GH Transcript Friday 6/26/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/26/09


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Alexis: What do you got?

Mac: I didn't call you.

Robin: I'm glad you both are here. Patrick and I found evidence.

Maxie: With help from Jackal, P.I.

Robin: We're here to report a murder.

Jason: Wait, wait, wait. You would actually think about sending Michael to live with the Quartermaines?

Carly: I want him to be safe. And you and Sonny both told me that it's dangerous at his place. I'd like for Michael to live here with me, but he doesn't want to, and if no one's going to back me, the Quartermaines are my only option.

Michael: I got shot when you tried to get out of the business.

Sonny: No. You got shot when my enemies were trying to kill me, Michael, and you got caught in the crossfire.

Michael: So teach me the business. Show me how to defend myself.

Sonny: You're not even listening to a word I'm telling you! I will never risk your life again.

Michael: I just proved myself last night, that I can do whatever it takes.

Sonny: Listen -- no. I'm your father; I tell you how to handle things. You don't tell me.

Michael: Dad, you've gotten everything --

Sonny: No.

Michael: You've wanted.

Sonny: I don't want to hear it.

Michael: No, no, a family --

Sonny: I don't want to hear it.

Michael: A family, power, position. I just want to be like you.

Sonny: Listen to me! You will never be like me.

Claudia: Kristina, what are you doing here, and who is this man?

Kristina: I don't know. I just walked in and he was in here.

Claudia: Does Sonny even know you're here?

Kristina: No, please don't tell Dad.

Ethan: Lulu, I don't know about this.

Lulu: Oh.

Ethan: Come on.

Lulu: Come on. Don't tell me the smooth, ever-confident Ethan Lovett is getting cold feet.

Ethan: I mean, I just found out that I'm your brother.

Lulu: And now it's time to meet the Spencers. Hey, you guys.

Lucky: I thought you said this was a family get-together.

Lulu: Ethan is family. Hi, guys.

Cameron: Hi.

Lulu: Hi, I want you to meet your new uncle.

Cameron: Hi.

Mac: Does this have anything to do with why you and Spinelli broke into the mayor's office?

Alexis: Oh, whoa. Don't think you should be having that conversation in front of me.

Spinelli: If I might elaborate.

Mac: I'm going to regret this. Go on, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Oh, okay. The philandering mayor and his sexually obliging secretary were partners in a series of clandestine assignations that culminated in the regrettable injury and subsequent demise --

Mac: Do you think you can finish this before dinnertime?

Spinelli: Okay, there are -- there are mitigating circumstances that make the mayor's involvement increasingly suspect.

Maxie: Like the fact that the mayor fled from the scene of the crime?

Spinelli: Maximista is correct. And newly revealed bank account transactions that are highly suspicious, not to mention the mayor's own surreptitious demeanor, all leading the Jackal to question whether we can trust the verity of any statement made by the maritally-impaired mayor.

Mac: Look, all you're telling me, I think, is that the mayor was sleeping with Brianna Hughes and is trying to cover his guilt. This is old news.

Patrick: Actually, Mac, we went over the autopsy report and this, well, it shows a different version than what the mayor said. Brianna did die from a bump to the head but not just a single bump as we originally thought. Matt is being accused of mishandling the surgery. This points to something different.

Mac: You're trying to protect your brother. And you don't talk in complete sentences. Robin, tell me what's going on.

Claudia: Who the hell are you?

Dominic: Look, lady, I just want to get out of here. I talked the kid into helping me. Can we skip the explanations and just get on with it?

Claudia: No, how about if I call my husband and the guards instead?

Kristina: Don't, please, I'm not supposed to be here.

Claudia: Kristina, your father has to know about this.

Kristina: If my mom and dad find out, I'll be grounded for life.

Claudia: I know, look, that's not really my problem.

Kristina: Please, seriously, just let me sneak out and avoid all the drama.

Claudia: Okay.

