GH Transcript Monday 6/1/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/1/09


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Luke: Ethan is my son. No questions, no doubts about it?

Holly: None.

Ethan: Why would he believe a word out of your mouth? You've been lying to us from day one.

Jax: Are you sure you're all right? I wasn't too --

Carly: Thrilling?

Jax: No.

Carly: Passionate? Romantic? How about all of the above?

Jax: Well, we just got to watch your blood pressure, okay? Because you don't want it to spike.

Carly: We have a doctor's note. She says that sex is a great stress reliever, and I have to tell you, I feel so much more relaxed.

Jax: The tension certainly was building, wasn't it?

Carly: Yes, it was. And we need this a lot more.

Jax: Well, doctor's orders. How can I refuse?

[Knock on door]

Morgan: Oh, not again.

Carly: Oh -- hi. You've seen us kiss before.

Morgan: Yeah, well, you have to stop. We're going to see Michael tonight.

Jason: No, no, no.

Spinelli: Oh, greetings, Stone Cold. Hey.

Jason: Let's go.

Spinelli: I've been so immersed in the Crimson case, which I dare say has been solved with clever and talented sleuthing, not to mention --

Jason: Okay, can you just focus? It's very important.

Spinelli: What is the nature of your business?

Jason: I need this analyzed ASAP.

Spinelli: Well, what am I looking for?

Jason: I need to know if the recording's real.

Spinelli: What information is contained within?

Jason: It's proof Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Claudia: Well, I'm glad that you feel that Michael responded to me.

Sonny: Like I said, you know, it's because you guys don't have history.

Claudia: And we like the same music and horror movies.

Sonny: I didn't expect you two to get along, to be honest. I didn't -- I really didn't.

Claudia: Should I be insulted?

Sonny: Well, him and his mother, you know, they've been pretty tense since you woke up, and he needs someone that he can relax with, and for whatever reason, it's you.

[Phone rings]

Claudia: Hello?

Michael: Hey, Claudia?

Claudia: Michael, we were just talking about you, your dad and I -- all good, by the way.

Michael: Yeah, can I speak to him?

Claudia: Sure.

Sonny: What's up?

Michael: Hey, Dad. Can you come back to the hospital? You and Claudia?

Lucky: Hi.

Lulu: Hi.

Lucky: Listen, if you're here to pitch a case for Ethan Lovett, I will pass, okay?

Lulu: I know that you're ticked that I'm okay with him being our brother.

Lucky: Or not. You know, it seems that Holly's been lying about everything.

Lulu: Well, I would like it if she and dad were his parents. I like Ethan. I think it would be nice for Dad to have one kid who isn't pissed at him.

Lucky: You aren't.

Lulu: Well, I was for a very long time.

Lucky: But now that you know Dad fooled around on Mom, all is forgiven?

Lulu: Look, I just -- a lot of men cheat. Dillon cheated on Georgie with me. Johnny and Logan cheated on me with Maxie. How can I be upset with Dad for being true to form?

Lucky: Don't you find that a little cynical?

Lulu: You're pissed off enough for the both of us.

Lucky: Dad betrayed our mother. And you know, what I don't understand is why it doesn't bother you.

Lulu: Dad has never claimed to be anything other than who he is. So what has he really done that you can't forgive?

Holly: We were trapped, and we thought we were going to die. Our emotions were all over the place. We were clinging onto life the only way that we could. Am I describing this accurately?

Luke: Tell it your way, English.

Holly: When we managed to escape, Luke went back to Laura and Lucky in South America, and I wished him well. And then later I found out I was pregnant, which was quite unexpected, to say the least.

Luke: Why didn't you track me down? Why didn't you tell me?

Holly: I couldn't have done that to you and Laura. You were married, and you had a child.

Ethan: And you didn't want to be a mother.

