GH Transcript Tuesday 6/30/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/30/09


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Jason: No, Spinelli, I can't stay.

Maxie: My earring came off. How did that happen, Spinelli? You animal.

Spinelli: You must.

Maxie: It's really expensive. I need to find it.

Spinelli: No, no, Stone Cold's presence will save the Jackal from straying down -- ah -- a tempting and joyous path that leads to most certain, if not gratifying and joyous, doom. Please.

Maxie: I found it.

Carly: Look, the Quartermaines are no one's first choice, but Michael won't live with me and he's not safe here with you.

Sonny: This has nothing to do with safe.

Carly: What are you talking about? Jason told Jax that things are about to escalate. And I'm sure you heard all about what happened to me and the boys --

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I did.

Carly: In the woods, right next to your property.

Sonny: Right, when you and my children took one of the Zacchara soldiers with a gun. That's crazy.

Carly: Yes, it is.

Sonny: It shouldn't happen.

Carly: It's exactly why Michael needs to be with the Quartermaines. Do you know how hard it was for me to go to them and ask them to take him?

Sonny: There's only one reason that you would even ask me something like that. There is a part of you that wants to punish me.

Elizabeth: You're serious about asking Rebecca to move in with you.

Nikolas: Yes. Look, I'm happier than I have been in a long time. And just she has this way of filling up this place. I don't know, I miss her when she's not here.

Elizabeth: No, you miss Emily.

Nikolas: Why should she have to stay in that little room above Kelly's? She spends a lot of time out here anyways, so why not just move in together?

Ethan: Let's go back to Kellyís.

Rebecca: I can't, Ethan. Nikolas is waiting for me.

Ethan: Well, tell him you have to work.

Rebecca: He's going to get suspicious. I've come too far to ruin everything.

Nikolas: Look, I know you don't like Rebecca.

Elizabeth: I don't trust her.

Nikolas: Emily wouldn't want me to spend the rest of my life alone.

Elizabeth: You're right, but I don't think Emily is looking down on you from heaven, pushing you towards a sister she didn't even know she had. I would think that Emily would want us all to take our time getting to know Rebecca.

Nikolas: But I'm happy.

Elizabeth: And I love you. So will you please consider just waiting a little while?

Nikolas: I don't see any reason to. The simple truth is, Emily is gone. Rebecca is here and I want to be with her.

Elizabeth: Then that's all there is to say. I really hope this turns out to be everything you want it to be.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Ethan: You see that tired little boat out there? Let's take it into the mainland, okay? A night at Kelly's will do us both good.

Rebecca: No, no, I hate that room, even after I painted it. There's no air conditioning. The bathroom is down the hall. It's never completely quiet.

Ethan: Okay, we'll head into the City. Come on, I could use a break.

Rebecca: If we both disappear together, Elizabeth is going to figure it out. She's going to get suspicious.

Ethan: We both got a bit more than we bargained for, didn't we? You stumbled onto a prince. I found my father who vanished. I need to be with someone familiar tonight, you know? I want to -- I don't want to lose what we had.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, neither do I.

Ethan: Are you sure about that?

Spinelli: Sadly, the pursuit of carnal knowledge between myself and Maximista always ends up in heartbreak and in emotional devastation.

Maxie: Spinelli, I've worked really hard to win you back. And I think that lately I've been pretty honest and true blue, which is very hard for me to say --

Spinelli: Wait, that's it. It's obvious. It's a perfect solution for all concerned.

Jason: Great. I'm leaving.

Spinelli: No, no, no, we need a witness.

Jason: No.

Maxie: No, we donít.

Spinelli: Maximista shall remain the queen of the Jackal's heart. And to honor her luminous beauty and transcendent presence, I will demonstrate my pure and epic devotion through the time-honored tradition of courtly love.

Maxie: Spinelli, you're so amazing. You've actually come up with something I've never done. So what is this courtly love and who gets to go first?

Kristina: I was supposed to shadow you for an A.P. summer civics class. We set the whole thing up last week. That was the only reason I was at the police station in the first place. I was waiting for you. So how do I write this in my report, mother? How do I write that you had an affair with your married boss?

Alexis: It happened once. It was a long time ago.

Kristina: And what, only once makes it okay? He's married. You look like a total slut.

Alexis: That's enough.

Michael: Don't act like Kristina did something wrong, okay?

Alexis: I understand that you're both upset with me, but that doesn't give either one of you the right to disrespect me.

Kristina: Why should anyone respect you after what you've done?

