GH Transcript Monday 6/29/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/29/09


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Nikolas: Oh, hey. I assumed that we would continue our waltzing lessons, but if you're not up to it -- wow.

Rebecca: Whoa, pretty kooky. Do you order up your own personal thunderstorms or something?

Nikolas: Trade secret. Lips are sealed.

Rebecca: Well, it looks like your waltz set-up is going to get rained out, unfortunately. So let's go with my plan.

Nikolas: And what is that?

Rebecca: Well, since we had an Emily-type date last time, I thought it might be a good idea to show you what I like.

Nikolas: All right.

Rebecca: Okay.

Mayor Floyd: What you are all witnessing is the revenge of a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury indeed. District Attorney Davis is persecuting me. She is framing me for murder to satisfy her own personal agenda.

Reporter: Are you saying you're the one who ended the affair?

Mayor Floyd: Yes, I am, indeed, and not a moment too soon.

Reporter: Care to respond, Ms. Davis? Is the mayor right? Are you out to get him? Is that how you got your job, by sleeping with the boss?

Alexis: No comment.

Monica: How dare you?

Edward: I dare plenty. Jason moving in here is a move in the right direction for him, for Michael, and for us.

Monica: This is a really hard time for Jason. He is desperately worried about Michael, and he has come to us -- to us for help. I'm not going to have your incessant scheming push him away and make it impossible for him to come back here if he needs me.

Edward: Scheming?

Monica: Yes.

Edward: I have never had a more sincere moment in my life. Jason is a Quartermaine, and he belongs back here in this house. Don't you stand there pretending that you don't want him back here just as much as I do.

Monica: I'm not going to resort to manipulating --

Jason: Monica, it's okay. Edward's right. If I want to set an example for Michael, I should move back in here with him.

Carly: Your dad bought you a car.

Michael: Isn't it awesome? You got to check out the dash. And the speakers -- is that satellite radio?

Sonny: Yeah. What do you think?

Michael: All right.

Carly: Can you go inside so I can talk to your dad just for a minute?

Michael: No, I got a way better idea. How about you guys walk and talk, and I'll take this baby out for a test drive?

Carly: Over my dead body.

Rebecca: I don't care how out of a time and space warp this place is, you have got to have a DVD player around here somewhere.

Nikolas: Don't you know the Cassadines scoff at technology? We prefer to read Greek tragedies to each other in Latin.

Rebecca: Oh. See, I almost believed that. But you're a man. And all men love high-tech toys. So you've got to have some state-of-the-art high-def set up with surround sound around here somewhere. Where is it?

Nikolas: Okay, I admit it. I recently acquired interest in a global electronics firm, and they got me a really nice gift, so here it is.

Rebecca: Great. I knew it. Perfect.

Nikolas: So what are we watching?

Rebecca: Ah, yes. Tonight, we peel away another layer.

Nikolas: Really?

Rebecca: I'm going to reveal something about myself that not too many people know.

Nikolas: You certainly got my attention.

Rebecca: Well, I think on a primal sort of macho level, you're going to love it.

Lucky: Why would you think that I'm mad at you?

Elizabeth: Well, let me see. Maybe because I cheated on you with Jason, got pregnant, made you believe that you were Jakeís biological father for a month? How could you not be mad at me? But instead, it's the exact opposite, and that kind of worries me. It only makes you human to be majorly pissed at me on some level. So I was thinking that maybe you're directing your anger at Ethan because it's safer.

Lucky: No. You know what, you're wrong. I couldn't love that little boy more if he were my own biological son. Same with Cam.

Elizabeth: I was kind of talking about me.

Lucky: We both made mistakes. By some miracle, we've gotten past them, and I'm just -- I'm just glad you're back in my life.

Elizabeth: Me, too. Okay, then I don't understand. What did Ethan do to make you hate him so much?

Lucky: Honestly, nothing, really. It's just -- maybe you're right. Misplaced anger. But it's not yours, it's --

Lulu: Wait -- oh, Ethan. Okay. Look, we're all family here, if we can agree on that, and I think we're going to have to live with that. So the way that I see it, this is as good a place as ever.

