GH Transcript Wednesday 5/27/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/27/09


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Patrick: You don't have to do anything right away. You just got home. Take it easy tonight.

Robin: No, I -- come on. Oh, hi. Hey. Oh, how are you, baby? Mommy has missed you so much. You're so beautiful.

Lucky: Elizabeth, listen. I appreciate the effort, but this is just a waste of time.

Elizabeth: No, no, no. No buts. Keep an open mind, because I think Nikolas' perspective can be very helpful.

Lucky: What, about a brother who just showed up out of nowhere?

Elizabeth: Look how long it took you and Nikolas to connect.

Lucky: Yeah, and I was wrong about Nikolas, but I'm not wrong about Ethan.

Sonny: Hi. I'm looking for Jax.

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: We're supposed to talk about living arrangements.

Olivia: He's not here right now.

Sonny: Are you mad at me about something?

Olivia: I'm busy.

Sonny: Oh, so you're going to have attitude with me, when you're the one who nailed my brother-in-law.

Johnny: You're canceling the shipment. Now, Bernie, I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart. Okay, well, you can tell Sonny that when he cancels his shipment this late, I still expect to get paid.

Claudia: Probably not the best time to be making ultimatums on Sonny.

Johnny: I'm done fighting.

Claudia: Do I look like I'm here to fight with you? I have a present for you. It's my way of making up.

Johnny: Great, a loaded weapon, just what I need.

Claudia: I'm worried about you, Johnny. Apologize to Sonny for sleeping with Olivia.

Johnny: Now why would I do that?

Sonny: For whatever reason. Sonny is protective of that cow, which means he blames you for sleeping with her.

Johnny: Good, that's great. So he can blame me all he wants, I don't give a damn.

Claudia: John, get back on his good side. I need you now, more than ever.

Claudia's voice: I'm sorry, Michael. I'm so sorry.

Jax: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Michael: Where is she?

Jax: Who?

Michael: The woman. She -- she -- I heard her like she was right here. She said, "I'm sorry."

Jax: Do you know who it was?

Patrick: Uncle Matt decided to get her a little stuffed bear. And unfortunately, it turns out it was this.

Robin: Oh, that's not that bad.

Patrick: Are you kidding me? Did you look at it?

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: I don't think we have to worry about a stuffed animal being bad for Emma.

Patrick: Maybe not. She loves it. Hey.

Robin: You're such a wonderful dad.

Patrick: And you're a wonderful mom.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I'm going to try to be from now on.

Patrick: We're going to do this together. We had a little rough patch, but it's only going to make us stronger.

Robin: It seems so surreal now, looking back at all those months of having postpartum depression, like I'm remembering somebody else.

Patrick: In some ways, you were.

Robin: When I was in the treatment center, I kept focusing on Emma, and I realized that there were some things that I knew about her.

Patrick: Of course, you did.

Robin: How she always grabs her rattle with her left hand. I think she's a lefty.

Patrick: Yeah, I saw that, too.

Robin: And she always laughs when she sees a bird. Or how she doesn't eat dirt --

[Emma fussing]

Robin: Like Elizabeth said Cameron always does.

Patrick: Well, it's early.

Robin: Yeah. It seems incredible that I didn't even want to hold my own daughter. But that's over now, right?

Rebecca: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: What are you doing?

Rebecca: I'm reading. Got a problem with that?

Elizabeth: Don't play dumb. Why are you in Emily’s clothes?

Rebecca: This robe is from the guest room and I'm a guest. See how that works?

Lucky: You don't look like yourself.

Elizabeth: Yeah, you look like Emily in her clothes, in her chair, but you already know that, don't you?

Rebecca: Oh, my God, you people. Nikolas took me sailing. I got knocked overboard. So now I'm sitting here waiting while the maid dries my clothes.

Lucky: Where's Nikolas?

Rebecca: Out riding.

Elizabeth: Instead of staying in the guestroom, you decided to come out here, make yourself all cozy on his chair so he can walk in here and find you looking like --

Nikolas: What's wrong? I told Rebecca to make herself comfortable.