Alexis: Michael, Kristina and I need to have this conversation in private.

Kristina: I have nothing to say to you, ever.

Carly: This isn't about punishing you, Sonny. It's about doing what's best for Michael.

Sonny: He was in a coma for a year, barely out of the hospital. He needs one of his parents.

Carly: I know, but he doesn't want to live with me. He climbed out of the window.

Sonny: He lost it twice with you and terrifies Morgan. If he gets angry and triggers a stroke or a miscarriage, he's not going to be able to live with himself. That's why he wants to live here.

Carly: Who wouldn't want to live here? You spoil him rotten, and it's not fair.

Sonny: Sending him off to the Quartermaines isn't fair. That's not going to happen.

Carly: What happened in the woods was awful. And afterwards, I held my precious boys in my arms and I swore I wasn't going to let anything else hurt them, and I wasn't going to put them at risk.

Sonny: Like I said before, he needs one of his parents. Look, the reason that you're telling me all this, and I understand you're hurt, because he wants to live with me and not you.

Rebecca: We shouldn't be here, Ethan. Nikolas is going to come looking for me.

Ethan: Well, then let's go. Call Nikolas from the mainland. Okay, I need to know that we're still on. And you need to prove that to me.

Rebecca: I can't work Nikolas and reassure you at the same time.

Ethan: The plan was that you would step in as heir to whatever Emily would have gotten, okay? I'd get my cut, you'd take some money, and we'd move on together.

Rebecca: Yeah, and the deal is still on. I promise.

Ethan: I hope you're not actually starting to think that you could take Emily's place, that you could live happily ever after in the prince's palace.

Rebecca: You can get your cut, okay, Ethan? From the Cassadines and the Quartermaines.

Ethan: What about us?

Rebecca: No, I just need some room and a little time.

Nikolas: Rebecca?

Ethan: Just remember, love, I can make this end any time.

Nikolas: Hey, I thought you were upstairs taking a bath.

Rebecca: Hey. Yeah -- no, it's such a beautiful night. I decided I'd take a walk instead.

Nikolas: You know you left me alone with "The Glob Thing Goes to Band Camp," right?

Rebecca: Yeah, I was going to come back and save you, I promise.

Nikolas: At least you didn't run away this time.

Rebecca: No. I'm so tired of running, Nikolas, when I'm with you. I'm beginning to realize that there's no place I'd rather be.

Patrick: Make sure you watch the news tonight. You'll see Robin and I on there working on some pretty serious stuff.

Johnny: Yeah? You got some medical miracle in the works? You guys working on a bionic brain or something?

Patrick: No. You know that whole malpractice wrongful death suit that my brother and I were arguing about in here?

Johnny: Yeah?

Patrick: Well, it turns out it was murder. Mayor Floyd -- prime suspect.

Coleman: The mayor killed his girlfriend?

Johnny: Wait a minute. This would be the family values, law-abiding, law-and-order Mayor Floyd?

Patrick: Exactly. When the cops arrested him, he started yelling for Alexis to be taken off the case, because supposedly they slept together at one point.

Coleman: The D.A. and the mayor? Whoa!

Patrick: He said that she was jealous and that's why she had him arrested. News crew rolling all the time.

Coleman: Dude, that sells alcohol. Here you go, man.

Patrick: And it also may get me and my brother off from that malpractice suit, so --

Johnny: Hey, congratulations.

Patrick: Listen, Johnny, thank you for taking it easy on my brother that night. I know he was out of control.

Johnny: He was looking for a fight. Better that I take it easy on him than he keep wailing on Spinelli, huh?

Patrick: Thanks, man.

Johnny: No problem. There you go.

Patrick: Yep. Here I am, celebrating the possible end of the malpractice suit. Robin doesn't want to drink because she's on anti-depressants, so she insists that I go out. I'm making my wife happy by drinking alone.

Coleman: You don't have to drink alone. There are a lot of foxy chicks in here tonight, man.

Patrick: Well, they don't compare to what I have at home.

Robin: Excellent answer.

Patrick: You changed your mind.

Robin: Yes. Emma is sleeping. Judy said she could stay. I thought, you know what? I deserve a night out with my husband.

Patrick: Yes, you do.

Robin: A cola on the rocks, please.

Coleman: I stand up at your wedding and you want to take me to the poorhouse? Cola?

Patrick: I'm glad you came.

Michael: Milo is on his way right now.

Alexis: Good. Michael, I'm sorry. These are extenuating circumstances, and I would never want to imply that you aren't welcome here.

