GH Transcript Thursday 7/2/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/2/09


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Jax: Hey, what's up?

Carly: I'm doing what you asked. I'm coming to you when I'm starting to stress out so you can talk to me and you can calm me down.

Jax: I'm going to need a little more information than that.

Carly: It's Michael at the Quartermaines'. And not that I'm rethinking it, because I know that this is the best possible compromise. I understand that.

Jax: Okay, so what's the problem?

Carly: It's the Quartermaines themselves. Michael is going to run rings around Monica and Edward. I mean, how are they going to stop him from putting himself at risk?

Edward: Michael -- son, what the hell are you doing?

Michael: They're called dips. They're for upper body strength.

Edward: Well, here, you've done enough. Now take a break. Come on over here. You know, I admire your industry, son, but you don't have to improvise on the furniture. We have a fully-equipped gym over in the east wing. But if there's a piece of equipment that you need, well, I'll be happy to order it.

Michael: Thanks.

Edward: My pleasure. You see, this is your home now, and we want you to be comfortable.

Michael: Uh, when you said that I could have anything that I wanted, did you mean it?

Johnny: Sorry, I can't see you tonight. I've got to do a job for Sonny.

Olivia: Well, I've got to say, I'm disappointed. But work comes first, I understand.

Johnny: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Olivia: Hey, how about I come by and see you before you go?

Johnny: I'd love that. I'll see you sometime. Hey, somebody just came by. I've got to go. If you came to die, you came to the right place.

Kristina: Hey, Molly. What are you doing?

Molly: Looking at stuff about Mom.

Kristina: Let me see. How did you know where to find this garbage?

Molly: My friend sent me some links. Look, this person --

Kristina: Anyone who sent you these links is not a friend. Just like that mean clique of girls at your school. They like to gossip and invent stuff just to make a person sound bad.

Molly: Do you think that's what happened to Mom?

Kristina: I know it did. I mean, listen to this. Does it sound like Mom to you? "Between the fathers of her children and affairs in between, D.A. Davis seems to be using Port Charles as a setting for a game of musical beds."

Alexis: Kristina, why on earth would you be showing that to your sister? You know better than that.

Alexis: I am so sorry that you had to find out about it that way, because I wanted to be able to tell you myself.

Molly: The blog says you had an affair with the mayor.

Alexis: I was involved with him, yes. And it was a huge mistake.

Molly: Why? Is he your friend?

Alexis: Yes, he was. There was a time in my life when I was very sad, and he was very nice to me, and I just let it go too far. And I shouldn't have done it.

Molly: But why does everybody know?

Alexis: Well, because the mayor told the press, and now everybody's talking about it. And the worst part about all of this is the fallout that could land on either one of you. This is something that I did wrong. It's my problem. And it's not your responsibility or Kristina’s responsibility to try to fix it, okay?

Molly: Okay.

Michael: You know, I'm still pretty weak from laying in that bed for a year. I was thinking maybe I could get a physical therapist to help me regain my strength.

Edward: But I thought the hospital was handling your physical therapy.

Michael: Well, they're supposed to. I was at the hospital for so long that the last thing I want to do is go back there for therapy.

Edward: Of course. Nobody wants to be in the hospital if he can help it, right? Say, I've got an idea. How would it be if I hired a physical therapist to come to the house, huh?

Michael: Would you do that for me?

Edward: It would be my pleasure.

Michael: Thanks. I mean, that would be so great, you know?

Edward: Is there anything else I can do that would make you feel more at home?

Michael: Well -- not you. It would be too much to ask.

Edward: Hmm? What's on your mind?

Michael: Dad bought me a car.

Jax: Michael doesn't want to live with us. He can't live at Sonny's because it's too dangerous. And I thought that the Quartermaines' was a reasonable compromise.

Carly: It is, it is. And they love him, they're his family -- but, you know, Michael is perfectly capable of taking advantage of the situation. He's my son.

Jax: Well, I'm sure between Monica, Edward, and Tracy they will manage just fine.

Carly: I don't know. They're so excited to have him living underneath their roof, I'm afraid they're going to give in to his every whim. And Edward -- you know Edward's going to spoil him rotten. You know that he is.