Holly: It wouldn't have been fair to you, Ethan. I was back working cons with my family, and I didn't want you to grow up the way that I had. I knew that eventually you would have grown up and started asking questions, and I would have been tempted to tell you about Luke, maybe even gone after him. I worried about it for weeks, for months. And then after you were born, I made the only choice that I could. It was to put you up for adoption.

Ethan: So basically, you couldn't wait to get rid of me.

Morgan: It's Red Meteor 3, Michael's favorite video game. Maybe we can play it in his room.

Carly: Oh, maybe. You know, we just have to see how Michael's feeling. He might be tired.

Jax: Yeah, we have to take it easy on Michael. He was in a coma for a long time, and the doctors don't want him to do too much too soon.

Morgan: I'll be cool. I can't wait to see him.

Carly: You know, Michael is still healing from the brain surgery. And sometimes he kind of yells or he gets upset. But that's not Michael. So if that happens, just know that it's not Michael, it's the head injury, okay?

Morgan: He'll remember me, won't he?

Carly: Yes. He'll remember you, and he loves you as much as he ever did. He's just kind of trying to deal with the fact that he was, you know, asleep for a long time, so we have to be patient with him, okay?

Morgan: It's okay, I'm good at being patient.

Carly: I know you are.

Morgan: And I won't get mad if Michael yells at me. I just want him to come home.

Jax: It's what we all want. It may be a bit challenging at times, so we all have to help each other, okay?

Morgan: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Jason: Sam helped me find the guy who rigged the bomb in Jerry's car.

Spinelli: The one that nearly annihilated both you and the demented one?

Jason: Yeah. It was Fredo Genovese. He actually recorded the call when Claudia gave the order.

Spinelli: How did you get that?

Jason: Sam. But now I'm counting on you, okay? I need to know that this recording has not been doctored or dummied. I put Claudia’s voice on there also so you can compare the two.

Spinelli: How did you get a recording -- never -- never mind.

Claudia's voice: Hey. It's me, Claudia Z. Look, I need a job done right away. There's a late-model sedan, and it's heading towards the garage on 10th Street right now as we speak. So you don't have a lot of time. The license plate number is atj39k0. I need you to wire it to explode, and make sure the driver does not survive.

[Jason sighs]

Spinelli: Forgive me for asking, but doesn't this merely prove that vixenella attempted to kill the demented one?

Jason: Yeah, Jerry is the only one that ties Claudia to Michael's shooting. She tried to kill him to shut him up.

Claudia: Hey.

Michael: Hey, Claudia. Amazing song.

Claudia: What?

Michael: Want to hear?

Claudia: Oh, yeah, I love that band.

Michael: There's so much great music on here. I got to catch up.

Sonny: What did you want to see us about, Michael?

Michael: Well -- Mom decided that I have to go live with her and Jax. But it's my life. I get a vote, too. And I really want to live with you, Dad.

Sonny: Mom and I agreed, though, so that's --

Michael: I know, I know. And you try to get along with her, but she's driving me crazy, and I don't know why. You know, maybe it's the surgery. Maybe it's just the way Mom and I are.

Sonny: You always got along with her so well.

Michael: And she treats me like a child still. Did you hear her? She calls me her baby. Mom is smothering me, and I can't fight with her. I can't. So can I just live with you and Claudia? Please?

Claudia: I don't get to decide, but it's fine with me. You know.

Michael: See, Claudia’s good with it.

Sonny: All right, just listen. Your mom has missed you so much. She's counting on this.

Michael: Mom's got Morgan and Jax. It's not like she needs me for company.

Claudia: Sonny, come on. You know, Michael has a point. It might be better for everybody involved if he's living with us.

Lucky: I don't know, it was just different for you. Mom and Dad, they were fighting all the time when you were growing up.

Lulu: Mom was happy at home. Dad, he was happier on the road.

Lucky: I know, and I was with him all the time. We were a team. Dad was my hero.

Lulu: And now you know he wasn't heroic after all.

Lucky: I know it shouldn't matter. But it does.

Lulu: People aren't perfect. Dad certainly isn't. I'm not, either. But you got to love him anyway, because they're the only family that you have.

