GH Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09


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Rebecca: So I spoke with the launch pilot. The engine's fixed, so he's going to take me back to the mainland.

Nikolas: Good. How'd you sleep?

Rebecca: Better than you.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: That was some nightmare you had last night.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

Rebecca: No, I wasn't the one screaming Emily's name. Does that happen to you often?

Nikolas: Only when I get stupid drunk and inappropriately physical with a guest.

Rebecca: Thank you for letting me stay in your gorgeous guestroom.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're welcome. Rebecca --

Rebecca: Yeah?

Nikolas: Honestly, do you think I spend all my time grieving over Emily?

Rebecca: It's a safe assumption, yeah.

Nikolas: How can I prove I don't?

Spinelli's voice: It was a glorious day, but the gumshoe's shades were drawn against the prying rays of the sun. He sat alone at his desk without a case, without a woman, the mean streets below mocking him with their noisy, cheerful bustle.

Maxie: Spinelli, I need your help with a really important case.

Spinelli: Save your breath, faithless blonde. The Jackal will not fall for that ruse again.

Luke: Why the sudden urge to do inventory?

Ethan: Well, I still need to take my mind off the axe over my head.

Luke: So you thought you would organize, is that it?

Ethan: Yeah, I just might.

Luke: Hey, cowboy. To what do we owe the pleasure?

Lucky: Oh, it's an official visit. The neighborhood's been hit by a string of petty robberies. And since that happens to be Ethan's only area of expertise, I was wondering where you were last night around 8:00?

Luke: I can tell you. He was with me. I'm his alibi and his potential father.

Jason: I guess welcome home. I know your parents brought you back here so they can do a procedure that could bring you back to us.

Patrick: Hey, Jason.

Jason: Have you and the other doctor set a date to operate?

Patrick: No, but if Michael has any chance of waking up, the procedure has to happen immediately.

Maxie: Spinelli, I'm not lying to you. This is a real case.

Spinelli: Yeah, well, the last time you were just trying to deceive the Jackal by staging your own stalking.

Maxie: I know and that was really stupid of me. I'm sorry.

Spinelli: Yeah, well, not surprising, considering that a real deviant showed up to accost you. You know, you would have been in real trouble if your chosen hero John Zacchara had not been there to save you.

Maxie: I didn't want Johnny to save me. I wanted you.

Spinelli: Yeah, but Jackal, P.I. could not have rescued you from such a broodish criminal, right? The dark prince is your man. Go ask him for help.

Maxie: Spinelli, I'm really sorry because I know I hurt your feelings.

Spinelli: Yeah, well, I have learned to never again succumb to the wiles of alluring blondes.

Maxie: Sure, when they're lying, but I'm not this time. Just listen to me, okay? Look, "Couture" has stolen "Crimson's" fall shoe layout and it's a disaster of epic proportions. Please, you are the only person I know that can help me.

Nikolas: I just can't say this enough. I don't want you to think that this is all about Emily when it isn't.

Rebecca: Hey, you don't owe me any explanations.

Nikolas: I like you for you, not because you look like her.

Rebecca: Hey, let's not get into this now. The launch pilot's waiting for me and I really have to go.

Nikolas: Okay, go ahead and run off, but I'll have to chase after you. You'll get annoyed and I'll feel like a stalker. My friends and family will tell me to stay away from you, and then the cycle will just keep repeating itself. But you go ahead.

Rebecca: No, no, that doesn't sound good.

Nikolas: No, I think we should avoid it at all costs.

Rebecca: I have to go, though. I mean, today's my day off and I have so much to do.

Nikolas: Well, can I help you without being labeled obsessive?

Rebecca: You're going to want to pass when you figure out what it is.

Nikolas: Try me.

Rebecca: It's my room at Kelly's. I mean, the price is right and I love the location, but it's just so dingy and old-fashioned that it's making me crazy.

Nikolas: Okay.

Rebecca: Well, you've never picked up a paintbrush in your life or moved a stick of furniture.

Nikolas: I'll have you know that I had a job as a painter once. Yes.

Rebecca: Yeah, really?

Nikolas: I painted a church, I think. I had amnesia at the time, okay?

Rebecca: Oh, right, no, amnesia. So does that mean that when your memory returned, you forgot how to paint?

Nikolas: I think I can recall the basics.