Jax: Okay, so what? So what if he takes him to ELQ and tells him, "my boy, some day this will all be yours." Where's the harm in that? It's better than being a mob boss, right? Hmm?

Carly: Could you stop making such perfect sense, please?

Jax: I thought that's why you came to me, so I could talk you down.

Carly: But don't I have the right to have a little righteous indignation if Edward's going to take advantage of my son and manipulate Michael? Don't I?

Jax: If he was, what would you do about it?

Carly: I'd go over there and I'd talk to him.

Jax: Ah-ha!

Carly: "Ah-ha" what?

Jax: Now we're getting to the heart of the matter. You're trying to come up with excuses so you can go over to the Quartermaines' and check up on Michael.

Carly: He's my son. Don't I have the right?

Jax: Of course you do. But you also said that you were going to give him some space, remember?

Carly: I have given him space.

Jax: Mm.

Carly: I've given him a whole afternoon.

Jax: A whole afternoon?

Carly: That's right.

Jax: Carly, you have the rest of your life to form a relationship with your son. But for now, he's out of Sonny's house, he's safe, and that's exactly what we wanted.

Johnny: Get out. The last thing I need is you being seen here.

Dominic: Oh, well, then, I guess I'd better stay inside.

Johnny: Corinthos wants you dead. You have Jason Morgan on your trail.

Dominic: Yeah, I'm honored. I hear Morgan has quite the reputation as an enforcer. Of course, if you hadn't shoved him to safety in the woods, we wouldn't have this problem, would we?

Johnny: Oh, we don't have a problem, pal, you do. Which would make a very convenient time for you to step out.

Dominic: There you go again, playing it safe. Step outside the box, Z. Push the envelope. Instead of running from the Corinthos organization, I'll go work for them.

Johnny: You're out of your mind.

Dominic: Your sister is married to Sonny. You're working for him. A year ago, people would have said hell would freeze over before that would happen, but it has.

Johnny: Okay, so I switched sides. So why shouldn't you?

Dominic: Hey, that's a great idea. You can make the introductions.

Johnny: You threatened Sonny's ex-wife and two kids in the woods.

Dominic: Hey, I got way worse deal than that. Look at the bite marks on my finger. I may never play the violin again.

Johnny: The only reason you would want to work for Corinthos is to take him down from the inside.

Patrick: You all right?

Coleman: It ain't over. It's just, you know, sales down, unopened bottles sitting on the shelf. Even Buffalo wings on Friday night aren't packing them in anymore, you know?

Patrick: It's getting serious, huh?

Coleman: Yeah. But the good news is -- I'm an entrepreneur, right? And when the going gets tough, I get creative.

Patrick: Lower the price of booze? What are you going to do?

Coleman: Better, man. What do you think?

Patrick: I think it's brilliant. I think if people are going to sing in public, they usually have to drink alcohol, which means more sales for you.

Coleman: Well, see, that is the plan, my man. Pack the bar, and get everybody drinking.

Patrick: Absolutely. I just don't understand why you called me in for this.

Coleman: Well, see, the beauty of karaoke is that it appeals to everybody. College grads, factory workers, housewives, businessmen, doctors.

Patrick: Where did that come from?

Coleman: Dude, come on. You're a good looking dude. Class, charisma. And, I mean, chicks dig you, which guarantees the ladies are going to enjoy the show.

Patrick: What show, Coleman?

Coleman: Dude, I want you to be the first in line to grab that mic and belt out a tune.

Patrick: Not a chance in hell. I'm not singing in public.

Coleman: Why not?

Patrick: Because, Coleman, I have a reputation to uphold.

Coleman: Come on, man, it's just karaoke, dude. Look, hey, I'm your buddy, right? I was best man at your wedding, and -- well, at least the first attempt. And now it's your turn to stand up for me, brother.

Patrick: Time out. You're not comparing a wedding to the embarrassment of singing karaoke in front of people at your bar.

Coleman: Dude, one's as painful as the other, man.

Patrick: You know what? I'd really love to help you out, but I've got to keep a low profile until this whole malpractice suit is swept under the rug.

Coleman: Dude, I thought that was dead in the water now that the mayor's been arrested for offing his mistress.

