GH Transcript Thursday 5/21/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/21/09


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Monica: Can't we just be grateful that Michaelís awake?

Edward: No, no, no. We've let him down before, it will never happen again.

Luke: Oh, for Godís sake, baby, will you relax? You're making yourself miserable.

Tracy: Don't you have any pride at all?

Luke: I think the problem is I have too much pride.

Tracy: How can you let yourself be manipulated?

Edward: How many more children are you willing to turn over to Corinthos, huh?

Monica: Don't you talk to me like that.

Edward: Michael needs us.

Monica: Michael needs to get better.

Edward: My great-grandson is old enough to choose where he wants to live, with some guidance, of course.

Monica: Your great-grandson just woke up from a year-long coma.

Edward: Mm-hmm, and he was shot because we didn't protect him. No -- instead, we allowed Sonny Corinthos to just walk out that front door with A.J.ís only child.

Monica: I know all that, Edward. It happened a long time ago. What we have to focus on right now is what Michael needs, not what we need.

Edward: The heir to the Quartermaine fortune was brought up by killers and thieves.

Luke: I'm surprised you didn't come after me.

Tracy: I thought it was better to sit still.

Luke: Oh, so you couldn't find me. Thank you, Alice.

Alice: You're welcome, master Luke.

Luke: Please give Cook my regards.

Alice: Oh, I will. Thank you.

Tracy: And you're really ready to give all this up...

Edward: I want that little boy under this roof as soon as possible.

Monica: We can't just go in and swoop him up, you know, Edward?

Tracy: And by the way, I have no intention of footing the bill while you run off and try to relive your glory days with Holly Sutton.

Luke: Glory days? When were those? I never remember any glory days.

Tracy: Shut up, I can't even argue with my husband!

Luke: Holly wouldn't have any power at all --

Tracy: I don't want to hear the name Holly Sutton ever again!

Holly: Good morning, all. Luke, how lovely to see you surrounded by family. You're quite the picture of domesticity.

Lulu: Thanks for meeting me.

Lucky: Thanks for the coffee.

Lulu: So, I'm sure you've heard about Michael.

Lucky: Yeah, you were there when he first woke up.

Lulu: Yeah, it was so random. And Carly was there with him 24/7 after the surgery, and she left, and I guess I was there, so --

Lucky: Well, it doesn't really matter. She got her son back, and I'm sure thatís all she cares about.

Lulu: Speaking of sons, thatís why I called you. I'm not sure how much you know.

Lucky: Yeah, letís see -- Dad, he split to Singapore. Probably made his way back.

Lulu: Do you know that Holly followed him back here?

Lucky: No one mentioned that part.

Lulu: Sheís staying at Patrickís place.

Lucky: Really? I wonder how Robin feels about that. But I'm not surprised Holly showed up, no.

Lulu: Because of Ethan, our possible half-brother.

Michael: When can I get out of here?

Patrick: Itís a little soon to predict.

Michael: In other words, you can't be bothered to give me a real answer?

Patrick: Don't make me sorry I did such a brilliant job on your brain.

Carly: Howís he doing?

Patrick: Aside from the attitude, heís --

Michael: Talk to me, not to her. My mother does not run my life.

Elizabeth: I'll be with you in a minute.

Nikolas: No rush.

Elizabeth: Hey, how are you? I'm sorry, Dr. Morucci is just breathing down my neck for this paperwork.

Rebecca: Whatís wrong? Do I have sugar on my face? I just had a doughnut downstairs.

Elizabeth: No, no, no. Itís just that color. For a second, you looked like Emily. Thanks for getting the pictures so quickly.

Rebecca: I'll put a rush on the scans.

Elizabeth: Great, thanks.

Rebecca: So, is it fair to ask what you're doing here?

Nikolas: Elizabeth called me. Itís got nothing to do with you.

Rebecca: So you're not here to tempt me?

Nikolas: No, but that can be arranged.

Rebecca: Sounds like fun.

Elizabeth: Do I even want to know?

Nikolas: Rebecca and I agreed to let things cool off for a little while while Alexis attempts to prove that thereís a connection between her and Helena.

Elizabeth: Whose idea was that?

Nikolas: Rebeccaís, actually. What?

Elizabeth: Just because I work with her doesn't mean I trust her.

