GH Transcript Tuesday 7/14/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/14/09


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[Olivia gasps]

Singer: Would you would you like it? Would you like it?

Olivia: Get out!

Sonny: Why do you have to be so mean?

Olivia: Mean?

Sonny: Yes.

Olivia: Mean? You're lucky you don't have a lamp upside you head right now. You--you are arrogant. You're conceited, and you're just--

Sonny: O-okay.

Olivia: You're arrogant.

Sonny: Wait a minute, now. You know you wanted me to kiss you, right? So why are you call--wait. Hey. Listen to me.

Singer: Would you like it if I don't go fast

Dominic: We could be good together.

Claudia: Good for what?

Dominic: Aw, you've got a dirty mind. I've always liked that about you.

Claudia: You don't know me, Dominic. You worked for my family--extent of our relationship.

Dominic: Well, hey, think of all we missed out on.

Claudia: [Scoffs]

Dominic: Here's what I'm proposing, a new partnership, with benefits.

Singer: There's no one I'd rather be alone with

Sam: This is weird. I don't have a good connection here. You know, this is--this is gonna take forever to download this file. Do you know if Spinelli left his computer here?

Jason: Yeah, it's in his, uh-- should be upstairs.

Sam: OK. You stay there. I'm gonna go get it.

Jason: Whoa.

Sam: Whoa.

Singer: Would you like it if I had my way?

[Crowd murmuring]

Spinelli: Ahem.

[Deep breathing]

Coleman: Dude, this is your moment. Pick a song, man. Dude, you either gotta-- you gotta pick a song or sit down. Come on. Nice.

["I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner playing] 

Olivia: I don't know what the hell--

Sonny: Hey.

Olivia: I don't know what the hell you're tryin' to prove, Sonny. This is not high school.

Sonny: Could have fooled me. Uh, you know, because I know you wanted to slap me, and doesn't the girl slap the boy when she has a crush on him?

Olivia: You're confused. As usual, you're confused. I didn't ask you to kiss me. I asked you to leave.

Sonny: That's not what you're mad about, Olivia. You're mad because you kissed me back because you couldn't help yourself. And I, you know-- I know what that felt like.

Olivia: What do you want from me, Sonny?

Sonny: Well...

Olivia: Huh?

Sonny: Hmm?

Olivia: Do you wanna hear me say that you kiss as good as you used to?

Sonny: Mmm...

Olivia: Because you do. Better, even.

Sonny: I like that.

Olivia: You always knew exactly what you were doin', right? So I hope you enjoyed yourself, because that is the last time that you will ever kiss me.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. You don't sleep with married men. Keep tellin' yourself that, Olivia.

Olivia: Why are you doing this to me?

Claudia: Disappear, or I'll tell Uncle Rudy that you're a traitor, and he'll tell the troops, and you'll end up dead. That is your benefit.

Dominic: No, I was--I was hoping for something a little less lethal for me.

Claudia: Yeah, I know exactly what you were hoping for.

Dominic: Ohh. There you go with that dirty mind. I was talking professional benefits.

Claudia: Now, professionally speaking, I would benefit from you disappearing.

Dominic: Now, why would you or anybody else benefit if I got killed?

Claudia: Well, I don't know. How do I benefit if you're alive?

Dominic: Heh. How do I put this tactfully? Your husband doesn't seem to like you very much.

Claudia: Ah. Uh-huh. So, first you hit on me, and then you offer to play cupid between me and Sonny? That's--

Dominic: What do I look like, a miracle worker?

Claudia: Okay, Uncle Rudy it is.

Dominic: All right. Would you just listen? We both bailed on the Zaccharas, and now we both have to survive switching sides. You and me, babe. How 'bout it?

Jason: There you go.

Sam: Ouch.

Jason: Right here. All right, is it your foot or your ankle? What is it? This one right here?

Sam: Ohh! My ankle.

Jason: All right.

Sam: Definitely. Aah!

