are you, uh--you and Maxettes gonna sing again? Huh?

Lulu: Oh, I don't know. Actually, this is, uh--this is really about Spinelli.

Coleman: Spi--God. Hey, was he great or what, man?

Lulu: Yeah.

Coleman: Hey, did he send you over here?

Lulu: Uh, no. Uh, he--he wants to marry Maxie, and he gave her this ring, and she took it, even though she's nowhere near ready to marry him, and--

Coleman: Oh, and you think that--wait--if he's obsessed about singing his heart out to her, that he'll stop obsessing about the marriage.

Lulu: Yes. Exactly.

Coleman: Gosh.

Lulu: How did you know?

Coleman: Well, hey, that's what joints like this are for, girl. It's all about, uh, love or the lack of it.

Lulu: Yeah.

Coleman: And, uh--and of course, you know, alcohol.

Lulu: Oh. Right. Of course. Um, so you'll--you'll do it?

Coleman: Yeah, just as soon as I can line up another machine.

Lulu: Yay.

Coleman: Yeah.

Lulu: Thank you.

Coleman: Rock on, girl.

Dominic: Man, I love karaoke.

Lulu: Ooh. Heh heh. That's surprising.

Dominic: Do you like surprises?

Lulu: [Laughs]

Deputy: Okay, sir.

Jason: We do not have time for this.

Sam: We didn't do anything wrong. He can't hold us.

Jason: And I warned him about my gun. I was polite, wasn't I?

Sam: Yeah, actually. It was weird.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Just wait and see.

Deputy: Jason Morgan and Sam McCall. Thought those names sounded familiar. A real, live gangster and his girlfriend. Your arrest records are so long, they froze the computer. Dispatcher had to call I.T. in the meantime, looks like I caught myself a real, live Bonnie and Clyde.

[No audible dialogue]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Johnny: It was an accident, Claudia, what happened to Michael, what happened to you.

Claudia: Yeah. I mean, look, if I can bring Michael home to his father, if I can prove that I'm a good, supportive stepmother even after... what Michael did, then--

Johnny: Okay, so what you're saying is that you plan on staying with Sonny.

Claudia: Yeah. You know, Johnny, he's really sorry about how he treated me and the baby, and he's--he's genuinely sorry.

Johnny: He's genuinely guilty. That's it.

Claudia: Maybe you can't understand this, but maybe I have to be in this kind of pain to know where we're at. As crazy as it sounds...

Johnny: Mmm.

Claudia: Losing this baby, I think it might actually bring Sonny and I closer together.

Sonny: There's gotta be more to it. I don't buy Alexis framing Michael.

Carly: It's not that complicated, Sonny. Alexis put out an A.P.B. on Michael because she wanted him in jail before anyone else could learn the truth.

Sonny: Still doesn't make sense to me, Carly.

Carly: Obviously the police found something, because Alexis had to confess.

Sonny: Then, let--let the police handle it, because you need to take it easy with the baby and the whole thing, you know.

Carly: I am taking it easy! Okay! I've never eaten so many vegetables in my life. You kidding me? What about you? I'm sorry. I mean, it's awful. I'm so sorry.

Sonny: I thought it was Ric's baby. I really did. That's why I kept my distance. And when I found out it was mine, honestly, I don't know what to think about that.

[Door opens]

Olivia: Hey, hey. I'm just gonna check your fridge and, uh, make a list of things you need, and then Jax has to si--uh...

Sonny: What are you doin'?

Olivia: Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to--

Sonny: Aw, it's no problem. I'll help you. What?

Olivia: I--I thought you were alone, so I--

Sonny: There you go.

Olivia: Can't believe I'm so clumsy.

Alexis: I appreciate that you believe in me no matter what I do.

Jax: No. It doesn't make sense that you--that you would blame Michael and then now confess. It just doesn't make sense.

Alexis: The evidence proves that my car forced Claudia off the road. That, along with my confession, there's really nothing else to say.