Nikolas: Sheís not working with Helena. Thereís no way.

Carly: Your mother needed to ask how you were doing. If it doesn't feel like I'm trying to run your life, then I'm not doing my job.

Michael: Is that supposed to be funny?

Carly: Howís he doing?

Michael: I mean it. Don't talk to her about me.

Patrick: Thatís my call. Michaelís making good progress, but thereís a long way to go.

Carly: I came by last night. You were asleep. I just wanted to see you.

Michael: Why didn't you spend the night?

Jax: Because your mother needs her rest, Michael --

Michael: Thatís right, thatís right. Because the baby is more important than I am.

Carly: The baby is not more important than you.

Jax: Letís let Patrick finish his exam.

Michael: Why don't you just go home?

Jax: We'll let Patrick finish his exam, and then we'll come back later, okay? We'll come back, Michael.

Patrick: Yelling like that, lashing out at your mother, itís a side effect from your brain injury.

Michael: Can't it just be that I'm mad at her?

Maxie: Spinelli, what are you doing underneath Kateís desk?

Spinelli: I am skillfully and surreptitiously placing a listening device to monitor the glacial oneís conversations.

Maxie: Oh, well, you are a great P.I., and thatís brilliant of you, but I'm pretty sure bugging the "Crimson" offices is not necessary.

Spinelli: We must ascertain why the glacial one leaked top-secret "Crimson" layouts to the competition, thereby undermining the very magazine that she founded, owns, and publishes.

Maxie: But Spinelli, you already solved the case.

Spinelli: I accused the wrong person and cost an innocent underling her job.

Maxie: So? You saved my job and Luluís, which was kind of the point. Besides, Clarice was a two-faced suck-up, who I heard already got her job back at "Couture" with Giselle, so that proves that we're better off without her.

Spinelli: But we have to look at the big picture. Jax put a lot of money into "Crimson," and if he finds out that Kate Howard is sabotaging it, she'll be gone.

Maxie: I'm not sure finding a replacement for Kateís such a good idea.

Spinelli: Simply put, no more Kate, no more P.R. dates with the mob prince.

Maxie: Spinelli, thatís the most ruthless thing you've ever said to me.

Spinelli: Really? Gracious thanks.

Maxie: Kate, your latte.

Kate: Thank you.

Maxie: The competition.

Kate: Thank you.

Maxie: And some samples.

Kate: Okay, so -- oh, why isn't Johnny here? We need to discuss your next round of promotional appearances.

Lucky: I can't believe how Dad is falling all over himself trying to figure out if Ethan is his son. Never mind the fact that heís run away from the concept his entire life.

Lulu: You had so many good years with Dad growing up.

Lucky: And it was a complete lie, because Dad was off having an affair with Holly.

Lulu: You can't blame Ethan for Dad having an affair.

Lucky: I know how to run a game. I know how the con works, Lulu. Ethan and Holly, they're going to stay here until they can get their hands all over Tracyís money, and thatís when they're going to hit the road.

Holly: Luke, the former king of adventure and the open road. Itís such a change to see you here, boxed in -- I mean, surrounded by your loving family.

Tracy: Alice, get her out of here.

Edward: You'll do no such thing, Alice. Here. Welcome home, Holly. Itís nice to see you again.

Holly: Thank you, Edward.

Luke: Alice, would you pour the lady a cup of tea, please?

Holly: Handsome as ever.

Edward: Oh, please. I understand that you've been quite elusive, huh?

Holly: Luke had no trouble finding me.

Tracy: Not that you'll pay any attention to me, Daddy, but she is a con artist.

Edward: Pay no attention to her. She says that to everyone.

Luke: You know, Ms. Sutton traveled all the way here from Singapore for a family reunion.

Monica: Oh, really? Is Robert here?

Luke: Robert? No, no. I'm talking about my bartender and possible son, Ethan Lovett.

Edward: Tracy, you never mentioned anything about Holly Sutton being a part of this, although I'm not surprised.

Monica: I am, just for the record.

Edward: Well, I think that Ethan is a very promising young man, so congratulations.

Monica: Oh, you do, Edward? You told me you thought Ethan was a thief who liked to guzzle our liquor just as much as Luke does.

Edward: You misunderstood. As I said, congratulations.

