GH Transcript Tuesday 7/21/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/21/09


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Sonny: Your damn pride cost us a lot.

[Clears throat]

Olivia: Right. Right. My pride.

Sonny: Come here.

Augustana: Lock all the doors put your child to rest blame it on the roses blame it on the red running out of time and running out of breath you say goodbye every day and night with writing on the walls everybody's gonna need somebody to take our troubles and our worries and our problems all away 'cause the world is bleeding for nothing it's hard to breathe when you're standing on your own we'll kill ourselves to find freedom you'll kill yourself to find anything at all hey now, hey now, hey now right now hey now, hey now, hey now, right now, hey now, hey now, hey now right now, hey now, hey now

Michael: It's me. I'm in trouble. Can you come get me?

[Cell phone rings]



Alexis: Kristina?

Kristina: Hi, Mom.

Alexis: Hi, honey. I'm just touching base.

Kristina: You must be clairvoyant, because I was just getting ready to call. I'm at the coffeehouse with Ashley.

Alexis: Oh. Well, uh, I've gotta work late tonight, honey, so have Viola pick you up.

Kristina: It's okay. I'll have Ashley's sister drop me off.

Alexis: Good. All right. So don't wait up for me, okay? 'Cause I don't know what time I'll be home.

Kristina: No problem, Mom. See you when I see you.

Alexis: Have fun, and please don't stay out too late.

Kristina: I won't. Bye, Mom.



Sonny: What are you doing?

Olivia: This isn't right. This is just not right.

Sonny: Okay. Listen to me. Claudia is pregnant with Ric's baby. What more do you want?

Olivia: You don't know that. You haven't heard that from Claudia.

Sonny: If it were my kid, she'd have done anything to tell me. Her and Ric deserve each other. I can't be with a-- I can't be with her anymore. Okay? The divorce is just a matter of--of paperwork.

Olivia: Divorce or no divorce, it doesn't matter.

Sonny: Yeah, it does matter.

Olivia: What we had--what we had a long time ago, Sonny, it's gone.

Sonny: It's gone? Is it gone? Hmm? It's gone? What's going on here does not concern you.

Johnny: Yeah? What about my sister, huh? Claudia? Your wife. Remember her? The one who's pregnant with your child.

Carly: It's 657 Harbor View Road. It's one car. And I saw it roll.

911 Operator: How many passengers?

Carly: I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I'm gonna, um--I have to-- I have to, um--hold on. Oh, my God. It--um--it's--it's--it's one woman, and she's, um, she's bleeding, and she's stuck in the car upside down. [Breathing hard] Her name is Claudia Zacchara-- I mean Claudia Corinthos, and she's 4 1/2 months pregnant.

Michael: Hey. I was going way too fast. I lost control of the car. I don't even know why I did it. I just--I just lost it.

Jason: Michael, start at the beginning and tell me exactly what happened.

Michael: This guy was tailgating me, and--so I started to go faster, you know, he pulled around and cut right in front of me. I almost hit him. But then he took off, and I was so mad that I just went after him! I just went after him, and-- and all I could think was that I needed to catch him. And by the time I got to the turn, it was too late. I was going too fast. I went over the line, there was this car, and these headlights were coming right at me. I... I think I caused an accident.

Carly: Claudia...look, I called an ambulance and they're on their way.

Claudia: Carly?

Carly: Yeah. It's gonna be here soon, okay?

Claudia: Get me out.

Carly: It's safer if you wait for the EMTs, and I'll wait here with you, but you can't move, Claudia.

Claudia: No. Get me out. Help me save the baby.

Maxie: Where did you get this cake? Is there a new bakery in town? It's so good. Goes great with champagne. Do you want more cake? Champagne. You know, it was really smart of you to get something light for dessert, because sometimes chocolate can be overwhelming-- not that I don't love chocolate--but when it comes to cake--that's my secret. Maxie, wild child--not that I'm a child, but you know what I mean. Maxie, bad girl, in her heart of hearts really likes vanilla. With champagne on a rooftop with you. It's perfect. Anyway, now you know my big secret.

Spinelli: Your secret's safe with me. As would be your heart and your...soul and your very future.

Maxie: Time for more cake. One big bite. Here you go.

Spinelli: Mmm. "She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes in starry skies, and all that's best of dark and bright are in her aspect and her eyes."