Jason: All right.

Sam: Oh, no. My rate's just doubled for the job I'm working.

Jason: How's that feel?

Sam: Why couldn't this--ow! That hurts. Why couldn't this guy go to a hotel like every other cheating husband? He has to choose a strip club.

Jason: I--I don't think it's broken...

Sam: Oh, it's sore.

Jason: But it's definitely swollen. I'm gonna get you some ice.

Sam: Ohh. Can you make it a double, please?

Jason: Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Sam: Ohh. Heh heh. I'm surprised you're not laughing hysterically right now. I mean, really, considering all the risks that I've taken--been shot at and stranded and dangling off of cliffs and stuff--I'm gonna hurt myself in stripper shoes going up your stairs. I don't get it.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Ooh.

Jason: This should help.

Sam: Yes, that will help.

Jason: And this will help. Let's move this in here for you.

Sam: Ohh. Thank you.

Jason: There you go. Just put it right there.

Sam: Ohh.

Jason: How's that feel?

Sam: Ahh.

Jason: Okay. All right, we're gonna leave it alone. I don't think it's broken, but you, uh, definitely twisted it pretty bad.

Sam: I did, but it would have been a lot worse if you hadn't caught me. So once again, I owe you my life.

["I Wanna Know What Love Is" playing]

Spinelli: Gotta take a little time a little time to think things over I gotta gotta read between the lines in case I need it when I'm older now this mountain I must climb, feels like the world's upon my shoulders, through the clouds, I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life gets colder, in my life, there's been heartache and pain, I don't know if I can face it again, but I can't stop now, I've traveled so far to change this lonely life, I wanna know what love is

[Crowd cheers]

Spinelli: I want you to show me, I wanna feel what love is, I know you can show me

[Crowd cheering]

Spinelli: I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me, I wanna feel what love is, I know you can show me, show me love, I wanna know what love is

[Crowd cheering]

Man: There you go, buddy! Well done!

[Crowd cheering]

Coleman: Congratulations, dude. You rocked that number, man.

Maxie: Wasn't he so good? I am the luckiest girl in the world to have Spinelli express his courtly love to me in the most amazing way.

Spinelli: No, it wa--it wasn't me. It was you. You inspired me.

Maxie: Spinelli, you're a man of many talents.

Coleman: Ah, you got it, buddy.

Maxie: And you singing to me was the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me.

Diane: Mr. Grasshopper can be so annoying sometimes, and then he goes and does something like that, which is so romantic, so delicious. I mean, what woman wouldn't melt at seeing the man she loves stand up in a rowdy bar and open his heart in the name of love? It's so gallant.

Max: Like when we fish.

Diane: Oh, pl--oh, Max. Max, no. Look, don't misunderstand me. I am not the kind of woman who-- uh, you know, who a man would lay his cape down for. You know, I'm just too independent, too tough, and if that means that I have to give up a certain amount of chivalry in my life, then I guess that is just a sacrifice that I'm gonna have to make.

Spinelli: Euphoria has cracked the Jackal's impenetrable exterior. Heh.

Maxie: You've never been impenetrable, not for me.

Spinelli: You know, I have a-- I have a confession to make. I-- I had an underhanded plan to use this. It's a--it's a pitch-correction mike. I was intending to use it to create more dulcet tones when I was serenading you.

Maxie: Is that the mic that fell in the pitcher of beer?

Spinelli: [Sighs] The very same.

Maxie: And it changes your voice?

Spinelli: Indeed, but when it fell into the pitcher, it was rendered useless. Robbed of my ability to deceive, I was forced to open my heart to Maximista's magic and finally express my feelings through song.

Maxie: Well, I think courtly love is so hot.

Jason: You know what? If, uh, you're not feeling up to it, I could just--I can wait for Spinelli.

Sam: No way. You know I can't walk away from an investigation once I've started. Remember back when Spinelli moved in with us? He wouldn't even let anybody touch his computer.

