GH Transcript Thursday 7/16/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/16/09


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Lulu: If you didn't say no when Spinelli asked you to marry him, did you say yes? Maxie, tell me you are not gonna marry Spinelli.

Maxie: Oh, I--I love Spinelli. He's the sweetest, kindest, most amazing man that I have ever met, and I am incredibly happy with him. Why would I want to mess that up and get married?

Lulu: So did you tell him that?

Maxie: See, to me, getting married is basically the opposite of being of love, so I want to leave things how they are. That sounds reasonable, right?

Lulu: What did you tell Spinelli?

Maxie: That I had to go to work and I would get back to him when I had the time.

Lulu: That is so cowardly.

Maxie: I think he'll get the hint and just not mention getting married again.

Lulu: Spinelli doesn't get hints. We know this. Unless you look him in the eye and tell him you don't want to marry him, who knows what he's gonna do?

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my distress call. It's very much appreciated.

Max: What is it? What's wrong?

Spinelli: It's a situation most dire.

Max: Are you in trouble? Where's Jason?

Spinelli: He dispensed his advice and then left for the stone cold mission of the day. But, alas, I remain confounded, so it was my hope that Mr. Sir's preeminent protector could shed some light in the area where he has displayed great skill.

Max: You need me to kneecap somebody.

Spinelli: Uh, no, alas. Uh, I require assistance of a far more tender and profound nature.

Edward: Now, I can write you a check, or we could have the funds deposited directly into your account, whichever you'd prefer.

Rebecca: Oh. I'm so grateful, Edward, that you're willing to give me $10,000, no questions asked, but, uh...

Edward: Well, you know, there's plenty more if you need it. As long as you do your part.

Rebecca: See, that's just it. Um, living in this house in exchange for a loan--and it is a loan--

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: Isn't gonna work. I just moved in with Nikolas.

Edward: That's why I want you here.

Sonny: Answer your brother, Claudia. What are you gonna do if the baby's Ric's?

Johnny: You know what? I'm not gonna stand here and watch you bully my sister.

Sonny: Is that what I'm doing, Johnny?

Claudia: Hey, guys, stop. Please just stop. I have a lot going on today, and I don't need any more fighting.

Sonny: What's here to fight about? We're gonna get the test results back, see if I'm the father of the baby. If I'm not... we'll take it from there.

Michael: Oh, this place is nice. All right. Look at this pool. Yeah. Yeah.

Kristina: Will you be a helpful big brother and sunblock my back?

Michael: Yeah, sure. Um...

Kristina: I missed you so much last summer.

Michael: Hey, if you ever do the whole coma thing, I highly recommend waking up in the beginning of the summer. You know, school won't happen for weeks, you know, the weather's great. All you gotta do is drink lemonade, play tennis, and hang out with your sister, you know. You don't have to do anything.

Kristina: You're lucky to be living at the Quartermaines. It's so close to the club. I have to beg a friend to drive me or beg Viola to drive me there. Oh, my God, did I tell you what my mom did?

Michael: What, besides what happened with the mayor?

Kristina: Oh, the mayor thing was just bizarre. This was more of a typical my mom. Molly and I have been begging her to get a hybrid, so what does she do? She buys 2 of them, one for her and one for Viola to drive us around. And they're both white.

Michael: Well, were white hybrids on special or something?

Kristina: Oh, who knows? Molly probably told her white was the best color for the environment or something.

Michael: So, do you like the new cars or not?

Kristina: I guess they're okay. Hybrids start quiet, so it's even easier to sneak out. Plus, I get better mileage and reduce greenhouse gases while I'm driving without a license. Oh, how about that sunblock?

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Kiefer: I got K's back. Hey.

Kristina: Hey.

Kiefer: Pull your hair back. Whoo.

Max: If this is about a marriage proposal, buddy, I can't help you.

Spinelli: Has it not traditionally been the preeminent protector's assigned duty to procure the ceremonial jewelry for Mr. Sir's proposals for his assorted wives?

Max: Well, yeah, well, I picked up the boss' ring for Kate Howard. I messed up so bad that Diane thought I asked her to marry me.

Spinelli: But what did she say?

Max: She said yes.

Spinelli: Right! That's exactly why. If you managed to procure a yes from the brusque lady of justice when she didn't even want to get married, then surely you can help the Jackal in his reframing effort to propose to Maximista.

Max: But why do you want to marry her?

