GH Transcript Friday 7/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/17/09


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Michael: Flip that board in my face again.

Kristina: Michael, stop it.

Michael: See what happens.

Kiefer: Look, it was an accident, man. Take it easy.

Michael: You take it easy, all right?!

Kristina: Michael, seriously. People are watching.

Michael: Take it easy, man.

Chip: Is there a problem here?

Kelly: The ultrasound shows me the baby's position so I know exactly where to place the needle for the amniocentesis.

Sonny: It's amazing how much you could see.

[Baby's heart beating]

Rebecca: Edward made me realize how much it would mean to him and Monica if I moved in. I just feel like I owe it to them, as Emily's family.

Nikolas: Exactly right. They're Emily's family, not yours.

Rebecca: Look, they've been wonderful to me since the moment we met, Nikolas. Monica was so kind and supportive during the breast cancer scare. It's really hard to explain.

Nikolas: Yeah, and impossible to understand.

Rebecca: Look, the Quartermaines have lost so much. Edward had already lost a wife, a son, a grandson by the time Emily was murdered. I-it left a gaping hole in their lives. I just feel an obligation to ease their pain. I--

Nikolas: No, you--you and I made a commitment to live together.

Rebecca: Yeah. We can still see each other when I'm at the Quartermaines'.

Nikolas: That's not--you know, I wanna sleep with you every night and wake up next to you every morning. Understand? Now, I wanna--I wanna share dinner together, go on walks, have conversations. If you leave, I'm telling you, that changes everything for me.

Spinelli: The Jackal's words are aimed as cupid's arrow, at his true love's heart. They are sent with depth and true emotion, with a fervent wish that they touch the soul of his beloved.

Lulu: I really hope Kate isn't hearing this.

Spinelli: I shall now send a verbal missive that only my beloved will comprehend.

Jason: What are you doing, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Stone Cold. Shh. I'm on a crusade of true love. Nothing will stand between me and Maximista's heart.

Maxie: What happened? What happened?

Lulu: Well, tha-that was Jason's voice in the background. He must have walked in on the Spinelli-cast.

Maxie: Wh-what if Kate heard? What if she's on her way back up here to fire me?

Lulu: Let's just hope that Spinelli doesn't start up again.

Maxie: Please, Spinelli. Please don't say anything else.

Spinelli: The Jackal apologizes for the brief interruption and is back with a message decipherable only by the one who illuminates his life. Take note, fair Maximista. Under royal gaze at twilight's pale, I shall wait atop a tower of stone, transformed by love to a fairy tale. Anon, 2 hearts will be as one. [Click]

Jason: What was--what was that about?

Spinelli: What? I just sent a message to the fair one relaying the whereabouts of our rendezvous.

Jason: You recited a poem.

Spinelli: Yeah. Maximista and the Jackal share the deepest and most profound of connections. We--we've got to that place in our relationship now where we can communicate through verse and metaphor. She'll understand.

Lulu: Okay. Uh-huh. Okay. W-we're fine. We're saved. Um, Kate's car already picked her up, so she didn't hear the Spinelli-cast.

Maxie: So romantic, but what does it mean?

Jax: Ahh! No peeking. No. No peeking.

Carly: I-I'll keep my eyes closed. I promise. So can I open 'em now?

Jax: No, no, no. Have some patience. All right? Patience.

Carly: Oh, I have the patience of a 3-year-old. You know that. Plus I've already seen this place.

Jax: No, no. You haven't seen it completely finished. It's completely done now.

Carly: Now? Can I open 'em now?

Jax: Okay, now, now, now. Yes. Open 'em.

Carly: Ohh!

Jax: Ah?

Carly: Jax.

Jax: What do you think?

Carly: I--it's amazing. It's so--I mean, the color of the wall is spectacular. Look at the--fabrics...

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Match the window treatments. Look at this place.

Jax: Turned out great, didn't it? I mean, is it--is it how you expected it?

Carly: Better. It turned out better, better than great. It turned--you know why? You know why this place turned out so great?

Jax: Why?