Jason: Remember, nothing. He hasn't changed. He won't let anybody touch his computer, except of course you, 'cause he trusts you and...

Sam: Oh. The feeling is mutual. So he has taught me everything he knows. I'm gonna run a Jackal search right now.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: What's the guy's name?

Jason: Dominic Pirelli.

Sam: And that's all you're gonna give me? Come on.

Jason: [Sighs] Okay. Uh, midlevel Zacchara soldier who's looking to move his way into the Corinthos organization. At least that's what he says.

Sam: Mmm, but you don't believe him.

Jason: Well, he could be positioning himself to do some kind of double cross.

Sam: Hmm. So you wanna figure out if he's trustworthy.

Jason: Yeah, I need to, and this is gonna help.

Sam: Hmm. Heh. Well, this sure beats serving drinks and getting my butt pinched.

Claudia: I don't have to do a damn thing. No, I could just stand back and--and watch, wait, and see which faction figures you out first. Either way, you're basically a dead man.

Dominic: Okay, then. Don't say I didn't offer.

Claudia: Whatever.

Dominic: Oh, did I mention that I already got Sonny onboard?

Claudia: Oh, you know what? You're so full of it. No--

Dominic: No. Sonny's agreed to hire me if I can dig up someone within the Zacchara organization that's being disloyal to him, someone he doesn't know about.

Claudia: Like I said, dead man walking.

Dominic: Well, then, help me. You know stuff.

Claudia: Mm-hmm. What makes you think I don't already share everything I know with my husband?

Dominic: Because if you did, Sonny wouldn't need you anymore, and you're too smart to show your hand. Give me someone I can put into play, and we both benefit.

Claudia: Hmm. Forget it. You're on your own.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Olivia: I'm not gonna sleep with you.

Sonny: I never asked you to.

Olivia: Oh, please.

Sonny: Heh. Wha--

Olivia: Sonny, you been sniffin' around for me for months just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage.

Sonny: No one takes advantage of you unless you want them to.

Olivia: Okay. All right, fine. Fine. My bad. You don't wanna sleep with me.

Sonny: Well, I did not say I-- I didn't wanna sleep with you. I said I didn't ask.

Olivia: My God, could you please find some other woman to drive crazy, Sonny? I'm sure there's a whole line of 'em out there somewhere...

Sonny: Why would I--

Olivia: Women dying to get a piece of Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: Why would I want another woman?! You're right there! You--you got, you know-- you're perfect! You're sexy. You're beautiful. You're, uh, unpredictable.

Olivia: You forgot my sense of humor.

Sonny: I'm not--I'm not finished. You're a pain in my ass, but you're honest, and you're loyal.

Olivia: Well, so get yourself a puppy and leave me alone.

Sonny: Seriously, there's not one thing that I don't--that I don't like about you or want.

Olivia: You know, you almost married my cousin...

Sonny: Yean.

Olivia: Less than a year ago. Sonny, does that mean anything at all to you?

Sonny: Why--why would you have to go there? You know that I-- she's better off without me. You told me that 5 trillion times, so what are we--

Olivia: So--so what? So what? So she's so much better off without you, what the hell does that make me?

Sonny: Well, you're different, because, you know, you--you like messin' with trouble. So I'm right here, and if you wanna-- whatever you wanna do...

Olivia: Okay.

Sonny: We can go ahead and do it. Come here. Just--just--

Olivia: Sonny.

Sonny: No, no, no. It's okay.

Olivia: You really have to leave now.

Sonny: I don't--you want me to go?

Olivia: You really have to leave.

Sonny: Okay. That's fine. You know this--it isn't over. Okay?

Nikolas: Launch is on the way.

Rebecca: Guess I should probably get used to it since it's gonna be my new form of transportation.

Nikolas: Heh heh. You know, I was very impressed with your singing this evening.

Rebecca: Oh, come on. Karaoke virgin.

Nikolas: No, no. You came off like an old pro.

