GH Transcript Thursday 5/28/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/28/09


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Robin: Do you know what I think? I think my little girl is so smart and so beautiful. I love you so much. I missed you and your daddy, and I love your daddy. And now our family gets to be whole again, just like it's supposed to be. Isn't that right, hmm? Can you get it in there? Here.

[Knock at door]

Robin: I'm not expecting anybody. Are you expecting somebody? Do you have a visitor? Come on, let's go see. Let's go say hi.

Ethan: Hi, uh --

Robin: Hi.

Ethan: You probably don't remember me.

Robin: I do. The bartender from the Haunted Star, right?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, and I might be your brother.

Luke: You're making a big mistake here. I want to see my attorney.

Holly: This is outrageous. I didn't steal anything from anybody --

[Luke laughs]

Holly: Lately.

Luke: Natasha, tell your goons to set us loose, will you? You know I only do the handcuff thing for fun and games.

Alexis: Riley, what did he do this time?

Tracy: Allow me. I'd like to bring charges against Miss Sutton. The gentleman is, and I use the word advisedly, innocent.

Riley: But he's her accomplice. They were together in the hotel.

Claudia: Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Hey, Mrs. Corinthos.

Claudia: I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent care that you've been giving my stepson.

Patrick: Well, Michael's a strong kid. He's fortunate to have a family that supports him.

Claudia: I guess all those prayers and well wishes, they helped him through? I mean, is that possible? When somebody's in a coma, do they actually remember what is said to them?

Jason: Hey, how's it going?

Michael: You have the same phone number and I remember it. Is that a good sign?

Jason: I would say that's a good sign, and you can call me whenever you want.

Michael: I need you to tell me something.

Jason: I will if I can.

Michael: Dad explained how I got shot, but I want to know more. Who did this to me?

Tracy: So you cheated on me with her after she told you she played you for a fool? Even your precious dodger can see right through her.

Alexis: Who's dodger?

Luke: I didn't go to her room for sex. I went for information.

Holly: We were having a lovely chat until you decided to send in local law enforcement. I'd like to speak to Commissioner Scorpio, please. He'll understand that I've been framed.

Alexis: Framed for what?

Tracy: Actually, she tried to extort money from me and my husband, and when we refused, she stole my sapphire necklace.

Holly: That's absurd.

Tracy: It's missing.

Luke: Did you check the bottom of the mattress?

Tracy: I had no idea when the police went to arrest her that they would discover my husband there.

Luke: Look, Spanky, English already told us that the dodger is not mine. You got what you wanted. Why are you pushing this?

Alexis: Wait. Hold it. Who's Spanky? Who's dodger? Who's English?

Luke: All right, let me explain this to you, Natasha.

Riley: Who's Natasha?

Luke: My wife, fueled by jealousy and pugnacious pride, is about to clog up your docket with a bunch of false accusations. You can flush it all away by refusing to press charges and just sending us home.

Alexis: Here is what I am going to say as D.A. It really bugs me when people file false charges.

Holly: Mac, my favorite former brother-in-law. Your timing's impeccable. Can you sort this out, please?

Mac: I'm surprised to see you Holly, and you seem to be handcuffed.

Holly: Yeah, things have gotten a little complicated.

Mac: I bet. Well, whatever trouble you're in, I know Robin will be thrilled to see you.

Holly: Robin's back?

Robin: Okay, why don't we just start from the top? Why would you think you're my brother?

Ethan: Well, Holly Sutton is my birth mother, and she told me Robert Scorpio is my father.

Robin: Really? Well, that's very unlikely. I mean, I know that my father and Holly were together, but I think that they were apart long before you were born.

Ethan: Okay, so you don't think they might have had a reunion of sorts long enough for Holly to get pregnant? She gave me up for adoption in Australia and then showed up at my work last year without giving me a hint. But we started talking about traveling and I told her I might be going to the U.S., and so she gave me this photograph.

Robin: I've never seen this one before. Man, do they look like trouble. But I'm not sure why this means anything.

Ethan: Well, Holly pointed me in Luke Spencer’s direction and said he was someone that I should meet and she was right. He gave me a job, you know, we hit it off, but then she showed up again.

Robin: Holly was in Port Charles?

Ethan: She still is. She's after Luke's wife's money.

Robin: That's the first thing you've said that makes sense.

Ethan: Holly implied that Luke Spencer is my father, that he had an affair. She got pregnant, but he was married.