Spinelli: Ah, Jake’s. The sharp smell of alcohol stinging the nose, carcinogens wafting through the air, sawdust kicked up under our feet.

Maxie: Actually, there's no smoking allowed inside, and the floors are bare. So other than that --

Spinelli: It's a veritable home away from home for a hard-boiled detective like myself.

Maxie: I would rather really be at home, where we could have some privacy.

Spinelli: I feel proximity could weaken my commitment to chaste and courtly love.

Maxie: Kind of what I'm hoping for.

Spinelli: Behold. The answer to all of our problems.

Dominic: If I was to take down Sonny, would you care?

Johnny: I mean, aside from the fact that Sonny's married to my sister and that she's pregnant with his kid, Sonny runs a brutally efficient organization. Trying to take him down would be a losing proposition.

Dominic: Oh, you're worried about me. I'm touched, really. So, are you going to make the introduction or not?

Johnny: Forget it. You want to go to Sonny yourself, ask him for a job, get yourself shot? Make my day. But leave me out of it.

Dominic: So this is the thanks I get for saving your life?

Johnny: Oh, really? Saving my life? As far as I could tell, the other night you were shooting for Morgan and me.

Dominic: No, you were never in any danger. Not then, at least.

Olivia: You alone?

Johnny: Hey.

Olivia: Am I interrupting anything?

Johnny: No.

Robin: It's good to have you back, Toussaint. Same man, but different uniform.

Toussaint: Well, I gave up my old mop for a brand-new badge.

Robin: So, what made you decide to become a security guard?

Toussaint: Well, once upon a time in one of my other lives, I did some police investigation work.

Robin: Really? So you have experience with investigating.

Toussaint: I sure do. What's on your mind?

Robin: Well, I was hoping that you could help walk me through this mystery I'm trying to solve. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun and accused the mayor of murder.

Toussaint: Yeah, I heard about that.

Robin: Well, everybody has. Now the mayor has been arrested, and lives are being ruined because of me.

Alexis: Unfortunately, what happened with the mayor is being exaggerated, and it's being twisted into a lot of lies.

Molly: But who would lie?

Alexis: Well, people who are really, really scared. Like the mayor, like his political opponents, and unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do about it.

Molly: But what if my friends ask what happened?

Kristina: Trust me, they will. I've gotten hundreds of messages on my page.

Alexis: If they ask, just tell them that your mother is acting according to the dictates of her conscience. Sweetheart –

Molly: Wait, what does that mean?

Kristina: Pretty much nothing. I vote for keeping our mouths shut.

Alexis: Good idea. Okay, honey, would it be okay if we talk about this later? Because you're supposed to be at Sarah’s, 5:00. Come on, let's go.

Kristina: Can you drop me off at the library?

Alexis: Actually, I'd prefer it if you stay here. I'm going to talk to you when I get back.

Jax: And you you’re okay with the tile in the master bathroom, right?

Carly: It's paler than I thought.

Jax: Well, then, we'll rip it out.

Carly: No, no. I'd rather deal with paler for the next 20 years than this house not to be done on time.

Morgan: Hey, can we go visit Michael now?

Carly: Yes, we can. I'm ready.

Jax: Well, hold on, not so fast. I can't let your mother go, because we have a lot of work to do still.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: No, no. How would you like to go to the Quartermaines' in the hotel limo?

Morgan: Can I have a soda and watch a movie?

Jax: Of course you can. I also think that it has a video gaming system in it now, so you can play them on the way over there.

Morgan: Awesome?

Jax: Think you can find your way back down to the front desk?

Morgan: I've only done it, like, 50 million times.

Jax: All right. Go, go, go. Marty, it's Jax. Could you get the hotel limo ready? Morgan's going to go over to the Quartermaines'. He's on his way down. Thanks.

Carly: That was smooth.

Jax: Yes, and we were just talking about giving Michael space.

Carly: I know, but I was thinking how teenagers have a short attention span, and Michael probably doesn't even remember that I was there this morning.

Jax: Oh, that's a stretch. That is a stretch even for you.

Carly: I'm having such a hard time with this. I am. Michael and I were so close, and now we don't get along. We're not connecting. And the Quartermaines -- I know the Quartermaines are driving him crazy, and he probably wants to talk to me and tell me how he's feeling --

Jax: Carly --

Carly: So I should go over there so he can do that.