Rebecca: Well, for a guy who had never been inside of a karaoke bar before, you sure became a fan in a hurry.

Nikolas: Well, let's just say I have a very curious mind. I like learning new things. I think you're gonna be very good for me in that regard.

Rebecca: Oh. Good. Bungee jumping next?

[Both laugh]

Nikolas: What? You all right?

Rebecca: Yean. No, I'm-- I'm sorry. I just--I thought I forgot something, but I'm-- I'm okay. Um...

Nikolas: Well...

Rebecca: Oh, there-- there's our ride. Look.

Nikolas: O-okay. Well, we can go back and get whatever it is.

Rebecca: Uh, n-no. No. L-let's go home.

Coleman: All right, any requests, buddy? Anybody? 'Cause I'm--I'm ready to rock-'n'-roll right now.

Elizabeth: And that's our cue.

Lucky: You bet. I'll take you home.

Elizabeth: It's so late. I-I'll just take a cab.

Lucky: I'll get you one.

Elizabeth: OK.

Max: So that counts with you, singing?

Diane: A song might be the ultimate tribute that a man can pay to the woman he loves, and after what I've seen tonight between Spinelli and Maxie, I think there's a lot to be said for public displays of affection.

Max: Will you excuse me for a second?

Spinelli: I just wanna reiterate that that planned subterfuge did not in fact come to fruition. I--I did--I did truly sing from my heart.

Maxie: No, Spinelli, I--I just don't understand how you sounded so bad at Jason's the other day.

Spinelli: Well, I think it was my lady's faith in me that allowed the music to transform me into a--a somewhat pitch-perfect Romeo for my Juliet.

Maxie: Wow. You were really good.

Spinelli: You think I should focus on live performance?

Maxie: Yep. I think we should leave so you could practice. Come on.

Robin: Bye, Judy. Thank you. See you Saturday.

Patrick: We should have won. Jake's, we should have won that contest.

Robin: Oh, come on. All we would have gotten is a free bottle of champagne and beer for a month.

Patrick: It's the principle, Robin. We went first, and we rocked that place. We did.

Robin: Well, we were a little off-key.

Patrick: Well, no, I was off-key, but you were terrific, and that is why we should have won.

Robin: Well, it's good that your competitive streak goes beyond the O.R.

Patrick: Oh, God. I'm pissed off about a stupid karaoke contest at Jake's. What is wrong with me?

Robin: Nothing at all. We're just, uh, learning to live in the moment, and in this moment, we're losers.

Patrick: Hey, no. I am not a loser, because I've got you.

Robin: Babe.

Patrick: Really?

Ronnie: What up?

Dominic: Heh. I love it when you go all street on me. What'd I tell you about watching too much MTV?

Ronnie: My kids, they got me hooked.

Dominic: Oh. Well, I'm sorry to be interrupting quality time with the family, but it's lookin' like Corinthos may hire me.

Ronnie: How did you manage to swing Sonny?

Dominic: I know. It's wack what you can get by just askin'.

Ronnie: Please. You jump his ex-wife, and you threaten to take his kids hostage. Hey, you're lucky you didn't get your fool head blown off.

Dominic: Yean. Well, it's amazing what charm can do for you in this business. The ex-wife happened to be at Sonny's house when I stopped by. She told him what a stand-up guy I was, how I had them all in my headlights and I chose not to run them down and called me a hero. No, no. Wait. That was me. Yeah.

Ronnie: It was a stupid risk to take.

Dominic: It's what I do best. And you do best--dig me out.

Claudia: Don't walk away from me. Look, we can't--

Sonny: Back off.

Claudia: We can't keep fighting.

Sonny: Back off.

Claudia: Sonny.

Sonny: No, I don't wanna talk about it.

Claudia: Sonny, come on. I--I put my life on the line for you. I betrayed my father for you. Why can't you give me credit for that?

Sonny: Because there's no point in talking about this until we get the DNA test back that--and I know that that child is mine. Until then, what--what are you doing?