Edward: You see? Jason and I are on the same page. I'm going to have Alice set up his room.

Monica: Stop right there.

Edward: What?

Monica: This is not happening.

Edward: Why not?

Monica: Because as much as I would love to have you back here, I know because you've shown me that that could never happen.

Jason: Monica's right. And what I was going to say -- as much as I'd like to move back in here for Michael's sake, I can't. You know, with everything that's happened with Michael being shot, him being lost to us all that time, and now having him back, it's really forced me to think. And to really rethink. You know, Michael says that makes me a hypocrite. Maybe it does, I don't really know. But since my accident, I know that I pushed you away. And I made it very clear that I wanted nothing to do with you. And it might be too late. But I was wrong. And Michael needs you. He needs a place to live that's not tainted by the life I put him in.

Edward: You need that, too, son.

Jason: No, it's too late for me. All the things I've done, it's going to catch up to me. But I don't want to bring trouble and retaliation to the doorstep of the people I care about. I really need this place to be a safe haven for Michael.

Carly: What the hell are you thinking? Michael can't drive a car. He doesn't have a driver's license.

Sonny: Well, it's not like Michael was going to go out for a joyride. It's a reward.

Carly: For what, Sonny?

Sonny: For waking up. Now, you know what? He's going to get his license soon, he's going to need a car.

Carly: Not this car.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: This car is too much.

Michael: I've driven a bunch of stuff, Mom -- ATVís, boats --

Carly: Michael, you know how I feel about this.

Sonny: Nothing's going to happen to Michael if he drives the car 50 feet down the driveway while we're watching.

Carly: Now, we're watching him now. Do you not remember being Michael's age? Could you have left a car like this just sitting in the garage, Sonny?

Sonny: I didn't have a garage.

Carly: He just got out of the hospital. He just woke up from a coma. And I told you many times, when I was in high school, I watched three of my friends get in a head-on collision in a car this size. And don't even let me get started about Jason. He almost died in a car accident on private property, and I'm not going to let that happen to you.

Michael: Mom --

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: End of discussion.

Alexis: I will be happy to address any questions having to do with Brianna Hughes' murder or the subsequent arrest of Mayor Floyd.

Patrick: Hey, Kristina, why don't you go outside with us? You don't need to be here for this.

Kristina: I want to stay.

Robin: It might be easier for your mom if you left.

Kristina: But I need to know what people are saying so I can defend her.

Robin: Well, you can figure that out, but you won't have time to -- if the press realizes who you are, they'll be all over you, just like they are your mom. Do you want that?

Kristina: No.

Robin: Okay. Well, I'll go out with you. We'll hail a cab.

Mayor Floyd: This woman cannot be allowed to use the power of the district attorney's office to exact personal revenge.

Alexis: I think we both know that's not what's happening here. But in the interest of removing even the possible taint of impropriety, I will recuse myself.

Reporter: That's all well and good, but shouldn't you also step down as district attorney?

[Knocking at door]

Maxie: Spinelli, are you in there? I need for you to explain to me what just happened.

Spinelli: Uh, I have some urgent matters to attend to. I'll -- I'll call you tomorrow.

Maxie: Why are you trying to get rid of me? And why did you just run out? We were getting so romantic, and we could have continued if you didn't just leave. So tell me why you did that. Oh, my God. Spinelli, are you having performance anxiety?

Lulu: Okay, okay. You know what? I'm going to go first. I do owe you an apology. I'm sorry for springing Ethan on the boys without a heads-up. I hope it didn't freak them out or anything.

Elizabeth: It's fine. They're too young to understand, but thank you. And as long as we're handing out apologies -- Ethan, I know I haven't been very welcoming, mostly because of your relationship with Rebecca Shaw. I don't like her, I don't trust her, and don't be surprised if she's using you just to make Nikolas jealous.

Ethan: I'll keep that in mind.

Elizabeth: Anyway, my point is, I shouldn't have judged you based on how I feel about Rebecca. So if you are up for it, maybe we could start over.