Rebecca: I'm sure my clothes are dry by now, so I'll make everybody else comfortable and go change.

Nikolas: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: What's wrong? We walk in here and find Rebecca sitting on your chair in Emily’s clothes, waiting for you to come back from a ride. How many hundreds of times did that actually happen with Emily? And now you're recreating it with her double? Nikolas, that should scare you. I know it scares me.

Olivia: What do you care if I slept with Johnny?

Sonny: Like I already said, he's half your age.

Olivia: Oh, right, again. Again, you're going to stand there and you're going to sweat me for sleeping with someone younger than me, like you've never slept with a younger woman.

Sonny: Yeah, of course.

Olivia: If it was the other way around -- I was younger than John, you wouldn't even be batting an eyelash, would you, huh? This is incredibly sexist of you, Sonny, not that that should surprise me at all.

Sonny: That's not what this is about.

Olivia: Well, then what is it about? You're just butting in my life?

Sonny: My son woke up from a coma. I'm dragging around guilt like two tons of brick. I got to go home to a wife I don't love -- as a matter of fact, I don't even like -- pregnant with my kid.

Olivia: Sonny, I get it. I get it. I get what you're going through. You've got a lot on your plate.

Sonny: I know you get it. That's the point. I've been talking to you about it because of our history. I'm starting to rely on you. And then you jump, you know, for a quickie with my brother-in-law.

Olivia: Sonny, you know that anything you tell me is confidential. I would never repeat anything that you said to me.

Sonny: That's not what this is about.

Olivia: What? What is it? Sonny, you talked to me like a friend, right? I can be that to you. I can be that, no matter who I'm sleeping with.

Sonny: I don't think so.

Johnny: What do you want me to do with this, Claudia, hmm? You want me to kill Sonny before he kills me? You want me to threaten him into liking me again?

Claudia: Well, he did like you. You guys were getting along great.

Johnny: Yeah, because I made this garage a front for him.

Claudia: And I appreciate that, Johnny. You're all I have in this world. You're the only one who is always there for me. And this fight we had, it was nothing. You didn't do anything wrong. Look, I'm sure -- I know you were hurting. And I know that you probably got drunk, and she took advantage of you.

Johnny: Oh, Claudia, that is not at all how it happened. Okay, you have got no room to judge here, not after the mess you've made with your life.

Claudia: Okay, you know what? You're right 100%. I'm in a loveless marriage and I'm pregnant with either my husband's baby or Ric's baby, who's squeezing me every time I turn around. And then there is Michael.

Johnny: Oh, you leave Michael the hell alone. I mean it, Claudia. We've done enough to that kid. Leave him alone.

Claudia: John, you know that I wanted Michael to wake up. You know that I prayed for that. All the same, there is still a chance that he might remember all the times that I sat by his bedside and confessed that I'm the one who put him there in the first place, that I'm responsible for getting him shot. Jason suspects me already. He could tell Sonny any time.

Johnny: It's bad, Claudia. I'm not going to lie. In fact, it sounds like a living hell. But both of us know -- and I feel like I just told you this -- you brought it on yourself.

Jax: You were half asleep when I walked in. You were probably dreaming.

Michael: No, it was more like a memory.

Jax: Maybe it was your mother. She spent a lot of time by your bedside.

Michael: If that's who you're looking for, she's not here.

Jax: No, I'm actually -- I'm here to see you. We need to get a few things straight before you come home.

Ric: Boo.

Claudia: Ric, please, please, okay, not today. Please, I can't. I honestly can't --

Ric: Just sit down. Drink some water.

Claudia: I don't need water. I don't want you tell me what to do, Ric, in between your threats, telling me to drink water.

Ric: Hey, hey, hey. No threats.

Claudia: Oh, really? Until when, five minutes from now?

Ric: You know what, Claudia? It didn't used to be like this, you know? We were good together for a while.

Claudia: And then we weren't. End of story.

Ric: Well, it doesn't have to be that way. What do you say we try again, huh? For the sake of our baby?

