GH Transcript Wednesday 7/29/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/29/09


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[Jason sighs]

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Ohh. Greetings, Stone Cold. You may have noticed that the nearly-engaged Jackal has wafted in, floating on air as it were, in the afterglow of an evening with Maximista that can only be described as supremely blissful.

Jason: Okay, you were--you were supposed to be here half an hour ago.

Spinelli: Earthly time has lots its grip on me, I think.

Jason: Please focus. Michael has confessed to a crime that he didn't commit.

Sam: Hi.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Is Kristina around?

Alexis: I haven't seen her yet. I believe she's in her room on her computer looking at colleges.

Sam: On a sunny summer day?

Alexis: Her future is very important to her.

Sam: Got it. This won't take long.

Alexis: You gonna question her about Claudia's accident? 'Cause it's a waste of me, Michael's already confessed.

[Computer beeps]

Morgan: "Morgan, by the time you read this, I'll be on the road. I don't know where I'm going yet, but I had to leave. I messed up really bad and it keeps getting worse. I'm the reason Claudia's car crashed, the reason she lost the baby, and the reason Mom ended up in the hospital. I don't want to cause any more pain, so it's better for me to go, but..."

[Door closes]

Carly: Wow, look at that.

Jax: Hey. Nice.

Morgan: Hi, Mom, welcome home.

Carly: Is something wrong, Morgan?

[Nikolas groans]


Nikolas: Ahh. [Groans] Oh, hey.

Elizabeth: It's worse than Alfred thought.

Nikolas: Excuse me?

Elizabeth: He called to say he was concerned about you.

Nikolas: He worries too much. Will you help me get this off?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Ooh.

Nikolas: Ah. God.

Elizabeth: That's gonna hurt in the morning.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Ow.

Nikolas: I'll be fine. It's not too bad.

Elizabeth: Well, Alfred said that you insisted on going for a ride, took a nasty fall, and instead of going back to Wyndemere, saddled up another horse and went out again.

Nikolas: [Sighs] Yeah.

Elizabeth: Is there a reason why you're trying to kill yourself?

Nikolas: Well, Rebecca lived with me for a grand total of 24 hours before deciding to move out again.

Elizabeth: Didn't see that one coming.

Nikolas: Yeah, neither did I. I still don't understand why she left.

Tracy: Come on, Monica, admit it. Michael was a train wreck waiting to happen.

Monica: Oh, will you stop talking about my grandson like that?

Tracy: Your grandson was not in this house a week and he had a fight at the country club and got arrested for reckless driving.

Monica: My grandson never would have left the house if you hadn't forced him out with your constant nagging.

Tracy: Ha! He's a menace to society, and you're blaming it on me?

Monica: Yes, I am.

Alice: Well, I happen to think Michael's a breath of fresh air in this house.

Monica: Thank you, Alice.

Tracy: Suck up.

Alice: Oh, sorry, Miss Tracy. Thank God that wasn't piping hot coffee.

[Monica laughs]

Tracy: Michael caused another car to crash and left the scene. That is a criminal offense.

Monica: Well, you should know, Tracy, you have broken enough laws yourself.

Tracy: Why don't you just admit it? He is exactly like his father A.J.--a total disappointment.

Edward: Good morning, everybody.

Monica: What's good about it?

Edward: Come on in, my dear. Come on. Heh heh. Rebecca has kindly agreed to move in with us.

Spinelli: Jackal believes an acceptance to his marriage proposal is imminent. After all, Maximista has graced with her third finger, albeit on the incorrect hand--

Jason: Turn the computer on, right now.

Spinelli: Perhaps Stone Cold could give me some advice on engagement etiquette. I mean, how soon can I renew my request for Maximista to be my bride? I mean, is there a set time to wait between proposals?

Jason: Spinelli, I need to prove that it was not Michael who forced Claudia off the road and caused her accident.

Spinelli: Yeah, and I shall do all in my power to aid the young sir. Did I mention that Maximista made pancakes this morning and poured syrup into the shape--

Jason: Okay, Michael spun his car out onto Abbot Field Road. I want all the surveillance footage that you can find from any security camera between Abbot Field and Harbor View Road right now.

Spinelli: Perhaps it would be more efficient to focus on the accident itself to prove that another car, not Michael's, was responsible.