Rebecca: Uh-huh. Okay, well, in that case, if you want to prove that you don't just sit around all day brooding, you're welcome to help.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: I feel sorry for you. A con man gets conned. Some grifter shows up claiming he's your son and you're jumping all over it?

Luke: No, Lucky, he didn't claim anything. I brought it up. Mr. Lovett has been fighting the idea from the beginning.

Lucky: So why would you even think he's your son?

Luke: Well, I know my history. The timing works and holly sent him to me.

Lucky: I don't believe this. You actually like it. You're hoping he's your son.

Luke: We took a DNA test. We're going to get the results today. I just want to know the truth.

Lucky: No, that's a crock. You want Ethan to be your son because he's just like you.

Luke: There are certain similarities.

Lucky: No, you want a son that doesn't know the truth about you, who can't call you out on your garbage because he's a son that isn't me.

Patrick: Jax asked me to assist on Michael's procedure. I've gone over all the charts. I've looked at all the information. I've familiarized myself with Dr. Hensen's procedure.

Jason: You think it's going to work?

Patrick: Yes. It has to happen while Michael's NSD levels are above a thousand. Right now they're dropping rapidly. We don't have time to wait. Michael needs to have the procedure today.

Jason: Carly's not back yet.

Patrick: Well, then we'll get confirmation from Sonny.

Jason: Are you sure about this?

Patrick: I'm going to need to consult with Dr. Hensen, but I have spent the whole night going over the information. If Michael has any chance of waking up, it has to happen within the next few hours.

Maxie: The fall shoe layout was my responsibility and the accessories. The editor swears that the leak did not come from her, which means I have to find out who's to blame or I'm going to be in really big trouble.

Spinelli: Well done. The best lies are the ones that are closest to the truth. And I know for a fact that you are most passionate about shoes.

Maxie: No, I'm passionate about my job. I wouldn't lie about something as important as this, I swear.

Spinelli: Oh, so today is the day you're telling truths? Well, then let me ask, are you attracted to John Zacchara?

Maxie: That's not fair.

Spinelli: A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

Maxie: Yeah, but if I say yes, then I'm going to hurt your feelings. And if I say no, then --

Spinelli: You'll be lying.

Maxie: Yes, I'm attracted to Johnny, but, Spinelli, I'm attracted to you in so many more important ways.

Spinelli: Oh, you know, that backhanded rationalization I find a little bit patronizing.

Maxie: Okay, could we just forget about Johnny, please? If you've ever believed in me, now would be the time.

[Knock at door]

Rebecca: Come in.

Nikolas: Hi.

Rebecca: Hey. So much for old clothes to paint in.

Nikolas: What are you talking about? I've had these clothes for years.

Rebecca: Yeah, your staff must take really good care of it. You sure you're ready to get rid of it?

Nikolas: I don't follow.

Rebecca: It must be the amnesia kicking in. Painting's very messy. It's very hard on your clothes.

Nikolas: You want me to help you or not?

Rebecca: Fine, catch.

Nikolas: What's this for?

Rebecca: We have to tape off everything, you know, moldings, windows.

Nikolas: Why? I don't remember using tape at the church --

Rebecca: Yeah, amnesia, right?

Nikolas: Shut up. All right, wouldn't it be quicker if we just painted carefully?

Rebecca: All right, that's it. I give up. Come on, I'll do it myself.

Nikolas: I'm just trying to help you.

Rebecca: Yeah, by debating every single detail.

Nikolas: All right, would you rather I just shut up and take orders?

Rebecca: Think you can manage that?

Nikolas: Where would you like me to start, boss?

Rebecca: How about the windows?

Nikolas: Window it is, boss.

Lucky: Look at you at all smug and arrogant. You're loving this, aren't you, patting yourself on the back that this plan that you thought up is real good?

Ethan: What? Like Luke said, I didn't ask for any of this.

Lucky: No, you laid the dots so he could connect them. What I want to know is your real plan. Tell me. What, are you trying to get your hands on Tracy's money?

Ethan: Look, do you work at being a judgmental idiot or does it come --

Lucky: Get the hell out of here, or I will use my badge to make your life a living hell.

Luke: All right, now, just hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Don't take it out on him. Lucky, you're mad at me.

Lucky: No, mad does not even cover what I'm feeling. For starters, look at Ethan, man. He's like Lulu's age, which means you cheated on Mom.

Luke: I am no saint. I never claimed to be. I did what I did. I won't deny it.

Lucky: Deny? Don't deny something you're proud of.