Maxie: Spinelli--

Spinelli: Lord Byron wrote that in the 19th century, but it speaks to my heart tonight. And not unlike the outcast Byron...the Jackal has often thought of love. And in fact, I think I may have fancied myself in love a time or two, but... I didn't know what that meant at all until you graced my life. And... but the Jackal understands what it means to find a person that speaks to his very soul. Who--who is at one with him, and not just in the wildest moment of midnight passion, but... with the simplest smiles across the void at Jake's.

Maxie: I feel the same way, too.

Spinelli: You--you felt so far out of reach for the longest time, like a--like a hopeless quest, A... the holy--the holy grail, as it were. But, you know, through our journeys from the-- from the depths of that sewer to where we are now... you--you've helped me find my true voice. You've given me confidence in myself and my future. And I would be honored to devote the rest of my life to you. So my fairest Maximista... will you marry me?

Jason: All right, let's go over it again, and start at the beginning.

Michael: I told you. This guy cut me off and I swerved into the other lane.

Jason: Was it on this road, Abbot Field?

Michael: I don't know.

Jason: Are you sure that the other guy even crashed?

Michael: I'm not sure of anything. All I know is that I swerved to avoid the other car and kept driving as fast as I could. I don't even know how I got here.

Jason: Okay, okay. When you swerved and almost hit that car, how far over the line did you go?

Michael: The other car's headlights were right in front of me, just like for a head-on collision. Did you see the other car run off the road?

Michael: I--I don't know! I kept driving.

Jason: Okay. Let it go. Just calm--calm down. You can--you can do this. Where were you when you first started tonight, when you first got into the car?

Michael: Quartermaines'.

Jason: Okay. That's Harbor View Road out on the point. Do you know which direction you were headed?

Michael: To Jake's.

Jason: To Jake's. You were going east on Harbor View, you were gonna take oak bluff into town. Now, how long had you been driving before it happened?

[Kristina crying]

Sonny: Claudia's not pregnant with my child. I mean, the test tonight, I haven't heard from her in who knows how long, which tells me Ric's the father.

Johnny: I saw the--

Sonny: I don't care what she told you. I'm filing for divorce, so Olivia and I are free to see each other.

Olivia: No, wait, wait. I never said anything about--

Johnny: You made a commitment to my sister.

Sonny: I don't owe your sister anything. She knew the rules, she broke them. I'm done. If she's smart, she'll just get out of town.

Johnny: I just came from the hospital. I saw the amnio results and the DNA test results for myself, and there's no question that Sonny is the father of Claudia's baby.

Carly: When the hell is that ambulance going to get here? Hold on. Claudia, try and stay still, okay? Just try and don't move.

Claudia: I smell gas.

Carly: The ambulance is on its way. You just need to stay still.

Claudia: The car's gonna explode.

Carly: The car is leaking gas. Don't move. You have to try and stay still.

Claudia: Carly, please don't let me die, please. Please don't let my baby die.

Carly: I can't wait. I have to get her out of here.

Claudia: Hurry, hurry.


Carly: Don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of here.

[Claudia moans]

Jason: So you can't be sure you were still on Harbor View?

Michael: I told you, I can't be sure of anything except I almost hit another car.

Jason: I need to find out if that other car actually crashed, Michael.

Michael: I did this, Jason, no matter how hard you try to make it right. I ran another car off the road. I didn't slow down; I didn't stop to see if I hurt anybody. I didn't even try to help. You know? I mean, not only am I totally mental, but I'm--I'm a coward.

Jason: No, you're not.

Michael: I need my dad to help me fight my battles for me at the stupid country club. I need you to help me out of this mess. You know, I wish my parents would just ship me off to an institution where I couldn't hurt anybody and we could all just be done with it.

Jason: Michael, don't say that.

Michael: It's true, you know. We were better off--everybody was better off when I was still in a coma.

Jason: Nobody was better off. We're not gonna send you to some institution. I am never gonna give up on you. I'm not gonna let you give up on yourself.

Kiefer: K., What happened?

Kristina: I didn't know who else to call.

Kiefer: What's wrong?

Kristina: I was afraid you wouldn't show up.

Kiefer: Just tell me, okay?

Kristina: I'm not supposed to be driving by myself.

Kiefer: That's okay.

Kristina: No, it's not! I'm supposed to have an adult in the car.

Kiefer: Why are you parked on the side of the road?

Kristina: I was upset when I left the club, and I was crying and driving too fast, and I swerved into the wrong lane.

Kiefer: Did you hit someone?

Kristina: A car was heading right towards me.

Kiefer: Did you hit the car?

Kristina: I think I made it crash.