Holly: Giving you up was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. After you were born, I held you in my arms and I felt the most overwhelming love. But I told myself that I had to let you go because -- because I couldn't keep you with me, drag you around from place to place. I knew that if I really cared about you, then I had to let you be with a family that loved you and protected you. Eventually, I just picked up my life where I'd left off, and I went back to running scams and making money.

Luke: But I've seen you since this boy was born, and you never said a word. You never so much as threw me a bone!

Holly: I didn't know what had happened to our son. But after I had seen you, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I went back and I started digging. And I found out that his adoptive parents had both died when he was 15, and now he was an orphan.

Ethan: So you thought I was going to be all alone and vulnerable. The perfect time to drop in and take advantage of me.

Holly: No. No, I wanted to know that you had grown up loved and cared for.

Ethan: Oh, don't worry about that. My parents were wonderful. But it doesn't excuse what you did.

Holly: I didn't have a choice.

Ethan: I don't mean giving me up. I mean the lies you've told since you found me.

Morgan: I'll tell Michael he has to be careful because of the baby.

Jax: It's just that Michael doesn't have a lot of self-control right now, so it might be a little bit harder for him.

Morgan: Michael loves Mom as much as we do, he would never do anything to hurt her.

Jax: No, of course he wouldn't.

Morgan: And we'll help out around the house, so you can relax.

Carly: You already are so good about doing all your chores. You take out the trash, you help me set the table all the time.

Jax: Could put a little bit more effort into cleaning your room.

Carly: Oh --

Morgan: Or I could just close the door so you can't see.

Carly: That's a good idea.

Jax: I used to do that.

[Carly and Jax chuckle]

Carly: It's all going to work out.

Morgan: Can we go now? I want to see Michael.

Carly: Yes, we can go now. Come on, let's go.

Jason: What are you doing?

Spinelli: I've downloaded the accusatory recording onto the desktop, and I'm running vixenella's vocal sample through a variety of programs to assess its authenticity.

Jason: So you're trying to match the samples.

Spinelli: Precisely. Soon the computer will ascertain whether vixenella was actually speaking or she was framed. I must admit, I kind of hope it's the latter.

Jason: You're hoping that Claudia’s innocent?

Spinelli: Yeah, well, she's always been kind to me. And on more than one occasion, she's interceded on my behalf with Mr. Sir.

Jason: Yeah, only if there was something in it for her.

Spinelli: Well, that assessment does not explain other anomalies. Remember when you and I were afflicted with Asian ague? She tended to us most graciously.

Jason: She was stuck with us. She didn't have a choice.

Spinelli: Other motives aside, I was grateful. Dare I say it? I must admit to having amicable feelings towards her.

Jason: Spinelli, Claudia was working you, the same way she's working Michael right now.

Claudia: Carly's pregnancy is risky. Maybe it's best if she doesn't have to deal with Michael's recovery right now.

Michael: Jax said she can't have any stress. I don't want to feel like I'm walking on eggshells, like something I say can make Mom sick.

Sonny: Your mom thinks she can handle it.

Michael: She doesn't get it. I can't always control myself. Dr. Drake even said that it's going to be a while before the connections in my brain start firing again, right?

Sonny: Right, but it doesn't --

Claudia: That's fine, because Michael can take all the time he wants, because I am fine with it.

[Sonny sighs]

Michael: Claudia and I have been getting along great.

Claudia: And my pregnancy is not risky at all.

Sonny: I -- I don't know.

Michael: Don't you want me to live with you?

Sonny: Come on, Mike. Of course, I want you to, but I don't want to go behind your mom's back.

Michael: She needs me to be all calm and helpful, and I can't do that right now. Please. Can't we at least try it?

Sonny: Tell you what. I will speak to your mother and see what she thinks.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: You just missed Lulu. Unless I'm being tag-teamed.

Elizabeth: All right, yes. I called her, but only because I'm concerned about you. I brought brownies to cheer you up.