Diane: Gentlemen. I just picked up a rather disturbing message from Jax. He says that Alexis has been arrested.

Mac: You know, for all the times you've hindered a police investigation, you've actually helped this one, Diane. You've convinced Judge Jameson to order preliminary forensics on Alexis' cars.

Lucky: Alexis made a full confession.

Mac: She needs a lawyer right now.

Diane: She needed a lawyer before she ever opened her mouth.

[Footsteps approaching]

Diane: Talk to me.

Alexis: The police had it right the first time. The evidence proves that now. I had no choice.

Diane: Jax, would you please give us a moment?

Jax: Yeah. Try to talk some sense into her.

Diane: So, my friend, okay. First of all, my profound apologies for my part in all of this, but let's just--let's just cut to the chase, okay? Did you cause the accident or not?

Alexis: I didn't, but Kristina did.

Dominic: So when's karaoke night?

Lulu: I don't know. You'll have to watch for signs.

Dominic: Isn't it great bein' in the Maxettes?

Lulu: Who are you?

[Jukebox playing]

Dominic: Ah, just the man of your dreams. You didn't notice?

Lulu: Oh. Mmm.

Dominic: So who are the Maxettes?

Lulu: Oh, it's a karaoke thing.

Dominic: Mmm?

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dominic: Who's Max?

Lulu: My boyfriend.

Dominic: You liar.

Lulu: Could be true.

Dominic: You know, you really care about your friends. I like that.

Lulu: How do you know how I feel about my friends?

Dominic: Well, let's see. "It's really all about Spinelli," whoever he is. He wants to marry Maxie, and--whoever she is. Wait a minute. Maxie and the Maxettes, right?

Lulu: Who are you?

Dominic: What else? Spinelli gave Maxie this amazing ring, which she took, but she doesn't know if she wants to marry him. At which point, Coleman figured that if he got obsessed with singing about her, he'd forget about marrying her.

Lulu: Yeah.

Dominic: Which is unlikely, by the way.

Lulu: I--I don't know if that classifies as listening or just plain eavesdropping.

Dominic: Hmm. A little bit of both.

Lulu: Hmm.

Dominic: Buy you a beer?

Lulu: Sure. Why not?

Dominic: You, uh, shoot pool?

Lulu: A little, now and then.

Officer: I need to run a check on a New York plate. Taxi, river, India, 8, 1, zebra.

Michael: Don't worry. I'll take care of this. Just let me do the talking.

Officer: License and registration, please.

Michael: Yeah. Uh, what's the problem, sir?

Officer: You made an illegal U-turn at the 4-way stop.

Michael: Yeah. You know what? Our G.P.S. is acting up. I'm sorry.

Officer: Mmm. License and registration.

Michael: Sure. You know, we're on our way to our grandmother's 90th birthday. I just made a wrong turn.

Officer: Is there a problem here?

Kristina: Please let us go. Please, Officer. I think we should tell him the truth, Eddie. It's the only way.

Michael: Okay.

Officer: Well, I'm not liking the looks of this.

Kristina: I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. You can't tell my Mom I got stopped, because I'm pregnant, and I'm on my way to get an abortion.

Deputy: No. Sir, that can't be right, sir. Check it again. There's gotta be an outstanding warrant somewhere.

Sam: I appreciate that you're trying to do your job, but we didn't do anything wrong.

Deputy: That remains to be seen, ma'am. What about the detective squad? I'll check it again.

Sam: Excuse me. I'm sorry, but how much longer is this gonna take?

Deputy: As long as it takes, ma'am.

Jason: I'm--I'm not gonna sit here much longer.

Sam: Okay. Calm down. It's not gonna do us any good if--if we have the cops chasing us.

Deputy: Does this look familiar?

Sam: No, sir. Kristina was wearing that last night.

Jason: Are you sure?

Sam: Yes. I gave it to her for Christmas.

Jason: Then--then we didn't miss 'em by much.

Sam: Okay. At least we know we're on the right road.

