GH Transcript Thursday 6/25/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/25/09


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Andrea: Do you know how many lives you've destroyed because of your incompetence? My husband isn't the first mayor to be caught with the wrong woman at the wrong time and it should not cost him his career --

Ric: Mrs. Floyd. Mrs. Floyd., You need to get control of yourself before you make a tragic situation even worse.

Jason: Did I just hear you say you're not going to be the reason Michael gets shot again? Is there something I ought to know about?

Johnny: We are all responsible for Michael getting shot. You know that. We need to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Michael: I get it. You're not giving me a job because of Jason.

Jason: Okay, Michael. Michael, I already told you that you're never going to be a part of this business.

Michael: Look, just because you don't want to help me doesn't mean it's over.

Jason: Don't try to play us against each other.

Michael: What happened to you, Jason? I used to trust you more than anyone. We were friends. But now, you're just following me around, trying to control my life. Might as well be a cop.

Kristina: I'm not supposed to be here and I bet you aren't either. So how about if I didn't see you, you didn't see me?

Dominic: You invisible? Me either. What's plan B?

Claudia: You obviously know nothing about the brother-sister bond.

Alexis: Actually, that's not true. I had a brother.

Claudia: Then how could you even think about cutting Kristina out of Michael's life? How could you do that?

Alexis: Well, I wouldn't think of doing that. I'm not doing that.

Claudia: It would be good for Kristina to help Michael through this. It would be really good for her.

Alexis: And I agree. I'm agreeing with you, imagine that. But if you think --

Claudia: No, you know what I think? You know what I think? I think that you're a selfish, controlling bitch.

Alexis: Okey dokey.

Claudia: And you don't have any right to keep Michael away from his sister. He needs his family right now more than he ever has.

Alexis: And, again, I'm agreeing with you. They can see each other any time they want at my house, under supervision.

Claudia: Okay, so you're going to treat Michael like he's a three-year-old who needs supervised play dates? Really? You don't have any compassion for that kid at all? None?

Alexis: I have a lot of compassion for that kid, believe me. I think what happened to him is tragic. But I'm a mother, and I need to set limits. And I do not want my daughter in this house anywhere near you.

Sonny: Let's be honest, Alexis. The person you really want to keep Kristina away from is me.

Ric: Dr. Drake and Dr. Hunter are presumed innocent and they have the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Andrea: If this goes to court, my husband's career will be destroyed.

Robin: Mrs. Floyd, why don't we step away for a second and you can calm down.

Andrea: I am not wrong. It will be best for everyone if we settle this out of court.

Patrick: We can't just have the mayor's wife showing up here and unloading on my brother.

Matt: What if a patient heard her?

Ric: You know what? You both need to be referring all of this to your attorney.

Patrick: Yeah? The insurance company hasn't assigned us one yet.

Matt: Kind of hoping that you would take the case.

Maxie: Kate extended her trip to the Mediterranean, so you're going to have to cover for me just like I covered for you all those times. Get your hands off of him. Mercedes?

Spinelli: No, no, no. I fear there's been a misunderstanding here.

Maxie: It is always the nanny.

Michael: I have always used to depend on you. No matter what was going on with my family, you listened. You were on my side. But ever since I left the hospital, you're like everybody else. You followed me here?

Jason: I didn't follow you here. I came to discuss some business with Johnny.

Michael: Go ahead. I'm sure I've heard it all before.

Jason: Johnny, we'll talk later.

Michael: See? That's not fair.

Jason: Okay, but when I tell you no, don't start searching for somebody who's going to tell you yes.

Michael: Now you're giving me orders.

Johnny: Mikey, relax. That's not at all what he's saying.

Jason: Please, can't you focus on something good right now? It's summertime. Go hang out with your friends. Go hang out with Morgan. Enjoy the life that you got back.

Michael: Sure. As soon as you explain to me why you got to choose to be in the business but I canít.

Dominic: So, why don't you want your father to know you're in his house? You afraid of him or something?

Kristina: I barely know him. I snuck over here to see my brother, but then my mom showed up. And if she finds out I'm here, she'll totally freak and I'll probably never get to see my brother or my dad ever again.