Carly: Because we did it together.

Jax: Ohh.

Carly: We did it. We picked out everything together-- the furniture, the--the fabric, the lamps--everything. This is our home.

Jax: Yeah. It's ours.

Kiefer: Good to see you, Mr. Howell.

Chip: Is everything all right?

Kiefer: Yes, sir. We just got a little carried away. Right?

Chip: I played golf with your father last week. Tell him he owes me a rematch.

Kiefer: I will, sir.

Chip: Is this young man your guest?

Kristina: He's Edward Quartermaine's great-grandson, Michael.

Chip: Michael, I'm Chip Howell, president of the club. I'm glad to see another generation of Quartermaines enjoying our facilities. How is old Edward, by the way? Haven't seen him in a while.

Michael: He's fine.

Chip: Good. Bring him in with you one of these days. And if you need to roughhouse, take it off the club grounds.

Michael: Edward Quartermaine's grandson?

Kristina: Well, you are.

Michael: Yeah, you're also my sister, and Sonny Corinthos is our father. I mean--

Kiefer: It's not K's fault her father's a gangster.

Kristina: Michael!

[Baby's heart beating]

Claudia: He looks so big.

Kelly: I'm guessing he's about 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces, which is exactly what we like to see at this stage.

Sonny: It's amazing.

Kelly: Yes, it is. We're ready to proceed with the amnio now.

Sonny: I--I always think that thing's gonna hurt the baby.

Kelly: Hmm. We discussed the small possibility of miscarriage. The newest studies are showing the risk is lower than previously thought, only about one in 100 to 200 and one in 500 for uterine infection, but the tests can identify several hundred genetic disorders, and I support the decision to do it.

Claudia: Okay.

Kelly: All right.

Claudia: I'm ready.

Kelly: Okay. I'll be inserting the needle through the abdominal wall and into the amniotic sac. Cyndy here will hold the ultrasound steady so I can aim for the area that's away from the fetus. I'll be extracting about 20 milliliters of fluid for testing. The puncture heals, and the amniotic fluid will replenish itself in about a day or so. You're just gonna feel a little bit of pressure.

Rebecca: Okay, this has all happened so fast, Nikolas. I think we just need to pull back a little bit, give each other a little bit of room.

Nikolas: No, no, no, no. I'm ready for this. You said you were, too.

Rebecca: Yeah. I thought I was, and then I got caught up in your amazing life, and being a part of it just seemed so wonderful.

Nikolas: [Scoffs] And now it doesn't?

Rebecca: Look, if we really care about each other, then a little separation isn't gonna tear us apart.

Nikolas: I just--I really don't see the point. I don't.

Rebecca: The Quartermaines need me.

Nikolas: Oh, Edward is manipulating you.

Rebecca: He and Monica miss Emily.

Nikolas: And you're the substitute, exactly what you were determined not to be all this time.

Rebecca: Oh, I wasn't born yesterday, Nikolas. I'll be fine.

Nikolas: Here's the-- Edward doesn't approve of me. He doesn't like me. He always thought that I was--wasn't good enough for Emily. The only reason he asked you to move in was to keep you away from me.

Rebecca: I think you're being a little too hard on him.

Nikolas: Wha--really? I've known him a lot longer than you have.

Rebecca: He has treated me like family, and he's going through a lot right now, and--and I just wanna bring a little joy into his life.

Nikolas: Okay, fine. Then go have dinner with the man. Visit him once a week, but you don't have to live there.

Rebecca: It's just temporary.

Nikolas: Look, no. I wanna be with you. And you led me to believe that you felt the same way. Now, somethin' somewhere changed. What happened?

Kristina: Stop it, both of you! Michael! Kiefer, stop!

Michael: Get off! Get off me! Get off!

Kristina: Michael, calm down.

Kiefer: You are crazy.

Michael: Off me!

Chip: What in God's name is going on here?

Michael: Aah!

Kiefer: Michael lost it. He just attacked me for no reason.

Michael: No reason? Are you kidding me?!