Kiefer: Where's the car now?

Kristina: I don't know. I just kept driving.

Kiefer: Did anyone see you?

Kristina: I don't think so. I'm in so much trouble.

Kiefer: No, not necessarily. Does anyone know you were driving tonight?

Kristina: No one knows I use this car. Viola uses it for errands.

Kiefer: So nobody saw you drive away with it?

Kristina: I don't--there's an attached garage. You can't see it from the house.

Kiefer: Then we're golden. It's fine.

Kristina: But what if the other car went off the road? What if someone got hurt?!

Kiefer: Just take a deep breath, okay? All right? Here's the deal. We're gonna take this car back to your place, okay?

Kristina: I can't. I tried. I can't drive.

Kiefer: You're gonna have to, K. I'll follow you, we'll put this car back in the garage, you'll jump in my car, and I'll bring you back up to the house.

Kristina: But what about the other people in the car?

Kiefer: All right, they're probably fine. Hey, just in case, we'll come up with a cover story. I'll be your alibi.

Kristina: Thank you.

Kiefer: No one's gonna know you were driving tonight.

[Distant siren]

Sonny: DNA doesn't matter. You probably bribed the doctor in the lab.

Johnny: Man, you are just reaching for any excuse to divorce Claudia, aren't you? Well, so much for Sonny Corinthos, man of honor, huh?

Sonny: I kept my word to Claudia until she gave me reason not to.

Johnny: She's carrying your child.

Sonny: Then why didn't she tell me herself, Johnny?

Johnny: She's probably on her way home to tell you herself right now. I believe her exact words were she wanted to see the look on your face.

Sonny: Olivia... uh, I'll be--I'm gonna go find out about, you know, who the father really is, and I'll be back, okay? It's not gonna take long. Okay.

[Door closes]

Olivia: I guess you're probably pretty disappointed in me right now.


Claudia: Hurry. Hurry.

Carly: I'm trying. It's jammed. [Grunts]

Claudia: [Groans] Do you smell gas?

Carly: Yes! Come on, come on. Okay, I got it. Can you lift up just a little?

Claudia: Aah! I'm trying. Aah...uhh!

Carly: All right. I gotta pull you over here.

[Sirens coming closer]

Claudia: Ohh!

Carly: Come on.

[Truck horn honks]

Carly: Come on. We've got to get away from the car.

Claudia: Aah!

Claudia: I'm 4 months pregnant. Please make sure my baby's okay.

Maxie: Spinelli...I love you. No one has ever believed in me the way you do. No one's ever loved me the way you do. You've completely transformed my life.

Spinelli: Do you want to spend that life with me?

Maxie: Marriage scares me. I told you that before, at Robin's wedding. I mean, to me marriage is just a bunch of promises that are really easy to break, so why would you even bother? And talk about track records, I mean, my dad ditched my mom, and then me and Georgie. And then Mac and my mom had this huge, amazing wedding that...meant absolutely nothing.

Spinelli: We don't need to revisit the loss and disappointment of others.

Maxie: We wouldn't mean to, but...why risk it?

Maxie: I like how we are now. I love you. I'm committed to you. It's just marriage is such a huge commitment. A lifetime commitment. Sometimes life's not actually as long as you think it is. But--anyway...can I just have a little more time to think about it?

Spinelli: Once again, my proposal is lacking.

Maxie: No. No. Your proposal was beautiful and romantic, with champagne and stars.

Spinelli: The ring. I can't believe I forgot the--

Maxie: No, no, Spinelli, please, I don't want you to give me the ring, okay? You make me happy.

Spinelli: It's just... it's just a humble token that represents the love in my heart and the hope that one day... someday, you might decide in my favor.

Maxie: You're so sweet.

Spinelli: It's but a pale representation of the love that I will always hold in my heart for you.

Kiefer: You all right? There's no big rush to go in.

Kristina: I can't believe you helped me after we had that awful fight.

Kiefer: I would never leave you stranded on the side of the road, K. You know that.

Kristina: What if something happened to that other car?

Kiefer: All right, I'll get you through this. Just stay calm. You and I are the only ones that know you took out the car tonight. If anyone else asks, just deny, deny, deny. I'll back you up. Okay?

Kristina: Thank you.

Kiefer: You okay? You ready?

Molly: Hi, Kiefer.

Kiefer: Hey, Molly. How's that essay you're writing for me coming?

Molly: I'm not writing your entrance essay for Harvard.

Kiefer: Yeah, but then I know I'd get in.