Sonny: Are you going to keep sleeping with Johnny-do-nothing?

Olivia: I don't know, okay? I haven't given it a whole lot of thought.

Sonny: Okay.

Olivia: All right, so is that done now? Can we put that away and have a nice, like, conversation, like friends?

Sonny: You're not listening to anything I'm saying. It's like, you know, the conversations we've had, the way we connect, it seems like it's more than, like, just friends.

Olivia: Well, what the hell is it then?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Olivia: You got to be kidding me. You think that because we have a little bit of soul baring between us that that necessarily means it's building up to something else?

Sonny: I opened up to you. That doesn't -- okay, whatever.

Olivia: No, I get it, Sonny. I do. And I'm really honored. I know that that's not easy for you, but that doesn't mean we're having some kind of affair here. I mean, you're married to Claudia.

Sonny: That's not what I'm saying, Olivia.

Olivia: What? Then what are you doing? You're being territorial here? You think that because we go way back, that now -- that you own me or something? Let me remind you of something.

Sonny: Okay.

Olivia: Way back in the day --

Sonny: Yes.

Olivia: You let me go so you could be with my cousin, right?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Who you almost married less than a year ago, and now you're Mr. Claudia Zacchara. So what, what?

Sonny: I had my reasons for marrying Claudia.

Olivia: Right, good for you.

Sonny: I'm just trying to be straight with you.

Olivia: Well, then let me do the same for you, okay? Who I sleep with is none of your business, all right? So butt out of my life and pay attention to your own. Sonny, you just had a kid come back from a coma, all right? Now, I'm sorry to say this, but a man like you -- you ain't going to get a lot of prayers answered in this lifetime. So why don't you take this miracle and run with it, okay? Be happy. Just be happy, Sonny. I know it's not in your make up, but just try.

Sonny: Tell Jax to call me.

Jax: I thought we could take this opportunity to talk. We really haven't had a chance to do that.

Michael: You mean, I listen while you lecture me about Mom having your baby and you don't want me causing trouble. Are we done?

Jax: No, not yet.

Michael: Look, I'm really wiped.

Jax: Seems to be your favorite out these days.

Michael: It's pretty popular with patients who just had brain surgery.

Jax: Right. Well, this will only take a minute. What happened to you is really terrible, Michael, and you deserve to be angry, but not at the people who love you.

Michael: Like Mom?

Jax: Like your mother.

Michael: And you don't want her stressing over me because it's bad for your baby.

Jax: No, because she could die. Now, I'm sorry to put that on you, buddy, but that's the truth. She's in a very fragile state, and the doctor said that she has to avoid stress at all cost.

Michael: Look, I don't have to go home with you guys. I can stay with Dad. I could live with the Quartermaines. I could run away again.

Jax: Don't joke, Michael.

Michael: Who's joking?

Jax: You're a big boy now. I'm counting on you to do what's right for your family. Get some rest.

Johnny: The shipment was supposed to come through today.

Sonny: Yeah, I put a hold on it.

Johnny: With no notice.

Sonny: Bernie got word there was a watch on the pier where the shipment was going to land, so, you know. It's not going to work out anyway, you know.

Johnny: Really? Why is that?

Sonny: Yeah, because, see, I don't like to work with people that I don't trust.

Johnny: And why can't you trust me, Sonny? I'm your brother-in-law.

Sonny: Come on; let's be honest with each other. You hate the air I breathe. I locked you up, had you beaten up. You've been probably looking for payback, and you've finally found a way to get it.

Jax: It's late. You should go home.

Olivia: Well, first, I've got your day all set up for you tomorrow. And I take -- I take over the catering meetings for Carly tomorrow as well.

Jax: Thank you very much.

Olivia: Um, I normally don't broadcast the details of my personal life, but there was a little altercation in the lobby and --

Jax: What happened?

Olivia: Well, long story short, I slept with Johnny Zacchara and his sister came over here and was pretty vocal and loud about her disapproval. So I'm very sorry, Jax. I promise I won't let that happen in the hotel again. I'm sorry.