Carly: What are you looking at, Morgan?

Morgan: Uh, nothing, m

Carly: Honey, you can tell me if something's going on.

Jax: Hey, sit down, relax. Morgan is fine.

Carly: I'm sure--

Jax: Sit.

Carly: I'm sure he is fine.

Jax: Dr. Lee released you under certain conditions--that you take it easy and relax, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Jax: That's what we're gonna do.

Morgan: Jax is right. You need to take it easy, Mom.

Carly: Wow. I can get used to this--my guys fussing over me, taking care of me.

Jax: Well, we're gonna be doing that for the rest of the pregnancy, aren't we?

Carly: Ohh.

Morgan: And once the baby's out, then you can start taking care of us again.

[Carly laughs]

Jax: Yeah. There you go.

Carly: It's a deal. You sure you're okay?

Morgan: Yeah, I was just looking at something on the internet.

Carly: You know what, if you were reading things about your brother's confession, he made a mistake. I saw the car that caused Claudia's accident, and it wasn't Michaelís.

Sam: Carly saw the accident. The car that forced Claudia off the road was a white hybrid. You own two of them. You drive one, Viola drives one.

Alexis: And you choose to believe Carly.

Sam: I think she's telling the truth, yeah.

Alexis: So let's just for the sake of argument say that Michael didn't really make the confession and Carly isn't going to say anything protect her own kid, a lot of people drive white hybrids.

Sam: Kristina was coming home from the country club. She was upset.

Alexis: Kiefer drove her home.

Sam: How many times do we have to go over this? She drove herself. The pieces fit together.

Alexis: She wouldn't do that, Sam. She doesn't have a license.

Sam: What are you talking about? She does it all the time.

Alexis: Stop it.

Sam: She's not this cookie cutter kid that you think that she is. She's a teenager. This is what they do.

Alexis: Why are you doing this? Why would you take your own sister out? Just to score points with Jason?

[Sam scoffs]

Nikolas: So, yeah, Rebecca has suddenly moved in with the Quartermaines.

Elizabeth: How'd she explain it?

Nikolas: Heh. She--she didnít. She claimed that she and I were moving too fast and that the Quartermaines needed her and Edward and Monica missed Emily so much and, you know, blah blah blah.

Elizabeth: And of course you responded with easy-going and understanding.

Nikolas: Not at first I didnít. But yeah, by the end of the--ah!

Elizabeth: Sorry.

Nikolas: It's all right. By the end of the conversation, I was acting cool almost to the point of--

Elizabeth: Arctic?

Nikolas: Being rude, yeah.

Elizabeth: Well, that's not good.

[Nikolas groans]                                                                   

Nikolas: And then, of course, she got defensive, and we parted on a strained note.

Elizabeth: Well, look at the bright side, Rebecca's known you for a few months; I'm sure she's seen you all princely and imperious before and managed to overlook it.

Nikolas: Well, thank you for the reassurance. Now, can you please explain to me what she thinks she's doing? I mean, moving in with the Quartermaines? That just doesn't add up.

Elizabeth: Sure it does, for Edward. I mean, he never wanted you with Emily. I'm sure he feels the same way about Rebecca.

Nikolas: And I mentioned that to her and she denied it.

Elizabeth: Come on, this is Edward Quartermaine we're talking about, master blackmailer and manipulator. I'm sure he's squeezing Rebecca into doing exactly what he wants her to do.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And telling himself that it's for her own good.

Nikolas: Ahh, God. Thanks.

Monica: Welcome, welcome. Welcome.

Rebecca: Thank you. I'm happy to be here.

Tracy: Why?

Edward: You see, Rebecca is Emilyís twin sister. And as a part of our extended family, our home is now her home.

Rebecca: Looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Tracy: I bet you are.

Monica: Tracy, watch it.

Alice: Well, I was very fond of Miss Emily, and in her memory, it will be a pleasure to serve you, Miss Rebecca. I'll get your room ready.

Edward: That's the spirit, Alice.

Tracy: How about we skip the warm and fuzzies and we examine Rebecca's real motives for moving in?

Monica: I'm sure Rebecca's motives are quite pure.