Luke: My roving eye aside, what's so bad about having another brother? You accepted Nikolas, didn't you?

Luke: Under different circumstances. Nikolas was conceived when mom was held prisoner.

Ethan: Okay, maybe this is a conversation you two shouldn't have in front of someone who may --

Lucky: You know what? Just shut the hell up.

Luke: Stay right there. Stay here. Hold on, hold on. Man, I sure hope your sister takes this news better than you did.

Lucky: There's no way you're telling Lulu.

Patrick: Hey, Elizabeth, is Dr. Hensen in yet?

Elizabeth: No, I haven't seen her yet. Would you like me to page you when she gets in?

Patrick: Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks. How are you feeling?

Elizabeth: Surprisingly well considering how much I drank last night. Thank you again for listening to all my angst about lucky.

Patrick: Listening? You barely said anything. I was going on about robin the whole time.

Elizabeth: No, no, what you said really helped. And after you left, Lucky and I talked and I'm hoping that things just might work out.

Patrick: Well, that's great. But listen, the reason why I was asking how you were feeling is that Michael's surgery has to happen today, as in the next few hours. I booked O.R. 1. I'd like you to be on the team.

Matt: Before Elizabeth has a chance to answer, I'd like to talk to you. I think you're the one who needs the brain surgery. Moving this procedure up is Dr. Hensen's call.

Patrick: I spent the whole night going over Michael's charts and files.

Matt: It's a highly risky procedure with little chance of success.

Patrick: Look, he doesn't have a choice. Michael's running out of time.

Jax: Hey, thanks for keeping Michael company.

Jason: Yeah, any news from Carly?

Jax: She's coming home today.

Jason: That's good. She'll be back in time for the surgery.

Jax: No, Michael's surgery's not for another month.

Jason: Patrick went over Michael's test results, and he said that there's one important indicator that has to be at a certain level for the surgery to be a success and that indicator is dropping fast.

Jax: So he wants to move up the surgery?

Jason: Right. He said any chance for Michael to come out of this coma, they have to have the surgery within the next few hours.

Jax: Carly's not expecting this surgery for another month. If what you say is true, this couldn't come at a worse time.

Nikolas: Yeah, there we go.

Rebecca: Okay, great.

Nikolas: Ready?

Rebecca: Yeah, go.

Nikolas: Now, see? What would you do without me? I just moved that chest of drawers into the middle of the room single-handedly -- not an easy task.

Rebecca: Yeah, you're right. You know, you actually do make an excellent beast of burden. But don't you worry, I can handle the rest.

Nikolas: But we're just getting to the fun part.

Rebecca: Yeah, the actual painting.

Nikolas: Which will take twice as long if you do it yourself.

Rebecca: And four times as long if I have to go back over all the work you just did.

Nikolas: Geez, ye of little faith.

Rebecca: Nikolas, come on. Honestly, this is the part that takes finesse, experience, talent.

Nikolas: Hey, I will drive you out to that church and show you. That church is a thing of beauty.

Rebecca: Look, admit it. You just made up that whole painting the church while suffering from amnesia story to cover the fact that you have no experience whatsoever.

Nikolas: Are you honestly afraid that I'll do a bad job?

Rebecca: Um, in a word -- yeah.

Nikolas: So you honestly want me to leave right now?

Rebecca: Absolutely not. Thanks to you, a routine chore has turned into an adventure. Officially armed and dangerous.

Spinelli: Maxie, you add insult to injury by persisting with this ruse.

Maxie: It's a compliment, Spinelli. No one else is smart enough to trace the leak.

Spinelli: There was a time when we shared mutual respect, and clearly, that time is long since vanished.

Maxie: What can I do to convince you that I'm sincere?

Spinelli: Not a thing. The thrice burned Jackal has finally achieved wisdom.

Lulu: Maxie, what is taking you so long? Kate is going to go postal.

Maxie: Spinelli won't do it.

Lulu: What? Why not? We're going to be in so much trouble if you're not tracing this leak.

Spinelli: Brilliant and most dismaying. It is so disheartening that the original blonde one would ally herself with Maxie in this deception.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. Okay, I know that Maxie has treated you despicably -- this is a real case, okay, and we're wasting time.

Lucky: Don't you dare tell Lulu your suspicions about Ethan.

Luke: You don't think that she has a right to know if she has another brother?

Lucky: Lulu still thinks your marriage to Mom meant something to you.