Lucky: No, seeing you cheers me up.

Elizabeth: So has there been an update on whether or not Ethan's really your brother?

Lucky: I'm not sure I even care anymore. What happened happened, whether Holly got pregnant or not.

Elizabeth: Is there anything I can do?

Lucky: It's just about me letting go of my childhood fantasy that I thought I had.

Elizabeth: No, what you had was real.

Lucky: No, I thought my father was much better than this.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, all kids idealize their parents. But yeah, it's a rude awakening, finding out the real person doesn't quite measure up.

Lucky: I'm a grownup, and I don't even know why I haven't even let this go.

Elizabeth: But in spite of all of Luke's faults, your mom and dad genuinely loved each other.

Lucky: He's got a funny way of showing that. It's over, and I have to move on.

Elizabeth: You know, in all the years that I've known you, there is one thing I'm certain of. You will never be able to move on from your dad.

Holly: I have no excuse for my lies. I can only tell you what was going through my mind at the time.

Luke: Finish your story, I want to hear this. You tracked Ethan down.

Holly: And I found him working at the resort. And I knew the moment that I saw you. You were such a wonderful combination of Luke and me -- tall and lanky like your father, and dark like me, and yet with a style and a charm all of your own. I -- I couldn't take my eyes off you.

Ethan: You're good.

Holly: I'm telling you the truth, Ethan. All the emotions that I felt when I held you as a baby came flooding back. And yet at the same time, I was so reminded of Luke the way you were working the bar. You were chatting up the customers, and you were so easy and personable. And I knew then and there that Luke should have a chance to know you.

Luke: Why didn't you just tell the kid all this? Why didn't you tell me this? Why all these games? Why did you do this to us?

Holly: I didn't know how you would react. So I set the wheels in motion, and I gave you the photograph, and I -- I left it to chance. If you were meant to connect, then you would.

Ethan: And we did.

Luke: And we did. And we could have years ago. This is not just your son, Holly. This is my son. And your plan gave us no choice in the deal. You kept him away from me and me away from him his whole life. And now you just want to come in and you suddenly want him to know me. Why? Why all these games?

Holly: I don't know. I just -- I just wanted more.

Jason: Claudia is responsible for Michael's shooting. The only way that she could protect herself was getting pregnant by Sonny.

Spinelli: I have to play devil's advocate. Isn't it possible she just got pregnant by accident?

Jason: Are you kidding me with this today? The timing's too convenient. She knows that if she's carrying Sonny's kid, he's not going to hurt her, I'm not going to hurt her. Now she's taken another step with Michael -- he's awake. She's sucking up to him, acting like she's his best friend, and he's buying it.

Spinelli: I fail to see why it's wrong for the newly anointed Mrs. Sir to shower kindness upon Michael. On the contrary, it would appear their warm, mutual feelings are beneficent.

Jason: Claudia got Michael shot.

Spinelli: Okay, the shooting was accidental. Mr. Sir was the intended target. So perhaps if -- if vixenella was involved, she's feeling genuine remorse for wounding his offspring. Or she's happy with her new stepmother status.

Jason: You don't even understand the kind of woman Claudia is and what she is capable of.

Claudia: I think it's great that Michael wants to live with us, don't you?

Sonny: I just don't like that he's having so many problems with his mother.

Claudia: But he's going to get over that, and maybe even quicker if they're not living under the same roof. Okay?

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Whoa. Hey.

Morgan: Hey, Dad.

Sonny: Buddy. Here to see your brother?

Morgan: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah? Good.

Claudia: Your dad said that you had a karate test on Saturday. How'd it go?

Morgan: I passed.

Claudia: That's excellent, Morgan.

Morgan: Thanks.

Sonny: Can we talk?

Carly: All right. Hey, sweetie, why don't you go to the game rooms in pediatrics and I'll find you there, okay?

Morgan: Okay.

Carly: Okay, thanks.

Jax: What's going on?

