GH Transcript Friday 6/19/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/19/09


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 [Thunder roars]

Rebecca: How do I look?

Claudia: Tonight is the perfect opportunity to take Jason out before he takes me out.

Johnny: Maybe.

Claudia: Hey, you need an attitude adjustment, little brother.

Johnny: Claudia, you're not the one who's going to be out in the woods with Jason Morgan, all right?

Claudia: That's what makes it perfect. I mean, you're out there on Sonny's orders in the first place. Everybody's already expecting trouble.  My guy's going to take Jason out. And the Zacchara troublemakers will get blamed for it --

Johnny: Okay, you know what?

Claudia: All you have to do is stay out of the way.

Johnny: Claudia, this sounds a little too familiar to me. There are a million ways this could go wrong. You ever thought of that?

Sonny: You and Johnny will take care of the Zacchara traitors, make them an example, let everyone know that my organization will not tolerate any disloyalty.

Jason: What about retaliation?

Sonny: What about it?

Jason: Michael just got out of the hospital. I don't want to do anything that's going to put him in the line of fire.

Kristina: Michael, wake up.

Kiefer: Hey, brain dead, wake up.

Kristina: Get away from him. Michael, please.

Kiefer: Let's get out of here, okay.

Kristina: You put my brother back in a coma. [Cries] Michael, come on, wake up.

Carly: You are just way too extravagant.

Jax: Well, that's one of the things you love most about me, isn't it?

Carly: One of the many things. I love being here with you. And I love being pregnant with your baby. I just want it to last.

Jax: It will. And we will.

Carly: God, if it weren't for you, I'd be driving Michael crazy right now, hovering and hovering. I'm sure he's doing fine in physical therapy and doesn't need me.

Jax: Yes, and if he's not, then we'll deal with it together.

Carly: Mmm. I like knowing that you have my back.

[Carly sighs]

Jax: What?

Carly: I know, I just -- I've been having such a hard time dealing with all this and thanks for putting up with me because I've been --

Jax: No, no, no -- hey, you've been dealing with an impossible situation, and you're doing really good.

Carly: Yeah?

Jax: Yes. I know, dealing with Michael and raising our children would be difficult at times. I hope that we always have afternoons like this where I can give you extravagant gifts for no reason.  Hear you laugh.

Carly: You have given me the life that I always wanted, complete with our little baby girl.

Jax: I love you so much.

Carly: That's a good thing, right?

Jax: It's a very good thing.

[Thunder roars]

Nikolas: How do you like the dress?

Rebecca: It's beautiful. How did it magically appear?

Nikolas: Well, when you decided to give me another chance, I called "Windows" and described exactly what I wanted, and they delivered it, magically.

Rebecca: Yeah, I still feel like I'm in a fairy tale. I actually really love fairy tales, you know.

Nikolas: Yeah. Here. To a magical summer's evening.

Rebecca: So did you and Emily while away the summer nights with champagne in the garden?

Nikolas: Yeah. As a matter of fact, we did.

Kristina: I'm calling 911.

Kiefer: No, you're leaving.

Kristina: My brother could be dying.

Kiefer: You can call when we get around the block.

Kristina: I'm not leaving him.

Kiefer: Think about it, okay. We're underage. We're in a dive. Okay, if the cops show up, we'll get arrested which will ruin my chances of going to college.

Kristina: If you're that scared, then get out. I'm calling.

Kiefer: All right, one second, okay? Just -- hey, Michael. Are you all right?

Michael: Nobody hits me, you got that? Nobody ever hits me.

Kiefer: You're really crazy.

Michael: Come on, show me what you got, man, come on.

Kiefer: This guy's seriously mental.

Michael: Tell my sister you're a punk. Say it.

Kiefer: Let's get out of here.

Kristina: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Johnny: You don't think things through, Claudia. You panic, and then you pick up the phone, and you start giving orders and everything blows up in your face. People get hurt. Kids get hurt.

Claudia: You know what? I don't need you to remind me of that.

