GH Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09


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Rebecca: I had to make sure we're okay. You know, we said a lot of things last night.

Ethan: Yes, we did.

Rebecca: I don't want to do this over the phone. We need to meet in person before things get out of hand.

Ethan: I'll meet you, but make sure you bring the 10 grand.

Rebecca: It's not that easy.

Ethan: I thought I made this clear. Bring me the 10 grand or I'm gonna tell on you.

Rebecca: Maybe I should just beat you to the punch and tell him about you first.

Ethan: No, you won't do that. You've got too much to lose.


[Rebecca sighs]

Nikolas: What's got you so upset this early in the morning?

Spinelli: Mm... mm. Good morning. Please tell me this isn't a dream.

Maxie: It isn't.

Spinelli: And last night?

Maxie: Perfectly real. Should I remind you?

[Spinelli and Maxie giggling]

[Laughing loudly]

Jason: Again?!

[Spinelli and Maxie laughing]

Claudia: Oh! Good, you're up. It is a beautiful day. Do you want to go with me down-- down to the lake? The lilies are blooming and I wanted...

Sonny: Yeah? Cut it out. Cut it out. Please.

Claudia: Excuse me?

Sonny: Well, the happy mood, the plans, the--I just--I don't have--I don't have the patience.

Claudia: That's your whole problem, you know that? You're too concerned with things that don't matter.

Sonny: You want to know what matters?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: The amnio today, so we can find out whose baby you're carrying and where this marriage is headed.

Robin: Hi.

Patrick: Why is everyone yelling this morning?

Robin: Oh, come on. Pretend it's the roar of the crowd at Jake's giving you a standing ovation.

Patrick: Oh, please, don't remind me.

Robin: I half expected to wake up this morning with a note from you saying you joined Eli Love's tour.

Patrick: I don't need rock and roll. I got you.

Robin: Hmm. The patent leather boots may come out tonight.

Patrick: Now, there's an image that will get me through the day. By the way, little Miss rockin' Robin, I'm onto you and Coleman getting me sauced up in Jake's so I'll sing in front of everybody, including Diane Miller.

Robin: Oh, just because Diane is Brianna's family's lawyer doesn't make her a bad person.

Patrick: She's suing me for malpractice and wrongful death. What if she brings up the fact that I was drunk at Jake's singing?

Robin: Karaoke isn't a crime. Besides, Max and Diane, they were hootin' and hollerin' with the rest of them. By the way, next time, you sing solo.

Patrick: No. Absolutely not. There will be no next time.

Robin: But you were so good.

Patrick: You want a sip?

Robin: Yeah.

Andrea: Dr. Drake! I had hoped to find you and your brother together, but he doesn't seem to be here today.

Robin: Uh, yeah, Matt had a couple of surgeries canceled and reassigned. A malpractice suit can have that effect.

Andrea: I think I might be able to help. I have a little confession to make.

Rebecca: My car is gonna cost a lot more than I thought.

Nikolas: Well, I'd offer to help, but I already know the answer. Hmm. Thank you for last night.

Rebecca: Yeah, for dragging you to karaoke?

Nikolas: I had--I had fun.

Rebecca: Good! Good. Okay, so next time it's your turn on the mic.

Nikolas: Oh, no, come on, don't push your luck. You know, I was... looking at you up there singing made me smile a little.

[Rebecca and Nikolas laugh]

Nikolas: I mean, we live together now. It's a wonderful thing, right??

Rebecca: Um, you know that there are a few things that we haven't really got, uh--um... the allowance that you offered.

Nikolas: Right.

Alfred: I beg your pardon, Mr. Nikolas. Sorry for the intrusion, but the bank is on the phone. They need details for Miss Shaw's account.

Nikolas: Oh. Well, tell the bank that we've changed our mind, because Rebecca doesn't want the money.

Claudia: I know that I have the amnio today, Sonny. I wouldn't forget something that important.

Sonny: Nothing's gonna change just 'cause Ricís out of town. And if the baby is Ric's and you were stupid enough to sleep with him and get yourself pregnant, this marriage is done.

Claudia: I got it. You want the baby to be Ric's so that you can dump me and go off with your Bensonhurst whore.

Sonny: Why do you--

Claudia: It's fine.