Ethan: That sounds excellent.

Lucky: So I guess the ball's in my court. So tell me why Ethan joining the family is so important to you.

Ethan: Look, I am part of this family, okay? Inconvenient or not. Iím as much Lukeís son as you are.

Lucky: Actually, I think you're his son more than me.

Kristina: I can't believe it. The mayor said he slept with my mother, and she didn't deny it.

Robin: Well, this might sound like an excuse, but when the press and politics collide, sometimes the best thing to do is to say nothing.

Kristina: But it's not even like her. And when Alexis Davis is right, by God, she's right. And no one can stop her from saying so.

Robin: Yes, that is true. But she's also very savvy. Your mom didn't get to be the D.A. by letting her emotions run wild. And if it helps at all, I know what you're going through.

Kristina: How?

Robin: My mom was the police chief for awhile, and the press threw this scandal at her. It was kind of crazy for a little while, but she kept her cool, and eventually, everything blew over. And here's what I learned. Never believe what reporters say. They're always looking for a story. The juicier, the better. So just keep your head high and trust your mom.

[Car horn honks]

Kristina: That's my cab. Thanks for the advice.

Robin: Sure.

Alexis: As I said, I will be handing over the murder case of Brianna Hughes to an A.D.A. When that person is named, I will make sure that you all are informed. That will be the extent of any stepping down that I do. That's all.

Mayor Floyd: I have something to say.

Alexis: I'm sure you do.

Mayor Floyd: I am appalled at these outrageous accusations and attacks made against my character. I am innocent. I expect all charges to be dropped, and serious apologies to be made.

Mac: Okay, you've got your quotes. Let's go. Move out. Book him. Let's go.

Alexis: Where's Kristina?

Patrick: Robin took her to get a cab.

Alexis: Thank you.

Patrick: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: That's great. Now my daughter hates me, and I've committed professional suicide.

Patrick: The autopsy is indisputable. Brianna Hughes' death was not an accident. It was murder, and everything seems to implicate Mayor Floyd.

Jason: I know that things have been bad between us. I just want to say that a lot of it is my fault. I could never see things from your point of view. And now I can see in a way that I could never see before. All your actions, even if they were wrong, even if I hated them -- it was all done out of love.

Monica: Well, that's Michael making you understand. When you love a child, you all of a sudden realize just why parents do the things they do.

Jason: All that love you tried to give me that I didn't take, can you -- can you give it to Michael? Can you just give him everything I wouldn't accept from you?

Edward: It's what we've always wanted.

Jason: At the same time, I have to ask you guys to be patient. Because Michael is really, really having a hard time with this.

Monica: Jason, we will make it work. We will.

Jason: Okay. You just call me anytime if you need anything, okay?

Monica: Yes.

Edward: Thank you for your vote of confidence. We won't let you down.

Monica: You know, with all the mistakes that we made, it's for sure that Jason loves Michael with all of his heart.

Edward: You know, it's a damn shame the waste that Jason made of his life. It's even worse that we won't get a second chance at Michael.

Monica: What? What are you talking about?

Edward: Oh, Monica, stop kidding yourself. That evil bastard, Sonny Corinthos, will never let Michael live with us.

Michael: This car is a gift from my dad. That means you can't take it away from me.

Sonny: Do not talk to your mother like that. We're going to work out a solution, right now.

Carly: This isn't up for discussion. Michael's not taking this car.

Michael: Look, I'm sorry that you have a fear about people crashing, but that has nothing to do with me. Go talk to a shrink or something.

Sonny: What'd I tell you before? Don't talk to your mother like that.

Michael: No, you need to stop treating me like a baby. That's not okay!

Carly: What planet did you wake up on thinking this was a good idea?

Sonny: Okay, calm down --

Carly: "Calm down"? I don't want to calm down. We had an agreement, Sonny. United front. That means we discuss things that affect our son.

Sonny: Okay, you know, I might have gone overboard a little bit buying the car. But I have a reason. If you'll just let me explain --

Carly: Later -- I got to go work things out with --

Sonny: No, no, you're not going -- listen. If you go, you guys are going to get in a fight, you're going to alienate him even more. Let me talk to him.