Johnny: Then think about what you're asking me to do here.

Claudia: I have.

Johnny: Okay, Claudia. So Jason and I are walking through the Sherwood Forest looking for these Zacchara lieutenants, and we're supposed to take all of them out, right, because that's what Sonny ordered us to do.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: But Jason Morgan, who is the best guy in the business ends up getting shot and killed, and I walk away unscathed. How am I supposed to explain that to Sonny?

Claudia: They didn't kill you because you're a Zacchara? I don't know.

Johnny: Right.

Claudia: Brain surgery, right?

Johnny: But they killed Jason Morgan. Come on, Claudia. Sonny's going to think that I'm in on this rebellion. He's already suspicious of me. He's never sent me out on a job like this, and I don't blame him for being suspicious.

Claudia: Look, Uncle Rudy set it up. Everything's going to be fine.

Johnny: Uncle Rudy -- the guy's practically retired.

Claudia: He knows the lieutenants that are trying to break off.

Johnny: And one of these --

Claudia: It's going to be okay, John.

Johnny: Okay, one of these lieutenants is going to be the shooter?

Claudia: It's not perfect, okay? I know that. This is the best I can do, and I'm trying to make it as easy on you as possible.

Johnny: I know you want to believe that, Claudia.

Claudia: Hey, you're my little brother, Johnny. I am not going to let anything happen to you. We're in this, and we're in it together, okay, always.

Olivia: Hey. Am I interrupting?

Sonny: I don't want to put my children in danger again. This is what this is about tonight. I want to make a statement. I want it to be expensive. I want it to be deadly. Nobody will ever cross me again.

Jason: Okay, we just need to be ready for some kind of pushback.

Sonny: There's no middle ground. That's what I'm trying to tell you. That's what happened with Michael. I was in between. When I thought the world was different than it really is. I didn't make a strong enough statement. They didn't understand my language, so I --

Jason: Johnny knows these guys. They know him, at least by reputation, so you're telling me right now, no negotiating?

Sonny: No negotiating. There's gonna -- no fair warning.

Jason: Okay, just making sure.

Sonny: I want you to show people what happens when you go against me. And that includes Johnny if you think he might be involved. Do you have a problem with that?

Jason: Not at all.

Sonny: I want you to make sure that nobody innocent ever again takes a bullet because of me.

[Knock at door]

Jax: We could try scooting really low on the couch. Maybe they won't see us. We could just ignore them.

Carly: We can't

Jax: Come on.

Carly: It could be important.

Jax: No.

Carly: Yes.

Jax: Really. Don't go.

Carly: Oh. It's Lulu.

Lulu: Oh, bad timing.

Jax: No, it's fine. I have to pick up Morgan, anyway. He went out to pizza with some friends.

Lulu: Are you sure? That sounds really convenient.

Carly: Isn't he the best?

Jax: No.

Carly: Yeah, he's the best.

Jax: It's fine. I'll be back soon.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Bye.

Lulu: Bye. Oh, my God.

Carly: Sit down.

Lulu: I completely ruined your night.

Carly: No, no, no. No, it's early, and we had a great afternoon, so it's okay. Sit, sit, sit.

Lulu: I miss you.

Carly: I miss you too. And I'm sorry. I've been swamped, so I haven't had a chance to thank you for being there when Michael woke up. I'm really sorry about that, and I really appreciate how much you've been there for him, I do.

Lulu: Yeah, well, how has he been now that he's been home?

Carly: It's been a little rocky, but he's going to be okay. Michael's going to be great.

Michael: Look at you standing there, trying to be cool.

Kiefer: You don't have to stay here and take care of your psycho brother. Let's go to Chandlerís. Her parents are in the city tonight.

Kristina: I'm not leaving Michael.

Michael: Get out of here. Watch your back though.

Kiefer: Come on, okay. Last chance. Start thinking of ways to make it up to me.

Kristina: Are you okay?

Michael: That is the most fun I've had in more than a year.

Kristina: You scared me to death. I thought you were dead.