Kristina: Thank you so much.

Claudia: I'll walk you out. I'll be back to deal with you.

Kristina: Thanks again for being so cool about this.

Jason: Living with you would be the best thing for Michael.

Carly: Great, then tell him that.

Jason: But it would not be the best thing for you. You're at risk. You can't be under stress, Carly.

Carly: I wouldn't be under stress.

Jason: You wouldn't be? Michael fights with you all the time.

Carly: It's not all the time, okay, and yeah, when it does happen, it hurts, but it's not like he's going to cause me to have a stroke or anything.

Jason: I don't think a doctor would actually agree with that. But you know what, it doesn't matter, because Michael's not going to listen to me, anyway.

Carly: He will listen to you. He trusts you more than he trusts anyone.

Jason: No, no. Michael wants to go to work for Sonny. He actually asked me to teach him this business.

Carly: Why the hell didn't you tell me that?

Jason: I'm telling you that. Right now. Michael said that he helped save you from some guy running through the woods.

Carly: Yeah, yeah, he did, but so what? He's not going to work for Sonny.

Jason: I already told him that.

Carly: I don't want him being a part of the business at all, Jason.

Jason: I know, Carly. I told him that I'm not going to let it happen. But now he thinks that I'm a hypocrite and anything that I suggest to him, he's going to do the exact opposite.

Sonny: Okay. When I -- I got in the mob because I was too young to know better.

Michael: And now you're going to say you regret it?

Sonny: I was desperate to get out of the life that I had, and I had an opportunity to work for a local mob boss, and I took it. Now, you have different opportunities. You can go to college. You can do anything you want.

Michael: No, I choose this.

Sonny: This, this -- this mob violence took a year out of your life. I'm not going to let that happen again.

Michael: Is that what this is about? Is it? You don't want me to work for you because you're ashamed of me.

Sonny: Why would you even say that? You've been to hell and back. I'm proud of you.

Michael: Bull. You don't want me in your business because you think that that bullet, which gave me brain damage, made me a retard.

Robin: Okay, there's a discrepancy between Mayor Floyd's story and Brianna's injuries. The autopsy suggests that there were two blows to the head, both in the exact same place.

Mac: I'd say that's beyond coincidence.

Robin: Well, we're thinking the second blow was the fatal one.

Maxie: Don't forget about the bank account. Spinelli hacked into Brianna's checking account, and --

Spinelli: Maximista, there's no need to belabor the details of the Jackal's methodology.

Mac: For once, Spinelli and I agree.

Robin: Basically, Mayor Floyd was giving Brianna a lot of money.

Mac: How much?

Robin: $100,000 over the last three months.

Mac: That's quite a sum.

Alexis: Well, it's not unusual for a cheating husband to give money to his girlfriend.

Mac: It's classic. Brianna Hughes was blackmailing Mayor Floyd, and he struck a blow that led to her death. He's trying to make it look like an accident.

Spinelli: The commissioner is only partially correct.

Mac: What do you mean?

Spinelli: Well, Brianna Hughes was undoubtedly murdered, but it was not the philandering mayor himself who sent her to her death.

Alexis: Then who did?

Carly: Must have been pretty hard to find yourself fighting with Michael, huh?

Jason: Yeah, I'm just sorry that I couldn't get through to him.

Carly: Michael loves you. It's just a matter of time before he's over it and he trusts you again.

Jason: The point is, I'm not going to be able to talk him into moving back in here with you and Jax.

Carly: He's afraid that he is going to do something that upsets me and Morgan, that he's going to lose his temper. That's why he won't move back in here. He's scared he's going to hurt us.

Jason: I know that he wants to stay with Sonny.

Carly: It's too dangerous.

Jason: I know it is.

Carly: It's too dangerous, and I can't stand the proximity to Claudia. That leaves the Quartermaines.

Jason: I didn't think you were serious about that.