Tracy: Congratulations for what, Daddy? Holly has deftly avoided claiming Ethan as her son. We have no idea who his parents are.

Edward: Itís very simple to determine. All you have to do is have a DNA test.

Monica: Thereís the voice of experience.

Luke: People, we've already done that. Your darling daughter fixed the results. So much for science. I prefer to get my answers straight from the source.

Holly: Just as soon as I get my money.

Edward: So, you two produced that fine young bartender with the sticky fingers, huh?

Holly: Possibly.

Tracy: Oh, please, Daddy. Sheís going to prolong this as long as she possibly can. Just don't encourage her.

Edward: I know a great deal about unexpected children. I'd be happy to advise.

Holly: Thatís very supportive of you.

Luke: Thank you, Edward.

Tracy: She doesn't want advice, she wants money.

Monica: Oh, I think she wants a lot more than that, don't you, Tracy? And thatís what worries you, because if Ethan is Lukeís son, Luke could just run off with Holly.

Edward: Whatís to keep you from leaving with Holly anyway, huh?

Luke: You know, Edward, it may be time for me to let off a little steam, whistle a traveling tune.

Alice: Well, you -- you'd come back, wouldn't you, Mr. Luke?

Holly: Not to belabor the point, but all of your questions can be answered for a fair price.

Tracy: How much?

Holly: Thatís for Luke and me to negotiate. You know where to find me. You always do.

Edward: I have always thought that girl was absolutely delightful.

Luke: She is delightful, Edward. She has the answers to all the questions I need, whatever the price.

Elizabeth: Itís like the perfect son for Luke just came out of nowhere. And for Lucky, seeing the two of them together really shines a light on what heís missing with his dad.

Nikolas: I know they're not as close as they used to be, but they're still father and son.

Elizabeth: There are all kinds of fathers, and when lucky was little, he was really close to Luke. They spent so much time together. Their family was always on the run. It was Luke and Laura and lucky against the world. But ever since Lucky took on the role of being a dad, itís like, I think he wants to reconnect with Luke in a new way.

Nikolas: Has he told Luke any of that?

Elizabeth: No, they mostly just fight.

Nikolas: We all know how tough Luke can be. Remember when he used to call me the spawn? I represented everything in his life that he just didn't want to deal with.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, Ethanís the opposite. Heís a connection to Holly Sutton, to adventure, to Lukeís glory days.

Lulu: Is there a way we can figure this out? Because, you know, Dad is who he is, and I don't see a reason for the three of us to fight about it.

Ethan: Neither do I.

Lucky: How do we know what you're saying is not a con? Ethanís telling Luke everything he wants to hear.

Ethan: Thatís what you can't stand, isn't it? That Luke actually wants me as a son.

Lucky: You've only known my dad for three or four months. You have no idea who he is.

Ethan: Okay, fair enough. But I want to learn what Luke has to teach, you don't.

Lulu: Thatís true.

Lucky: You're taking his side?

Lulu: I'm not taking anybodyís side, but you chose to be a cop a long time ago, and you and Dad haven't gotten past that. Itís not fair to blame Ethan.

Lucky: So itís okay for him to con our father, is that what you're saying?

Lulu: What if this is not a con? What is wrong with the idea of him being in our lives?

Lucky: You want to love whatever he does? You want to accept any trash he throws our way? You know what, fine. I won't.

Lulu: Lucky, come on.

Olivia: Hi, there, chief. You were an early riser this morning.

Johnny: Yeah, well, I tried not to wake you.

Olivia: Itís all right. You hung over?

Johnny: Not at all, thanks to your dinner.

Olivia: What can I say, I can cook.

Johnny: So have you -- you heard from Sonny at all?

Olivia: No, why should I?

Johnny: It was pretty clear what he walked in on.

Olivia: Yeah, thatís why he turned around and walked out, didn't he?

Johnny: Yeah, whatís the deal with him showing up at your house in the middle of the night, anyway?

Olivia: You are asking me this question because?

Johnny: Because heís married to my sister.

Olivia: Yeah, if you're implying some sort of a romantic interest, I don't sleep with married men.

Johnny: I'm not married.

Olivia: You see how well that works out? Listen, you know what? I think we should keep the details of whatever this is between you and me.

Johnny: That makes two of us.