Michael: Am I good or am I great?

Claudia: We're busy.

Olivia: Yeah, I see that.

Claudia: So get your skanky ass out.

Olivia: Claudia --

Johnny: We're not having this fight again.

Claudia: Bye.

Johnny: Claudia, I'll think about what you said.

Claudia: I'm sorry, you're ditching me for her?

Johnny: We were done.

Claudia: You get that she's only here to make Sonny jealous, right?

Olivia: Claudia, your brother's a grown man. He can sleep with whoever he wants.

Claudia: Oh, you need to shut it, slut. Really.

Olivia: Why don't you go home to Sonny, Claudia? I'm sure he's dying to spend some quality time with you.

Claudia: You're trying to make Sonny jealous, aren't you? That's what that little fantasy you have is all about. You still carry a torch for him, no matter how used up you are?

Johnny: Claudia.

Olivia: It's really sad.

Johnny: One more word out of your mouth, and you will not have my cooperation. Goodbye.

[Olivia whistles]

Johnny: Sorry.

Olivia: It's all right. It's not your fault your sister's a whack job.

Johnny: Yeah. She's just trying to be helpful, but sometimes she can just go a little too far.

Olivia: Yeah. Let's forget about her.

Johnny: Okay.

Olivia: All I need you to do is say yes to something.

Johnny: To what?

Olivia: Dinner at my place tonight. I want to say thanks for fixing my car.

Johnny: How about tomorrow night?

Olivia: Ooh, you got a hot date already? Who's the lucky lady?

Johnny: I'm on special assignment for Sonny tonight.

Rebecca: This afternoon, you didn't want to be with me because of Emily, so what changed?

Nikolas: What changed? Well, I just decided to stop fighting the connection, to celebrate it instead.

Rebecca: Sounds cryptic.

Nikolas: Yeah. Monica came by here this afternoon. She reminded me that Emily would hate what I'm doing. Pulling you close, then pushing you away.

Rebecca: Oh.

Nikolas: She also wouldn't want me to grieve for her for the rest of my life either.

Rebecca: So where do I fit in?

Nikolas: Well, you're part of Emily. Emily's part of you. I just can't really separate one from the other anymore, you know? And I -- I remember seeing you in her. I just didn't know what I was looking at. You know, that tough look that she had, that swagger that she had when she got angry.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: I thought it was all her. But now I understand you were there all along.

Rebecca: Wow, I never thought of it that way.

Nikolas: Yeah. I want to be with you so bad. For who you are and who Emily was.

Rebecca: Thinking of it that way, then maybe I can get to know my sister through you.

Nikolas: Yeah. You and Emily are two separate people, but now I don't have to shut one out to appreciate the other.

Rebecca: Wow, it's a lot to think about.

Nikolas: I know. I know, and if you don't want to deal with it right now, that's okay. We can just keep things the way they are now. Or we can let it be a new beginning. It's up to you.

Kristina: Does your head hurt?

Michael: What are you doing?

Kristina: You fell pretty hard. We should probably run by the hospital and get you checked out.

Michael: They'll call Mom, and she'll freak.

Kristina: Michael, you just had brain surgery, and you hit your head.

Michael: My mom barely let me take a cab to my physical therapy today. If she finds out about this, she's going to glue herself to me forever.

Kristina: So we'll make up a lie on the way to the hospital. You need to see a doctor.

Michael: Don't worry about it.

Kristina: Okay. But don't pass out or anything. Wait a minute -- how did you end up here anyway? Did you actually go to physical therapy?

Michael: Yes.

Kristina: And the cab got lost on your way home?

Michael: The cab took a shortcut and passed by Jake's, so I asked him to stop. Total impulse. What about you?

Kristina: I go to clubs all the time. Even this dive.

Michael: Just another thing I missed.

Kristina: I'll help you get caught up, don't worry.

Alexis: Michael, Kristina. What on earth are you both doing here?

Carly: You know, I have to thank you for being such a good friend to Michael.

Lulu: Oh, I've neglected him the past couple of weeks.