Carly: I wasn't. I was just trying to push you into talking Michael into coming back here. But no -- hell. It looks like the Quartermaines are our only solution.

Claudia: Let me call you a cab, okay?

Kristina: It's okay. I'll find my own way home.

Claudia: No, no, I need to ask you a question. Why did you come here when your mother forbid it?

Kristina: I came to see Michael. It shouldn't be such a drama, but it is with my mom.

Claudia: She's pretty strict, huh?

Claudia: Do you think? I'm supposed to be perfect in every way. Responsible citizen, student leader, brilliant achiever. Absolutely nothing can jeopardize my golden future.

Claudia: Sounds like pressure.

Kristina: Of course, everything about my dad is off limits. His house, his business, you, and now, even Michael. Not that dad's tripping over himself to see me, anyhow.

Claudia: I'm going to cover for you this time. But you can't come back here unless he asks you.

Kristina: Trust me. This was way more trouble than it was worth.

Johnny: Easy, quick draw.

Dominic: This place is like grand central station.

Johnny: Yeah, come on, we got to get you out of here.

Dominic: Yeah, you know, everyone keeps saying that to me. You should have killed me when you had the chance, not for lack of trying.

Johnny: Yeah, well, I was fighting for my life.

Dominic: And Jason Morgan, too.

Johnny: If Jason Morgan ended up dead, Sonny would have killed me, too. I was saving my own ass.

Dominic: More siding with Corinthos.

Johnny: I work for Corinthos. I got to play this right, and so do you. So why don't you just be happy you're alive, cash in your chips, and get out of this town?

Dominic: Now why would I do that when this is the land of opportunity?

Michael: You're ashamed of me. You think that if I worked with you, that I'd screw up?

Sonny: That's not true. That's not true. It's the opposite of that, actually.

Michael: I'm not your biological son.

Sonny: Biological means spit. You are my son in every way that it counts, and I love you, Michael. I've loved you since the minute you came into my life.

Michael: But Morganís your child. He's perfect. He does everything right.

Sonny: Nobody's perfect. No one is you. But you know what? You -- you are a terrific, amazing young man.

Michael: Yeah, real amazing. The way I fight with everybody, piss everybody off. You don't want me around.

Sonny: Michael, listen to me. Hey, come here. Come here.

Sonny: You are a lot like me, and you are the best part of me. You are strong. You're loyal, determined. You -- you know, you stand up for what you believe. You fight for the people you care about including yourself. You woke up from a coma. Do you understand what a miracle that is, what strength it took to do that? Your mother and I, we've never been more proud of you, son.

Michael: So have faith in me, Dad.

Sonny: I -- hey, hey, hey. I have faith in you. The only redeeming thing about my business -- you know what it is? That I can give you the opportunities that I never had. But now you got your whole life ahead of you. Make the best of it. You can have whatever you want.

Michael: No, I can have whatever you want for me.

Spinelli: The philandering mayor cannot possibly have been the culprit who struck the fatal blow to Brianna Hughes.

Robin: Then who do you suspect?

Spinelli: Well, I have no ultimate suspect at present, but the P.I. handbook expressly states that the first suspect is seldom guilty.

Mac: The P.I. handbook? Look, we've got evidence. Plus, Patrick and Robin's analysis of the autopsy. That's plenty to issue a warrant for the mayor's arrest.

Alexis: Well, I think it would be wise to have S.I.D. look over the evidence first.

Mac: I'm surprised you're not eager to move on this.

Alexis: Well, I just don't want to act prematurely.

Mac: You're not afraid of the political pressure, are you?

Alexis: Brianna Hughes was murdered. Without the second blow to the head, she wouldn't have died. The mayor's been caught in yet another lie, and while that, in itself, does not make him a murderer, it's a start. So I will go to the judge and get the warrant issued immediately.

Edward's voice: Alice? Where the hell are you? There's someone at the door. I'll get it, never mind. Well, Carly. To what do we owe this pleasure?