Dominic: More information than I needed. Do all you Corinthos run off at the mouth like this?

Kristina: What do you want?

Dominic: Money, true love, washboard abs. More money. But I'll settle for a little help.

Kristina: Just tell me what you need.

Alexis: I would like Michael to visit Kristina at the house from now on with adult supervision.

Sonny: That's the only time he can see her?

Alexis: Until he's feeling better, I think it's a reasonable compromise.

Claudia: I think it's ridiculous.

Sonny: Michael and Kristina are teenagers. What are they going to do? Hang out at your house while you supervise them? That's not going to work.

Alexis: Michael asked Kristina to meet him at a bar.

Claudia: And he said they weren't drinking, so I don't have a problem with it.

Sonny: I don't really see the problem with that, either. What do you mean?

Alexis: Really?

Sonny: Well --

Alexis: They're underage.

Sonny: It's a technicality. So he can't go to Jakeís and play some pool? I don't see the harm in that.

Alexis: It's illegal to play pool in a bar when you're underage. Okay, never mind. If you want Michael to go play on the bar, that's fine. I -- I -- it's not okay if Kristina does it.

Sonny: So, in other words, you want to do it your way and no other way?

Maxie: This is payback, isn't it, for everything that happened with Johnny?

Spinelli: No, no, no. I protest most strongly. This is not what --

Maxie: Why would you hook up with Robin and Patrick's nanny, Spinelli? I thought you were above that.

Spinelli: No retribution, hurtful or otherwise was in play. You interrupted a platonic embrace of gratitude.

Maxie: Gratitude for what?

Spinelli: The hotel maid who reported the mayor's deadly affair with Brianna Hughes was Mercedes' cousin, who is, alas, undocumented.

Mercedes: Mr. Jackal has agreed to keep my cousin out of the investigation. He's even exploring her options for amnesty.

Spinelli: I'm pleased to assist one less fortunate.

Mercedes: It's so great to see such a brilliant guy using his talents to help other people.

Spinelli: Oh, I am honored by your praise, but I do have to stay on task, as it were. So --

Mercedes: Thanks so much.

Spinelli: It's an honor to be of service.

Mercedes: Bye.

Maxie: Okay, I know. That was silly and I trust you completely, Spinelli. I just -- I would die if I thought you were going to be with anyone else.

Nikolas: I'll be in Zurich next month if you want to go over the figures then. All of them. No, I trust that they'll be accurate, thank you.

Elizabeth: Sounds like you just made somebody very nervous.

Nikolas: I just hate getting vague answers from business associates.

Elizabeth: So, you're going to Zurich next month?

Nikolas: Yeah, possibly. It depends on him.

Elizabeth: Oh, I get it. You just threaten a trip and light a fire under another guy so you end up getting the numbers you wanted instead of excuses.

Nikolas: Wow. You're hell on the ego, you know?

Elizabeth: Why would you say that?

Nikolas: Because you just saw right through one of my best business strategies.

Elizabeth: Well, it's a good thing we're not in business together.

Nikolas: Oh, no, I wouldn't work against you. With you. Actually, I think you'd probably be pretty good.

Elizabeth: Are you offering me a job?

Nikolas: Oh, God, no. Lucky would rip my head off.

Elizabeth: Oh, so now Lucky gets to decide what I do?

Nikolas: No. I'm -- I'm just saying that he seems to get an allergic reaction every time he thinks I'm giving him charity.

Elizabeth: Offering me a job is now charity?

Nikolas: No, relax. Why are we discussing a job that I haven't offered and you wouldn't accept if I did?

Elizabeth: It's just fun watching you dig your way out of an awkward situation. You're always so polite. When you get stuck and there's no tactful way of bailing on a conversation, you get this very sweet and stern and puzzling look on your face. Kind of like the one you have now.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah? Now I know you didn't come all the way out here with the sole purpose of tormenting me.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. But you're right. I do have an ulterior motive. And after the way I've been teasing you, you would be justified in turning me down.

Carly: What's up?

Jax: Hey.

Carly: What's wrong?