Spinelli: Maximista may rest assured. She need never doubt my prowess or my ability to perform, as it were. I assure you, I'm fully functional and ready at all times.

Maxie: Okay, good. Then I think I know what's going on.

Spinelli: You do?

Maxie: Yeah. I can put clues together. I mean, we were making out in your office, and then you left and ran here. I followed you. We talked about it through the door, and then you pulled me inside. Answer? You're shy about sex. I think it's cute. I could deal. You don't know what you're missing. Making love on a rooftop underneath the stars can be amazing, but that's fine. You could take me on the couch or in your regrettably pink room. Kiss me, Spinelli.

Maxie: What's wrong with you? Do you not like me anymore?

Spinelli: Like you? My heart is full of you. But therein lies the rub. My feelings for you are so deeply ingrained and powerful, I can't risk making love to you ever again.


Rebecca: Bring it on, thunder.

[Movie plays]

Rebecca: What? The sound effects are awesome. I could watch all my scary movies at Wyndemere. Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

Nikolas: What?

Rebecca: Here comes the gory part.

[Woman on movie screams]

Nikolas: Honestly, who writes this stuff? All right -- if that glob thing is killing kids at band camp and you're the idiot with the trombone, wouldn't you just blow it really loud until help comes?

Rebecca: No, see, you can't apply logic, Nikolas. Has the glob gotten cello girl yet?

Nikolas: No, it's still oozing through the piano. How many times have you seen this?

Rebecca: Maybe 20 or so.

Nikolas: Does it get any better?

Rebecca: See, you don't know a classic when you see one. Is it safe?

Nikolas: Yes. Cello girl is history. Look, I might be a little slow on the uptake here, but if you've seen this movie 20 times, how can it possibly still scare you?

Rebecca: No, see, you're over-thinking it, Nikolas. It's still gross, no matter how many times you see it. And gross is always scary. And funny.

[Rebecca screams]

Nikolas: My God. My God. Okay. All right, I think I might be starting to like this scary-movie stuff.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Ethan: I'm not really sure if that's a compliment or an insult.

Lucky: Oh, I guess it depends on whether or not you like being Dad's clone.

Ethan: I've been worse.

Lucky: You could do better.

Ethan: Oh, becoming a law-and-order bloke like you? Yeah, look, not going to happen. I like my life just fine, mate.

Elizabeth: You know how you guys sound right now?

Elizabeth and Lulu: Like brothers.

Elizabeth: Pushing each other's buttons like you've been doing it forever.

Lulu: You guys might actually get along if you gave it a chance.

Elizabeth: Really? I don't think so. Too stubborn, just like Luke.

Lucky: No, he is more like Luke. Not me.

Ethan: See, that's the problem. You see any similarities to Luke as a bad thing. Which baffles me, because from what I understand, Luke was closer to you than anyone. I don't understand what could have caused such a drastic change.

Lucky: I grew up, became who I am, you know? I didn't become a carbon copy of Luke. You know what? I would highly recommend it.

Ethan: This is pointless. You're obviously not going to give any ground, so I can never win. I'm not going to waste my time trying.

Lucky: Hmm. Lulu, let him go.

Michael: Did Mom leave?

Sonny: She's waiting outside. I told her I'd talk to you.

Michael: Don't, okay? I don't want to hear about how she's only trying to do what's best for me. I don't want to hear how I can't upset her. It's just -- I can't listen to that stuff anymore.

Sonny: Well, it's true. Whatever she says is true.

Michael: She's trying to control me, Dad.

Sonny: No, she's not. She's worried about you. And for that matter, so am I.

Michael: Are you going to do what she says? Are you going to take away the coolest gift ever and start treating me like she does? Like some damaged thing that needs to be protected from itself?

Sonny: Are you going to listen to me, or are you going to pretend that you know everything?

[Phone rings]

Michael: I got to go. Something's up with Kristina. Okay, Dad. The lake house isn't far.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Michael: If you really believed in me like you've been saying --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Let me take my new car.