Carly: You know, uh, Edward, I need to make a group announcement. Who's here?

Edward: Oh, all right.

Carly: Good, you're all here.

Tracy: What inspired this visit? I'm really not in the mood.

Edward: Ignore her, Carly, my dear.

Carly: I already have. Okay, look -- first, I need to set some ground rules.

Tracy: Ooh. I don't like this.

Monica: Tracy. What ground rules?

Carly: Years ago when I took Michael out of this house, I did it because I thought it would be really bad for him to be raised as a Quartermaine, and I swore he'd never be back for anything more than a visit. But since Michael's surgery, things have changed, and I'm willing to give you guys another shot.

Edward: What are you saying?

Carly: I want my son to live here with you.

Michael: Hey, I got your text. Why didn't you leave when Claudia walked you out?

Kristina: I had to make sure you survived Mom's third degree.

Michael: Yeah, Alexis must be great in a courtroom because she did this whole speech about what a wonderful person you are to want to help me out --

Kristina: Well, that part's true.

Michael: Yeah, I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Kristina: What was her closing argument?

Michael: I'm under orders to stay away from you.

Kristina: Great. Mother thinks she's getting her way, and I'll still come visit you anytime you want. Anytime I want.

Michael: Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how long I'm going to be living here. Dad and I just got in the monster of all fights.

Kristina: Not possible. You're Dad's favorite.

Michael: Not since I told him I wanted to learn the business. He told me, when hell freezes over, and it's his way or no way at all.

Kristina: Well, truth is, Dad can't be bothered. Why worry about you getting hurt again when he can send you to some private school and forget about you?

Michael: You don't know Dad as well as I do.

Kristina: Only because I never see him. I probably don't even cross his mind.

Michael: Look, I'm not trying to defend Dad, but Alexis basically laid down the law that he can't see you, right?

Kristina: All my life I've heard Sonny Corinthos gets what he wants. So if Dad really wanted to see me, he'd find a way.

Michael: It's different with his kids. He's trying to keep us safe.

Kristina: I know you admire him, but kids have always been low on Dad's list of priorities. Just wait. He'll end up dumping you off on your mom like he dumped me off on mine.

Claudia: What happened? I saw Michael -- he stormed out.

Sonny: Michael's fighting me, fighting his mother, fighting anything he comes up with -- I don't know.

Claudia: Well, Sonny, he's still healing. You know, it's going to be a bumpy ride, but it's going to get better.

Sonny: Michael's life is defined by what I do in the business of violence, and now he wants to be just like me.

Claudia: What do you mean?

Sonny: He wants to learn the business. He wants to follow in his old man's footsteps. That is the last thing I wanted for my son.

Claudia: So explain that to him. Tell him it's too dangerous. He can't --

Sonny: I tried to explain, but he's 17, you know. He's still in high school. I said, you know what, you're going to go to college, the whole world's going to open up for you, a lot of opportunities, grab that, but it's just -- it's pushed us further away.

Claudia: Give it some time. Michael knows that you love him.

Sonny: You know what he said to me? He said that I don't want him in the business because I'm ashamed of him.

Claudia: That's -- you know what? He's reaching, Sonny. He knows. I mean --

Sonny: I don't think so, because it's not like we weren't hearing each other.

Claudia: Well, you said that you and Michael have always been close.

Sonny: We -- what happened, you know, ever since the coma and after the coma and the whole thing, it's like we've been somewhat distant. And I can't -- I don't know how to close the gap.

Claudia: It's simple.

Sonny: Huh?

Claudia: You got to let Michael know that he matters to you.

Sonny: How, when all he wants is to follow in my footsteps? How am I supposed to -- what am I supposed to do?

Claudia: Give Michael something that he doesn't know he wants.

Sonny: Give him something -- yeah. You know what? You're right. Um, I -- hold on. Max.

Max: Mr. C?