Robin: To Laura.

Ethan: Yes, Laura. But then after a lot of back and forth, she finally admitted that my father was actually Robert Scorpio, which would make you my sister and this little bundle of joy here, my niece. I've never had a niece or nephew before or any siblings. My parents only had me, or, well, they adopted me.

Robin: Where's Holly now?

Ethan: Well, she was staying here.

Robin: Patrick must have forgotten to mention that.

Ethan: Well, it's strictly platonic I'm sure. Holly only has eyes for Luke. She's determined to lure Luke away from Tracy.

Robin: Well, that must be fun for Tracy.

Ethan: Yeah. I believe she's staying at the Metro Court hotel now. Lulu Spencer must have talked to you about me, how I'm a con artist. Although, I don't deny it, you could ask Holly yourself.

Robin: So how do you feel about all this?

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: I got used to the idea of Luke Spencer, and now there's this other guy, your father, and I know absolutely nothing about him.

Robin: Look, I'll tell you everything you want to know, but I sincerely doubt that Robert Scorpio is your father.

Jax: Are you going somewhere?

Carly: Yeah, I'm going to take some of Michael's things to the hospital so it doesn't seem so unfamiliar while he's going through physical therapy. Look, do you remember when you got him this at the stadium and he had to teach you about the game?

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I explained to him that kids don't really play baseball in Australia, and he looked at me as if I had the most deprived childhood.

Carly: Well, that was very sweet of you to let him think that he was teaching you something. I just want to be there when he goes through physical therapy, but they won't let me.

Jax: He needs to do this on his own.

Carly: Yeah, I'll be there when he gets out.

Jax: Maybe you can let him do this first session on his own, you know? Maybe it will make him feel like he's achieving something.

Carly: Assuming that it goes well.

Jax: You know, he was pretty angry about not having a choice of where to live once he leaves the hospital. Maybe he just needs a chance to calm down.

Carly: I know that he's angry. He's angry because I wasn't there when he woke up and he keeps trying to push me away. But he needs to realize that I never gave up on him, and I never will.

Jax: What about you? Have you had breakfast? Did you take your blood pressure?

Carly: I packed my breakfast and I'm going to take it with me and I'm going to eat while Michael is in physical therapy. You don't have to worry about me, okay?

Michael: It's like everyone is afraid if they say something wrong, I'm going to go back into a coma.

Jason: They just don't want you to worry about anything but getting better at this point.

Michael: I can't help it. There's so much I don't know. I know some of it. You know, the guy who shot me was trying to shoot dad, but he missed. The bullet ricocheted. It took me out for a whole year. But Dad never said who was trying to shoot him.

Jason: Well, the doctors think you need to get stronger and then you can ask your parents.

Michael: You need to be the person who tells me, Jason. You're the person who always tells me the truth. What was the name of the guy who shot me?

Jason: Ian Devlin. It's Dr. Ian Devlin.

Michael: A doctor? That's weird.

Jason: He was messed up.

Michael: Was?

Jason: He's dead.

Michael: You killed him, right? Because of what he did to me? What did he have against my dad?

Jason: Nobody knows for sure.

Michael: Was he involved in the business? I mean, who did he work for? Who ordered him to shoot my dad?

Orderly: Time to take Michael to physical therapy.

Michael: I'll go later.

Jason: You know what? The harder you work, the sooner you can get out of here.

Michael: Then come back later, Jason. I need you to tell me the rest.

Mac: Robin wouldn't have left the clinic if she wasn't ready. So when you see her, just be supportive, okay?

Holly: Yes, of course. I'm dying to see Robin, but I can't if I'm locked up in here. Do something, Mac. You're the one with all the power.

Mac: What did they get you for?

Holly: Tracy being Tracy. She's just jealous and unreasonable. I mean, if she's cross with anybody, it should be her husband. He's the one with the wandering hands and eyes.

Mac: What about this necklace?

Holly: I never saw her silly necklace. You've got to get this trumped up charges dropped so we can get out of here.

Mac: You have a plane to catch? Because I'm warning you -- listen, I mean, if you skip town and I find out you've been lying to me --

Holly: I need to see Robin. I didn't expect she'd be back so soon. Believe it or not, I'm trying to do something noble here. I should have bloody well known better, shouldn't I?

Ethan: Look, I'm so sorry to dump this on you. I'm sure it's a shock. It was for me, too.