Kiefer: Look at him. The guy's out of control.

Chip: Young man, this sort of behavior is not acceptable on club grounds.

Michael: You're telling me? You're telling me? This guy has been spoiling for a fight. Kristina, tell him. Tell him.

Kiefer: I think you better tell Mr. Howell what happened, K.

Kristina: It's not Michael's fault. He had brain surgery. He's still recovering. He doesn't like to talk about it.

Chip: Well, I'm sorry for your condition, but that's no excuse to be attacking other club members.

Michael: Screw you.

Carly: It's perfect, perfect.

Jax: Well, we still have to move some of the furniture from the old house, and that landscaping is not gonna be done for a while, so...

Carly: I know. I know, but I think it's great. And, you know, I have to tell you that I am just so grateful that you surprised me with an outdoor pizza oven.

Jax: Well, I had an ulterior motive, didn't I?

Carly: Oh. What's that?

Jax: We can make our own pizza. It'll be a lot healthier and taste a hell of a lot better than that frozen...

Carly: Hey!

Jax: Stuff you buy. That stuff is nasty.

Carly: I don't know. Maybe I'll try and keep an open mind, only because I love you. Don't mess with my pizza.

Jax: What'd you think of the baby's room?

Carly: Beautiful. Pink. Really pink.

Jax: Very pink, isn't it?

Carly: Mmm.

Jax: You know I trust your instincts, right?

Carly: But?

Jax: Just in case--you know, in case we're both wrong, we're having a boy, I had the designer come up with a plan for a-- a nice boy's room as well, so...

Carly: Well, you said, you know, that you were happy with either a boy or a girl.

Jax: Yeah. Yeah.

Carly: Is that how you really feel? I mean, deep down inside, are you sure that's how you feel?

Jax: Deep down, I think I actually prefer a girl.

Carly: Really?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Tell me why.

Jax: Well, when Jerry and I were growing up, I always wanted a sister, maybe because Jerry was such a handful. Or my best friend, he actually had a younger sister when we were growing up, and they got along great.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: Yeah, my mother wanted a girl. Yeah. Her and Dad, uh, tried for a third, but they couldnít.

Carly: You never told me that.

Jax: Only found out about it after my--my father died. My mother and I were having dinner one night, and, uh, well, she was tellin' me about her life with Dad, and she said that they thought that 2 boys and a girl would be the perfect family. I'm startin' to believe the same. I think that Michael and Morgan would love a baby sister.

Carly: Me, too.

Jax: Yeah?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Hopefully she'll be just like her mother.

Carly: Ho ho ho. You better be careful what you wish for.

[Both laugh]

[Knock on door]

[Burlesque music playing]

Alexis: Well, hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Alexis: I was hoping I might have a moment of your time.

Olivia: Uh, yeah. Sure. Come on in.

Alexis: Thanks.

Olivia: Uh, sorry. Just let me-- just let me turn off that music.

Alexis: Okay. That's an interesting selection.

Olivia: Yeah. It's my Aunt Theresa. She used to play that stuff all the time. Uh, my brother inherited the record collection, burned me a CD. It's just--kind of takes me back. She used to call it "music to get knocked up by."

Alexis: Oh! Well, she sounds like quite a character.

Olivia: Oh, yeah. That's my whole family. So...

Alexis: So...

Olivia: What have I done to get myself on the D.A.'s radar?

Alexis: I was hoping that I might be able to ask you some questions about Brianna Hughes.

Olivia: Oh. Uh, yeah, I thought I read somewhere you got taken off that case.

Alexis: You read that article?

Olivia: Yeah.

Alexis: Did you read the whole thing?

Olivia: Stuff about you and the mayor? I, um--afraid so. Yeah.

Alexis: Well, as long as I'm here, I will tell you...

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Alexis: That I, uh, slept with the mayor once. Was a mistake. Wish I could take it back. Canít. Now, about those e-mails, the ones that make me look like an obsessed, emotionally unstable stalker, I didn't do those, and quite frankly, it kind of hurts my feelings that people find that image of me so credible.