Kate: Would you e-mail Talia and tell her to send me her real ideas on the fashion evening layout, because the one she sent me last night, she can't be serious. Update everyoneís addresses in the Hampton and the Vineyard. I need to know who can afford what this season. And where the hell is Johnny?

Maxie: About that, I've been thinking that itís probably time you find me a new date. You know, the public is so fickle.

Kate: Well, yes, Maxie, thatís why we're going to bump you up to the next level. You and Johnny are going to be more visible and closer than ever before.

Johnny: Hey, is Kate around? She said it was urgent, whatever thatís supposed to mean.

Spinelli: Your gigolo days are almost over, pal. Jackal, P.I. is about to crack this case wide open.

Johnny: What?

Elizabeth: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Hi. Well, what can I get you? What brings you here? Not necessarily in that order.

Elizabeth: Do you have any coffee?

Luke: You know, your timing is impeccable. I just brewed a pot two minutes ago.

Elizabeth: Thank you. I don't mean to overstep, but you really helped me out all those years ago, after the fire, when Lucky was gone and we all thought he was dead. I saw first-hand how terrible that situation was for you. And even before that, I was with Lucky when he found out what really happened between you and Laura.

Luke: Elizabeth, you don't need to dance around this. Luckyís upset about Ethan.

Elizabeth: Well, then do you thing thereís a way you can just confirm whether or not heís actually your son?

Luke: Yes, there is. Holly Sutton. And right now, sheís working her way into telling me.

Elizabeth: This is really difficult for Lucky.

Luke: Well, itís no picnic for me or Ethan.

Elizabeth: You know, whenever you say that, itís like you and Ethan are a team. That you guys have already bonded, and you haven't even known him for six months.

Luke: Well, Ethan and I have a lot in common.

Elizabeth: As opposed to you and Lucky?

Luke: Luckyís my son. I love him. And we move in different circles.

Elizabeth: He learned not to expect too much over the years, because you made it pretty clear you didn't want to be a father.

Luke: No, I didn't. Thatís true.

Elizabeth: And now Ethan has shown up, and heís like the greatest thing that ever happened, the son you always wanted, and Lucky means nothing to you at all.

[Knock at door]

Tracy: $2 Million more than you deserve. Hit the road.

Holly: Moneyís odd, isn't it? It provides protection, camouflage, incentive.

Tracy: Why haven't you gone yet?

Holly: I think we both know itís not just the money I'm after.

Tracy: You can take Ethan with you.

Holly: Dear Ethan. But heís not why I'm here, either.

Tracy: What do you want?

Holly: Oh, come on, Tracy. Don't play curious, it doesn't suit you. You're a formidable woman -- in some ways, a bit of an inspiration.

Tracy: Save it. Whatís your bottom line?

Holly: I'm here to take away your husband.

Carly: I was thinking I would like to take Michael home as soon as possible.

Patrick: He needs to stay in the hospital a little longer. He needs a lot of physical therapy.

Carly: We can handle that. I mean, Jax, we could set that up.

Patrick: The first few weeks are critical. He needs a specialized team, and I need to keep an eye on him. We have to remember, this was an experimental procedure. I'm not quite sure --

Carly: Okay, yeah, but I know Michael better than anyone. I'll be able to pick up any problem.

Patrick: I'm not going to compromise his recovery by letting him out of the hospital too soon.

Carly: I don't want to compromise his recovery. I just want my son home.

Patrick: There are other factors to consider. Michaelís impulse control appears to be compromised, and he might have experienced a personality shift.

Carly: Like what?

Patrick: Well, itís obvious heís angry. You're the closest to him. Heís going to take that out on you.

Carly: Heís only doing that because heís scared. Thatís all.

Patrick: Maybe. But there is a physical component to his behavior. Carly, Michael needs to heal. He needs to settle in. He needs time for his emotions to even out. He has to stay in the hospital at least a few more weeks.

Carly: Heís been stuck in a bed for a year. The last thing he needs is to be stuck in this hospital.

Edward: Hello, there, son.

Monica: Hello, Michael. How are you?

Edward: How are you feeling?

Michael: Pretty good, actually. I'm glad you guys came to see me.

Edward: Is there anything you need? Are they treating you well?

Michael: So far, yes.

