GH Transcript Friday 5/29/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/29/09


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Luke: Is this like a compulsive nervous habit of yours -- every time things get a little tense here, you go into restock the bar mode?

Ethan: It's just something to do while I wait for Holly Sutton to return with the latest version of my family tree. That is, assuming that she hasn't decided this whole thing was a bad bet and skipped town.

Luke: Well, I don't think so, dodge.

Ethan: Look, Holly either had your kid, gave it away and never told you about it, or there was no kid and she lied to you. She lied to me. Either way, we've been had.

Robin: I've already told Ethan the truth. That there's no way he could be my half-brother. I doubt my father would appreciate you lying about him.

Holly: I've certainly made a mess of things, haven't I?

Robin: Well, what were you hoping to accomplish?

Holly: Well, to start with, a reunion of sorts.

Robin: Okay, so you told Ethan that Luke was his father, which I'm sure Luke's kids were not happy about, and then you told him that my father was his father which is an obvious lie. Now he doesn't know what to believe. Maybe you're not even his mother.

Patrick: I went over this with Carly, and I wanted to touch base with you about it. Michael has had a few emotional outbursts which are a sign of poor impulse control.

Sonny: Kid's got a lot to be angry about.

Patrick: I understand that, but it's not provoked. It's not rational, which means it's a sign of the brain trauma.

Sonny: Okay, let me ask you this. How long is this anger going to last?

Patrick: It's hard to tell, Sonny.

Sonny: I mean, you know, he's going off on his mother. She's got this condition. She has dizzy spells. She's almost fainted, what, a couple of times? If she has a blood clot and dies or if she loses the baby because of something Michael did when he was angry, it's going to destroy the kid.

Patrick: It's very important that Michael is around people that he's comfortable with.

Michael: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You like "Killer Zombies from Beyond the Beach"?

Claudia: Are you kidding? Come on. I can't even believe that you've heard of that movie.

Michael: Heard of it? Are you kidding? It's like one of the best movies, especially when it's three o'clock in the morning and there's nothing on cable, and I'm trying to get back to sleep.

Claudia: Have you seen the sequel though? The sequel is -- oh.

Michael: "Killer Zombies, Lost in the Sahara"?

Claudia: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Michael: The one where the scientist saves them from being eaten from the big, bad lizard?

Claudia: Yeah, there's a lizard that annihilates that scientist's face. It's so gross.

Michael: I always covered Morgan's eyes at that part. Sometimes he used to sneak in and watch horror movies with me. Don't tell Dad.

Claudia: Are you kidding? I think that we need to have like a killer zombie film festival as soon as possible.

Michael: Do you think you could find downloads?

Claudia: I could try.

Michael: I mean, there's got to be some extra copies, some DVD’s lying around somewhere, right?

Claudia: Yeah.

Michael: There's got -- I mean, there's got to be -- Jason, why didn't you tell me about Claudia?

Jax: Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Carly: Why?

Jax: Because someone -- someone could walk in.

Carly: So lock the door.

Jax: It's the middle of the work day.

Carly: Oh, don't you want to celebrate?

Jax: No, no, of course, I want to celebrate.

Carly: We have so much to be happy about. Michael's awake, and we're having a baby.

Jax: Right, right, right. You're pregnant. That is my point exactly.

Carly: Really?

Jax: Yeah, we can't.

Carly: Why not?

Jax: I just told you. Because you're pregnant.

Carly: Are you saying we're not going to have sex until after I have this baby?

Jax: I -- well, no. You're supposed to take it easy.

Carly: So take it easy.

Ethan: So are you still good for that plane ticket?

Luke: Sure, I am. I think it's a little early for you to be booking a flight though.

Ethan: Why is that? Things are getting a little too complicated around here for me.

Luke: Well, then let's simplify them. When was it that you first realized that we could be related?

Ethan: What does that have to do with anything?

Luke: Because for me, it was when Helena walked in here and dropped that little bomb. Before that, I never even considered it. And then, of course, when Tracy fixed the DNA test, that sealed the deal for me.

Ethan: You're just seeing what you want to see, mate.

Luke: You think so?