Sam: Ahem! HI, who are you, and why do you want my little sister to cheat for you?

Kristina: Sam, this is Kiefer Bauer. Um, Kiefer, this is my big sister Sam McCall.

Kiefer: Nice to meet you.

Sam: HI. Very nice to meet you, too. So, you guys do anything fun and exciting tonight?

Kristina: We went to the country club.

Kiefer: A friend's having a party tonight, and it's gonna be pretty wild, but--and I wanted to go, but K talked me out of it. She's a great influence.

Kristina: I try. It's, um, kind of late.

Kiefer: I get the hint. Later, K. Bye, guys.

Sam: Bye.

Molly: Bye.

Sam: Nice meeting you.

[Door closes]

Sam: What, did you and that guy have a fight or something? You just--you seem really... tense.


Alexis: The car was on fire when you got here?

Officer: That's correct.

Alexis: Was it a single-car accident?

Officer: There was no other car at the scene.

Alexis: Any witnesses?

Officer: Yes, but we haven't taken her statement yet.

Mac: I'll take over.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Mac: What are you doing here, Alexis?

Alexis: I was just driving by. I saw the police lights and Ió

Mac: As far as we know, it's a traffic accident, you know, and there may be serious injury, but nothing criminal.

Alexis: Claudia Zacchara was driving. Keep me posted.

Sonny: I need to talk to Dr. Lee.

Kelly: I got your call. Is the, uh, conference room open?

Epiphany: It's all yours.

Sonny: Thank you, Epiphany.

Sonny: Okay.

Kelly: Have you spoken to Claudia?

Sonny: No. No, I, uh, I-- her brother claims that I'm the father?

Kelly: He's right. I'm surprised Claudia hasn't told you yet.

Sonny: Hey, the tests had to be tampered with or something.

Kelly: Yeah, no, I'm not about to risk my medical license and reputation on something like this. As I told you, I sent a sample to a second lab as a backup. I just got the results if you'd like to be the first to see them?

Sonny: Yeah.

[Sonny exhales]

Sonny: It says I'm the father.

Kelly: Then there's no question?

[Knock on door, door opens]

Epiphany: Claudia Corinthos was in a traffic accident this evening. She's en route to the E.R.

Johnny: Look, I had no reason to show up here and start judging you.

Olivia: I don't know why you wouldn't. I mean, Sonny's married to your sister. I mean, I don't care what kind of mob nonsense or how bad the marriage was or who is the father of that poor baby. It doesn't matter. I had no business kissing him.

Johnny: Yeah, well, it takes two.

Olivia: It takes--and I'm one of those two. There's no excuse. There's no excuse to be kissing another woman's husband. I should have kicked him out the minute I saw his face standing outside the door.

Johnny: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna argue with you there. Hey, look, I hate Sonny for what he's doing to Claudia, but I gotta say I hate him a little more for what he's doing to you.

Olivia: Oh, no, no, no, no. I--I make my own choices, John.

Johnny: Okay. Claudia's been playing Sonny. Hell, they've been playing each other since day one. This marriage of theirs? It's about 3 things-- money, power, business. That's it. But with you and Sonny it's a little different. You still have a soft spot for him. And he knows that. He sees that. And he's using that against you. You--you're feeling guilty. He's got you feeling guilty. He's got you second-guessing yourself. And he's got nothing to give back to you. Nothing. Because he is married, with a child on the way.

Patrick: Good, Sonny, you're here. Listen, your wife has been in a severe car accident. Paramedics relayed vitals and she's en route.

Sonny: What about the baby?

Patrick: There's no information on the baby.

Kelly: Most ambulances don't have fetal monitors.

EMT: BP is 150 over 90, pulse is at 120, with head trauma.

Patrick: Cubicle one. Get stat x-rays, CBC, cmp, and prep for a cat scan.

Claudia: Please, you have to save my baby.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Carly: [Sighs] Oh, uh, I--I was down at Harbor View Road trying to find Morgan's medal, and I was there when Claudia's car rolled, and I called 911.

Sonny: She rolled the car?

Carly: She rolled the car, and it's bad. It's bad.

Claudia: [Moans] Please just tell me my baby's gonna be okay.

Maxie: It's a beautiful ring, Spinelli.

Spinelli: It's yours.

Maxie: No. No. I would not want to seem shallow, like I would agree to marry you just so I could wear that really nice ring.

Spinelli: I know very well that Maximista is not shallow in any sense. Your--your fashion sensibility is a rare gift. And--and your vain frivolity, I--I know it's just a--it's just a wall that was built to protect your heart.