Monica: Are you sleeping? Any pain?

Michael: Itís not that bad. Dr. Drake did a great job.

Monica: He is so pleased with your recovery.

Edward: Has he mentioned any time that you might be going home?

[Monica grunts]

Edward: Thatís an all right question, Monica. This kid needs to have a good nightís sleep at home and have a good meal.

Monica: Well, heís not going anywhere for quite a while, so why don't we just change the subject?

Edward: I guess you're pretty tired of the food around here, huh?

Michael: Yeah, itís pretty bad.

Edward: We'll have Cook bring you some. What sounds good to you? I don't even know what your favorite foods are.

Michael: Anything. What about a burger? Chocolate cake?

Edward: Oh, if you lived at our house, you could eat everything --

Monica: We're looking forward to having you spending a lot of time with us, no matter where you live.

Rebecca: Okay, now I'm really starting to get suspicious.

Nikolas: The building committee is reviewing a couple of refinancing options. I swear.

Rebecca: So thatís the only reason you're staying around?

Nikolas: No, I did want to clarify one thing. Does your little deal with Alexis rule out dinner, too?

Rebecca: Are we talking about a bowl of chili at Kellyís, or six courses at some French place?

Nikolas: No, I thought that we could maybe sail around the harbor, have dinner at Wyndemere. I promise I'll be a perfect gentleman.

Rebecca: That sounds great.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Rebecca: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: All right, well, call me just before your shift is over, and I'll come pick you up.

Rebecca: Okay, I'm looking forward to it.

Nikolas: All right. Hey, by the way, you look wonderful in blue.

Jax: Look, Michael is recovering from major experimental surgery. We shouldn't go against what Patrick is saying, especially now that Michael is lashing out at you.

Carly: Jason hated being in the hospital. Maybe thatís one of the reasons he was so angry. If the Quartermaines would have listened to him --

Jax: No, no, no. Michaelís situation is completely different, and so is yours. You really need to take care of yourself and the baby, Carly.

Carly: Why do you keep assuming I won't? Jax, itís almost summer. Michael and I could go outside. I could take him to the beach. We could walk around barefoot in the backyard. That poor kid hasn't been out in the fresh air in over a year. Can you imagine how that must be?

Jax: Well, you know, we can do all that in a few weeks, when heís stronger. But right now, I think we should follow doctorís orders.

Carly: And Michael can be even angrier. I knew he was going to wake up that night. I knew it. And I told you, and I told Sonny, and I just wish you would have believed me.

Jax: Of course I wanted to believe you, but you were exhausted, Carly.

Carly: God, why didn't I trust my instincts? I'm going to trust my instincts. I should have never let you convince me to leave Michael alone. I shouldn't --

Jax: You have a serious medical condition, okay? You needed to rest.

Carly: And because of that, I missed out on a miracle that night.

Michael: So, do you guys and my mom like each other now?

Edward: We never had a problem with Carly. In fact, I thought would make a very fine Quartermaine.

Michael: Why wouldn't she let me visit your house more than, like, once a year?

Monica: Whoa, you don't have to worry about that now.

Edward: You see, your real father, A.J., loved you so much. And if he hadn't made a lot of mistakes --

Monica: This is really not the time.

Michael: I'm sorry. I don't mean to start a fight, I just -- you know, my mom is kind of weird sometimes.

Monica: Well, I understand what Carly is going through, actually. I sat with my son Jason after he had a car accident.

Michael: He was in a coma, right?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Were you there when he woke up?

Monica: No. No, I wasn't, but that didn't mean that I loved him any less.

Michael: My mom left me because sheís pregnant and sheís worried about the baby.

Monica: Your mom pushed for your surgery when everybody else said to wait. She stayed by your side night and day against doctorís orders. She never gave up, Michael. And you are the answer to her prayers.

Edward: My God, Monica, you've been at odds with Carly for years, and now you're defending her.

Monica: Well, Edward, I'm a mother, so I know what sheís going through.

[Pager beeping]

Monica: Sorry. This is O.R. I'm going to have to take this. Michael, your parents and the Quartermaines are going to find a way to work out their differences, because we all want whatís best for you. Somehow, we're going to find a way to make you part of all of our lives.

Michael: I'd like that.

Monica: Me, too. Take care.