Ethan: Right, you want to know what I've learned from all this? The next time a lovely lass teaches me a card trick and then hands me a photo of two blokes with bad hair, I'm going to toss it in the rubbish bin and hit the road.

Holly: Ethan is my son.

Robin: I don't understand what happened to you. You were always so nice.

Holly: I guess divorce isn't easy for anyone.

Robin: So now you think you're entitled to come into Luke's life even though he's married?

Holly: I never dreamed that Luke and Tracy would last so long. I always thought their marriage was a sham.

Robin: That doesn't give you the right to come and screw it up.

Holly: You've always been so sane and sensible; I don't expect you to understand what I was trying to do. I just -- I just felt Luke and I, we deserve a bit more fun.

Robin: Why drag Ethan into all of this?

Holly: Is it completely unrealistic to imagine Luke and me and Ethan riding off into the sunset together? Having one marvelous adventure after the next?

Sonny: As you know, my family situation is, you know, it's pretty complicated at this moment.

Patrick: See, that's my point there, Sonny. Michael can't deal with complicated right now. His brain is healing. He's forming new patterns. He needs to stay calm and focus on getting well.

Sonny: When do you think he can come home?

Patrick: Well, that's hard to say. I mean, his monitors showed yesterday that he tried to get out of bed, and he fell.

Sonny: The kid has been a handful, you know.

Patrick: High energy, determination?

Sonny: Yeah?

Patrick: That can be a good thing. We just have to make sure it's focused in the right direction.

Sonny: When he gets out, where do you think he should live?

Patrick: It's not my call. I'm not getting involved in a custody hearing.

Sonny: No, it's not about getting -- you know, Carly and I want the best for Michael. We're not fighting about it. But you know, she's never given up on him, and now he's shutting her out. It's not fair.

Patrick: Yeah, but you got to understand. This is difficult for Michael also. Everybody just needs to turn down the pressure a little bit. Too many people want too much from Michael right now.

Sonny: I'll take care of it.

Patrick: Okay. Michael needs time. He needs consistency. There can't be any fighting or arguing in front of him. It's going to be a rough road for everyone, Sonny, we just -- we all need to do the best we can here.

Sonny: All right. I appreciate everything you've done for Michael. I really do.

Patrick: Absolutely.

Sonny: How's Emma?

Patrick: She's great.

Sonny: Yeah.

Patrick: More beautiful every day, and I'm sure you'd like to know that Robin got back from her treatment center.

Sonny: Oh, she -- really?

Patrick: Yes.

Sonny: How's she doing?

Patrick: She's good. Yeah, she had a very good day with Emma yesterday, and she's very excited for Michael.

Sonny: She's strong, and she's, you know... she survived a lot and I'll tell you, you know what she needs? She just needs you to -- to love her.

Patrick: That's what Michael needs, too.

Michael: Claudia explained the whole deal to me, how she married Dad to help the, you know, families get along better, and --

Claudia: We're just -- I was just getting to know Michael.

Michael: I can't believe that Dad married somebody so cool. I mean, not like Kate, ew. She used to yell at me and Morgan 24-7. But I mean, she even knows most of the music that Lulu brought me.

Claudia: I'm sorry. I have new stuff for you. If you want to trade for the day, I'll take yours, and I will download a bunch of new songs.

Michael: I can't believe you've been married to my dad all this time and I haven't even known about it.

Claudia: I told him. I thought he should know.

Michael: You know, Jason doesn't say much, but it doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

Nurse: I need to take Michael's vitals with no visitors in the room. It's Dr. Drake's orders.

Claudia: No problem.

Michael: You're staying, right?

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, I'm just going to wait right here in the hall.

Michael: Great.

Jason: This has to stop now.

Claudia: Let go of me. I'm pregnant.

Jason: I'm not going to let you hide behind Michael when you're the reason he got shot.

Claudia: I'm sorry you're so upset. But I really don't see what you can do about it.

Jax: Stop it -- no, no, no, no, no.

Carly: This is so unfair. This is unfair. You're my husband, and I would really like to be with you.

Jax: No, I -- I want that, too, but I just -- I don't want to hurt you and the baby, okay? There.