Ethan: There you go with the judgments again. A man can stray no matter how deeply he loves.

Lucky: What a surprise, Ethan jumping to your defense.

Ethan: Oh, you know, from what I hear, you did a little straying yourself.

Lucky: You know, there may be more of him in me than I ever care to admit. But when it comes to Lulu and my mother, they're as faithful as they come.

Luke: Look, Lucky, you're wasting your breath. If it turns out that Ethan is your brother, Lulu has a right to know.

Lucky: That's a pretty big damn "if."

Luke: Well, we're going to find out soon enough.

Lucky: If you even give a damn about Lulu, you will keep that DNA test to yourself. He is not family. And as soon as you find that out, he's going to go home.

Tracy: Am I interrupting?

Lucky: If you give a damn about Lulu, you're going to make sure he doesn't break her heart.

Tracy: Wow, who would have thought a little thing like a DNA test could cause such trouble?

Elizabeth: Jason, I didn't know you were going to be in here.

Jason: Do you need to examine Michael?

Elizabeth: I just need to check his vitals. Dr. Drake wants constant monitoring as he's prepping for surgery.

Jason: Are you going to be on the team?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Jason: Okay, that's good. That's good. You know, Michael's -- he's been an amazing kid since he was born, until he got shot.

Elizabeth: I wish you could forgive yourself. What happened to Michael was not your fault.

Jason: I'm just glad Jake won't be affected by my bad choices.

Elizabeth: Giving him up was the most selfless thing any father could do.

Elizabeth: Do you remember what tomorrow is?

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Elizabeth: Wouldn't it be a miracle if this surgery was successful and Michael wakes up on Jake's birthday?

Dr. Hensen: Oh, Mr. Jacks, I was just looking for you.

Jax: Yes, we need to discuss Michael's surgery.

Dr. Hensen: Yes, I'm going to need Dr. Drake to supervise his tests. My mother's just become gravely ill, and I'm leaving for Germany this afternoon. Now, I wouldn't be going if I thought it would affect Michael's surgery in the slightest, but it won't. I'll operate next month as planned.

Jax: Okay, I don't understand. Dr. Drake just informed me that the surgery had to happen within the next few hours.

Patrick: I'm glad you're both here. Based on Michael's test results, I've booked O.R. 1 and staffed it with the best team possible.

Dr. Hensen: No, no, no, no. That's out of the question. I've been called home on an emergency, and I'll be back in several days. I will perform the surgery as originally planned.

Patrick: Dr. Hensen, have you seen the latest test results? Michael's NSD levels are dropping fast. He doesn't have several days, let alone, several hours.

Dr. Hensen: You have no right to go behind my back.

Patrick: I will do whatever it takes to bring Michael back.

Dr. Hensen: It's my case and my procedure. I will determine the optimum time for surgery.

Patrick: Michael's NSD levels are dropping as we speak.

Dr. Hensen: It's not a crucial factor.

Patrick: Dr. Hensen, I've gone over all the studies, including your own. All the evidence points to the fact that Michael doesn't have time to wait.

Dr. Hensen: And you know this based on, what, 24 hours of research? It took me years to develop this procedure, and I'm the only surgeon who's performed it. Michael's best hope is for me to perform the operation when I return.

Patrick: This surgery has to happen now. And if you're not going to do it, I will.

Jax: This is not a competition.

Patrick: I know it's not a competition, Jax. It's Michael's life.

Jax: Dr. Hensen is the one with the experience. And if she says wait, we wait.

Patrick: If you wait, you're condemning Michael to a coma until the day he dies.

Jax: Patrick, if you don't back off, I'll be forced to take you off the team.

Patrick: Jax --

Dr. Hensen: There is no question. I want Dr. Drake off my surgical team.

Patrick: Jax, I am one of the best neurosurgeons in this country --

Jax: I know your record and I know that you're proud of your accomplishments, but this isn't about you. This is about Michael. I'm sorry.

Patrick: Jax --

Matt: No, no, leave it alone.

Patrick: Matt, stay out of this.

Matt: I get that you're pissed. Getting fired off this case might have just saved your career.

Jax: Hey. No need for you to wait. Michael's not going to have the surgery today after all.

Jason: What happened?

Jax: Well, Dr. Hensen has to go out of town on a family emergency, and we're going to wait until she returns and do the operation as originally scheduled.

Jason: Patrick was really confident that this surgery had to happen right now, Jax.