Spinelli: Ohh...why... why do the birds want to fly? Why--why does the sun shine and the moon quickly follow at every turn of the earth? Why does the wind blow?

Max: The girl's crazy about you. Why do you want to mess it up?

Spinelli: Ask the lily among thorns. So is my love among the daughters that... as the apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my love. I sat down under her shadow... and her fruit tasted sweet to me.

Max: Uh-huh.

Spinelli: Such carnal pleasure was never--had never been experienced by the Jackal, and I daresay never by Maximista either. After singing at karaoke night, we at last became one, a--a--locked in--in naked embrace of perfect symmetry--

Max: Okay, okay, I got it, I got it.

Spinelli: I just--I--I want that glorious connection to continue. So, in--in the midst of our... morning after, as it were, I proposed.

Max: What did she say?

Maxie: She proclaimed that she was late for work and fled the room.

Max: Ohh.

Maxie: Spinelli was...just so vulnerable, which is really kind of brave if you think about it.

Lulu: He's totally caught up with this courtly love thing.

Maxie: Yeah, and I told him how I felt about marriage like a long time ago.

Lulu: He has asked you to marry him before?

Maxie: No. And I never wanted him to. I mean, Spinelli and I were alone in the church before Patrick and Robin's wedding, and that made me start thinking about when my mom married Mac. I thought of all the beautiful promises she made, and I stood there like an idiot and believed all of them. Less than a year later, she was gone. And she walked away from me, Georgie, and Mac, just like my dad left her. I told Spinelli then that I could never see myself getting married.

Lulu: So why didn't you say no when he asked?

Maxie: Because when I'm with Spinelli, I believe anything is possible. I believe in myself, the kind of love that lasts forever. And then I thought, you know, Patrick and Robin were having some problems and they managed to work it out.

Lulu: Oh, my God! You are actually thinking about marrying Spinelli.

Maxie: I love Spinelli with all of my heart, and if he wants to marry me so badly, I mean, how am I supposed to say no?

Rebecca: You've been very kind, Edward. Um...I just don't understand how a loan, freely given, with no strings attached--

Edward: No strings. Heh heh heh.

Rebecca: Somehow turned into you trying to run my life.

Edward: You know something, my dear? I wish that you had had the opportunity to grow up in this house with Emily. That way, you'd know how the Quartermaines do things. You see, I look at you as my granddaughter, just as I looked at Emily. And I'm just as interested in your future as I was in hers. I want you to have a good, productive life, and I want you to be happy, and that will never happen with Nikolas Cassadine.

Rebecca: But with all due respect, uh, Mr. Quartermaine, you don't know that.

Edward: Oh, I do, my dear. I never wanted Emily to become involved with Nikolas in the first place. He's descended from a long line of inbred, murderous lunatics. And in the brief time she was with him, she was assaulted and terrorized. He was the reason she was in that godforsaken castle that night that she died. And our-- our Emily gave up her life, literally, for the love of Nikolas Cassadine, and I will not allow you to do it.

Rebecca: Since when is that your call to make?

Sonny: You know what, Johnny? I'm not gonna act like Claudia's been faithful to me when she hasn't, and I'm not gonna allow her to pass Ric's kid off as mine.

Claudia: Well, I'd be surprised if the DNA test results convince you that this is your baby. But you know what, Sonny? I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. I love this baby, and I'm gonna take care of it, and I'm gonna give it a good life. That's all I want. I hope you want the same thing.

Sonny: We'll see.

Johnny: What the hell is that? We'll see? Huh?

Claudia: Hey, don't take it. Don't buy into it. Don't.

Sonny: Your brother seems a little tense right now. Does that mean you're hiding something, Johnny?

Claudia: I have to go, so I'm gonna go early. I have to be there early to fill out some paperwork at Dr. Lee's office.

Sonny: Well--what--uh, well, you're not going anywhere right now without me, right?

Claudia: I'm not gonna switch the test results, Sonny. I don't have any reason to.

Sonny: Then you don't mind me coming with you.

Claudia: Fine. If that's what you want. But we have to go right now. I have to be there early. Or, you know, if you wanted to, you could just stay here and tell Johnny about how you banged his whore last night.

Max: I'm no expert, but if you ask a girl to marry you, even after great sex, if she tells you she's got to get to work, she's either obsessed with her career or she's running away 'cause the answer's no. I'm sorry.

Spinelli: You can't rule out the third option, however.