Jax: You're going to have to trust me. Do you think you can do that?

Michael: Thanks, Grandpa. Man, he's pretty intense.

Edward: Oh, well, I'm glad you liked your physical therapist, huh?

Michael: Dan said he can come every day. He's pretty expensive, but --

Edward: Don't worry out the cost. I'm very happy to pay for it.

Michael: Did you call about the car?

Edward: Mm-hmm. It's all taken care of. Hey, are you all right, son? Monica! Monica, come here immediately. Don't you move. You just sit there. Monica!

Monica: What is the matter?

Edward: Oh, that damn therapist pushed Michael too hard.

Monica: What therapist?

Edward: The one I hired to supervise Michael's training.

Monica: Oh, Edward, you fool.

Edward: Well, I was only trying to help.

Monica: Help like that is going to put him right back in the hospital.

Johnny: Okay?

Olivia: Mm, thank you.

Johnny: Salud. I wish I could treat you to more than this.

Olivia: Oh, really? Like, what did you have in mind?

Johnny: I don't know, maybe a weekend at a bed and breakfast on the lake, just the two of us. No Sonny and Claudia barging in whenever they want. We can leave tomorrow.

Olivia: That would be nice, but I've got to take a pass.

Johnny: Mm -- too much, too soon.

Olivia: No, it's just I promised on pain of death that I would go to Bensonhurst this weekend and have lunch with my son at my parent's house.

Johnny: Hmm. Well, I'll miss you, but it sounds like you'll have fun.

Olivia: Yeah, I've got to admit, get-togethers with my family are really something. It's, like, classic old-school Italian, you know? The big meal in the middle of the day, and when I say big, I mean, like, roman emperor's feast. It's a wonder we're not all 400 pounds. Cousin Violetta's pushing it.

Johnny: Are they all as outgoing as you are?

Olivia: Outgoing? That's a nice euphemism. Yeah, it's pretty much wall-to-wall type A personalities. You would have a blast. Which is -- that's probably my cue to invite you along.

Johnny: No -- no, I get it. I understand why you can't.

Alexis: We need to discuss what happened here.

Kristina: Sure.

Alexis: Would you mind turning that off and looking at me, please? I understand how hurt you are, and how disappointed you are in me. You have every reason to be. But you shouldn't have shown Molly that blog, because she's too young to understand the hateful things they said about me. You're her older sister. You need to protect her, no matter how angry you are at me.

Kristina: No scandal blogs for Molly. Got it. Can I go now?

Alexis: No. Sit. What is wrong with you? Why are you acting this way? What happened to the thoughtful, compassionate, mature daughter that I could always count on?

Kristina: Maybe she changed when she found out her mom slept with a married man.

Robin: Everyone's convinced that the mayor killed Brianna Hughes, but it just seems so neat, you know? So tied up in a little bow. I'm afraid that I've missed something.

Toussaint: Go back to the beginning.

Robin: Okay, well, the beginning for me was when Patrick and I were called to the Metro Court hotel room. Brianna was there, she was unconscious, and Mayor Floyd was frantic. He said that they had been taking a shower together and she hit her head once, not twice like the autopsy showed.

Toussaint: Do you believe him?

Robin: It's certainly possible that he didn't know about it, and he did leave the hotel room and come back, which would leave room for somebody else to have hit her over the head.

Toussaint: Keep going. What does your instinct tell you?

Robin: If he was telling the truth about what happened to Brianna, maybe he's also telling the truth about the fact that he planned to marry her, which would mean the person with the most to lose is the mayor's –

Andrea: Dr. Scorpio, just the person I was looking for. I wanted to thank you again for all your help.

Robin: How exactly have I helped you?

Spinelli: Karaoke night. A truly inspired concept.

Coleman: Feel like giving it a shot, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Yeah, most heartily. I shall express my devotion to fair Maximista through song, the romantic embodiment of courtly love.

Coleman: I can think of better expressions of love, but hey, whatever floats your boat, buddy?

Patrick: Congratulations, Coleman, you have your first performer.

Coleman: Mm-hmm. Well, you could follow his example, man.

Patrick: Not a chance.