Edward: Thatís a bunch of sentimental poppycock. You know, those gangsters Sonny and Jason stole you away from your rightful family, and they nearly got you killed. You are a Quartermaine, buddy, by blood and by rights. And you belong with us, damn it.

Tracy: I strongly suggest you take the money and run. Luke doesn't come with the deal.

Holly: Isn't that up to Luke to decide?

Tracy: The decisionís been made.

Holly: Frankly, I'm amazed that you've held on to him for this long.

Tracy: Did Luke mention his heart attack? That he almost died?

Holly: Him being Luke, he'll want to savor every moment he has left.

Tracy: Luke is mine. You cannot have him.

Holly: Luke doesn't belong to anyone.

Tracy: You want to bet? Last call on the check.

Holly: You've had a good run. You've taken excellent care of him, but now itís my turn. I want Luke all for myself.

Luke: I love Lucky, but if Ethan turns out to also be my son, I'm not going to withhold my love from him just to make Lucky comfortable.

Elizabeth: He feels like you're shutting him out.

Luke: He shut me out a long time ago. Maybe he had good reason, maybe he didn't. But itís a done deal. And I have never been the deadbeat waste of time that he makes me out to be. I really tried to be a dad. I gave it my best shot. I did. I did everything I was supposed to do. I went to the games, I fed the dog, I lived in that damn house until I wanted to hang myself from the banister. The walls closing in on me. I gave it my best shot. It wasn't good enough. I just am not a regular guy, but I was me. Son of a bitch, I was always me! And Lucky used to appreciate that.

Elizabeth: What did you think would happen when he grew up? Did you realize he might want a life of his own, or did you just expect him to join you and go off on all your adventures?

Luke: No, I didn't expect that. Of course I knew he was going to have a life of his own. I certainly never expected him to march in here every couple of days and threaten to arrest my bartender, or talk to me like I'm some drunk. Ethan appreciates who I am. Ethan actually wants to learn what I have to teach. I enjoy spending time with Ethan, and if he turns out to be my kid, I'll be very happy. That doesn't mean that I wish Lucky weren't.

Elizabeth: You think heís missing out on a lot by settling down with me and my kids, don't you?

Luke: I'm just afraid that one day, Luckyís going to wake up and feel trapped, and then heís going to hurt you, and heís going to hurt your kids, just like I hurt mine.

Elizabeth: I don't think Lucky feels trapped by a home and a family. I think he loves us. And I wish the two of you would stop judging each other long enough to realize how much you love each other, too.

Kate: So, you and Johnny have an invitation to Warrenís house party on the Vineyard.

Maxie: As in staying the night at Warrenís house?

Kate: Yes, Maxie, thatís how it works. Now, I expect both of you to look fabulous and keep those cameras snapping away.

Olivia: Okay, I'm here. Whereís the catastrophe? I'm serious, this better be good. I'm very busy.

Kate: Okay, Maxie, why don't you review this list? Make any calls that are necessary. You can farm it out to Lulu when she decides to show up.

Maxie: Okay. Want to help me figure this out?

Kate: Olivia, follow me.

Johnny: Just so you know, itís a grand a day, or I'm not going anywhere.

Olivia: Follow me? You're not the queen of the world, Con. You run a magazine. What do you want?

Kate: A better parking space.

Olivia: You're kidding?

Kate: No, I'm not, but my parking difficulties can wait. Spill it, Olivia. Whatís up with you and Johnny Zacchara?

Olivia: You are always seeing things that aren't there.

[Kate laughs]

Kate: Oh, okay, I'm going to let that one slide. Because, you see, what I want to know is, do you think that Johnny would look better in a swimsuit or just the towel? Oh, I knew it.

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Kate: When did you see Johnny naked?

Olivia: You've got a vivid imagination, con, I'll give you that.

Kate: Oh, I know you. I know how you act around a guy you like, even if heís the same age as your kid.

Olivia: Oh, Connie, you know what? What difference does it make to you?

Kate: Oh, there it is. There it is. Oh, my God, Olivia. Aunt Theresa would have a stroke.

Olivia: Stop the hysterics. Johnny and I found ourselves at Jakeís. It was a tough night, we had a couple of drinks, we wound up at my apartment, and yes, I slept with Johnny Zacchara.