Jax: Yes, I know, but Patrick is too close to the case, okay? It was his original surgery that put Michael in the coma, and I think that he's trying to prove himself. And I should have considered it before I brought him on the case.

Jason: Okay, do you trust this Dr. Hensen?

Jax: Yes. She's the one who originated the procedure. I think Michael's chances are the best with her.

Jason: Okay, I'm sure Carly would agree with that.

Jax: I don't think we should tell her what Patrick said.

Jason: Why not?

Jax: Because Patrick is not an expert on the subject, and he's off the case. There's no need to worry Carly, since now we're going with Dr. Hensen anyway.

Lulu: No, no, no, this is true. "Couture" has the shoe layout. Kate is going to be spitting nails, and you know the rule -- if Maxie gets fired, I get fired, too.

Maxie: Someone at "Crimson" must have given the layout to Giselle at "Couture." We just don't know who.

Lulu: Spinelli, you're the only person who can help us.

Spinelli: Lulu, this is beneath you.

Lulu: Wait, no, I have no reason to be making this up. I am not trying to get you back with obvious lies and stupid pretend cases.

Maxie: Oh, that fake case may have gone horribly wrong, but I had the best intentions.

Spinelli: Now you're defending your not-so-phony mugging?

Maxie: Okay, forget that. Completely wipe it from your brain. Now we are talking about shoes.

Spinelli: Precisely. And the original blond one has never been that invested in her job at "Crimson." The pilfering of a shoe layout would not cause you undue stress, so clearly, you are doing this for her benefit.

Lulu: Why? Why? What possible motive would I have for begging you?

Spinelli: I don't know, maybe you mistakenly think that Maxie and I back together would -- would bring the mob prince back to your side.

Lulu: You really think that I'm that selfish?

Spinelli: Heartbreak over the loathsome lothario can be the only logical explanation.

Maxie: Spinelli, enough. You're wrong, okay?

Lulu: This is obviously proof of how much Maxie has hurt you. Let's go. This is unfair to Spinelli.

Maxie: Unfair? Okay, fine. Now what are we going to do?

Lulu: I don't know. We have to find Sam. Hopefully she's available, because if we don't find another P.I., we're toast.

Rebecca: Wow, you're doing great, Nikolas. At this rate, we're going to be done by Christmas.

Nikolas: Hey, listen, I may be slow, but I'm good. Look, look around me, not a drop of paint spilled. And look at this edge here, it's perfect.

Rebecca: Yeah, no, I really appreciate the beautiful job you've done on that 10-inch strip. Maybe you could branch out and do another 10-inch strip.

Nikolas: Sarcasm, right? Huh?

Rebecca: Hey, tell you what. Why don't we take a little break?

Nikolas: No, I'm just getting into a rhythm here. Let's go.

Rebecca: Yeah, but see, my wall's finished, so I want to see what the dresser looks like in front of it.

Nikolas: But it's still wet.

Rebecca: Yeah, I mean, we're not going to put it flush up against it, you know, just close enough to get a good idea.

Nikolas: You're serious?

Rebecca: Yeah, I'm serious, so why don't you put on your interior decorating hat and help me?

Nikolas: You know one thing I like about you?

Rebecca: What's that?

Nikolas: You're spontaneous. I like that.

Rebecca: Thanks. Get to work.

Lucky: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.

Elizabeth: You are? Oh, my God, Jake's party. I am so sorry. It completely slipped my mind.

Lucky: Tough morning?

Elizabeth: Emotional, you could say. Cameron was asking me all sorts of questions about the kiss we had last night. I managed to just put it off and bring them to daycare today like everything is normal, right?

Lucky: You know, that's usually when life knocks you for a loop.

Elizabeth: I don't know if you're aware, but Michael Corinthos is having an experimental procedure done. Patrick wants to have the surgery today, and he wants me on his team.

Lucky: That's great. No surprise, I mean, you're the best.

Elizabeth: It just brought home to me how much everything has changed since Michael got shot, and how I should have seen the warning signs about Jason and the danger he represents. You know what, that's wrong. I did see the signs. I just chose to ignore them, and Jake almost died because of it. But now he's having a birthday tomorrow, and he's a happy, healthy, beautiful little boy. And I'm just so grateful that I get a second chance, and I so appreciate you opening your heart to both my boys.

Lucky: I'm the one who got an amazing gift. All I want to do is be a better dad than my own, and I want those boys to know how much I love them.