Maxie: Spinelli, that's really sweet of you.

Spinelli: Ardent melody shall be the gentlest pleasure.

Maxie: I don't need a musical tribute, or any display of courtly love. I just want you -- with benefits.

Spinelli: I thought we agreed to sublimate our physical passion. And you know, I -- oh, I need to turn myself away. I need to go select and rehearse a song worthy your luminous self.

Maxie: How could you?

Coleman: How could I what?

Maxie: Shame on you, Coleman. You're exploiting Spinelli, the sweetest person on the planet, out of pure greed.

Michael: I never want to go back to the hospital. That's why I've been working so hard to build myself back up.

Monica: Yes, but you're practically collapsing from exhaustion.

Michael: I just needed a little rest, you know? I'm feeling better already.

Monica: No, Michael, I am worried about you.

Michael: Look, I know my body, you know? I wouldn't be pushing myself this hard if I thought I was going to have a relapse.

Monica: I don't want you overdoing anything.

Michael: I'm not. Look, no offense, but you sound just like Mom.

Monica: Well, I am one, and moms are protective.

Michael: She was always hovering over me and treating me like I'm still a little kid. I'm 17, you know? I can handle a little independence.

Edward: Monica and I have complete faith in you. Don't we, Monica?

Monica: Well, yes -- yes, we trust you, Michael.

Michael: Thanks. I guess that's what it was with my mom. You know, I never felt like she really believed in me, and that made me angry and frustrated, and then I'd feel bad for getting upset with her. It was this whole downward spiral, and --

Edward: Well, you know, your mother should have kept a little looser rein. You know, given you a little more freedom.

Michael: Look, I'm not putting her down. I love my mom.

Monica: Well, of course you do, Michael.

Michael: Look, I'm just saying that the control thing got to me. But, you know, I feel better here with you guys. It makes me feel like I can relax, you know? Which makes me want to stay.

Edward: Well, we are delighted to have you, Michael, and we want you to stay here indefinitely, huh?

Michael: Maybe I will.

Johnny: No, no, I understand why you can't bring a Zacchara home to Bensonhurst.

Olivia: Oh, no. No, my family wouldn't be thrilled with the mob connection, but that's not why I can't take you.

Johnny: Oh, so the rejection's personal, huh? Ow, right here. Right there.

Olivia: It's not your fault you're younger than me.

Johnny: Oh, I thought that wasn't a problem.

Olivia: Oh, it isn't. Not for me. Believe me. My family? They will lose their collective minds. I can hear my mother now, not to mention my aunts and my uncles. I told you, you're almost as old as my son, okay? And the last thing I need is him getting up in my face. He would never let me hear the end of it, okay?

Johnny: Okay, then.

Kristina: All my life, you pushed me to have these impossible high standards and principles. Except now, I find out, it's "do as I say, not as I do."

Alexis: I'm not perfect. I've made more mistakes than I can count. But I try to learn from them and move forward.

Kristina: Well, the moving forward part, you got nailed.

Alexis: Why are you being so unforgiving?

Kristina: Look, you're always on my case for me to be perfect. My grades, my activities, my whole life!

Alexis: That I put too much pressure on you?

Kristina: Yeah, Mom!

Alexis: Or because I tell you how wonderful you are all the time and how much potential I think you have, and I don't want to see you waste it?

Kristina: Do you see me wasting anything? I know my future's important. Trust me, I want to go to Yale just as badly as you want me to.

Alexis: I want to support you. I want you to feel like I'm supporting you, and I certainly don't want you to feel like I'm trying to control you. And if I've given you that impression, I'm sorry. And maybe we should both try a little harder to remember that we're both human.

Kristina: Right, so you can do whatever you want, and then when you get caught it's suddenly, "oh, well, I'm only human."

Alexis: I've made some bad choices. I certainly hope that you'll make wiser ones. But I am your mother, and it would be very nice if you would treat me that way.

Andrea: You have helped, Dr. Scorpio, by being objective. I can only hope the court will be as impartial.

Robin: This must be a difficult time for you.

Andrea: My husband is working on his defense. I have to believe he will be exonerated.

Robin: I believe he will be.