Sonny: What does Olivia have to do with it? Huh?

Claudia: Everything.

Sonny: Yeah?

Claudia: Oh, you know what? Sonny, you never wanted to be married to me, anyway. You never wanted this marriage. All you ever wanted was the power that my father put on me.

Sonny: And why do you sound so surprised? We both arranged for this. You thought it was a great idea at first.

Claudia: I wasn't pregnant then. Not that you care.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Claudia: You know what's funny, though? I know that this is your baby, Sonny. And you're stuck. But when the amnio proves it, you're gonna have to take a long, hard look at the way that you've been treating his mother. It's funny that I'm good enough for you to sleep with but not good enough to treat with decency.

Sonny: Nothing ever happened that wasn't your idea first.

Claudia: Oh, well, that was me meeting you halfway. You couldn't even do that. And you know what? If you think for a second that...that I'm gonna let this continue after our baby is born, that I'm going to let our child grow up in a house with you treating me that way, you're dead wrong.

Sonny: What is it you want?

Claudia: I don't know. Let's take a look at the other women who've given you children. There's Alexis, who you treat with respect that she doesn't deserve. Which is nothing compared to the way that you grovel at Carly's feet. The woman who gave you your two sons. You treat her like she's a saint and not some crazy whack job pain in the ass.

Sonny: Hey, wait. Don't say one word about Carly.

Claudia: Oh, right. So there you go. You just proved my point. I deserve the same respect you give to Carly. I'm your wife. And I'll have it... or I'll leave.

[Knock on door]


Jason: Okay, okay.

Johnny: Whoa. Looks like somebody didn't get any sleep last night. What's up?

Jason: You can tell me everything you know about Dominic Pirelli.

Johnny: He's a soldier out of the Brooklyn branch of my father's organization.

Jason: What else??

Johnny: He's ambitious. He's reckless, but he gets the job done. He pisses the capos off because half the time he'll ditch whatever's planned and go on his own. Well, make that most of the time.

Jason: Well, that might have saved his life the other night in the woods.

Johnny: What makes you think he was part of the ambush?

Jason: No, he's the guy... Carly and the boys came up against in the woods. Carly said he was injured, but Dominic was smart enough to figure out who Carly and the boys were and he let them go, but now he wants to work for Sonny.

Johnny: So you want to know if he's worthy of Sonny's trust.

Jason: That's what I'm asking. I need to know.

Johnny: Well, you know...

[Thumping upstairs]

Johnny: Dominic's got a good reputation. What the hell's he doing up there?

Jason: It never ends.

[Knock on door]

Dominic: Mr. Morgan. Mr. Zacchara! Good to see you again.

Johnny: Hmm.

[Spinelli and Maxie laughing]

Spinelli: [Sighs]

Maxie: That was...amazing.

Spinelli: I guess I was... transformed, transported by your touch.

Maxie: I think, uh, I finally understand courtly love. It's having a connection with someone. Not just a physical one, but... with your mind and your soul. And yes, the sex is incredible. But...the most incredible part is knowing that you love me and my heart is safe with you.

Spinelli: I shall protect your heart with my very life.

Maxie: I trust you completely, Spinelli. I feel like I can tell you anything. Especially after the way you sang to me last night.

Spinelli: You'll have my heart forever. You know that, right?

Maxie: I love you so much.

Spinelli: Will you marry me?

Robin: You said something about a confession?

Andrea: I took it upon myself to speak to the Hughes family directly. They're dropping the malpractice suit.

Patrick: That's great.

Andrea: Yeah.

Robin: But they seemed so determined. What would change their mind?

Andrea: The Hughes family needed a reason for her death, someone to direct all their pain. But since she was murdered, the hospital's not responsible in any way, so they shifted their anger away from Dr. Drake and his brother to the person that's responsible for all of this.

Patrick: I apologize, but according to the police, that's your husband.

Andrea: My husband's been falsely accused. Far be it from me to spread rumors. I think the police should work it out.

Robin: That's very discreet of you.

Andrea: I just thought you should know.

Patrick: Well, I appreciate that. I'll tell my brother.

Andrea: Good. Good news. Great. Have a good day.

Robin: And there goes the woman that killed Brianna Hughes.