Sonny: Michael says he -- he really wants to live with me. And I think at this time, it's best.

Morgan: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hi.

Morgan: I was supposed to wait for Mom and Jax, but I wanted to give you this -- Red Meteor 3, your favorite game.

Michael: Yeah, I used to play this all the time.

Morgan: I put it in your hand once when you in the coma. I was hoping it would wake you up. It's kind of old now.

Michael: Thanks, Morgan. Thanks a lot.

Carly: I don't understand. We talked about this. You agreed that Michael should live with me and Jax.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, but the thing is, Michael called and wanted us to come to the hospital, and he wants to live with us.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Because he doesn't want to fight with you.

Carly: I don't want to fight with him, either. I love Michael. I just want things back to the way they were, Sonny.

Sonny: I know you do, but he's feeling a lot of pressure. I know you're not doing it on purpose, but he can't help it.

Carly: I get that. Patrick explained that Michael's brain is still healing. I know what's going on.

Jax: We need to do what's best for Michael, and for you.

Sonny: It'll only be for a little while, until Michael gets stronger.

Claudia: Yeah, me and Michael are getting along well.

Carly: You hardly know him.

Claudia: I know, and I think that might be why, because we don't have a history together. Your son is great. He's amazing. He's such a good kid, and I'm 100% cool with him living with us, if you are. And you could get the rest that you need.

Sonny: Michael doesn't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt you. It's just, we have to do what's right for our son.

Carly: He's angry with me, and I have no idea why. I guess I just have to accept it.

Sonny: You sure you're going to be okay with it?

Carly: No, I'm not okay with it, Sonny. I'm not okay with it at all.

Claudia: Well, that went well.

Spinelli: The voice prints match. It was indeed Mrs. Sir on the tape, issuing instructions to place an incendiary device on the demented one's car. Wait -- what are you going to do with this damning evidence?

Jason: I'm going to take it to Sonny.

Spinelli: Okay, sorry -- can you please just reflect on possible courses of action?

Jason: Sonny needs to know what Claudia’s done to Michael.

Spinelli: Yeah, I'm just proposing that you just put yourself in Mr. Sir's place for a moment. I know flights of imagination are not your forte, but just try.

Jason: Okay, but Sonny wants the proof, Spinelli.

Spinelli: They are on the brink of parental joy. Doesn't that child deserve a possible stable family situation? Vixenella may turn out to be a wonderful mother.

Jason: I know that you mean well, but she doesn't deserve your sympathy.

Spinelli: What possible outcome do you foresee? You think Mr. Sir is ever going to forgive his spouse?

Elizabeth: Lucky, I know it's not easy, but I really think you should try again with your dad.

Lucky: Oh, I've tried, over and over.

Elizabeth: Because you love him. And in spite of all his faults, you still want him to be a part of your life.

Lucky: And I'm starting to rethink that.

Elizabeth: Remember when you and I first became friends? You had just found out that Luke had raped Laura, and that was the start of all of your anger and disillusionment with your dad. And it's like you just -- you keep hoping that the pain will stop, but it doesn't.

Lucky: The only thing that redeemed my father was because of how much he loved my mother. And now I --

Elizabeth: Lucky, you are a wonderful man, and you love and respect your mom, and yeah, you wish your dad had been faithful. That's completely understandable. But you're not leaving room for the possibility that Luke could have loved Laura and still been with someone else. You of all people know that's possible.

Holly: When you tried to contact me last month, I realized that everything had gone as I'd hoped.

Luke: I contacted you for answers. You gave me nothing.

Holly: It occurred to me that I might have a chance to have it all, to have you and the child that we made.

Ethan: One big, happy family.

Holly: I thought it was a possibility. But then I got greedy, which has always been my fatal flaw, and I set my sights on Tracy’s fortune. How was I supposed to know that you loved her?

Luke: So you thought I had no reason not to chop off my shallow roots in this miserable town and just follow you to exotic parts unknown?