Maxie: Okay, is this, like, a sports thing?

Spinelli: Sports thing?

Maxie: Yeah, you know how sometimes athletes are supposed to abstain from sex before a big game or a fight or something.

Spinelli: What does that have to do with me?

Maxie: Well, I don't know, Spinelli. That's what I'm trying to figure out, and frankly, you're not helping me very much. Is there some obscure rule in your detective handbook that says you're not allowed to be distracted by fatal females?

Spinelli: Uh, femme fatales.

Maxie: Same thing.

Spinelli: If anything, my studies have stressed the importance of a savvy, smart, and sensual dame in a hard-boiled detective's life, and you -- you possess those qualities in abundance.

Maxie: Then I don't get it. You say you have these deep, powerful feelings for me, and I have them for you, too.

Spinelli: Do you? Really?

Maxie: Spinelli, don't you know that by now? My feelings for you are more deep and powerful than anything I've ever known.

Spinelli: That's beautiful.

Maxie: I think so, too. So why can't we have sex?

Spinelli: I'm humbled and flattered by your desire, but I do feel compelled to remind you that we have known each other in the biblical sense on two occasions, and both times, remorse and heartbreak swiftly followed. So rather than risk another perhaps permanent painful misunderstanding -- uh -- I'd rather just leave things the way they are.

[Movie plays]

Rebecca: Aren't you enjoying this at all?

Nikolas: Oh, yes. I'm getting a fascinating glimpse into your psyche.

Rebecca: Boy, I'm really approaching scary territory.

Nikolas: Unpredictable, that's for sure. So can I assume that this is a typical Rebecca Shaw date night as opposed to waltzing in a candlelit courtyard?

Rebecca: Well, it's in opposition to Emily. I can give you that. I don't know. Somewhere inside, I still must be screaming out for my own identity. But as for typical, I mean, I wouldn't say that. I love horror flicks and I make a point of watching them often because they make me happy -- which is strange, I know. But it's just me. I never shared that part of myself with anyone.

Nikolas: Well, I'm honored, then.

[Rebecca screams and giggles]

Nikolas: There's nothing -- there's nothing scary going on right now.

Rebecca: See that girl with the xylophone?

Nikolas: Yes.

Rebecca: Yeah. She's the next victim of the globulous death --

[Rebecca screams]

Mayor Floyd: This is an unjust, unfair prosecution. I did not murder Brianna Hughes. I will be exonerated, and when that happens, I'm going to make it my life's work to make sure that you are unemployed and unemployable.

Mac: Your wife posted bail. Your attorney is waiting in interrogation one. I'll get the paperwork started for your release.

Alexis: Okay, so tell me again about Brianna Hughes' injuries.

Robin: Two contusions to the head. The first one could have happened the way Mayor Floyd described. The second one was definitely blunt force.

Alexis: Are you both convinced that Floyd is covering something up?

Robin: That was the consensus, right?

Patrick: Well, it seemed that way to us -- me, Robin, Olivia.

Alexis: I suppose you are wondering if what Mayor Floyd said is true.

Robin: You -- you don't owe us any explanó

Alexis: It was one night. It wasn't an affair. It was one night. And it was the night that I just happened to walk in on my husband having sex with my daughter and found out that I had cancer, so I was a little out of sorts, and apparently stupid.

Patrick: It happens.

Alexis: I sure hope my daughter feels that way, too.

[Horn honks]

Michael: Max just dropped me off. I'm surprised he didn't put me in a car seat.

Kristina: What are you all pissed about?

Michael: Nothing. Hey, Dad got me a new car.

Kristina: How awful. What's the occasion?

Michael: Waking up from a coma, I guess. Wait till you see it. It's so nice.

Kristina: I would think that'd make you happy.

Michael: It did, but then when Mom showed up and tried to take it away -- honestly, I'm glad you called because I would have flipped if I would have stayed around her.

Kristina: Carly may be overprotective and annoying but at least she's honest. She owns who she is and doesn't pretend to be something better.