Jax: We need to discuss what happened last night.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you. I was going to tell you this morning, but I didn't want to upset Morgan. And then I wanted to go see Kelly and make sure the baby was okay, and the baby's fine. Everything's great and nobody got hurt.

Jax: What are you talking about?

Carly: Last night, Michael, Morgan and I -- well, in the woods, we kind of ran into some trouble.

Jax: Uh -- I don't think I like the sound of this.

Carly: We got into a struggle with this guy -- and, I mean, I'm sure the cops have found him by now.

Jax: A struggle? Who -- what? Who is this guy?

Carly: I don't know. I don't know. I know he was wounded and he had a gun.

Dominic: Get me some supplies. A first aid kid would be good. Oh, and a hot dog.

Kristina: A hot dog?

Dominic: Yeah, make it two. Mustard and onions. I'm starving.

Kristina: My dad doesn't eat hot dogs and I have no idea where he keeps any of that other stuff.

Dominic: You a straight A student? You look like that type. And I hated straight A students. Okay, genius, focus. I need antiseptic and something for pain, but it has to be over-the-counter. No serious drugs. Oh, oh, and keys to a car.

Kristina: If I get caught trying to steal a car, my life as I know it will be over.

Dominic: Your life as you know it? You gotta get out more.

Kristina: You're trying to escape, right?

Dominic: Look, if you're not up to this, just leave. You didn't see me.

Kristina: Why is my dad after you? What did you do?

Dominic: I fell in with the wrong crowd. I tried to go straight. No one understood. It's okay. Don't worry about it. You go. Our deal stands. You didn't see me, I didn't see you.

Kristina: I will help you.

Dominic: No, it's too much for you.

Kristina: I'll find you a car, don't worry.

Dominic: What if your parents see you?

Kristina: Are you kidding? They'll never even know I'm here.

Sonny: Michael is living with me now. I want Kristina to visit any time she wants.

Alexis: Well, you're back in the mob. And worse, married to her. It's dangerous.

Sonny: I'm not going to talk business around Kristina. I'm not going to let her see anything she shouldn't see.

Alexis: Now that's just stupid.

Sonny: Why?

Alexis: And unrealistic. Because, well, think about it. And what is the big deal if Michael sees her at my house? What is the big deal?

Sonny: Just admit you want to cut Kristina out of Michael's life and we'll end this conversation.

Alexis: That is not what I am saying at all. And we will not end this conversation.

Sonny: We go back and forth with this thing.

Alexis: That isn't what I'm saying. I think the two of them should be kept safe. It's kind of impossible in this house, the way you live, with criminals running in and out of it day and night.

Sonny: Did my daughter know that you were sleeping with Jerry Jacks?

Alexis: No.

Sonny: No? Are you sure? Because she's a pretty smart --

Alexis: Yes, I'm sure. I was careful.

Sonny: Okay. When you jumped in bed, I don't know how many times, with that psycho, was my daughter in the house?

Alexis: I get it, okay? Touchť. But here's the difference. When I realized that I was doing something stupid, I stopped doing it. I made a mistake and I didn't want my daughter to pay for it.

Claudia: All right, this is the point where I leave and let you guys fight this out.

Sonny: Okay, I have not fought with you about Kristina or anything for years because I wanted to keep the peace, but after Michael got shot, I kept my distance from her for Kristina's own good. Now she probably doesn't get that. She probably thinks that I don't care about her. But her and Michael are close. And after what my son's been through, I'll be damned if I'm going to let you keep his sister away from him.

Michael: I want this. It's my life and it's my choice. Why won't you understand that, Jason? I mean, you've been where I'm at. You got hurt, you woke up, you got to choose.

Jason: It wasn't really like that.

Johnny: Okay, look, I mean no disrespect to you, Jason, or to you, Michael, to your father, anybody, by what I'm about to say. Maxie told me what happened to Jason and what Jason isn't telling you out of respect for your father is that he shouldn't have even been given the opportunity to join the business in the first place.

Michael: Is that true?

Johnny: Jason was a Quartermaine.

Michael: So am I. I mean, if you ask them.

Johnny: Okay, Jason had money. The Quartermaines are as legit as you get. And with all that comes power. Jason walked out on all that.

Michael: Because he wanted to leave.