Olivia: Oh. I'm not surprised. I--I mean, about people feeling that way. You know, I--you had the, uh, illegitimate child of Sonny Corinthos. That means for the rest of your life, people will judge you by the standards that they apply to Sonny, not by who you are.

Alexis: Sounds like you know something about that.

Kelly: I, uh, put a rush on the test results. They should be back in a couple of hours.

Sonny: You know, I--I just wanna make sure the test results are accurate, no mess-ups or anything.

Kelly: I already told Mrs. Corinthos I put a rush on the test results and sent them over to a secondary lab, just as a backup.

Sonny: Thank you. Appreciate that. That's a good idea.

Kelly: Just rest awhile, and a nurse will be in to let you know when you can leave.

Claudia: You're unbelievable. One minute, you're looking at the baby on the monitor and acting like you genuinely care, and the next thing I know, you are policing its DNA. It's awesome.

Sonny: Claudia.

Claudia: Hmm?

Sonny: You are carrying a miracle inside you, and I just wanna make sure that that miracle's mine.

Spinelli: All right.

Jason: Under the royal gaze? That's what--wait. That's the king of the auto loans guy.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: That billboard.

Spinelli: I-it can be seen from Maximista's window. We've often joked about its garish commerciality. But as for getting this rooftop to be a scene worthy of Aphrodite, time is of the essence, so would you please a-assist?

Jason: Yeah, I-I'll help you, but you don't need all this stuff, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Hasn't Stone Cold on more than one occasion set a rooftop scene for fair Samantha, and didn't that cause her to gaze on you with ardent affection?

Jason: [Sighs] Good point. But it did start to rain.

Spinelli: Was that ill-timed precipitation cause for dismay?

Jason: No. Sam actually likes the rain.

Spinelli: An admirable trait of fair Samantha. [Sighs] But I fervently hope that precipitation does not intrude on this evening, for I must set a perfect scene so that my marriage proposal will be so heartfelt, she will have no choice but be thrilled to accept it. Come on.

Maxie: Spinelli isn't answering. Uh, he probably just wants me to follow the clues.

Lulu: Okay, I wrote it out so it's hopefully clearer.

Maxie: Okay. Well, this should be easy. I just need to think like Spinelli.

Lulu: Oh, this should be good.

Maxie: "At twilight's pale." That's easy. I know when he wants me to meet him. "Under royal gaze." What's royal in this town?

Lulu: Nikolas.

Maxie: Spinelli doesn't even really know Nikolas.

Lulu: Well, look at the-- the other line. Um, "I shall wait atop a tower of stone."

Maxie: Uh, sounds royal, too.

Lulu: Yeah. The only towers that I can think of are at Wyndemere.

Maxie: Yeah, but why would Spinelli want me to meet him at Wyndemere? "Transformed by love to a fairy tale."

Lulu: That's definitely Wyndemere.

Maxie: I don't know. That just doesn't seem like a place Spinelli would want me to meet him.

Lulu: Do you have any other ideas?

Maxie: "Under royal gaze," "twilight's pale." Why can't Spinelli just say what he means? He knows I'm not good at puzzles.

Lulu: Well, I'm still voting for Wyndemere, and Nikolas is a total romantic. I could actually see him letting Spinelli use his place for something like this.

Maxie: "Anon, 2 hearts will be as one." All right. I guess you're right. I should get going. I don't want Spinelli to be there alone with a turret and gargoyles and think that I'm not coming.

Lulu: Bye.

Rebecca: I haven't changed my mind. I still wanna see you.

Nikolas: What does that "see" mea--like what? Go out on a date? I--I call you, and then we go out together whenever you don't have a commitment with the Quartermaines? This is hell.

Rebecca: Oh, God. What--stop making it so black and white. I mean, we spent a lot of time together before I moved in.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know, and we both agreed we wanted more, didn't we?

Rebecca: Well, I can spend the night.

Nikolas: Wha--as my occasional houseguest instead of living with me? No. That's not enough for me.