Michael: All right, if you get Mom to let you come over, I'll take you out on the lake in the speedboat. No, who needs permission? I know where they keep the keys.

[Door opens]

Michael: Yeah--hey, that's Kristina. I gotta go. All right. All right, tell Mom I said hi.

Kristina: Ready to play?

Michael: Yeah, just keep in mind that while you were at Madison playing tennis, I was in a coma.

Kristina: Don't worry. I'm just happy to be away from my mother and all her drama. Besides, you used to be so much better than me. I brought reinforcements.

Kiefer: All right, later. Parked behind the Bentley if that's all right. Whoa, nice place.

Michael: Yeah, I don't remember inviting you.

Kristina: I thought we could play mixed. Make that very mixed doubles. You and me against Kiefer. Trust me, it'll be fun.

Maxie: [Laughs] Is this part of some ritual of courtly love-- after you have hot sex, you propose marriage?

Spinelli: No, a proposal of marriage is not, in fact, a component of courtly love. Such relationships were often star-crossed, secret and unconsummated. For example, I doubt that Essex and Elizabeth, that their forbidden love, they were ever allowed to consummate it.

Maxie: That's awful. I mean, why even bother?

Spinelli: Without love, life is meaningless. And when two such-- when two people find each other and share such emotion, it is the rarest of gifts. I, I can think of nothing--nothing more exquisite than spending my life with you, committing to you body and soul.

Maxie: Really?

Spinelli: My proposal, while impulsive, was most heartfelt and sincere. To wit... I ask you again... will you do me the honor of becoming my bride?

Jason: Just need to verify the information you gave us is correct.

Dominic: Of course. [Laughs] If I were you, I sure as hell wouldn't trust me.

Jason: Oh.

Dominic: You two aren't really much for joking around, are you? Well, while you're sitting on your thumbs wondering if you should trust me, Anthony Zacchara is throwing together an army from prison. Oh, yeah. Daddy's got game.

Johnny: Where you getting your information?

Dominic: Do I threaten you?

Johnny: Not a bit.

Dominic: Oh. That's good. I try so hard to be loved.

Jason: Actually, I went to see Anthony last night. He's really setting himself up as the old man living out his last days working the prison garden routine.

Johnny: See? When he starts playing that vulnerable card, that's when you start putting on the Kevlar.

Dominic: Then we agree. It's hitting the fan. Maybe we shouldn't really join up with Corinthos after all.

Sonny: If this baby you're carrying is mine... I will give you the benefit of the doubt about loyalty, love, even--even Michael's shooting, unless I'm proved wrong.

Claudia: You sound like my father.

Sonny: I'm not your father. I treat you like a partner in business. I respect you in front of my men. And I've kept you safe.

Claudia: You're dismissive and you're cold and you're worse.

Sonny: If you're--if you're asking me to love you... it's not gonna happen. But you knew that going into this. But if this child is mine, I will love it, I will raise it, I will be involved in this baby's life. I will give this baby the life he or she deserves.

Claudia: It sounds like it's all about the baby. I mean, where do I fit in? Do I?

Sonny: Well, I don't--I don't-- I don't know what you want me to do about that.

Claudia: I know that this is our baby.

Sonny: And I will love the baby completely. What else do you want?

Claudia: I don't get any respect for giving you a child? Is that what you're saying?

Sonny: You gotta understand where I'm coming from. Right? I don't know how--look, how hard is it for you to get knocked up? I'll never know whether you trapped me.

Rebecca: [Sighs] Made it. I'm here.

Ethan: With the money?

Rebecca: Gee, nice to see you, too. Thought you'd sober up and stop threatening me.

Ethan: So that's a no?

Rebecca: You need to calm down for both of our sakes, Ethan. You're so mad.

Ethan: I can't calm down. I can't calm down. Not where you're concerned. I want you to remember when we made this deal. Remember that night? We were naked. We were satisfied. You said we were two survivors thrown together by chance. That's what you called us.

Rebecca: Yeah. The deal still stands. Ethan, you're the one changing the terms.

Ethan: You're taking too long, and you're in too deep.

Rebecca: And you're rushing me.

Ethan: You should have taken money from Nikolas when he offered it the first time.