Carly: Whatever happened to a Jax, "let's fly to Paris, have dinner, and do whatever comes next" Jacks?

Jax: We can still fly to Paris. We just got to skip the whatever comes next part. At least for now. Until -- well, for now, at least.

Carly: How are you going to be able to do that? How are you going to be able to sleep next to me every night, hang out around the house, what about those late-night romantic dinners that we always have?

Jax: I will go swimming. In Antarctica.

Jason: You think you're safe because nothing happened yet. Because the evidence against you isn't strong enough to convince Sonny.

Claudia: Oh, if you want to take Ric Lansing’s word --

Jason: I'm not going to take Ric's word. I'm going to find the guy you hired to blow up Jerry's car. And trust me; he's going to talk to me.

Claudia: Jason, if you want to believe that I'm responsible for getting Michael shot, I can't stop you. But what matters is I'm pregnant with Sonny's child.

Jason: You sure about that? What's going to happen when that baby's born?

Sonny: Okay, whatever you guys are doing right now, let it go. Michael can't deal with any more fighting. I just spoke with Dr. Drake.

Claudia: Fine. Maybe Jason and I could arrange to make visits at different times. We'll work out some kind of a schedule.

Nurse: Michael's fine, but no arguing in front of the patient. It's right here on the chart.

Sonny: We understand.

Claudia: No problem.

Sonny: Okay, whatever you guys -- leave it out here. Don't bring it in.

Michael: Hey, Dad. Hey, did Claudia tell you? She likes "Killer Zombies from Beyond the Beach." Welcome to the beach of no return.

Claudia: Don't go near the water.

Sonny: I didn't know you watched that stuff.

Claudia: My secret is out.

Michael: Hey, we want to have a zombie film festival.

Claudia: Yeah, I thought that we could invite Michael's friends and maybe rent out a movie theater or something.

Michael: And she lent me her mp3 player with a bunch of music on it, and she's bringing me a bunch more on mine. I have so much to catch up on.

Maxie: Hi.

Spinelli: Hi.

Maxie: I know that I've been neglecting you, but I'm back from Manhattan, and now you'll have my undivided attention. Did you miss me?

Spinelli: I have longed for the return of my favorite dame. Is that sustenance, he asked hopefully?

Maxie: Spinelli brain food. Orange soda, barbecue chips.

Spinelli: Oh, thank you. I have been consoling myself with long hours of hard work, and I've eaten very little.

Maxie: Oh, well, there you go. You want to know about my trip?

Spinelli: Uh-huh.

Maxie: We went to two fashion shows and three after-parties. Those were probably my favorite because they start so late everybody gets lit and anything pretty much can and does happen.

Spinelli: Oh. I see. Who did you attend these festivities with?

Maxie: I went to the shows with Kate. Basic first assistant stuff. I had to sit behind her and take notes on what she liked and didn't like, pay attention to who she was talking to. It was a full-time job in itself, but Kate’s got that schmoozing thing down to a science.

Spinelli: Um, and the parties -- who did you go to those with?

Maxie: Oh, I went with Feddie. Only because his boyfriend was at a photo shoot in Venice, and the best part was, I had Kate under almost constant surveillance.

Spinelli: Well, I'm confused. I thought you were against further investigation of the glacial one.

Maxie: Well, I don't want to lose my job, and I don't want Kate to get fired, but you seem to think it's important to know why Kate’s leaking her own layouts, so, so do I.

Spinelli: I'm flattered by the confidence you have in my instincts.

Maxie: Oh, flattered enough to go with me?

Spinelli: What does that invitation entail?

Maxie: I broke Kate’s PDA. On purpose, of course. Don't worry, she's using her backup. But I was thinking that maybe her main one had something stored on us that might give us a clue. So I left it at "Crimson." I didn't want to bring it here in case she would notice it was gone, so if you want to check it out, we have to go back to the office.

Spinelli: I am most impressed with your quick thinking, your gift for subterfuge. You know, if the fashion world loses its allure, you could be an intrepid private investigator.

Maxie: Spinelli, you say the nicest things to me. Let's go.

Ethan: So would you have done it? Would you have walked out on Tracy to go adventure with Holly?