Rebecca: Wait. So everything has to be your way, huh? I'm supposed to be available 24/7 for your sexual convenience.

Nikolas: Really? I happen to enjoy making love to you every night. Sexual liaisons are easy to find.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, and that's supposed to make me feel special?

Nikolas: Well, okay, I'm sorry. You are special. That's just it. You know, I'm--I'm happy when I'm with you. I--I feel more. I care more about everything. Yeah, we can go out on dates or whatever you wanna call it, but I wanna--I wanna have a life with you. Understand? I wanna build a history out--out of the memories that--that we share. I wanna move forward. But honestly, I don't know how any of that is possible if you're not living here.

Rebecca: Nikolas, all of that can happen if I'm at the Quartermaines. But if this is a deal breaker for you, then it's good we found out now before we get in any deeper.

Claudia: You don't have to stick around.

Sonny: Oh, no, I'm gonna wait for the test results.

Claudia: It could be hours, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, but I cleared the whole afternoon.

Claudia: [Chuckles] Let me guess. You think I'm gonna break into the lab and smack the technician over the head with a Bunsen burner? What?

Sonny: That? Oh, yeah. But, you know, Dr. Lee, uh, said she's sending a sample to a second lab, so we're gonna get an accurate, uh, test result.

Claudia: The baby is yours, Sonny.

Sonny: But if the baby... is Ric's, then this will be the last few hours of our marriage.

Claudia: So this is the countdown until you unload me.

Chip: I tried to contact Edward Quartermaine, but he's unreachable. I'll have to talk to your parents.

Michael: Go ahead.

Chip: I'll need a number where they can be reached.

Kristina: Michael's mom's-- lives close by.

Michael: Yeah, so does Dad.

Kristina: What's your mom's number?

Michael: 555-0026.

Kiefer: Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?

Chip: No, Kiefer. You're free to go.

Kiefer: Thank you. I'd like to take Kristina home. This whole incident was pretty upsetting to her.

Michael: Go ahead. You don't have to baby-sit your brain-damaged brother.

Kristina: You didn't have to hit him.

Carly: Remember when Michael woke up? Morgan was thrilled. Then he was crushed when Michael said he wanted to stay at Sonnyís.

Jax: Well, he told Morgan that Michael was gonna come home soon. I don't want either one of you to get your hopes up.

Carly: I'm gonna be positive. I am, 'cause we are settled in our new home, and good things are comin'. I can feel it.

Jax: Okay. So what do you wanna do the first night in our new home? Huh? How do you wanna celebrate?

Carly: I was thinking that we could go upstairs and christen our new bedroom.

Jax: Upstairs?

Carly: Upstairs.

Jax: Well, I was thinking we could christen the couch. Hmm?

Carly: Really?

Jax: You think about that.

Carly: Oh.

Jax: Hmm.

Carly: What about-- what about Morgan?

Jax: Morgan's in the backyard. He's exploring. He's gonna be there forever.

Carly: Ha ha ha!

Morgan: Can we take a boat over to the Quartermaines' and see Michael?

[Telephone rings]

Carly: Ha ha ha. Hello.

Chip: Mrs. Jacks, this is Chip Howell at the country club. I'm afraid we've had a problem with your son, Michael.

Claudia: Did you ever have any intention of making this marriage work?

Sonny: You know I've thought about it. It's just a business relationship. Your father made you part of the deal, and that's--you know, and that's what I had to settle for.

Claudia: You are just such a charmer.

Sonny: This was never about hearts and--and flowers.

Claudia: No, but it was working, and you know it, whether you wanna admit it or not.

Sonny: We had an arrangement, and it suited my purpose at the time.

Claudia: How do you do that, Sonny?

Sonny: Do what?

Claudia: We live together. We're sleeping together.

Sonny: Right.

Claudia: We're goin' through life together...

Sonny: Right.

Claudia: Good and bad. I'm pregnant. I'm having your baby.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: And you don't feel anything for me at all? You're completely cold and unemotional.

Sonny: You cheated on me. You cheated on me with--with my brother. You may be having his baby, so whatever commitment we had is--is null and void, you know?