Johnny: Because when he woke up, he didn't remember a damn thing, right?

Michael: But my dad helped him.

Johnny: Your dad took a brain-damaged kid, not much older than yourself, who didn't know right from wrong, who would -- listen to me -- who would follow orders at the drop of a hat, no questions asked, and turned him into an enforcer. Your father did this for himself and for the organization. That's it. And it's wrong. And if anyone did that to you, your father would take care of that person in a heartbeat.

Michael: Is that true? Did Dad mess you up? I mean, if you had it to do over again, would you choose a different life?

Andrea: I'm just trying to save my husband's career.

Robin: Well, I'm sorry, but you don't get to ruin my husband's career in the process. If this case settles out of court, then Patrick and Matt will look guilty, which they arenít.

Andrea: If you settle, the whole ting is confidential. The insurance company pays its claim, nobody knows that Garrett was involved, Brianna's family is satisfied, at least to some extent. The whole thing just goes away.

Robin: This will not be going away any time soon. In fact, it will probably get worse.

Ric: Look, when all the paperwork is filed, the insurance company is going to assign an attorney.

Matt: At which point, we get to choose who that attorney is, correct?

Ric: As you should.

Patrick: Okay, well, I've heard you're pretty tough in the court room. Would you consider taking this?

Diane: Counselor.

Ric: Counselor.

Diane: Gentlemen. This will serve as formal notice that all the papers for malpractice and wrongful death in the demise of Brianna Hughes please, have been duly filed. So you now both consider yourselves defendants in the highest profile case to come down the pike in a very long time.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Our attorney will take it from here.

Ric: Look, I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Elizabeth: The kids are going to run laps to raise money for Cameronís school. He is really excited. He's got this little "Jog-a-Thon" shirt and Lucky and I are going to be there. So --

Nikolas: Okay, yeah. How much should I sponsor him for?

Elizabeth: I don't know. Like fifty cents, maybe a dollar a lap?

Nikolas: How about a hundred?

Elizabeth: A hundred dollar flat fee would be very generous.

Nikolas: No, a hundred dollars a lap.

Elizabeth: Well, that would be lovely, but extremely inappropriate. The whole point is for the kids to feel like they're helping out the school and be proud of the contribution they are making.

Nikolas: Okay. All right. Then I guess I will be sponsoring him for a dollar a lap. What about Rebecca? Could she sponsor him as well?

Elizabeth: She hadn't crossed my mind.

Nikolas: Yeah, I'd be happy to make a sponsorship in her name.

Elizabeth: That's very generous of you.

Nikolas: Okay, what just happened?

Elizabeth: Nothing. Nothing. I really appreciate your donations.

Nikolas: No, no, no. One minute you're making fun of me and now you're not. It's because I mentioned Rebecca, isn't it?

Elizabeth: I've just got a lot on my mind and Lulu called and I've got to get the boys over to see her.

Nikolas: I know that you don't agree with me about Rebecca.

Elizabeth: You're right. I donít.

Nikolas: But can you give her the benefit of the doubt for my sake? Because if you absolutely loathe the woman that I'm with, it will make the situation so awkward that not even my good manners will be able to smooth things over. Here you go.

Elizabeth: Okay, see, here's the problem. Every time you prove how wonderful you are, I am that much more convinced that Rebecca doesn't deserve you. Thank you for doing this.

Nikolas: You're welcome. And don't forget to take pictures.

Elizabeth: When do I not take pictures?

Carly: The guy had a hold of Morgan. Thank God I had that big flashlight. I almost knocked him out with it. Then he pointed the gun at Michael and, well, I was able to talk him down and then we got away.

Jax: Did you call the police?

Carly: No, he made us chuck our cell phones into the woods.

Jax: Then why didn't you call me the minute you got home or wait up for me to tell me this?

Carly: I had every intention of telling you. I did. But when you got home, I was asleep and this morning, I just wanted to go see Kelly and make sure the baby was okay.

Jax: I can't believe this.

Carly: Look, I -- I thought I was going to find Morgan and tell him how he can't just sneak out of the house at night and then we'd go to Kellyís and get ice cream. I didn't think this was going to happen, you know?