Sonny: There's something that I need you to do.

Lucky: Why didn't you warn me you were bringing him?

Lulu: I require a warning? I'm introducing Ethan to his nephews. I didn't think it was so horrible.

Lucky: Did it even occur to you to ask our opinion?

Ethan: Oh, come on. Lulu was just trying to do something nice.

Lulu: Why are you so worked up about this?

Lucky: Lulu, we've talked about Ethan a number of times.

Ethan: Hey, I come in peace, mate. You know, I think it's kind of cool that I'm related to these little rug rats.

Lucky: All right, first of all, those boys are not part of your life, and they never will be.

Lulu: Whoa, relax.

Elizabeth: Okay, you guys, let's just take a step back. Yes, this may have been a little abrupt, but Lulu's intentions were good.

Lulu: Thank you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: A new brother and a new uncle, it's a lot to process. For us, let alone the kids.

Ethan: Yeah, and the kids are doing it better than the grownups.

Lucky: I want to make this real simple. You're a con, and I'm a cop. And I don't like you. And you will never be around Cameron or Jake.

Lulu: Why are you so closed-minded?

Lucky: What, you think he's a good role model for the boys?

Lulu: I think Ethan is a good guy, and I think he has a lot to offer. I also think that the kids would like him as much as I do if their father would get over his prejudice. Let's just go.

Elizabeth: Okay, do you think maybe you were just a little harsh?

Lucky: I don't like the guy and Lulu knows that. Why would she blindside us like that?

Elizabeth: She didn't mean to. She obviously just wasn't thinking. 

Jason: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: That's all right. How's Michael doing?

Jason: Um --

Elizabeth: Go on, with your brother.

Jason: It's been a tough transition.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, he's lost a year of his life. I'm sure it's been a challenge for all of you.

Jason: Yeah, it has.

Elizabeth: Well, if there's anything I can do to help.

Jason: Just take care of him.

Lucky: We will. You okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm fine.

Edward: Carly, I can't tell you how happy I am that you have finally come to your senses.

Tracy: Oh, please, you don't think she's doing this out of the goodness of her heart. Think again.

Monica: Michael is my grandson, and I am very, very grateful that he will be coming here.

Edward: Amen to that, Monica.

Tracy: She is only dumping him on our doorstep so he can help himself to the Quartermaine money.

Edward: Tracy, not everything in this world is based on greed.

Tracy: Well, it is for the Quartermaines, and if Michael is going to be a Quartermaine, he better know the ground rules.

Monica: Tracy, you keep this up, and you're going to find yourself out on the street.

Carly: Can we stop doing this and just focus on Michael right now? That would be great.

Tracy: Let's see. You could settle him some place else.

Edward: Tracy, you ruin this for us, and so help me God --

Carly: This is why I didn't want him growing up in this house. The constant bickering and fighting, backstabbing -- you can't even agree whether he's welcome or not.

Monica: Yes, yes, we can, Carly. And we are thrilled to have him here. I promise you that.

Carly: He's not safe at Sonny's, and he clearly doesn't want to stay with me.

Edward: Well, then we're the perfect solution. Michael is welcome to stay here as long as he wants.

Carly: We need to be clear on the ground rules. I get full access to my son.

Edward: Well, it is always a pleasure to see you. You know that, Carly.

Tracy: Boy, are you laying it on thick.

Monica: Tracy.

Carly: And never say a word against me, Sonny, or Jason. And I want everyone to treat Michael with love and respect. And the minute anyone steps out of line, I'm going to take my son home.

Max: Are you sure about this, boss?

Sonny: What?

Max: Maybe you should talk it over with Mrs. J first.

Sonny: I don't need any permission from Carly. I'm just doing this, you know, for my son.

Max: Well, no offense, but you think you might be overcompensating a little, trying a little too hard to make things right with Michael?

Sonny: Well, yeah, but you know, he's been through a lot. And he lost a year of his life. And if I can't help him in other ways, then this is the way I can help him.