Holly: We've never been the loves of each other's lives, but there's always been something special there, don't you think? Some -- some spark that's never been extinguished?

Luke: Yeah, I agree. There's always been a spark, and it has consequences. This spark created that fire. This spark created that truth.

Holly: I'm so sorry. I should have considered your feelings much, much sooner.

Holly: But I wanted to introduce you to your father, so at least I've accomplished that.

Ethan: I'm proud to be Luke's son. But you -- you make me sick.

Holly: He hates me, and he has every reason to. What about you, Luke? Do you hate me, too?

Luke: I don't hate you, English. I could never hate you. But this is all so unnecessary. It -- it makes no sense to me. When you run a con, you're the ultimate professional. You choose your mark. You run your scheme full out, smooth as silk. But not this time. This time you're all over the map.

Holly: Trust me; I'm just as confused as you are.

Luke: And now? Is anything clearer?

Holly: When I came here, I thought I'd be doing you a favor, swooping in, and give you a new son, and spiriting you off to a life on the road.

Luke: Did my reaction surprise you?

Holly: Yes. You have a life here -- a flawed one, but you're clearly invested.

Luke: I am. Wanderlust aside, the open road, the unknown is thrilling, but --

Holly: Then -- then I'll put my cards on the table. I'd love you to come away with me, but if you'd rather stay here, I'll accept it. What do you say? Is there a chance for the two of us?

Elizabeth: I know your dad loves you.

Lucky: Yeah, you got any proof?

Elizabeth: Well, he's still here, isn't he? He makes mistakes, you confront him, you guys fight, and yet, he still sticks around. That's his way of not giving up on you.

Lucky: Well, that's just one way of looking at it.

Elizabeth: Come on, this is Luke Spencer we're talking about -- king of the open road. Any hassle or problem, he leaves behind, but with you -- he keeps trying.

Lucky: He told me you stopped by to see him on my behalf.

Elizabeth: Your dad is far from perfect, but the love he has for you and your sister and your mom is real. Yeah, it's terrible he cheated on Laura, but I would think out of all people, you would be able to forgive him.

Lucky: You know, you are the one person who can make me understand how badly I messed up, and make me hear it.

Elizabeth: So does this mean you're going to give your dad another chance?

Lulu: Hey, I got your message. What's up?

Ethan: Oh, I was actually wondering if you have room in your life for another brother.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. I'm -- I'm sorry, I'm starting to lose track.

Ethan: Me, too -- tell me about it. But this time, according to Holly, I am Luke's son after all. And I -- I think I believe her.

Carly: Morgan wasn't in the game room. That means he's in there with Michael. What if Michael got upset and got angry with him or yelled at him?

Michael: This is tougher than I remembered.

Morgan: Wait until you try Red Meteor 4. It's like 10 times as hard.

Michael: Wait, wait, what did you say your best final score was?

Morgan: 230.

Michael: What? How did I miss that fireball? My thumbs are so slow.

Morgan: Yeah, right. Mom, Jax, I'm better at this game than Michael is.

Michael: Yeah, it only took a year of practice.

Morgan: 180, That's lame.

Michael: Give me a minute. I've still got five more minutes on this round. You've got to give me a chance.

Carly: I hope it's okay that Morgan came in here on his own.

Michael: Yeah, that's cool, Mom. Thanks for letting him come by. I'm going to wipe the floor with you, little brother.

Sonny: What are you doing? I didn't know you were coming by.

Jason: Yeah, I got something I want to go over with you.

Sonny: Good, because I need to talk to you. I just came back from seeing Michael.

Jason: How is he doing?

Sonny: He's all right. He wants to come live with me and Claudia.

Jason: So what about Carly?

Sonny: Michael knows he's taking out his frustration and anger on Carly.

Jason: Right.

Sonny: Okay, and he doesn't want to live with Carly and Jax at this point.

Jason: Well, Carly's got to be upset about it, right?

Sonny: She's not happy about it, but I don't know what to do at this point. It's just what Michael wants.