Jax: Wait a minute. I know it's none of my business, but Claudia Zacchara caused Michael's coma. Why would you jump into bed with her brother at a time like this?

Olivia: Well, John had nothing to do with that. I mean, Jerry never said he was involved, did he?

Jax: No, but still, I mean, it's Johnny Zacchara.

Olivia: When did everyone suddenly become the sex police? I'm a grown woman. I'm not a nun.

Jax: I'm sorry. I don't mean to judge you. It's just Johnny lives in a dangerous world.

Olivia: And I'm not part of that.

Jax: Neither was Michael.

Olivia: Jax, it's sweet that you're concerned, but you know what? You don't need to be. I've been taking care of myself for a long time. Now, I've gotten pretty good at it.

Jax: I'm sure you have. It's just Claudia Zacchara is a dangerous woman. She caused the shooting of a little boy. While there might not be any evidence against Johnny, he's pretty close with his sister. I mean, do you honestly believe he is completely innocent of Michael's shooting?

Alexis: Oh, hi, there. Thanks for coming.

Agent Rayner: Sure.

Alexis: Help yourself to a drink.

Agent Rayner: Scotch rocks, please. So any chance this is a social encounter?

Alexis: I'm not sure that I follow.

Agent Rayner: Well, you asked me for a drink, as opposed to barging into my office threatening legal action.

Alexis: That's because you had threatened my daughter so that she wouldn't get her P.I.'s license.

Agent Rayner: It's my understanding she didn't have the proper qualifications.

Alexis: Well, as it turns out, she didn't. But that's not why I called you here.

Agent Rayner: After our first encounter, you have an attraction you can no longer deny.

Alexis: I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that, or worse, mean that.

Agent Rayner: If I did?

Alexis: You'd be flirting with me.

Agent Rayner: Maybe just a little.

Alexis: Let me explain this to you as delicately as I can. I have a gift for attracting deranged men. My last relationship was with a card-carrying sociopath. So I'd just advise you to not even feign being attracted to me, because then I would have to assume that you're a lunatic. And right now, I need you to be this really sane, reasonable, level-headed fed agent who is going to help me with a big, big favor.

Agent Rayner: What kind of favor?

Alexis: I need you to use all the resources available to you to investigate this woman, Rebecca Amber Shaw. She once lived in Opal City, Washington. She's now residing in Port Charles. I need you to find everything you can about her. Look over everything with a fine-toothed comb. If you see anything suspicious at all, let me know. And then keep it off the books.

Nikolas: Elizabeth certainly made an impromptu escape to the bathroom. It felt like a transparent excuse to leave the two of us alone, if you ask me.

Lucky: She was hoping that I would talk with you.

Nikolas: Look, I'm not interested in cautionary tales about Rebecca and me.

Lucky: Nikolas, just take a step back for once. Elizabeth and I walked in on Rebecca cozied up with a book on your chair like Emily. You were off having a ride. It was almost like you did with Emily every night.

Nikolas: I still ride almost every night. Look, Rebecca's clothes got wet, so she just sat here and read a book while she was waiting for them to dry.

Lucky: And it all fell together, just like you and Emily.

Nikolas: I am not going to tip-toe around here. I live here. Yes, Rebecca looks like Emily. There's going to be images of her that remind you of Emily, okay? That can't be helped.

Lucky: You make it sound so reasonable.

Nikolas: Lucky, I'm aware that Elizabeth doesn't like Rebecca, but you do. So neither of you have an unbiased grip on any of this. I think it's perfectly -- perfectly reasonable, perfectly normal.

Lucky: Anything but. You're using Rebecca to replace Emily

Rebecca: Things are going really well with Nikolas. Yeah. Although, his family and friends keep warning him. No, it's actually bringing us closer together. Nikolas doesn't believe them, and he rushes to defend me. He's such a gentleman. It's really kind of sweet. Listen, I've got to go. There's some family drama playing out downstairs. Call me later? Okay.

Elizabeth: Your blouse --

Rebecca: Yeah, nice, huh? Wyndhams, on clearance. Better hurry if you want one.