Tracy: Well, that's understandable considering the many years you've known her. I'm just wondering what kinds of strings you had to pull to get her here.

Edward: Rebecca and young Michael are under our roof now, and new blood and younger perspectives are exactly what this family needs.

Tracy: Uh-huh. He's a punk, she's a con.

Jason: Sam thinks Kristina could be the one that caused the accident.

Spinelli: Isn't Mr. Sir's only daughter a little too young to drive?

Jason: Yeah, but she sneaks out all the time and takes the nanny's car.

Spinelli: Well, what makes you think she was behind the wheel that night?

Jason: Carly saw something. Um, she remembers seeing the car that forced Claudia off the road, and she said it wasn't Michaelís. But she remembers seeing a light or a, uh, white-colored compact car, possibly a hybrid, and Alexis owns two of them.

Spinelli: Okay, but with greatest deference to the valiant Valkyrie, don't you think her mind may well have unconsciously twisted the heart-rending memory?

Jason: I think Carly's telling the truth.

Spinelli: So you wish to exonerate Michael by proving Kristina's guilt?

Jason: No, if we could prove that Michael was nowhere near Claudia's accident scene, we could exonerate him without bringing Kristina into this.

Sam: Yeah, I mean, of course Jason and I are looking into Claudia's accident. He wants to prove that Michael's innocent.

Alexis: At your sister's expense?

Sam: Are you kidding me? There is no way in hell I would ever frame my sister for Jason or for anyone else.

Alexis: She didn't do it.

Sam: She was driving.

Alexis: She doesn't have a license. She's an intelligent, responsible girl. She knows better than that.

Sam: Everybody makes mistakes, even Kristina. Gosh, she has to live up to your impossibly high standards.

Alexis: Stop saying that.

Sam: I don't know how she does that.

Alexis: She sets her own standards.

Sam: She was clearly hurt and confused, and she's harboring a lot of guilt right now, and the sooner we can find an answer, the sooner we'll have a solution here.

Alexis: I want you to leave.

Molly: Hey. Where's Kristina? She said she'd help me collect rock specimens for science camp this morning.

Alexis: Isn't Kristina in her room?

Molly: No. And her bed's all made like she didn't sleep in it.

Morgan: Are you sure Michael didn't make Claudia crash?

Carly: Yes, I am sure. I was there, I saw the car, and it was not Michaelís.

Morgan: But Michael confessed.

Carly: I know, baby, but, you know what, he made a mistake. Thank you. He was out driving and he had a near-miss with another car, but he had nothing to do with Claudia's accident.

Morgan: Well, Michael thinks he did it, and he feels really bad about Claudia and the baby.

Jax: Michael was just trying to do the right thing by going to the police and confessing. It may have been a little premature.

Carly: Yeah, but it's terrible that he feels responsible for what happened to Claudia. We have--we have to call him and find him and tell him this wasn't his fault.

Morgan: It'll change everything.

Carly: You know what I'm gonna do--take this. Hold this, please. I'm gonna call him right now, and we are going to have him come over--

Morgan: You canít.

Alice: Mr. Nikolas Cassadine is here to see you.

Edward: Oh.

Nikolas: Thank you, but I asked to see Rebecca.

Edward: You'll have to go through me first.

Nikolas: Oh, come on, Edward. This is absurd. She's not your prisoner.

Edward: No, no. Rebecca's a very sensible young woman, and she has chosen to live with her extended family. And if you think that you can woo her back to that rock pile of yours in the harbor, you're mistaken. It will never happen.

Nikolas: Really, what makes you so certain?

Edward: She had breakfast with us this morning. She was greeted with open arms. You should--you should have seen the smile on her face. No, this--this is her home now.

Nikolas: Edward, you're forcing her to live here because you're holding something over her. What is it?

Rebecca: What are you doing here?

Ethan: Oh, hey, you could at least pretend to be happy to see me.

Rebecca: Ethan, if Tracy find you here, we're both screwed. She's going to realize that I'm just here for Emilyís money, and then you're not going to get your cut of the money.

Ethan: Okay, okay, okay. Relax. I just came by to give you this.

Rebecca: Yeah? What's that?

Ethan: It's $500. The poker games in Port Charles are kind of a joke compared to Singapore or Taipei.