Luke: There was a time in my life when I would have done it in a heartbeat. But hell, who am I kidding? I still might if she walks out here and makes the offer.

Ethan: Well, Tracy paid her off, so I'm sure she's long gone by now.

Luke: Maybe. Maybe not. You know, English has played this too cute from the beginning. She could have just told us one way or another. She didn't have to drag it out, and it's kind of my fault because I got caught up in the game.

Ethan: What about Tracy? Do you think she'll give you the boot?

Luke: Who knows?

Ethan: She's certainly got spirit.

Luke: Yeah, I just wish she kept her dirty mitts off that DNA test that caused us, especially you, a lot of trouble.

Ethan: Well, that's life, mate.

Luke: You know, we could do another one by mail. One of those mail-in deals where we wouldn't have to trust anybody. You know? It's the only way to know absolutely.

Robin: So what made you choose Ethan? And don't tell me that you looked at him and just magically knew he was your son.

Holly: Well, don't you think a mother knows?

Robin: After twenty years of giving up your infant son, no, I don't think so.

Holly: When Ethan was born, I was overwhelmed. My life was a mess. There was no way I could have taken care of a baby. Giving him up was the only responsible option.

Robin: So why not just leave him alone?

Holly: He was grown. I did some digging and found out his adoptive parents had died. I wanted to know if he was okay, see how he turned out.

Robin: Okay, listen. The first time that I met Ethan, it was at the Haunted Star. It was the middle of a bad day. He was funny, charming, and confident. He mixed me my own personal drink, which was wonderful. Nothing like the guy that walked through my door today. That guy was upset and worried. All of his confidence is gone. And I don't blame him. He's been lied to for weeks, because you still won't give him a straight answer. Do you even realize how many people will be hurt by all of this?

Holly: That was never my intention.

Robin: It doesn't matter what your intentions were. I don't think Ethan cares about that either.

Holly: Well, don't worry. I'm leaving. I just have one more stop to make.

Ethan: I mean what difference would it make in the long run anyway if I'm your son or not? We get on just fine. Let's leave it at that.

Luke: We could. Yeah, we could do that. Just kind of hang in the moment, see where it goes. Reconcile ourselves to one day soon drifting out of each other's lives. We could do that. This obviously means something different to me than it does to you. Because see, I don't have another decade to squander. Hell, I probably only got one or two decades left. So if I am your father, I'd like to know it. I'd like to enjoy it.

Lucky: You are still here.

Ethan: I know, it's so annoying, isn't it?

Lucky: So what's the word with Holly? Did you get the answer you were looking for?

Luke: You know, cowboy, if you check with your colleagues at the PCPD, they could probably tell you the last time I saw her she seemed to be headed for the slammer because my lovely wife accused her of lifting some sparklers.

Ethan: You know, my best guess is that she and Holly worked out some sort of deal, and now Holly skipped town.

Lucky: So I guess Holly was playing me, too.

Luke: When?

Lucky: I went to see her yesterday. I thought maybe she'd actually tell me what's going on.

Carly: Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.

Kelly: Actually, I got all your records from the clinic in South Carolina.

Carly: Great.

Kelly: Thank you. What is this?

Carly: That's herbal tea. If I have to drink it for the rest of the summer, you can enjoy it for one afternoon.

Kelly: Actually, I could use a break.

Carly: Good.

Kelly: So I guess the clerk got the message confused and thought there was a crisis?

Carly: There is. Jax would rather go swimming in Antarctica than have sex with me.

Kelly: Whoa. No -- that is definitely a crisis.

Carly: Yes, he thinks that if we have sex, my blood pressure is going to shoot up, and I'm going to die on the spot.

Kelly: Men.

Carly: I know.

Kelly: Mm. This tea tastes like dead leaves, by the way.

Carly: Yes. But I would gladly drink that for the rest of my pregnancy, but I am not going to go all that time without having sex.

Kelly: Actually, having sex would probably be good for you.

Carly: Thank you.

Kelly: Within reason, of course. Nothing too athletic.

Carly: I just want to have sex with my husband.

Kelly: Okay, so what do you want me to do?