Maxie: I think you're the only person in the world who really believes that.

Spinelli: I honor your honesty and your steadfast love, and... I would wait forever, and I will happily wait, as long as it takes...for you to agree to marry me. But in the meantime... take this token as a symbol of my love and esteem.

Maxie: Really?

Spinelli: Please. Accept this as a token of my undying love and... for my hope and believe in a commitment that will manifest itself when the time is right. In the meantime... Ta-da.

[Music plays]

Male singer: We could just close, we could just close we could just close our eyes we could just close we could just close we could just close

Jason: Okay, your car's gonna be brought back here tonight.

Michael: Why not tell my mom to let them take it away?

Jason: Well, I am. I'm gonna tell your mom and dad what's going on because they need to know. But I don't think you should lose your car over this.

Michael: Why not? I abused the privilege.

Jason: Yeah, you did. But I'm trusting you not to do it again.

Michael: What about the accident I caused?

Jason: Well, we don't know if you caused an accident. Stop thinking about that right now. Don't worry about it. Look, just--just give me a few days to follow up. Michael. If there's a problem, I'm gonna take care of it.

Michael: Thanks.

Jason: Okay, everything's gonna be okay.

Michael: [Sighs] Thanks for helping me out.

Jason: Anytime. You know that.

Edward: Sounds like you're gonna need my help.

Sam: Haven't you noticed that our little sister has lots of interests? I mean, we went from standard methods of investigation to rulers of ancient Rome in one conversation.

Kristina: Molly's amazing.

Sam: Are you sure you're all right?

Kristina: Let's just say that Kiefer's about the only person right now who isn't making fun of me because of Mom. That's why I didn't want to go to that party. I just didn't want to deal.

Sam: Look, is there anything that I can do for you? Anything at all?

Alexis: Hi, Sam.

Sam: HI!

Alexis: I didn't expect you. What brings you out here tonight?

Sam: Oh--well, I haven't seen Molly in such a long time. I thought I'd come out and-- it was good. She had a bunch of questions about me being a really good detective.

Alexis: I hope she's not still awake. That kid would stay up reading all night if I let her.

Sam: No, she seemed, uh, pretty sleepy.

Alexis: All right, well, I'll check on her in a minute. I just want to--trying to see if there's any updates from Mac on that accident.

Sam: What happened?

Alexis: Well, I was coming home on Harbor View Road and I saw these police lights. Apparently, Claudia rolled her car.

Kristina: I'm sorry, Mom. Um, these glasses get so wet. I'll go get some paper towels.

Johnny: I got no right to tell you how to live your life.

Olivia: HmM. What if I said that I would welcome your input?

Johnny: Well, then I would say that I don't want to see you get tangled up with Sonny.

Olivia: Sonny and I have no future. Well... and I'm sure as hell not gonna break up a family.

Johnny: Sonny doesn't see it that way.

Olivia: What would I be doing-- what would I be doing if I went with Sonny? What would I be getting? I'd be--I'd be getting a guy from the street corner who made it good in a filthy business. The guy's got a million kids with a million different women, and he cannot cheat on his wife fast enough.

Johnny: Okay, but you still have feelings for Sonny. And he knows that. But he's a selfish bastard who's gonna use you up and toss you out like he's doing with my sister.

[Cell phone rings]


John: Yeah.

Epiphany: Mr. Zacchara? This is Epiphany Johnson at General Hospital. Your sister Claudia was in a car accident this evening. She was just admitted to the E.R. with severe injuries.

Johnny: Uh...okay. I'll be right there. Thank you. It's Claudia. She's...been in a bad accident. She's injured. I--I gotta go.

[Door closes]

Patrick: Thank you.

Claudia: Make them save the baby.

Sonny: You're gonna save the baby, right?

Elizabeth: We're gonna do everything we can, but it would help if she stays calm.

Sonny: Okay. You gotta stay calm. You heard what she said, right?

Claudia: Uh-huh.

Carly: Uh...Patrick, you, um, you wanted to see me?

Patrick: Yeah, I need information on how you found Claudia.

Claudia: My car was upside down and I was trapped.

Sonny: Claudia, do not say-- Carly, tell--tell--tell him what happened.

Carly: It's just like Claudia said. The car was upside down, and she was tangled up in the seat belt. She was unconscious, and her head was bleeding.

Patrick: You pulled her out?

Carly: Yeah. The car was leaking gas, so I got her out of there as fast as I could.