Rebecca: Why would you--why would you give me $500?

Ethan: Well, it's a down payment on the money I owe you.

Rebecca: So first you blackmail me, and now you're trying to give me money? Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Unless you're trying to con me, too.

Edward: I'm admitting nothing. But if I was successful in manipulating her away from you, I did it with a clear conscience.

Nikolas: Wow. Did you just imply that you actually have a conscience?

Edward: More than you do, young man. The Cassadine family tree is littered with kidnappers and murderers and psychotics. You know, you brought nothing but misery to Emily, and I'll be damned if I'll let you do the same thing to Rebecca.

Lucky: Elizabeth. Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. Thank you for coming by.

Lucky: Yeah, what do you need?

Elizabeth: I'm really worried about Nikolas.

Lucky: Why, what happened?

Elizabeth: Well, Alfred called me over to Wyndemere this morning because Nikolas took a nasty fall off of his horse. And instead of going back to the house or, God forbid, seeing a doctor, he saddled up a different horse and went riding again.

Lucky: So you're telling me he had a fight with Rebecca.

Elizabeth: This is the weird part. He says that things are totally fine between them, but yet Rebecca moved out of Wyndemere 24 hours after she moved in.

Lucky: That's kind of weird.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and guess where she moved to.

Lucky: No idea.

Elizabeth: The Quartermaines.

Lucky: Hmm, that's a little weird.

Elizabeth: Not really if you think about it. It's classic Edward. He's never liked Nikolas. And how many times and how many different ways did he try to get Emily away from him. And you know Edward still probably blames Nikolas for Emilyís death.

Lucky: And that's completely unfair.

Elizabeth: When does Edward care about fair? I know that he has made up in his mind that he does not want Rebecca with Nikolas, so he's come up with some leverage over her and voila, she's out of Wyndemere and in with the Quartermaines.

Lucky: Now I think I see where you're going with this.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. You know I have tried my hardest to accept Rebecca for Nikolas' sake. I sat three feet away from her at karaoke and I didn't pick a fight or roll my eyes once at her.

Lucky: But?

Elizabeth: There is no chance that she would give up living with Nikolas if Edward wasn't blackmailing her. Which means Rebecca has something to hide.

Spinelli: Maxie and Damian Spinelli. Maxie and Damian Spinelli hyphen Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Jackal.

[Knock on door]

Diane: Mr. Grasshopper. I see you're taking a break from your romantic pursuits.

Spinelli: I'm--I'm toiling on a most crucial assignment for Stone Cold.

Diane: Well, that is actually why I'm here. I need to discuss Michael's case with Jason.

Spinelli: Oh, as it is, he's out and about using all methods at his disposal to exonerate the young sir.

Diane: Oh, well, that's too bad. [Sighs] No, not that--not that Jason is trying to prove Michael's innocence, of course, that's to be expected. I just wanted to talk with him about it. Although Jason is not technically Michael's legal guardian, he's without question the most rational adult in Michael's life. So will you tell him that I stopped by?

Spinelli: It is most fortuitous that the brusque lady of justice is here. Um, might she counsel the Jackal, as she is so ably done in the past?

Diane: I do give excellent advice, don't I?

Spinelli: Especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Diane: Ah, so romance is still on your agenda, Mr. Grasshopper. Am I to infer that the object of your affection was receptive to your proposal?

Spinelli: See, therein lies the Jackal's dilemma. How does one know for certain that in fact one is officially and truly engaged to be married?

Maxie: Oh!

Lulu: Hi.

Maxie: Lulu, what are you doing here?

Lulu: Oh, I was gonna grab Lucky for a cup of coffee. What about you? Are you here to see Mac?

Maxie: Mm-hmm. But since he's not around, and you know I don't like to be late for work, unlike other people I know who will remain nameless, I'll be leaving now. I'm sure Mac is somewhere in the building. I mean, we could ask somebody to go find him.

Maxie: You don't understand.

Lulu: Try me.

Maxie: Okay, if I try to explain to Mac that I want to marry Spinelli, he'll have kittens or get an arrest warrant for Spinelli.

Lulu: Are you sure you're not underestimating him?

Maxie: Mac is convinced that Spinelli is some sort of criminal.