Max: There is no third option. There's yes and there's no.

Spinelli: But after a night of rare passion, after the cries of joy and abandon--

Max: Spinelli, I get it. I don't need the details, okay, ever.

Spinelli: Maximista may have been swept away by her unexpected--

Max: That's enough! Let's bring it down a little bit.

Spinelli: All I'm saying was the proposal was as spontaneous and wild as the night before and indeed the morning after. So maybe she just...maybe she doubted my sincerity.

Max: She said no?

Spinelli: No. She never said no. She never said no all night, in fact. So--look... I know you can help me out. Please, just try?

Max: I'll give it a shot, metamorphically speaking.

Spinelli: All right. Okay. I--

Max: All right.

Spinelli: I await your instruction. Please, give-- give me advice as to how to propose to Maximista in such a way that it will guarantee an affirmative response.

Max: [Clears throat]

Lulu: You cannot marry Spinelli just to make him happy. It'll never work. My parents are the perfect example of that.

Maxie: What? Your parents are, like, legendary. People are still talking about their first wedding and great romance.

Lulu: Yes, they loved each other, there is no question. But my dad isn't marriage material, just like you. He tried to be, but he couldn't do it, and they ultimately wanted different things, just like you and Spinelli.

Maxie: Okay. So how am I supposed to tell Spinelli that I love him with all of my heart and basically want to be around him all the time, I just don't want to get married.

[Telephone ringing]

Kate: Hello, ladies. So nice to see you at your desks. And yet, are those phones rolling to voicemail?

Lulu: Oh, they're back in order. Thank God.

Kate: Nice save, Lulu. I'm sure that you're lying, but at least I know you can think on your feet. You may update my phone sheet. Maxie, you can get me the Colletta proofs, you know, that photo session that I approved and you completely changed without my permission while I was away.

Rebecca: Uh, I'm so sorry, Edward, I have a--a quick temper. [Chuckles] I'm sure Emily never yelled at you like that.

Edward: Ho ho ho. On the contrary. Emily could shout down this entire family if the situation warranted. But, you know, it might be kind of nice to have this kind of spunk in this house once again.

Rebecca: Oh...well, my situation is different from Emily’s. Um, she fell in love with Nikolas when she was a teenager, and I'm an adult. Yeah, I'm going into this with eyes wide open.

Edward: My dear, I'm afraid you haven't lived in Port Charles long enough to know what you're getting into with Nikolas.

Rebecca: Oh, are you talking about the grandmother? I'm not afraid of her.

Edward: You should be. That whole family is unstable. Nikolas could snap like that in just a second. He has spent months wandering around that mausoleum mourning for the death of Emily. The only reason he looked at you is you look so much like her.

Rebecca: I understand that a part of Nikolas is always going to be in love with Emily, but he has feelings for me, too.

Edward: He wouldn't have looked at you twice if you weren't her identical twin.

Rebecca: Oh, maybe that's true, Edward, but deserve a chance to see if our relationship can go anywhere.

Edward: Oh, that was a-- that was a very fine argument. It was well reasoned. It was effective. And the emotion was nice. But if you want that $10,000, you're going to move into this house.

Ethan: Hello.

Nikolas: So Alfred said you wanted to see me?

Ethan: I'm afraid so. What did you think of Lulu trying to get the family together last night at Jake’s?

Nikolas: I'm sorry, Ethan, I don't mean to be rude, but I do have a full schedule today.

Ethan: Right. Of course you do. It's about Rebecca.

Nikolas: Huh. Well, I'm not interested in discussing Rebecca with you.

Ethan: I don't blame you for being territorial about her. You know, she's--she's a very pretty girl. She's also very good at 5-card. She plays a mean game of blackjack. Not even I can beat her. But, see, Rebecca has a problem saying what she really wants. So I'm here to do that for her.

Johnny: Are you sleeping around on my sister?

Sonny: You know what, Johnny? We both know that Claudia deserves what she gets from me. As soon as I get the DNA test back, then I'll know the truth and I'll deal with her as I see fit.

Johnny: Yeah, you're gonna have to deal with me first.

Sonny: I'll deal with you, it doesn't matter. But as far as Olivia, you were just a little fling, mistake, whatever.

Olivia: Excuse me? Michael's insurance papers. You gotta sign 'em as soon as possible. And I'll be sure and let you know when I'm making a mistake.