Elizabeth: Did something happen with Luke?

Lucky: Another fight. Listen, I don't want to think about it. I just want to talk about Jake's birthday. So are we still doing the train museum?

Elizabeth: You still want to have it at the pizza arcade?

Lucky: The kids love that.

Elizabeth: You love it.

Lucky: So do you. You're not fooling anybody. Everybody knows you're a closet fan of "Duel of Danger." Come on, we can show the kids how to play. Or we can go to the train museum --

Elizabeth: Okay, okay, fine. We will have it at the pizza arcade. But just so you know, I have every intention of kicking your butt at "Duel of Danger."

Tracy: Well, why don't we head over to the hospital? The results should be in by now.

Luke: What's your rush, Spanky?

Tracy: I'm sick of speculating.

Ethan: Why don't we just scrap this whole thing? It's not doing anyone any good.

Luke: Cold feet again, dodge? I need to know the truth.

Tracy: Well, that's rich coming from a man who bobs and weaves around the truth any chance he gets.

Luke: Lucky is always looking for a reason to be pissed off at me. This is just one more nail in my coffin.

Ethan: Maybe, but it got to you. Look, it's not too late to forget this whole thing.

Tracy: Good point.

Luke: You're turning into a broken record.

Ethan: I only came here to score some cash, to pull a con or two, not to swing a wrecking ball into anyone's life.

Luke: I need to know if you are my son, Mr. Lovett. Now, I'm going to the hospital and find out. You can come along or not.

Maxie: You're the accessories editor. What makes you so sure the leak wasn't on your end?

Lulu: Sam, it's Lulu. When you get this message, could you please call me back? We really need your help.

Maxie: I don't know how "Couture" got the layout. It is not my fault.

Lulu: It is your fault. If you hadn't betrayed Spinelli and broken his heart, he would have solved this in five minutes flat.

Maxie: Never mind. We'll handle it. You know, you should be coming up with solutions instead of standing here just being rude to me.

Lulu: Well, I'm fresh out of ideas. Kate is going to drop-kick us to the curb, and I guess that's the end of that.

Spinelli: Jackal P.I. shall take your case.

Maxie: Spinelli, thank you so much.

Spinelli: Yeah, I'm not working for the faithless one. I'm working for fair Lulu.

Jason: I don't know what to do. I mean, Patrick saved my life with his surgery. I trust Patrick. I don't even know this Dr. Hensen at all. And what if Patrick's right? What if this is your only chance?

Carly: Hey, two of my favorite men.

Jason: How was your flight?

Carly: It was good, it was good. I came straight from the airport. Hey, baby.

Carly: You can give me a hug. I'm not made of glass.

[Carly sighs]

Jason: You feeling okay?

Carly: I feel good, better than ever.

Jason: So are you out of danger?

Carly: Yeah, I mean, pretty much -- close, sure.

Jason: Close? How close?

Carly: You know the doctors like to be overly cautious in case something goes wrong. They put me through endless rounds of tests, tons of counseling, things like that.

Jason: And, and?

Carly: You know, they gave me a huge list of dietary restrictions, behavior modification -- like I'm supposed to follow all that? It was as thick as a phone book. And I will, I will because the doctors told me if I did that it would lower my risk to less than 25%.

Jason: Less than 25? What kind of dietary and behavior modification are we talking about?

Carly: Oh, God, it's awful. It's green, green, green, and more green. It's fruit, it's no sugar -- I can't have sugar for nine months.

Jason: That's not good, but you're going to do it, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I am, but could you work up a little bit of sympathy for me? That's hard for me.

Jason: Just tell me what else the doctor said.

Carly: The doctor says I need to learn to be calm and to breathe, and I have to learn how to meditate. You don't think I can do that, do you?

Jason: I think you can do anything you put your mind to.

Carly: I can, just like Michael, huh, sweetheart? And you want to wake up, don't you?

Patrick: Sonny, it's Patrick. I need to talk to you about Michael. It's urgent. Call me back at the hospital as soon as you can, please. Thank you.

Jax: What are you doing?

Patrick: Leaving a message for Sonny. He needs to know about Michael's situation.

Jax: Patrick, I like and respect you, and I know how you think. You're the best, and you got to that place by believing what you say. Okay, but this is about more than your own ego. My family is at stake here. I'll do whatever it takes to protect them.

Nikolas: All right. How's -- how's this?

Rebecca: Mm, can you move it a little to the left?