Lulu: Well, he does work for a known crime lord.

Maxie: Hey, just because he's broken a few federal laws does not make him a criminal, but who am I to talk sense into Mac? And since he's not around, I'll just go with plan "B." Avoidance.

Lulu: Uh, hey, wait, wait, Maxie. Look, Spinelli gave you this, okay. It doesn't matter which finger you wear it on, it is a symbol that you're going to marry him. And Spinelli thinks you're going to do that.

Maxie: Isn't it so pretty? Look at it in the light.

Lulu: Maxie, pay attention. You have two choices here. You're either going to tell Mac that you're marrying Spinelli, or you tell Spinelli that you're not.

Morgan: Let's not call Michael.

Carly: Why not?

Morgan: He won't come over. He's worried about upsetting you.

Carly: Oh, honey, fine. I just want to tell Michael that--

Morgan: Just let me email him.

Carly: You know what, I'd rather talk to him in person. I would.

Morgan: I'm worried about you, too, mom. I mean, when you fainted, it was really scary, and the doctor said you could die. Just let me email Michael, okay?

Jax: Sounds like a reasonable compromise to me. You'll see Michael soon enough. Hmm? Plus, you just got out of the hospital and you're supposed to rest, okay? So let me take you upstairs.

Carly: You're making me feel like an invalid.

Jax: Come on, I'll walk you up.

Carly: Mmm. You know what, there is such a thing as a little too much T.L.C, honey.

Morgan: Just listen to him, okay, Mom?

Jax: Hmm? Maybe--

Carly: Okay.

Jax: A little nap.

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: Might be good.

Carly: A nap? A mid-morning nap? Like I'm some kindergartener.

Jax: Mm-hmm. That's right.

Jason: Hey, Morgan. Is your mom here? I need to talk to her.

Morgan: You have to find Michael. He ran away, and if Mom finds out, it could kill her.

Sam: She's not in the house.

Alexis: She's not down by the lake or outside anywhere. Where do you think she is?

Sam: I don't know. And, Molly, you were right, her bed hasn't even been slept in.

Alexis: I'm gonna call Kiefer.

Sam: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]


Sam: Hey, what's up?

Jason: Hey, can I--can I speak to Kristina?

Alexis: Hi, Kiefer...

Sam: I don't--I don't know. She's nowhere to be found. I think she ran away.

Jason: Then she left with Michael.

Sam: Are you kidding me? Michael's gone, too?

Jason: Michael sent Morgan an email saying that he was running away because he thinks he caused Claudia's accident.

Nikolas: You have no right to control Rebecca's life.

Edward: Your involvement with Rebecca is a disservice to anything you had with Emily.

Nikolas: She's her own person, Edward.

Edward: Of course she is. And the Quartermaines love her because of her relationship to Emily, but you want her to take Emilyís place.

[Nikolas sighs]

Edward: You see, Monica and I appreciate Rebecca for who she is. She was raised in a small town with limited funds and resources, and we want to give her all of the advantages and opportunities that we gave Emily. We want her to be able to make her own choices, spread her wings and fly. Can you say as much? No, you canít. She doesn't need you, Nikolas, so do us all a favor and leave her the hell alone.

Ethan: You know, I thought now that you're away from Nikolas, that maybe you and I could pick up where we left off.

Rebecca: After you've threatened and blackmailed me?

Ethan: Yeah, sorry. I was afraid I was losing you, and I know I could have gone about it a much better way.

Rebecca: You never had me, Ethan. We teamed up to get my sister's money. It's not a long-term relationship.

Ethan: Well, I mean, when we were--when we were together in the city, we had some fun times, right?

Rebecca: Yeah, but we were just prepping to get my sister's money. Look, don't worry, you're gonna get your cut. It's just not what I'd call fun anymore.

Ethan: 'Cause you've found a bigger prize?

Rebecca: He's not a prize to me.

Ethan: Then what is he? Is he Prince Charming to you? Is he the man of your dreams? I mean, come on.

Rebecca: Don't turn this into a joke.

Ethan: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I actually care about you? And that maybe I wanted to stay with you instead of just counting out my money and waving good-bye as you galloped off into the sunset with Nikolas?

Lucky: All right, say you're right and Rebecca does have something to hide, that doesn't make her a threat to Nikolas.