Sonny: You see what happens when you listen to other people's conversations? You get yourself all upset and worked up, and I know, you know, you're--

Olivia: You know what? You know what? I don't appreciate you talking about me behind my back. Either one of you. My private life is just that, and I would like it to stay that way.

Sonny: I--I--I don't blame you. Especially after what happened...last night.

Michael: The pool is great. You should go in.

Kristina: I don't feel like getting wet. [Sighs] You didn't drown Kiefer, did you?

Michael: I will if he calls me coma boy one more time. Remind me again why you even speak to that guy.

Kristina: He only acts like this when other people are around. Especially you.

Michael: You realize you're only making excuses, right?

Kristina: It's not an excuse if it's true. When it's just me and Kiefer, when we're studying or out on a date, he's really sweet.

Michael: If you say so.

Kristina: You're the one I'm worried about. We played tennis this morning, you're swimming this afternoon. Aren't you tired?

Michael: Yeah, you know what? Actually, I'm about to pass out.

Kristina: I can never tell when you're kidding. Should we go home?

Michael: Relax. I'm fine. I'm actually great. You know, this time last year I was in a hospital bed somewhere, and now, you know, I'm awake, my brain's working great, hanging out in the sun, you know?

Kiefer: Ah!

Michael: Life is good.

Kristina: What are you doing?! Oh, Kiefer!

Michael: Leave her alone, man. Come on, dude.

Kiefer: Oh, easy, coma boy.

Kristina: Put me down.

Kiefer: Want to go for a swim?

Michael: No, she doesn't want to go for a swim.

Kristina: No, don't throw me in!


Rebecca: Oh, I feel terrible about this, Edward. I've, uh, barely gotten to know you and I'm already asking for a loan. And moving in.

Edward: And we will be so happy to have you.

Rebecca: You know, this is going to prove that I'm a gold-digger in Tracy’s head.

Edward: [Chuckles] At the rate that Tracy has allowed Luke to leech off this family, she has--she has no room to talk. But you're not like Luke. You're a lady of fine quality. You're-- you're passionate and you're sincere, and this is why you deserve better than Nikolas Cassadine. He has nothing left to give. He's still in mourning.

Rebecca: He's moving on. He says he's going to let go.

Edward: Oh, sure, that's what they all say. Listen, dear. My lovely wife Lila passed away 5 years ago yesterday.

Rebecca: Oh. I'm sorry.

Edward: My, she would have liked you. She always looked at the best in people, tried to get the finest out of them. I suppose I'll never really stop grieving for her. But in my own experience, I know that Nikolas is in no condition to fall in love with you or with anyone else. And I will not allow him to soothe his grief at your expense.

Rebecca: Well, I really appreciate your concern, Edward, I--

Edward: We'll expect you and your luggage tomorrow afternoon.

Olivia: Not that I need to justify myself to either one of you two, but what happened last night, Sonny, was a kiss. That was it. Nothing more. Get over it. Meant nothing.

Johnny: Hey, whatever happens between you and me is about us, Liv. That's it.

Olivia: My sentiments exactly.

Sonny: Look at you, stringing the poor guy along, when you know that the one you really have feelings for is me.

Olivia: Um, you're married to this man's sister, Sonny. That's your problem. It's your mistake. And I'm not gonna be the solution.

Sonny: Once I get back from the hospital, there is a great chance that my marriage will be over.

Nikolas: I hope Alfred made you comfortable while you were waiting.

Ethan: He did, indeed. New Zealand lamb--I was half-joking when I asked for it, but I'll be damned if the old codger showed up 10 minutes later with this. It's a perfect lamb sandwich.

Nikolas: Hmm. I'll be sure and pass along the compliment. I do apologize for the delay, but I need some time to consider your request.

Ethan: Oh, no worries, mate.

Nikolas: And seeing as we're part of the same family, in a way, we'll be seeing more of each other, I'm sure. I know Lulu's very fond of you. Lucky may have his issues, but I don't see why you and I should have tension.

Ethan: Me, neither. You know, I'd like to be straight up about everything.

Nikolas: Oh, and I agree. Which is why I want to be clear when I say that I think you're out of line for coming here and requesting money on Rebecca's behalf.

Ethan: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Rebecca: You're never gonna believe what just happened. What's going on? What are you doing here?

Nikolas: It seems that Ethan is very interested in looking out for you.

[Knock on door]

Diane: What's this emergency? Has Mr. Grasshopper hacked into the FBI again?