Carly: I need you to write me a note.

Kelly: You want a note from your doctor?

Carly: Yeah. Say whatever you want, but make it clear that I'm supposed to be having sex with my husband. Doctor's orders.

Jason: So I go to the hospital, and Claudia’s sitting right by Michael's bed, making him laugh, pretending to be his buddy.

Sam: Oh, that is sick.

Jason: Yeah, I'm not going to let that bitch hide behind Michael.

Sam: This is it. She knows you're getting close, that's all.

Jason: Well, yeah, and she's desperate, and that makes her more dangerous.

Sam: All right. Well, listen, I've got a lot of leads still --

Jason: Okay, I -- Sam, I just need proof that she's involved in Michael's shooting.

Michael: Why didn't you tell me you and Claudia got married?

Sonny: Why didn't I tell you? Because I didn't want to dump too much on you at once.

Michael: Yeah, you sound just like Mom.

Sonny: Okay, listen. First of all, your mother loves you more than you understand. She believes in you when a lot of people wanted to give up. She visited you at the institution two, three times a week. She was the reason that Dr. Drake was able to wake you up, because she found the specialist --

Michael: Okay, okay. I'm just saying that she gets me mad sometimes. I --

Sonny: Oh, but you know what? Whatever this anger thing you have, Dr. Drake said says that you can't help it, right? Don't take it out on your mother. Take it out on me. Take it out on Jason.

Michael: If she believed that I was going to wake up, then why is she having a baby with Jax?

Sonny: What does that have to do with -- listen to me. She's not trying to replace you. You got to understand that. That's not what is going on here.

Claudia: That's right. Michael, in fact --

Sonny: What --

Claudia: I probably shouldn't say this, but your father and I are having a baby.

Luke: When did you visit Holly?

Lucky: Yesterday. I asked if Ethan was your kid.

Luke: Well, she told us that Robert is his father.

Lucky: Robert Scorpio?

Luke: Yeah, but it could've just been damage control.

Ethan: Yeah, I went to go see Robin, and she made a pretty convincing argument how Robert and Holly were on opposite sides of the planet at the time.

Lucky: Well, cheer up, Daddy. Ethan may be actually your kid after all.

Luke: You know, cowboy, I'm going to have to say this one more time. What happened between me and Holly was a long time ago.

Lucky: Yeah.

Luke: And it's a done deal, pal. It had nothing to do with you or your mother.

Lucky: So in other words, all those good years we had as a family meant nothing at all.

Robin: [Whispers] Emma’s sleeping.

Patrick: [Whispers] Excellent.

Robin: Okay, now you can tell me how brilliant you were with Michael.

Patrick: Do we have to whisper the whole time? [Regular voice] Just let me know if there's something in there that you don't understand.

Robin: Oh, please, you wish. Wow, these NSD levels are amazing. It's one thing to talk about on the phone, but --

Patrick: Yeah, it got pretty intense. I wish you were there for it.

Robin: Have you heard from Dr. Hensen?

Patrick: Yeah, she sent me an e-mail, of course, congratulating me.

Robin: Well, she's jealous.

Patrick: I'm just glad that Carly had the guts to give me the okay.

Robin: Yeah, at least she had the good mind to listen to you for once.

Patrick: What was that? Did you just say something nice about Carly?

Robin: Wait a minute. Michael's heart stopped during surgery?

Patrick: We had to resuscitate him. I just didn't want to tell you over the phone, of course.

Robin: Oh, well, where's the follow-up EKG?

Patrick: I don't know. It should be in there somewhere.

Robin: I don't think so. I mean, there's one postop, but you have to have another one to track the connections between the NSD levels and the postop arrhythmia. I mean, it's not a major problem now, but it could be in the future.

Patrick: You're incredible, you know that?

Robin: Why? Because I read medical journals, and I keep up on my current profession?

Patrick: How did you just pick up something that I completely missed?

Robin: I guess I must be a better doctor.

Patrick: Okay, easy now. When was the last time that you completely rewired a young man who was almost brain dead?

Robin: I have to admit. That's pretty amazing.

Patrick: Say it again.

Robin: Pretty amazing.