Michael: Uh-oh. I'm sensing trouble.

Kristina: Get this. My sainted, principled mother had a sleazy affair with that creepy Mayor Floyd, and now he's blabbing about it to the press.

Michael: Get the hell out.

Kristina: He's saying my mom is prosecuting him for some murder because he dumped her. As we speak, the entire world is finding out my mother's a slut.

Jason: Okay, what's the emergency?

Carly: Look at this. So much for Sonny and I being a united front. So much for me thinking that Michael could be better off here than at the Quartermaine's.

Jason: Okay, why don't you just tell me what happened.

Carly: Michael can't drive. He doesn't have a driver's license.

Jason: Yeah?

Carly: He just woke up from a yearlong coma, and for some reason, Sonny woke up today and thought, ďYou know what I'll do today? I'll buy Michael a car."

Jason: This -- this is for Michael?

Carly: This is Michael's, yep.

Jason: Wow. Has he seen it?

Carly: Mm-hmm. And of course he's immediately attached. And of course, before I got wind of it, Sonny gave him the keys. And of course I said no. And of course I'm the bad guy.

Jason: Okay, we're going to talk to Sonny, we're going to talk to Michael and we'll straighten everything out.

Carly: The damage is done. I will be the dreaded, hated mother for the rest of my life if it means keeping my son safe. What I need you to do for me, I need you to get rid of this thing. I don't care what you do. Drive it off a cliff. Just make sure Michael never lays eyes on this thing again.

Jason: No. No, I'm not going to do that.

Nikolas: You all right?

Rebecca: Yeah, fine. It's embarrassing. Sometimes I turn into a real girl. Huh.

Nikolas: You're very odd.

Rebecca: Really?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: Gee, what makes you think that?

Nikolas: You just let out an ear-piercing scream during what was the only romantic part in the entire movie. I know the acting was pretty horrible, but I wouldn't call it scream-worthy.

Rebecca: Well, maybe this place just makes me nervous, Nikolas. And you add the thunder and the lightning and you know, I just really scared myself.

Nikolas: Okay. Would you like me to turn some lights on?

Rebecca: Um, no. I think I'm a little movied out and, um, I'm pretty wiped, so I'm going to go --

Nikolas: Huh?

Rebecca: Take a bath.

Nikolas: Take a bath, right now?

Rebecca: Yeah. You said I was odd.

Nikolas: Okay. You want some company up there?

Rebecca: Um, no offense, but I just need to unwind a little, and maybe after -- you never know what the night can bring.

Nikolas: Okay. All right, go, enjoy yourself.

Rebecca: Okay.


Maxie: You're right. The first two times ended up a hot mess. Not the sex -- that was good.

Spinelli: You really think so?

Maxie: You have no idea how incredible you are. My fondest wish is to take you to bed and not leave for a few days, but you don't want to do that, and I understand.

Spinelli: No -- you understand it is not for lack of desire.

Maxie: I know. It's because I messed up. I used you, Spinelli, both times we made love. The first time was because I was afraid, and the second because I was jealous, but you deserve better. I'm selfish. I damage things. I'm really sorry.

Spinelli: I do not regret one moment spent in sublime repose with fair Maximista.

Maxie: What's "repose"?

Spinelli: In this context, peace and tranquility.

Maxie: You mean, like, the after part? The cuddling and stuff?

Spinelli: No, all of it.

Maxie: We could have that again, Spinelli. I know being with me makes you really nervous and self-protective, but things have changed. I've changed. I finally know my own heart, and you're it for me. It's not just about having sex. I want to be close to you -- as close as two people can be, in repose.

Spinelli: You make it difficult to resist.

Maxie: Good.

Mac: You'll be expected to testify.

Patrick: That's no problem.

Mac: Nice job of crime solving, by the way. You're a credit to the Scorpio name.

Patrick: What about me? You ready to go?

Robin: Hmm? Oh, yeah.

Patrick: What's the matter?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I don't know. I guess I thought I'd feel a better sense of satisfaction.

Patrick: Yeah, it rings a little hollow, doesn't it?