Spinelli: Please, Stone Cold, quick. There's no time to tarry. Maximista might be en--en route to the rendezvous as we speak. Untangle!

Jason: Stay--stay calm.

Spinelli: That's easier said than done. I'm stymied by a Gordian knot of lights.

Jason: Okay, just--I'll do it. I'll--just...

Spinelli: Aah! Aah! Aah!

Jason: Give me the lights.

Spinelli: Thank you. I'm now free to rehearse for the evening.

Jason: Re-rehearse? Why don't you just let it happen?

Spinelli: Might be an effective method for you, but not for me. It could prove disastrous. All must be carefully planned. Okay. I have to be the image of brooding romance when Maximista arrives. She will say my name, "Spinelli." I will turn and lock eyes with my beloved. And then I will utter the words, "you are the lyrics to the song that plays in my heart."

Jason: I thought you wanted this to--to hurry up. You were-- you were--

Spinelli: Right. Right. Uh, we will enjoy a light repast, sip wine. Music will waft softly through the night air. I will then gaze into Maximista's luminous eyes, get down on one knee, and-- I didn't procure a ring for the engagement. Oh, my God. A stone worthy of my beloved must be purchased and purchased hastily, a-and then the furniture's not set up. Please, Stone Cold, I trust your judgment. Just-- just go a-and just see-- whatever looks sparkly. I--

Jason: N-no. N-no. This is your proposal. You need to get the ring. Just let me take care of the furniture.

Spinelli: Right. You're right, as usual. Thank you.

Nikolas: Yeah, Alfred, go ahead and cancel the renovations. I guess we won't be needing them after all.

Maxie: Okay. Uh, I'm here. Um, I'm guessing Spinelli told you not to give me, like, any sort of clue, but this place is so big, and you have so many stone towers, and Wyndemere's a little scary.

Nikolas: Ma-Maxie, slow--slow down. I don't have any idea what you're talking about right now.

Maxie: Oh. Well, I think it's really sweet, Nikolas, that you're trying to help Spinelli, but don't you think you can give me, like, one teeny, tiny little hint?

Nikolas: Uh, yeah, I would if I could, but Spinelli's not here.

Maxie: Spinelli didn't make any sort of special arrangements for me to be here tonight?

Nikolas: No. No, he didnít. I'm sorry.

Maxie: Oh, my God. This cannot be happening. I knew something was wrong.

Nikolas: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just take--take it easy.

Maxie: Spinelli asked me to marry him, and you know what I said to him? "I have to work." Oh, you should have seen his face. I completely crushed his feelings, the one person in the world that means the most to me, and so, no, I'm not gonna take it easy. If I don't find this stone tower by twilight's pale, Spinelli's gonna not take me seriously and see it as a sign, and I'm gonna lose the only guy I ever truly loved.

Spinelli: Hey.

Jason: What do you think?

Spinelli: It's beautiful. Well done. Thank you so much, Stone Cold. Heh heh.

Jason: Y-you're sure about this?

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: It's not too fast? Okay. This is your night. Enjoy it. Is there anything else I can do to help you?

Spinelli: Actually it's--heh. It's probably best if I'm solitary when she arrives.

Jason: Okay.

Spinelli: Stone Cold. I don't know. Maybe you could stay in the vicinity. I ju-- I'm--in case the night goes horribly awry, I could really use your counsel and support.

Jason: Spinelli, you got this. You--you don't need me.

Spinelli: Yeah, but, um, I am sadly transfixed by raw and primal fear at this moment.

Jason: You'll be inspired when you see Maxie, just like you were at Jakeís when you sang to her.

Spinelli: Excellent observation. Maximista is my muse. Words and actions will come when I see her.

Jason: Good luck.

Spinelli: Stone Cold.

Jason: Yeah.

Spinelli: She'll come, right? I'm sorry. That's needless conjecture. Pay no heed. [Sighs] Well, if she doesn't come, all-knowing king of auto loans, we'll have our answer.

Maxie: Did you figure it out?