Olivia: Um, so I will tell Jax that--that I'll send a messenger over later, or I'll come by and pick 'em up. And I can run you some errands and pick up some groceries, whatever you need, if that would help.

Carly: Thank you. It would.

Olivia: Okay. Um, I heard about the baby. I'm--I'm very sorry for your loss.

Sonny: Thank you.

Olivia: I--is there any word on Michael and Kristina?

Carly: Alexis confessed.

Olivia: Get the hell outta here.

Sonny: That's exactly what I said.

Carly: It's true. She's the one who ran Claudia off the road, and then she tried to frame Michael.

Olivia: Wow. Uh, well, I--I hope the kids get the word a-and come back. I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to I-interrupt anything.

Sonny: Nah. Hey, I was just-- I was gonna leave anyway, so...

Olivia: Oh. Um, well... bye. I...

Carly: I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Sonny: Same--same here.

Carly: Wow. You're even more hung up on Sonny than I thought.

Dominic: Hey, you haven't even told me your name yet.

Lulu: Trixie.

Dominic: Hmm. Nice to meet you, Trix. I'm Thor.

Lulu: No, you're not. Is it my turn?

Dominic: Yeah. Go ahead.

Lulu: I'm really Angelina.

Dominic: Oh, yeah? I'm really, uh, Biff. Biff Beauregard.

Lulu: Biff Beauregard? Hmm. Okay, now you've insulted me. Tell me your real name.

Dominic: No, you first.

Lulu: I'm Lulu.

Dominic: So, Lulu, you, uh, come here often?

Lulu: Oh ho ho! You did not just say, "Do you come here often?"

Ethan: Well, I would hope not. It's the oldest bloody line in the book.

Dominic: Y-you think his accent's real?

Lulu: Ethan. This is, uh, my brother Ethan. I want you to meet...

Dominic: Dominic Pirelli. I'm gonna make your sister a star.

Ethan: Ah. Is he bothering you?

Lulu: It's just a game of pool.

Dominic: My God. Who believes that? Anyone? Show of hands.

Singer: Over my head with all her teasing can I

Jerry: Miss Shilling, you are lovelier than the day we met.

Miss Shilling, English accent: Thank you, Mr. Dalton.

Jerry: Oh, please, please, call me James.

Miss Shilling: What do you want, James?

Jerry: Oh, come on. You wound me. You really, really do. Must I always be looking for something? I dropped by the embassy just for your lovely eyes. I did. And by the way, um, would you consider tracing a car for me?

Miss Shilling: I'm afraid that will be impossible.

Jerry: 2009 convertible, silver, New York plates. I need to know if it had been stopped anywhere in the United States. And I also need to know if you would consider having a lovely glass of wine with me later.

Miss Shilling: I'll see what I can do.

Jerry: Wonderful.

Kristina: My mother is going to be so mad at me. I've tried as hard as I can to be perfect at everything, and she has all these great dreams for me. But now I've made this terrible mistake, and if I can't get out of it, all her dreams for me are going to be completely ruined.

Officer: Well, if you're seeking this procedure, why did you leave the state of New York?

Kristina: That's just it. That's why he made that U-turn. I'm not ready to do this.

Officer: So are you the guy? The dad?

Michael: Uh, no. I'm--I'm just a friend. That's all.

Kristina: He didn't do anything. It isn't fair to blame him. I just wanna go back and talk to a counselor and figure something out. Please, Officer, if my mom ever finds out I messed up-- please.

Officer: Okay.

Kristina: Thank you.

Officer: All right, the interstate is 3 miles down this road. Make a left and follow the signs. Don't get in a hurry, and good luck with whatever you decide.

Michael: Thank you, sir.

Officer: Move along.

Kristina: Thanks again. Whew.

Michael: Damn. You are amazing. That was--you just completely saved us. I mean, the perfect lie out of nowhere.

Kristina: That wasn't a lie. I mean, except for the part about the abortion.

Michael: I know.

Kristina: I'm nothing like the person my mom thinks I am.