Carly: No, no. I know he can depend on you, and thank God, because you're the only one I think he'll listen to.

Lulu: Well, I'm going to try and be around more often.

Carly: Busy, huh? I can't imagine what it's like to work for Kate Howard. I'd want to put a gun to my head.

Lulu: Oh, well, she's in France now. But yes, with everything else my dad is taking off again and Lucky hates our new brother and Spinelli's doing this P.I. thing where he's --

Carly: Wait a minute.  Lucky hates your new brother? What are you talking about?

Lulu: Okay, do you know the bartender at the Haunted Star?

Carly: I haven't been bar-hopping lately, no.

Lulu: Okay, okay. His name is Ethan Lovett, and my dad and Holly Sutton gave me a new half-brother. Yeah.

Carly: Oh, my -- how'd he find his way here?

Lulu: I -- it's a long story, but my dad and Holly hooked up a long time ago. You know what, anyway, Lucky is not handling it well, and he's blaming Ethan for my dad's mistake.

Carly: Hmm. Wow.

Lulu: Yeah.

Carly: What about you? Are you and Johnny -- you guys are still broken up, right?

Lulu: Yeah. And I was furious with Maxie. I completely blamed her. I put duct tape down the center of our apartment with my stuff on one side and her stuff on the other.

Carly: I love that. That's something I would do.

Lulu: I know. I knew you would be proud of me. But you know, the reality is our breakup wasn't about Maxie. When I had my breakdown, I think Johnny was falling more and more out of love with me and more like he wanted to take care of me. You know, like he was guilty about something, who knows? I -- he wanted out, and I thought he was going to Maxie, but yay, he didn't, so...

Carly: You sound okay with this.

Lulu: Well, yeah, better than I expected.

Carly: Are you sure? You're sure you're not just covering how hurt you are?

Lulu: Why?

Carly: Well, I hate to tell you this, but Johnny's seeing someone else.

Lulu: Oh, yeah. I know. Olivia Falconeri.

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: Jason is going to be taking care of the Zacchara problem tonight. Um -- Johnny is going to go with him. Yeah. Johnny Zacchara. I am making a huge statement tonight.

Olivia: I knew it. I knew it. There was no doubt in my mind, none, that you would do this. You stroll in on what should have been a private moment between me and Johnny, and you just cannot wait to get home and send him out on the most dangerous job you could find.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Olivia: What am I talking about? Let me make it very clear to you. You're throwing Johnny into the line of fire because you know he's sleeping with me.

Jason: Hey. Just want to make sure we're clear on tonight.

Johnny: Yeah. Eddie Donoto and his people are making trouble. They were always making trouble for my father, just so you know. They've been thinking of breaking free of the Corinthos organization, and starting up their own thing. They have shorted a couple shipments and stolen one.

Jason: Sonny wants us to make them an example. To send a message. And if they give us any trouble, which they probably will, we're just going to take them all out.

Johnny: All of them.

Jason: That's right. Now I know some of the guys worked for your father, and I know that you know some of these guys. So if you don't want to get your hands dirty, you need to tell me right now.

Alexis: You are supposed to be tutoring at a teen center. Please explain to me why you are sitting at a bar.

Kristina: It's okay, Mom.

Alexis: No, it's not okay. I could have had this place shut down for letting both of you through the door. Did anyone serve you a drink?

Michael: Just water.

Kristina: No, of course not. Mom, please don't make this more difficult for Michael than it already is. Michael had a difficult day, and I almost had him talked into going home.

Michael: It's true.

Alexis: There is no excuse for either of you sitting at this bar.

Michael: I didn't want to go home after physical therapy. I took a cab here -- had him drop me off. I was having so much fun that I called Kristina and asked her to come meet me.

Kristina: I got into a cab and came straight over here to try to talk some sense into him.

Michael: We were just going to play a game of pool and go home.

Alexis: Michael, do you have any concept of how dangerous it is for you to be here?

Michael: I didn't think it through. Dr. Drake said that impulse control might be an issue.