Jax: Yeah, of course Morgan can't climb out of the window whenever he feels like it.

Carly: I know that. Michael had just done the same thing. Morgan only wanted to see his brother. That's all.

Jax: I know you don't want to hear this, but Michael is a real problem. I mean, he puts everyone, including himself, in danger.

Jason: I wouldn't change my decision to work for Sonny.

Michael: Then why can't I make the same decision?

Jason: Because my injury is different than yours. There's a lot of things that I can't do. But once you get well, you can do anything.

Michael: I want to do this.

Jason: I get what it feels like when people are trying to run your life. You need to trust me when I say that. When I woke up, the Quartermaines, all they wanted was their son back. I didn't think I could give them what they wanted, so I cut everybody off. It was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. I couldn't understand that at the time. All I knew was that Sonny accepted me.

Michael: Well, that was good, right?

Jason: Yeah, it was good. You and Carly and Morgan, you guys wouldn't be in my life if it wasn't for Sonny. I don't even know where I'd be without him -- prison, dead. But the point is you have better choices than I had.

Michael: How can I make any choices if people don't get out of my way? I can't get my life back if you don't stop protecting me.

Jason: If I had been protecting you, you never would have got shot.

Michael: I understand that everybody feels guilty about me getting shot, but you're all going overboard. Look, it's a dangerous world, you know?

Jason: Michael --

Michael: Things happen.

Jason: Michael --

Michael: I'm not blaming anybody.

Jason: I hope that you understand some day. And even if you don't, I have to stop you from throwing away your life. I will never fail you again.

Alexis: I just want to understand that you realize that Michael has angry outbursts and that he could be a danger to himself and to other people.

Sonny: He has a physical condition. It's not going to last forever.

Alexis: You've raised him to be just like you and look what happened.

Sonny: Do you have to remind me, Alexis?

Alexis: Sorry. It's just that I've seen what your life has cost him and I just don't want that for Kristina.

Sonny: She's my daughter.

Alexis: But that doesn't give you the right to put her life at risk. And it's not just Kristina, it's all of your children. They're all in danger and yet you just keep having them. Please don't hate me for saying this, but I really wish that you had just let her go when I asked you in the first place. To ensure that she has a good future.

Sonny: Michael needs his sister.

Alexis: What happened to Michael is tragic. But I want her life to be better than his. And if you want that, too, if you do love her, you would want that, too.

Ric: This isn't your usual area of expertise, Counselor.

Diane: Are you representing these doctors?

Ric: No one should have to. It's a groundless case and you know it. You know, I'm surprised to see you cashing in on the grief of this poor woman's family.

Diane: Brianna Hughes went into surgery for a minor head injury and came out dead. Her family has every right to sue.

Patrick: You're assuming the injury was minor.

Diane: Do you know something that we don't?

Robin: It's too early to draw any conclusions.

Matt: Why won't you take this case? We're going to need a good attorney.

Diane: That is very true.

Ric: I'd love nothing more than to take you down, Ms. Miller.

[Diane scoffs]

Ric: But, unfortunately, I'm leaving Port Charles.

Patrick: When did that come about?

Ric: Let's just say I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

Diane: What's that supposed to mean? Does -- does Alexis know about this?

Matt: Man, I just keeping dragging you in deeper.

Patrick: No. You didn't do anything wrong and neither did I. We've just got to stick together, and we'll get through this.

Matt: Yeah. Let's hope so.

Patrick: Robin, we have to prove Brianna was murdered, okay? This case won't have any merit, maybe even get thrown out of court.

Robin: I know, but we have to get busy, and I think I know where to start.

Claudia: We have a serious problem.

Johnny: Meaning, you've got a problem and you need little brother to solve it for you.

Claudia: Would you just cut the attitude and listen to me? You know the sole survivor, the one who was supposed to take Jason out during the ambush?

Johnny: Yeah? You spoke with him, he told you what happened. Pretty sure we already had this --

Claudia: Yeah, I don't tell you everything, smart ass. His name is Dominic Perelli, and he showed up on Sonny's terrace last night.

Johnny: Where is he now?

Claudia: In my bedroom, shot and bleeding.

Johnny: How long has he been there?