Elizabeth: I didn't say she was a threat...exactly. But you don't like the two of them together any more than I do.

Lucky: Well, because it's a little morbid. And I think he's using Rebecca as a substitute for Emily.

Elizabeth: Which doesn't seem to bother her any.

Lucky: Come on, she's an outsider. She doesn't realize that all of this little princely romance that my brother is showering her with is an imitation of what had with em.

Elizabeth: Okay, you and I obviously see things very differently. You think Rebecca is innocent and that Nikolas is using her, not necessarily out of malice, but that he knows what he's doing, and he's being self-indulgent and unfair.

Lucky: Pretty much.

Elizabeth: Well, I see things completely opposite. I think that Nikolas literally cannot help himself, that he's been grieving for Emily for so long, any time he tries to move on, it just blows up in his face. And then in walks this woman who looks exactly like Emily who's totally eager to fill her shoes. How can he not say yes?

Lucky: Nikolas has been pursuing her from the start.

Elizabeth: Right, right. The long lost twin sister who just happened to end up in Port Charles. Yeah, sorry, I don't buy it. The stories do not add up and they never did. And now Edward knows something that he's using to blackmail her.

Lucky: That should make you happy since Edward doesn't want Rebecca with Nikolas anyway.

Elizabeth: No, because if Edward ends up being the bad guy, then Nikolas will never see Rebecca for who she really is. He will never look past that face and see that she's the complete opposite of Emily. You know I wasn't happy about the two of them moving in together. And then I realized it's the best thing that could have ever happened, because living with Rebecca, Nikolas will see that she is not the person he wants her to be. And now Edward has just stuck himself in the middle, and Nikolas is gonna fight the Quartermaines for Rebecca just like he fought the Quartermaines for Emily. And it's going to be this really unhealthy way of living in the past. And I don't know how to make Nikolas see that.

Lucky: This has got you pretty wound up.

Elizabeth: Well, you should be wound up, too. Because I'm telling you, no matter how this plays out, Nikolas is gonna end up badly hurt.

Spinelli: Lights twinkled on the rooftop. The scene was aglow with candlelight, and I fell to one knee and asked for Maximista's hand.

Diane: A truly romantic proposal, Mr. Grasshopper. I see no reason to doubt that you are engaged.

Spinelli: Well, the confusion lies in Maximista's response. She asked for time to give her answer.

Diane: How much time?

Spinelli: An unspecified amount. But the fact that she accepted my ring and is wearing it on her hand, albeit the wrong one, I mean, that should be an indication that she's at least leaning towards an affirmative response, yes?

Diane: Oh, my dear. I'm afraid that Maxie has given you her answer. While she loves you, yes, she is not ready to be married.

Spinelli: I think--I just think she's wary of the matrimonial institution. Her love for me is strong, so if I can just find a way to nudge her in the desired direction.

Diane: Big mistake.

Spinelli: Why?

Diane: Follow me, young grasshopper. Speaking for myself, when someone tries to get me to do something that I don't want to do, I become cranky.

Spinelli: Cranky?

Diane: Well, combative is more the appropriate word. Someone pushes me, and I push back. Now, while I am loathe to make a comparison between myself and...and Maxie, something tells me that she is just as strong-minded as I am, in her own way. So my advice to you is to back off. Do nothing. Let the idea of marriage simmer with Maxie until it has become a rich, delicious, enticing stew. And then she can come back to you with a big steaming bowl of yes. Or a no, as the case may be.

Spinelli: I would--I would much prefer to have the day of the soon to be nuptials confirmed. See, I envision my beloved gliding down the aisle on the arm... sudden blinding clarity has revealed to me why Maximista may be hesitant to accept my proposal.

Diane: Dare I ask?

Spinelli: A most important element has been most foolishly overlooked.

Maxie: I already told Spinelli, marriage, not my thing.

Lulu: Really? 'Cause you took the ring, you didn't say no. To Spinelli, that means yes.

Maxie: I told him that I needed to think about it.

Lulu: Mmm. Can I be blunt? You've been sleeping with him, right?

Maxie: Of course. And Spinelli is amazing in bed. He's incredibly sensual and really--

Lulu: Ahh! Too much information. Um, have you been telling him that you love him?