Robin: That's not the problem.

Ethan: Okay, I'm sorry this upsets your image of your father.

Robin: No, believe me, I have no illusions about my father. I just think you got it wrong.

Ethan: So you don't believe me?

Robin: No, I don't believe Holly. My former stepmother is a very charming woman, but you have to consider her guilty until proven innocent.

Ethan: So if your father didn't tell you, it's not true.

Robin: Last summer my dad was dying of cancer and, well, we told each other just about everything. So if I had sibling, I think he would have said something.

Ethan: Well, assuming he even knew I existed.

Robin: Okay, I'm really good at being logical, so what you're going to do is give me your birth date and I will see if there's any possible way that you could be my brother.

Sam: Yes, if your husband's cheating on you, I will definitely be able to get evidence. Spousal surveillance is my specialty. Yeah. Okay, uh-huh, I'll just wait to hear from you. All right. Apparently, there is a booming business in cheating spouses. Uh-oh, what's up?

Jason: Nothing. I'm just a little worried about Michael.

Sam: Well, is there something wrong?

Jason: Physically, no. He's doing great, but he's starting to ask about the shooting.

Sam: Well, that's good, right? I mean, he's going to the right guy. He knows that you're not going to lie to him. What's he asking?

Jason: Well, he's asking about Devlin and who Devlin was working with, and I can't tell him that I suspect Claudia.

Sam: You didn't say anything?

Jason: I didn't say -- he has no idea.

Sam: Okay, well, if Claudia is guilty, she's probably going to try to cover her tracks.

Jason: And she is. And I have to stop her, and you're going to help me.

Patrick: Most patients that were in a coma report that they don't remember anything that was told to them while unconscious.

Claudia: Hmm, that's really interesting. It's like a dream, right? Except, obviously, much deeper. Right?

Patrick: Yeah.

Claudia: So, um, somebody in Michael's position, right, with his mind so far off, you could play a cassette tape or blast a radio next to his bedside and he wouldn't remember?

Patrick: Well, no, that's not exactly true. I mean, Michael's brain was too compromised to process, but auditory messages were still coming in. There have been documented cases of patients who do remember things that were told while comatose. They get, in a sense, a memory and it all comes rushing back.

Olivia: Is that about Michael?

Claudia: This is a private conversation for family only.

Olivia: I'm here on behalf of the family. They're Michael's insurance forms.

Claudia: Okay, well, consider it delivered.

Jax: You know, I was just thinking maybe the best way to help Michael is to give him a little room.

Carly: Why does everyone keep telling me that?

Jax: I'm not asking you to stop loving your son, Carly.

Carly: What are you asking me, then?

Jax: It feels like you're angry and you don't know where to put that anger. And you can't take it out on Michael, as much as he's hurting you. And if you weren't managing a high-risk pregnancy, I'd give you all the time in the world to work this out on your own, but I can't because you are not allowed to stress out.

Carly: I know this is hard for you, okay? I know that, but you have to let me take care of myself. Let me figure out my own body. You can't do this to me.

Jax: I'm just asking you to follow doctor's orders.

Carly: No, you're asking me to stay away from my son when I just got him back.

Jax: I've heard the awful things Michael says to you. It doesn't matter why Michael is angry. He's taking it out on you. If you insist on going, then I'm going with you.

Carly: What if I don't want you to go?

Riley: You are free to go.

Tracy: Try to look grateful, Luke.

Luke: I'll look grateful when you drop the phony charges against Holly.

Tracy: Miss Sutton stole my sparkling sapphire stones, and I want her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Oh, deportation works for me.

Luke: You know, Natasha, before you start building that case against Miss Sutton, you might want to talk to me because I have some very interesting information about possible future litigation.

Alexis: Please don't come back. May I recommend therapy?

Mac: Look, I hate to refuse an old friend, Holly. Although, I might have been more inclined to be flexible if you'd have bothered to let me know you were in town.

Holly: I've been dealing with a situation which is fast turning into a crisis, but that doesn't mean I love you any the less, Mac.

Mac: Yeah, well, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. Look, your best bet is to work things out with Tracy, okay? In the meantime, I'll put in a call to Diane Miller on your behalf. She's an excellent defense attorney.

Holly: I appreciate that, Mac. How soon can she raise bail?

Mac: You'll have all night to talk to Robin. Riley? Put Miss Sutton in interrogation one.