Robin: I mean, Mayor Floyd isn't exactly a stellar human being, but is he a killer?

Patrick: It all seems a little neat, doesn't it?

Robin: What if Spinelli's right? What if somebody else killed Brianna Hughes?

Kristina: Let's be real here. My mother has three daughters by three different men. Nobody even knows who Samís dad is, so obviously she sleeps around. Why was it so stunning to find out she had an affair with the mayor?

Michael: Because he's a jerk? Too much information?

Kristina: Well, there's that. Excuse me while I puke. But the other part that really gets me, she's always lecturing me about goals and standards, and now her sex life is about to be splashed all over the newspapers. My friends are going to know.

Michael: Yeah, that sucks. I'm sorry.

Kristina: Can you just shoot me now? Sorry, you're probably the wrong person to ask.

Michael: Yeah.

Alexis: I wasn't expecting to see Michael here.

Kristina: Don't even start, Mom. You don't have the right to say whether I can hang out with Michael or not -- after what the world just found out about you.

Carly: Okay, so are you telling me that you think this car is an appropriate gift for Michael? That it's okay for him to drive this without a license?

Jason: No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that Sonny already gave it to him. You can't just take it back.

Carly: The hell I can't. I'm his mother.

Jason: You don't want to make this a competition.

Carly: Because I'll lose? Because Michael will think that Sonny walks on water and I'm this shrill, clueless bitch? So what? I don't care. Jason, I can't let Michael keep a car that's too everything. It's too fast. It's too expensive. It's too much. Just so he won't accuse me of being unfair? I can't do that. What if he crashes into a tree? Things like that happen and you know that.

Jason: Now you're getting upset, okay? It's not good for the baby. You need to just calm down.

Carly: I will calm down when Michael's at the Quartermaine's, because he sure as hell isn't staying here.

[Movie plays]

Elizabeth: What is wrong with this picture?

Nikolas: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[Man screams on movie]

Nikolas: Yes! That bongo idiot deserved to be globbed.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Nikolas: Hey, what's up?

Elizabeth: What are you doing?

Nikolas: Rebecca got me into this horror film and then deserted me for the bath.

Elizabeth: Oh, so she's here?

Nikolas: Yes, so please don't indulge the impulse to warn me away from her.

Elizabeth: Actually, I came to ask you for your help with Lucky. I'm kind of thinking you might need it more.

Nikolas: We're not having this argument again. Look, I like her a lot. So much so that I'm going to ask her to move in here.

Rebecca: Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing here?

Ethan: I wanted to check on things. Hats off, sweetheart. It looks like you've got a prince eating -- popcorn, no less -- right out of the palm of your hand.

Rebecca: Yeah, I'm following the plan, which happens to be going just the way we want it, so don't screw it up.

Ethan: Just remember, I'm the partner. Nikolas is the mark.

Rebecca: Yeah, I know that.

Ethan: Do you?

Rebecca: What? You need proof? Happy to oblige.

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Oh --

Maxie: Jason! Can't you see that we're busy?

Jason: Uh, yeah, okay.

Maxie: Okay, go!

Spinelli: No. Actually, don't, no. Stone Cold's entrance is most timely. You can help the Jackal avert certain disaster.

Sonny: I thought you left. I was just about to call you.

Carly: I was outside counting to 10, but I had to count to 50. I made it to 500 before I could come in here.

Sonny: Max took Michael to see Kristina.

Carly: Good. Then he won't be here to watch my head explode.

Sonny: I'm not -- I'm not going to fight with you on this because there's no point. It's not good for you. I get it. I should have talked to you before I bought the car. I apologize. But Michael and I, we had a really, really rough day today.

Carly: What happened?

Sonny: He informed me that he wants to learn the business, and I'm not talking coffee.

Carly: This just proves why he can't live here with you, Sonny.

Sonny: But what are we going to do? He doesn't want to live with you.

Carly: I talked to the Quartermaines. He's going to live with them.

Sonny: You -- okay, you're joking. You can't be serious.

Carly: Yeah, I'm serious.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me, Carly. No way in hell.

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