[Door opens]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Claudia: Sonny.

Sonny: How you doin'?

Claudia: I, uh, feel empty and alone for the first time in a long time. I didn't realize I was, um, getting so used to being pregnant.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Claudia: It was an accident, like you said. What can you do?

Sonny: You're right, but Michael didn't cause it.

Claudia: What do you mean? Who did?

Sonny: Alexis. The evidence, you know. The--the cops got a lot of evidence against her, and she eventually copped to it.

Claudia: Michael's innocent?

Olivia: I can't be talkin' about this with you right now. You're supposed to be relaxing, taking it easy.

Carly: Come on, look. I can't-- I can't--I can't chase down Michael and tell him it's okay to come home. I can't call out Alexis for being a hypocritical bitch, and I can't tell Jax, "I told you so," because Alexis got caught, so you're all I got. Distraction. I need distraction. Why did you drop those papers...

Olivia: Because...

Carly: All over the floor the second you saw Sonny?

Olivia: I'm an idiot. I can't be around him. I--I--I just--I have to get him out of my mind.

Carly: Okay, look, you know, don't misunderstand. What happened to his baby is so sad. It's just awful.

Olivia: Yes, it is.

Carly: It is. But I don't think he's gonna be married to Claudia much longer.

Olivia: Carly, I don't care if the man is out filing for divorce right now. I'm not gettin' back with him. That happened a long time ago. It's not gonna happen again.

Carly: Mmm, that's what I said right before I married him all four times.

Olivia: I like my life the way it is right now. I don't wanna share it with Sonny or anyone else.

Carly: Well, what about Johnny?

Olivia: Well, Johnny's different. We--we understand each other. You know, with Sonny, getting with him-- which I'm not gonna do--life is always gonna be on his terms, you know, never on mine.

Carly: That's true.

Olivia: He's just too much of everything. He's too handsome. He's too dangerous. He's too demanding. He's too everything, and I like my life the way it is. It's just fine. Why would I wanna mess it up by gettin' back together with Sonny? It's just-- it's not gonna happen.

Carly: Well, you know what? You better keep telling yourself that, because I saw the way Sonny looks at you. And take it from a woman who knows, he's gonna come after you with everything he's got.

Sam: Will you look at that guy? I mean, he keeps running our names over and over as if something's gonna come up.

Jason: Michael and Kristina are probably halfway to Mexico by now.

Sam: What do you think they're gonna do when they get there?

Jason: [Sighs] I don't know. I mean, Michael knows a little Spanish. He thinks he can drive a boat.

Sam: Ahh. Great.

Jason: Maybe he's looking for a town along the coast. Has-- has Kristina ever had a job?

Sam: [Scoffs] No. Volunteer work. She studies all the time. That's it.

Jason: Well, does she speak Spanish?

Sam: That's funny. French. Come on. She's Alexis' daughter.

Jason: Uh, okay. Does she ever travel alone?

Sam: Uh, Alexis' daughter. Hey, what about Sonny? Can't you call in a favor and have his guys go down and look for them?

Jason: It won't--we--we thought about that, but I--it's just so hard to know who to trust, and Michael and Kristina would be valuable hostages, so we decided not to even take that risk.

Deputy: Couldn't even get a traffic ticket on either one of you.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Deputy: Looks like I'm gonna have to let you go.

Sam: You'll have better luck next time. Don't worry.

Sonny: You seem pretty surprised about Alexis.

Claudia: Yeah, I am. Weren't you?

Sonny: Yeah, but it turns out she was a prime suspect. But when Michael went into the P.C.P.D. to confess, they stopped looking for her.

Claudia: Why would Michael confess if he didn't do it?

Sonny: No, he thinks he did. He was--he--he was drivin' fast, and he crossed into the other lane, and when you got in your accident, he was just--he just jumped to conclusions.

Claudia: Wow. So where's Alexis now?

Sonny: Uh, I guess she's at the P.C.P.D.