Jason: Did she agree?

Sonny: Yeah, but can you at least, you know -- you know how to talk to her. Let her know it's not her fault, and the whole thing.

Jason: Yeah, you know, the other thing I came to talk to you about -- look, I'm not quite sure --

Claudia: [Singsong] I went by the wine store and I got some champagne.

Sonny: Would you --

Carly: [Normal voice] Jason. Did Sonny tell you the good news, that Michael's coming to live with us?

Lulu: Wow. You must feel like an emotional yo-yo.

Ethan: Holly tried to explain it, but her motives are still murky.

Lulu: But you -- I mean, you really believe her, that she's your mom and my dad is your dad?

Ethan: Well, she seems to be telling the truth.

Lulu: Wow. Wow. My dad's going to have to tell my mom. I mean, she's forgiven him for a lot of things, but this might be too much for her, and you know, my brother is going to be thrilled.

Ethan: What about you? Are you thrilled?

Lulu: I think you're a decent guy, and, you know, once you get past all the swagger and the attitude, of course.

Ethan: Yeah, that's -- that's big of you.

Lulu: I think it might be nice to be brother and sister.

Ethan: I was thinking the same thing.

Lulu: Of course, we would have to set rules. You know, you can't be stealing from me at the "Crimson" office out of the petty cash box. Can't get your sister into trouble at work.

Ethan: All right, fair enough. Is that it?

Lulu: Oh, no, no, no. I'm sure there will be more. I just -- I'll need some time to think of them.

[Ethan chuckles]

Ethan: Okay.

Luke: You have made me a very tempting offer, Ms. Sutton.

Holly: And yet, you're hesitating. Anything I can do to sweeten the deal?

Luke: You've had a big piece of my heart from the first day I laid eyes on you, skinny-dipping in that mountain pool. We always have a fine time together. And we have a fine son. But my kids -- all three of my kids are here now. I have a life here.

Holly: And a wife you surprisingly seem to love.

Luke: I do. I absolutely do.

Holly: You have some admirable traits which, annoyingly, make you even more appealing.

Luke: Well, your traits ain't so bad either, English. And riding into any sunset with you is an extremely tempting offer.

Holly: Consider it open any time.

Luke: Goodbye, beautiful. At least for this roll of the dice.

Holly: I'll look forward to the next.

Luke: Me, too. Me, too.

Lucky: Well, isn't this perfect?

Lucky: Here's an idea for you. Why don't you just take my dad and get the hell out of here?

Michael: Yes -- 450, yes!

Morgan: You rock.

Michael: Yeah. Hey, if you bring me some chips tomorrow, I'll teach you my winning strategy.

Morgan: We don't have any chips.

Michael: Are you kidding? Mom keeps that secret stash in the kitchen, top shelf.

Morgan: She does?

Michael: Yeah, raid her supply. She'll never notice.

Carly: Ah, that's where my chips went?

Michael: Busted.

Carly: Hmm.

Morgan: Well, Michael's doing great. Can he come home with us this week?

Carly: Well, you know what? When Michael gets out of the hospital, he won't be -- well, he won't be coming home to us. He's decided to live with his dad and Claudia.

Morgan: You want to live with Dad?

Michael: I just think it would be easier, you know? You live with Mom and Jax, and Dad should have somebody with him.

Morgan: You can visit Dad any time you want.

Michael: I know, I just --

Morgan: I missed you, Michael. It's a lot more fun when you're around. Come home with us, please?

Claudia: I'm excited. I think it's going to be great. I'm going to fix Michael's room all up, and I'm going to get him a new laptop and transfer all of his old video games and get him all the latest stuff and put it on there for him.

Jason: Michael should be with his mother.

Sonny: Jason, okay, here's the deal. You know better than I do that there's a gap between expectation and reality. Carly wants the old Michael back. The more she tries, he's going to pull away.

Claudia: And it's not forever, Jason. It just seems to be what Michael needs right now.

Sonny: What have you got there?

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