Nikolas: I thought this was just about the wall color.

Rebecca: Well, the color is good. I'm just thinking I need to rearrange the room, starting with a little to the left.

Nikolas: Your wish is my command.

Nikolas: I love it.

Rebecca: Yeah, I don't. Do you think you could move it a little to the right?

Nikolas: Of course.

Rebecca: I'm sorry, I'm probably driving you crazy, aren't I?

Nikolas: No, no, it's fun to see how your mind works. As you can see, I'm enjoying this.

Rebecca: Good. I'm happy you feel that way, because I'm thinking that it really needs to be back there.

Nikolas: Absolutely. Okay.

[Nikolas groans]

Nikolas: Ow, oh!

Rebecca: Nikolas, are you okay?

Nikolas: No, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Rebecca: Oh, no, you're hurt.

Nikolas: I'm fine. I think I just pulled a muscle.

Rebecca: Hey, I know just how to fix this.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah?

Rebecca: Lie down, take your clothes off.

Luke: Nurse Johnson, my rare exotic flower.

Epiphany: I'm guessing you're here for the DNA results?

Luke: You are correct. We're here to find out if this spud is a chip off the old.

Nikolas: Ah, right there. Don't stop.

[Rebecca gasps]

Nikolas: Right there.

Rebecca: Am I hurting you?

Nikolas: No.

Tracy: Whoa, nice conference room. Nikolas Cassadine's money well spent for once. I like these chairs.

Luke: I'm not interested in discussing the decor, Spanky.

Tracy: Okay, Luke, what are you interested in discussing?

Ethan: Do either of you have a deck of cards?

Luke: Good idea. You should have brought one.

Tracy: Epiphany said it would just be a minute.

Luke: Look, you know, whatever the results, you're welcome to stay. You've been good company. You're a great bartender.

Ethan: Thank you, mate. We've had some good times, haven't we?

[Knock at door]

Epiphany: I've got the test results.

Tracy: I'll take that.

Luke: No, no, no.

Tracy: I am the impartial third party.

Luke: The only impartial third party here is Nurse Johnson. Would you please do the honors?

Epiphany: Okay.

Luke: Well? Is Ethan my son or not?

Patrick: You're right, Jax, I have an ego. But you know what? I earned it. I'm the best at what I do.

Jax: But not at this procedure.

Patrick: Dr. Hensen may have originated this procedure, but it doesn't mean she's the only one to perform it. Jax, with all due respect, I think she's too close to this situation.

Jax: No, if anyone is too close to the situation, that would be you, Patrick. You were his doctor.

Patrick: I'm looking at this from a fresh perspective, Jax. Doctors, scientists -- they're constantly building on other people's work.

Jax: Are you saying that you can do this better than Dr. Hensen?

Patrick: If Dr. Hensen was available to perform the surgery, I would gladly be her second.

Jax: Somehow I just don't believe that, Patrick.

Patrick: Look, you said it yourself. This isn't about any of us. This is about Michael. I want to see that boy wake up. I want to see him have a long, healthy life.

Jax: You don't think Dr. Hensen wants that?

Patrick: I'm not accusing Dr. Hensen of anything, but I absolutely believe that she's overlooking the fact that Michael's declining NSD levels are critical.

Jax: But you've never done this surgery.

Patrick: No, but I've studied every case file, and I've built a career on doing complicated brain surgeries like this. I can do it, Jax, but it has to happen today.

Jax: Patrick, Patrick, you've been taken off the case. If you don't back off, I'll be forced to sue you for malpractice.

Carly: Michael looks great. He really does. He has color in his cheeks. I think bringing him back to port Charles was the right thing to do.

Jason: Carly, I'm glad you're back.

Carly: Did you talk to Jax? Has Dr. Hensen set a date for the surgery?

Jason: There's just something I need to tell you.

Carly: What's wrong?

Jason: Okay, just -- I need you to stay strong for Michael.

Carly: What's going on?

Jason: I can't hide this from you, because you are Michael's mother and this has to be your call. Dr. Hensen got called away on some family emergency, okay, and she said that she'll be back in time to do the surgery, but Patrick is convinced that Michael cannot wait that long.

Carly: Patrick? I took Patrick off the case weeks ago. Why the hell is he even talking about this?

Jason: I know. I understand. Jax brought him back to consult while you were away. Patrick told me he thinks if Michael doesn't have the surgery in the next few hours, he's never going to wake up.

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