Max: Well, it's definitely a nice thing to do.

Sonny: I just want to give him something he can look forward to, you know, build up his spirits, you know. Just build him up a little bit.

Max: Well, he's definitely going to like it, boss.

Sonny: Well, the way I'm seeing it is I want him to know how much he means to me. Right? And this is a good start.

Olivia: Hey.

Johnny: Hey.

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Johnny: Well, I stopped by work, and they said you came home on your lunch break.

Olivia: Yeah, just long enough to change my shoes.

Johnny: So you're not staying, huh?

Olivia: Did I say that? Come on in. Make yourself at home.

Johnny: You know, I don't want to start making assumptions.

Olivia: Did I tell you what I did for Marty last week?

Johnny: Marty?

Olivia: Yeah, the manager over at the Metro Court hotel who accidentally booked out ten luxury suites that unfortunately weren't finished yet.

Johnny: Oh, whoops.

Olivia: Necessitating all variety of rebooking and complimentary spa treatments and borrowing and scraping -- none of which Marty was actually available for because, see, he was at his brother's wedding. So who do you think took care of the whole mess?

Johnny: I don't know. I guess somebody smart and pretty with a hell of a lot of finesse.

Olivia: Oh, yeah?

Johnny: Yeah.

Olivia: So, actually, it was someone who is owed a whole lot of favors.

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: Back at work, and you know, if I decided to cash in on those favors by taking an extended break, who's going to fight me on it?

Johnny: I certainly will not.

Olivia: Good answer.

Alexis: Judge Foster has agreed to hear the petition on Floyd's arrest, so I'm going to go take care of that right now.

Maxie: Well, what about Patrick and Robin? They were in the hotel room after Brianna was knocked unconscious.

Robin: Well, we were called in to give her treatment.

Maxie: Still, they could be named accessories to murder or something.

Mac: Assuming this goes to trial, Robin and Patrick will almost certainly be called to testify.

Robin: But nobody would actually believe we were involved in a cover-up, right?

Mac: We're going to need statements from both of you as to what you witnessed.

Patrick: That's fine. We can go on record with what we know about the autopsy.

Mac: Good. I want this to be air-tight.

Spinelli: Wouldn't the commissioner be a tad precipitous in his rush to close the case?

Mac: I'm doing this by the book, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Well, but if it turns out -- like I certainly suggest that the mayor is not our culprit, then the true murderer slips through the arms of the law, never to be punished for his or her sordid crime.

Mac: Someone get him out of here before I have him arrested for all the hacking he did to get evidence in this case.

Maxie: Come on, Spinelli. Let's go.

Kristina: Hi.

Mac: Hi.

Kristina: Is my mother around?

Robin: She stepped away to get some paperwork, but she should be back if you want to wait.

Edward: Carly said she'll bring Michael here tonight, and my great-grandson will be home where he belongs.

Tracy: Why don't we have a celebration with cake and balloons and pointy little party hats?

Edward: I think that's an excellent suggestion.

Tracy: Why are Alanís children always fussed over and mine are ignored?

Edward: Because your children aren't here to be fussed over. They have a way of clearing out, and who can blame them?

Tracy: Michael was raised a Corinthos. You're making a big mistake trying to turn him into a Quartermaine.

Edward: Oh, God, Tracy is so unbearable, and it's because Spencer has abandoned her yet again. But never mind, Michael is moving home, and he'll be here. And I'm going to talk to him about his future education and give him a tour --

Monica: Edward, Edward.

Edward: What?

Monica: I don't think you should get your hopes up.

Edward: Why not?

Monica: Because I think Carly was having a bad day, and I don't think this is ever going to happen. He's not going to be living here.

Jason: That depends on you.

Elizabeth: Well, that was quite the afternoon. First, Lulu with Uncle Ethan, and now, Jason and Jake.