Elizabeth: Exactly the kind of thing Emily would wear.

Rebecca: How would I know that?

Elizabeth: Because I told you today at the hospital when you were wearing your light blue scrubs. I said how much you looked like Emily. And now here you are in Nikolas' house wearing the same exact color. And I've never seen you wear anything like that before.

Rebecca: Okay, so what, you want to go through my closet and pick out everything that you find unsuitable to wear because it might remind Nikolas of Emily?

Elizabeth: I don't believe you picked that out by accident. In fact, nothing you have done has been an accident since you got a job at General Hospital.

Rebecca: I don't have time for this.

Elizabeth: Well, make time because you're not leaving this room until you tell me what you're up to. 

Agent Rayner: You don't ask for much, do you?

Alexis: I realize this is an unorthodox request.

Agent Rayner: First you imply that I'm a latent psychopath, and then you ask me to violate all kinds of agency regulations, not to mention a citizen's right to privacy.

Alexis: No, no, no. I didn't say that you were a psychopath. I said you could be a psychopath. There's a big difference. I'm counting on you to be a very level headed, trustworthy agent.

Agent Rayner: And if I do what you want, I'm neither.

Alexis: Here's the deal. There's this woman, Rebecca Amber Shaw, who looks identical to my nephew's dead fiancée. Her name is Emily Quartermaine. Try to follow this. Emily lived in Port Charles, worked at General Hospital, dated my nephew. This Rebecca shows up looking identical to Emily, in Port Charles, works at General Hospital, is dating my nephew. Now, this whole thing is really weird, really creepy, and I think this Rebecca has some agenda going and I think she's somehow connected to my stepmother.

Agent Rayner: Stepmother?

Alexis: Helena Cassadine? Look her up. It's very interesting reading. In any case, I think Helena hired her, gave her plastic surgery, told her how to act in front of Nikolas, and sent her after him like a heat seeking missile.

Agent Rayner: Why?

Alexis: Because he has control of over $10 billion.

Agent Rayner: Now, see, that's the first thing you've said to me that makes any sense whatsoever.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. So here's what I think. I think that you should check into Rebecca Shaw’s records, check everything -- her childhood, see if she has any juvie records. Maybe there's something she's trying to cover up.

Agent Rayner: Assuming I find something, what are you going to do with it?

Alexis: I will go straight to Nikolas and hope that he will cut Rebecca out of his life to stop her from getting whatever she came here for.

Elizabeth: I'm not going to stand by and watch you manipulate Nikolas.

Rebecca: I'm not.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. You always wear these dark, depressing clothes and you black out your eyes with all this makeup. But not now, because Emily likes lighter color clothes and natural makeup and suddenly you do, too -- at least when you're around Nikolas.

Rebecca: Hmm, so if I put on some eye shadow, will you back off?

Elizabeth: I'll back off when you stop imitating my dead best friend to exploit Nikolas' grief.

Rebecca: He's a lot stronger than you give him credit for.

Elizabeth: He's still devastated by Emily’s death.

Rebecca: You know, maybe you're the one that hasn't gotten past it, and maybe you are still trying to be loyal to Emily by tying Nikolas down to her ghost. Ooh, that's creepy.

Patrick: Stay still here.

[Robin laughs]

Robin: Well, I'm certainly feeling better.

Patrick: Well, at least you're having a good time. Stay.

Robin: See, I thought you were so self-sufficient. It turns out you actually do need my help.

Patrick: I had this down pat a few weeks ago, but then she started rolling all over the place, Emma, and I always forget. And now it's been chaos, because I pick her up and the floodgates open. It's okay. It's okay.

Robin: I would have come up and changed her myself. I just didn't actually hear her cry.

Patrick: I had the monitor over here, but it's all good. I'm just about done here.

Robin: Hey, why don't you go downstairs and start in on the lasagna? I will take over.

Patrick: Are you sure?

Robin: I'm very sure.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: You, are you giving your daddy trouble? Yeah, well, I think that you should go a little easy on him because he is the best daddy in the world, and there are very few daddies that love their little girls as much as he does.