Andrea: Excuse me. Excuse me, are you Toussaint Dubois, the lead singer of The Saints?

Toussaint: Guilty as charged.

Andrea: I'm Andrea Floyd. I loved your music. I had every one of your records. My girlfriends and I used to dance to them all the time.

Toussaint: Oh, why, thank you.

Andrea: Thank you for your hours of pleasure. This is unbelievable. I can't believe it's really you. This -- this is an honor. Do you mind -- do you mind signing an autograph?

Toussaint: Oh, no, absolutely not.

Andrea: This is amazing. This is truly a bright spot in a very dark day. Thank you.

Toussaint: Okay, thanks.

Robin: You probably think I'm crazy for accusing her of killing Brianna Hughes.

Toussaint: Well, I can't argue with her taste in music, but that doesn't necessarily make her innocent.

Robin: Do you think she's capable of murder?

Coleman: I'm just a businessman trying to make an honest buck.

Maxie: And I am more than willing to help you out. I will put Jake’s on some social networking websites, maybe even a mention in "Crimson." This place will be packed with hip, drunk twenty-somethings.

Coleman: Hey, all efforts to spread the word are appreciated, girl.

Maxie: Just one condition. No more karaoke night.

Coleman: Why are you so worked up about the karaoke night?

Maxie: Coleman, please. Karaoke's, like, so five minutes ago.

Coleman: Yeah, but it's still fun. And people having fun buy drinks, girl.

Maxie: It might not be that fun for Spinelli.

Coleman: Are you kidding? The guy's ready to go. He can't wait to lay down a rap.

Maxie: That's what I'm worried about. I spend so much time trying to build Spinelli up just so he knows how much I want him.

Coleman: And the problem is?

Maxie: What if Spinelli is a terrible singer? I mean, I've heard him hum when he types on the computer, and trust me, it's not pretty. And if Spinelli crashes and burns at karaoke, then he's going to go into this huge funk, because he'll feel like he's not worth of me and that our relationship is going to be back to square one. This thing is a nuclear disaster.

Coleman: Think positive. Maybe Spinelli's singing will surprise you. Yeah?

Maxie: Huh.

[Spinelli wails out of tune]

[Doorbell rings]

Michael: Alice, don't worry, I got it. Hey, little bro. What's up, man?

Morgan: Hey, Mike. There's this awesome car parked out front in the turnaround. Did you see it?

Michael: Uh --

Edward: Hello, Morgan. Glad you could be here.

Michael: Hey, Grandpa, is that my car outside?

Edward: Well, I had Sonny's thugs drive it over. I didn't want the riff-raff in the house, so I just told them to drop off the key and leave the property immediately.

Morgan: Wait, when did you get a car?

Michael: Yesterday. Dad just got it for me.

Morgan: Cool.

Michael: Hey, you want to check it out, maybe go for a ride?

Edward: You do have a license, though?

Michael: Oh, don't worry. I'm a really experienced driver.

Edward: But Michael, you can't just get out on the --

Michael: I thought you said you trusted me.

Edward: I do trust you, son, but I don't believe that --

Michael: Look, I'm really responsible, and we'll stay mostly on the property. It's fine.

Edward: You promise?

Michael: Promise.

Edward: All right. Be careful, both of you.

Michael: Okay.

Morgan: Michael, let's go.

Edward: Beyond obstinate. Oh, brother.

Jax: Michael has brain damage, right?

Carly: I know that.

Jax: Yes, but you're reacting like his attitude toward you is rational, and Michael can't help it. You see, he has a medical condition, and if you want to get through to him, you're going to have to change your strategy.

Carly: My strategy.

Jax: Yes, your strategy. Like, you know, make an appointment with him in a day or two and then get him to agree to it, and then you stick to it. You don't go running over there every five minutes.

Carly: A day or two, Jax? This is my son we're talking about, here.

Jax: And how successful have you been so far taking him head-on?

Carly: I've had very little success. Actually, none at all.

Jax: Right. So maybe my idea's not so bad, huh?

Carly: I can't help myself. You know me. When have you ever known me to use restraint? It's just not in my nature.

Jax: Yes, that's one of the things I love most about you.

Carly: Oh, my stubbornness?

Jax: No, no. Your desire to want to help the people that you love. I'm just asking you to pull back a little bit, okay?