Claudia: Until then, what? You are a son of a bitch. You reek of that whore's perfume. You were with her tonight, weren't you? Cheap perfume is a dead giveaway. Well, cool. I hope that you enjoyed my brother's leftovers.

Sonny: I told you, I'm not gonna discuss this with you.

Claudia: What kind of a selfish pig walks out on his pregnant wife to go sleep with some used-up slut who's also banging his brother-in-law?

Sonny: Pregnant with whose kid?

Claudia: Oh, that's good. That's good, Sonny.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Claudia: You use your suspicion as an excuse to cheat. It's really brilliant. I get it. You come home reeking of that whore. You basically smell like you've been in a whorehouse, which you have.

Sonny: Watch your mouth...

Claudia: No!

Sonny: About Olivia.

Claudia: Don't you dare defend her to me! She is exactly what I said she is. She is a used-up, piece-of-trash slut.

Sonny: Okay...

Claudia: Yeah. She's a slut.

Sonny: Don't play outraged, Claudia. It doesn't ring true from the tramp who screwed my brother.

Dominic: Any information on the Zacchara organization, something Sonny couldn't get for himself.

Ronnie: Like what?

Dominic: A name. Uh, someone disloyal to Sonny. Rat him out, and I'm in. You got friends in low places. Come on. Give one up.

Ronnie: I don't know. One slip, this could backfire all over me. Look, life's short enough without pissin' off the Zaccharas.

Dominic: Look, I'm worth it. But Sonny's no fool. I gotta be able to back it up.

Ronnie: The chances of you pullin' this off and getting out alive are slim to none.

Dominic: Oh. At least you didn't call me a dead man. Been gettin' a lot of that lately.

Ronnie: Yeah. They also call you psycho. Why do you think that is?

Dominic: Look, are you gonna help me out or not?

Ronnie: No.

Dominic: Fine. I'll do it myself. Enjoy your MTV, homey.

Ronnie: Dom! There's somethin' I heard about today.

["How About You" playing]

Singer: Life can be so sweet, love can be so fine, I know I'm complete when I hold your hand in mine, try to picture this, you and I embrace, share a tender kiss as we stand there face to face...

Diane: Busted.

Max: May I?

Singer: I believe in fate, I believe in chance, I believe there's music playing...

Diane: Your heart was in the right place.

Max: Yeah? So is everything else.

[Both laugh]

Singer: Captured by your touch, sorry if it seems

Robin: Ah, I know what you're upset about.

Patrick: I'm not upset about anything.

Robin: No, come on. Really. I mean, if you were still single, you would be...

Patrick: Oh, God. Robin, don't.

Robin: King of the karaoke machine right now. All the women at the bar would be, "please, can I be your groupie?"

Patrick: Do you remember--

Robin: "I wanna be your groupie."

Patrick: Listen.

Robin: Hmm?

Patrick: When I was treating Eli Love the second time and you asked would I give up my life to have the life of a rock star, do you remember what I said?

Robin: Yes. You said that you would enjoy the private jets and the hotel suites and playing guitar in front of thousands of people and the groupies.

Patrick: Okay. Do you remember what else I said?

Robin: Remind me.

Patrick: I said that if I had to give up my life here, my career, and especially you, that I want no part of it.

Robin: Heh heh.

Patrick: That's what I said.

Robin: Mm-hmm. I love it when you lie to me.

Patrick: I'm not lying to you, and I have no regrets. When you were away, this is exactly what I was wishing for, just having you back.

Robin: When I was away, I thought you'd never forgive me. Have I thanked you recently for being so patient with me?

Patrick: You are worth the wait.

Robin: You know, I still think you got the short end of the stick and deserve much more attention.

Patrick: You're right.

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: What were you thinking?

Robin: Mmm, how 'bout a little game of rock star and groupie? Yeah. I can go put on those high-heeled boots that you like so much.