Riley: Have a seat here.

Tracy: Can I have a moment with the accused?

Holly: What do I have to do to get you to drop these trumped up charges?

Tracy: Get the hell out of Port Charles for good, no sad goodbyes and no romps with my husband.

Holly: Okay, done, fine. You've got my word on it, but you have to get me out of here as soon as possible.

Robin: Counting back nine months from your birthday, the day you were conceived, my dad was in Port Charles. I remember because he got pulled into some caper. There was a corrupt police chief at the time, Burt Ramsey. There's a name from my past. Anyway, my dad helped bring him down.

Ethan: So is there any way that maybe Holly snuck into town to see your dad?

Robin: I'm so sorry. But I'll be happy to contact my dad. I mean, I'll call him anyway. I just know what he'll say. I'm afraid Holly lied to you.

Ethan: Well, I'm sorry I bothered you.

Robin: Good luck getting the truth.

Ethan: You know what the crazy part is? I never gave a damn about who my birth parents might be. Now that's all I can think about.

Carly: We've talked about this, you know.

Jax: No, actually, we haven't talked about this at all. Defensive comments in the car driving back and forth from the hospital, they don't count. And last night you fell asleep and we didn't discuss it then. And this too important not to talk about, Carly. Michael is angry at you, and I don't think that it's a good idea that you see him on your own.

Carly: Patrick says Michael is angry because it's a side effect from the head trauma. And there's nothing that Michael can say or do to me that's going to convince me that he really doesn't want me there. He's my son, okay, and I'm not going to leave him alone.

Jax: The way you feel about me watching you like a hawk is how he feels about you right now.

Carly: Are you kidding me? I'm his mother, okay? There's a big difference, Jax.

Jax: Yes, but he's angry at you, Carly. All right, you know what? I'm at a real disadvantage here because I'm not supposed to fight with you. I'm sorry, okay? You do whatever it is that you need to do, and I will just go and find something else to do, okay? You have a good day.

Carly: Well, that helps.

Michael: I can do it. I can do it.

Orderly: There's nothing wrong with accepting a little help.

Michael: If I don't do it myself, I'll be here forever.

Orderly: Okay, come on. Take your time. That's it. That's it. Good. Good job. Let me put this on your finger. There you go. Hey, I'll see you later? All right.

[Knock at door]

Claudia: Hi, Michael. Do you remember me?

Sam: So once you killed Devlin, that left Jerry and Claudia the only ones knowing the truth, then he stages his own death with the explosion on the ship. And I bet you he did that so Claudia wouldn't go after him.

Jason: That's right, which cleared the way for Claudia to marry Sonny.

Sam: A bonus for Claudia, she gets to use her position as his wife to keep him from knowing the truth, hiding out in plain sight, of course, until Jerry starts sending DVD’s.

Jason: Right, and then Jerry shows up in person. Claudia wants to shut him up. That's when she hired this Zacchara demolition guy, Fredo Genovese, to plant a bomb in Jerry's car.

Sam: Well, that's who we need to be looking for, because Jerry's pretty much close to impossible to find.

Jason: Okay, we find Fredo. I will convince him to give up what he knows about Claudia.

Olivia: I just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Jax: Why, what happened?

Olivia: I went to the hospital to drop off Michael's insurance forms, and Claudia Zacchara was there grilling Patrick Drake.

Jax: What kind of grilling?

Olivia: Oh, she wanted to know all about coma patients, what they're capable of remembering. Man, it took everything I had not to out that bitch right in the middle of the hospital.

Jax: Oh, thank you for showing some restraint. Sounds like Claudia’s worried that Michael knows she's responsible.

Olivia: And you know, what if she's right? What if he does remember?

Jax: Well, then he'd also remember Jerry visiting him and me telling him that my brother was responsible for putting him there. This is so unfair. I mean, Michael's got enough to deal with right now.

Olivia: Okay, okay, look, I did some online research, just reputable sources, and it turns out there's really no way of knowing what Michael might remember from the coma, so I think all you can do right now is just focus on his recovery and taking good care of Carly.

Jax: You know, it kills me not to tell Carly about Claudia’s part in this. Or my brother's. I just -- I can't put her life at risk.

Olivia: Yeah. If I was Carly and I knew what Claudia did, I would kill her with my bare hands.

Jax: You know, with the secret I'm carrying and our battles over Michael, Carly and I are miles apart right now when we should be closest. Why do you think I'm here at work today instead of at the hospital? She doesn't want me there.