Lulu: I-I've seriously been going over this line by line since you called me, and I can't figure it out. I don't know what else would be a tower of stone under royal gaze.

Maxie: I know. I was trying to figure it out the entire way back.

Lulu: Well, the only other tower that I can think of is the university bell tower.

Maxie: Okay. Well, that's not it.

Lulu: Well, then, we're stuck.

Maxie: That's because we're thinking like normal people. We're not thinking like Spinelli. Spinelli has his own unique way of viewing things. I-it's like boring things are suddenly interesting. One day, I was walking with him when we saw a broken bottle of wine on the sidewalk, and my first thought was, "Eww," but Spinelli said, "Look at the beautiful shades of color reflecting off the broken glass. It's like a scattering of precious jewels."

Lulu: You speak Spinelli.

Maxie: To Spinelli, a pigeon isn't a pigeon. It's a bird with a noble history of delivering letters. A car isn't a car. It's a chariot.

Lulu: And a tower is a really tall building. I don't know. Maybe this is like an apartment or something.

Maxie: With a roof under royal gaze. Heh. The king of auto loans.

Lulu: What?

Spinelli: No, no, no. I--I know where Spinelli wants me to meet him a-at twilight. What time does the sun set?

Lulu: I--I don't know. I can look it up online.

Maxie: Find out. I hope I'm not too late.

Carly: Hey. Hey, Michael, I got here as fast as I could.

Chip: You're Mrs. Jacks?

Carly: Um, yeah. Yes, I am.

Chip: Your son got into a fight with another boy. They were having a conversation when Michael suddenly lost control and attacked the boy for no reason whatsoever.

Carly: Did you see this happen?

Chip: I heard the fight. I came over to stop it.

Carly: Michael, what happened?

Michael: Chip just told you.

Carly: So where's this boy that my son supposedly attacked unprovoked?

Chip: Well, Kiefer Bauer and his family have been members of the club for many years. I saw no reason to make him stay.

Carly: Oh. So Kiefer's the one who told you that he was attacked, and you took his word over top of Michaelís.

Chip: Well, your own son doesn't deny it, Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: You can't possibly think that my son punched some boy for no reason.

Chip: I understand your son has brain damage and is impaired. You should have advised the club before sending him.

Carly: Excuse me.

Chip: We're going to need you to sign an agreement saying Michael will be kept off the premises, and if you refuse, we'll have to press charges.

Carly: Well, you've made yourself clear, Mr. Howell. And you know what? I'm sure this can be settled quickly and amicably.

Sonny: That was Ric, wasn't it?

Claudia: Good guess.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, I can--I can see it by the look on your face and, you know--you told him about the amnio, didn't you?

Claudia: Well, he kept calling and asking, so I told him.

Sonny: Why don't you pick up the phone, be--you know, be friendly with him and say, "Hi. How you doin'?"

Claudia: Oh, like you are with your brother?

Sonny: You know, if the baby's Ric's, you're gonna have to change this attitude, because kids, they--they pick up on this energy, and it's not good for the--one kid to see, you know, one parent hating the other. You know what I mean?

Claudia: Yeah, I do, and I hope you remember that you said that when this baby turns out to be yours.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Oh, man. Carly.

Carly: Hey. Uh, sorry to bother you, but it's about Michael.

Sonny: Is he okay?

Carly: Yeah, he's fine, but he got into a little bit of trouble at the country club, and I just think that his father should be a part of the solution.

Spinelli: Oh, king of auto loans, your gaze mocks me, for believing a lady as fair as Maximista could truly love a misfit like me.

Maxie: Wow. Um, I guess I found the right tower of stone.

Spinelli: Transformed by love into a fairy tale. Anon, 2 hearts will be as one.

Olivia: On the house. Consider it a peace offering. Sometimes my big mouth gets me in trouble.

Alexis: Oh, you have that problem? Me, too.

Olivia: Cheers.

Alexis: Salute. Not gonna deny what you said was true. I did in fact have an ill-advised affair with the crime lord of Port Charles. Not so smart. But I don't regret it, because we have Kristina.