Max: It's a romantic emergency, actually.

Diane: Here? Now? What? Can't we just get over to the Metro Court like we usually do?

Max: It's not about us. Uh, no. Spinelli needs a little romantic advice, uh, and nobody's better at romance than you, hon.

Diane: Well, there's no argument there. All right, so what are we dealing with?

Spinelli: Oh, okay. So, um, after singing to Maximista, we, um, spent a night of wild abandon and mutual lust, accompanied by cries of great joy, uh, after which I, um, spontaneously offered a proposal to Maximista.

Max: Uh, he asked her to marry him.

Spinelli: Which she did not refuse, but she did, um, exit the room in a rather rapid and, um, uh, confusing manner, citing career concerns.

Max: Uh, Maxie said she had to get to work and then she bailed.

Spinelli: Yeah, yeah. So what would the brusque lady of justice recommend in terms of trying to frame a second proposal, just in case she misunderstood the first one?

Diane: Oh, Mr. Grasshopper. You are a kind and loving soul. You are honest and you are brave, you can sing like a damn bird. You are in many ways immensely charming.

Spinelli: Well, gracious thanks.

Diane: However, when a man asks a woman to marry him and she flees the premises, that in itself is your answer.

Kate: So how did this happen? I set up this shoot exactly the way that I wanted it. I never give the authority for even the slightest change, and yet-- is this in a park?

Maxie: In Queens. Where the World's Fair used to be like a million years ago.

Kate: Well, that's a pedestrian idea at best.

Maxie: That's kind of what I was going for. Something to contrast against the clothes. A little more retro.

Kate: Maxie, did you think that I wouldn't notice? I wouldn't notice that you changed the concept, that you changed the location, that you sent it to the printer's without my permission? Did it ever occur to you, Maxie, to just call me and tell me that you had a problem?

Maxie: I did call you.

Kate: Well, all right. Well, then who gave you the authority to go over budget? I don't-- Maxie, how did this happen?

Maxie: Well, the day after you left for your cruise, the warehouse where the photo shoot was supposed to happen was flooded. They're still saying it's going to take 2 months to clean it up. We were about to lose the A-list models to other assignments, and the park was the only place I could get on such short notice. And then your concept didn't fit. So--

Kate: So you took it upon yourself to change the concept and the location and go over budget.

Lulu: Uh, the budget for the shoot is actually down by about 20%.

Maxie: We had to pay some cancellation fees. That's what drove the numbers up.

Kate: You know how I feel about excuses.

Lulu: We might actually get some money back, though, because of the flood. Maxie made sure that I filed a claim with the insurance company.

Kate: Okay, Lulu, why are you standing up for Maxie?

Lulu: Because I'm telling you what happened. She rebooked the models. She found the photographer. Maxie saved the October issue.

Kate: Yes, or she sabotaged me while my back was turned. I will look at the proofs. Let's hope that I'm pleased. You can close the door.

Johnny: Hey, you are just counting those minutes, aren't you? Hoping that baby's gonna be Ric's so you can get rid of Claudia. Never mind the fact that she risked her life for you. Never mind the fact that she used all of her influence so she could give you our family's business. That she involved herself in a business deal that allowed her to be traded off like she was from the damn middle ages. But that's done now, Sonny, right? You got what you want. You're done with Claudia, so you're just gonna throw her out like the garbage.

Sonny: Saint Claudia chose to sleep with my brother after we were married--

Johnny: You don't give a damn who Claudia sleeps with and you know it. You married her for the money and the power. And you've treated her like dirt since day one. Then you went and knocked her up, and now you want to deny the child that you could have had with Claudia so you can justify chasing after Olivia. Let me tell you something, pal. Olivia deserves a hell of a lot better than you. And so does Claudia. And so does that baby. Which I pray to God is not yours.

Olivia: What he said.

Lulu: Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little?

Maxie: No. You know how Kate is. She's drawing this whole thing out to torture me.

Lulu: You really did save the October issue.

Maxie: Don't worry, I'm gonna download all my information onto your PDA and you're gonna be fine.

Lulu: Your shoot was good.

Maxie: I know. My layout was brilliant. It was cutting edge. It skews young like crimson is supposed to. I mean, it-- it was about dressing green for the future while looking back at the past. And I thought those links to the internet were kind of fun. And it made the Colletta collection look way better than it does. But Kate will never admit that.