Alexis: All right, well, I'm sorry for everything that you've had to go through. I really am. I feel terrible that you have to deal with what you're dealing with right now, but this shows very bad judgment on your part.

Kristina: Mom, nothing happened. Everything's under control.

Alexis: Everything is out of control when two people under age are sitting in a bar.

Kristina: Michael really needs our support right now. And I missed him so much.

Alexis: I appreciate how much you love your brother. And I appreciate what you're going through. But his parents need to deal with Michael right now. That is their job, not yours.

Lulu: You know when Johnny found out about Michael's shooting, his first reaction -- his gut instinct was vengeance. Like he wanted to go out and shoot somebody else to get even. And that's a perfect example why Johnny and I aren't going to work. I always wanted to rescue him. And the only person who can save him is himself.

Carly: You know, Sonny and I spent years trying to rationalize the life we gave Michael. The truth is, if you choose to associate yourself with the mob, you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences. Sonny is. I'm not.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Alexis: Hi, Carly, it's Alexis. I thought you might be worried and want to know where your son is. He's at Jakeís with my daughter.

Johnny: What we're about to do, you think it's going to make a difference? Take all these guys out, you think it's actually going to change something?

Jason: I don't ask myself that.

Johnny: I bet there's going to be retaliation. Some form or another, and as you know, violence always causes more violence.

Jason: I thought you were good to do this. If you're not, it's no problem. I can do it.

Johnny: No, I'm in.

Jason: Then you need to stop thinking about this kind of stuff. It doesn't help.

Johnny: You know, when I set myself up in this garage, I thought I wanted to get out. I thought I could change. But this world, this business, it's all I know. You ever wanted to get out?

Jason: No.

Johnny: You never wanted to just walk away?

Jason: I tried. Didn't work. See, my job is to make people disappear. Someday, somebody is going to make me disappear. And that's just how it works. I don't tear myself up about it, especially right before I go out on a job.

Johnny: So that's it, huh? No regrets, no second thoughts?

Jason: No. Except I'd never want an innocent person to get caught in the crossfire again. I will avoid it at all costs. Outside of that, it's got to be business.

Sonny: That's some ego you've got there.

Olivia: So you're saying it's just a coincidence? That you're sending Johnny out on this incredibly dangerous job not two hours after you walk in and find me kissing him after you told me not to?

Sonny: Did Johnny tell you there was an assignment?

Olivia: He didn't have to tell me anything. I invited him over to my place for dinner, and all that that implies, and he said he was going out on a job. And I know it's dangerous, because I know how you think.

Sonny: It's a dangerous business, Olivia.

Olivia: Okay. Have you ever sent Johnny on a job like this before?

Sonny: Are you asking me to give Johnny special treatment?

Olivia: I am asking you -- I am begging you not to single Johnny out. Isn't there anyone else you can send?

Sonny: I am not discussing business with you.

Olivia: Speaking in general terms.

Sonny: Not with Johnny's qualifications!

Olivia: Okay.

Olivia: What if I ask you not to send him?

Sonny: Okay, I hope I'm not misunderstanding what it is I think you're asking me right now. Are you asking me because of our friendship to give Johnny special consideration because he's your boy toy?

Olivia: Sonny, that is rich. That is really rich. That is --

Sonny: No, what is it?

Olivia: That's nice. You get yourself married to that miserable skank who shouldn't be allowed on your property, let alone in your bedroom, and you're going to stand there and judge me and Johnny, really?

Sonny: What would your son think?

Olivia: Oh, don't you even mention Dante's name.

Sonny: Why? I'm just saying, what would he think?

Olivia: I thought you didn't care who I slept with.

Claudia: He doesn't. So get your sleazy Bensonhurst ass out of my living room.

Sonny: Hey, watch your mouth.

Claudia: I shouldn't have to put up with your old -- and I do mean old -- girlfriend showing up, trying to get your attention.

Olivia: How is it possible that someone as sweet and sexy as your brother John could have such a miserable bitch for a sister?