Patrick: Really? Well, I think you should leave the outfit for next time and go straight to the part where you idolize me.

Robin: Oh, baby, I'm already there.

Patrick: Come here, you little groupie. On second thought, get the boots.

Claudia: I turned my back on my father for you. I put my life on the line. I'm having your baby. What more do you want from me, exactly?

Sonny: Everything you do is for your own self-interest. You know what I mean? So even this baby, you're gonna use it as a tool.

Claudia: You know what? You would--you would--you would use any excuse to be suspicious of me. You treat me like crap, and you like to pretend like you're some poor suffering martyr stuck in an arranged marriage while you sleep with your whore.

Sonny: Don't call her that. I told you that already.

Claudia: Well, at least-- at least you're not pretending that you don't know who I'm talking about. Olivia came to Port Charles for one reason, and that was to get close to you. And the day her cousin, her frigid cousin was shot on her wedding day, that was Olivia's best frickin' day.

Sonny: Keep pushin' it. Keep pushin' it. Keep pushin' it, and I can guarantee you somethin'.

Claudia: What?

Sonny: You're not gonna like what happens.

Claudia: Oh, more threats? That's good. See, the thing is, Sonny, you haven't one time, not one time, denied a single thing that I've just said.

[Knock on door]

Dominic: You haven't summoned me like this in a while. Feel like, uh, back in high school, when I forgot to tell you there was baseball practice.

Olivia: Except this time, you're not grounded.

Dominic: You sure? It kinda looks like it.

Olivia: Um, how long you gonna be stayin' in town?

Dominic: Heh. Wow, you really are that happy to see me.

Olivia: Honey, I am thrilled to see you. I love you. You know that, right?

Dominic: But? I hear it comin'.

Olivia: But you told me that you were comin' to town for work.

Dominic: That's right. Ma, you know I'm not gonna discuss my work with you.

Olivia: Ah, yeah, right. I know. It's all a big secret and everything, but how important is this job, really, honey? I mean, can't someone else do it?

Dominic: Why are you pushing me out the door?

Olivia: Honey, if I thought that you were here to see me, that would be completely different, but--but you're not. Port Charles is a bad idea for you right now, okay? I would rather that you didn't stick around.

Dominic: You can't talk to your son like that. That's--that could be considered child abuse. I may report you to the court.

Olivia: Dante, could you just, for once in your life, do what I tell you?

[Foghorn blows]

Rebecca: Ah. Took you long enough.

Ethan: Well, I thought you'd be all snug in the castle with your new boyfriend.

Rebecca: Yeah, I was. I couldn't sleep, Ethan. I have to know. Why did you follow us from Jake's tonight?

Ethan: Why wouldn't I? Heh.

Rebecca: You're gonna ruin everything.

Ethan: Ah. You're catching on. See, if you cut me out, that's exactly what I'll do.

Rebecca: You're being ridiculous.

Ethan: You can't play me for a fool. Y-you're supposed to be conning Nikolas, not going soft on him.

Rebecca: I'm getting Nikolas to fall in love with me, just like you planned, Ethan. He asked me to move in with him. I'm becoming an integral part of his life. It's just what we wanted.

Ethan: I'm thinking you want that more than I did.

Rebecca: All right, so what am I supposed to do, just go back to Wyndemere and ask Nikolas to write me a big, fat check?

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: Right. "A few more zeroes, Nikolas." That's gonna work.

Ethan: Ah. Well, you can't con a conner. He did offer you money, and you turned him down.

Rebecca: He offered me a weekly allowance, Ethan. It's hardly the big leagues you've been dreaming about.

Ethan: That's your version. See, my version is that you're actually falling for this guy, that you want this fantasy to become a reality, but that can't happen, because I'm broke, okay, and I need 10 grand by noon tomorrow.

Rebecca: You've gotta be kidding.

Ethan: Hey, find a way, or I'll tell Nikolas everything.

Maxie: Ohh. Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yeah?