Claudia: Since last night, and Sonny has no idea.

Johnny: When you came and spoke with me earlier, you knew this?

Claudia: Yeah, I thought that I could get him out, but I canít.

Johnny: What the hell is wrong with you?

Claudia: Calm down! Just calm down!

Johnny: You are going to get us both killed! Sonny is already suspicious, and if he comes home and finds this Dominic Perelli in your bed -- I don't need this.

Claudia: Are you done? Because if he finds him in my bedroom, it is over, John. I need your help to get him out.

Johnny: No.

Claudia: No? When it hits, Sonny's going to blame you, same as me.

Johnny: Claudia --

Claudia: I'll take that as a yes. Here's the plan: One of us will distract Sonny, the other one will get Dominic out of the house.

Kristina: I got as much as I could. They were out of mustard.

Dominic: What about the car keys?

Kristina: I couldn't get them.

Dominic: But I need a car. That was the whole point -- that and the mustard.

Kristina: I'm sorry, it's just I barely know my way around this house and I heard my parents fighting.

Dominic: All right, take it easy.

Kristina: My mom is the D.A.

Dominic: What? Wow, this just gets worse and worse.

Kristina: My dad is -- well, you know who my dad is. They can't agree on anything, and they don't even really try.

Dominic: My deepest sympathies, but the car keys?

Kristina: My mom wants to keep me away from my brother, which isn't fair. I love Michael, and I already lost a whole year with him.

Dominic: What about your dad? I mean, what does he think?

Kristina: He wants me to be here, but that's mostly because of Michael. Dad doesn't care that much about me. He says that my mom kept him away from me but, come on, Sonny Corinthos runs this town. If he wanted to be part of my life, he would be.

Dominic: Yeah, I know the drill.

Kristina: Sometimes I think my mom hates my dad. And he's a part of me, you know, genetically at least, which means on some level, my mom hates me, too.

Carly: You know what, Jax? Last night, after the three of us fought off that guy, I felt closer to Michael than I have since he woke up. I had my arms around my boys, and for the first time in so long, I felt reconnected. I know I can build from that.

Jax: Well, last night, when you and the boys were being attacked, I met with Jason. He's expecting some real trouble in the next few weeks. I don't know the details, but I'm betting the guy you had the encounter with in the woods is involved.

[Door opens and closes]

Sonny: You know, it makes me feel great just to see you walk in here. Uh, how you doing? Michael, what's the problem?

Michael: Nothing.

Sonny: Okay, one of you has got to tell me what's going on here.

Jason: Michael, tell him, or I'm going to have to.

Michael: No, go ahead -- you're going to say whatever you want anyway.

Sonny: What's the attitude with Jason?

Jason: Michael and Morgan and Carly -- there was an incident in the woods. They ran into one of the guys that we met up in the Zacchara ambush. Michael had a struggle with him, and he liked it so much he asked me to teach him this "business."

Sonny: That will never happen.

Maxie: I'm really sorry I got so upset about Mercedes. I don't want to seem like one of those women who's so insecure her boyfriend can't be around another girl.

Spinelli: Boyfriend? Has a subtle but most profound shift taken place in Maximista's attitude?

[Door opens]

Robin: Hey, guys.

Maxie: Hi.

Robin: The clock is ticking on the Brianna Hughes case.

Patrick: Diane Miller filed papers in court.

Maxie: I'm sure that's really important, but we were kind of in the middle of something.

Spinelli: Actually, no. The time has come for the Jackal to prove that Brianna Hughes was, indeed, murdered.

Patrick: Do you have real evidence?

Spinelli: Well, I jackaled into the financial records of the doomed mistress and discovered a secret account. Apparently, the late Brianna Hughes was receiving money transfers of over $100,000 from the mayor's private accounts over the last three months.

Robin: Wow. So, then, what are we looking at -- blackmail?

Spinelli: Well, it is indeed a time-honored and most irrefutable motive for murder.

Alexis: If this isn't about the trunk sale on Seventh Avenue, I don't want to hear it.

Diane: I'm here to give you a heads-up -- as a friend.

Alexis: Which means you're going forward with the malpractice suit.