Kate: Maxie! So, I reviewed every one of these photos twice, in an effort to be fair. The concept is nowhere near what I imagined, Maxie. The photography is erratic. The clothes are misrepresented. The references to the environment are extraneous at best. And I'm not really sure how I feel about outtakes being on the internet. However, at this late date, we'll have to go with it.

Maxie: I'll be out of the office within the hour.

Kate: Maxie, why don't you listen to me when I talk? I just said that this layout was printable. Barely, but printable. I'm promoting you to junior editor.

Maxie: Thank you.

Kate: Now, I know, Maxie, that you understand what it means to your personal life when you become a junior editor, and I really hope that Mr. Spinelli will not be a distraction.

Diane: Maxie strikes me as an incredibly focused young woman who is determined to have a career in fashion, even if that means working for Kate Howard, which, while exciting, cannot be very easy.

Spinelli: But she surely won't be tied to the demanding diva much longer, because she possesses the skill and drive to excel on her own.

Diane: Yes, well, that's my point, Mr. Grasshopper. A young woman is often asked to make sacrifices that, like it or not, a young man would never be asked to make. A career very often costs a woman far more than it ever does a man. It requires focus and determination, the kind which the men in her personal life might never understand. And a woman will be asked to keep proving herself in the professional arena long after a man has been accepted into the club. She must convince herself that her career is the priority and that she'll have plenty of time for relationships later on.

Spinelli: So, you would be reluctant to accept an offer of matrimony?

Diane: I'm afraid I'm not the marrying kind.

Spinelli: But... he asked you to marry him. I mean, inadvertently, but you said yes.

Diane: Yes, well, that was a misunderstanding.

Spinelli: Well, but...what if a proposal so sweet and tender could possibly win your heart again and change your mind?

Diane: Oh, I don't know. I suppose if the guy went all out. If he, say, rented the restaurant at the Metro Court for an evening or... took me away to New York for a weekend or rented a yacht for a romantic cruise. If he got down on bended knee and offered a serious ring. Took my hand in his, telling me that he had no choice but to love me till the day he died. That his life without me would mean nothing. He wanted to give me the world. I suppose if a guy did all that, well, then, there's a possibility--possibility, mind you, that I would set aside reservation, common sense, and follow my heart and say, yes! Yes! A million times, yes! Is he down?

Spinelli: Mm-hmm.

Diane: [Chuckles] He'll be up soon.

Kristina: Uh, how did you do that?

Michael: I used to like to play a lot with Jax. He taught me all about strategy.

Kristina: So... I do not believe this.

Michael: Go again. It's okay.

Kristina: Don't you dare let me win.

Michael: No, I won’t. You need a clean roll. Go ahead.

Kiefer: K, do you want get me a drink? You know what I like. Just put it on my father's tab.

Michael: We're in the middle of a game here.

Kiefer: Well, I'll play. Don't worry, I'll be nice.

Kristina: You better be.

Kiefer: Ohh. So when did you join the club?

Michael: Uh, my grandfather is a member.

Kiefer: Do you golf?

Michael: I used to with my stepfather.

Kiefer: Right, right. Your, uh-- I guess your dad the gangster isn't really the golfing type, right? Hey, wake up, coma boy. It's your roll.

Rebecca: I'm assuming you mean well, but it's, uh, completely inappropriate for you to ask Nikolas for money on my behalf.

Ethan: Well, I was trying to be discreet. I mean, I know how much you like to play cards, and I appreciate how good you are, even if your boyfriend doesn't, you know. Well, I just thought maybe... I mean, I know you're uncomfortable asking Nikolas to stake you, so...

Rebecca: Right. So you take it on yourself to ask him.

Ethan: Right. I didn't see the harm in it, you know, keeping it in the family and all that. I--I thought you might even appreciate me trying to do something that you can't seem to be able to do.

Rebecca: If there's a game I want to play, I'll just buy my own way in.

Ethan: Are you sure you want to play it that way?

Rebecca: Very sure.

Ethan: Fair enough. Sorry to have bothered you, and, uh, thanks for lunch.

Nikolas: [Sighs] You know, the more I get to know him, the more I don't like him.

Rebecca: Yeah, you know, I'm sure he's just trying to round up money to impress Luke. I'm just glad you got rid of him.

Sonny: I admit it. You were right. Being with a woman I--I can't trust, I don't even like very much, was a way to punish myself for what happened to Michael. But now, all that's out the window, 'cause he's back.