Claudia: You're right. Johnny's a nice guy and merciful. So don't make the mistake of thinking that banging you on the side means anything.

Olivia: Wait a minute. On the side? On the side -- let me see if I understand. See, I'm not married, and John's not married. So I don't get where on the side is. Now you banging Ric Lansing? That's on the side.

Claudia: Get out.

Olivia: Sonny, I've known you for a long time, okay. You've put up with too much. You've survived too much to wind up like this, all right? Everyone knows you feel guilty about what happened to Michael. But how much more punishment can you really take?

Rebecca: I really appreciate everything you told me. Thank you for being honest.

Nikolas: I could say the same for you. I really apologize for any suspicion that I may have had.

Rebecca: Do you think we can just let it all go for a little while?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: Yeah?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: I'm not saying forget about Emily but just not analyze everything so much.

Nikolas: We can try.

Rebecca: I just want to enjoy what we have right here, right now.

Nikolas: So do I.

Rebecca: Nikolas, I have never met anyone even remotely like you.

Rebecca: I have never felt this treasured, this important.

Nikolas: Good.

Rebecca: And I don't care if you're trying to recreate something that you had with Emily. I don't want to think about what it all means. All I care about is that I'm sitting here in this gorgeous dress.

Nikolas: You -- you have never looked more beautiful than you do right now.

Rebecca: When I think about the past, I don't want to think about what might happen in the future. Sometimes fairytales only last one night. And I want to enjoy every minute.

Carly: Michael, what happened? I thought you were at physical therapy.

Alexis: Michael was at Jake's. He called Kristina and asked if she'd meet him there.

Carly: Is that true? Why did you go to Jake's?

Alexis: Carly, I appreciate that Michael's going through a very difficult time right now, but he did admit to having poor impulse control. So until that resolves itself, I'm going to have to ask that he visit Kristina under supervised visitation.

Carly: I'd like to talk to Michael about it.

Alexis: I understand. In the meantime, Kristina and I are going to have a talk about rights and responsibilities. Let's go.

Carly: What happened? Did you go to physical therapy? How did you end up at Jake's?

Michael: I worked really hard at physical therapy today. So I wanted to have a little fun, so I went to Jake's. There's nothing you can do to stop me. I'd do it again.

Olivia: Johnny? You still here? Damn it.

[Cell phone rings]

Olivia: Yeah, it's Olivia. Oh, hi, honey. Yeah -- no, no, Dante. Dante, I don't need you in Port Charles right now. Okay, I know you got a lot going on in the City. I'll see you Sunday at nana's. Okay, don't forget to pick up the cannoli on Tenth Avenue. She likes that. Yes. Early afternoon. Give them time to get back from mass. I don't tell you this enough, honey, but I'm proud of you. You've made so many good choices in your life. No, nothing's wrong. I just -- I love you. Can I tell you that? I love you. Okay.

Lulu: Sorry. I didn't mean to walk in.

Olivia: Oh, no, it's my son. He worries too much.

Lulu: Is Johnny in the back?

Olivia: You know, I came here to try to find him, but I think I'm too late. I think I missed him.

Lulu: Okay, when you see him, can you tell him that I have his check from his last club appearance. Kate signed it before she went out of town.

Olivia: South of France must be nice, huh?

Lulu: I keep forgetting that you guys are related. Very different.

Olivia: Yeah.

Lulu: Um, but I have to deliver this in person. We have security issues at work.

Olivia: Okay, I'll let him know.

Lulu: That's why I'm here. You know, I'm not, like, making up excuses to come see him.

Olivia: It's totally okay if you were. I mean, I know Johnny adores you.

Lulu: Oh, you don't need to say that.

Olivia: I'm not saying that. It's none of my business, but I know that he really hates how things ended with you guys.

Lulu: Oh, well, we tried. And sometimes you feel like you found the right person, you know, and you do everything you can to stick it out. But I don't think that we ever would've worked out because Johnny was always fighting against something. I don't even know what it was, but it was, you know, something. And he never let me close enough to help.