Maxie: I do love him.

Lulu: Maxie! You know how his mind works. To Spinelli, that's like a neon sign saying that you're on the brink of accepting.

Maxie: Lulu, I'm doing my best to be honest with him.

Lulu: You are leading him around like a puppy on a leash.

Maxie: That's a cute image. Look, I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Lulu: But do you want to marry him?

Maxie: If I did want to get married, it would be to Spinelli.

Lulu: That is not an answer.

Maxie: All right, look, I admit that I don't want to get married to anyone. The thought of that commitment, of committing my life to somebody for ever and ever, till death do us part, it's kind of oppressing, and I just don't think marriage suits me. Besides, I just got a promotion at Crimson, which means I'm gonna need to focus on my career. Therefore, I cannot marry Spinelli. So I don't need to tell Mac anything. Problem solved.

Lulu: Great. Now all you got to do is tell Spinelli that you're not going to marry him and give him back the ring.

Sam: Michael ran away. I'm guessing Kristina went with him.

Alexis: What is it with that boy? Why does he keep dragging Kristina into everything?

Sam: Why do you always have to place blame on somebody? If they're together, they clearly went together.

Alexis: Because you have to admit from the minute they've been spending time together, she keeps getting into trouble. I'm calling in an A.P.B.

Sam: What are you doing?

Alexis: Because they are underage and I want them home, and I want them home now.

Sam: Involving the police is not the best thing to do right now.

Alexis: I'm calling Commissioner Scorpio, Sam.

Sam: Uhh!

Alexis: This is Alexis Davis. Is Commissioner Scorpio there?

Molly: The police are gonna look for Kristina? Will they arrest her and Michael?

Sam: Not if I find her first. Don't worry.

Jason: "I don't want to cause any more pain, so it's better for me to go, but I'll be thinking of you. I'm sorry for all, but I'll be in touch when I can. Love, Michael."

Morgan: Yeah, I closed it down before Mom and Jax could see it.

Jason: How's your mom doing?

Morgan: Jax is worried about her and the baby, so he took her upstairs so she could take a nap.

Jason: So, she doesn't know that Michael ran away?

Morgan: No, but if she finds out, it could make her sick again.

Jason: I know this is a lot for you to deal with, but I need your help. Do not tell your mom that Michael ran away.

Morgan: I won't, but what if someone else does?

Jason: Well, hopefully I'm gonna find him before then.

Morgan: Do you think Mom's right? That Michael didn't cause the crash?

Jason: Yeah. I think your mom is right. I think Michael is innocent.

Morgan: Can you prove it?

Jason: I'm gonna try to prove it. But first I've got to find Michael and bring him home.

Maxie: I just can't look Spinelli in the eyes and say the words, "no, I won't marry you."

Lulu: He's gonna want an answer sooner or later.

Maxie: I'm hoping for later.

Lulu: And then what?

Maxie: I don't know. Maybe he'll just decide that we're better the way we are.

Lulu: And maybe pigs will fly.

Maxie: You're not really helping.

Lulu: Look, Spinelli believes in love and loyalty and happy ever after. I mean, what do you bet he's already dreaming of taking the grandkids to Disney World?

Maxie: Spinelli's loyalty is one of the things that I love most about him. I can't break his heart, Lulu, not when we're so happy.

Lulu: Oh. Well, then you better start tap dancing.

Maxie: Right about now.

Mac: Maxie.

Maxie: Hey, Mac.

Mac: What brings you here?

Maxie: Oh, well, you know, I hadn't seen you in a few days, and I thought I would come by and talk to you about some stuff.

Mac: Sounds like you've got something on your mind.

Maxie: Not me necessarily. More like Spinelli.

Alexis: So sorry to interrupt. Can I have a word with you privately?

Maxie: Oh, of course. Go right ahead.

Mac: You sure?

Maxie: Absolutely. This can wait.

Mac: So?

Alexis: Anything up with the A.P.B. on Michael?

Mac: We just put it out. And we got the forensics back on the skid marks at the accident site.

Alexis: Were they a match to Michael's tires?

Mac: They were inconclusive. I mean, they could be from Michael's car or any number of cars.