Carly: Hey.

Patrick: Hi.

Carly: Hi, how did Michael's first physical therapy session go?

Patrick: For a first session, it went very well.

Carly: Oh, great. I know this is a crazy question, but how soon until he'll be able to come home?

Patrick: It's still too early to say, Carly. But you know what? Michael's getting stronger every day.

Carly: Okay. I'm going to go check on him.

Patrick: Actually, Carly, that's not a good idea right now.

Carly: Oh, is he sleeping? I won't wake him up if he's asleep.

Patrick: No, no, that's not the point. As well as Michael is doing right now, he still has poor impulse control, and you know, Michael is still angry. It's better we don't antagonize him right now.

Carly: Is there anybody else he's like this with?

Patrick: No, you know, some visitors trigger a different reaction. Listen, as Michael's doctor, I'm asking that we don't make his condition worse.

Carly: I'm his mother, you know.

Patrick: I know, but if we fuel his anger, the more out of control he will be.

Carly: So you're asking me to stay away from my son.

Patrick: Carly, I understand how difficult this could be. If Emma was Michael, they would have to pry me away with a crowbar, but I would hope that someone would do that because staying away from Michael, giving him some space right now, is going to be the best thing for both of you.

Michael: You're that Zacchara lady, aren't you?

Claudia: Yeah, you -- yeah, I mean, you can call me Claudia. I was hoping that I could be more of a friend to you than just a stepmom. And I hope that you like candy. Dark chocolate, this is --

Michael: What are you talking about?

Claudia: It's all the gift store had. It's kind of lame, but --

Michael: No, what do you mean, my stepmother?

Claudia: I thought that your dad told you that we got married.

Michael: My dad married a Zacchara? That's crazy.

Claudia: Well, to keep the peace between our families.

Michael: What about Kate? She's my dad's girlfriend.

Claudia: Um, I know. Okay, Michael, this is going to be really confusing for you at first. I know that. Your dad and Kate had some problems, and so mutually they decided to break up, which left your father free to marry me, which he did.

Michael: To make peace.

Claudia: After you were shot, we all just wanted the violence to end, and so our marriage was a step in that direction. I guess you could say that you brought us all together.

Luke: If you're here to arrest me, could you just hang on long enough for me to get hammered so that I don't actually fold in the middle?

Alexis: When I left the station, Holly and Tracy were bitch-slapping each other. We were going to throw them in the cage, but it was full.

Alexis: Did you really think that Ethan was your son?

Luke: Yeah, I still do. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I just want him to be. Maybe I'm just a ridiculous old fool. But between my jealous wife and the disreputable Miss Sutton, it's really hard to know which end is up these days.

Alexis: You know, for a guy who never really wanted kids in the first place, it's ironic that you're this eager for a third.

Luke: Yeah, I know it is, but I guess I've changed. Near-death experiences, living with a broken, damaged heart after two or three coronaries I guess will do that to you.

Alexis: Oh, I get that. I mean, being faced with your own mortality does make you shift your priorities.

Luke: You know, my first tango with the grim reaper, he danced all over my feet. And now it seems like all I'm left with is this constant, nagging notion that the best of everything is behind me. Lost youth, lost opportunity, and now I see nothing ahead but limited possibilities and limited time. I don't know, maybe I'm just -- maybe I'm just really loving the idea of having a kid who actually likes me, who looks up to me instead of down on me. Maybe I like the idea of having a kid who wants to hang out with me because he thinks that I can teach him something important. Maybe I needed that and didn't realize it.

Holly: You're right. I did send Ethan here as bait. It was a test to see if Luke could resist me. I fully intended to help myself to him.

Tracy: So you said. In fact, the last time we spoke, you thumbed your nose at the check I brought you to leave town. You said nothing was going to get in the way of your taking my husband. What changed from then to now?

Holly: I witnessed with my own eyes the mess I've made for all involved, especially Luke. So I'm bowing out. You win, Tracy. Congratulations.

Tracy: I don't believe you. You want Luke.

Holly: I hold a very special place in my heart for Luke, which is why I feel so guilty about how I've messed up his life. You have my word on it. You drop the charges, I'll do some quick damage control and then I'll disappear. Well, for heaven's sake, Tracy, you'll get everything you want.

Tracy: You're hiding something. But luckily, I don't want to know what it is, so I guess you're right. I did win.