Diane: I filed the papers this morning.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Do the doctors have an attorney?

Diane: They asked Ric, but he turned them down.

Alexis: Why?

Diane: Because Ric is leaving town for good.

Alexis: Are you sure?

Diane: I had a feeling you didn't know about this.

Alexis: Where is he going?

Diane: He wouldn't say.

Alexis: I guess he'll come by and give me the details and say goodbye to his daughter. Molly's going to be heartbroken. The two of them are a lot closer than Sonny and Kristina.

Diane: How about you? Is Ric's leaving good news or bad news?

Ric: Ah. You know I hate to be kept waiting.

Claudia: What do you want? But if you've been talking to my doctor behind my back, we're going to have a real serious problem right now.

Ric: Now, why do you assume it's always bad news?

Claudia: Anything from you is bad news.

Ric: I'm leaving town.

Claudia: Except that.

Ric: Yeah. Now, just because I'm going to be out of sight doesn't mean I'm going to be out of your life.

Claudia: Where are you going?

Ric: Los Angeles. It's interesting work, and it's completely legal.

Claudia: Did you tell Sonny?

[Ric laughs]

Ric: Now, why would I want to tell Sonny? So he can wish me goodbye and good riddance? I haven't talked to Alexis, either. I need to shore up some visitation with Molly. But as for you, missy, the minute that it's safe to do the amnio, you will hear from me. And if I find out that that child is mine, I will take it.

Claudia: Not a chance.

Ric: Mm. Now, if you tighten up that attitude a little bit and promise to be nice, I might take you along.

Claudia: You're not taking my baby, Ric.

Ric: Yeah, well, Sonny's not going to raise my kid whether you're in the picture or not.

Claudia: Watch your back. My dad's got lots of friends in Los Angeles.

Ric: Don't worry about me. I'll be back.

Jax: I love Michael.

Carly: I know, I know you do.

Jax: And I know that he needs a safe place to recover, but so do you and Morgan. You have to do what's best for everyone here, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, well, he can't keep living at Sonnyís.

Jax: Okay, what about a boarding school?

Carly: No.

Jax: What? Why not?

Carly: Michael would feel completely betrayed and rightfully so. It would be like taking him back to the aftercare institute out of sight out of mind.

Jax: Okay, okay, all right. Well, I don't think it'll be exactly that.

Carly: Well, that's how it would feel to Michael, like we were giving up on him. He'd run away, Jax, and he'd get into worse trouble.

Jax: All right, well, he can't live on his own -- he's too young. And Jason's out of the question.

Carly: Well, I'm not sending him away to some school. So we're going to have to figure out something else.

Sonny: I thought you were going to take care of everyone. What happened?

Michael: It's not Jason's fault.

Sonny: I don't want you hear this.

Michael: Dad, I was there, I hit the guy. Mom and I attacked him. I stayed completely cool when he had a gun on me.

Sonny: He had a gun? Jason, find him, get rid of him.

Michael: Jason didn't do anything wrong.

Sonny: Don't tell me how to deal with Jason.

[Door closes]

Sonny: And don't you ever think you're going to work for me.

Michael: I thought you'd be proud of me.

Sonny: Tell me what happened.

Michael: All right. Morgan snuck out of Mom's house. I figured he was just taking the shortcut here, but Mom was upset. So we went to go look for him.

Sonny: Wha -- why didn't you tell me about this? You're not supposed to leave this house --

Michael: I didn't know!

Sonny: Without guards! You've got to let somebody know.

Michael: I didn't know we were going to run into somebody with a gun, but I took care of it.

Sonny: I don't want you to take care of it. Listen to this, okay? I am never turning this organization over to any of my kids. You put that out of your mind.

Patrick: Okay, so this makes sense. If Brianna and the mayor are having an affair, she blackmails him and then he kills her.

Robin: I don't think so. He acted like he really cared about her. Remember, he said he was planning on divorcing his wife?

Spinelli: That could be all part of the subterfuge, as it were.

Robin: Mm. I suppose. I don't know, I think we should just bring all of this to Uncle Mac.

Spinelli: Indeed, and I will gladly contribute the corroborating evidence.

Maxie: Uh, wait.