Johnny: Okay, four hours is my time limit. I'm not staying overnight in a house full of pretentious snobs and hangers-on, all right?

Ethan: Familyís a bit overrated, isn't it?

Luke: Yeah, I'd say so.

Ethan: Lulu is very fond of you, if thatís any consolation.

Luke: Is she really?

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Sheís actually okay with the whole brother-sister thing. Of course, Luckyís a different story.

Luke: Lucky -- well, Luckyís really pissed off at me. Don't let him take it out on you.

Ethan: Heís pissed off at both of us. Itís just bothering you.

Luke: Luckyís anger is a fact of my life. And the facts of life have always been hard on me.

Ethan: If Holly told you something --

Luke: Thatís a pretty big "if," don't you think, dodge?

Ethan: If you knew that I wasn't your son, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?

Tracy: A good opportunist knows when to leave. Take the money and run.

Holly: I'd say Luke has a few more adventures left in him. In any case, I'm willing to take the chance.

Tracy: Do you know, or even care how many people are getting hurt with your little scam? Lukeís children have had their final illusions about their father shattered. And what about Laura? How do you think sheís going to feel when she finds out that Luke fathered a child with you when they were still married? Holly, itís over. That little dive in Singapore is empty, used up, just like you. Itís time to let go.

Edward: The biggest mistake I ever made, and I've made a lot of them, was to allow Sonny to steal you away from our family. I should have gone after him and chased him down, and I should have done anything it took to keep you in our house.

Michael: Dad just stole me?

Edward: In so many words. Oh, A.J. loved you so much. I should have been more supportive of him. He loved you so much, and he was miserable.

Michael: He was scary.

Edward: Anything your father did was out of love for you. And if the family had been more supportive of him early on, then maybe he wouldn't have been driven to such extreme measures. But Carly is a very devoted mother, and I'm sure she will understand why itís best for you to move in with the Quartermaines. It will be a lot easier on everyone, and a hell of a lot safer for you, so we're going to make that happen just as soon as possible.

Mike: Thatís enough.

Michael: Grandpa Mike.

Mike: Hey, you remembered.

Edward: Of course he remembered. Heís a bright young man. But he doesn't need very many visitors.

Mike: Well, then you had better leave.

Michael: Did you bring me some cookies from the diner?

Mike: I will. I just didn't know what they were letting you eat.

Edward: Cook will get some food for you, with menus prepared and some favorites when you come home.

Mike: Michael isn't moving in with you, Edward. He has a home with Sonny.

Luke: If Holly had told me anything, I promise you, I would have told you first.

Ethan: Okay, just checking.

Luke: You know this is all just an elaborate game, don't you, Ethan?

Ethan: I do, but I also realize that I'm just the bait.

Luke: Why would you say that?

Ethan: Because the question has never been if I'm your son, itís if you'll dump Tracy and run off with Holly.

Tracy: Oh, I'd like to hear the answer to that.

Holly: Luke, thereís no need to break the door down.

Lucky: I see you were expecting my father.

Holly: Oh, you must be Lucky. Itís lovely to meet you at last. Your father tells me you're a police officer.

Lucky: Detective, so keep that in mind.

Holly: I don't like threats, especially from people in a position of authority.

Lucky: All I want is the truth. Is Ethan my fatherís son or not?

[Knock at door]

Lulu: Hey, you up for a visitor?

Michael: Sure, if itís you.

Lulu: I brought you tacos.

Michael: Seriously?

Lulu: Seriously. This new place opened a couple of months ago. Itís amazing, and they have the best hot sauce. I got extra, because they make it fresh. So if Patrick missed part of your brain, this will be sure to wake it up.

Michael: Don't let him hear you say that.

Lulu: Oh, and also I uploaded some music that you missed. Just the high points, at least.

Michael: This is so great. You know, when I first heard the knock on the door, I thought it was my mom coming in to bug me again.

Nikolas: Just check everything for me. I'll want to be ready to sail really soon. All right. Hi.

Rebecca: Hi. Am I too early?

Nikolas: No, I just thought I was supposed to pick you up.

Rebecca: There was a scheduling glitch at the hospital, so I got the afternoon off.

Nikolas: Oh. You're wearing blue again.

Rebecca: You said you liked it.

Nikolas: You look perfect.

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