Rebecca: That was spending money. You think you would have been happy with that? Just take it easy, okay?

Ethan: No. $10,000 by noon.

Rebecca: Can't do that.

Ethan: Well, find a way. Or you test me and find out.

Maxie: I,  uh--I--I-- I don't know what to say.

Spinelli: Well...just do what I did. Speak what's in your heart.

Maxie: heart is very full. There's lots of feelings in there. I'm not quite sure which one to pick. Um... I do have one thing to say, though. Oh--oh! Look at the time! I'm gonna be late.

Spinelli: What? Wait a second. Perhaps if Maximista just thought about it for a second--

Maxie: Spinelli, this is terrible, because Kate comes back today, and if I'm not there or caught up to speed, she's-- she's gonna fire me!

Spinelli: It is--it is most disconcerting that your sole reaction to my declaration of my innermost feelings is to lament your being late.

Maxie: You have no idea how much your question means to me.

Spinelli: That's correct, I don't, which is why I would love some form of response. It doesn't have to be a yes or no--

Maxie: And I want to give you one, okay? A proper answer, the one that you deserve. But right now I just don't have...time. Can you help me find my shoes?

Jason: Let's be truthful. Neither one of you were loyal to the Zacchara organization. Why are you gonna be any more loyal to Sonny?

Johnny: Well, I can't speak for the new guy over there, but my old man made my life a living hell. I don't owe him a damn thing.

Dominic: And I can't speak for the old guy, but I'm giving Sonny what he asked for.

Jason: And what's that again?

Dominic: We already talked about this. I'm gonna rule the world. But for now I'll settle for, uh, working in the trenches. For now.

Johnny: You gonna be happy with just being a soldier for a while?

Dominic: Are any of us ever really happy?

Johnny: All right, can I take this guy in the back and shoot him, please?

Dominic: And this coming from the guy who just said he wasn't threatened by me. Between you and the big boss, there's gotta be a slot where I fit in.

Dominic: I like what you got going on here.

Michael: Ahh! Winning is fun, isn't it, Kristina?

Kristina: Oh, you really did play awesome.

Kiefer: Yeah, well, next time, I'm gonna wipe the court with you, Corinthos.

Michael: Bring it on.

Kiefer: You know, I was just going easy on you out there, right?

Kristina: Oh, please! I got out of the way on that last volley and Michael ran you off your feet.

Kiefer: You could be a little nicer, K. I just gave coma boy a chance to feel good about himself, just like you asked. So don't let it get to your brain, damage head.

Claudia: You love being dark and tortured, don't you? It's like living in your own private little hell. It's not for me.

Sonny: Since when it's not for you? You turn every conversation into a battle!

Claudia: No, I don't, Sonny. It's you. I have been working like--like crazy to make this-- this marriage work.

Sonny: By--how? Sleeping with my brother?

Claudia: You know what? That was a million years ago, and you're sleeping with Olivia, despite this baby that you say that you're committed to.

Sonny: If this baby... is not mine, I owe you nothin'!

Claudia: Well, you hang on to that, Sonny... And you keep treating me like the enemy long enough, that's what I'll become.

[Loud clatter]

Robin: There you are. You okay?

Patrick: I have a newfound respect for anybody who suffers from migraines. Did you talk to Spinelli?

Robin: I left him a message.

Patrick: It's a long shot, you know.

Robin: Yeah, I know that he said they probably already dumped the footage, but there has to be some backup copy of Andrea entering Brianna's room the night of the murder. I mean, who's to say that we won't find something the police missed?

Patrick: Well, just be cautious, all right? After the fiasco of falsely accusing Mayor Floyd, we can't do that again.

Robin: That one's on me. I was so worried about getting you and Matt out of that stupid malpractice suit. And I've been watching her. Andrea Floyd is definitely capable of murder. I mean, she certainly had the means and the motive. Especially if she found out that her husband was going to leave her for Brianna.

Patrick: It is a long way from jealous wife to murderer.

Robin: Maybe she didn't intend to kill. Maybe she just wanted to confront her or threaten her and things got out of hand.

Patrick: That's what you said about Alexis. Do you actually think Andrea's guilty, or are you just trying to convince yourself that Alexis isn't?