[Sam sighs]

Spinelli: Stone Cold was wise to access the Quartermaines' property to see if young Michael's car was missing. It's most certainly his chosen mode of transportation.

Jason: Did you find anything?

Spinelli: I'm accessing all traffic cameras in the Port Charles vicinity. Ah. A car identical to Michael's in the southbound ramp.

Jason: What time?

Spinelli: About 4 a.m. A most puzzling detail.

Jason: That's not--that's not Michael's license plate.

Rebecca: Why are we being stopped?

Edward: I can't begin to imagine. I was driving in exemplary fashion. Not a mile over the speed limit.

Officer: May I see your driver's license, sir?

Edward: Oh, this is outrageous. Here, I'm Edward Quartermaine. I'm one of the leading members of this community.

Officer: Both of you step out of the vehicle.

Edward: We'll do no such thing. I'm on my way to General Hospital to take this young lady there where she works. And I won't waste one more moment with this tomfoolery. Now, you step aside, young man, or I'll run over your foot.

Officer: Get out of the car and put your hand on your heads.

Carly: Hey. Have you seen Morgan?

Jax: No. And why am I seeing you? You're supposed to be upstairs napping, remember?

Carly: I know, Jax, but I can't stop thinking about Michael and how he's blaming himself for something he didn't do.

Jax: Well, Morgan emailed him. I'm sure by now he knows you saw another car.

Carly: Oh, come on, an email isn't enough. I'm his mother. Okay, I'm his mother. I should look Michael in the eye, and I should tell him that he's innocent. God.

Jax: Okay.

Edward: Heads will roll for this.

Rebecca: It's just a misunderstanding.

Edward: No, it's another example of PCPD's gross incompetence. Organized crime plagues this city. Who do they arrest? Oh, a distinguished businessman and an upstanding young woman. It's a travesty.

Rebecca: Please calm down, Mr. Quartermaine.

Edward: Edward.

Rebecca: Edward.

Edward: I know you won't call me grandfather.

Rebecca: You need to calm down.

Edward: I will not put up with this outrage.

Rebecca: Being locked up in here is not exactly how I want to spend my day either, but we're not fugitives, it's all going to get straightened out.

Edward: Oh, God. Not him.

Nikolas: Oh, well, looks like Rebecca needed me after all.

Carly: Michael, look, you don't have to worry anymore. I have such good news for you.

Jax: Tell Michael that I'll send a car for him.

Carly: And Jax says he'll send a car for you so we can talk about this in person. Just give me a call when you get this message, sweetie. Bye. Michael always answers his phone. I wonder where he is.

[Doorbell rings]

Jax: Excuse me. Hey.

Alexis: Sorry to bother you, but we have to find Kristina and Michael as soon as possible.

Carly: Where's Kristina and Michael?

Alexis: Jason didn't tell you? Michael's left Port Charles, and he's taken Kristina with him.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: I'm so glad I took a chance that you were here checking out the crash site before going off to look for Michael and Kristina.

Jason: Have you spoken to Spinelli?

Sam: He's not calling me back.

Jason: Okay, he found some footage from a traffic cam that shows that Michael and Kristina are heading south in Michael's car with Edward's plates. They've been on the road since 4 a.m.

Sam: Oh, no. All right, that means they have a big head start. Let's go.

[Starts engine]

Mac: Sorry about that.

Lulu: Oh, no, that's fine. Uh, what was Alexis saying about Michael?

Mac: Michael confessed to causing the car accident. He, uh, he skipped bail and he's on the run. He took his sister with him. So we're looking for them now.

Lulu: Oh, my God. I hope he's okay.

Maxie: Oh, wow. Well, you know, we don't want to disturb you in the middle of a crisis.

Mac: Are you kidding? I always have time for you. So what's on your mind?

Maxie: You know what, it's not a problem. Uh, good luck finding Michael and Kristina. We'll talk to you later.

Lulu: Maxie. Maxie! Maxie, tell Mac now or you'll regret it later.

Maxie: Will you relax? There's no urgency here.

Lulu: Since when?

Maxie: Since Spinelli works for Jason, so he's probably busting his butt doing all his tech support stuff to try and track down Michael, so he doesn't have any time to try and think about marrying me.

Lulu: Really? Looks like he found the time.

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