Olivia: Oh, I get that. I do.

Alexis: Does affect my credibility at work. I mean, how can I effectively serve as D.A. of a town that has a problem with organized crime when I'm consorting with the enemy, yes?

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Alexis: Well, I can tell from the look on your face that you've obviously read my bio. As long as I'm confessing everything to you, why don't I just tell you that I was married to Sonny's brother, Ric Lansing, who was a borderline mobster. And lest we forget my latest indiscretion, criminal master hostage taker, Jerry Jacks.

Olivia: Ah.

Alexis: So add that to the list.

Olivia: So you got a thing for the bad boys.

Alexis: Well, you know, I grew up with--with them, so, yeah, it feels real homey. Ahem.

Olivia: So I'm just curious. How does the--the mayor fit into--to that whole scenario?

Alexis: Actually we were both in the same place at the same time, literally, and was one mutually vulnerable moment. That was it. One night. No e-mails. None of that. Not that that matters to anyone. It's much more titillating to believe the lies. You know, ups the ratings, sells papers, that kind of thing. They just forget that actual people are really involved.

Olivia: Right. How are your girls holdin' up?

Alexis: Well, Molly is young, so she thinks mommy just got into big trouble 'cause she got caught kissing the mayor. My 16-year-old, Kristina, that's-- that's a--that's a problem, because she is confused, and she feels betrayed, and she thinks her mom is now a big, fat hypocrite, and she may be right. But I'm trying to look at the bright side and think that she's seeing mommy go through something and having to clean up the fallout of making a big mistake, and here's hoping that she doesn't make a similar one.

Kiefer: [Sighs] So, your sister's out. Your mother is working, as always. Looks like we got the place to ourselves.

Kristina: I'll go change for Amyís party.

Kiefer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Aren't you worried about me after your crazy brother pounded on me?

Kristina: You managed to survive.

Kiefer: Oh, I don't know. Oh. I think I might be injured. Maybe you should check.

Kristina: We better get going.

Kiefer: Come on, K. We both know why you brought me back here.

Kristina: I told you, Kiefer, I'm not ready.

Kiefer: Okay, I'm sick of that excuse.

Kristina: It's not an excuse. It's how I feel. Just I need more time.

Kiefer: K, we've been together for months. I mean, I'm serious about you. I even put up with your retard brother.

Kristina: Don't call him that.

Kiefer: Okay. All right. Fine. Your brain-damaged brother. Okay, and I haven't said a word about your mom sleeping with the mayor.

Kristina: You've been really great.

Kiefer: Yeah. Now you can be great to me.

Kristina: St--I said no.

Chip: With all due respect, Mrs. Jacks, it's been 20 minutes. My time is valuable.

Carly: I can't sign anything without Michael's father's consent.

Chip: It's fairly straightforward, Mrs. Jacks. If you won't sign the agreement, I'll be forced to call the police.

Carly: You can't be serious.

Chip: I assure you I am. The club's good will only goes so far, despite Edward Quartermaine's long-standing membership.

Carly: Will you shut up, you pompous ass? I'm not signing anything that says my son did something wrong, and if you don't back off, I'm gonna kick your ass myself.

Chip: I will not tolerate being talked to in this manner.

Carly: You are such a pretentious idiot. Kids like that Kiefer boy, they play you like a fiddle. They suck up, they act all respectful, and let me guess. He said, "sir," in every other sentence.

Chip: You didn't see the fight, Mrs. Jacks. You have no idea what happened.

Carly: And neither do you, Mr. Howell. I'm not signing anything, and furthermore, I expect an apology for how my son's been treated.

Chip: Then we have a serious problem.

Sonny: Excuse me. I don't see a problem at all.

Carly: Mr. Howell, meet Michael's father, Sonny Corinthos.

Kelly: Where's Sonny? I know he was eager to hear the results of the DNA test.

Claudia: He had to leave. Some problem with Michael. But I can't wait. I need to know who the baby's father is.

Kelly: All right. Let's take a look.

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