Robin: Alexis isn't the jealous type.

Patrick: And Andrea got the Hughes family to drop the lawsuit.

Robin: Yes. So we would be grateful and stop investigating her.

Patrick: But you won't.

Robin: You know me so well.

Patrick: Hey. The person that did this isn't going to appreciate you snooping around their life, so... Just be careful, okay?

Kristina: Come on, guys, let's not spoil this by fighting.

Michael: Yeah, my sister's right. We can settle this with a rematch. Just say when and you can go as hard on me as you want.

Kiefer: Yeah, I just don't really let people beat me twice.

Michael: Neither do I.

Kiefer: Come on, K, Let's go to the club for a swim.

Kristina: I told Michael I was going to have lunch with him. Maybe I'll see you there later?

Michael: Yeah, maybe I'll go, too.

Kiefer: Son of Port Charles' biggest gangster. That's-- that's classy.

Kristina: He's my father, too.

Kiefer: Okay, fine. That's cool.

Michael: Why do you hang out with that guy?

Kristina: You just haven't seen his good side. He's really smart and very intense.

Michael: Intensely obnoxious, maybe.

Kristina: He's going to be a senior, Michael. Kiefer's super popular and he picked me. Plus he's a good kisser. [Sighs]

Michael: Did you really ask him to go easy on me?

Kristina: I told Kiefer not to be such a jerk with you. I really want you guys to get along. What can I say? I like it when he calls me K.

Claudia: Okay. Thanks, Dr. Lee. I'll be there. The appointment's all confirmed for the amnio.

Sonny: I'm coming with you.

Claudia: Oh, that's so sweet of you. Really? That's really sweet that you want to sit there with me and check and make sure I don't switch the DNA results. Although that's not a bad idea. I can make them say it was Ric's baby. It's just not that much fun being your wife.

Sonny: Claudia?

Claudia: Huh?

Sonny: You don't want to be my enemy.

Claudia: Oh, how would I know the difference?

Sonny: Where is all this coming from?

Claudia: I don't know.

Sonny: Seriously.

Claudia: Big day today. Big day. Gonna find out if I'm having a boy or a girl, whether or not my child is healthy or if, God forbid, it has some sort of a genetic.... defect. Given your family history and mine, that's a very real possibility, and I'm just trying to stay positive. [Sighs] But you know what, Sonny? To tell you the truth, I don't really give a damn, at this point, who the baby's father is. I mean, 'cause it doesn't matter. All that matters is it's gonna have me for a mother.

Sonny: You know, you sound like you mean it.

Claudia: When my mother was pregnant with me... my father made her life miserable, just a complete living hell. I was already a nuisance to him in the womb. [Chuckles] Competing for her attention. So she told me that she used to go down by the water and watch the lilies in the pond. And that's where she told me that she would always love me and she would always protect me. That's why I wanted you to go down to the water with me. But you'd rather sit by my side in the hospital like some DNA cop. That's fine. It's your loss. To tell you the truth, I don't really give a damn what you do anymore.

Maxie: Sorry. I didn't hear anything about bumping anyone off or hiding bodies. When I'm having a bad hair day, it's just all white noise.

Dominic: Your hair looks fine.

Maxie: Thank you, whoever you are.

Dominic: And the rest isn't half bad, either. Allow me to introduce myself--

Maxie: Maybe some other time.

Johnny: Are you all right?

Maxie: Uh, yeah. I have to go.

Dominic: So, uh, about my start date.

Jason: Don't hold your breath.

Spinelli: Oh! Did Maximista pass this way?

Jason: Yeah, she's gone. And we're in the middle of something, so, you know, maybe you should go back upstairs--

Spinelli: She's gone. And taken the Jackal's heart with her.

Dominic: The blonde is yours?

Spinelli: Normally I would respect whatever causes Stone Cold to bring together the mob prince and him, but I must prevail upon Stone Cold to dismiss his lessers to have a private audience of dire importance. Please?

Edward: My valuables are as off limits to you as they are to Luke. As a matter of fact, I'm going to send your photograph to all the local pawn shops as a warning.

Ethan: You liked me before you found out I was Luke's son.

Edward: I spotted you as a thief the first time I laid eyes on you. How--how did you get in here?