Michael: You don't have to. I'm not welcome unless I'm supervised. Not that you're in any position to criticize what I do at the moment.

Alexis: Okay, everybody is upset. Kristina is upset, for obvious reasons. But this needs to be between me and her.

Michael: How could you forget that she's going to come visit you at work? That's a million times worse than banging the mayor.

Alexis: Hey, cool it, all right? We're not having this discussion.

Michael: Yeah, you never really liked me, did you? Even when I was a little kid.

Alexis: Why on earth would you say that?

Michael: I always invited Kristina to my birthdays, and every year you found some excuse for why she couldn't be there. And I actually don't even remember going to her birthday party ever or anything else.

Alexis: Because she had a very different set of friends, and it's complicated, Michael.

Michael: Why can't you just admit that you don't want her around me?

Alexis: It's not you. It's your father and the environment that he has you in. It's dangerous. And I was always worried that something would happen to Kristina. And, in fact, it did. She was kidnapped while she was there.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I was there.

Alexis: And you shouldn't have been. That's the other thing. He lets you run around the estate, you and your brother, without any supervision, with criminals running around with guns that you both could get your hands on. I wanted her to have a safer life with better values.

Michael: Like yours?

[Car horn]

Michael: That's my ride. Tell Kristina I'll call her.

Carly: I believed in Michael when you wouldn't because it hurt too much. I had the courage to hope when you couldn't because you were too worried about your own broken heart. You blew it. You had your chance. And I'm not going to let you put my kid's life on the line just so you can get it right this time.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? When Michael is under my roof, I'm going to do the best I can to take care of him.

Carly: Michael was under your roof when he was at the warehouse.

Sonny: Did it ever occur to you to talk to me before you went to the Quartermaines? Of course not. Did you stop to think what Michael is going to feel like when he's living there, when they tell him that his dad is a criminal, and they're not going to be much nicer about you?

Carly: I told them that if they say a word against me, you, or Jason, then Michael is out of there.

Sonny: You can't enforce that. They're going to turn Michael into A.J. or even worse, they're going to run him out because he's not perfect, like Jason.

Carly: No, that was a different situation, Sonny. It was. Look, they can help Michael build a life outside of the mob. He'll have opportunities that won't get him thrown in prison or get him shot.

Sonny: I hate this.

Carly: I hate it, too. I hate it, too. We're on the same side, you know. We love Michael and we wanted what's best for him. And we want him to be happy.

Sonny: That's why I canít. I won't turn him over to a family that's going to ruin him.

Olivia: Okay, so you'll meet with the hotel I.T. guys, and then I'll send him over to the Quartermaines.

Jax: Why would you do that?

Olivia: Edward is putting a whole new system in Michael's room -- Michael's wing, to be more exact -- and he wants it to sync up with what you've got going on at your house. And since the hotel guys put that one in --

Jax: Oh, so Carly is going through with it.

Olivia: You guys haven't spoken?

Jax: No, it's a decision that I wanted her to make on her own, so -- I can't believe that she's letting him go back to the Quartermaines. It's a good choice, though.

Olivia: It hasn't happened yet.

Jax: You sound skeptical.

Olivia: Well, I've known Sonny for a long time. I just can't ever see him giving one of his kids away.

Jax: The Quartermaines are Michael's biological relatives.

Olivia: It's got nothing to do with logic. I just don't think Sonny is ever going to give Michael away, to the Quartermaines or anyone else.

Jax: Oh. We'll have to see about that.

Maxie: Spinelli, I really need you to explain the whole courtly love thing to me again, because it's not making any sense.

Spinelli: Oh, certainly.

Maxie: Thanks.

Spinelli: Okay, courtly love was a method of social intercourse, as it were, for the pre-renaissance nobility. And it flourished in the 12th century, although it became a little more refined and sophisticated post-renaissance, as evidenced by 16th-century sonnets, of course, not to mention the recent game box characters and storylines of the "Dragon Riders" series.

Maxie: So it doesn't have anything to do with order in the court.

Spinelli: Actually, in this context, court refers to the lords and ladies and knights that surround -- quite literally surround -- the king and queen of any given country. Okay, a knight, for instance, regularly conquers evildoers, and then, after completing all manners of heroic deeds, would return to the court for honor and recognition, not to mention maybe even an approving glance from his heart's desire.

Maxie: So the brave guy, like you, always ends up with the girl.