Patrick: Yeah, so are you. Welcome home.

[Emma cries]

Robin: I'll be right back.

Claudia: Okay, the silence is getting a little deafening. I obviously shouldn't have said anything about our baby.

Michael: It's okay.

Claudia: I'm sorry, Michael. I should have let your father introduce us and tell you about the baby and anything else he feels is relevant and necessary on his own time.

Michael: No, I'm glad you told me.

Sonny: I don't want you worry about this baby.

Michael: I'm not.

Sonny: Nobody's trying to replace you -- not me, Claudia, Jax, or your mother.

Claudia: No, I mean, getting pregnant was a total accident.

Sonny: Claudia, okay, okay.

Michael: Dad, Dad. Claudia isn't exactly the only woman you've ever gotten pregnant. I can handle it.

Claudia: That's true. Your father always told me what a great big brother you are.

Michael: Yeah, I do my best.

Claudia: Good. Well, I hope you'll be a great big brother to our baby, too.

Michael: I will. Can't wait.

Sam: I've been working a pretty good source who thinks he can find Fredo.

Jason: It's a start, but I need more.

Sam: Claudia tried to kill Jerry. Her only possible motive would be to shut him up about Michael's shooting.

Jason: Michael is vulnerable right now. Claudia is working this kid. Next thing you know, Michael's going to trust her, and that's when we're going to have a real problem.

[Telephone rings]

Sam: Hold on. Hello, Sam McCall. Really? Are you sure it's him? Okay, thanks. We're on our way.

Jason: Let's go.

Maxie: Well, that was a colossal waste of your time.

Spinelli: Not true. I think perusing the glacial one's PDA proved to be most helpful.

Maxie: But we didn't find anything.

Spinelli: Which shows us that the glacial one's sequestered proof of her illegal activity in alternate locations. See, detection is all about the process of elimination. A seasoned professional knows not to expect conclusive evidence on the very first try.

Maxie: One of the things I like most about you. You never get discouraged.

Spinelli: Uh, I beg to differ. I'm often thrown into the pit of despair, but it is most often you who leads me back into the light of hope and optimism.

Maxie: That is definitely not true. I'm one of the most relentlessly cynical people that I know, but that was beautiful, Spinelli. I will take the compliment. I know you see the good in me. And when I'm with you, I believe in all that light and hope and optimism and stuff.

[Cell phone rings]

Maxie: But I still have a job. Yes, Kate. It's on your desk in perfect working condition. Yes, I asked Spinelli. No, I'm not with Spinelli right now. I'm three blocks away picking up your wrinkle cream. I'll be back soon.

Luke: I don't know what to say to you, cowboy. I've told you the truth. I did what I did. It's ancient history. There were some people in South America who were very unhappy with me. And they threatened to retaliate against you and your mother.

Lucky: So you ditched us. You left us on our own.

Luke: I went off to Singapore as a diversionary tactic, and it worked because they followed me. I got shot. I got in a tight spot. Holly helped me out. Things happened. Now you can either forgive me or you can stay mad at me for the rest of your life. But it doesn't change a damn thing. And it doesn't change the fact that I love you.

Lucky: Yeah, you keep saying that!

Ethan: Something about that whole DNA test thing -- there's no way it's going to happen, right?

Michael: So do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

Claudia: Not yet.

Michael: Do you know what you're going to name it?

Claudia: That will be up to your father.

Michael: Do you think it can hear us talking?

Claudia: Why would you ask that?

Michael: Mom used to talk to Morgan. Sometimes I would, too.

Sonny: She wanted you to get to know your brother, just like she wants you to get to know this baby she's carrying.

Michael: I hear it's really healthy to play babies music.

Claudia: Yeah, I've heard that, too.

Michael: Yeah, we'll have to play some good stuff for your baby right away.

Claudia: That's a great idea. But no dancing.

Jax: Hey, you okay? Do I need to call the doctor?

Carly: No, I saw Kelly.

Jax: What?

Carly: I went to see Michael. I had to. He's my son, Jax. You know?

Jax: It's okay. I understand. Did he upset you?

Carly: No. He didn't even see me. Sonny and Claudia were there.

Jax: Claudia was there?