Olivia: And what about if this baby is yours, Sonny? What are you gonna do then?

Sonny: I'll figure something out. I'm just--

Olivia: Well, I really hope that you do. Because this thing you're doing, this way you're acting now, like you're gonna throw this kid a couple scraps of your attention here or there for the great honor of being your son, that ain't gonna work, Sonny. That stinks. And you know it.

Sonny: I got myself in a mess here. You want me to stay with Claudia if the baby's mine? Is that what you're saying?

Olivia: You got her pregnant.

Sonny: Okay! And now you gotta deal. Okay? And I'm not gonna be your contingency plan, either, okay? You cannot be showing up at my apartment at all hours of the night looking for a sympathetic...shoulder. Okay? Because you had your chance with that a long time ago. And you chose Connie. And you've chosen a whole hell of a lot of other women since then. So, uh--not that I've been waiting around for you.

Sonny: Not even like the time that, you know, you waited a little bit? Huh?

Olivia: Sonny... you're a father. You know how this works. Okay? Look at me. Once this baby comes into the picture, everything changes. Okay? Then it becomes about what that kid needs. And you don't get to just go running around willy-nilly chasing after every little thing you think is gonna make you happy. You don't get to do that anymore. There's responsibilities, and there's obligations, and if you wind up...married to the wrong person, if you wind up not married at all, like I did, then... then you just gotta deal. That's all there is to it.

Sonny: I understand.

Olivia: Well, I hope you do. Oh, God, Sonny, we've been friends a long time.

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Right? I know I yell at you and I get in your face and everything. Look at me.

Sonny: Yeah, but I, you know...

Olivia: But I... I believe in you. I do. And I know that when Claudia's baby gets here... you're gonna be the best father that you know how to be.

Sonny: Okay.

Maxie: I have no life. I barely see Spinelli as it is.

Kate: [Sighs] Well, trust me, it's better that way. All right, I am late. Explain to Lulu how she'll be taking over some of your responsibilities, and, uh, Maxie... be ready to discuss Christmas when I return. Lulu, get ready. You're about to have a lot more work.

Maxie: Can you believe it?

Lulu: Congratulations.

Maxie: Junior editor at Crimson. Lulu, I finally did it. For once in my life, I solved a crisis instead of creating one.

Lulu: Just to be clear, I'm not going to be fetching you any lattes.

Maxie: Oh, don't worry. I drink straight espresso. I'm going to be working a lot starting right now.

Lulu: What about Spinelli?

Maxie: Oh, no, this is the perfect out. I mean, I can't get married. I just got a promotion.

Lulu: Yeah, except you just told Kate that you hardly see Spinelli.

Maxie: She knew I was lying. She was basically just telling me that I need to balance. But why can't I be happy with Spinelli and have a great career? I just need to learn to, uh...compartmentalize. Starting right now.

Spinelli, on P.A.: Attention denizens of the Metro Court hotel. This is not, repeat, not an emergency. Your personal safety is not at risk, so do not panic. Do not run wildly screaming towards the nearest exit. Merely listen, for vital information must be conveyed.

Lulu: Maxie.

Maxie: This isn't gonna be good.

Spinelli: This public address has been liberated by yours truly, the Jackal.

Nikolas: See, the changes so far are just superficial, but I'd like to get your opinion on a complete remodel. I definitely need some--some more light throughout here, so I was thinking about adding a bank of windows on the east gallery. What do you think?

Rebecca: Don't do any of this for my sake. I can't stay.

Nikolas: Wh-what? What do you mean? You just--you just moved in here.

Rebecca: I'm going to live at the Quartermaines.

Kristina: Mmm.

Kiefer: What took you so long?

Kristina: There was a line. I thought you were going to win for me.

Michael: I told him we can quit at any time, you know, we can stop.

Kiefer: You want to stop, coma boy, we'll stop.

Michael: Don't you ever call me that again!

Kristina: Michael, don't!

Claudia: You're just in time.

Sonny: You're doing an ultrasound? I thought it was gonna be an amnio.

Kelly: I'll confirm the position of the baby and then insert the needle for the amnio.

Claudia: Will it hurt?

Kelly: There'll be some pressure.

Claudia: I mean, will it hurt the baby?

Kelly: I'll leave you the statistics before I start. Look. There's your baby.


Sonny: Is that the way it's supposed to look?

Kelly: Everything's fine, so far.


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