Olivia: Yeah, I used to know someone like that.

Johnny: Why couldn't we have just stayed closer to the road?

Jason: They're working out of a roadhouse a quarter mile out. We're going to keep an eye on things. If there's a problem, that's when we take care of it.

Johnny: We couldn't keep an eye on things from the parking lot?

Jason: No, because -- you want to go back to the car?

Johnny: No, I'm just saying -- why we got to prance through the enchanted forest here? We could've just driven straight up to the place.

Jason: I think they would see us, Johnny.

Johnny: You got a flashlight?

Jason: A flashlight? They would see a flashlight.

Johnny: I'm just saying, in case something goes wrong and anything could go wrong. You know that. Hey, what do you know about bears?

Jason: If I go first, will you stop talking?

Johnny: No, I'm good. How far is a quarter mile anyway?

Johnny: Is this what it feels like to go camping? Jason?

Claudia: I need to know what to expect when I come home, Sonny. Olivia, here? That's not good for me. And it's not good for the baby. So you need to meet your old girlfriend somewhere else.

Sonny: I will never send Olivia Falconeri away from this house.

Claudia: Oh, okay.  Well, go ahead then. Follow Olivia. Go crawl all over Johnny's leftovers, Sonny. You might have to wait in line though.

Sonny: Shut the hell up!

Claudia: Not going to happen.

Nikolas: Wait right here, okay?

Rebecca: Okay.

[Waltz music plays]

Nikolas: Care to dance?

Rebecca: No. I mean, yes, I would care, but I can't.

Nikolas: Well, I thought we agreed that tonight was about us.

Rebecca: Yeah, this isn't about Emily. I can't waltz, not even a little.

Nikolas: Okay. Well, you've must have picked something up somewhere along the way.

Rebecca: Uh, there was a tiny little dance studio in Opal City, and the lady didn't teach ballroom, just tap and gymnastics. I'm sure Emily learned how to waltz at the Quartermaine's right?

Nikolas: I think so, but it's not about her. It's about us.

Rebecca: Well, do you want to put on a beat, and we'll improvise?

Nikolas: Why? Everyone waltzes in fairytales, don't they? If you allow me to teach you how.

Carly: Can you just have Patrick call me as soon as he gets in? Thank you. I trusted you to go to physical therapy and come home and instead you went to Jake's. Do you see why that's a problem?

Michael: You're such a hypocrite. You love Jake's.

Carly: I'm an adult, Michael.

Michael: So am I.  I grew up when you dropped me at that institute.

Carly: You're 17, and I didn't drop you anywhere. I wanted to bring you home. And I visited you almost every day, more than anyone else.

Michael: Then why can't I remember your voice?

Carly: What happened to your face?

Michael: I bumped it at P.T.

Carly: No, you didn't.

Michael: Are you calling me a liar?

Carly: I used to be a physical therapist. And I'm a better liar than you are. You got into a fight, didn't you?

Michael: Leave me alone.

Carly: You are going to the hospital.

Michael: The hell I am!  I'm not going --

Jax: Hey.

Michael: You're a bitch.

Jax: Settle down, settle down.

Michael: Get the hell off me --

Carly: Jax, calm down.

Claudia: You're jealous. You can't stand the fact that my brother is with that cow.

Sonny: You worry. Why do you worry so much about who your brother is sleeping with?

Claudia: I don't know. You know what? Maybe if you were as possessive of me --

Sonny: Why would I be possessive when I don't trust you, and I don't really like you? So why would I be possessive?

Claudia: Because you want me.

Sonny: Oh, come on now. Hey -- you know --

Singer: Would you like it would you would you like it  

Sonny: Come here.

Johnny: I need to know which way the car is in case I need to get back.

Jason: South.  Right now we're heading north.

Johnny: South, as in a straight line?

Jason: Johnny, you got to stop talking.

Johnny: I'm just saying, how do you know north from south in the dark? Do you look at the stars?

[Car engine sounds]

[Gentle piano]

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