Emma: Da-da.

Robin: Yeah, Da-da.

Emma: Da-da.

Johnny: I'm over what happened.

Sonny: I wouldn't be. Someone locking me up in a padded room, beating me up? I'd kill them if it took me the rest of my life.

Johnny: Well, Sonny, I guess I'm a lot more forgiving than you are.

Sonny: I don't understand why, Johnny.

Johnny: Michael.

Sonny: What about my son?

Johnny: He disappeared. You were a father desperate to find him. Given the circumstances, you could have done a lot worse to me than you did.

Sonny: Oh, okay, so you just let bygones be bygones?

Johnny: Sonny, whatever hate I had for you, that went away when Michael got shot. That was a warning sign for all of us to stop before any other innocents get caught in the crossfire.

Sonny: That is beautiful, beautiful insight, but you tried to kill me after Michael got shot.

Johnny: Yeah, Claudia disappeared and I thought you had done something to her. I was wrong. I admit that. You were wrong, too. I thought we settled this.

Sonny: We did, but some things change, Johnny.

Johnny: You're right. Michael is awake, Sonny. Claudia's pregnant. That kid's going to be my niece or nephew, and you know the way my life is going, probably also my heir. So I would never hurt Claudia or her child or her husband, Sonny. If you need my proof of loyalty, that's all I got.

Sonny: Well, I guess that's going to be enough. Bernie's going to make a call. He'll have the shipments rerouted, right? Don't worry, Johnny. You're going to get your cut.

Nikolas: Do you really believe I'm using Rebecca?

Lucky: Maybe not consciously, but it's still not fair to her.

Rebecca: Here I am back in my own clothes. If you're wondering about the timing, Elizabeth here followed me into the guest room for a little girl talk on the dangers of resembling Emily.

Nikolas: Haven't you said enough already?

Elizabeth: No, I think this situation has gotten completely out of hand and some part of you has to know it's wrong.

Nikolas: Is that really why you came all the way out here, to criticize me?

Elizabeth: No, I convinced Lucky to ask for your advice on a family problem, but I think your perspective is gone. Come on, Lucky, let's go.

Lucky: You can come back on the launch with us.

Nikolas: She's staying here for dinner.

Elizabeth: Oh, let me guess, lamb with mint sauce? That was Emily’s favorite.

Lulu: Michael? Oh, my God. Michael? Michael? Are you okay?

Michael: Yeah, I needed a change of scenery.

Lulu: What happened?

Michael: I got up.

Lulu: Even though the doctor told you not to?

Michael: The room started spinning, and here I am.

Lulu: And you know that there's something called a call button on your bed?

Michael: Right, right. I push it and the nurse comes running, calls get made, family swoops in, everybody freaks out, and they either want to sedate me or strap me onto the bed.

Lulu: Okay, no one is going to strap you to the bed, but a nurse is going to freak out if they find you over here. So let me help you just --

Michael: I got it. I got it.

Lulu: Okay, fine, just be careful with your head. Did you hit your head when you fell?

Michael: No, no.

Lulu: Just -- no, no.

Michael: I said I can do it, okay?

Lulu: Fine. Fine. I'll bet you the burrito that I promised to bring you that you can't.

Michael: You're on. If I can do this, I get the burrito.

Lulu: Okay.

Michael: And if I can't, will you bring me a burger and fries?

[Lulu laughs]

Lulu: Okay.

Olivia: Whoa. Expecting company?

Johnny: No, it already came and went. Actually, your face is the first face I'm glad to see tonight.

Olivia: Well, all right. I was on my way home. I thought I'd bring you this, this right here? This is a list of all the best custom parts and manufacturers in the states. My brothers and my dad and me put this together, years of trial and error, for our garage. This is my bible.

Johnny: Wow, thank you. I think I can use that.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: What made you think of me?

Olivia: Are you kidding me? What else can I think about? I got your sister, my boss, Sonny, raking me over the coals. I mean, what did we do that was so wrong?