Spinelli: Well, in a sense. But in courtly love, the romance is secret. So the suitor would woo his fair lady with sonnets, songs, and tokens of esteem and chaste affection. And then, conversely, she might sneak him a cryptic note or perfumed handkerchief.

Maxie: Well, if all you wanted was some perfumed handkerchiefs, I mean, I could do that for you. I wear lots of perfume. And handkerchiefs are very eco-friendly, so I feel like they're going to be making a comeback. And I like music. You already wrote me a sonnet. So I would be down for some poems.

Spinelli: Excellent.

Maxie: But don't you think it would be a whole lot easier if we had a couple of beers and hooked up?

Coleman: Glad to see you in one piece, Mohammed.

Alexis: I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was going through chemo. My marriage was breaking up.

Kristina: So you slept with the mayor?

Alexis: It was a severe lapse in judgment, Kristina. I told you --

Kristina: You should see what's getting posted on my pages. I've gotten 33 text messages about you and the mayor already.

Alexis: It was one regrettable incident -- one. I'm sorry, all right? It wasn't supposed to go public.

Kristina: So what's my big lesson out of this experience? Do whatever you want, as long as you don't get caught?

Michael: Dad, I know it's late, but --

Sonny: Yeah, Milo told me he picked you up. You went to your sisterís.

Michael: Yeah. Guess what happened?

Sonny: Over at Alexis'?

Michael: No, the police station.

Sonny: What were you doing at the police station?

Michael: I wasnít. Kristina was, and she saw her mom being cornered by a news crew. I'll put it up on the internet right now.

Sonny: Tell me what happened.

Michael: Okay, Alexis charged the mayor with murdering his girlfriend, never mind the fact that he's married.

Sonny: Right.

Michael: So the mayor told the press that she had to back down from the case because he and Alexis hooked up.

Sonny: Wait a minute. Alexis slept with the mayor?

Michael: Yeah, Kristina is pretty wrecked. She thought her mom was perfect.

Sonny: The mayor? That's a joke.

Michael: Yeah. What's weird is that Alexis is still acting like she is perfect, you know? We all know she's not.

Sonny: I should probably call her.

Michael: You should. Kristina misses you. You know, I really lucked out with you and Mom. You guys have been fighting since -- for as long as I can remember, but you work through things, you know? You figure it out. You own your mistakes. You don't try and act like you're perfect.

Sonny: Well, that's a pretty smart way of looking at it, but --

Michael: You and me and Mom might fight forever, throw things, say things we don't mean. But even when it's bad, we love each other. And I know that you and Mom are just trying to do what you think is best for me.

Carly: I just had the biggest fight with Sonny.

Jason: Did you tell him about the Quartermaines?

Carly: Yeah, and he's probably sealed the grounds and given Max orders to shoot Edward's car on sight.

Jason: Okay, well, we knew he wouldn't like the idea.

Carly: I don't like the idea either, but I don't have another alternative. Michael has pushed you away. He's mad at me. And it's too dangerous for him to live at Sonnyís. But Sonny will not let him go to the Quartermaines.

Jason: Okay, I'll take care of it.

Carly: No, no, I don't want you to take care of it. You can't fix this one for me. I keep coming to you and causing problems. I don't want you to do that.

Jason: We've all let Michael down. Now we all need to work together to make this right.

Jax: Sonny stole Michael from the Quartermaines. A.J. was his biological father.

Olivia: Yeah, but Sonny is the only father Michael has ever known. Sonny adopted him.

Jax: Yeah, under questionable circumstances. It doesn't matter anyway. We need to focus on Michael's current situation. The Quartermaines can provide him with a safe place to live. They're stable. He's not safe with Sonny.

Olivia: No, Sonny would not agree.

Jax: Then I'll have to convince him otherwise.

Olivia: And how is that going to work?

Jax: Well, I have a secret weapon, remember?

Olivia: I'm not liking the sound of this.

Jax: All you have to do is make a simple phone call.

Nikolas: What?

Rebecca: Do you hear something?

Nikolas: No.

Rebecca: Wait. It was over here somewhere. You don't see anything?

Nikolas: No.

Rebecca: Are you sure?

Nikolas: Yeah. I think you've been watching too many horror movies. You know I watched that stupid thing all the way through to the end? I was pretty impressed that the second chair oboe saved the day, though.

Rebecca: Yeah, at least until the sequel, right?

Nikolas: There's a sequel?

Rebecca: Yeah, it's even better.

Nikolas: I never imagined that I would watch, or even kind of enjoy, a movie like that.