Lucky: Yeah, I think I've had enough surprises for one day.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Lucky.

Lucky: Why? It's not your fault.

Elizabeth: No, but I'm starting to understand why it's so hard for you to accept Ethan.

Lucky: Because he's a liar and a con artist.

Elizabeth: I think it goes deeper than that.

Lucky: How about because Ethan is living proof that my father cheated on my mom.

Elizabeth: Maybe you're angry at Ethan because you won't let yourself be angry at me for cheating on you with Jason or at Jake for being his son.

Jason: Can I speak to you alone?

Edward: Don't try to manipulate your mother.

Monica: Can we have a moment, Edward?

Edward: Don't cave into this hoodlum.

Monica: This is my son. And this is my house. And you are excused.

Edward: Monica, I have waited too long to get my great-grandson back in this house, and I'm not about to --

Monica: Edward, out.

Edward: What? Oh, all right.

Monica: Carly seemed very concerned about Michael. What is going on?

Jason: He's angry. He's confused, and he's vulnerable. And it's just -- it's really hard to know how to get through to him.

Monica: Well, that sounds exactly the way I felt after your accident. Kind of like history repeating itself with Michael.

Jason: Yeah, when I try to help him, he thinks I'm trying to control him.

Monica: Yeah, you fought us every step of the way.

Jason: I'm sorry about that.

Monica: No, I am sorry. I'm sorry, because I wanted you back so desperately that I realized, in hindsight, that I pushed you away.

Jason: And now I'm doing the same thing with Michael.

Monica: Well, we can only learn from experience. So go easy.

Jason: Yeah, I'm trying. I am trying. It's just really hard for him to accept help from me right now. And I'm really hoping that he accepts help from you.

Sonny: Michael.

Michael: Yeah, what is it?

Sonny: You'll see.

Michael: Look, if you're going to say that I can't live with --

Sonny: No, no, I'm not saying that. Just come on. I'll show you something.

Sonny: What do you think?

Michael: It's great, but why do you need it? Doesn't Milo usually drive you in the limo?

Sonny: Oh, it's not for me. It's for you. Think of it as a welcome home present.

Olivia: I got to get back to work.

Johnny: I thought you said this Marty guy owed you.

Olivia: He does, but I'd like to save some of my favors for later. You never know when I'm going to need another one, but I'm hoping it's soon.

Johnny: I will give you a money-back guarantee on that one.

Olivia: You know, if you want to stick around, there's cold pasta and beer in the fridge.

Johnny: So what, you come home from work, and I'm sitting here on your couch gorging on your pasta and lapping up your beer. What good am I?

Olivia: Uh, like I said the first time you came over here --

Johnny: Hmm?

Olivia: You're always welcome. Stay as long as you like.

Olivia: I got to go.

Johnny: Have a nice day.

Robin: Well, that could be the end of the malpractice suit. That second fatal blow to Brianna's head proves that Matt did his job and did not kill her during surgery.

Patrick: Brianna was alive when we brought her to the hospital. Diane can prove that Matt should have been able to save her, and I should've made sure that he did.

Robin: You're being too hard on yourself again -- and Matt.

Patrick: We'll see.

Robin: Come on, cheer up. If it wasn't for us, the mayor would have gotten away with murder.

Patrick: You're pretty proud of your detective skills, aren't you?

Robin: Well, I have to say, it runs in the family.

Patrick: Well, okay, give me a little bit of something. I wasn't a slouch.

Robin: No, you were great following my lead. You're like a Watson to my Holmes.

Patrick: Really?

Mac: Patrick, we're ready to take your statement.

Patrick: To be continued.

Robin: Good luck.

Robin: Hey.

Kristina: Hey. This is so typical of Mom.

Robin: Maybe she's just running late.

Kristina: I'm doing an A.P. summer civics course, and my mom was supposed to walk me through a day on the job. Obviously, she forgot.