Ethan: Oh, it was the delightful Alice.

Edward: Oh, God, that woman has a soft spot for all rogues and undesirables.

Ethan: I have some information for you.

Edward: Why do I think this is going to cost me money?

Ethan: Rebecca Shaw has become a regular at the Haunted Star.

Edward: No, you be careful. That girl is family.

Ethan: You know, it's really amazing how much she looks like her sister, isn't it? No wonder Nikolas is so obsessed.

Edward: Nikolas is as bad for Rebecca... as he was for Emily.

Ethan: Then you'd definitely be interested in what I have to tell you.

[Telephone ringing]

Maxie: I'm here, I'm here!

Lulu: You have barely made it before Kate. She's due before lunch. And Federico's waiting for your call. Did you get the emails I forwarded you? They need to be responded to before Kate gets here.

Maxie: Where are the proofs from Leslie?

Lulu: They're right there. I don't know how you're gonna explain to her the change of location. You know how she hates it when the instructions that she's given are changed.

[Telephone ringing]

Maxie: I'll handle Kate.

Lulu: Well, the proofs are in from--why aren't you answering the phone?

Maxie: Because, uh, Spinelli has asked me to marry him.

[Telephone ringing]

Jason: I probably shouldn't ask, but what happened?

Spinelli: To start with, I forgive you for not coming to karaoke night at Jake's. It was a triumph, though. Because, well, yeah, because the gods intervened and--and rendered my pitch enhancing mic useless. I just gazed into Maximista's and...I found my inner Elvis, as it were, and swept my lady off her feet with dulcet tones. That miracle was followed by another. A night of sexual nirvana in which I--

Jason: Okay, stop it. Stop. It's too much information. I'm happy for you, but what is so important that I had to kick everybody out?

Spinelli: Upon waking...there was further carnal bliss to be enjoyed.

Jason: I heard.

Spinelli: Oh. I guess the regrettably pink room isn't... big enough to contain our pleasure.

Jason: Can you get to the point, please?

Spinelli: Sorry. I was compelled to speak my heart's desire. Which is to spend the rest of my life basking in her beauty. I asked for fair Maximista's hand in marriage. Heh.

Jason: Uh, what did she say?

Spinelli: That she was late for work. Which seemed like an odd response. Have I been too hasty? Did my precipitous proposal ruin any future I have with Maximista?

[Door closes]

Claudia: What are you doing here?

Johnny: I haven't forgotten what today is. I want you to know that I'm here for you.

Claudia: Thank you. It's not really necessary. Sonny's gonna be glued to my side, for once. Till he finds out the results of the amnio and whether or not this baby's Ric's, at which point my marriage is over, and maybe my life. How are you, though?

Johnny: Hey, this baby is most likely Sonny's, and that's what you wanted all along, right?

Claudia: He's--he's pulling away, John. He's not even trying anymore. It's over. I spent my life being tolerated. I'm not going to live like that.

Johnny: It's okay, Claudia. Come on. Hey. Come on. What's important is that I'm here for you, and I love you, all right? Hey.

Claudia: [Crying] Ohh! Okay, I promised myself I wasn't gonna do this today. I have to be strong today because this little guy...

Johnny: Hey, but you don't have to be alone. All right? Truth be told, no matter how much grief I've given you about that baby, part of me is kind of excited to help you raise my niece or nephew.

Claudia: Ha ha! Nephew, I'm sure. I'm totally sure.

Johnny: Have you started thinking about names?

Claudia: No, I've been too busy trying to stay alive.

Rebecca: I'm sorry I kept you waiting, Edward.

Edward: Oh, no. I'm happy to see you, my dear.

Rebecca: I was so pleased you called, Edward. I've been meaning to stop by. Um, I've been thinking about you and your family and my sister.

Edward: You know, the moment I saw your lovely face, I knew that you and our beloved granddaughter were connected by more than mere coincidence.

Rebecca: I didn't make it easy for you. I'm really sorry about that.

Edward: No, no, no. You are as welcome in this house as Emily was, and Monica feels exactly the same way.

Rebecca: You're so kind, Edward.

Edward: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no. I can be selfish and very protective of the people I care about. I really... should have done better with Emily. Maybe I can... maybe I can make up for that this time around. So if there's anything you want, all you have to do is ask.