Johnny: Nothing, actually. I enjoyed it. No apologies.

Olivia: Me neither. I guess I'll let you get back to work.

Johnny: Hey, I was going to have a break and a beer if you want to join me.

Olivia: I don't mind if I do.

Ric: Look, Claudia, this isn't just about you anymore. There is a child involved. And whether it's mine or Sonny's, don't you want him or her to have a decent life?

Claudia: Sonny loves his children.

Ric: Well, Sonny loved Michael, too.

Claudia: You need to get out, Ric.

Ric: Come on, Claudia. I'll grant you this. Sonny is definitely going to do his best to take care of this child. And you're going to be left on the outside looking in because we both know he's not going to have any more use for you once you've given birth.

Claudia: Well, I'm sorry, how would it be better if I was with you, Ric? You don't love me either, and I sure as hell don't love you.

Ric: Claudia, we understand each other, okay? We think alike. Call me crazy, I think that we may find ourselves surprisingly compatible. That and a passionate sex life could be the ingredients for the perfect relationship.

Claudia: Well, you've really thought this out, haven't you?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: You've thought it all out except this one little thing that you're not remembering. About three weeks ago, you tried to convince Sonny to kill me.

Ric: Yeah, well, I got a feeling you're going to forgive me. Because if you don't, I may have to tell Sonny that I might be the father of this child.

Sonny: What the hell are you doing in my house again, Ric?

Robin: My mom used to rock me like this when I was little. Of course, I didn't know she was my mom then, but I just remember it just made me feel safe and loved, which is how I want Emma to feel, like I'm watching over her forever.

Patrick: It feels good to be a family again.

Robin: Yes, it does.

Patrick: She's beautiful, isn't she?

Robin: She's a little angel.

Patrick: Why don't you try to get her down and come eat? Your dinner's getting cold.

Robin: I think I'd like to stay a little bit longer.

Patrick: Yeah? We haven't had much time to just sit on the couch and talk for quite awhile.

Robin: I'll be down soon. I'm just really enjoying this right now.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Hey. Where are you going, squirmy?

Lulu: Okay.

Michael: I'm useless and pathetic.

Lulu: Oh, spare me the self-pity.

Michael: That was a little harsh.

Lulu: Michael, you've been out of a coma for like a day, okay? You were up. That is pretty impressive. And true, you only made it to the closet, but it's still impressive.

Michael: Thanks.

Lulu: All right, I think you need some sleep, so I'm going to let you sleep.

Michael: Lulu, could you make that two burgers?

Lulu: You're that hungry?

Michael: Maybe you could stay and have the other one.

Lulu: Yeah, sure. Sleep.

Ric: I just wanted to stop by and tell you how happy I was that Michael woke up.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Ric: Let's hope that it's going to be a new start for all of us, a way to let go of the past and look to the future of all of our children.

[Music playing]

Olivia: Nice one.

Johnny: Oh, yeah, you like it, huh?

Olivia: You play dangerous, don't you?

Johnny: I just like to play.

Singer:    Your name is like a song that looks into my soul  

Olivia: This could go some place tonight.

Johnny: Oh, yeah?

Olivia: I don't think it should.

Johnny: It's your call.

Olivia: I think that if or when this happens again, I want it to be about nobody but us.

Johnny: "When," huh?

Olivia: Assuming it's mutual.

Johnny: It's mutual.

Claudia: I've picked out some swatches and stuff for the nursery. Do you want to take a look at them with me, maybe?

Sonny: I'll get to it.

Singer: Said that you would always be there you said that you always would love me you said that you would always would care you said that you never would leave me

Johnny: Thanks again for that list of manufacturers. I really appreciate it.

Olivia: My pleasure.

Claudia: I'm going to go upstairs. Do you want to go with me?

Sonny: Later.

Singer:    Now that you are gone this melody is broken  

Olivia: Good night, Johnny.

Johnny: Later.

Singer: The silence is broken for many have misspoken I am haunted by your love haunted by your melody you're all I'm thinking of haunted by what used to be I need you right here next to me your name is like a song

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