Claudia: Has anybody been able to reach Michael?

Sonny: Well, I don't--I don't want Kristina to find out anything that--you know, her mother confessed until she gets home, 'cause she's gonna be devastated.

Claudia: If they hadn't found new evidence, how long would Alexis have kept her mouth shut?

Sonny: Well, I would--I would hope she would have copped to it, but something's goin' on here. She's not thinkin' straight.

Claudia: You sound like you feel sorry for her.

Sonny: Alexis is Kristina's mother. She's got me out of prison more than once. She's a good person who just made a mistake.

Claudia: No. I cou--I could see a kid driving reckless, running me off the road, lying about it. She's the D.A.

Sonny: It was still an accident. Nobody meant to hurt you. Nobody set out to kill you-- our baby. I'm just glad that Michael wasn't involved.

Diane: So the simplest solution is to toss out the confession, and then I go to work on the paint chips. Now, there is no audio recording of what you said in the garage. The surveillance video just shows you standing around, talking. You could very well be discussing the weather.

Alexis: I authorized the confession as district attorney. There were three witnesses.

Diane: Right. So we deny everything, or we say that you were mistaken.

Alexis: No. I wa--I want--I want it on the record. I want formal questioning. I want you to tape it.

Diane: That's a very bad idea.

Alexis: There can be no question about this.

Diane: Alexis, think. I am--I'm very well aware and appreciate the fact that you want to protect your daughter and that you are frantic because she has run off with Michael, but for once in your life, you're not seeing the big picture.

Alexis: I will do whatever I have to do to protect my daughter.

Diane: Alexis, if you confess to this accident, then that gives credence to Andrea Floyd's story that you were hysterical when you left the mayor's house, which in turn validates all of those obsessive e-mails that you swear you didn't write. And since you appear to be framing Michael for all of this, any shred of credibility you have is now gone.

Alexis: Why didn't I just send her to camp? Why didn't I just send her to camp like you said or to Switzerland or to Mars? Because the minute those e-mails came out, she--she was just so upset. She would never have taken the car.

Diane: Do you have any details about what really happened?

Alexis: All I know is that she's a wonderful girl, and she has a beautiful life ahead of her, a-and I don't want her to lose all that because she made a couple of stupid mistakes.

Diane: So you intend to keep covering for her?

Alexis: Absolutely.

Diane: Do you realize that if you stand by this confession, you could very well end up charged with Brianna Hughes' murder?

Carly: I want the details. I wanna hear how Alexis confessed.

Jax: Well, the idea was to clear Alexis, actually, so you would stop worrying. I got Diane to get the judge to order forensics on both of her cars, and it turns out they found a paint chip on one of the bumpers that match Claudia's car.

Carly: Ha ha! Yeah, and I bet that's when Alexis argued that there's a million cars out there that have the same paint chips.

Jax: No. That's when she-- that's when she confessed, okay, and I couldn't believe it.

Carly: Why didn't she just tell the truth in the beginning, then?

Jax: Well, that's what got me thinking. See, Alexis bought two white hybrids, one for herself and one for the nanny.

Carly: Which car had the paint chips on it?

Jax: Nanny's car.

Carly: Why was she driving the nanny's car?

Jax: Hmm. Maybe she wasn’t. Put yourself in her shoes. What would make you confess to a crime you didn't commit?

Carly: If I were protecting my kid.

Jax: Right.

Carly: It's Kristina. Oh, my--

Jax: Kristina was driving the car. She caused Claudia's accident, and Alexis confessed to protect her.

Carly: Wow.

Lulu: [Laughs]

Dominic: I think you could use another one.

Lucky: What?

Ethan: Lovely to see you, too, as always.

Lucky: Listen, you called. I'm here, so this better be good.

Ethan: That guy with Lulu...

Lucky: So?

Ethan: He's hitting on her.

Lucky: You called me because some guy is hitting on Lulu at Jake’s?

Ethan: No. According to Coleman, that guy gets his paycheck from Sonny Corinthos.