Sonny: You saved her life.

Patrick: How long would you say she was unconscious for?

Carly: I don't know. 2 minutes, maybe. Uh, not more than 5.

Patrick: Okay, great. Thank you. That's very helpful.

[Claudia moans]

Claudia: How's my baby? Did you find a heartbeat?

Kelly: I'm still adjusting the monitor.

Patrick: Sonny, I'm gonna have to run some more tests. There's a possibility she sustained a head injury--

Sonny: Save my baby and my wife. Do whatever it takes.

Jason: Well, then go over it again, Max. Listen to me. Nobody can know that Michael's car was in any kind of accident. Well, then I want you to send a couple guys where Michael ran off the road while it's still dark. I want it completely cleaned up by daylight. No tire tracks, no footprints, nothing.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Okay. Are we clear on where he went off the road? Okay. All right. Just call me if you need anything.

Sam: Hi. Thank you. I'm really sorry to bother you so late, but, um, I think Kristina's been driving again, and she may have caused an accident.

Jason: Why do you think that?

Sam: All right, um, her boyfriend Kiefer, he brought her home tonight, and he was acting normal, kind of, you know, polite and all, and Kristina was a little freaked out. But a little bit later on, Alexis mentioned that Claudia had gotten into an accident, and then she really panicked--

Jason: Hold it. Claudia was in an accident?

Sam: Yes. Claudia was in an accident on Harbor View. She rolled her car. Right by Carly and Jax's house.

Jason: Do you know what time that was?

Sam: Um, 9:00. Around 9:00.

Jason: [Sighs] Why do you think it was Kristina driving?

Sam: Okay, um, since Kristina was so freaked out and acting all weird and stuff, I decided to check the car. There's an extra car that Alexis keeps there for Viola so she can run errands and stuff. Well, I checked the car and the engine was warm. Yeah, Jason, Viola didn't even leave the house all night. So now I'm just--I'm really afraid that maybe Kristina caused this accident with Claudia.

Jason: Unless it was Michael.

Michael: Jason was just offering to help me with Mom. That's all. You know, things have been pretty tense.

Edward: You're gonna have to work on your cover story, son. For example, why was Jason even here? Did he bring you home? What's he covering, huh?

Michael: Nothing.

Edward: Well, now, Michael, Jason has some connections in this town, but the Quartermaines have real power. Old ties. Longstanding favors.

Michael: Hey, it doesn't matter. There's no problem.

Edward: You don't have to give me the details, son. But if you're in trouble, you come to me. The Quartermaine family will protect you, no matter what you've done.

Kristina: Hey, can you give me an update on Claudia Corinthos?

Nurse: I can only release medical information to members.

Kristina: She's my stepmother. Doesn't that count?

Nurse: I'm sorry. You'll have to contact a family member to answer your questions.

Kristina: Okay. Thank you.

Kristina: Have you heard anything?

Alexis: No. Mac hasn't let me know yet. Do you want me to call your dad?

Kristina: Don't bother him. He's got a lot to deal with.

Carly: Hey.

Olivia: Hey. Do you know anything about the accident?

Carly: Uh, yeah, I saw it.

Olivia: What happened?

Carly: I was at the top of my driveway on Harbor View Road, and I saw this car coming at me, and it flipped. Claudia was in it. She was stuck. So I pulled her out before the car caught on fire.

Olivia: Oh, Carly. Are you okay?

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm okay. Claudia's not so good. I rode with her in the ambulance.

Olivia: Oh, my God. What about the baby? Is the baby all right?

Carly: I don't know. You know, I'm not trying to be rude, but I know that Claudia isn't one of your favorite people, so...why are you so concerned about Claudia Zacchara?

Claudia: Where's Dr. Lee?

Sonny: They're running tests, remember?

Claudia: Yeah. Would you please tell them to hurry?

Sonny: Hey, listen. You gotta take it easy. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and our baby.

Claudia: I like it when you call it our baby.

Johnny: Hey. They just called me. Are you okay?

Claudia: Yeah, my head. Pretty bad. I blacked out for just a little while. They won't tell me anything about the baby, though.

Johnny: Okay.

Kelly: The baby may have sustained injuries in the crash.

Claudia: What? Please tell me what's going on.

Kelly: You have to lie down.

Claudia: Aah!

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[Claudia moans]

Patrick: The tests indicate there's a high risk of life-threatening head trauma.

Johnny: Okay, what are you saying? You saying Claudia and the baby could die?

[Claudia moans]

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