Patrick: No, no, Maxie, we can't wait. Every second costs me and my brother.

Maxie: What about what this is costing Spinelli? He just hacked into the banking records of a dead person and a public official. That's illegal. And if Mac finds out, he's going to report it to the FBI, and Spinelli's going to be back in huge trouble.

Spinelli: Once again, Maximista cuts to the heart of the matter.

Maxie: You guys were called to the scene the night it happened, right?

Patrick: Yeah. Olivia Falconeri called me to the Metro Court. Robin came because she was curious.

Maxie: Did you report it to the police?

Robin: No. We agreed to be discreet.

Maxie: So you talked to the mayor?

Robin: Yes.

Spinelli: Did it sound like he was involved?

Robin: His story seemed pretty shaky.

Patrick: And he took off before the ambulance got there.

Spinelli: And Brianna Hughes was just passed out on the bed the whole time?

Patrick: The whole time.

Maxie: Robin, you know how this goes. Mac's probably going to believe you, but any other cop's going to think it's a cover story.

Spinelli: And if you two aren't careful, you could be named accessories to murder.

Jason: Okay, why didn't you call me before you went to the woods looking for Morgan last night? And why did I have to hear it from Michael?

Carly: You know what? I already went 10 rounds with Jax about this. I didn't not expect to find an armed fugitive in the woods. The boys and I handled it. We're fine.

Jason: I just don't -- I don't understand how you think sometimes. It absolutely amazes me. What happens if you would've gotten hurt or you passed out? What would the boys have done?

Carly: None of that happened, okay? It's all good.

Jason: Okay, just call me next time, all right?

Carly: Sit down. I've got to talk to you.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: Is Michael safe at Sonny's?

Jason: Carly, don't --

Carly: Answer the question. Is Michael safe at Sonny's?

Jason: No, he's not safe. Claudia's there. She's crazy. And there could be some trouble with our business.

Carly: Well, then the way I see it, we have two options: You can talk Michael into moving back in with me and Jax, or I'm just going to take him to the Quartermaines.

Kristina: These are the keys to the gardener's truck. He left them in the ignition.

Dominic: Thanks.

Kristina: I stole one of my brother's Jackets. You're going to need it.

Dominic: You -- you're good.

Kristina: Forget what I said about my parents. I was just upset.

Dominic: Don't worry about it. Is there -- is there a back way out of this house?

Kristina: The back stairs -- but they're kind of hard to get to, and if you make a wrong turn, you'll end up on a deck where the guards are. I'll have to show you the way.

Dominic: I owe you.

Claudia: Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my room with my 16-year-old stepdaughter?

Sonny: I'm not going to have this, Michael. I am not going to have you running around in the woods, fighting off men with guns. And don't even think you're going to be part -- part of my organization, because you're not going to be anything like me. Do you understand that?

Michael: It's my life, okay? I get to live it the way I want.

Sonny: The hell you do! Now, you listen to me! You are just a child with a brain injury that would've killed most people.

Michael: I'm too messed up to think for myself, is that what you're saying?

Sonny: Don't put words in my mouth. You've got a second chance at life. Don't waste it.

Michael: You and Jason are rich. You guys are powerful. People treat you with respect. Why wouldn't I want to be like that?

Sonny: I'm a -- I'm a criminal. This house that you're so impressed with -- it was built with stolen money. This organization that you want to be part of -- it was built on fear, deceit, and corruption. I pay off people, and when that doesn't work, you know what I do? I do terrible things to get what I want. So, yeah, people have good reason to be afraid of me. You know why? Because I've got blood all over my hands, and that's something that you will never have.

Michael: If you hate the mob so much, then why don't you get out?

Sonny: I tried to get out. That's what I told you, son, when I took you to a warehouse. I wanted to show you that I was legit, that I could change. And, out of nowhere, you got shot.

Michael: I woke up. Stop treating me like I'm still laying in that bed and I can't make decisions for myself --

Sonny: God gave me a miracle!

Sonny: God gave me a miracle. Okay? The fact that you're right here looking at me. I'm not going to throw that miracle back in God's face. You're going to have a better life than I ever had, whether you like it or not.

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