Carly: I'll try.

Jax: Try? Or succeed?

Carly: I'll give Michael as much room as I possibly can.

Jax: Well, that's all I can ask for.

Carly: Thank you for talking to me. I love you.

Jax: I love you, too. Everything's going to work out. You'll see.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Oh, that -- no, no, that's my meeting I have to get to. I really -- I'm sorry. I have to go. Are you going to be okay?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: I'm not okay.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Yeah?

Desk clerk: Mrs. Jacks?

Carly: Yeah.

Desk clerk: Morgan left his cap at the front desk.

Carly: Oh, okay. Well, I'll have to run this right over to the Quartermaines'. I won't stay long, I won't linger.

Desk clerk: Excuse me?

Carly: Never mind. Thanks for bringing it.

Alexis: Kristina, I have to go back to work. Kristina? Kristina! Hello? I have to go back to work.

Kristina: I guess you'll be pretty busy dealing with the fallout from the scandal.

Alexis: I'm getting real tired of the snarky remarks.

Kristina: I just meant you'll probably be working a lot.

Alexis: Sorry. I'm a little defensive about all this, all right?

Kristina: Apology accepted.

Alexis: If Molly asks any more questions, will you try to distract her? That would really help me a lot.

Kristina: Molly is pretty much the innocent victim here. Of course I'll try to protect her.

Alexis: I love you.

Kristina: I know.

Patrick: Hey, guess what Coleman called me down to Jake’s for?

Robin: Guess what I just figured out? I can't believe it took me this long. The truth has been staring at me in the face this entire time. I know who killed Brianna Hughes, and it was not the mayor.

Patrick: Okay, time out. A few days ago, you were sure that the mayor was the culprit, and look what happened.

Robin: This time I'm positive. The mayor was so in love with Brianna, so much so that he wanted to leave his wife. It all makes sense.

Patrick: I know how much you care about justice being served here, but the police are investigating. We have to let them do their job.

Robin: I know that my Uncle Mac knows what he's doing, but if I have pertinent information, it is my job to pass it along.

Patrick: Okay, so who is your current suspect?

Robin: The mayor's wife, Andrea.

Patrick: How do you figure?

Robin: With all that she's invested in the mayor's career, she was willing to do anything to keep her marriage together. Even commit murder. Brianna Hughes was killed by Andrea Floyd.

Edward: Hello, Carly. Back so soon?

Carly: Well, you know, I wanted to give Morgan his hat. So, how's it going with Michael?

Edward: Oh, wonderfully. Michael is such a joy. He is well-spoken, he is intelligent, and he's polite. He is everything that I could possibly want in a great-grandson.

Carly: Wow. Well, I guess living here does agree with Michael.

Edward: I want to thank you for bringing him over. Now, I know this is a sacrifice for you, but just rest assured that it's best to return him to his true family.

Carly: I'm his mother. Michael belongs with me.

Edward: I know that, dear, but being here with us has done him a world of good, and he's welcome to stay as long as he wants.

Carly: I appreciate that. Did Morgan make it by?

Edward: Mm-hmm. Oh, half an hour ago.

Carly: Where are they?

Edward: They went out for a bit.

Carly: Oh, did they go for a walk? Maybe I can catch up with them.

Edward: No, I don't think -- I don't think you can, my dear.

Carly: Why, where did they go?

Edward: They -- they went for a drive in Michael's new car.

Carly: Michael's driving?

Edward: They said they would just be --

Carly: What the hell were you thinking? Michael doesn't have a driver's license. He doesn't even know how to drive, Edward!

Morgan: This is so cool. How fast can it go?

Michael: Way faster than the speed limit, but we're not going to go that fast tonight.

Morgan: Please? Just for a minute.

Michael: It's dangerous going that fast.

Morgan: I'm not scared.

Michael: Yeah, I'm not either. Hey, guess what we're about to pass?

Morgan: What?

Michael: The tree where Jason got in an accident and hit his head.

Morgan: Was Jason driving?

Michael: Actually, his brother was. Jason was in the passenger's seat, like you are now.

Kristina: Come on Michael, where are you?

Dominic: All alone? Hey there, genius. You remember me?

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