Maxie: What you did for me tonight was the most amazing gift that I have ever gotten.

Spinelli: The gift was yours to me. I--you made my heart sing.

Maxie: Oh.

Spinelli: Um, have a nice evening, both of you. Good night.

Maxie: I like your outfit.

Sam: You, too. Wow.

Jason: They were at Jake's.

Sam: Yeah, I know. Karaoke night.

Jason: Yeah, but he can't sing.

Sam: Well, it looks like he did something right.

Spinelli: Maximista, this is hardly courtly.

Maxie: I think courtly love is amazing, but when a man sings his heart out to a woman, he has to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Spinelli: Ha ha!

Maxie: I'm your consequence. Deal with me.

Nikolas: Where were you?

Rebecca: I lost an earring on the dock, and I went back to find it.

Nikolas: Heh. You know, I pay people to do things like that for us.

Rebecca: Yean. I guess I haven't gotten used to that yet.

Nikolas: I don't like it when you leave me.

[Door closes]

Dominic: Mr. Corinthos. Can I call you Sonny?

Sonny: No. Call me Mr. Corinthos. That didn't take long.

Dominic: Well, I promised 15 minutes. You think I've lost a step?

Sonny: Well, well, I think that you think you're the most fascinating creature on earth, which is not correct.

Dominic: Wait. Run that by me again?

Sonny: Talk to me.

Dominic: The Zacchara crew were bringing in a major drug shipment. Got derailed when the couriers were shot. Cops came in, seized the product.

Sonny: So far, I'm not hearin' anything I don't already know.

Dominic: Danny Locatelli ran the show.

Sonny: Danny? I thought, uh-- oh, I wanted to count on him. Okay. Uh, thought he was gonna be one of us.

Dominic: Mission accomplished. Oh, and here's a freebie for you. Danny's gonna try it again. Tuesday night, pier 15. The product'll be in a laundry truck.

Sonny: And you think I should take this on--on good faith?

Dominic: Oh, absolutely. I mean, whatever you do, don't check it out. I made the whole thing up.

Sonny: No, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have my men on pier 15 to check it out.

Dominic: Can't be too careful.

Sonny: Heh. Smart guy. But, see, I wouldn't poison you. I--I would put a bullet between your eyes if the tip proves false.

Dominic: And when it proves true?

Sonny: The bullet might just miss.

Dominic: Salute.

Sam: Dominic Pirelli. It's a New York, um, driver's license.

Jason: Yeah, that's the guy.

[Objects crashing]

Jason: What else--uh, what else can you find?

Sam: Uh, um, let me--let me see here. Maybe I can...

[Objects crash]

Sam: Pull up something. All right, here we go. I mean, this is his rap sheet. It's pretty much like petty crimes right here.

Jason: Scroll down a little bit. Right there.

[Objects crash]

Sam: I'm sorry. Heh. I'm sorry. It's really hard to focus right now. I mean, I'm happy for them. A-aren't you?

Jason: Well...

Sam: Heh heh.

Jason: Uh, yeah, sure, whatever.

Sam: I mean, it's...sweet.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: And, uh--

Jason: Loud.

Sam: Loud.

Jason: Yeah, it's loud.

Sam: But sweet. I mean, you know, when you've waited and waited so long to be together...

[Objects crash]

[Both laugh]

Singer: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'll buy a house on the better side of town, our names on the mailbox outside, oh, the sound of tiny feet running through the yard, how does that sound so far? All you need to do to get away is close your eyes and wander, close your eyes and wander away, close your eyes and wander away with me when I think of love, I can picture you and I walking hand in hand in the autumn of our lives, the children are grown, they all have flown away, they have children of their own, baby, just close your eyes and wander...

Maxie: I love you, Spinelli.

Spinelli: I love you, Maximista.

Singer: Close your eyes and wander, close your eyes and wander away, close your eyes and wander away with me if you're like a lot of people, (Laughter)

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