Sam: All right, so what do you know about Fredo?

Jason: I know that he's on the Zacchara payroll, that's it.

Sam: Oh, well, so then no one's really interested in protecting him.

Jason: No, we shouldn't have any problem finding something on this guy with somebody in my organization.

Sam: I need a photograph, Jason, because I have people down at the ferries, the airports. I can ask around. Wait a minute, do you not agree with that?

Jason: No, I agree, I'm just trying to think of what I'm going to tell Michael when I go back to see him.

Sam: Well, I think that's easy. You just tell him you're working on it.

Jason: He's going to know I'm holding out on him. And I think it's too soon to tell him the truth. Whatever, you know what? Just find what you can on this Genovese guy, and I'm going to pay you, okay?

Sam: Oh, no, no, no, you won't. No, stop it.

Jason: Sam, this is not right.

Sam: Go see Michael, please. I will call you when I have something.

Jason: Okay, thanks.

Claudia: Honestly, Michael, I think that you're old enough to understand everything that's going on. You grew up in a mob family. You know how it works, just like I did. And we have a lot in common that way, actually.

Michael: So -- so what you're saying is that you married dad for business? You don't really love each other?

Claudia: We didn't at first, no. But life is full of surprises, you know?

Michael: Well, I mean, do you sleep in Dad's house? Does he take you to the island? Does he ever cook you dinner?

Claudia: I do sleep in your father's house, and we have learned to care about each other a lot.

Michael: So then why didn't he tell me about you himself?

Claudia: I don't know. I think maybe he didn't want to risk upsetting you, Michael, but I can see that you're a lot stronger than any of us expected, and -- hey, do you know how much your father loves you? Do you have any idea? I know, because I've seen it. I watched him sit here by your bedside when you were in a coma and just talk to you for hours. You remember any of that?

[Knock at door]

Jax: Come in. How did it go at the hospital?

Carly: Well, Patrick seems to have the same take on this as you did. Michael's angry for some reason, and it's not good for Michael if I'm there. In fact, it hurts him, so I'm going to have to stay away.

Jax: Oh, I'm sorry.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I was pushing you away. Don't let me do that again, because I need you now more than ever.

Jax: It's okay.

Luke: So I went to see Holly to try to get some more --

Ethan: Just put a cork in it, man. That woman can't open her mouth without telling a lie.

Luke: Where you been?

Ethan: I went to see Robin Scorpio. I laid it out for her, told her how I'm her brother, and, well, she very quickly set me straight. You know, she's a smart little Sheila with all her online research and calendars. Well, bottom line is, it's impossible for Robert Scorpio to be my father.

Luke: Really? So that means what, I wonder?

Holly: Surprise.

Robin: Not really.

Holly: Oh, did Patrick tell you I was here? You have a wonderful husband and such a beautiful baby girl. I knew you were coming back, so I thought you'd want to be alone with your family, so I checked into the Metro Court hotel. But you're looking wonderful. All's well with you now?

Robin: Yes, Holly, everything is great with me, but chaos seems to follow you wherever you go.

Holly: I can explain everything.

Robin: Don't. Ethan was already here, thinking he was my half-brother. Why did you lie to him about who his father is?

[Holly sighs]

Holly: I set something in motion, and now I'm trying to stop it. You'll spare a lot of people a lot of pain if you'll help me.

Jax: Sit down.

Carly: This is -- I mean, this is hard. I have no idea. I don't know how to do this, you know?

Jax: There's no road map for what we're going through. We just have to feel our way and hope that we don't drive off the edge of a cliff.

Carly: I'm fighting you, and I'm sorry. I'm just so frustrated with what's going on with Michael. Him waking up is the answer to our prayers, but I know I can't let it tear us apart.

Jax: No, of course not, but -- I am not trying to get you to give up on Michael, okay, just --

Carly: I know.

Jax: I'm worried about you.

Carly: We're going to make this family work.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: And it starts with us loving each other first.

Michael: I mean, I've tried. I can't remember anything. I don't even remember getting shot.

Claudia: That's probably for the best, though.

Michael: I remember -- I remember having breakfast with Morgan. I had cereal -- or at least I think I did. After that, I went blank.

Claudia: It's okay, Michael. Hey, you know what? Let's not focus on that. Let's focus on the good stuff. You're awake, you're getting stronger, right? I'm going to do everything that I can to help you.

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