Robin: I have to tell you, I spent most of my childhood in this room waiting for my mom, my dad, and Uncle Mac.

Kristina: Didn't it make you crazy?

Robin: On the upside, you get to know how the police really work, and...You learn that Sergeant Hansen always has candy at the top of his desk.

Kristina: Ah, thanks.

Maxie: You did it, Spinelli. You solved the case practically single-handedly.

Spinelli: I'm grateful for your praise, but I'm doubtful about the case's resolution.

Maxie: I always knew there was something creepy about the mayor. Never trust a man who wears too much cologne.

Spinelli: Olfactory impressions can be deceiving.

Maxie: But evidence can't, and there's tons of it all pointing to the mayor.

Spinelli: I fear Maximista, much like her loving parental unit, is violating one of the tried and true rules of investigation. Crime is never convenient. This all fits together far too perfectly.

Maxie: Perfect works for me.

Spinelli: I'm just convinced that there's another suspect lurking in the shadows.

Maxie: I love it when you talk like a P.I. You're truly in your element. A cerebral man of danger.

Spinelli: Is that really how you think of me?

Maxie: How about I show you how I think of you.

Spinelli: I am indeed gratified by Maximista's fervor.

Maxie: You're everything to me, Spinelli. You're my best friend, a man I admire and trust. And I think you're brilliant and an amazing detective.

Spinelli: I am most flattered.

Maxie: We solved this case together because of your genius. And now I think that we should celebrate.

Maxie: What's wrong?

Spinelli: Regrettably, I must refrain.

Man: Set up quickly. If that tip from city hall is true, this should be good. D.A. Davis, do you know anything about a rumored high profile arrest?

Alexis: No comment.

Mayor Floyd: What's the meaning of all of this? What's going on?

Woman: Mayor Floyd, are you here to speak to D.A. Davis? Can you tell us what this meeting is about?

Mayor Floyd: I'm looking for Commissioner Scorpio. I need to see him immediately.

Man: Commissioner, do you have any comment? Is that a warrant in your hand?

Mac: Garret Floyd, you're under arrest for the murder of Brianna Hughes. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Woman: Would you care to comment?

Mayor Floyd: Yes, actually, I would. This is an outrageous farce. I am completely innocent, and there's absolutely no way District Attorney Davis can prosecute me.

Woman: Why is that, Mayor Floyd?

Mayor Floyd: Well, it's because we were lovers.

Monica: When I was a doctor, I know very well that a patient needs time to recuperate and get their bearings back. But I've got to tell you, all my years of medicine went right out the window when you got hurt. I only existed on my emotions. And I'm going to try very, very hard not to make that same mistake with Michael.

Jason: I think you need to set some type of limits with him. It's kind of a fine line because you've got to trust him to keep them.

Monica: Listen, I'm just grateful to have a chance to get to know my grandson again. I don't know. I think it's going to be good for both of us.

Jason: So do I.

Monica: Oh, Carly did mention that she didn't want us to say anything bad about you or her or Sonny, and I want you to know you have my word. I wouldn't dream of that.

Jason: All that matters to me is helping Michael.

Monica: Yeah.

Jason: But you know, if he doesn't settle in, he could take off.

Monica: Just like you did.

Jason: Yeah. Must have been hard for you guys when I joined up with Sonny.

Monica: It was awful, Jason. I'm just glad you survived.

Jason: I know you can't see it, but Sonny is a good guy. But if Michael leaves, who knows what could happen to him.

Edward: If you want Michael to stay, why don't you set an example? Come home with him.

Sonny: Get in, see how it feels.

Michael: Dad, this is totally amazing, but I don't even have my license yet. I just went online yesterday to figure out my learner's permit.

Sonny: Okay, it's going to be waiting for you when you get it. How's that?

Michael: So cool.

Sonny: Get in. Get in. Start the engines.

Carly: Hey, what's going on?

Michael: Hey, check out the car Dad just got me.

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