Lucky: [Clears throat]

Dominic: What's up, man? There's no hurry. You'll get your turn.

Lucky: Game over.

Dominic: Aw, come on. Me and Lulu were just startin' to have a really good time.

Lulu: Lucky!

Dominic: Heh. That wasn't very nice.

Lulu: What are you thinking? Oh, my God. Guys, stop!

Lucky: Stay the hell away from my sister.

Dominic: Come on. Don't you want her to have the very best?

Coleman: Outside, gentlemen. Take it outside.

Ethan: That'll work.

Lulu: Luck--no! Stop! Oh, my God.

Dominic: [Sighs] Whose turn is it? My turn? All right.

Lulu: Lucky. No, Lucky! No, Lucky! No! Oh, my God. You guys, stop! Get off of him! Lucky! Ethan! Stop it! Stop it!

Dominic: Don't worry. I got 'em right where I want 'em.

Lulu: Wait! Stop!

Jerry: So, any luck, darling? So kind of you to stay so late.

Miss Shilling: There's a stop in Virginia--silver convertible, New York plates, no ticket.

Jerry: Ah. That's odd. The plates are to a 2006 sedan registered to Edward Quartermaine. That's not what I expected, but I suppose we should print it anyway. Um... can I ask you for another favor? Would you be so kind as to book me a flight, please?

[Crickets chirping]

Jason: Michael! Kristina!

Sam: Where the hell are they?

Jason: I don't know. I guess they ditched the car.

Sam: So you think there was someone who grabbed them or something?

Jason: Uh-uh. Doesn't look like any sign of struggle.

Sam: Right. Well, we're not that far from the interstate, Jason. Maybe they hitched a ride.

Jason: Wait. What was that-- what was that little town that we just--

Sam: Dixon. Dixon.

Jason: I bet they have a bus station.

Sam: Oh, no. Once they hit public transportation, they're gonna be a lot harder to find.

Jason: That's what I'm worried about.

Kristina: So do we show this to the driver when we get on?

Michael: Uh, no idea.

Kristina: You've never been on a bus either?

Michael: Uh, to school stuff. But outside of that, never.

Kristina: [Sighs] We're gonna look so stupid.

Michael: It can't be that complicated. I mean, people do it all the time.

Kristina: Have you ever been to Mexico?

Michael: [Sighs] Uh, a couple times on Dad's jet. Uh, what about you?

Kristina: What's his jet like?

Michael: The jet's nice. I won't lie. I'm sorry you missed out on all the fun stuff.

Kristina: Don't feel too sorry for me.

Michael: Aw, man, are we a couple spoiled rich kids or what?

Kristina: How are we gonna survive in Mexico?

P.A.: Bus 12, southbound, destination El Paso, Texas, for final stop, Mexican border. Now boarding, bus 12.

Michael: If you wanna go home, I understand. Just don't tell anybody I'm headin' off to Mexico.

Kristina: I'll never go back to where I was.

Michael: Are you sure?

Kristina: Come on, before we miss the bus.

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Okay, I'm comin'. Sonny, you should not be here right now.

Sonny: I just want--I need to tell you somethin'.

Olivia: Did they find Michael yet?

Sonny: No, no, no, no.

Olivia: Well, then, that's what you need to be thinking about right now, not me, not us.

Sonny: I should have told you this a long time ago when we were kids in Bensonhurst.

Olivia: Did you hear what I just said?

Sonny: Can you close that door? Okay. I-I'm not gonna lie to you. You ge--you get to me. And I wanted it to be a kid thing, but it--I--I didn't even wanna feel it, but I think about-- I think about you a lot.

Olivia: Sonny, I can't--

Sonny: Can I finish?

Olivia: I can't hear this right now.

Sonny: Can I fi--I just wanna finish. I came here because I wanted to tell you that, how I felt and that I don't--I don't take it lightly. I know that, uh, you know, the timing is terrible, but you matter, and I ca--I can't let you go.

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