Carly: And I overheard Michael saying how happy and excited he is to be a big brother to her baby.

Jax: No wonder you're upset.

Carly: I want him to be happy. I want him to look forward to things. He always wanted a little sister. I want him to be happy for me. I want him to be happy for us and our family.

Jax: Just give him time, okay? Give him time. Things will get better. Maybe sooner than we think.

Sam: Excuse me. Hi, I seem to be lost. Shoot, these damn shoes.

Fredo: Hey, gorgeous, what's the problem?

Sam: Okay, here's the problem. The guy holding the gun? He happened to be standing a little bit too close to Jerry Jacks' car when it blew up. However, we know you did it. We just need to know who hired you and why.

Claudia: I'm glad that I took it upon myself to visit Michael. I think he liked me.

Sonny: You take on a lot sometimes.

Claudia: Well, I think he was happy about the baby, and he's a great kid.

Sonny: Well, what if he had gotten upset? You know? I don't want my kid upset.

Claudia: The last thing I want to do is upset Michael.

Sonny: He likes you.

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: I mean, we really did hit it off.

Sonny: You know why? Because you guys don't have history. Dr. Drake says that that's a good thing.

Claudia: Really?

Sonny: It's amazing how this is turning out. You may be, of all people, exactly what Michael needs.

Sam: Well, it was nice of you to come back to Port Charles because it made our job a whole lot easier.

Fredo: I'm just back to get some stuff. Let me go, and I'll disappear --

Jason: Not until you tell us who hired you.

Fredo: Claudia Zacchara. She called me out of the blue. Gave me a license plate. Said the car was at the Tenth Street garage, and I had to wire it immediately.

Sam: Why? Don't make me ask you again.

Fredo: I don't know.

Sam: He's lying.

Fredo: No. I swear to you.

Sam: You're wasting our time. Just shoot him.

Fredo: Well, wait. Hold on. Claudia Zacchara hired me to kill Jerry Jacks. And I got proof.

Jax: Look, we both know there's a time for everything. There's a time for Michael to heal. There's a time for our baby to grow inside of you. I'm sure that Michael knows deep down in his heart that you've sat by his bed for the better part of a year. I'm sure that he knows that you never gave up on him.

Carly: I hope so. I really hope so.

Jax: Hey, he will turn to you when he's ready. He's still your little boy. He's just trying to find his way home.

Carly: I love you.

Jax: I love you, too.

Carly: Wait a second.

Jax: Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Carly: Not for that. Not for that.

Jax: What?

Carly: This.

Jax: What is it?

Carly: It's a note from my doctor.

Jax: Your doctor? Dear Jax, I hereby give you permission and duly authorize you -- wow.

Carly: Did she draw diagrams?

Jax: I had no idea that Dr. Lee was so creative.

Carly: Tell me about it.

Jax: She's very thorough.

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jax: I'll say.

Carly: Looks like we have the doctor's permission to have sex, and I want to do all of that.

Jax: There's like a year's worth of sex there.

Carly: Then we better get started.

Jax: We should go with diagram number two.

Luke: So you don't even want to know the truth?

Ethan: What difference would it make? You already have a son and a daughter. Lulu's a wonderful girl, but she already has two brothers, mate.

Luke: Well, maybe she'd like another one.

Ethan: Look, I've had a lot of fun, but it's time for me to move on. You know? Like I told you before, mate.

Luke: Okay. Okay, keep moving. Get out there on the open rode. Grab you some adventure. Some beautiful women. There's a hell of a lot of world out there for you, Ethan Lovett. Waiting patiently, so go. Find it. And when you do, give her a good, hard kick for the old man, will you?

Luke: English, you surprise me again.

Ethan: I assumed you were well out of the country by now.

Holly: I couldn't leave without apologizing. I never meant to hurt either one of you. Things just got out of hand like they did in Singapore.

Luke: Yeah, all treacherous detours seem to lead back to Singapore, don't they? Holly, this is a fine young man. He deserves the truth before he leaves this town. When I last saw you in Singapore, were you pregnant? Is this our child?

Holly: Yes, I was pregnant. And yes, Ethan is your son.

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