Rebecca: I never imagined that I'd be on an island in the moonlight, waltzing with a prince.

Nikolas: Would you like to dance?

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. But later.

Coleman: Dude, it ain't self-serve, man.

Ethan: It is now.

Patrick: Hey, we can always call Judy if you're worried about Emma.

Robin: Oh, no. No, not at all. I just -- what if the mayor didn't actually do it?

Maxie: Johnny? Could you please tell Spinelli that we never did anything besides kiss?

Spinelli: That's unnecessary. I wouldn't -- I would never question the honor of fair Maximista, especially not now in the context of courtly love.

Maxie: Well, just be clear. I mean, tell him that I was never unfaithful.

Johnny: Well, Maxie and I did definitely have plenty of opportunities, and I'm not going to lie, we were tempted, but no matter how much hurt it would have caused or how long it would have been, I would have gone through with it, but Maxie wouldnít. She's been 100% faithful to you, my friend.

Spinelli: While the mob prince and the truth don't always walk side by side, I will choose to believe him in this instance. And I'm grateful for the reassurance of your kind words.

Maxie: Thanks, Johnny.

Johnny: Any time.

Maxie: You know, we still have to celebrate, you solving your first case and everything.

Spinelli: I merely contributed to the arrest of a flawed man who, while unfaithful, is certainly not a killer.

Maxie: Whatever. There's a room upstairs.

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: A most uncourtly thought.

Patrick: Spinelli?

Spinelli: Oh, greetings.

Patrick: You and Robin need to compare notes.

Spinelli: Is Dr. Scorpio having second thoughts, as well?

Patrick: If the two most intelligent people I know are still asking questions, this case is not over.

Alexis: Listen. I'm not perfect.

Kristina: But I have to be.

Alexis: Why do you say that? Is that what you think that I expect from you? Because I've never said anything to you other than that I want you to be the best that you can be, to do your best. Do you have a problem with that?

Kristina: One, you aren't going to make me wrong here. Two, expectations go both ways. You expect for me to get straight A's and be perfect in every way --

Alexis: No, I don't expect that, Kristina --

Kristina: I shouldn't have to deal with you sleeping around.

Alexis: I know you're humiliated. I get it. And yes, there will be a scandal, and I will do everything that I can to make sure that you and Molly are not affected. But that's the best that I can do right now. The best that we can do is to just try and get through this, all right?

Kristina: We? As in you and me? Mother, daughter on the same team? Good one, Mom. Really funny.

Michael: I know Alexis kept you away from Kristina.

Sonny: Uh, you know what? I probably could have tried harder. And I know -- I don't want to make an excuse, but everything with Alexis was a negotiation. Like, there was one time I wanted to take you, Morgan, Kristina to get some ice cream.

Michael: Right.

Sonny: So, you know, I said I just want to pick up Kristina, I want to take her to get the ice cream and bring her back to Alexis. And, you know, it's what a family does on an afternoon. So by the time I finished negotiating with Alexis, the ice cream parlor was closed, you were in tears, Morgan, I mean, he had fallen asleep. So then I'm thinking to myself, you know what, I can't -- I just got to let this go. I got to leave it alone. I canít.

Michael: I love you, Dad.

Sonny: I love you.

Michael: I'm glad you never let anybody keep me away from you, you know?

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: I'm sure Carly went to your place.

Jason: Yeah, she did.

Michael: And she sent you over here to convince Dad to take the car away.

Jason: There's a lot more going on than just the car, Michael.

Michael: And whatever it is, you're going to do what Mom wants, like always.

Sonny: Okay, Michael. Don't talk about your mother that way.

Jason: I know that you and your mother are fighting, Michael, but she has great instincts about you.

Michael: I'm not going to go live with Mom and Jax.

Jason: I understand that, but Carly has another solution. I think it's the best choice under these circumstances, and I'm going to support her.

Jax: Sorry to drag you into this. I can't risk this meeting ever getting back to Carly.

Olivia: I understand.

Jax: She can't know what we know about Michael's shooting. Especially now, during a high-risk pregnancy.

[Knock on door]

Claudia: Okay, I'm here. But if you think we're going to have some kind of civilized, polite conversation about your future with my brother --

Olivia: We arenít. Jax, she's all yours.

Jax: Thank you.

Claudia: What? You called me here?

Olivia: Yeah, that should have been your first clue. I would never call you for any reason.

Claudia: What the hell is this about?

Jax: Well, I am going to tell you something, Claudia, and then you are going to do it.

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