Rebecca: Oh. Heh. You really didn't have to say that, Edward.

Edward: I rarely say anything that I don't mean, my dear.

Rebecca: Mm. I don't have any right to ask.

Edward: Let me be the judge of that.

Rebecca: You have to know that I would never ask unless I was in a really, really tight spot. Really, I wish there was someone else I could turn to.

Edward: Why don't you turn to me?

Rebecca: I need $10,000.

Nikolas: Ohh, so you think the staff can manage it before Rebecca gets home?

Alfred: It's quite a challenge. Obviously, you care deeply for the young woman.

Nikolas: I do. And now that we live together, I don't want her to see this place as some gloomy memorial to the life that Emily and I shared. I want her to... treat this place as her own home.

Alfred: Mm.

Rebecca: I feel horrible about this, Edward. You've welcomed me into your home, and here I am with my hand out. It's just a loan. I'd pay back every penny.

Edward: Mm. I'm sure you would.

Rebecca: I just don't want to prove to be as bad as Tracy says I am.

Edward: My daughter has never learned the adage about not throwing stones. Obviously, you are in some kind of difficulty. Bad things happen to good people. But fortunately, I'm in a position to help.

Rebecca: Oh. You don't want to ask why I need the money?

Edward: Well, I don't want to give you cause to lie to me. It's best that difficulties remain unspoken. The whole thing is that you are in a predicament and we are going to get you out of it. The money is yours.

Rebecca: Oh... I'm--I'm so grateful. Edward, really.

Edward: On one condition. You must move in here with us.

Lulu: It is so like Spinelli to get romantic and carried away with this courtly love. I mean, was there, like, a special moment after you guys left Jake's?

Maxie: Yeah. Mind-blowing sex.

Lulu: Really? No. That wasn't a question. I don't want to know anything.

Maxie: Moment after moment...

Lulu: No--Maxie, I get it.

Maxie: After moment...

Lulu: Honestly, disgusting.

Maxie: After moment!

Lulu: Okay! Maybe it was like in his medieval manual, after you have moments, to propose.

Maxie: Yeah, I mean, that's what I thought, too. Then Spinelli started telling me how happy he was with me and how much he loved me and then he--

Lulu: You're too young to get married!

Maxie: I know.

Lulu: Okay. It must have been really hard to sensitively and politely tell him no. You were sensitive and polite, weren't you? You said no, right?

Maxie: Well, he was just so sweet and romantic and... Spinelli. How was I supposed to do that?

Spinelli: Maximista didn't--she didn't refuse my matrimonious overture. I mean, that's a good thing, right?

Jason: Marriage is a huge decision. Good for Maxie for taking her time.

Spinelli: No, I am aware of the gravity of the situation. Marriage is--is forever. But... that's exactly the amount of time that I want to spend adoring Maximista.

Jason: [Sighs] Look, I-- I understand. But you know I've been married twice.

Spinelli: If I may interject, the first time didn't count. Your marriage to the mysterious Brenda was annulled.

Jason: Forget about the first one. But I married Courtney because we were in love. And it failed because we really didn't know each other, and there were too many expectations. So my advice to you is, just give you and Maxie some time. If the love is real, it's always gonna be there.

Spinelli: I can't help but observe that Stone Cold's own faith tempered with caution that... he's ended up alone.

Johnny: All right, you want to know what I think?

Claudia: What?

Johnny: Is that today is all about you and...that baby. Okay? So focus on that. Don't focus on Ric, not Sonny, nothin'. You.

Claudia: Yeah. I really--I do want to give this baby a better life, John, you know? A good life. Better than what we had.

Johnny: Well, yeah. You can give that to him whether or not Sonny's the father.

Claudia: Well, the odds are in his favor. I sabotaged all the condoms. And that was a lot of condoms.

Johnny: All right, well, you will find out the results soon enough.

Claudia: I have to tell you something, though. I'm really... I'm terrified. But I'm just gonna...focus on the baby, like you said.

Johnny: Good.

Claudia: Till I find some way to work it out with Sonny.

Johnny: And what do you want to do if the baby's Ric's?

Sonny: That's a good question there, Johnny.

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